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Believe it or not! by Averill Baker

Before our Minister of Fisheries in Ottawa makes any decision on fisheries management in Canada, he consults with the President of NAFO.

Every letter, awaiting signature by the federal Minister of Fisheries, concerning the management of our Canadian fishery is read and approved by the Chairman of the General Council of NAFO before the Minister signs it.

And, if the Chairman of the General Council of NAFO does not approve of the contents of the Minister’s letter, it is not sent – it is shredded.

In fact today the President of NAFO gives his approval on every speech prepared for the federal Minister of Fisheries, dealing with the management of our fishery in Canada and if the President of NAFO doesn’t like the speech, it is shredded.

The President of NAFO, and the Chairman of the General Council of NAFO, represents an international organization that has over 200 huge foreign owned draggers – foreign factory-freezer trawlers – NAFO has licensed this year and next year to fish on the Newfoundland continental shelf.

At any moment in time during the year, from 50 to 100 of the over 200 licensed huge foreign dragger-factory-ships are dragging the Newfoundland shelf. The proof of these large numbers is in a tender call made by NAFO in July of this year, which closes the end of August, for the monitoring of these ships for the next five years while they fish on the Newfoundland shelf.

The rest of the article can be read here.

Opportunity to protest is knocking 18 sept Dartmouth NS NAFO meetings

"The annual NAFO meeting begins Sept. 18 in Dartmouth, N.S."

Some bill board and plackard ideas.

All of the Grand Banks or no thanks Canada.
Ban Bare Bottoms
No more Bottom dragging.
Picture of dragged bottom and bare ass.

Here is a previous post in which I was compiling some protest sign ideas.

See you there!
I will update this with more information as I find out the location and timings.

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Updated Response from L Hearn to Mrs Bakers article and my comments.


Dumbing us down

Dumbing Us Down: An Interview With John Taylor Gatto

By Terry Everton

If anyone is qualified to intelligently analyze the institution of modern schooling, it’s John Taylor Gatto. While teaching in the public schools of Manhattan for 30 years, Gatto was named New York State teacher of the year as well as New York City teacher of the year three times. Then, at the height of his teaching career in 1991, he published an essay in the Wall Street Journal titled I Quit, I Think… and promptly quit.

Since then, Gatto has traveled the world lecturing and writing about the perils of his former profession. His first book, Dumbing Us Down : The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling, has become a modern classic of today’s home-schooling movement. His latest book, The Underground History of American Education, chronicles the often-chilling origins of our schooling system, and details why and how children are damaged by it. Extensively researched and thoroughly documented, it is the standard by which all critiques of compulsory schooling must now be compared.

Today Gatto is busy working on The Fourth Purpose, a three-part, six-hour documentary series which “will tackle the American school system: present, past, and future—its anomalies, its history, and the alternatives. The idea is to throw a bucket of ice-cold water in the faces of pundits, experts, and bureaucrats.” You can find out more about it—as well as read his latest book for free, by the way—on his website:

Here are some things that the top 20 elite private boarding schools think of as prime constituents of a good education:

1. Strong competency in public speaking and writing.
2. The discipline of gracious manners—a discipline based on the understanding that civility and respect are the foundations of all productive relationships.
3. A comprehensive theory of human nature, drawn from history, philosophy, literature, theology and close observation.
4. Ease and fluency with the master creations in painting, music, sculpture, dance, design, etc. to stimulate the imagination.
5. Insight into the principal institutional forms.
6. A complete theory of access to any institution or person.
7. The ability to do battle in the marketplace of society.
8. A habit of caution in reasoning.
9. A well-tested judgment.
10. Intellectual courage, resourcefulness and self-confidence.

Join the Military! They will teach you to think in part due to necessity and in part due to experience and training.

Good little NEWFIE Boys and Girls now go away and let the big boys play in your back yard.

Once again Averill Baker tells it like it is and not how the powers that be would like you to see it.
Cross Examination by Averill Baker
The Charter

One hundred large foreign factory-freezer ships catch cod on our coast every day during the food fishery, and all the other days of the year as well.

Under the law, in our food fishery, each Newfoundland boat is allowed a maximum of 15 cod, and each person is allowed a maximum of five cod a day.

Under the law, each one of the 100 foreign ships is allowed to have onboard at any time 2,750 pounds (1,250 kg) of cod from one haul of their gigantic nets. They are allowed to have more cod than that onboard from one haul if the amount of cod over 2,750 pounds adds up to only five per cent of their total catch.

The law favors foreigners.

For them the law says: “may not exceed 1,250 kg, or five per cent, of the catch retained onboard, whichever is the greater.
Apart from the 100 ships fishing every day from NAFO countries with hundreds of tonnes of cod aboard, there are also ships from other non-NAFO countries fishing on our shelf. They are from Belize, Dominica, Cyprus, Principe, Panama, Sao Tome, Honduras, Sierra Leone, and the Dominican Republic. They are under no catch restrictions for cod because they don’t belong to NAFO.

In the larger scheme of things our food fishery amounts to a grain of sand on the vast Sahara desert.

These are only excerpts and don't convey the entire article. I would recommend reading the entire article.

It isn't the fish Canada are bartering away in exchange for good relations in the foreign affairs department but the fishing grounds with 40% of the continental shelf lying outside of the 200 Mile EEZ and Canada continuing to perpetuate the lie that is NAFO and UNFA.

Even if the entire continental shelf were to become solely within our jurisdiction which Canada has never even attempted to achieve. The amounts that would be allowed to be caught according to the sustainable catches prior to 1970 which were 150,000 tonnes 40 % of that being 60,000 not even counting the amount Canada would have of that because of OUR HISTORICAL rights of, for ease lets say 6 countries so Canada should get another 10,000 tonnes from the political straddling stocks LOL making a total of 100,000 tonnes for Canadian fishers on the entire continental shelf.

All of the Grand Banks or No Thanks!

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Iran calles for protests and protests happen

Really makes you wonder who is driving who, in this whole Mid East thing. I heard on the Iranian English Radio broadcast last week calling for protests and lo and behold there are protests.


ALL of the Grand Banks under Canadian Jurisdiction or NO to confederation!

Air link

Just a thought on how we can keep the Labrador ferry crossing open year round.

If this technology were to be expanded upon so that a tube were ran all the way across the Straite jacket of Belle Isle the air under the ice would definately either keep the run open enough for ice breaking capable ferries or open entirely due to the nature of air trapped under the ice eating away at the ice.

Now I know of no case where this has been used on such a scale but there are lots of examples of it being used around docks.

Since air is relatively cheap to produce and push through tubing the cost shouldn't be to prohibitive when you consider the losses due to our seasonal economy and losses due to crossing times and bad weather in the Gulf.

We would need compressors on both sides of the Straite Jacket of belle isle. Placed in such a way that a straite course could be followed by the ferries. Hence new docking facilities would be required. Placed so that if there ever was a fixed link to be built across the existing infrastructure could be utilized.

A two ferry system would be best for keeping the route open due to the increased traffic keeping the ice broken up. Two ferries would also cut down on wait times as well as provide a back up in case one ferry breaks down or needs repairs. There will still be a link but lowered capacity or increased crossings.

The air would only be needed for 3-4 months of the year.

Just a thought. This wouldn't be my first choice for linking Newfoundland and Labrador but it would be an economically iable short term solution I think until the TLH was completed and enough traffic built up to justify a fixed link.

Depending on the cost something like this could be used to keep a port open year round in Labrador either in Rigolet with a land link or HVGB.

Some of the factors I can see needing to be studied would be the current, whether to lay the pipe on the bottom or suspended, new docking facilities to allow for a straite run, can air be pushed 5 km in tubing and dispered equally?

Year round economy with Labrador
Access to Labradors winter ski-dooing
Lower cost for Labradorians to travel to Newfoundland during the winter
Round trip tourism

Good example of MSM utilizing reporting out of context to support their own agenda.


Canadian Home movies from the War on terrorism

I watched the Canadian videos and didn't see anything particularly disclosing with reference to our tactics.
These videos are an exact depiction of an imbedded reporters article on this operation.

But if you watch these videos I would have to say they they could be very telling for the other side in how they carry out their operations. I won't mention why in case the Taliban are watching. Rest assured they are because they have as many if not more propaganda videos from their point of view on You tube.

To date these videos have only been watched some 3000 times a very small amount considering it was in all of the MSM several times almost a week ago.

God bless and look over our troops, peace makers.

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One man`s terrorist is another man`s freedom fighter...

Counter point Ex Muslim lady puts her life on the line LOL.

Update: H/T Table Mountains

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If ferries are delayed, cancelled, break down, bad weather shouldn't the ferry operator have to provide for food and shelter in the interim.

Rueters says Mid East Photographer doctored photos

I commend Reuters for taking the right stand on this and taking the high road instead of resorting to Tabloid media.

But IMHO this is just the blatant tip of the ice berg. What about all of the staged photos? It seems evertime I watch the MSM I see evidence of staged photos.

Some blatent examples of late would be the Cana incident, The Lebanese Hezballa supporter fainting on demand with people waiting to break her fall, two clean stuffed animals placed conspicuiously amongst building debris, Photographers taking photos from in the line of fire, Or from out in the open while the soldiers are taking cover.

Now alot off these photos and video clips are provided by local photographers or in the case of the Mid East guided by Hezballa minders.

It's getting to be that the MSM has cried wolf one to many times and their credibility is not much better than the Enquirer if not worse because we all know the enquirer and such are hoaxes and they don't try and pawn it of as anything but. But the MSM contends that their coverage is unbiased and true. Nothing could be further from the truth more often than not they are staged photo ops or out right misrepresentations of what the photo actually portrays all in the name of sensationalism and the almighty scoop ratings and ultimately buck.

The next time you see soldiers firing from cover consider where the photographer is standing and taking his shot from.

At least radio doesn't have to rely on sensational photo ops to get their point across and must tell the story as it is. Albeit their stories are supplied by the photo op tabloids.

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Canada engaged in colonial intervention in Afghanistan

Very scathing article on Canada's involvement in Afghanistan by the World Socialist Web Site. The thing is alot of what they talk about here in this article rings true. The media stipulations, the incident where a Afghan civilian was killed when crashing a check point ( The details on the aid offered are a bit sketchy and contradictory to other media coverage) The prisoner turnover to either the US or Afghanistan. Whether this is a truthfull article or spin I'm really undecided on but it is enough to make you think.

Now war isn't pretty no matter how you spin it and mistakes or errors can be deadly in the case of the calling air support but we need to be able to maintain the high ground if we want to maintain at least a perception of being there in the best interests of the Afghan people.

All the more reason to train and supply the Afghan Police and Army so they can spear head the mission with our support and backing.

I don't know who this WSWS is or what their agenda is but they do reference other media outlets mainly the french media. If this is what they are seeing in Quebec make no wonder Quebec is so opposed to the Afghan mission.

Don't confuse support for the mission with support for the troops either like some would have you do.

Here are a few excerpts but I recommend reading the entire article.
Embedded journalists must promise not to report on a long list of “non-releasable information,” including the rules of engagement that specify when CAF soldiers are authorized to fire their weapons. Journalists also face expulsion from their host military base if they spend “an inordinate amount of time” covering nonmilitary activities, such as the plight of the Afghan people, including the conditions in the schools and hospitals and the supply of electricity and drinking water. Nor can their articles be published without their first being vetted by CAF officers at the base.

Journalists are thus subject to immense pressure not to publish certain facts and photos. In the middle of May, for instance, the Canadian Press (CP) news agency reported that the military brass had pressed a photographer to suppress photos of the most significant group of Taliban supporters captured by Canadian soldiers to date.

Nevertheless, information is coming to light that shatters the claims of the CAF and the corporate media that Canadian troops are engaged in “muscular humanitarianism,” are in Afghanistan “to help the Afghan people,” and that the Canadian military presence and the Karzai government are supported by all but a few fanatical Islamicist terrorists.

Although the media was quick to dismiss the May 21-22 US bombing of the village of Azizi as “collateral damage,” even the Karzai government was forced to condemn the killing of several dozen civilians—an action undertaken after Canadian troops called for air support.

Canada, the Geneva Conventions, and war crimes
But at the end of May, Lieutenant-General Michel Gauthier, the highest commanding officer of the Canadian expeditionary force in Afghanistan, backed away from Ottawa’s previous claims that Canadian forces in Afghanistan are respecting the Geneva Conventions, adopting instead a position similar to that of the US.

Gauthier asserted that the Geneva Conventions do not apply in Afghanistan and that prisoners taken by the CAF will not have to be brought before a tribunal to determine whether or not they are prisoners of war according to the conventions.

The Geneva Conventions will not apply to prisoners taken by the Canadian military, Gauthier said, since “The regulations ... apply in an armed conflict between states, and what’s happening in Afghanistan is not an armed conflict between states. And therefore there is no basis for making a determination of individuals being prisoners of war.”

This position was subsequently defended by Canada’s Minister of Defence, Gordon O’Connor, and minister of foreign affairs, Peter MacKay.

The claim that the Geneva Conventions apply only “in an armed conflict between states” is false. According to a legal opinion written by Professor Michael Byers, an expert in international law, “Common Article 3, which is found in all four of the 1949 Geneva Conventions, applies to non-international (i.e., internal) conflicts of precisely the kind that now exists in Afghanistan.” “Common Article 3,” he continues, “protects ‘persons taking no active part in the hostilities, including members of armed forces who have laid down their arms,’ and therefore any detainees captured by Canada.”

“Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan to kill”
A recent article in the Montreal daily La Presse, titled “Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan to kill,” was largely based on a France 2 television network broadcast.

According to the La Presse article, the France 2 report showed Canadian soldiers boasting that they are in the south of Afghanistan in order to find and kill Taliban—the name given all opposed to NATO’s occupation of Afghanistan and the puppet regime of Karzai to many ordinary villagers who get killed in US and NATO counterinsurgency operations. A CAF soldier explains that the Canadian military hadn’t previously looked for combat, but that it now does, in order to kill the “enemy” and ensure “security.”

The France 2 broadcast offers a glimpse of the immense opposition that the NATO intervention has met within the Afghan population. Canadian soldiers are shown kicking in a door in order to abuse an elderly person and some women. After having insulted an old man, a soldier proceeds to threaten him with bombings and mass shootings if he does not provide information about alleged hidden Taliban supporters.

Another scene shows a soldier in the process of threatening the inhabitants of a village if they do not cooperate with him. When the soldier waves a wad of cash under their noses one man responds with a declaration that the money is unwanted and the Afghans will protect their country with all their might.


Pretty good write up on Hebron situation.

Images captured from UCalgary report on Hebron Ben-Nevis.

New Shrimp trawl reduces unwanted indescriminant by-catch by as much as 70%

Shrimp lovers can tuck into their favourite food with a less guilty conscience courtesy of a pioneering project that is reducing the environmental damage from shrimp trawling.

The project, funded by the multi-billion dollar Global Environment Facility (GEF), has dramatically cut the unwanted catch of young fish, turtles and other ‘by-catch’ by as much as 30 to 70 percent in some countries.

Shrimp fishermen, participating in the project, are also benefiting from the innovative initiative. In Mexico, one of the 12 countries involved, the deployment of environmentally friendly trawls allied to improved fishing methods has cut fuel costs on trawlers.

Significant successes are also being registered in Colombia and the Philippines. In almost all participating countries, sea trials have been conducted with improved trawls.

Economic benefits are emerging in other ways. Trawl nets now contain less unwanted, non-target fish, and other marine organisms--this is making it easier and quicker for fishermen to process the shrimp and thus leads to savings in terms of time and money and improved quality of the catch.

Update: NL govt PR on new shrimp trawl. I'm assuming it is one and the same.

I miss Fred from CBS

Was just doing some off the cuff search's off whatever pop'ed into my head and I ended up at a thread over at Fair Deal for Newfoundland Labrador. A thread called WJM and Ed Hollet in which Ed and Wally were offered an opportunity to write a submission for the site.

What really struck me is that the arguements haven't changed but I must say Mr Fred Harris made some wonderful contributions to the thread. Here is just one example.

Bottomline - I want Canada working to satisfy all Canadians and not just the mega-cities.

We should be able to vote anywhere we currently live or have lived for over 7 years in Canada; if we are living in Canada. The Census should identify these choices. Our federal voting numbers and the number of members of parliament should be determined thus and provide for a repatriation of the vote to any riding we so choose/qualify. This announcement to Canada (& primarily to big business) is the announcement as to where we want revitalization as a country. Where we want to thrive and promote our quality of life. The fact that specific areas lose the votes of their people because they are forced to seek employment out of their own ridings, only serves to weaken the provinces who are “have-not”. We will never have the support of the numbers of politicians because the electorate has moved away in hopes of providing for their families wherever they can.

I don’t have all the answers but I think this would be a good start.

Fred from CBS
Comment by Fred Harris — 2/7/2005 @ 1:06 am

I must say I am in ageement with Fred that I think NL and Canada would be all the worse if we separated. But at the same time if Canada doesn't address the inequalities and centrist policies NL will have no choice but to go it alone.

Fred Harris has been away "Harassing My Elderly Disabled Parents! CYA Soon!" as per his last post on his blog

Browsing tips

Here are a couple of short cuts I use for browsing the internet.

To open a link in a new browser window hold down on the shift key and click the link the link will open in a new window.

If you type the name of a site into the browser address window and hit ctrl enter the browser will automatically fill in the http://www_____ .com
So if I type Google into my browser address bar and hit ctrl enter it will automatically go to

Alt F4 will close the current window. If you still use explorer and have trouble closing some of those nasty popup windows this works.

Firefox is also by far the best browser available for blocking popups and spyware IMHO. Apple, macintosh and linux being the exceptions to the rule.

I hope these small suggestions improves your browsing experience.

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Video of a trip down IED alley.

After watching this video of a trip down IED alley it isn't hard to understand why we are getting hit with Suicide bombers and the like.

I think I woulda shot buddy with the camera at least three times in this video from the back of that HummVeee.

Nobody woulda passed and all oncoming traffic should have to pull over to the side of the road. The same courtesy as is paid for emergency vehicles. I know they probably don't do that over there at least not until we inform them that if they want us to stay and help rebuild their country it is the new norm, and if they don't suffer the consequences. A fair compromise IMHO for peace and security in their country.

Drive down the middle of the road. Get the word out were playing hard ball and the people should understand why or were outta here.

He also does a narrative of the trip well worth the read.

Sad state of affairs.

Afghanistan Mission Impossible

It is with a heavy heavy heart that I write this blog.

Another five citizens of the Earth have become Martyrs in the pursuit of peace as the Muslim world would refer to them.

Martyred in combat action to further peace in the world.
Cpl. Christopher Jonathan Reid,
Sgt. Vaughn Ingram,
Cpl. Bryce Jeffrey Keller
and Pte. Kevin Dallaire

Master Cpl. Raymond Arndt Martyred in a Vehicle accident

Then there is the other side of the coin of the Martyred Taliban, Al Quada and innocent or implicit civilians. Silence is acceptance in most quarters. So the people of Afghan by not ousting these insurgents, terrorists, suicide bombers, local guerrila factions, war lords, drug and organized crime groups IMHO are as much complicit with these deaths as the people pulling the trigger or pushing the IED or suicide bomb buttom.

If the majority of Afghanis truely wanted peace and freedom without these interlopers either Muslim or Christian zionists then they are the ones who need to lead the charge not just with force but more importantly with information and public involvement.

We will never as a outside force bring about peace or change in Afghan or any country for that matter because peace has to come from within sure we may be the catalyist or the aid and support which allows the local population to achieve this but foreign powers alone cannot and will not ever bring about peace and the rule of law without the implicit participation and eventual take over of the local authorities.

IMHO if Afghan truely wants to bring itself from underneath the anarchy and control of outside interests the people of Afghan have to step up. The best thing we could do would be to train and equip their local police and army to deal with their own problems. While providing the environment for this to happen.

The swatting at flies analogy used by one of our military leaders in Afghan is right on the money. We just don't have enough boots on the ground neither ours nor ours combined with the Afghan Police and Army. News orgs say we have 2300 troops and Britain has 3000 but the reality is we have something like 600 front line troops Britain has 700 front line troops and these troop are backed up by artillery and air support. So if you were to extrapolate from the overall number of 18,000 with this sort of ratio that would mean there are something like 5000 front line troops in afghan. Now take out those on leave or being rotated in and out of duty throw in ground time maintenance time etc etc we are woefully undermanned for the task at hand. Hence the analogy Swatting at flies.

Really it doesn't matter how many of our own troops we throw at this mission it won't solve the problem on the ground. Our troops and resources would be much better utilized in a support ,training, and border security role. Leave the actual front line combat and establishment of rule of law to the WELL trained WELL equiped afghan police and army forces with our support and backing.

We are going about this all wrong trying to impose our will on another country. Make no mistake that is what it is being portrayed as in the local area.

Afghan needs to be made an island. The borders need to be closed off and martial law implemented. All of the border crossings need to be manned by a combination of the bordering country Afghan and coalition forces. A UN buffer zone if you will as is generally the case on UN missions. Now a plan like this would require alot more resources than are presently being utilized along with alot alot more command and control. But these bordering countries are supposedly peaceful rule of law nations and should be expected to aid in such an initiative for the betterment of the region into the future.

Now once the borders are under control to revert back to the analogy of swatting flies the flies are contained. Not only have the flies been contained but the source of the flies along with the source of the flies ammo and funding as well. Because if guns, ammo, insurgents, opium, funding and the like can't get in or out it becomes up to the people to take control of their own affairs. There is noone else to blame noone else to fear other than their own rogue elements.

This is more about bringing about an environment where by afghans can take control than actually taking control and handing it to them. The latter will never work because there is no feeling of ownership and accomplishment that goes along with the trials and tribulations that are required to affect change. It is like the spoiled kid who has never had to work for anything it was always handed to him he never respects his belongings because he doesn't know about the hard work that went into attaining them.

Here is the present plan.[,0.doc]

Yes I support the troops. That is not what is at question here and for people to cry support our troops is no more than sticking your head up your ass. Our troops have no choice they go where we push them like a stiff prick. They will do the best they can and have faith in their populace that they will have not sent them on a suicide mission even a suicide mission can be argued if it is for the good and not just as a result of poor planning and preparation. But to send them on a suicide mission knowing full well that it is a futile effort is just wrong.

For them once on the ground it becomes a matter of self preservation while trying to accomplish their mission.

No I don't support the mission anymore now that I see what is happening and how they are going about it. I would have to say it has become Mission Impossible and needs to be either abandoned or totally revamped and supported so that it becomes Mission Possible with clear requirements timelines and support. You don't go into a war especially a propaganda guerrila war with wishy wash goals and plans and expect to walk away unscathed.

Here are a few Articles why our present strategy will not work.

Everything I have on Afghan good bad and indifferent.,rall,30661,1.html,rall,30466,1.html,,1826479,00.html[,0.doc]

Our present form of rotation is also a weak point that the forces who wish to see Afghan return to it's former unlawful self are taking advantage of.

There is a form of picket that we used to do where by the shift was two hours with two men but their rotation times were offset so that the two guys only spent one hour together during the shift. This had two pluses IMHO there was always some continuity what with the over lap from one two hour shift to the next and the fact that conversation and fatigue was always circumvented by the offsetting of the shifts.

Now because we do rotations of Regiments, battalions as a group this would be somewhat more difficult to accomplish and maintain a cohesive unit. I know it has taken place on smaller scales where by a regiment is in charge of rotations for a mission for a year so troops sections are swapped in and out from the same regiment.

If something like this could be done it would also allow for a less steep learning curve of the terrain logistics and overall effort.
It would also ease up on the differing emotional highs and lows in relation to short timers and newcomers one being reluctant to put up a good offence due to their proximity to a rotation and the newcomers relative inexperience in theatre as well as climatization.

Even if the different countries rotated at different times it would eliminate some of the weak points of our mission on the ground.

This type of offset rotation could even be implemented from the get go by utilizing the set up crew as an offsetting number to the deployment.

The original Mefloquin Wacky wednesdays was circumvented by just such an initiative as this. Instead of everybody taking their mefloquin on Wednesday Coined Wacky wednesday due to the side effects it had on some people. A new policy was adopted where-by you took your mefloquin on the day you arrived throughout your tour. So only 1 in 7 was wacky every day of the week :)

By offsetting rotations it would also make it less apparent to the local populace that we are there only as a job and for a 6 month tour. This is something that the People in the former yugo slavia took notice of. I think they expected us to stay there until everything was fixed. Once they realized we were only there for a designated term to be replaced by another set of peace keepers it somehow made the populace feel less secure with less faith in our intentions. Just an observation. They were always asking whose side you supported or tried to sway your views so as to garner your support for their cause as opposed to the other sides cause. I don't think they ever got it that we were neutral. I guess not unlike embedded reporters it is hard not to show or pick up some feelings of support for one side over the other when you spend 6 months living amongst them. But then again we got to see the destruction on both sides.

Even if one side was more destroyed than the other I know i never felt any more compassion for one side over the other. The conflict in principle was wrong and needed to end.

2.25 Billion in Profits for Hydro-Québec

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Innu Nation President Ben Michel passes at age 53

Known affectionately to his many friends and family as Kauitenitakusht

Pinute Michel, President of the Innu Nation, son of Shimun Michel and Mani-An Michel of Sheshatshiu, Nitassinan (Labrador). Pinute is survived by his wife, Janet, children, James, Yvette, Annette, and Megan, and grandchildren.

Born June 28th, 1954, deceased in Mani-Utenam, August 1st, 2006

Innu Nation President Ben Michel is being remembered for his work to secure a better future for the Innu people and all residents of Labrador. Michel died suddenly on Tuesday at the age of 53. Rest of the story at VOCM.

This truely is a sad day for Newfoundland Labrador. To my knowledge Ben Michel has done a wonderfull job representing his constituents. Putting aside some of the recent controversy.

53 is a very young age to be dying of a heart attack. I wonder was it brought on by stress and over work? I also wonder do our political leaders get training in how to cope with stress and hugh work loads.

Stress and large work loads are things that you can be taught to deal with. Like parenting our political leaders are thrown into the breach and expected to muddle their way through.

I think we would all be better off if our public representatives were given training in methods and strategies in how to deal with stress and over work.

I know that federal civil servants are all being sent to Ottawa for assimilation training.

Is there anything comparabe for our provincial leaders?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Not just any toy

Canadian Army has purchased several Mini UAV's Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for use in Afghanistan.

The Press Releases say they are the Skylark II. I couldn't find a photo of that particular one, this is a photo from the manufactures web site of the Skylark IV.

I'll be very curious to see some of the after action reports back from their use. I hope they will enable our troops to accomplish their mission with increased security.
I am kinda curious why a canadian version wasn't purchased though, probably none available.

I recently read where a canadian R/C airplane won a contest for crop surveying. While it isn't specifically designed for military use like the Skylark the technology would seem to be there. Sorry couldn't find any links to that story.

This one does seem to be very capable though they even have a small gyro for stability built in. I'm sure that will be appreciated in the unpredictable winds of the Afghan mountains. As well it will compensate for the steep learning curve of flying a R/C model airplane hopefully. The electric motor will also be a bonus whisper quiet and if it is one of those newer ones very efficient on the energy use. With a range of 70 KM's i'm guessing it does. Too bad they didn't incorporate solar panels it would have an unlimited range as long as the receiver and sender unit could stay in contact.
Elbit has developed the Skylark miniature UAVs, a manpacked system designed for tactical close-range surveillance and reconnaissance missions, artillery fire adjustments as well as force protection and perimeter security.

The mini UAV is quickly assembled before the mission and is launched by hand. Recovery is performed by a deep stall maneuver, which lands the vehicle safely on a small inflatable cushion, at a pre-designated point. the cushion is designed to protect the payload on landing. The entire mission is flown autonomously, feeding real-time continuous video and telemetry data to the portable ruggedized ground station. Its wings and tail surfaces are constructed of a lightweight composites, the fuselage tubular boom is also made of composites. The avionics and payload systems are contained in a pod carried below the boom. The gimbaled payload utilizes a daylight CCD or an optional FLIR for night operation, which can be rotated by four gimbals. In February 2004 Elbit won an IDF Ground Forces Command contract to supply the Skylark for evaluation and testing as an organic UAV system, to be operated by infantry units. Skylark has since entered operational service with selected IDF units, used for operational testing and doctrine development and evaluation.

Skylark IV uses a miniature gyro stabilized payload weighing only 500gr. The payload was developed by Elbit Systems specifically for MAV applications. It consists of a daylight color CCD. When fitted with night-camera, the payload's weight doubles to one kilogram. Payload-vehicle integration enables simple and intuitive operation in holding position, as the payload "looks" at a designated point while the UAV circles above to maintain a continuous cover, and camera guide, where the user designates a target or rout to be followed by the payload and aircraft. Image obtained by the camera are overlaid on the integrated map situational display.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Where is the MSM?

It would seem they are fearing for their lives in our own country. But as you can see this video shows a blogger asking the tough questions and getting assaulted because of it with still no answers.

Another video of Kartousha rockets being fired from behind a three story building. Probably apartment bldg knowing the Hizballa's compassion for it's fellow citizens.
Very graphic not for the faint of heart.
PallyWood from second draft
Debunking Palistinian staged propaganda Hezbollywood.
A Picture can not lie?
Rocket launches
Green Helmet man exposed as propagandist.
Flat Fatima
Biased BBC

National East to West power grid

A national East to West Power grid has to be one of the most logical initiaties our country will ever undertake IMHO.

Think about it the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. SO if we had a real National East to West power grid the peaks and lows of each area depending on the locals draw could be shared cascaded across the country.

OK so just to put it into perspective lets say the peak hours for power are from 9pm local time. So when Ontario is at it's peak 9pm local EST Newfoundland will be at a low in it's consumption rate with the time being 10:30pm and BC will also be at a low in it's consumption with the local time being 6 pm. The same scenario would be true for any peak power times morning noon and night.

An added bonus to a National power corridor would be the input into the national power grid from solar and wind generation being able to be shared in parts of the country that may be in darkness from parts of the country that are still under the sun as well as wind generation because the wind doesn't blow all the time in all places unlike NL. In fact wind is also closely tied into the day night cycle because of the earths heating and cooling affects on wind patterns.

Our Premier is petitioning the other Premiers to have this initiate move forward.
Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams says he will push the idea of an east-to-west national energy grid with other premiers over the next year.

Williams, the new chair of the Council of the Federation's energy committee, said premiers plan to develop an energy strategy over the next 12 months.

The document is expected to address high energy prices, climate change and energy demands.

Williams said an east-to-west national grid will also be high on the agenda.

Currently, hydroelectricity can only be sold on a north-to-south grid through available transmission lines.

"Energy is probably one of the single most important issues in the country," Williams said Friday.

"One of the items is the east-west grid … from our perspective as an energy producer that is extremely important to us."

One of the energy committee's first tasks will be developing an energy map, showing an inventory of energy assets in Canada.


Are blasting mats used for offshore oil seismic exploration?

Here is a chart of all of the Seismic actiity done on the continental shelf over the past few years.

I was amazed at the amount. Now I don't know anything about underwater oil exploration but I am familiar with explosives, not so much so under water but the properties are the same just the environment is different. That is to say explosives utilized under water have much more impact than when used in open air because the shock wave is so much more contained. In fact underwater explosions have a double impact kinda like the effect of lightning. When the air is forced out of the area where the lightning passes and then the air rushes back in to cause the thunder clap from the air filling the void.

Enough back ground I need some answers. What I was wondering is during all of this seismic (another way of saying controled explosions to send out shock waves so the returning waves can be measure to determine the density of the earth crust, layers and mantle to see if the geology is conducive to oil deposits) testing was any form of blasting mat used to help mitigate the effect explosions were having on the natural fish habitat? Or for that matter was it even necessary due to the size of the explosive charge being used? I imagine if the charge was only in the 1 lb range it wouldn't necesarily be needed because the shock wave shouldn't have an effect on much more than a 100 metres in circumference (speculating here).

This also is subjective to the amount of testing and frequency. If a charge is let of every 100 metres then some form of blasting mat should have to be used to mitigate the effects on the environment and species in the area.

Explosives have an increased effect 10 fold in underwater usage?

Even if they used shaped directional charges it would limit somewhat the effects on the fish habitat or the charges were somehow buried under the sea bed so as to lessen the effect on the surrounding water.

Then there is the ensuing massive silt cloud which when carried by currents and tides could spread over I fear to guess 100's of kilometres. If this takes place during spawning time it could kill off hundreds of thousands of prospective fish from being hatched due to the smothering effects of the settling silt. Not unlike what is now highly illegal in construction near or around spawning brooks and rivers. To my knowledge I have never heard of any time frame which is blocked out as off limits because it is a spawning time to protect the breeding habitat.

Sorry I have more questions than answers but they needed to be asked when you consider the state of our continental shelf and fishing industry.

Map of wells drilled.

Map and chart come from the CNLOPB web site.

Here is a web site which explains the effects of underwater explosions through diagrams. Very simplistic military application used as modeling.

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