Friday, October 06, 2006


What came first the Logo or the Vidogo??!!

if i hadda seen the add first i would have liked it much better but i first heard of the logo in descriptive form then in pictoral form and finally i had to search the internet for the vid which i didn't even know existed at this time. Then I heard someone on vocm refer to the vid and I was intreagued. When Iactually took the time to search for find and download the The reason I say seached for and found it because unlike the puter literate masses per capita in NL puters aren't the end all to be all it isn't going to miraculosely make your life easier. It isn't going to cook or pick berries to exist but rather a puter is a tool a very diverse tool once you hook it to the internet AHHH god I'd die if I ever had to go back to dial up. It would be like going without running water tin comparison to advancements in our civilization.

I couldn't imagine using the internet on dial up nowwa days Years ago when I was on dial up and working from a 386 it was a pain and torment on a V90. With one join fronm teh puter to the pone lines. Not 3-4 extensions with 2 phone lines and 10 phones . I always amaxzed though that the same phone lines on DSL using digital technology encription I had to turn of pictures so I could searh then once I found what I was looking for I would turn picts back on.

I was looking a while ago for this option in the browser and I copuldn't actually find it. I don't know it was removed or it is buried further down or abstract place maybe even a name change ? I remember some of the name changes from one OS to the next and uggggh.
Then there is Linux
Actually linus could possible work beter for dial up because of the text based GUI. Well Naw if you don't know anything about computers which isd more than likely the case if dial up is all thats available.

Dial up is ok for email-without images. Like this video would be an overnight endeaveour. It isn't that the computers are slow it is the dial up that is old.
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