Sunday, October 08, 2006


Happy Turkey Day

I will be watching to see if my favorite Mr Bean episode is on tonight.

I forget if there was a turkey IMP (Individual Meal Pack) ? If there was it couldn;' have been to good or too bad for me not to remember.
I will say the salmon IMP was very nice, quite remarkable when you consider it can be stored for 5 years or so. Thay say there is no MSG in the IMP's but I highly doubt that with a shelf life of 5 years.
MMM track pads.

I hope Our troops have a good thanks giving and I will be sure to include them in my grace and thanks around the dinner table.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


canada UN like other responsible nations

This is a map of known deep sea coral formations. My guess is that the reason there isn't a marker on the grand banks is because it has been destroyed already. Ask any deep Sea Bottom Dragger fisherman and he will tell yopu about the coral he has hauled out of his nets and throw overboard to die on the Grand Banks.

It is just amazing how ignorant, lazy, in govt's back pocket, or just plain stupid the MSM can be.
Take for example this quote in all of the MSM outlets. (Regurgetated propaganda) Now this is all about context. If you read the articles you will notice how they don't list the so called (IR) responsible nations? But rather they list the Responsible Nations who are calling for a ban on the destructive practice of bottom trawling. So unless you pay attention you would think that Canada/Ontario (Party Line) is apart of the list of countries that have signed onto the ban instead, Canada is actually one of the irresponsible countries who don't support the ban on Bottom Dragging who don't get listed.
You don't here the so called responsible naions shouting about their stance other than Canada who wants to continue with the status Quo and ensure their ace in the hole doesn't get revealed for what it is Colonialism.

"Canada, like many other respon-sible fishing nations, does not see (a moratorium) as the way forward," Hearn said in a two-page statement. "Real solutions must be practical, enforceable and fair."

The Quote should read

"Canada, (UN) like many other respon-sible fishing nations, does not see (a moratorium) as the way forward," Hearn said in a two-page statement. "Real solutions must be practical, enforceable and fair."
Why won't canada sign onto this call for a ban on Deap sea Bottom Dragging? You would think that the nation that has 40% of it's continental shelf outside the Arbitrary 200 mile EEZ, Where 60% of the WORLDS bottom dragging takes place would be the first to sign onto this ban.

Now why you might ask, well it comes down to trade and trade tarrif concessions.

A prime example would be the Tubot wars when Canada confiscated a spanish dragger for using to small net mesh and other infractions. But once Spain threatened to cancel any and all contracts with Bombardier the Turbot war died faster than it started.

Toe the Party line which is drawn by the Majority of MP's from Ontario. (Hearn's Toes must be glued to that party line of Ontario, and he is too stupid to see it, and deathly afraid of stepping over it) Even the opposition know that their party line and by sheer numbers Ontario's Line is to continue to prosecute the 40% of our continental shelf which lies outside the 200 mile limit as their personal bargaining chip.

The system is flawed and needs to be exposed for what it is a colonialist/federation with Ontario as the centre of the empire and the rest of us are just being used for it's benefit because of our flawed centrist political system with the only equality amongst the partners of this federation being to get out.

Draw up our new terms of union and demand they be met or we will leave that simple. canada isn't a country as such it is a partnership of individual countries who have the option of leaving at any time they want.

Call for a renegotiation of the terms of union that meet our demands or a referendum to go and become masters of our own destiny.

New terms should include
Triple e senate,
One bilingual Supreme Court of Canada judge from every province and territory to represent the provinces morals and ethics and not just Toronto's and Montreals,
Ownership of the entire continental shelf, Where by any fish or benefit from the continental shelf within our area is given directly to NL kinda along the lines of stumpage fees,
School systems must meet the minimum requirements of all federal jobs when it comes to bilingualism.
Remove non-Renewable resource revenues from the claw back of D-Equalization
100% ownership of the continental shelf and the oil and gas there
tax points should be included in the claw back of the D-Equalization formula, Why should Ontario get a free pass.
Federal Presence/ Decision making and top management positions.
Manned military base or bases
National East West Power corridor

Hold a reverse referendum if the parties won't call for one, by not supporting the systemically flawed political system we have through NOT Voting..

As a start

Friday, October 06, 2006


VOCM Voice of the Common Man

Thank you Bill, Randy, Linda, Cheryl, Randy 2 sorry forget he other ones. Oh and of course steel communication.

I promise to be your pavlov dog from here on in . Support comes in many forms .

It seems we are all ok in speaking on VOCM talk shows call in shows but when it comes to getting together and making a difference we lapse in fact we don't even exist no one knows who we are, where we are, or what our concerns are we have become so marginalized we are the invisible province.

I fear that is what the long term future of our people, culture, and collective because without a collective will, knowledge, and understanding being we are out there alone and being alone is a sad sad feeling what do you think Israel's beef and feeling of being without a homeland or place of refug,and home is all about.

We will be forever wandering the streets of eternity. There is always the hope that what there is of us now, will one day meet and be together once again in heaven or shang ralla where ever, even in the same grave yard would be a comfort. In life if not in death.

I for one don't have any idea where i would like to be buried let alone would want to be buried.

My wife is from BC I'm from NL I've lived almost everywhere in Canada and worked throughout the world..

I recently even began thinking that if i were still serving and on tour in some god foresaken part of the world that I would be happy to be poor in my country that I would feel good being buried here in this oplace no one has ever heard of let alone gave a dam about but my country as a people have seen fit to allow me to represent their collective interests by hmmm spreading our style society (culture) god forbid democracy..

In order to be a good soldier you need to realize that there is nothing to fear but fear itself prefect: well trained experienced conditioned and informed.

Anyway I would feel honored to be alloewed to rest in the place I made the ultimate sacrifice for humanity and my fellow bretheren soldiers and citizens.

We came across a grave of a canadian while I was serving in Ethiopia/Eritrea. He had served in WWI I think I didn't actually get to see the grave, wasn't my place nor where there tours being arranged. Likje that would even be contemplated. A crew was set up to go and maintain the grave as wel as document the canadian Expats details. There were also graveyards like you woul;d see in Europe while they might not have been as well maintained or set up as the ones in Europe they were there and in decent shape. We were there to do a job in fact we were there to do a very specific job, 3 month set up. first in.

You know in the former yugoslavia back when we were allowed to drink on tour I spent a fair bit of time in local bars drinking with local people freedom fighters to them all carrying ak's and pistols odd one with a grenade in their pocket you didn't see grenades as much ?

They often referred to Quebec situation in Cananda as being the same as the situation in their country which is now war torn.

I'll edit out he mispellings later hopefully. I can't start to see mistakes. I have enough illiteratcy as it is without compounding it with typos.

What came first the Logo or the Vidogo??!!

if i hadda seen the add first i would have liked it much better but i first heard of the logo in descriptive form then in pictoral form and finally i had to search the internet for the vid which i didn't even know existed at this time. Then I heard someone on vocm refer to the vid and I was intreagued. When Iactually took the time to search for find and download the The reason I say seached for and found it because unlike the puter literate masses per capita in NL puters aren't the end all to be all it isn't going to miraculosely make your life easier. It isn't going to cook or pick berries to exist but rather a puter is a tool a very diverse tool once you hook it to the internet AHHH god I'd die if I ever had to go back to dial up. It would be like going without running water tin comparison to advancements in our civilization.

I couldn't imagine using the internet on dial up nowwa days Years ago when I was on dial up and working from a 386 it was a pain and torment on a V90. With one join fronm teh puter to the pone lines. Not 3-4 extensions with 2 phone lines and 10 phones . I always amaxzed though that the same phone lines on DSL using digital technology encription I had to turn of pictures so I could searh then once I found what I was looking for I would turn picts back on.

I was looking a while ago for this option in the browser and I copuldn't actually find it. I don't know it was removed or it is buried further down or abstract place maybe even a name change ? I remember some of the name changes from one OS to the next and uggggh.
Then there is Linux
Actually linus could possible work beter for dial up because of the text based GUI. Well Naw if you don't know anything about computers which isd more than likely the case if dial up is all thats available.

Dial up is ok for email-without images. Like this video would be an overnight endeaveour. It isn't that the computers are slow it is the dial up that is old.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


"Goose Bay and other Boondoggles"

sue from sue's blog does a pretty good job of putting kenny and canada's Upalongs in their place.

You see Kenny can't see any other military purpose for having the coast of Canada protected by the province which is the east coast. KENNY GET OUT A MAP AND SEE WHAT IS BETWEEN THE ATLANTIC OCEAN AND YOU - US. PERHAPS YOU SHOULD RECALL 911 AND WHERE OTTAWA WANTED THE PLANES TO LAND SO WE DID NOT THREATEN OUR "IMPORTANT CITIES".

Read the entire blog here.

Where has the NL/Reid RailRoad, Newfie Bullet gone?

It isn't even alive as a model. At least not at the National Model Railroad Association Inc.
Maritime Division

The Maritime Division serves NMRA Members living in the Canadian provinces of
Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island.

As of this date, January 23, 2003, the Division is in-active.

If you would like information and assistance with regard to re-organizing the Maritime Division, please contact:

Kenneth May, NER President
71 Buff Cap Road
Tolland, CT 06084
(860) 872-3441
e-mail: e-mail to Ken

Return to NER Divisions page

Last revision: January 23, 2003

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Short term Pain for Long term Gain seems to be our Modus Operandi

Short term gain/Pain versus Long term Gain/Pain.

Confederation STG for LTP, Baby bonus STG loss of control and say in the running of our own affairs LTP.

High taxes STG for LTP, Hard to attract industry and people when we have the highest taxes in the country.

Borrowing to build and develop our own resources, STP for LTG. Side effect doesn't develop our economy fast because outside investors and capital are put off. Out side investments have to be tempered to benefit either our economy and or our people.

Jobs versus ownership, Increased revenue stake and capital, STG for LTP.
Hibernia we opted for the jobs versus the capital STG for LTP.

Moratorium on fishery STG For LTP, with nothing being done to address the root causes of the problems in the fishery like Bottom Dragging on the 40% of our continental shelf which lies outside the 200 mile EEZ. Indescriminant fishing practices which are allowed to continue to catch fish under moratorium through bycatch allowances.

RailRoad shut down STG for LTP,

Taking over the NL ferry system STG for LTP, 800 million against perpetuity.

Investing in Aquaculture with seed money, STP for LTG.

Investing seed money in Silvaculture STP for LTG.

Investing seed money in fur breeding industry, STP for LTG.

Allowing outside intersts to develop our wind resource, STG for LTP. No investment, no return but increased energy capacity.

Paying for EI as stamps I would have to classify as Short term gain for long term pain STG for LTP.
Alberta bought one way tickets for their Social assistance people to get them of their roles. They cut their services to the bone in order to get their debt under control. STP for LTG.
BC was so inundated with social assistance cases that they made formal complaints to Alberta about their strategy of dumping their social assistance cases onto them.

Upper Churchill was STP for LTG. 60 years pain
Voisey's Bay would be STP for LTG. 15 years pain

Lower churchill as a go it alone would be a STP for LTG. 9 billion to pay of not counting an infeed of 2.2 billion.

How would you rather live or die? From a single blow or from death by a thousand cuts? I say take the tough love stance now and ensure a better future instead of this death by a thousand cuts and prolong the inevitable.

HMM what way is the wind blowing

If there is anything I dispise it is inconsistancy. As I'm sure does the business sector. Go forward ok but retroactive or two different sets of rules doesn't make for a good business environment.

Hebron aside because that would purportedly be on a go forward basis if Fallow field Use it or lose legislation could be implimented.

In the military inconsistancy equates to
Indecision kills.

Now I've thought about the recent approval by the Williams govt of a wind project in St LAwrence as inconsistant on several levels.

First they wouldn't let the Labrador ventus Height of Land project go ahead because they wanted to complete their energy plan. Ok I bought that even though I suspected there were alterior motives what with the transmission line capacities and the effect it would have on the feasibility of the Lower Churchill project. even these alterior motives would have been to the benefit of All NL'ians in the long run I suspected.

Then there is the ownership stake of which we would have none in this proposed project. Ok inconsistant again but not the end of the world it is only a small project kinda like a feeler to build up some expertise without having to buy in. Also there is the issue of bird kills and noise pollution which will surely raise their ugly heads. So an arms length approach on this small project may not be such a bad idea. Votes being a concern with these issues.

But why the inconsistancy in wanting an ownership stake in the offshore oil and gas and go it alone on the lower churchill?

As for the arguement that we don't have the expertise well we could always bring in the necessary expertise. Who knows they experts might even decide to live here after the project is completed in hopes of the bigger and better Height of lands project in the future.

Is it because we don't have the money? Of course we don't have the money we are 12 billion in the hole and having a helluva time climbing out.

Then again we do have some expertise already in our province so why not utilize them and let them subcontract or hire the required experts.

I'm left doubting Danny's true intentions to benefit the people and province with these inconsistancies. Either he has done a very bad job of explaining himself or there is something afoot yet another give away albeit a small one but one all the same. Is this a foreshadowing of things to come like exporting all of the power from the Lower churchill to Ontario and Quebec? While the Voisey's bay nickle refinery will have to be put on hold due to a lack of cheap clean energy?

Short term gain for long term pain once again.

It seems we are forever doing things for the future. Short term pain for long term gain. If and when all of our ships do come in we will be sitting pretty but the future is a hard thing to predict as can be seen with the Upper Churchill, Voisey's Bay both contracts with the premise Short term Pain for long term Gain in mind.

Mind you Both terms are in and around the 50 year marks.

Ventus project.

Prov govt energy plan.

St Lawrence wind project.

My other posts along these lines.

The LOGO a beginning

I like a suggestion made by someone on VOCM tonight to make the color of the wording Newfoundland Labrador in the color of the northern lights.

Personally I don't think much of the stylized Picture plant. Looks more like something out of the war of the worlds movie, aliens than a picture plant and that is assuming you even know what a picture plant looks like. I think this can be corrected by making the petals look more like petals.

Now on the other hand establishing one LOGO to represent the province does have merrits 40 is just way to much and too confusing as well as cost prohibitive for any real advertising campaign so something needed to be done.

I must say I agree with omitting the and.

As for the commercial I think it may be a good start for selling the new logo to the people of NL but it doesn't do much for promoting NL as a place to do business. it is moe like a tourism commercial than a business commercial which would highlight why you should come here to do business.

More targeted campaigns utilizing the logo need to be developed to target that audience.

Now if we were to piggy back onto some other advertizeing campaigns like the Bonavista newfie accent campaign to take advantage of their 100 million dollar campaign then we would be getting some real bang for our buck. 1 million dollar logo campaign piggy backed onto their 100 million dollar campaign would go along way in promoting ourselves as a place to do business on the world stage.

(The recent approval of the St Lawrence wind project isn't very consistant with what was said to the Ventus group in Labrador. If there's anything business needs to do business it is consistancy. More on this later)

We can't be ashamed of our accent we ned to embrace our culture and differences to promote ourselves. We need to sell ourselves to the world.

Some of the things we could promote to the world and develop an image is our secure nature what with most of us being on an island. In this increasing world of insecurity and terrorism that would be an easy sell.
Peace and tranquility, Clean climate, Clean energy, Seclusion, People, Fishery, Oil gas, Family, Resources, Access to world through world class ports, Even Margarette Wente's comments Most scenic Ghetto in Canada could and should be spun to our benefit.

Even the Seal Hunt could be utilized to promote ourselves to the world as a place to do business. In fact there isn't much of the world who doesn't know where we are because of the seal hunt so why not take advantage of their publicity even if it is bad we can turn it into good or at the very least exposure.

I also like someones suggestion to have Danny be the front man kinda like Frank McKenna did for NB, in promoting NL as a place to invest and do business.

Poverty reduction Rant

The province has implemented a Poverty Reduction strategy and plan.

What is poverty?
Is it a lack of money?
Lower standard of living? In comparison to who?
No power or say into your own life and affairs?
Inequality with your peers?

Inequality is the very cousin of Poverty in Nature and scope.

Not Poverty elimination or erradication but reduction.
I guess we can't be accused of aiming to high.
Kinda reminds me of an old saying
Set low standards and fail to maintain them.

Now Poverty reduction in and off itself has to open a few eyes and hearts just by it's very nature POVERTY.

Then again aren't we living in Canada where poverty is a myth?

SO are we whining or crying foul as usual by trying to bring our people out from under the burden of poverty. Read some stats from some of the NL communities here.

Or if you have lots of time you could read the 2003 Royal commission on NL's place in Canada. It covers poverty quite well an enlighteningly.
Or my synopsis of Conclusions graphs and charts.

Could poverty be the cause of the increase in crime. The rise in NL Nationalism, The increase in singular civil disobedience and as precursor to mass civil disobedience.

As usual in Canada the symptoms are being ignored or measures are being taken to quieten the dissenting voices rather than dealing with the root cause of the problem.
Sponsorship ring any bells.

Yet Canada wants to include all of the revenues from our Non-Renewable Natural resources into the D-Equalization formula for the benefit of the rest of Canada and to the detriment of it's poorest province.
NL is compared to PEI for revenues etc when PEI is no bigger than the Avalon Peninsula by itself. In fact NL is 300% larger than all of the other three maritime provinces combined. If anything we should be compared with the territories due to our vastness, sparse population and difficulties with thransport and the delivery of essential services.
That doesn't even count in the continental shelf which surrounds us being the size of the three prairie proivinces combined.
Why isn't Ontario's tax point advantage being clawed back to keep them in line with the rest of the Canadian provinces through the D-equalization formula?

Ahh BC issues

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