Wednesday, May 31, 2006


What's wrong with this statement?

This is one of the responses PM Harper sent to Premier Williams list of issues affecting Newfoundland/Labrador during the last federal election.

A Hand up, not hand outs

We want a hand up, not a hand out.

Accept responsibility for your actions.

We want to be masters of our own destiny. If you can't manage the continental shelf then hand it over and give us the ways and means to manage it.

It is much easier and cheaper to just throw EI chump change at Atlantic Canada's problems which DFO and the Federal Government of Canada have created through the mismanagement of the continental shelf by allowing draggers to destroy the bottom feeding and breeding grounds and giving away quotas as incentives to further Ontarios manufacturing industry on the world market, Allowing the Seal herd s to explode in such a way that they have become a menace all to the detriment of Atlantic Canada. This problem will not go away in one year of EI it has to be fixed not sweep under the EI carpet. There needs to be some real poll-itical Will to fix one of the worlds greatest food sources for all time not just untill all of the NL'ians outmigrate or get taxed and fee'd out of the fishery by DFO to try and hide their mistakes.

This isn't a quick fix this is a problem that took years to create through mismanagement and will take as many if not more years to rectify. As can be seen with the moritorium being ongoing since 1992 with no appeciable recovery of the continental shelf as a breeding feeding ground for fish.

Now if this EI money were taken and used to employ the seasonal workers to work towards establishing Aquaculture projects or making manmade reefs for the fish to have a place to breed and feed without being dragged from the bottom by bull dozing dragger/trawlers or scavengers of the sea Seals which has been mismanged to the other extreme whre by they have become so abundant they are starving to death and having to migrate further south to find food in order to survive.

Stop the Drag Net.

Implement funding to retrieve all of the lost drift net and gill net fish land mines. Implement a series of laws to make losing gill nets and drift nets prohibitive.

Shipping/Aircraft controllers

Apparently there is a black box on every ship of a certain size. Certainly a requirement on those foreign fishing factory freezer draggers and Canadian flags of convienience factory freezer Draggers. This box is transmitting a signal with it's GPS coordinates and vessel identification all the time by law.

Now there are some draw backs in that the signal isn't being picked up by satellite it is only broadcasting on a radio frequency I guess. SO the only time the actuall position of all of the ships on the high seas is really known is when they are close to land and receiving stations.

GPS Shipping

Canadian observers on US nuclear subs.

Loran C

Computer software which plots and tracks each and every ship.

With a system like this in place we wouldn't need to patrol the 200 mile limit or continental shelf it would be automatically reported.

Can't find the exact name of this particular initiative will keep looking if someone knows what it's call I would appreciate the info Thanks.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Labrador forsaken as a tourist destination

Dear Elected officials

Imagine my dismay when upon reading a distinctly anti Newfoundland-(Pro)Labrador Blog I find myself in agreement with him.

But like I mentioned earlier I have to agree with him on this one

I must say it saddens me when someone who I would deem Anti Newfoundland Pro Labrador is right about how the province is treating Labrador.

I would like to make some recommendations if I may.

Since according to your own press release
the criteria for locating a tourist bureau is entry points.

I would like to suggest putting the provinces Tourist Bureaus at

St John's Airport
Gander Airport
Deer Lake Airport
Happy Valley Goose Bay Airport

North Sydney Ferry Port
Would service both the Argentia Run and the PAB run or put one on each ferry.

Labrador City
The one and only land route into our province, especially now that the Trans Labrador Highway is nearing completion.

Other ports of entry to consider with maybe a mobile tourist bureau like in a book mobile. Could even travel to major events in the rest of Canada. Especially when a cruise ship comes in.

Corner Brook Tourist port
Stephenville tourist port/airport
St John's port Cruise ships
St Barbe to Blanc Sa-blanc ferry crossing
St Pierre Ferry Crossing


Emailed to:,,,


Update: I received a response from Minsiter Tom Hederson. I won't post the entire response but just a link to a study done 2 years ago on tourism services in our province.



Trout Pond Letter of protest by Kodak

Kodak from over at Canada's dark horse blog has made up an open letter to be sent to our political representatives expressing concerns about the planned changes to mining regulations which will allow for the dumping of mining tailings into live natural ponds as a cost saving measure.
Visit his Blog to read more on the subject and to gain acces to the letter and contact info of who and where to send it if you are appalled by this proposed abuse of the eniroment for short term gain at the expense of long term pain.

Dear Minister,

As a proud citizen of Newfoundland & Labrador’s natural beauty I demand that government take action to stop the plan by Environment Canada to change the Metal Mining Effluent Regulations, so that new mines will not be allowed to use unspoiled fish-bearing ponds to dump their toxic waste. The proposed Schedule 2 amendment to the MMER would allow ANY mine in Canada to pollute new fresh water areas. In addition to being ethically and environmentally wrong, it is in violation of the Fisheries Act, Section 36, and could even open the door to have the Fisheries Act changed. That this amendment was proposed in the first place is alarming. If it were to be passed into law it will go down in history as a step back in time to when it was acceptable to contaminate precious ecosystems teeming with life. That idea is completely objectionable.

The mining company Aur Resources plan to use two fish bearing ponds in Central Newfoundland to dump their toxic mine tailings. This would set a precedent of restoring a bygone practice that had been abolished. Many more mining companies would be getting in line to also use pristine Canadian ponds for their tailings disposal. Newfoundland & Labrador and all other provinces need to preserve and nurture the ponds, lakes, aquatic and wildlife in our ecosystems, rather than pollute more of them for decades to come, while paying for clean up, maintenance and health problems possibly resulting from contaminated areas. It would be a loss for future generations and an abuse of our province simply for the benefits of a company’s short term gain.

There are alternatives for the Duck Pond mining project, but Aur Resources have not seriously considered them in the Environment Impact Statement. The proposed Schedule 2 amendment to the MMER should be retracted so that the Fisheries Act, Section 36 principle of not allowing “deleterious substances” into fish bearing ponds will be upheld.

As a concerned citizen I demand that Environment Canada and the Department of Fisheries & Oceans take a stand which protects and preserves our environment. I want to send the message that our lakes and waterways are not open for business. I strongly urge you to intervene to stop the archaic Schedule 2 amendment from being law.

Sincerely Yours,

The Honourable Rona Ambrose, Federal Environment Minister
The Honourable Loyola Hearn, Federal Minister Fisheries and Oceans
The Hon. Bill Matthews, Federal Fisheries Critic
The Honourable Scott Brison, Federal Environment Critic
The Honourable Clyde Jackman, Environment Minister for Newfoundland & Labrador
The Honourable Tom Rideout, Fisheries & Aquaculture Minister for NL
The Hon.. Gerry Reid, Leader of the NL Official Opposition, and Fisheries & Aquaculture critic
The Hon. Percy Barrett, Environment and Labour Critic for Newfoundland & Labrador

Here is my list of email recipients, If you like you can copy and past into your own email.

Federal Representatives,,,,,,

Provincial Representatives,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Media and press,,,,,,,,,,

Monday, May 29, 2006


News Aggregate for the week

The right to criticize
Audrey Manning
The Beacon

Is Newfoundland-Labrador afraid of DFO.
Web Talk NL

Open access transmission tariffs
Jamie Snook Labradorian

Good season for Fleur-de-Lys seal plant
The Nor'wester

Powering up?
The Packet
The Nor'wester

Ottawa temporarily lifts arrest warrant
Angela Portnoy free

Stop Fishing
The Independant

Captain of our own destiny

The worse Newfoundland-Labradors economy does the happier Ottawa is. Because the more products NL produces the more Marine Atlantic ferry trips that have to be made and since the ferry is run and paid for by the Federallies in accordance with the 1949 terms of union they have a vested interest in ensuring NL's economy doesn't prosper as well as it's population declines.

Will it ever change

I think the real question we need to ask ourselves is will it ever change?

By it I'm referring to how Canadians think of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.

Some people say there is a conspiracy but the truth is it isn't so much a conspiracy as an accpeted frame of mind. The National Media and hence Canadians think NL'ians are bums, EI draws on the system a drain on the system, Inbred, yadda yadda.

We've seen it time and time again in the national press with stories like Margarete Wente, Bill Lankof, Paul Watson, numerous Annonomous commentors around the blogs.

And narry a word of dissention amongst Canadians. Not a letter of disapproval from Letters to the editor other than NL'ians themselves. Not one editor fired not one word of support and discred from Canadian Politicians nope it must be true or at least accepted as truth because of ignorance.

Discrimination comes about because of ignorance and disinformation and if the way NL'ians get treated in Canada is any indication then discrimination is by far the most appropriate term to use when referring to NL's place in Canada.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


A few Examples of Canadian Common Sense

This is a letter to the editor of The Independant by Paul F. Murphy,
St. John’s

Dear editor,
In his recent Independent column
(‘You and ‘I were meant to fly’), Ray
Dillon, president of the St. John’s Board
of Trade, advises us that the board does
not support a boycott of Air Canada
based on their cancellation of the direct
flight to Heathrow. He suggests we
check out other airlines and then e-mail
our itineraries and boarding passes to Air
Canada. Please excuse my entrepreneurial
inexperience, but isn’t that what a
boycott does, minus the in-your-face
Air Canada jobs will evaporate in St.
John’s with the cancellation of the
Heathrow flight in any case, as will the
jobs with the Canadian Border Services
Agency, the positions responsible for
delaying these time-strapped, non-
Newfoundland Canadian complainers.
All these lost jobs will soon reappear in
Halifax as the requirement for another
set of incoming flights from Heathrow.
I am proud of our Newfoundland

The rest

Sue Kelland-Dyers talking points on the fishery

I'm just going to write down some of the talking points I heard Sue espouse on VOCM tonight with reference to the fishery.

Constitutional obligations
Compensation vs package -Accept responsibility
Liable - legally constitutionally

Tourism Fishery vs food fishery - discrimination

Custodial Management
Joint management

Cruise to Success, Port Readiness

Found this link over at Dot Dot.

It seems to be a blog for organizations which are organizing port activities for tourism and cruise ship arrivals.

Great to see people getting together to further collectively their lot in life as well as their communities.

Cruise to Success

Meet the next leader of the Newfoundland/Labrador government

Michael Chosen As New NDP Leader
May 28, 2006

Lorraine Michael will take the helm of Newfoundland and Labrador's New Democratic Party. The St. John's native won the party's leadership race today, defeating writer Nina Patey.

She has big shoes to fill, but Lorraine Michael says she's ready to serve as the leader of the NDP. Michael won 107 to 5 votes over Nina Patey. Michael says her first goal is to better organize the party, and increase the number of district associations. She says she is proud to take over the party, and feels it will grow on the legacy left by outgoing leader Jack Harris.

Michael, best known for her work as a feminist and social activist, is a former Roman Catholic nun and high school principal.
The rest of the story.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Bring back the Cat

I had the distinct pleasure of traveling to Newfoundland/Labrador one summer on the Cat ferry which was rented for the season. The crossing was abit rough in that alot of land lubbers got sick on the 2 hour crossing. Yep thats right 2 hours was all it took to go from North Sydney to Port Aux Basques. I was home the same day. Unlike the usual overnighter.

Now IMHO this vessel wasn't used properly if anything it should have been running from Halifax to St John's or from Boston to St John's. We need links with our largest and closest trading partner. Not faster links or more links but rather links if we are to prosper in the coming years. No man stands alone for long especially not in this evolving and ever changing world.

I say give up the Argentia run in favor of a connection between Boston and St John's.

This picture is of the cat that runs from Yarmouth NS to Bar Harbour Maine.

Council of the Federation July 26-July 28

If there was ever a time to protest to get your views and concerns heard it would be during this Council of the Federation Conference to be held this summer in Newfoundland/Labrador from July 26- July 28. With a sejourn to Humber Valley on the 25.

The council of the Federation is the one and only body or organization in which each and every province has an equal say in what goes on in this Colonial/Federation IMHO assuming the big boys aren't to arrogant in their self importance.

The Media will be everywhere and looking for scoops to stories so each and every concern will be addressed.

My plaquard would say

Newfoundland/Labrador wants in!

We want a Hand up, Not Hand outs!

Wages Not Welfare

Stop descriminating against NL
Give us back our
Tourism/Food fishery

Stop treating NL'ians like Canada's JEWS.

Stop the Net, Save the enviroment!

Save Trout Pond!

No more giveaways/Fishaways!

Fix Confederation with a fixed link!

Drive the final Spike in the Canadian Confederation with a fixed link!

Promises Made
-Return Gander Weather Office
-Allow Fishers 500,000 in family transfer

Promises broken
-Pave the Trans labrador Highway 50/50.
-Loan Guarantees to develop the Lower Churchill
-Pay Gander Military Landing fees

Accept Responsibilty for your in-actions Collapse of worlds greatest food sources

Lower cost of Being Canadian. Ferry rates 300$ return, $1500 tractor trailer. Not sure of the numbers.

Shit or get of the Hebron Ben-Never Pot. Give up your share if your not willing to back Fallow field legislation. At least have the decency to abstain from comment loser.

Fallow field
no hostage taking allowed with our own resources


Vive La Republique De TerraNeuve!

Welcome to Mouseland

Democratic Deficit
Supreme Court

Enough of the Check is in the mail promises.

Enough of I won't Cum in your mouth promises.

Remember the Battle of the Somme at Beaumont Hamel July 1 and the Contempt Canada has shown Newfoundland/Labrador war vets by making July 1 a day of celebration Canada Day.

Save our Fishery!

Stop the systematic Cultural Genocide of NL.

Stop discriminating against your fellow Canadian.
Tourism/food fishery

Stop destroying our backyard and livelihood by condoning Dragging the bottom.

Resetttlement all over again, only this time it's to Alberta and no one is getting paid were being starved out.

Empty words will only lead to empty seas

Stop the rape of our oceans

Ban Bare Bottoms
Moon for effect.

Fishers Feed Cities!

I care 0.7% of GDP do You?

Kyoto all comes down in the east
Save our Ocean

We want to be masters of our own destinies
Marine Atlantic
Fallow Field Hebron Ben Nevis
National Power corridor Upper and Lower Churchill
Custodial Management
Continental Shelf UNCLOS article 76
Sustainable harvesting methods No more bare bottoms

Suggestions welcome.

I might try and organize my schedule to be there if there was going to be an organized protest for NL's intersts.

Oh they will be in the Humber Valley on the 25 also.

Time to honour commitments – Action needed now

Randy Collins (NDP MHA Labrador West) is calling on this province’s federal cabinet representative in Ottawa, Loyola Hearn to impress upon his federal colleagues to make funding available to the province that will see an immediate start to putting a hard top surface on the Trans Labrador Highway.

Collins said, “I have written Minister Hearn and federal Minister of Transportation, Lawrence Cannon to remind them of the Conservative election promise and requesting that they provide the funding for the highway.”

During the recent federal election, and previous elections, the Conservatives committed to work with the province to provide money to for surfacing. As a result, the 2006 – 2007 provincial budget saw $15 million set aside for this project to begin, conditional on the federal government matching the province’s contribution.

“Residents in Labrador have waited patiently long enough. The time to act is now,” said Collins. Collins points out that the construction season in Labrador is short and a guarantee is needed now to ensure that an entire year is not lost.

“It is very important that Mr. Hearn make this a priority and use whatever influence he can to see to it that Labrador’s transportation needs are met, by getting the federal government to keep its promise and enter into an arrangement with the province that will see work begin this year,” said Collins.

Nice to see someone trying to make Harpers govt accountable.

Just heard NDP leader Jack Layton on VOCM

He promised catagorically that if elected his government would give Newfoundland/Labrador the Feds 8% controlling interest of Hibernia.

All I can say is WOW and how he said it was as much good news as the announcement itself. He was expressing how it is time to invest in NL and the time was right now.

Now if he would only come through with the rest of OUR PREMIERS list of issues affecting NL we might actually get out from under this MouseLand of the Liberals and Conservatives which has been keeping us down.

Premier Danny Williams list of issues affecting NL

NDP Jack Laytons response.

Harpers Response

Liberals Response

We want in! a Hand up not Hand outs.

From VOCM: Co-ops Like the Premiers Approach

Co-ops Like Premier's Approach
May 27, 2006

The Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Co-operatives is pleased that Premier Danny Williams is interested in new co-ops as part of a fishery restructuring plan.

Managing Director Glen Fitzpatrick says they are pleased that Premier Williams has a good understanding of the unique benefits that the co-op model can provide. Fitzpatrick says they are viable enterprises that can play a greater role in the fishery of the future.

Fitzpatrick says by establishing a fisheries co-operative, fishermen, plant workers, processors and other stakeholders can become collective owners of harvesting, processing and marketing enterprises.

And so they should as should every Newfoundlander and Labradorian with a heart beat who cares about the place we call home.

Think about it Co-ops are run by the people for the people. Co-ops are private enterprise big difference being the share holders have a vested interest maintaining a sustainable resource unlike share holders who only care about profit at any cost or the CEO will be fired and shares sold for better returns elsewhere.

Co-ops bring people together lord knows we need to bring the people of NL together this would not only bring them together but empower them by giving them control of their own destiny as much as posible with the Feds controling thre resource. Think about it Newfoundlander Labradorians, Baymen and townies, Expats and Patriots all with a vested interest in furthering NL interests hence their own.

Co-ops would also give our people a louder voice when speaking to the feds one that can't be dismissed or ignored. Strength in numbers.

Co-ops don't need to make the hugh corporate profits other private enterprises do because by paying it's employees it is achieving it's goal as set out by the share holders. Thus we would be able to weather this China syndrome of undervalued YEN and slave labour.

Here are a few links I have with reference to Co-ops.〈=eng&cid=1099483438038&c=GuideInfoGuide

Quebec has been using Co-ops to compete in uncompetitive markets forever. They have Co-op power utilities, Doctors offices etc that have worked where other private enterprises wouldn't thread or would take all of the capital elsewhere.

According to the Royal Commission on Newfoundland/Labradors place in Canada lack of Capital not jobs was the main reason we weren't getting ahead. We were basically still being run by the fish merchants and kept poor hence always being indebted to someone else.

Marihuana is good for you. Rant and Raves Blog

Tony over at Rant and Rave does a blog on a study recently released which finds Marihuana is good for you.
Here is the link to the news article but I recommend reading RnR's blog.

Friday, May 26, 2006


When is the best time to plant a tree?


Call a spade a spade and grow some balls!

Why is it the feds are underhandedly trying to starve out NL'ians in the fishery?

We all know the feds don't want to continue paying EI out to fishers and plant workers for working a couple of months a year, just enough to get their stamps in some cases.

There are lots of fish being caught of Canada's East coast Continental shelf some within the 200 mile limit by foreigners with permission, and ouside the 200 mile on the nose and tail Flemish cap by turning a blind eye and not claiming it as our continental shelf like should be rightly done the Federal government is allowing the NL fishery to die a slow death.

The Private enterprise is only interested in increasing profits. They have no concern for the sustainability of the resource for generations to come as seen by the use of bottom scrapping nets to scoop up as much fish as possible with the least amount of capital cost to do so with no regard to the future of the resource. If that wasn't bad enough they want to increase their profit margin by shipping unprocessed fish round to china so they can make even more money all the while the people who lie adjacent to the resource are going bankrupt losing their homes and cars families are being divide because of the need to move elsewhere to find work because the feds want to be rid of the seasonal workers and the corporations want to squeeze every last cent out of the continental shelf with absolutely no regard to the people who live adjacent to it.

So there you have it

The feds want to save money by eliminating seasonal workers. They also want to keep on utilizing the resource of the continental shelf as a bargaining chip in international trade negotiations for the benefit for Ontario's manufacturing sector.

The corporations want to increase profits and have no regard for the resource and are destroying it through bottom dragging AKA Trawling, Dragging and even more by shipping unprocessed to china.

Don't get me wrong I think the fishery should be full time employment as much as the next guy but to go about achieving your goals in this underhanded approach is nothing but cowardly and dispicable IMHO.
Why not start federal programs that will ensure the viability of the resource for generations to come like banning draggers, funding manmade reef projects to be done by the fishers in their off season, or aquaculture which can be done in the off season as well. The old fishermen would be great to sart something like aquaculture because of their knowledge.

Poor old NL and all of the coastal provinces are left wondering what happened when the reality is the people who are supposed to have their best interests at heart are the ones who are out to destroy them.

Why else would Newfoundland and Labrador be discrimated against when it comes to the food fishery? NL is the only province where by it has been made illegal to catch a fish for the supper table.

No man it's time to get the FUCK out of this god dam fucking Colonial/Federation. Canada was our enemy before we were cajoled and duped if not outright criminally tampered with into this British look alike confederation.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


How does a province that has been forsaken by the country protect it's resources?

Put a few of these out around the Nose tail and Flemish cap and problem solved.

It's getting to the point where vigilantiism is the only option left open since the Federal government continues to give away our resources to foreigners while NL'ians starve or go bankrupt all because DFO and the feds are using and abusing a resource adjacent to NL as a national resource.

New species found (named) of the coast of Newfoundland/Labrador

China Cod

Top Quality White Fish From Siam Canadian - China Cod

China cod is processed in China with the raw material coming from both the Atlantic and the Pacific. The Atlantic cod sometimes grows to 6 ft or more. They are not found deeper than 660 ft. They can be harvested all the year round.

The Pacific cod has a brownish gray, mottled back white sides and belly. It is a soft-finned fish. Cods have three dorsal and two ventral fins. They have a distinctive whisker on the end of their lower jaw. The Pacific cod and the Atlantic cod are very similar but the former is slightly smaller. The cod is caught by trawlers and some are caught by long lines or pots. Product forms are frozen dressed cod. Frozen blocks of fillets are sold for further processing or cod mince (fine pieces or flakes of flesh). Block and mince are reprocessed into breaded products. Siam Canadian buys H&G Atlantic and Pacific cod and reprocesses them in their packing partner plants in China for re-export. Then they export this China cod in various forms to their customers. Cod is the world's most popular white fish. It has a flaky white flesh and delicate flavor. The price of cod has gone up because of scarcities.

Cod captured in the frigid waters of the Atlantic is frozen at sea immediately after it is captured. China cod is usually sold as skinless, boneless fillets. Cod which was used, at one point of time, only in the fish and chips, fast food joints is now being used in high class restaurants. China cod can be baked, poached and grilled.

We at Siam Canadian check the quality of cod meat, once we have sourced it. We follow stringent quality control measures. The cod meat is inspected very carefully to avoid any kind of bacterial microorganisms. Our dedicated quality control team is one of the best.

We are striving to be the world leader in the export of China cod. Our company is fully equipped to satisfy our customers with our quality and rates. We continuously evaluate our business techniques, in order to provide maximum benefit to our customers. We constantly get market information from strategic business points, and this helps us to keep our operations running smoothly. We look forward to a fruitful business relationship with you.

For price quotes and any further information, feel free to call us today at:

Siam Canadian Foods Co., Ltd.
62/27, Prompak Place,
Sukhumvit 49/6, Wattana,
Bangkok, 10110
Call us at (66-2) 381 8710
Fax: (66-2) 381 8545
Email us at

What they forget to mention is the fact that China cod is near extinction because of the draggers destroying their habitate and breeding grounds.

Knee jerk Conservatives attack Symptoms and are oblivious to the root causes

Harper's government is starting to look more and more like a leaderless kneejerk empire more and more every day.

I don't think his government has put forth one attack the cause proposal or plan yet it is all kneejerk attack the symtoms when the root cause of our societal woes are still going to be there just now people are going to be punished for governments lack of compassion and poor iinsight into how to achieve a cohesive and prosperous country.

From my experience Kneejerk people are just bowing to the winds of the day depending on which ass is farting the most. Just a sign of poor leadership unwillingness to take the bull by the horns and implement a vision for the future.

The NDP has some pretty good root cause policies in their platform but we will never see them because of Mouseland.

Wage war on terrorism, not tourism

It would appear the message is starting to get through to Washington about the potential harmful effects proposed new rules on border travel will have on the Canadian and U.S. economies.

The U.S. Senate voted last week to delay implementation of the controversial Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative until June 1, 2009.

The American plan would require everyone crossing the U.S. border to carry a passport or some other new document that indicates the holder's identity and citizenship.

Ahh not to worry there won't be many americans coming north with our dollar at 90 cents but there will be lots of Border hugging American wanna bees going south.

Ethanol from Sea weed or some other ocean resource

Canada to Require Gasoline Contain 5% Renewable Fuel by 2010

May 23 (Bloomberg) -- Canada will require that gasoline and diesel contain an average of 5 percent renewable energy by 2010 to cut pollution and bolster domestic corn and grain farming.

The target, 10 times higher than current levels, includes fuels such as ethanol made from corn or wheat, and bio-diesel created from recycled cooking oil or slaughterhouse waste, Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn said today.

``Five percent is an ambitious target,'' Lunn, 49, said in a phone interview from Regina, Saskatchewan, after he and Environment Minister Rona Ambrose announced the plan with provincial officials. ``It's one we feel we can meet.''

Husky Energy Inc. and Suncor Energy Inc. are expanding ethanol production in Canada to meet increased demand for the fuel. Most cars in North America can already run on fuel that uses up to 10 percent ethanol.

Lets see if we can turn this into our favor by trying to develop etanol from something we have like bog or sea weed. We have a vested interest in trying to maintain the worlds dependance on liquid energy fuel and ethanol seems to be one way to do this . Alberta has seen the future we should jump on the band wagon.

A Canadian Made in Aghanistan solution

In the wilds of rural Afghanistan, where the Taliban roam freely and government authority has disintegrated, Canada has launched a brave effort to offer an alternative to Taliban rule.

The new Canadian program, created by CIDA, is an unprecedented exercise in consulting Afghans on their own needs and priorities. It aims to rebuild the shattered authority of Afghanistan's local governments, giving people control of their own schools and clinics, and making the Taliban a much less attractive option.

"It's a uniquely Canadian approach," said an official of Canada's provincial reconstruction team in Kandahar. "It's never been done before. The whole point is community participation. If an insurgent comes to burn your school, you're more likely to defend it if it's your own school."

Maybe if we told the Afghan people that the Canadian people have a choice of which cause they are going to support Afghan or Darfur the Afghan people would smarten up?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Gus Etchegary's a State of Denial

Dear editor,
Just when we thought 52 years of
Canadian fisheries mismanagement
by DFO was about to end and a
bureaucratic housecleaning would
launch us on a lengthy but ascending
path to resource recovery and the salvaging
of rural Newfoundland and
Labrador, we are again devastated by
a newly elected federal government.
Lo and behold, the solidly entrenched
bureaucrats, old and new,
have “captured the minds” of our federal
representatives as they have so
many times since we entered Confederation.
Our federal representative and his
associates, like their predecessors,
were given a crash training course by
the bureaucrats and soon began making
strange statements such as “there
are plenty of fish available,” “the
problem is it’s being misused,” or
“Sorry Rebecca, I was misinformed.”
What happened to custodial management?
What about new and
intense fishery science programs to
support bold new initiatives on fish
stock recovery programs? How come
we have only two fishery research
vessels and both are tied up in St.
Maybe our new federal representatives
didn’t realize there are very few
fish left off our shores. The undeniable
fact is nobody on the political
scene in the province and especially
in Ottawa wants the population to
know that only one half of one per
cent of groundfish is under quota
compared to 1973. Furthermore, the
raw truth is that an estimated 40 per
cent of that one and a half per cent is
undersized, demonstrating once again
that DFO has failed badly in its mandate
by permitting those small fish to
be harvested. They should be left in
the water to help rebuild the stock.
Officials at both levels of government
continue to exist in a state of
denial. They are unwilling to grasp
the fact that with the exception of the
overfished St. Pierre Bank cod stock,
the remaining redfish, turbot and yellowtail
quotas contain such a high
percentage of undersized fish that it’s
totally uneconomic to process these
species in the traditional manner at
current production costs.
Up to 1992 we had an abundance of
diversified fisheries that were destroyed
by foreign overfishing and
Canada’s mismanagement.
Our federal and provincial politicians,
the unions, trade association,
federation of municipalities, federation
of labour and others have done
absolutely nothing to force the
Canadian government to honour its
commitment to properly manage the
fisheries we transferred to Ottawa
with Confederation. And they continue
to stand by the wayside as our fishery
Gus Etchegary,
Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s

Sorry no links as this is from an online PDF subscription. As this is a letter to the editor I don't feel I'm in contravention of any copyright laws.

Now if The Independant would only get Sue Kelland-Dyer to publish her thought provoking and poignant spiels.

HeHe state of denial.
Milk board of NL Why can't we have a Fish Board that will do a similar thing? It seems to have worked for the Dairy industry in NL.

Stop Fishing By Ryan Cleary From The Independant

Taken from an article in the Independant by Ryan Cleary (Fighting NLian)titled Stop Fishing.

the feds don’t agree to joint management
then the Newfoundland and Labrador
government must repatriate the entire
fishery from federal hands.
Foreign Affairs will go mental if the
province ordered a fleet of dories to take
over the Grand Banks, but it’s time we
put our concerns ahead of everyone
else’s. It’s time to wake up Canada and
the rest of the world to the environmental
tragedy unfolding around us. The fishery
is collapsing like no other point in our
history. We must decide on a working
model for the outports and have the fortitude
to see it through. Life or death — the
choice is ours
Ryan Cleary is editor-in-chief of the

We ll you've got to admit stopping fishing in all forms would have to mean a recovery since a moritorium by Canadians only doesn't seem to have worked. I actually don't get it Moritorium wouldn't that have meant everybody back in 1992 when it was implemented or was it just meant for NL'ians while the rest of Canada and the world carried on with their destructive dragging of the bottom with trawls and factory freeezers wher by the fish and more importantly hte fish's habitate was being destroyed for short sighted profit by blind RRSP Mutual fund holders. What happened to green mutual funds?

But like Ryan says in his article our fishery needs a complete overhaul to make it competitive for the people in a CO-OP kinda way whereby corporate greed is tied to the people who actually have a vested interest unlike the shadowy disconected mutual funds where by the bottom line is profit and the unseen distruction and disaster caused to gain such profit is immeasurable.

IMHO these heartless companies and countries who have reekek wanton destruction on our continental shelf should be made to repair their destruction by paying for manmade reefs to encourage the return of the worlds greatest food source after they have destroyed it.


Wallace McLean gets published

Dear editor,
Isn’t most of the province actually
on the mainland?
What’s with you Newfoundlanders
and your fixation on a phony “us”
versus “mainland” dichotomy, anyway?
Most of your province isn’t an
island. Why can’t you remember that,
other than when it’s convenient
(hydro, Voisey’s Bay, Labrador fishery)
for you to do so?

Wallace McLean,

Stumbled on this while reading my online digital subscription version of the Independant this week.

Congratulations Wallace McLean on your getting published.

If an Election were called today What would your vote be TODAY?


with some reasons if you have time.

By the Numbers article by Craig Wescott from The Independant.

“I know people who fly up to campsites and
they work there for six weeks and they come
home for two. They’re Newfoundland residents.
They have their places here and they file their
taxes here and they haven’t got a residence in
Alberta — they’re true Newfoundland and
Labrador residents. And that would certainly help
our fiscal situation and should be legitimately
included in the numbers.”

He does a good job of explaining in very simple terms Equalization and the numbers, well worth the lengthy read.

No More Giveaways

I meant to say No more Fishaways but since the Federal government of Ontario doesn't own any foreign fished waters they can keep on giving away other peoples livelihoods, Family's, Houses, Cars, life savings, culture, History, Existance, right to survive, etc etc.

Copyright The Independant


Confederation supposed to mean

Together we stand stronger, Divided we fall apart.

Problem is that standing together with Canada hasn't made us stronger we have made Canada stronger but we are getting weaker by the day and Canada continues to ignore our concerns as if to say oh is's only those whiny (Newfoundlander/Labradorian) Canadians again.

We could have stayed our own country and been in this bad a situation.

Battered wife syndrome alive and well in Newfoundland and Labrador

The only terms and words used to describe anyone who would utter these words has to mean traitor, sell out, Idiot, Failure, Loser, so on and so on.

This is an excerpt from The Independant titled Losing your best people by Stephanie Porter.

Ronald Rompkey, a research professor
with Memorial University’s English
department, doesn’t view the current
state of affairs in such dire terms.
“This is part of our culture,” he says.
“(People leaving) has been part of the
culture since the turn of the century …
Look at the big out-migration we had to
the U.S. Boston’s full of Newfoundlanders,
so is Cape Breton and Halifax
and Nova Scotia in general. We were
doing this before Alberta even became a
province … we’ve never been able to
sustain all the people we have.

This isn't a rationalization but rather an acceptance of what your big brother has been telling you your capable of or more often than not what your not capable of Hence The Battered Wife Syndrome.

I support Paul Watson and the $ea $hepard

Well I hate to do this but it would seem Paul Watson is doing some good in his own Pirate kinda way. Here is the $ea $hepard putting net rippers on the Canadian East coast Continental shelf to destroy.

Personally If I were to do this which wouldn't be my first choice because of the legal implications and the short term effectiveness wouldn't be half as effective as education and a change in the guidelines for fishing.

Gill nets can be as wastefull in that they become lost and are in essence land mines for fish species. Even seine nets which capture everything and are used to capture capelin if used indiscriminately can be very destructive to the species's if not to the sea bottom, breeding and feeding enviroment.

That and the fact that the net rippers he is deploying will be all but useless IMHO. Personally I would have used something like this example of a Caltrop seen in this picture, or shards of glass anything to rip nets or foul efforts to drag the bottom clean. anything to stop the creation of The largest wettest desert in the world the Grand Banks, all in the name of profit for greedy shareholders.

Whats wrong with our fishery

Our fishermen only work so many months of the year. Not good enough. Either they get employed by the feds to put Man made Reefs out there in protected areas or they fish farm in their off season EI shouldn't be apart of the equation. Unless of course it is used to pay for some kind of work. Especially with what is happening now where by the Feds have mismanaged one of the worlds largest food sources into oblivion. They have an obligation to find a cure by accepting responsibility for their disastrous actions.

If we are to compete against China we need to do it with quality, and factory freezer packing ships not draggers are the way to go IMHO since fish spoils well degrades almost immediately after leaving the water and within one hour has significantly lowered in quality.

No Canadian should be put out of work because foreigners are catching fish off our coast on our continental shelf.

We have to stop harvesting the life blood of the fish ecosystem the capelin for their roe only and throwing back the dead ones.

Stop the draggers and actually try and restore some of the breeding zones with man made reefs.

Utilize all of the seal change the quota system to allow sealers to bring all of the seal ashore for use without fear of losing out on the quotas. Individual quotas of boat quotas. ARAa's actually argue this point saying all of the dead seal carcasses rotting starves the oxygen from the water thus killing of fish. If our rivers are any indication they are party right the oxygen content in our rivers has been lowered by acid rain but there is a fix for the rivers in lime dosers. The ocean is a bigger fish to fry. Maybe limestone Reefs they are supposed to work quite well and would actually improve the water quality hard bottom required.

I really don't agree with the statement being put out there that there are to many fish plants and not enough fish. If the foreigners can find enough fish then there are fish there for Canadians Canada just needs the political will to protect Atlantic interests. Right now the only interests Canada is interested in protecting are central Canadians where the votes are. It is Inherant in the system I don't blame the politicians they would have to be either a great leader or insane to disregard the dynamics of Canada's Imperialist Colonial/Federation geared towards centralization. in favor of supporting Atantic. (Caveat as long as there is full time work keeping in mind fishing is like rabbit catching it is cyclical in nature hence the need for Aquaculture)

You know some people are saying NL wants out of Confederation but they are wrong it is actually more like NL, Atlantic Canada and the west want in but the political and social system which Canada has doesn't permit our politicians to actually campaign on including the west or the east without commiting political suicide in Central Canada.

Hence the lackluster approach to the SeaMap initiative and claiming the continental shelf in accordance with the United Nation Law of The Sea article 76.

Personally I think Canada would rather see all of he fish landed on mainland Canada or bartered and sold of to foreigners in favor of trade concessions for central Canada. Canada sees the fishery ads a drain on it's overall bottom line due to the seasonal nature and in part they are right but they have also made it like that by not investing back into the fishery through Aquaculture and protecting the resource. Freaking ludicrous and crazy it is what Canada has done to Atlantc Canada and the West as well for that matter Quebec had it right all of these years and we thought they were just being well Quebec.

Central Canadaaa doesn't like Atlantica idea so it must be good for the Atlantic provinces

Anything Central canada doesn't like when it comes to the Atlantic Provinces must be good for the Atlantic provinces is the conclusion I've begun to come too.

This stems from the Central Canadian attitudes towards Atlantic Canada as being a back water sort of culture of defeat to use someone elses words.
Problem is we have been kept down by Canada's centralization policies and political system. The people involved here can't really be blamed bacause they are just working within the system and it is inherant in the system that Central Canada is the centre of the universe. What with there being 106 out of 308 seats in Ontario alone in our House of Legislature.
Quebec haing a guaranteed 3 supreme court judges Ontario with 2 out of 9 No equality here.
Senate is a joke and either sjhould be reformed or abolished.
Reformed to a triple E senate Equal, Elected, and Effective.

IMHO the american system is better than the Imperialist colonial/Federalist system Canada has and that is why Canada is doomed to failure unless it adapts to the changing times.

When Wallace J McClean disagrees with me I know I'm on the right tract for promoting and moving ahead with Atlantic ideas and Atlantic Canada's future. Since he is a Federal employee who's only comments are Pro Central Canada Negative the rest of the colonies. I don't think I can even call him a Labrador separatist anymore because the past has shown that to be untrue even though he proports it.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Good news

Stephenville Bay St George on the right track.

Beothuk Board institute meeting for the first time since 1827

Belleoram to get Aquaculture project. Cooke Aquaculture.
Sorry couldn't find news link, Hot of the VOCM live wire. Belleoram Mayor.

Greenland reverses it's ban on importing Canadian seal pelts.
Here is a story confirming it albeit only the last line proclaims the reversal.

Wheeling and Dealing By Averill Baker

Averill Baker
The Compass

His smile was characteristically coy as the prime minister drew in his double chin to answer the question last week - are you going to give Premier Williams what you promised during the election campaign?

His answer was, "We will have to examine it."

But only five months ago Stephen Harper made this simple unequivocal statement to the news media in St. John's, as reported by the CBC: "I talked to Premier Williams a number of times on this. I have always been clear. He is looking for the federal government to play some kind of role in the way of a loan guarantee. We are certainly prepared to do that."

Anonymous Said...

Anonymous said...

For those of you who didn't know it, Newfoundland is a province of Canada, the ugly-assed little triangle floating off the east coast. We also have Labrador, but like the dead bodies under the stairs, we don't like to talk about it much.

So. Newfoundland. Home of Newfies, fish, outrageously bad accents, unemployement, and moose. Our main exports include enough oil to keep us going, but not enough for the US to invade us, unemployed homeless fishermen, and fish. Well, not even the fish anymore, since almost all of them are gone.

Now for the real topic. Every country has patriotic citizens. Some more than others. Some, in the case of Quebec in the 60's, have some separatist movements. But never did I dream that Newfoundland, Canada's case of genital warts that keeps leeching money, would want to separate.

Almost everwhere you go, you see people wearing Free Nfld! shirts, hats, bumper stickers, etc, or Newfoundland Liberation Army shirts, with a photo of an army of awe-inspiring greatness: about 20 some odd guys holding up fiddles, accordions, fishing rods, and the occasional hunting rifle.

Yes, I realise this is all in good fun, but remember just a year or two ago, when good ol' Danny Williams ordered the Canadian flag taken down because the federal governement wouldn't give them all the profits from the oil company. NO! No Danny, they hate us enough as it is, without you being a whiny douche bag.

Trust me, the last thing Newfounland needs is to be on its own. Canada might not even notice our disappearance, but we would be screwed like it's nobody's buisness getting screwed that badly.
"WOOHOOH! We gone done it by's!"

And so, the first few wild nights of partying would begin, and continue, and continue until every last inhabitant of this fair new country would slump, passed out, over his cousin, hoping he'd forget what had just happened.

Then, the government would step in, and new rules and regulations would be set down.

Pre-teens everywhere would rejoice as the legal drinking age, the legal driving age, skidooing, and ATVing ages would be reduced to 8.

Driving while inebriated would promptly be encouraged, with fines of up to $500 for driving while sober.

And everywhere, the pround and magnificent flag of the Democratic Republic of Newfoundland would be flown, its green, white and pink swaying in the breeze.

Yes, that's right.

Then the entire world would set up a collective cheer as Newfoundland drank, smoked, and screwed itself in a downward spiral into oblivion.

So, I say,

Patriotism is good, but only when your country is something to be proud of. I grew up in here, and if I can find some way off this godforsaken rock, I'm out!

Be happy that you are part of a great country.

Now go shoot some moose.

May 22, 2006 10:09 PM

Taken from:

Monday, May 22, 2006


It's time to SUE Canada from Rant and Roar

It's Time to Sue Canada

From the shores of Newfoundland to the Plains of Alberta, Newfoundlanders have been torn from their roots. By none other than the Federal Government of this Country! The process of destruction continues today at an increasing pace.

It is time residents past or present, SUED CANADA for the following:

1. The Destruction of Sustainable Natural Marine Resources.
2. Not creating a plan to rebuild the Atlantic Cod Stocks, after tabling a plan in the Legislature.
3. The misuse of allocated tax dollars within DFO for fisheries management and protection.
4. Not protecting the remaining Cod Stocks from 1992 to present as indicated post Moratorium on Cod.
5. Permitting and managing the destruction of other species like Flounder, Shrimp, Crab and Turbot.
6. Held responsible for the breakup of families and Rural Communities of Newfoundland.
7. Held accountable for the impact on and the destruction of a Distinct Society in Canada via the following:
1. Culture
2. Language
3. Traditions
8. The Hippocratic and unjust measures of Canadian Law, preventing residents to utilize their right to ocean resources, primarily the Cod around the shores of Newfoundland. (Nova Scotians can still catch cod for personal consumption, some 600 miles from Newfoundland.)
9. Not protecting or preserving the rights, cultures, traditions, history, or future of the province of Newfoundland since joining Confederation. (This is in reference to the money and legislation dedicated to protecting the rights and soverigninty of Quebec.)
10. Lack of proper and just negotiations and renegotiations of the Churchill Falls agreement, which results in the failure to protect the rights of this Province and its people.
11. For burdening Newfoundlanders with the economic and social inequities created by federal government mismanagement and injustice of the Act of Confederation, removing our God Given Rights to the resources and vitality of the this province and it's people.

Our governments have failed in their promises and commitments for many changes in our province in the last 14 years. This year they reduced fish quotas, lowered catch prices, all in the wake of a Fishery Crisis that was spawned in 1992. In 1992 our government injected themselves into the lives of people of this province by preventing any further cull of Cod fish in our waters. With promises and commitments to rebuilding the stocks, and millions of spending creating jobs in Ottawa and overseas conference spenditures, it is evident today what governments role is for Rural Newfoundland and Newfoundland as a Province.

* Commitment to reduce foreign overfishing - Result: No protection of our Ocean Borders, yet our government do rescue sick fishermen from foreign vessels with our Coast Guard and Search and Rescue. The tax dollars we contribute to this Country provides that service.
* Commitment to rebuilding Stocks - Result: 14 years later, Cod stocks and many other species are worse than 1992 levels

FPI is in trouble, communities are shutting down, people are moving to other provinces, all in the wake of Governments inaction and continued disregard for the people who built this province and it's historic place in Canada and the World. Canada has forgotten our place in this Country. Fishermen all around Newfoundland are scrambling to catch their meager government approved quotas, at insulting prices, while plant operators are trying to process catches as fast as they can. All resulting in fishermen and plant workers not being able to get hours to qualify for employment insurance. A strategic plan to eliminate rural Newfoundland. take away hope and you will get them to leave. Newfoundlanders have lived in and succeeded in a place not many in this world would dare to challenge. We have made industries here, we have contributed to society and the world with our inventiveness and dedication. Yet leaders believe St. John's will carry on the tradition of making great navigators, skilled boat builders, ace explorers, and historians with their Arts and Culture plan at 'The Rooms'. What a joke!

The governments plan was set in motion in 1992 and is fueled by government today through inaction and strategic dismissal of any strategic mangement of our ocean resources. They see an opportunity to reduce the number of fisherpeople in this province and an opportunity to decline the number of rural and outport communities. In turn this plan will allow more tax dollars to support the remaining few people in these areas through 21st Century resettlement. When the number of fisherpeople gets low enough from outmigration, government will step in and clean up the mess. Their plan - force people! Newfoundlanders have to be pryed from the rocks they live on. For years this Country has tried to do just that to no success. But today in the year 2006, they are finally achieving their goals and we are giving in by leaving. We should all stay and go on welfare until they rebuild the fishery stocks. If they consider us a burden lets give them one!

Why protect the fish stocks with a rebuilding plan or a strick foreign overfishing policy when all they have to do is increase quotas on other species like red fish, crab or shrimp. Deplete it all so that their is no recourse, no lingering fishermen making it to 14 weeks to get their stamps! When the cod was stopped, we turned to other resources and for 14 years we have been making it, until now. According to our great Government who cares about us! The fishing stocks and prices are gone in Crab, Turbot, Shrimp, Flounder, and Cod. So there is nothing left for us to burden government with, no Choices either anymore, so we must now leave!

Every person, who live or have lived in Newfoundland should file to sue the Government of Canada for all it's worth and more. We have too long been portrayed as Newfies, ridiculed for our place in Canada, subjected to and belittled with defamation of our Country and last but not least, forced from our homes. Qubeccers can have french on our food packaging, they were granted a distinct place in our society, they are allowed to utilize our energy resources for their gain, they are permitted to influence government leaderships with threats of leaving our Country.

Doesn't all this just boil your guts!

Have you seen a community literally destroyed by government and a grown man cry? Come to one of the communities here in Newfoundland that is going through a massive out-migration and see for yourself the destruction and breakdown of families, cultures and communities. See for yourself the hardships people are subjected too at the ages of 40-75. In other regions of the Country families are looking for old-age homes for their parents, here in Newfoundland Outports they are looking for jobs for their parents in Alberta! Sealing on open ice on the high seas was once as task many a newfoundlanders endured upon themselves to feed their families. Now, men and women could only wish they had that opportunity, for it bears less hardship than leaving all they have worked for, all they have lived for and all they have grown to know!

I copied this in it's entirety because I couldn't find a way to link to the full article and I feared it would be pushed to the back burner in time and lost.
I apologise to Rant and Roar for this blatant copyright infringement but his words summed up my thoughts so well I couldn't resist.

If you think it can't be done check out the PEI Supreme court case where by they sued Ottawa for their mismanagement of the fisheries.

Mining Company Wants to Poison Two Ponds in Central Newfoundland

Well worth the read if you care about Newfoundland and Labrador's future.

Kodak over at Canada's dark horse does a good job of explaining the Proposal by AUR Resources to use a natural pond Trout Pond as an effluent disposal site for the proposed mining site Duck Pond.
The beauty of his blog is not only does he disagree with abuses to our enviroment for foreign profiteers but he also proposes alternatives and highlights where these alternatives have worked. Plus all of the pertinant links for information gathering.

He even gives a list of contact info so if you feel you want to make your voice heard you will know who and where to shout.

* Chad Griffiths ( announced that there is a meeting on Wed., May 24, at the MUN University Centre, Rm. 2000.


NL Dept. of Environment and Conservation
Minister Clyde Jackman, 729-2574

Call the CBC Noon Line to voice your opinion on this, 576-5262. The toll free number is 1-866-576-5262 for long distance anywhere in North America.

Here are other contacts in case anyone is interested to send a message regarding this issue:

# Patrick Finlay of Environment Canada,
# Georgette Muller, PCO Policy Analyst,
# Joan Kuyek, Mining Watch Canada National Coordinator,
# Sarah Heiberg, Caucus Coordinator, Canadian Environmental Network,

Another view point can be found over at Responsible Government League

Friday, May 19, 2006


BnB made this pic to commemorate 57 years in Canada

This one image to my mind is so true on so many levels.

Canada treats NL like a mutt.

Canada has and continues to squeeze NL for everything it's worth while giving nothing back.

Canada is bleeeding NL dry of it's resources and people.

Canada has yet to ASSIMILATE NL into the Canadian melting pot.

NL has contributed greatly in making Canada what it is today a Centralized Colonial/Federation.

Thanks Born n Breed for this pic and the symbolism it represents of NL's place in Canada.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


THE EAST COAST REPORT on the East Coast ground Fishery what to do, whats been done and what continues to be done.

Freaking amazing is all I can say. To think this was released back in 1998 and there still hasn't been anything done about most of the recommendations and root causes of what has gotten us where we are.

I say take every piece of junk scrap metal junk cars and used tire we can find and dump it on the grand banks to foul and discourage factory dragger freezer trawlers from raping and pillaging our childrens. (Birthright) Even though Big brother Canada has allowed them to fish there while we can't catch a fish for the table?

You've gotta read this report to realize just how disfunctional DFO really is and how abused and used we really have been and continue to be under the Canadian flag. To think I served this country, I have to say I am ashamed to say I did when I read reports like this that show how abused my homeland has been in this phony federation of Colonial/Federalism for the benefit of Ontario or the Appeasement of Quebec mainly due because it is inherant in our political and social system where by Ontario has 106 seats out of 308 with the remainder spread among 9 separate colonies. Divide and conquer always was a good strategy and continues to be used effectively in this colonial/federation.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Taking Danny to task

All you Danny haters here is where you can read up on Danny's promises and plans and take him to task on his record. This is just the opening page the meat of his platform are in the next pages.

Blue Book 2003
Danny Williams' Plan for Newfoundland and Labrador

that knows success,
expects success,
and gets success"

Almost three years ago, my family and I decided that the time was right for me to give something back to the Province that has given me so much. I want to address the real issues that are important to Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. Issues such as job creation, the economy, outmigration, health care, education, the fishery, and rural development.

I want to ensure that people have a good job and proper access to health care when they need it. I believe that having a proper education is a right, not a privilege. I believe our resources should be developed in a way that creates jobs for Newfoundlanders and Labradorians first, not only when it is economically feasible. These issues are important to you and are the focus of the Progressive Conservative Party's campaign and platform.

I want to be honest with people from the very beginning. The problems facing this Province are numerous and complex. They didn't occur overnight but are the result of years of neglect and mismanagement. Similarly, they can't be fixed overnight. But make no mistake about it: they can be fixed, and under a Danny Williams led government, they will be fixed.

I've spent the last two years growing a team and formulating policies that I believe will help Newfoundland and Labrador so that we can begin to control our own destiny and achieve our true potential. These solutions are not pie in the sky proposals. They are solid fundamentals that I have acquired over my 30 years in the private sector. And just as they worked in the private sector, they will work in government.

This plan is my vision of where I want to lead the Province over the next four to eight years. Our plan recognizes the fiscal challenges facing Newfoundland and Labrador, but also embraces the potential embodied in this wonderful place we all call home - our human resources, our natural resources and our wonderful culture and rural way of life. We will make significant achievements in our first mandate, and after eight years we will see a rejuvenated and re-energized Province, poised to lead this country.

I was not surprised the Royal Commission on Renewing and Strengthening our Place in Canada acknowledged that we are facing serious problems in this Province and that it is time for a change. In fact, in a news release issued by the Royal Commission, it states that the Province is saying "No to the Status Quo," and that it is time to "put the Province's fiscal house in order." This Liberal government has done an abysmal job of managing this Province and this must stop - the time for change is now. The people are looking for new leadership, real leadership and a new approach to guide this Province into the future.

That's what I have to offer and that's what my team has to offer. We are confident that given the opportunity, we will provide the leadership and change which the people desperately want and which this Province desperately needs.



Great blog here by Kodak on Outmigration and diversification.

For far far to long we have been hewers of wood and drawers of water with little or no consideration to what happens when the wood and water run out. IE: Fish stocks, pulp n paper crash, mega projects term employment, clause in the Atlantic Aaaccord where by we can't build a refinery in NL until Irving and the eastern refinery producers say we can?

Thursday, May 11, 2006


1000 pounds why to not drive at dusk dawn or at night


Ottawa centre of the universe maps

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Opportunity is Knocking

With the melting of the North West passsage and the eventual opening up of that route to shipping NL could become a prime transfer shipment destination for goods coming to north america 's East and West coast on the same ship. Especially with the advent of newer larger PanaMax Ships which can't navigate the Saint Lawrence SeaWay. So containers will need to be offloaded at a deep water coastal port.

Now the Atlantica proposal is to use the Halifax Port as a Transhipment port to access the Eastern seaboard by Rail and Road as well as short haul smaller container ships. This is already underway because Halifax is about to get two new PanaMax offloading Cranes to enable Halifax to service these larger ships.

The Problem with Halifax is the Road routes and Rail routes to the Eastern Seaboard aren't up to grade for this kind of volumn so the majority of containers are still going to be moved by sea only smaller container ships. So why not utilize NL as a transhipment location for ship borne cargo. This way the Eastern Seaboard can be accessed, Saint Lawrence Seaway, and the North West Passage.

Diversification is the key to a strong and healthy economy.
Fish, Oil n Gas, Minerals, Woods, Government Military, Energy,

Second class Canadian Citizens

When Sunrays crown thy pine clad hills
And Summer spreads her hand
When silvern voices tune thy rills
We love thee smiling land
We love thee, we love thee
We love thee, smiling land.

When spreads thy cloak of shimm'ring white
At Winter's stern command
Thro' shortened day and starlit night
We love thee, frozen land
We love thee, we love thee
We love thee, frozen land.

When blinding storm gusts fret thy shore
And wild waves lash thy strand
Thro' spindrift swirl and tempest roar
We love thee, wind-swept land
We love thee, we love thee
We love thee, wind-swept land.

As loved our fathers, so we love
Where once they stood we stand
Their prayer we raise to heav'n above
God guard thee, Newfoundland
God guard thee, God guard thee
God guard thee, Newfoundland.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Newfoundland at the Crossroads How CD Howe became a celebrated Canadian at NL expense

Book Description

An indispensable guide through original documents to key issues in Newfoundland's twentieth-century constitutional history. This book reveals the desires of Britain and Canada to bring about Newfoundland's union with Canada, and shows their close co- operation and the fascinating inner political workings of the confederation campaigns. It is required reading for anyone interested in Newfoundland's history, or anyone with an interest in how and why the province is a part of Canada.

John Edward FitzGerald is Adjunct Professor in the Department of History, Memorial University of Newfoundland. He has conducted research on Newfoundland's political and constitutional history at archives in Newfoundland and Labrador, elsewhere in Canada, in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, and Italy. He has published articles on Confederation in The Newfoundland Quarterly, Newfoundland Studies, The Beaver, and Historical Studies. He is a frequent media conunentator on Newfoundland history and culture.

Upon hearing that Mr Fitzgerald was appointed to the NL Lobbyist chair in Ontario I immediately ordered this book. In part to read about the man but mostly to read about How CD Howe the celebrated Canadian lied and withheld the goelogical find of the worlds largest and purest iron ore deposit in Labrador back until NL was signed into the federation of Canada.

Granny tells it like it is

The Future is in Our Past

To each his own

Audrey Manning
The Beacon

It is time for a revolution. If we don’t stand up and be counted it will prove to all and sundry we really are too stunned to get out of our own way.

Must it be said again we have always stood by and watched our precious resources being squandered? How much longer will we be willing or unwilling participants in this game?

Let there be no mistake, the sky is going to fall. But, it is not only going to fall on Newfoundlanders, it is also going to fall on corporations that take the lifeblood from ordinary people without so much as a by your leave. If history is any indication, we are heading for hard, hard times.

Pretty soon, when we realize money can’t buy food and necessities, the penny is going to drop. Perhaps not today, perhaps not tomorrow, but it’s coming. Maybe the cost of oil will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Or, maybe it will be the escalating war on terror. But it’s coming.

Prime Minister Harpers Promises Made to Newfoundland and Labradorians

I believe the Landing fees for Gander were also promised during the election to call the Liberals bid of moving the Ice Forcasting to Gander.

As well as a commitment to cost share a 50/50 proposal by Premier Williams to Pave the stretch of the TLH between Lab west and HVGB.

Monday, May 08, 2006


Newfoundland and Labrador Youth Ventures

What We Do
Youth Ventures (YV) can do a ton of things for you and your business. YV started back in '92 and since then, we've helped more than 1,700 student entrepreneurs start many, many different businesses!

There are 24 coordinators located throughout NL that help young business owners and wannabe's start their businesses. These Coordinators can help you with:

* Coming up with a business idea
* Writing a business plan
* Marketing your business, advertising, brochures, business cards
* Working out the financing you're going to need to get your business up and running
* Hiring the right employees
* Getting advice from a mentor

Need Information?
Got a question? Got a business idea? Contact your local coordinator.
YV started out helping students start part time, summer employment for themselves. In the last few years some of our new business owners have begun to operate their businesses year round, and to employ other students! What's not to brag about?

We're there for you from May to September through regional coordinators who visit businesses and provide advice every step of the way. Where possible, you can get access to our printers, photocopiers and internet connection. We'll do what we can to help you make your business a success!


Makes you want to do something doesn't it!

Another interesting thought provoking article by Averill Baker.

Why do we have so much out migration because we are following Our resources to process them somewhere else.

Todd Russell on the Fed Budget

Best top read the whole article but here is a snippit.

* Squashing the Liberal commitment to spend $25 million for threat emitters and ACMI pods for 5 Wing Goose Bay;

* Eliminating the $5 earmarked to market foreign military training (FMT) at 5 Wing;

* Back tracking on their promises regarding Arctic sovereignty in which 5 Wing was supposed to play a role;

* Favoring the wealthy with their GST tax cut of six per cent and increasing income and other taxes;

* Still not allocating funds to cost-share the paving of the Trans Labrador Highway;

* Gutting the Kyoto protocol and hurting energy alternatives such as hydro and the proposed Lower Churchill development;

* Implementing a transit tax refund to “replace” Kyoto despite the fact Labrador has no transit system and is facing some of the greatest impacts in Canada from global warming;

* Failing to acknowledge the problems in the fishery and not mentioning where Coast Guard investments promised by the Liberals to Labrador sit;

* Squashing the Kelowna Accord deals for Aboriginal peoples;

* Giving little to improve life for the Labrador Inuit and none for the Labrador Métis, and;

* Freezing the budget for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA).

“It’s atrocious. It’s unforgivable really,” he said.

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