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Artic Sovereignty time line of events and consequences

Monday, January 30, 2006


New Newfoundland and Labrador tourism exposee released

All I can say is wow!

This new ad campaign for NL tourism makes me want to explore NL some more there is so much to see. Unfortuneately I've been many places in Canada and the world but have hardly visited much of NL. For instance I have never been along the south shore never been to Labrador just to name a few places which I hope to some day explore.

I just hope that as apart of this new tourism initialtive they see the error in their ways of putting NFLD on one side of our map and Labrador on the other. I'm sittng here looking at a map of Labrador and if I want to look at NFLD I have to untack the map and flip it over. I would love to be able to look at my entire province without having to flip the map over.

Sunday, January 29, 2006


NDP still hold the balance of power

The NDP still hold the balance of power because if they unite with the CPC and only the CPC the Liberals will be forced to unite with the Bloc to make any non confidence vote work and in doing so shoot themselves in the foot.

Unless of course they plan on winning the next election with only Quebec and Ontario support assuming Ontario were opposed enough to the issue which was used to bring down the government and be damned with the rest of the country.

The reality is that this parliament is a
308 - 51 =257
1/2 of which is 128 seats to make a majority government not 155 like the MSM touts.

CPC 124 + NDP 29 = 153

Lib 103 + BLOC 51 = 154

Throw in the 1 independant from *QUEBEC* for good measure.

The Liberals will need to align themselves with a party (BLOC) who is bent on destroying this country as we know it to make this government fall if they know what is good for them they won't go down that road.

I predict a full 4 year term for this minority government Forgoing some really really idiotic moves by Prime Minister Harper. The really really contentious issues are going to be those with the interests of Quebec and Ontario at their core.

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Bilingual Triple E senate

How about a prerequisite for a Equal senate be that any senators be bilingual? This would appease Quebec who is sure to be a strong opposer to the triple E idea.
By making it a requirement that all senators be bilingual this would actually be better for Quebec than what they have right now as well as for bilingualism in Canada on the whole.

There could even be a clause where by if a senator is elected he has one year to take french training in order to sit in the senate.

Since we are supposed to be a bilingual country and most provinces have some comunities of french this shouldn't be to hard to achieve. And if it is the claus would allow for any anglophones or Fracophones to take the required language training.

Newfoundland and Labrador RAP with GAZEEBOW unit LOL

Fair warning keeping with the rap cultures afinity to swear Gazeebow unit from NL is no exception. But with their NL accents it really is fun to listen to!
I wonder what has taken so long for a NL rap group to become popular you would think that with our fast speak and slang we'd be naturals.
I'm only able to find dribs and drabs from googling and have yet to find a good composite of all their work or their web site that is to say if they have one?

Gazeebow Unit Diss by Compton and Juice
Compton and Juice Diss by Gazeebow Unit - (.aiff file, 44.4mb)

Tone down the House of Commons rhetoric

Bring your kid to parliament day.

Do a little coaching prior so as they don't look stupid on National TV and let them have a question period.

Hopefully they won't look like the regular kids that are in there normally.

I realize the parliament has alot of official business to complete in a short time so the timing would be an issue. Maybe the opening or closing day. Better still during one of the school holidays if at all possible so as MP's can bring their kids or grand kids.

Quick and easy Made in Canada solution to pollution

I've emailed this proposal to all of our political leaders with no response so I figured it was time to enlist some others to help put pressure on our politicians to affect change.

Dear Elected officials

I think we should take a page out of the European polution hand book. In Europe their regular gasoline has the same if not higher octane content as our Supreme gas. What this does is it takes less gas to travel further and puts less pollution into our atmosphere especially in and around our cities where smog has become a health risk due to the creation of micro climates and the density of pollutants being put into the atmosphere in such a small and confined area.

Now at first glance you might think that legislating the use of Supreme gas only will have a negative impact on our economy because of the higher cost of supreme gasolines. But I say the cost offset of no longer having to provide pumps tanks and infrastructure for Regular and mid grade gasolines would more than compensate for for the cost of the higher octane gasolines and they could be sold for the same price as regular gas is now sold. The higher milage from the higher octane gas would also more than help compensate for any higher cost if it actually does occur from such a measure.

By having only one high octane gas would also make it more economical for the smaller gas distributors thus promoting small business especially in our remote and rural areas where the olume of traffic and business doesn't warrant stocking more than one grade of gasoline.

This one simple step towards a made in Canada solution to pollution would immediately have a positive impact on reducing pollution and protecting the enviroment and curbing global warming without negatively impacting our economy.

This is a quick simple and easy solution to our growing pollution problem. Especially in our larger urban areas which have their own micro climates of smog and pollution due to the sheer number of polluters in such a small area.


mail to:
Harper.S@parl.gc.ca, pm@pm.gc.ca, laytoj@parl.gc.ca

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Short term solution to smog in our cities

Put snow guns on top of the high rises. The mist should collect the particulate and make it drop out of the air?

Added bonus could be to lower the soaring temperatures in the cities.

A day in the life of a Beothuk Movie idea

Excerpt from the Independant When Cultures collide.
Stealing Mary is scheduled to air on History Television this spring, and it’s currently making the film festival rounds (it first played the Women’s Film Festival in St. John’s, may show in Berlin, and already “was received well at a film festival in China”). He’d like to see it played in classrooms, certainly in Newfoundland.
Stealing Mary screens at Empire Theatres Avalon Mall, Feb. 1 at 7 p.m.


Border crossing alternatives

IMHO I think all border crossings should have some sort of road spikes or barricade to close of access.

There should also be observation windows or cameras to view under each and every vehicle.

All of these incidents as of late about our security really makes me wonder if we aren't being trifled with?
BC Border crashing.
US ambassadors claim that the north isn't canadian.

If I were a paranoid person and looked into the result wanted from such postering it would seem the US is giving Harper justification with the people to beef up our military and border crossings.

Don't get me wrong I think we need to do these things but I don't like being pressured into thinking we need them .

In Switzerland they have premade explosive holes in all of their bridges with the explosives siting close by for immediate access.
All of their tunnels and choke points have some sort of Barricade system ready to be put in place at a moments notice. I beam slots at the entrances to tunnels etc.
Every man and women serve some time in their militia.

You don't become and remain a NEUTRAL country without planning to stay that way.

origins of an impending crisis

origins of an impending crisis

Selected excerpts.


In 1958 Brinco established a federally incorporated subsidiary, the Hamilton Falls Power Company (HFPCo), which would be renamed CFLCo in 1965. At Brinco’s invitation, the Quebec-based Shawinigan Engineering Company took up a 20% interest in HFPCo with the right to maintain that ownership position if the corporation were to expand. Brinco retained the remaining 80%. Shawinigan’s expertise in hydro-electric development and its prior working relationship with Brinco were the bases for this partnership. The water rights to the Hamilton Falls were transferred from Brinco to HFPCo, and that corporate entity became the development mechanism.

Under the Canadian constitution, embodied at the time in the British North
America Act of 1867 and its subsequent amendments, provincial governments could not interfere with or impede another province’s trade.

New possibilities for a commercial agreement arose in September 1962. The federal
government announced in its Throne Speech that it would allow long-term contracts for the export of surplus power to expedite the development of major power projects in Canada.

At the time, some U.S. utilities, notably Consolidated Edison, were expressing interest in importing power. The prospects for building on the impetus provided by the new federal policy, however, became severely complicated following the December 29, 1962 announcement that the Quebec Morgan-Grenville’s n 4 otes; CFLCo archives. 5 This prospect was reinforced in April 1963; in a letter dated April 7, 1964 to Premier Lesage, Robert Winters, Greville Smith’s successor, recalled that “In April 1963 Hydro-Quebec expressed serious interest in obtaining power from the Hamilton Falls and indicated to us that the first generators would have to be in service by 1968.” Page 5 of 50 government would nationalize the privately owned portion of the electricity industry in that province. While non-electrical subsidiaries of these businesses were allowed to remain in private hands, the Quebec government insisted that Shawinigan Engineering transfer its 20% holding in HFPCo to Shawinigan Water and Power, its parent company and one slated for nationalization. Thus, nationalization would encompass those holdings in HFPCo. According to Fullerton (1982, p.46) it was Quebec Premier Jean Lesage himself that wanted this specific transaction carried out.

Winters’ second key task on taking charge of HFPCo was to facilitate a reconciliation of the two premiers. One of the sensitive issues was the Quebec take-over of Shawinigan Engineering’s 20% interest. This had greatly angered Smallwood and, to Winters’ thinking, introduced a conflict of interest. On the latter point, Winters recorded that, in a meeting with Jean-Claude Lessard on July 2, 1963,

.... I suggested to Mr. Lessard that he might wish to seek legal advice as to
whether or not there is likely to be a substantial conflict of interest with him
being at the same time a representative of the buyer and the seller of power.7

despite Winters’ concerns over conflict of interest, Hydro-Quebec got its seat on the HFPCo Board. Jean-Claude Lessard took the position on January 22, 1964.

On July 8, in the Quebec Legislature, Premier Lesage announced that it was impossible to arrive at an agreement at the time. Following this breakdown, HFPCo considered the options of either transmitting power through Quebec or via the so-called Anglo-Saxon route. Smallwood was in favour of the latter. That route involved transmission of electricity from Churchill Falls to the south coast of Labrador, connecting to the island of Newfoundland by subsea cables and continuing from there with more subsea cable links to Nova Scotia for integration with the Maritimes and New England electrical grids. HFPCo concluded that this was uneconomic; the U.S. price was likely to be about 5 mills but the cost of transmission through this lengthier route plus the cost of energy generation were very likely to exceed that amount.14 As for passing through Quebec, Premier Lesage made it clear that he would never agree to it.15

Lesage had made public statements that Quebec government approval of an agreement
between HFPCo and Hydro-Quebec would be dependent on a change in the boundary.

On June 7, Premier Smallwood wrote the Prime Minister confirming that an understanding
had been reached among Newfoundland, Quebec, HFPCo and Hydro-Quebec regarding
development of the Churchill Falls. His letter requested that, in order to allow the project to proceed without delay, the federal government eliminate the federal corporation tax on private producers and distributors of electricity. To meet this request, in July the federal government announced that rather than 50% of federal corporate tax from utilities being rebated to provincial governments, the Public Utilities Income Tax Transfer Act (PUITTA) would be amended so that 95% would be returned. Newfoundland could then, as agreed, turn over half of this enlarged
rebate to HFPCo, which would in turn pass it on to Hydro-Quebec through the price. In short, the federal government gave up revenue to the ultimate benefit of Hydro-Quebec.19

Ahh Now I see why Hydro Quebec gets a pass on the reenues generated from the Upper Churchill.

On February 14, the day after the Board meeting, talks with Hydro-Quebec took place.
At that meeting Hydro-Quebec informed CFLCo that it had not yet come to grips with the financial definitions and clauses and that it was preparing its own draft of the contract which it would submit to CFLCo. That Hydro-Quebec draft, dated February 18, 1968, was submitted to CFLCo’s McParland under a covering letter dated February 23 from Robert Boyd. That letter stated that this draft was to serve as a basis for further discussion. Ominously, it also warned CFLCo that more changes to the draft would be forthcoming from Hydro-Quebec.

A Do or Die Condition.

which is a clear and dramatic indication of his interpretation of Hydro-Quebec’s new position on renewal.

This demand was a complete departure from the renewal provisions in the Letter of Intent. It was on the basis of the Letter of Intent that CFLCo had launched its major construction program in order to meet Hydro-Quebec’s schedule for first power. Those efforts had practically exhausted CFLCo’s access to funds by the time this demand was advanced and, according to Manning’s characterization, was put forth as a “do-or-die condition.”

Man were we ever played.

Special by-law 13: Hydro-Quebec required that the CFLCo Board of Directors approve a
new by-law. By-Law 13 would require approval by those holding at least 75% of CFLCo
shares for certain decisions to be made. For instance, without 75% approval, under this by-law CFLCo could not engage in other projects, incur debt for purposes unrelated to the project and its operation, increase the authorized share capital, or amend or repeal the bylaw itself. With Hydro-Quebec to hold 25.7% before the end of the year, this would give it a veto over such matters.

Run an underwater transmission cable along the lower north shore in the water lol.

Respect your elders by jfeltham blog spot

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Election 2006 BLUE and red

We don't need electoral reform NOO!

The NDP has as apart of their platform to hold a referendum on Pro Rep and the CPC is toying with the idea.

We might actually see Pro Rep in this parliament?

See the full map and notes here.

Cudos to Small Dead Animals and Kate comments section for this link.

Voter Turn Out Side the Box

If voter turn out is to be increased something needs to be done. When only 64% of the population votes to form the government and only 36% of that decides who will form the government something is wrong IMHO.

So here are some of my suggestions to help curb this trend toward electoral reform and increasing voter turn out without making it law to have to vote.

Make fixed election dates either on November 11 or somewhere there abouts. What better way to remind people that the only reason they live in a democracy and have the right to vote is because of the sacrafices made by the brave men and women who sacraficed, fought and died for that freedom.

Make voting day a national holiday.

Make public transit free for election day. Maybe funded by the federal government.
This would promote public transit as well as increase voter turn out.

Implement Proportional Representation where every vote counts and strategic voting will become less of an issue.

Proportional Represntation would also eliminate our extremist governments and make every government a minority where coalitions must be made on differing issues.

Pro Rep would be good for the federation as a whole with less fringe groups like the Bloc being able to have a disproportionate number of seats regionally and better foster a federal government unlike our fractious first past the post system we have now.

Election results if Proportional Representation were used

Here is how our government would look if Proportional Representation were used according to Fair Vote Canada. They don't state which system of Pro Rep was used to come up with these numbers. I'm guessing but I think they just used National representation numbers to come up with these figures,



Conservatives - 36.3% of the popular vote: 113 seats (not 124)

Liberals - 30.1% of the popular vote: 93 seats (not 103)

NDP - 17.5% of the popular vote: 59 seats (not 29)

Bloc - 10.5% of the popular vote: 31 seats (not 51)

Greens - 4.5% of the popular vote: 12 seats (not 0)

However, Smith emphasized that speculation should be tempered.

“With a different voting system, people would have voted differently,” he said. “There would have been no need for strategic voting. We would likely have seen higher voter turnout. We would have had different candidates - more women, and more diversity of all kinds. We would have had more real choices.”

Visit Fair vote Canada site to read their arguement for Pro Rep and the effects of antiquated First Past the Post system we now have.

Alberta Newfoundland and Labrador Seasonal Workers solution

I can't take credit for this idea suggestion I heard it on VOCM one day some guy mentioned it.

Basically his premiss was NL'ians don't mind going away for 6 months of the year for work but basically they don't want to uproot and move to Alberta.

So what he proposed was for there to be some sort of plan or set up whereby tax breaks were given for people to go to Alberta and work for 6 months but still keep their houses and family in NL.

Some of the ways this could be encouraged and accomplished would be by
Organized Direct flights to Alberta.
Tax breaks along the lines of deemed resident like if you were to work outside of Canada.

Since most of the jobs in Alberta are seasonal, especially the drill work which is only done in the winter. Also alot of the jobs are done from work camps out in the boonies it really doesn't make much difference if you live in Alberta or NL since you will be away from home either way.

This would be a win win compromise. Since Alberta is in dire need of workers and NL'ians are in Dire need of work. But Alberta has a shortage of housing in and around the tar sands and the cost of living is quite high in and around the tar sands importing seasonal workers would seem to be a viable solution.
NL could implement specific trades training programs to better full fill the work requirement for Alberta. IE. Welding, Heavy equipment, Construction etc

I think there were some more but I can't remember what they were now.

Garbage can vote

My vote was a wasted vote at least on the local level. Well with the exception of giving the conservatives my 1.75$. My other consolation is that the federal party I voted for got in.

Now I personally am dead set against strategic voting and even more dead set against not voting at all. Worse case scenario spoil your ballot to send a message.

This is just one more reason for me to promote Proportional Representation and a change in our democratic process.

On the flip side the only people who would even thing about strategic voting are those who are informed. Since all of the parties are are basically Cats exception being the NDP and we are mice it really doesn't make all that much difference which party between the Libs and the CPC gets in we are still going to be mice and Ontario is going to be the Fat cat.

Anyway I found another pretty good write up on Proportional Representation albeit it is written by an American it is still quite informative and uses some examples of different scenarios and how they would work and affect our democracy.

Here are the links I have so far explaining Pro Rep.


Stop feeding Cows Cows!

With another MAD COW on the loose lock up your daughters!

When will we learn to stop feeding Herbivores meat?

For a country that produces most of the worlds wheat and grain I fail to see why we need to feed cows rendered cows?

Disingenuous Green strategy

I can honestly say from a Newfoundland and Labrador perspective I am glad the Greens didn't get a seat.

What their leader did by using NL's Seal Hunt as an issue to try and garner votes from the rest of uninformed canada at NL's expense was nothing less than disingenuous and I'm glad the rest of Canada saw through it and didn't reward him and his party with a seat. Thus effectively eliminating any chance of the Greens being involved in the debate in the next election.

Rural VS Urban Fear VS Hope

Just my thought's on why the CPC didn't pick up any seats in the urban ridings.

Urban ridings have a large proportion of immigrants. Immigrants from generally speaking who come from war torn or corrupt government and regime governed countries. As such these Immigrants have a fear of change in government. Never having lived in a true and fair democratic country they fear change and anything to do with the military or an increase in the military. On top of that these immigrants may not have a firm grasp of the english language especially the older ones so. So a message of fear is easier to get across than the intricacies of good governance policies.

I saw this when doing UN tours they even fear soldiers wearing the UN Blue. Maybe it was just the guns they feared but the fact remains they have this underlying fear of soldiers and anything to do with the military or increased policing because even the polie in these countries are corrupt and are an extension of the corrupt rulers.

I must say Prime Minister Harper did a wonderful job in his acceptance speech addressing these fears and highlighting his agenda for his time in office. I look forward to the coming years and the changes that PM Harper is about to implement.

Congratulations one and all who have so selflessly donated their time to public office! Whether they have won lost or had a draw they should be commended for their interest in their fellow man.

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Addendum to Cain's Quest 1200 km Ski-Doo Race

Just thought I'd add this link to an article about the upcoming Cain's Quest Ski-Doo race in Labrador.

Mouseland: As told by Tommy Douglas in 1944

Cudos to Verbena-19 blog spot for this.

Mouseland: As told by Tommy Douglas in 1944

This is the poignant little parable called "Mouseland", which was told by Tommy Douglas in 1944. For those readers who have never heard it, I have posted it here. It is well worth reading or, for some of you, re-reading. -- Annamarie


Tommy Douglas (1904 -1986) was one of Canada's best known New Democrats. He was a man of many talents and, being involved in politics since 1936, he is renowned for various reasons.

The "Mouseland" story is a small sample of the wit and humour many people knew him for. To see and listen to Tommy Douglas in person was a rare treat. Tommy was a most accomplished orator.

Some people saw Tommy Douglas as a true democratic socialist, someone who placed human rights and needs above the mere pursuit of profits and power. Such principles should be implemented at the wish of the majority of the people. A social minded government would plan the economy of the country to allow all people to share in the country's wealth and have equal access to such basic needs as health and education.

Others saw Tommy as a great politician whose natural speaking, story telling and debating abilities helped bring social change to the country. Tommy was first elected to the House of Commons in Ottawa in 1936. He later switched to provincial politics and it was during his years as Premier of Saskatchewan that Medicare was first introduced to North America. Prior to Medicare, health care services were only available to those who could pay the price.

When the C.C.F. (Co-operative Commonwealth Federation) was renamed the New Democratic Party in 1961, Tommy Douglas was chosen as the Leader of the New Party until he resigned in 1971.

Tommy Douglas relates his message of social democracy in such a fashion that any audience can understand even the most complicated issue and be well entertained at the same time.

To social minded people everywhere, Tommy Douglas remains a constant source of inspiration.


As told by Tommy Douglas in 1944

Mouseland (1962)
Click here to go to the site and listen to this story in Quick time - 4MB, 6 min.

It's the story of a place called Mouseland. Mouseland was a place where all the little mice lived and played, were born and died. And they lived much the same as you and I do.

They even had a Parliament. And every four years they had an election. Used to walk to the polls and cast their ballots. Some of them even got a ride to the polls. And got a ride for the next four years afterwards too. Just like you and me. And every time on election day all the little mice used to go to the ballot box and they used to elect a government. A government made up of big, fat, black cats.

Now if you think it strange that mice should elect a government made up of cats, you just look at the history of Canada for last 90 years and maybe you'll see that they weren't any stupider than we are.

Now I'm not saying anything against the cats. They were nice fellows. They conducted their government with dignity. They passed good laws--that is, laws that were good for cats. But the laws that were good for cats weren't very good for mice. One of the laws said that mouseholes had to be big enough so a cat could get his paw in. Another law said that mice could only travel at certain speeds--so that a cat could get his breakfast without too much effort.

All the laws were good laws. For cats. But, oh, they were hard on the mice. And life was getting harder and harder. And when the mice couldn't put up with it any more, they decided something had to be done about it. So they went en masse to the polls. They voted the black cats out. They put in the white cats.

Now the white cats had put up a terrific campaign. They said: "All that Mouseland needs is more vision." They said:"The trouble with Mouseland is those round mouseholes we got. If you put us in we'll establish square mouseholes." And they did. And the square mouseholes were twice as big as the round mouseholes, and now the cat could get both his paws in. And life was tougher than ever.

And when they couldn't take that anymore, they voted the white cats out and put the black ones in again. Then they went back to the white cats. Then to the black cats. They even tried half black cats and half white cats. And they called that coalition. They even got one government made up of cats with spots on them: they were cats that tried to make a noise like a mouse but ate like a cat.

You see, my friends, the trouble wasn't with the colour of the cat. The trouble was that they were cats. And because they were cats, they naturally looked after cats instead of mice.

Presently there came along one little mouse who had an idea. My friends, watch out for the little fellow with an idea. And he said to the other mice, "Look fellows, why do we keep on electing a government made up of cats? Why don't we elect a government made up of mice?" "Oh," they said, "he's a Bolshevik. Lock him up!" So they put him in jail.

But I want to remind you: that you can lock up a mouse or a man but you can't lock up an idea.

The Moral of the Story
"Mouseland" is a political fable, originally told by Clare Gillis, a friend of Tommy Douglas. Tommy has used this story many times to show in a humorous way how Canadians fail to recognize that neither the Liberals or Conservatives are truly interested in what matters to ordinary citizens; yet Canadians continue to vote for them.

The story cleverly deals with the false assumption by some people that CCF'ers (NDP'ers) are Communists. The ending shows Tommy Douglas has faith that someday socialism, which recognizes human rights and dignity, will win over capitalism and the mere pursuit of wealth and power.
Mouseland - Sask New Democrats

American inter-FEAR-rance/influence in election and Canadian politics?

I was loath to publish this piece before the election was over. But now with these newest incidents of challenges to Canadas soverignity by the US I'm really beginning to wonder if the US really isn't trying to influence our internal affairs?

Social policy by Conditioning and power of suggestion. If there was one thing I hated about Martin it was his disingenuousness by saying one thing but letting the complete opposite happen either by ignoring it or implementing policy so that he got what he wanted.
IE: War in Iraq while we didn't send troops to Iraq we did send ships to the gulf and troops to Afganistan.
BMD said he wouldn't support it but gave the Americans the data infop from NORAD so missiles tracked using NORAD could be shot down over Canada.
Privitize health care remoed so much money from it that it was broken and didn't do anything to stop the spread of privatization.

I just hope this series of coincidences and events to sway the public into siding with Harpers policies aren't contrived between Harper and Bush. It is one thing for Bush to try something like this but it is another thing all together for Harper to conspire with Bush to sway public opinion onto his side.

Maybe I'm being paranoid but there sure does seem to be alot of coincidences of US actions that would influence Canadians to want to militarize. The same as releases that would sway public opinion to accept his right wing views about social policies on Gays and Lesbians and Same sex marriage. While I personally am not in favor of SSM I do favor equal rights for Same Sex couples when it comes to taxes rights and benefits of Same Sex civil unions.

1930 US Invasion of Canada plan released?

Polygamy report leaked?

Sexually transmitted diseases on rise report?

US Submarine surfacing in Canada's artic?

American investigation into Income trust Leak?

American Ambassador to Canada comments on Martin comments US reticent nation and global conscience and Kyoto?

Murder convicts crashing BC border and being stopped 3 feet from peace arch?

US Ambassador claiming Canada doesn't own the North West passage in the high Artic?

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Gilles Du Separatist was/is a communist?

I guess since most of Canada doesn't get to vote for Gilles Du Separatist we don't pay as much attention to his bio etc. But you would think Buzz and Paul Martin would know these things. That is Gilles Du Separatist was a member of the communist party for three years "Later he spent three years in the Marxist-Leninist Communist Workers' Party; he has since called that membership a mistake, based on a youthful search for absolute answers."

Video clip here in french but Gilles Du Separatist is identified as being apart of the Communist party.

Now it isn't a crime to be a member of the separatist party but it does make one wonder who he will ally with if and ever he does manage to separate Quebec from Canada? Also who his supporters and money backers are?

Cudos to polyscopique.com/blog/

and This Canada

Cnews 218 reasons not to Vote Liberal

218 reasons not to vote for the Liberals

After 12 years, we at the Sun think it's self-evident that the Liberals have to go, and polls show most Canadians agree.

But just in case you're still not sure, we've compiled a list of the lowlights of Liberal rule since 1993.

There's plenty more where these came from, but we've narrowed it to 218 reasons not to vote Liberal. Take your pick: You really only need one.


1 Pre-election spending: $22.2 billion, according to Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

2 Pre-election tax relief: $30 billion -- about $323 per taxpayer; up from May budget total of only $16/year.

3 Attack ads. Smearing Stephen Harper. And our soldiers. Approved by Paul Martin himself. In Canada.

215 more here

Cudos to Canadian Sentinel for this one.

The Poll that never was?

If this poll had been released before the last set of debates it could have actually made people realize that the NDP could in fact form the official opposition.

Now on the last day of the election CBC has decided to not talk about or publish the polls?

After this poll was taken the pollsters decided to change the questions and the way the questions were asked in their polls.

Nodice a polling web page has disabled their page?

Hockey Day in Stephenville Newfoundland and Labrador

Discovered another NL paper. The Troubador published by the College of the North Atlantic.

Great Pic of our Premier playing a game of Pick up in Stephenville. For the Hockey day in Canada festivities.

I wonder was Gerry Reid on the official Opposition team?

Anyway this article is a brief explanation of the response to OUR PREMIERS list of issues affecting NL by the leaders of the federal parties.

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More Subliminal parodies

Thanks to North American Patriot and This Canada

Friday, January 20, 2006


Ed Broadbent gets final word!

Now I know why I always loved this guy. Boy did he ever get the final word and did he ever call a spade a spade.
The best part is he wasn't reading from a script it seemed to be of the cuff!

Ed Broadbent's last statement as an MP

Fri 20 Jan 2006 | Printer friendly

Good morning. I expect this will be my final press conference and I want to speak about the opportunity that Monday’s election presents to working people.

I’ve been in politics a long time. I entered in the election that elected Pierre Trudeau as Prime Minister. I worked with Mr. Trudeau on the Charter of Rights and I’m appalled at Paul Martin’s treatment of it as if it is a prop.

I know many long-time Liberals are looking at the Liberal Party they see and concluding they cannot in conscience vote for it. They are right.

No matter how unethical, undemocratic and unprincipled the Liberal Party becomes, the team of insiders at the top can simply not imagine people choosing to take power away.

It should be taken away. The Liberal Party thinks about itself more than working people. Its conduct in office has not been ethical. Its contempt for Parliament is rivaled only by its manipulation of voters.

In this election, Mr. Martin is asking voters who find Liberal behaviour unforgivable to vote for them all the same. And to those who choose a better option, he dares equate that with supporting the Conservatives. He should be ashamed.

I sat in a caucus with Tommy Douglas. With David Lewis. And with Jack Layton. For 40 years, I’ve seen New Democrats work for working people in Parliament. And we have the medicare system, pension system and a new budget to show for it.

Yet Mr. Martin accuses the New Democratic Party of partisanship. Were it not for the NDP putting its interests aside and putting working people’s interests first, the Liberal Party would have been fed to voters last spring.

It now is. And it has run a campaign that at best is incoherent, and at worst is deeply offensive. To women. To members of our armed forces. And to people who long for intellectual honesty in politics once more.

It is clear the Liberal Party no longer has the moral authority to deserve people’s votes. It is, simply, not the party it used to be or the party it portrays.

Mr. Martin’s team is running a campaign based on intellectual dishonesty. Cynical manipulation. And recklessly using significant issues for the sole purpose of continuing Liberal entitlement – which we know is used to benefit Liberal insiders, not working people.

For those reasons, I urge people to look at the option presented by Jack Layton and the New Democratic Party. And this once, vote for the kind of change you want. Vote NDP, for the kind that puts working people first.

Way to Go ED! I wish you all the best you deserve it! Thank-You for serving the Canadian People so unwaverinly well all these years.

CPC commitments on official CPC letter head with regard to issues affecting NL

Hi Guys.

Because of skepticism about verbal commitments from politicians, I have been asked by local officials to provide letters from the Leader on party letterhead confirming commitments the party has made that effect this riding. These officials have cast doubt on our commitments in the media, and will continue to do so unless they get these letters.

My campaign manager, Bill Hayley spoke with Aaron C and Jonas about this, and was asked to provide drafts of the letters we need signed. Those drafts are attached, and the text is pasted below in case you can't open the attachments.

Two of these letters contain the exact wording of commitments I have received by email from the national war room. The letter about the Gander weather centre contains the exact wording of a petition Stephen Harper has already signed, and also reflects comments he has made publicly.

These letters should be faxed to my Campaign Manager Bill Hayley at my campaign office, 709-489-6799. Two of these letters are also cc'd to Patrick Dwyer, who is a great ally on these issues. They can be faxed to him at 709-651-3091.

These three letters will help greatly in securing a Conservative win in this riding. I thank you for your urgent attention to this request. We need these letters in time for a major debate this Tuesday!

Thank you.

Aaron Hynes

Conservative Candidate

Bonavista-Gander-Grand Falls-Windsor

15 January 2006

Mayor Claude Elliot

Town of Gander

P.O. Box 280

Gander, NL

A1V 1W6

Dear Mayor Elliot,

I am pleased to provide this written confirmation of my previous public statements that a Conservative government under my leadership will fully reinstate public, marine and aviation forecasting services to the Gander weather centre.

During my visit to St. John's on 6 December 2005, the Conservative Candidate for Bonavista-Gander-Grand Falls-Windsor, Aaron Hynes, arranged for me to meet with advocates of reinstating the Gander weather centre. At that meeting, Mr. Hynes and I, along with all current members of the Newfoundland and Labrador Caucus of the Conservative Party of Canada, added our signatures to a petition calling for the full reinstatement of the weather centre. I have since confirmed that commitment in a letter to Premier Danny Williams.

A Conservative government will address this important issue in a timely manner, to ensure the safety of all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, especially those working in the fishery and other offshore industries.


Stephen Harper

Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

cc: Aaron Hynes Campaign

Patrick Dwyer, PSAC Director, Non-Treasury Board, Newfoundland and Labrador

15 January 2006

Mr. Gary Vey, President and CEO

Gander International Airport Authority

P.O. Box 400

Gander, NL

A1V 1W8

Dear Mr. Vey,

Further to your meeting with Conservative Candidate Aaron Hynes on 8 January 2006, I am pleased to confirm that a Conservative Transport Minister under my leadership would investigate the financial impact of government and military aircraft landing free at Gander, and would take steps to mitigate this impact.

The Conservative Party understands the unique challenges faced by Gander International Airport as a result of the extraordinary volume of military and government traffic it accommodates, and we do not believe the federal government should place such an unfair burden on a community-based not-for-profit body. A Conservative Transport Minister would work with the Gander International Airport Authority to develop a suitable formula to offset that burden.

Among other options, we would consider a system of payments to the Gander International Airport Authority similar to the 'grant in lieu of taxes' paid by the federal government to the City of Ottawa for the use of municipal infrastructure and services.

In addition, a Conservative government would expand the Airport Capital Assistance Program (ACAP).


Stephen Harper

Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

cc: Aaron Hynes campaign office

Pat Dwyer, PSAC Director, Non-Treasury Board, Newfoundland and Labrador

15 January 2006

Mayor Jerry Dean

Town of Botwood

P.O. Box 490

Botwood, NL

A0H 1E0

Dear Mayor Dean,

Further to the letter you received from the Conservative Candidate in your riding, Aaron Hynes, I am pleased to confirm that a Conservative government will allow the flexibility required to give the Town of Botwood a fair chance to negotiate its participation in the federal Port Divestiture Program.

The Conservative Party of Canada understands the importance of Botwood's port facilities to the economy of central Newfoundland. We also understand that Botwood encountered impediments to its participation in the Port Divestiture Program that were beyond municipal control, and it would be unfair to expect the town to negotiate the terms of its participation under the threat of the port facilities being demolished.

Therefore, a Conservative government will extend the deadline of 31 March 2006 for the demolition of the federal port facilities in Botwood if negotiations aimed at upgrading those facilities under the federal Port Divestiture Program are ongoing.


Stephen Harper

Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

cc: Aaron Hynes campaign office

Gander Weather Petition forecating update

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN January 20, 2006

from Patrick Dwyer

Chairman Petition to have Gander Weather Forecasting Office Reinstated

New clip from cbc morning show today.

Some people are questioning why Environment Canada failed to predict a Massive Winter Storm
in Labrador last weekend. The Halifax weatheroffice was calling for just ( periods of snow ) at a time when forecasters at Goose Bay Air Base were predicting a meter.

Paul Pickett reports: This model ( Goose Bay ) goes out to about 15 days the Canadian model
( Environment Canada ) only goes out 7 days. Forecaster OLIvia Lumfit describing a computer modeling
system used by The Circle Weather Office at the Goose Bay Air Base. This office predicted a huge dump of snow a week befor it happened. Forecasters with Environment Canada in Halifax were only calling for ( periods of snow right up until the storm hit.) Lumpfit said it is because Aviation Forecasters
in Labrador use long term prediction models and he says they are in much better location to know what is happening. We can centre on Goose Bay and Labrador and actually be more specific then they can. It is not to put them down, it's just that we have a little bit more time to look at our area than they do.
Bill Appleby is a spokes person for Environment Canada He Says ' we really didn't miss it "he say
snow was in the Government Forecast from Halifax, just not the huge amount that actually fell.
The next morning we issued warning that covered 40-50 cm and that is a fairley significantly snowfall
even though it doesn't hit the 118 cm snow that actually fell.

It should be noted that their was 8 people lost in the country on snowmobiles due to this



Story from CBC about the weather forecasting in Labrador

For those strategic voters out there check out democratics Space seat projections

Hill and knowlton also has a similar set up where by you can play with the swing vote to see who will win. Or how much swing is needed to make a change. I'm not exactly boned up on these projectors but they seem to be using the results from the last election as a basis to project. If so they may be very out to lunch with the way this election has turned out.

I did a little swing vote projecting in NL and the two that stood out the most to be accurate were
RANDOM-BURIN-ST.GEORGE’S with a 7% swing vote from the Liberals to the NDP the NDP would win. Even more so what with the Liberals lack of action on the Portnoy case.
BONAVISTA-GANDER-GRAND FALLS-WINDSOR would elect a Conservative if there were a swing vote of 10% from Liberal to Conservative.
IMHO Avalon is a whole new ball game with efford gone and the 2004 election results aren't applicable.
Labrador is a lost cause mainly due to the fact that they only get the CBC as a news source IMHO. Can you say conflict of interest!
HUMBER-ST.BARBE-BAIE VERTE well personally I think it's going to a close race but who knows?

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Another reason why I don't shop at WAR mart


Send your thoughts and wishes to our injured CANADIAN Soldiers.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Yet another scandal using and abusing YOUR MONEY

Liberals rewarding their friends using taxdollars under the guise of "Relocation Services"?


Relocation Services II: Dirty details revealed


If you just want the video version click here.

Ryans Cleary from the Independant Says " Flick the Switch" on the Upper Churchill

I couldn't agree more!

God help me if I lived and hunted in and around those transmission lines that are bleeding NL dry. I would be some tempted to take out a few of those insulators that are insulating Hydro Quebec from owning up to the injustices they have perpetrated against the people of NL.

The study done by the Harris centre discovered that the Hydro Quebec held 20% of NL hydro at the time of the negotiations for the Upper Churchill and sat in on the NL Hydro meetings in which NL Hydro revealed that they were on the verge of Bankruptcy if the Upper Churchill deal didn't go ahead.

NL Hydro has as apart of the original contract clauses for inflation but once Hydro Quebec through their conflict of interest by having controlling interests in both companies but more so Hydro Quebec used this information to renegotiate the contract removing the inflation clauses and extending the original contract for another 25 years.

Still haven't found a link for this report by the Harris centre but will keep looking.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


This has to be the best one yet.

Tim Powers on Mike Duffy He Said She Said Chicken Little Liberal campaign.

Cudos to Canadian Conservative for this link.

OK this one ranks right up there as well. Kitten Parody.

Fabian Manning press releases

Dam this guy writes good press releases. I'm looking forward to hearing him on the CPAC channel during question period. There are two more releases just follow the link makes for some good reading.

Manning wants to see Gander Weather Station reinstated

St. John�s, December 7, 2005 � Fabian Manning, Conservative Candidate for Avalon says he is delighted with Stephen Harper�s promise to reinstate the Gander weather office if the Conservatives form the government. Whether it�s the lives of our fishermen, the safety of our children on route to school or the handling of oil related traffic off our coast the Gander weather office is vital of the quality of life for Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.

�There were individuals that pocketed more out of the sponsorship scandal than what the Gander weather office cost �, says Manning. I cannot believe that the Prime Minister is prepared to insult our people by saying no to reinstatement but suggest this is an excellent place to study weather patterns. The people who worked at the Gander weather office studied weather patterns and furthermore they forecasted the weather and reported it to our media. �Centers of Excellence, ivory study towers and global warning about global warming is little comfort to a family with someone at sea��, says the Avalon Conservative Candidate.

Manning goes on to say, �I believe that the Prime Minister rolled into St. John�s listening to his own polls and said no to every request, confident that he could once again take Newfoundlanders and Labradorians for granted. Don�t be surprised if he does an about face on this as they did on the offshore oil royalties and custodial management�.

The weather office at Gander not only affects Gander but this whole region. We are not just another Atlantic Province. We are larger than all of the rest of Atlantic Canada combined.

�To treat this Province as a suburb of Halifax is our great Canadian insult and one that�s about to change�, says Manning. In excess of 100,000 names on a petition from the people should never be overlooked and ignored says the Avalon Conservative Candidate.

Just look at the 3280 federal civil service jobs that we lost in the last ten years.

The Gander weather office is a part of the larger picture and I�m delighted that our party is on record to reinstate it�, says Manning.

Liberal Response to OUR PREMIERS list of issues affecting NL falls flat

"The responses from Mr. Martin are clearly not as definitive as some of those from Mr. Harper and Mr. Layton. This is disappointing from the provincial government’s perspective;"



That confirms it for me. I'll take this as an endorsement by MY Premier to vote either Conservative or NDP.
Now it is just a matter of trying to vote to make it count. Strategic voting I guess is what it is called.
In my riding here Beausejour NB it is looking like the only party that has a chance of getting in other than the Liberals which for me voting in the best interest of NL is out of the question.
From playing with the Hill and Knowlton election predictor Conservative would seem to be my only option of actually having my representative elected of the party which will best represent the interests of NL.

Monday, January 16, 2006


Liberals claim copyright infringement with Latest CPC ad

Here is what i think!

Liberal Party kills advanced polling for out-of-town students in Tony Ianno's riding

Megalomaniac Martins Liberals are at it again. They will stop at nothing to hold onto power.

Globe and Mails Article on this travesty to democracy.

Here is how to contact Elections Canada. They also have a complaints page on their site
Chief Electoral Officer
but I couldn't find an email address?

Elections Canada, the non-partisan agency responsible for the conduct of federal elections and referendums, works hard to keep the public informed about the electoral process. Please contact us for more information at:

Elections Canada
257 Slater Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0M6


Business hours during the general election: All toll-free automated services are available 24 hours a day. Agents are also available to assist you, if required, seven days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. (Eastern Time).

1 800 463-6868
toll-free in Canada and the United States

001 800 514-6868
toll-free in Mexico

(613) 993-2975
from anywhere in the world

For people who are deaf or hard of hearing:
TTY 1 800 361-8935
toll-free in Canada and the United States


1 888 524-1444
toll-free in Canada and the United States

PREMIER receives responses from letter of issues affecting NL

January 16, 2006
(Executive Council)


Premier Danny Williams today received a letter from NDP Leader Jack Layton, outlining that party’s position on several key issues for Newfoundland and Labrador.

The premier sent the federal leaders of the Conservative, Liberal and NDP parties a letter on November 28, 2005, requesting party positions on matters of importance to Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.

Last week, Premier Williams received a response from Conservative Leader Stephen Harper. At that time, the premier indicated the letter would not be released until he had received responses from all three party leaders. However, giving there is only one week remaining in the federal campaign, Premier Williams today released the Conservative and NDP responses so that people can begin to make a decision heading into election day.

Premier Williams is traveling outside of the province today, however, Deputy Premier Tom Rideout is available to media seeking a comment on Mr. Layton’s letter.

* View Conservative leader Stephen Harper's Response (PDF)
* View NDP leader Jack Layton's Response (PDF)

Media contact

Elizabeth Matthews, Office of the Premier, (709) 729-3960, 690-5500
Lori Lee Oates, Communications, Minister Rideout, (709) 729-3733, 690-8403

2006 01 16 3:15 p.m.

Most desperate Liberal Attack ADD yet

The most desperate Liberal attack ad ever!

Cudos to Stephen Taylor

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Nothing to FEAR but FEAR itself

Stand Up For Canada!
New Democrat Party


More Parodies from CJME

Murray Wood's Politically Carolling
» Murray Wood - Earl Campaigns for the Grits
» Liberal Attack Ad Parody #1
» Liberal Attack Ad Parody #2
» Liberal Attack Ad Parody #3
» Liberal Attack Ad Parody #4
» Liberal Attack Ad Parody #5
» Liberal Attack Ad Parody #6

Innocent until proven guilty Reverse Onus Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Isn't the new Ad-Lib eral policy to bring in REVERSE ONUS another way of saying Guilty until proven innocent?

Canadianna's blog Liberals "hair-of-the-dog" solution

These are just the words. Canadianna has links to MSM and supporting documents for all of these clips. Well worth the read if your have any questions the links are there to support his statements.

The Liberals - a 'hair of the dog' solution?
The Liberals will fix health care.
Who broke it?

The Liberals will clean the environment.
Who ignored it?

The Liberals will cut your taxes.
Who over-taxed you?

The Liberals will establish ethics guidelines.
Who broke all the rules?

The Liberals will pay your tuition.
Who made the cost of attending university prohibitive?

The Liberals will help seniors with their savings.
Who cost seniors millions by threatening to tax Income Trusts?

The Liberals will defend our borders.
Who hasn't?

The Liberals will fight for farmers.
Who didn't?

The Liberals will save national unity.
Who continues to tear the country apart?

The Liberals will take care of your pre-schoolers.
Are you sure these are the people you want to trust with your children?


Saturday, January 14, 2006


Chantal Herbert column Martin is scarier than harper will ever be


Martin Says Islams values are Canadian Values

Meglomaniac Martin will say and do anything at this point to try and hold onto power.
Oh well at least he can count on the convict vote.

The first thing a non Liberal government should do iMHO is to recommision the Gomery report only this time include all of the terms of reference including section 5 from the Auditor Generals report.

Any religion that was founded on killing as a premise isn't a religion IMO but a political group.

Were not making this up Liberal parodies

These ones are actually videos. Well worth watching if you need a laugh. Man I've got to watch this hour has 22 minutes this week. I can just imagine what they are going to come up with LOL.

Liberal Ad One: Adscam
Liberal Ad Two: China
Liberal Ad Three: Ethics
Liberal Ad Four: GST
Liberal Ad Five: Guns
Liberal Ad Six: Guns Part II
Liberal Ad Seven: Income Trust
Liberal Ad Eight: Notwithstanding I
Liberal Ad Nine: Notwithstanding II
Liberal Ads Ten: Notwithstanding III
Liberal Ads Eleven: CSL
Liberal Ads Twelve: Tax Cuts

Cudos to Complacent nation

Liberal cronyism ACOA shell game UNB and Learnsoft


33 RCMP investigations into Liberal Corruption

RCMP investigations into Liberal government activities

OTTAWA – Yesterday's announcement that the RCMP are conducting a criminal investigation into the Income Trust Scandal is just another chapter in an ongoing saga. Here are some media reports of RCMP investigations over the past three years:


• The RCMP is probing a $76.5 million DND contract with Compaq Canada. (National Post, September 30, 2003).

Public Works:

• Paul Coffin, president of a Montreal-based advertising company with Liberal links, was charged by the RCMP with 18 counts of fraud, involving $2-million. (Globe and Mail, September 29, 2003).
• Chuck Guite and Jean Brault, the former head of the Groupaction firm, are facing charges in the sponsorship scandal.
• A third advertising executive with Liberal connections was charged with fraud.as part of the RCMP's investigation into the sponsorship program. Jacques Paradis, the former president of Publicite Martin in Montreal, allegedly submitted fake invoices worth $98,250 as part of a $1.2-million sponsorship of the Montreal Expos in 1998. (Globe and Mail, October 22, 2004).
• The RCMP continues to probe the sponsorship contracts and says more charges are pending. (Globe and Mail, September 29, 2003). Minister Ralph Goodale has referred a dozen files from five companies to the RCMP for investigation, including GroupAction. (Fredericton Daily Gleaner, September 15, 2003).
• The RCMP has raided the offices of Communications Coffin and GroupAction as well as "many other raids". (Globe and Mail, September 10, 2003).
• Reports also suggest that the RCMP are also investigating the federal Liberal Party's Quebec wing as a part of the investigation into the sponsorship scandal. (Calgary Sun, September 26, 2003).
• A report revealed that the Public Works Department has refused to release information under access to information on a $750,000 sponsorship contract for the 1999 Corner Brook Canada Games, citing an ongoing investigation. (St. John's Telegram, December 1, 2004)
• In July, a Public Works payroll specialist working at RCMP headquarters was charged with 10 counts each of fraud and theft for allegedly paying himself $250,000 illegally. (Calgary Sun, September 26, 2003).
• The Liberal Party has requested that the RCMP investigate whether it was a victim of fraud in the sponsorship scandal (Statement by Liberal Party Lawyer, April 4, 2005)
• Martin referred the Gomery report to the RCMP (Martin Statement, November 1, 2005)

Industry Canada:

• The RCMP is investigating possible fraud and bribery within Industry Canada, involving possible "overpayments" to recipients of federal business grants. (Globe and Mail, September 29, 2003).
• A former Ontario director of a federal agency is facing fraud charges after allegedly using government credit cards to buy hockey memorabilia. (National Post, January 7, 2005)
• David Emerson told the House of Commons that several Technology Partnerships Canada files had been referred to the RCMP (Hansard, October 3, 2005)
• Lobbyist Registrar Michael Nelson said that he has referred a case involving a lobbyist to the RCMP (Ottawa Citizen, November 7, 2005)


• More than half a dozen bureaucrats have been "removed" from their jobs at a Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) in Toronto following a police investigation into projects funded under one of the department's grants and contributions programs (St. John's Telegram, September 15, 2003).


• The auditor general called on the RCMP and Revenue Canada to investigate George Radwanski's spending habits. (CTV.ca, September 30, 2003).
• The Leader of the Government in the Senate, the Hon. Sharon Carstairs, responding to a question from Senator Stratton, acknowledged that there are as many as 12 ongoing RCMP investigations into the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. (Hansard, October 1, 2003).


• Revenue Minister Elinor Caplan has called in the RCMP and ordered a sweeping security review after four tax department computers were stolen containing confidential personal information on more than 120,000 Canadians. (Windsor Star, September 30, 2003).
• Following a six month investigation, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Greater Toronto Area Commercial Crime Section has laid a charge of Breach of Trust by Public Officer against a former employee of the Canada Customs & Revenue Agency (CCRA), alleging that she disclosed confidential tax payer information to an unauthorized person. (release via Canada News Wire, October 7, 2003).

Aboriginal Affairs:

• The investigations into the Virginia Fontaine Addictions Foundation. Although some charges have been laid already the Edmonton Journal reported October 2 that."the RCMP say they expect to lay more charges within the next three weeks." (Edmonton Journal, October 2, 2003).
• Health Canada has called in the RCMP's fraud unit and terminated a $6.8-million funding deal with a Winnipeg-based native health organization. (Winnipeg Free Press, February 22, 2005)
• Andy Scott revealed that when financial irregularities were found at Keeseekoose First Nation, the RCMP was called in and charges laid. (Globe and Mail, November 16, 2005)

Citizenship and Immigration:

• A prime suspect in the sweeping RCMP probe into alleged bribery of federal immigration judges twice bought his way out of jails in India before paying a human smuggler $8,000 to bring him to Canada. Last month, RCMP detectives alleged in sworn affidavits that Singh and members of his criminal organization pressured immigrants in Ottawa and Montreal to pay bribes of $10,000 to $15,000 that were shared with two Immigration and Refugee Board judges in exchange for favourable rulings. (National Post, July 5, 2003)
• In one of Canada's most serious cases of passport theft, the RCMP foiled a scheme to sell 246 stolen blank Canadian passports -- but not before some of them found their way into the hands of international people-smuggling rings. (Globe and Mail, October 26, 2004).
• The RCMP are probing allegations about immigration officer at Pearson Airport in relation to reports that a Romanian diplomat pulled strings in Canada so his exotic dancer daughter could get a work visa from immigration officials in 24 hours. (Toronto Sun, November 26, 2004).
• Media reports revealed that a former staff member in Immigration Minister Judy Sgro's office is being probed for allegations relating to national security. (Toronto Sun, December 9, 2004).
• A senior Citizenship and Immigration Canada official has been charged along with four others in an alleged cash-for-permanent-residency scheme involving tens of thousands of dollars. (Ottawa Sun, December 17, 2004).
• According to media reports, the RCMP actually investigated allegations that Paul Martin supporter Gurbax Singh Malhi was using to granting of ministerial permits as a way to arrange political and financial support for Martin's leadership campaign. The RCMP reportedly looked into the matter but closed it when witnesses refused to cooperate (Globe and Mail, March 10, 2005)


• Transport Canada officials reveal that following a six-month internal government review of security clearances granted to airport workers, 73 cases have been deemed suspicious or incomplete enough to forward to the RCMP for further investigation of possible criminal ties (Times-Colonist, December 12, 2004)
• Liberal MP Robert Thibault has asked the RCMP to look into the privatization of the Digby wharf: "I've asked the solicitor general and advised the minister of transport that I have asked for an RCMP review of the matter," he said (Chronicle-Herald, February 10, 2005). The RCMP have no plans to reopen an investigation into privatization of the Digby wharf however (Chronicle-Herald, April 1, 2005).

Tim Murphy and Ujjal Dosanjh:

• The RCMP investigates allegations of Tim Murphy and Ujjal Dosanjh making offers to Conservative MPs to try and get them to cross the floor.


• RCMP reviewing complaints of possible leak of income trust announcement: Staff Sgt. Paul Marsh told Bloomberg News. (CTV.ca, November 30, 2005)

Cudos to Officially Screwed

200 + Liberal scandals and climbing

1. Cancelling the Sea King replacement
2. Sponsorship scandal
3. Gun Registry
4. HRDC boondoggle
5. Problems with Transition Job Funds program
6. Tainted blood
7. Radwanski Spending Affair
8. Pearson Airport
9. GST Flip Flop
10. Airbus Investigation
11. Voting against Red Book promise of independent Ethics Commissioner
12. Irving fishing lodge stays/travel on Irving jets for cabinet ministers
13. Martin traveling on private corporate jets as Finance Minister
14. Don Boudria’s stay at Boulay owned chalet
15. Denis Coderre staying with Boulay
16. Alfonso Gagliano being appointed Ambassador to Denmark
17. Shawinigate
18. Claude Gauthier (PM’s friend)’s Transelec getting CIDA grant that was questioned by the Auditor General and even CIDA.
19. Liberal fundraiser Pierre Corbeil charged with fraud by RCMP after he approached several Quebec companies seeking federal job training grants and asking for payments to Liberal Party, having gotten the names from senior Quebec Liberal Minister, Marcel Massé.
20. Michel Dupuy, Heritage Minister, lobbying the CRTC.
21. Tom Wappel refusing to help blind veteran
22. Gagliano’s son benefiting from contracts from his father’s department
23. Gagliano’s former speechwriter, Michèle Tremblay was on a $5,000 a month retainer with the Canada Lands Company to provide speeches for the Minister. Former President John Grant let her go saying “we got nothing in return.” Grant claimed that all Crown Corporations reporting to Mr. Gagliano were told to put Ms. Tremblay on a monthly retainer.
24. Iltis replacement
25. Purchase of new Challenger jets for the Prime Minister and cabinet
26. NATO Flying Training program contract
27. Liberal friends appointed as IRB judges being investigated by RCMP
28. Hedy Fry’s imaginary burning crosses
29. Maria Minna’s improper municipal vote
30. Minna giving contracts to two former campaign staffers for public relations work for a conference that had already been held
31. Lawrence MacAulay and contracts directed to Holland College
32. Lawrence MacAulay and Tim Banks
33. Lawrence MacAulay hired his official agent, Everett Roche, for $70K, but Roche never did any work for it. (Oct 2002)
34. Art Eggleton and contracts to his ex-girlfriend
35. Copps’ aide Boyer’s spending habits
36. Collenette resigns for breach of ethical guidelines involving a letter he wrote to the Immigration and Refugee Board
37. APEC Inquiry
38. Andy Scott's 1998 resignation that came eight weeks too late, after a media circus wore him down for indiscreetly shooting his mouth off on an airplane.
39. Anti-American comments by Liberal MPs, officials, and the former Minister of Natural Resources.
40. Rock and the Apotex/Cipro affair
41. Rock giving Health Canada contract to car cleaning company.
42. Manley lobbying CIBC on behalf of Rod Bryden
43. Manley’s fundraiser suggesting donors to his leadership write it off as a business expense.
44. Manley using his pre-budget consultations as Minister of Finance to solicit support for his leadership bid.
45. Coderre’s relationship with Group Everest
46. Martin’s fundraiser/employee of Finance Jim Palmer
47. Martin’s “blind trust” and his relationship with CSL.
48. Gerry Byrne requesting fundraising money be sent to his home address, with no records kept.
49. Gerry Byrne pouring bulk of ACOA money into his own riding.
50. Virginia Fontaine Addictions Foundation
51. Prime Minister’s former assistant, Denise Tremblay’s huge travel expenses on Veterans Review and Appeal Board as Minister pleaded poverty to veterans’ widows.
52. Chrétien appointing Hon. Roger Simmons (former Trudeau minister convicted of income tax evasion) as Consul-General in Seattle
53. Chrétien trying to bring hit-and-run driver Carignan back into caucus.
54. The RCMP is investigating possible fraud and bribery within Industry Canada, involving possible "overpayments" to recipients of federal business grants. The probe centres on the National Research Council, which hands out federal grants to small- and medium-sized businesses.
55. More than half a dozen bureaucrats have been "removed" from their jobs at a Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) in Toronto following a police investigation into projects funded under one of the department's grants and contributions programs
56. Revenue Minister Elinor Caplan called in the RCMP and ordered a sweeping security review after four tax department computers were stolen containing confidential personal information on more than 120,000 Canadians.
57. More than $7 billion stashed in Foundations by Finance Minister Paul Martin with little or no accountability
58. Dhaliwal overseing Richmond-airport-Vancouver transit line while being owner of the airport limousine service
59. Tom Rosser, former Dhaliwal advisor lobbying Natural Resources department and minister on environmental issues only months after leaving government.
60. $5.3 million GG northern travel
61. GG budget doubles in 5 years
62. Robert Thibault giving a grant as ACOA minister to a wharf and boatyard where his brother-in-law has a monopoly.
63. Royal LePage contract, which the government was forced to cancel in the wake of serious concerns being raised.
64. Shutting down the Somalia Inquiry
65. Home heating rebate, which was sent to prisoners and deceased.
66. Martin firing Bernard Dussault, Chief Actuary of CPP
67. Ethel Blondin-Andrew buys fur coat on government credit card
68. Chrétien’s imaginary homeless friend.
69. Liberal MP Rick Laliberte’s extensive travel budget
70. Liberal Senator Thompson living in Mexico
71. Vendetta against former BDC President François Beaudoin
72. The flag give-away – which estimates suggest might now have cost $45 million instead of the promised $6 million, and reportedly involved fake invoices.
73. Gagliano’s two week trip, at taxpayers’ expense, for a two day event with the head of the Royal Canadian Mint and Maurizio Caruso.
74. Secretary of State for multiculturalism and status of women Sheila Finestone using government car (which junior ministers are only allowed to use for government business) to drive home to Montreal, which even Sheila Copps criticized. (Ottawa Citizen, May 22, 1994)
75. Liberal MP Jag Bhaduria’s hate mail to his former employers, wishing that they had been shot by killer Marc Lepine
76. Liberal MP Jag Bhaduria making false claims about his academic qualifications.
77. Paul Martin and Maria Minna attending fundraising dinner for group linked to Tamil Tigers in May 2000 (National Post, Sept. 8th, 2001).
78. David Anderson, as National Revenue Minister, suing the government for lost wages after being removed as IRB appointee by Conservative government seeking $454,000 from a deficit-ravaged federal treasury. (Vancouver Sun, July 24, 2004). Anderson eventually agreed to drop the suit.
79. David Anderson suggesting that the BC doesn’t need extra House of Commons seats, because they wouldn't be worth much given the poor quality of most West Coast MPs. (Vancouver Sun, July 24, 2004)
80. A consultant on an executive interchange program persuaded Natural Resources to undertake a $700-million reorganization of its research facilities for which no business case had been made. The program was fast-tracked because he had developed a social relationship with the deputy minister. He was eventually charged with diverting $525,000 to a numbered company he controlled. (Globe and Mail, May 30, 2005)

And the list continues under Prime Minister Martin:

81. Raid on reporter Juliet O’Neill’s home by RCMP
82. Permanent Resident Cards
83. Judy Sgro going on vacation as cards became mandatory and landed immigrants were left stranded
84. Minister Frulla’s renovations
85. Pay raises for chiefs-of-staff in ministers offices, while spending is frozen for public service.
86. The government’s changing numbers on how much money has gone to CSL
87. Lobbyists in Paul Martin’s transition team being allowed to return to lobbying immediately, after being involved in process of picking new cabinet and senior staff.
88. Minister Comuzzi’s anti-Quebec comments
89. Martin government using closure after only six days in the House of Commons, followed by using time allocation in the Senate.
90. Problems with DND’s contracts with Compaq Computers that may have cost taxpayers up to $159 million for work not performed.
91. Martin using government jets to tour the country campaigning before election, spending up to $1 million for air travel alone.
92. Martin’s relationship with Earnscliffe
93. Questionable contracts to Earnscliffe
94. The appointment of former Liberal MLA Howard Sapers as the Correctional Investigator of Canada
95. Pierre Pettigrew’s flip flopping on health care
96. David Dingwall’s expenses as head of Royal Canadian Mint
97. Liberals planning to give David Dingwall a severance package after he resigned
98. The secret National Unity Fund reserve
99. Calling an early election after earlier promising first to get to the bottom of the sponsorship scandal
100. Martin suggesting changes to legislation and introducing bill that benefited CSL, despite concerns from his own Deputy Minister that he was in a conflict-of-interest (Ottawa Citizen, May 26, 2004)

101. $99 million Public Works contract that went to company overseen by Liberal fundraiser and future Senator Paul Massicotte (Montreal Gazette, June 26, 2004)
102. Parliamentary Secretary Dan McTeague’s 3-person, $224 trip to a Pizzeria
103. Immigration Minister Judy Sgro’s staff being allowed to stay on “extended travel” benefits, letting them bill taxpayers’ for thousands of dollars in hotel rooms and meals, because they didn’t want to move from Toronto to Ottawa until after the election.
104. Correctional Service of Canada Commissioner Lucie McClung’s travel expenses
105. Contracting irregularities on more than two dozen projects at DND worth tens of millions of dollars, showing over-billing, profit excesses, unauthorized additional work, lack of accounting records, spiralling cost overruns, etc. (Globe and Mail, July 14, 2004).
106. ACOA Minister Joe McGuire canceling ACOA loan and grant to ABL Industries Inc. because it would compete with company in his riding. (Fredericton Daily Gleaner, July 17, 2004).
107. Andy Mitchell’s chief of staff’s $22,000 in expenses to commute to Ottawa (Toronto Star, August 2, 2004).
108. André Ouellet’s travel and hospitality expenses at Canada Post.
109. Government delaying release of audit on Ouellet until after the election (Globe and Mail, July 31, 2004).
110. Martin’s principle secretary Francis Fox’s sister getting untendered contracts (The Province, July 27, 2004).
111. Continuing problems in advertising files at Public Works (Ottawa Sun, July 26, 2004).
112. A Liberal Party of Canada fundraising letter signed by Paul Martin, asking potential contributors to offer $7,000, $7,100 or $7,200 in contributions – far in excess of donation limits passed by the very same Liberal government
113. Liberal Senator Raymond Lavigne violating municipal bylaws. Municipality pursuing legal action against him. (Ottawa Citizen, August 19, 2004).
114. Spa Days for inmates approved by the Correctional Service of Canada, which on Aug. 21 invited inmates at the Grand Valley Institution for Women in Kitchener, Ont., to dabble with manicures, pedicures and aromatherapy, not to mention cups of tea served in fine china, all accompanied by a harp serenade. (National Post, September 9, 2004).
115. Five employees in the ''overwhelmed'' immigration section of Canada's embassy in Iran have been fired over the past year after they each were caught breaching federal ethics rules (National Post, September 13, 2004).
116. Questionable contracts and spending from the Canada Investment and Savings group set up by Martin in 1996 (Globe and Mail, September 13, 2004)
117. Questionable contracting practices at Canada Information Office (The Hill Times, September 13, 2004).
118. A top Canadian diplomat based in China has resigned amid reports he is being investigated for allegedly taking bribes to help Chinese nationals enter Canada illegally. (Vancouver Sun, September 22, 2004).
119. Abuse of government credit cards by staff at Fisheries Department (CP Wire, September 24, 2004).
120. Canada’s questionable hiring of the niece of Syria's foreign affairs minister to work at the embassy in Damascus (Globe and Mail, October 5, 2004)
121. Hélène Scherrer using Challenger to fly to Banff during election to give partisan speech
122. Abuse of Challengers by Paul Martin and various ministers (eg. Andy Mitchell, Claudette Bradshaw)
123. Abuse of Challenger jets for political business instead of government business (Le Devoir, October 4, 2005)
124. Paul Martin taking Challenger jets to Liberal fundraisers
125. Challenger food bill of $508 per flight
126. Expenses during election filed by aide to Ralph Goodale
127. Questionable expenses during election filed by aides to Judy Sgro
128. Ongoing problems and safety concerns with the submarine program
129. Various federal departments reported in excess of $1.1 million in theft of computers in 2003, but the information is potentially more valuable than the hardware (Vancouver Sun, October 14, 2004).
130. According to the latest public-accounts-of-Canada reports for the period March 2004 and March 2005, over 700 laptops, desktops and central processing units went missing from 35 federal government agencies -- worth $6 million. (The Province, October 19, 2005)
131. Federal government has lost track of $587 million a year in EI overpayments and underpayments at the Department of Human Resources. (Ottawa Citizen, October 12, 2004). However, the government defends itself by stating that in fact it has only lost track of $25 million a year and collects the other overpayments. (Ottawa Citizen, October 13, 2004)
132. $133,000 grant to a Toronto film company that used classified ads to search for the "perfect" penis. (National Post, October 14, 2004).
133. Man convicted of fraud against government hired to teach ethics course to public servants (National Post, October 20, 2004).
134. Public Works selling confiscated grow-op equipment to drug traffickers. (National Post, October 21, 2004).
135. Pressure by Liberal MPs and ministers on ACOA to make funding decisions based on politics (New Brunswick Telegraph Journal, October 25, 2004).
136. Paul Martin’s Director of Communications Scott Reid insulting Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador (Toronto Star, October 28, 2004)
137. The Martin government spent $127,223 on a poll last February testing ways to diffuse negative reaction to the bombshell auditor-general's report -- which included the finding the Liberals ignored their own rules prohibiting the use of tax dollars on partisan polls (Vancouver Sun, November 8, 2004).
138. Judy Sgro’s campaign volunteer (a stripper) getting ministerial permit
139. Sgro’s senior policy advisor going to strip club to meet with owner to discuss bringing more strippers into Canada. (National Post, November 25, 2004). Subsequent revelations indicate that he went to at least one other strip club to conduct similar meetings (Toronto Sun, December 7, 2004)
140. Sgro giving out details of private immigration files, violating Privacy Act
141. Allegations that Sgro broke the elections law in failing to properly identify the source of a campaign contribution. (Toronto Star, December 8, 2004).
142. Revelations that the program to bring in foreign exotic dancers was created under pressure from organized crime (National Post, December 18, 2004)
143. Irwin Cotler appointing his former chief-of-staff to federal court (National Post, November 23, 2004).
144. Heritage Minister Liza Frulla giving grant to magazine that put her on the cover and made her honourary president (Ottawa Citizen, November 25, 2004)
145. Despite promising an end to cronyism and patronage, Martin appointing Liberal MP John Harvard as Lt-Governor of Manitoba, in order to get him to step aside for “star” candidate Glen Murray.
146. Despite promising an end to cronyism and patronage, Martin appointing Liberal MP Yvon Charbonneau to UNESCO, in order to get him to step aside for Martin crony Pablo Rodriguez.
147. Despite promising an end to cronyism and patronage, Martin appointing former Liberal MP Karen Kraft-Sloan as Ambassador for the Environment. (Department of Foreign Affairs Press Release, February 16, 2005).
148. Despite promising an end to cronyism and patronage, Martin appointing defeated Liberal candidate Dave Haggard as the chair of a newly created Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship. (OIC 2005-0001)
149. Despite promising an end to cronyism and patronage, Martin appointed his friend Dennis Dawson to the Senate
150. Despite promising an end to cronyism and patronage, Martin appointed his former Principal Secretary Francis Fox to the Senate
151. Despite promising an end to cronyism and patronage, Martin appointed disgraced former cabinet minister Art Eggleton to the Senate
152. Martin and his wife complaining about having to live in 24 Sussex (Edmonton Journal, November 17, 2004)
153. Millennium Bureau spending done with same lack of controls and oversight of sponsorship program
154. The RCMP has charged a senior Immigration Canada manager and four accomplices in an alleged bribes-for-status scheme in which Arab immigrants paid up to $25,000 to have their claims fast-tracked and approved (National Post, December 17, 2004)
155. Making widows of RCMP officers killed in the line of duty pay for their husbands’ funerals (Under pressure from the Conservative Party, the government reversed this policy)
156. Martin patronage-appointee Jim Walsh breaking ethics guidelines and attending Liberal Christmas Party (St. John’s Telegram, January 20, 2005).
157. Port authority losing more than $60,000 in public funds on the stock market. When Central Cape Breton Community Ventures took over the port in Iona in 2000, the private agency deposited only $5,000 of the $245,000 it received from Transport Canada into a designated bank account. The federal funding was meant to cover the port's maintenance, insurance and professional services costs (Chronicle-Herald, January 31, 2005).
158. Canadian flag lapel pins being made in China. Only under pressure, Scott Brison flip flops and agrees to have them made in Canada again.
159. Questionable dealings around the privatization of the Digby Wharf, which even Liberal MP Robert Thibault wants the RCMP to investigate (Chronicle-Herald, February 10, 2005).
160. Adrienne Clarkson spending $17,500 to evaluate cleaning at Rideau Hall (Ottawa Sun, February 19, 2005)
161. Martin patronage appointee Glen Murray breaking ethics guidelines and attending Liberal Convention as delegate
162. Martin ignoring parliamentary committee and appointing Glen Murray as chair of the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy
163. Marlene Jennings, the Parliamentary Secretary for Canada-U.S. relations, making anti-American remarks
164. Government knowing about details of torture and murder of Zahra Kazemi back in November and still sending ambassador back to Iran
165. Government knowing about details of torture and murder of Zahra Kazemi back in November but doing nothing
166. Tens of thousands of dollars were spent on questionable acquisitions at CFB Borden (Ottawa Sun, April 18, 2005).
167. Joe Volpe keeping stripper visa program operating, despite having promised to shut it down (CTV.ca, March 5, 2005)
168. Jean Lapierre acting as lobbyist without registering
169. Joe Volpe trying to intimidating Sikh community
170. In the spring of 2003, the RCMP investigated allegations that Liberal MP Gurbax Malhi had requested favours and financial support for Paul Martin's 2003 leadership campaign in exchange for helping Indian nationals get these temporary resident permits (Globe and Mail, March 10, 2005).
171. Liberals spending $443,237 to change the name Passport Office to Passport Canada (Montreal Gazette, April 21, 2005).
172. Ken Dryden’s chief of staff charged with careless driving (Ottawa Citizen, March 22, 2005)
173. Liberals trying to buy off Conservative MPs with offers of patronage positions
174. Liberals handling of the submarine program
175. Public Service Integrity Officer’s travel expenses (Ottawa Sun, May 4, 2005)
176. Liberal Senator Michel Biron going to hearing to support killer Karla Homolka (CTV News, June 9, 2005)
177. Public Works contract watchdog Consulting and Audit Canada violating contracting rules (Toronto Star, July 4, 2005)
178. Technology Partnerships Canada rules being violated to pay lobbyists (Globe and Mail, June 24, 2005)
179. Former Indian and Northern Affairs Minister Robert Nault is working as a paid lobbyist for Nelson House First Nation in what some allege is an apparent violation of a federal code of conduct. Among the federal departments Nault is lobbying is the Indian and Northern Affairs department he headed until December 2003, according to a lobbying report Nault filed with the federal government. Nault registered as a lobbyist for Nelson House, now known as Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation, on July 18, 2005 -- one year and seven months after leaving his cabinet post. Under the Conflict of Interest and Post-Employment Code for Public Office Holders, Nault is barred from working for any entity with which his department had "direct and significant official dealings" for two years after leaving office. He is also barred for two years from lobbying his former department or any of his former cabinet colleagues (Winnipeg Free Press, September 14, 2005)
180. According to documents obtained by the Globe and Mail, Pierre Pettigrew billed Canadian taxpayers for $10,000 for trips for his driver in 2001 and 2002. Pettigrew took his driver to South America and Europe, even though the driver didn’t do any driving on the trips. (Globe and Mail, September 14, 2005)
181. Joe Volpe’s questionable hospitality expenses (Globe and Mail, September 21, 2005)
182. According to media reports, Industry Canada has frozen federal financing for research projects by an Ontario biotechnology firm pending the outcome of an investigation into the company's agreement to pay $350,000 in lobbying “success” fees to former Liberal cabinet minister David Dingwall. Such contingency fee payments violate Technology Partnership Canada rules. (Globe and Mail, September 23, 2005)
183. Expenses of chairman of the Royal Canadian Mint Emmanuel Triassi, who also approved David Dingwall’s expenses (Globe and Mail, October 4, 2005)
184. Last week, Public Works was also silent on details of another case involving forensic accounting. Government accounts published on Thursday showed a department employee had embezzled $3.45 million from Public Works office in Koblenz, Germany. Even though the employee was convicted and jailed in Germany, Public Works will not name him or give any details of the crime (Ottawa Citizen, October 4, 2005)
185. The federal government inadvertently revealed yesterday that it is conducting a large-scale forensic accounting probe into "possibly criminal matters" when it published details of a contract intended for a Quebec accounting firm. The notice awarding a $2-million contract for forensic accounting services was published on the government's tendering website, MERX. It gave notice that Consulting and Audit Canada was planning to award the sole-source contract to Leclerc Juricomptable, a Quebec City firm specializing in forensic work and litigation support. The contract award notice said the work had to be sole-sourced to Leclerc because it is "not in the public interest to jeopardize the current investment in the investigation or to significantly increase the risk to a successful completion of the investigation into possibly criminal matters." A spokesman for the Department of PublicWorks and Government Services said yesterday that the notice was published "prematurely" and would be withdrawn last night. He could not say, however, what is under investigation, but said the contract was not tied to another scandal that has kept Quebec forensic accountants busy over the past years. "It's not related to sponsorship or Gomery, that I can tell you," said spokesman Pierre Teotonio (Ottawa Citizen, October 4, 2005). It was subsequently revealed that the department involved was CIDA (CP Wire, October 4, 2005)
186. Questions about campaign funds from Raymond Chan’s campaign going to his companies (Vancouver Sun, October 7, 2005)
187. Questions about a possible conflict-of-interest between Chan’s activities as minister on behalf of possible business associates (Vancouver Sun, October 7, 2005)
188. Questions about the report that Chan filed with the Ethics Commissioner (Vancouver Sun, October 7, 2005)
189. Government giving out contract that specifies no paper trail to be left in government offices (Vancouver Province, October 11, 2005)
190. Questionable travel expenses at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (CP, October 16, 2005)
191. Two employees at DFO fired for making fraudulent travel claims (CP, The Province, October 18, 2005).
192. Lobbyist registrar Michael Nelson has launched investigations of four people for eight possible breaches of the ethics guidelines for lobbyists, the first such investigations ever launched under the code. (Globe and Mail, October 18, 2005)
193. According to media reports, the federal government has terminated two contracts with a consulting firm that used to be run by Liberal MP David Smith and now run by his wife, following a forensic audit of the contracting practices at a federal agency (Globe and Mail, October 19, 2005)
194. ATI requests by prisoners for information on prison system and guards, when information is actually disclosed
195. Liberal candidate Richard Mahoney lobbying for satellite radio company for a month before registering (Ottawa Citizen, October 19, 2005)
196. Delays and ballooning costs mean a giant software project at National Defence will eclipse its original budget and won't meet its goals until 2011 -- if at all. An internal audit obtained by Canadian Press raises red flags about a new system designed to streamline computer tracking of military inventory and purchases. MASIS -- or Materiel Acquisition Support Information System -- started in 1997 as a $147-million undertaking. What began as a focused effort to cover a single equipment category in each of the navy, army and air force soon mushroomed. By 2003, Defence officials estimated MASIS would be in place by 2006 at a cost of $325 million, more than twice its forecast budget. A full introduction of the complex software has now been extended to 2011. The heavily censored May 2005 internal audit, released under the Access to Information Act, catalogues a litany of "revised planned milestones.'' "The prime contract has been amended six times, each time increasing amounts for professional service fees,'' it says. (CP, The Record, October 24, 2005)
197. Hospitality and travel expenses of executives at CMHC (Journal de Montréal, October 24, 2005)
198. Questions about Squamish land deal lease (The Province, October 26, 2005)
199. Liberals handling of tainted water at Kashechewan First Nation

200. Income trust Scandal
201. Renege on Atlantic Accord promise
202. Receiving Gomery report 24 hours prior to every one else Can you say spin
203. Gomery Report terms of reference ommited article 5 from Auditor generals report
204. Options Canada
205. EH 101 helicopter farce
206. 30 Billion from disabled WWI, II pensioners

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