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Not alone in our boycott of ESSOn/Mobile

Bee County Commissioners call for boycott of Exxon-Mobile

BEEVILLE - In recent weeks, we've all felt powerless against the oil companies and the rising prices at the pump. Now, Bee County Commissioners believe they have the answer. Monday the commissioner's court voted 4-1 to pass a resolution that urged folks to stop buying gasoline from Exxon-Mobil on May 1, and not to buy it again, until the price drops to a $1.309.

For years, e-mails have been circulating from one person to another discussing this kind of scenario. Monday's resolution is very real. The theory behind the e-mail and the boycott is pretty simple. You stop buying gas from a particular company and force them to lower prices. When they finally do lower prices, the other companies have to do the same to keep up.

Exxon-Mobile is being targeted by Bee County leaders because it is the largest oil company. Commissioners feel all the companies have reported record profits at the expense of consumers.

More ARA's hate mail

Same issue same topic.

Duck Pond Bucans Mine tailings issue

I've been meaning to investigate into this issue but haven't got around to it until now. Even now I don't feel terribly informed enough to make an informed decision.

My gut feeling without having all of the info is to say NO. But after reading Liams blog on the topic I'm inclined to think I need to investigate more or just shut up before emailing or phoning our federal and provincial administrators.

Liam is from Bucans and has been to Duck pond so until I read the abundance of links he has included in his blog reference Duck Pond Aur mining I thin kLiam makes some good points to go ahead with the proposal.

Just a personal tid bit of life experience.
We used to go swimming and Scuba diving in open pit Quarries when I was in Germany called Bagarsees. Some were still operational in one end while we swam in the other. They were also my first introduction to nude sun Bathing.

Some of these Bagarsees were also converted into fishing ponds where you could go and catch the stocked fish.

Point being using this so called Duck Pond/Bog hole could actually be a good thing. Who knows maybe Bucans will have it's first nude beach in a few years.

The above picture of a Bog/pond isn't of Duck pond.

President Williams By Averill Baker

Be sure to read right to the end. She touches on Churchill Falls, Come By Chance, Hebron Ben Never, and the conditions surrounding any future Refineries in NL.

Monday, April 24, 2006


Newfoundland and Labrador Telegram complacent in spreading ARA's lies and disinformation SHAME

I received this in my inbox today as apart of the Telegrams newsletter.

I can't express how disappointed I am with a N&L Newspaper for printing this garbage. By doing so they are as guilty if not more so that the ARA's themselves especially when you consider they live here and should know better.

Maybe it is just laziness and taking AP at face value and not proof reading their press releases.

The fact is the Seal Fishery is a legal endeavor. Sanctioned by all levels of government. Monitored and supervised by DFO. The quotas are set at sustainable levels 4% of a total combined herd of Harp 6 million Hood 2 million. The other 20 or so species of seals are off limits for the seal fishery.

To repeat that these ARA's want to stop the Harvesting of Young seals is an out and out lie. These ARA's want to ban the seal Harvest completely or at least thats waht they say and by being so beligerant in their agenda know it will never happen so they can continue to fund raise inperpetuity at the expense of Atlantic Canadians. Yep those same defeatist attitude Atlantic Canadians.

Seal hunt stalemate

Fisheries officials consider tightening the rules for observers; protesters say they won’t back down. Canadian Fisheries officials are reviewing rules governing the annual East Coast seal hunt after one of the most turbulent seasons in decades. Clashes between sealers and hunt protesters in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador highlighted growing tensions between the people who want to stop the slaughter of young seals and those who rely on it as a much-needed source of income. Canadian Press story.

Caveat: While I support the seal hunt I would like to see the Whole seal harvested and utilized. Even if it is to make fish and animal food. Waste not want not.

I believe this waste has come about in part due to the first come first serve quota system implimented by DFO. Making it prohibitive for the sealers to land the whole seal without losing out on the quota.

I emailed gwhiffen@thetelegram.com to express my disappointment in a fellow NL'ian.

The Halifax herald published a similar story recently also. Just shaking My head at these minions.

Lies and indoctrination Harper on Hebron Ben-Never

Excerpt taken from Vive Le Canada article

But let’s take a moment to jump completely across the country to see the same game being played in Newfoundland. There, Danny Williams, premier, believes U.S. ESSOn Mobile Corp. is trying to starve his government into contracts (concerning oil development) that will pauperize Newfoundland. ESSOn Mobile is refusing to develop the Hebron oil properties it is sitting on.

Danny Williams wants to confiscate the Hebron properties ESSOn Mobile refuses to develop. He needs federal government action and assistance. But Stephen Harper governs for big, predator Private Corporations not for Newfoundlanders and other Canadians.

So Stephen Harper takes sides – dramatically - and he sides with ESSOn Mobile, of course. Harper says (Globe and Mail Apr 13 06 B18 reports) “the Hebron issue is strictly a commercial dispute. It should be settled through negotiations between Newfoundland and a consortium” including ESSOn Mobile.

That is a lie. The dispute is not simply commercial. It is political, social, cultural, and involves international relations as well as the general economy of Newfoundland.

Stephen Harper had a perfect right to say: “I urge ESSOn Mobile to change its position. Canada can confiscate those properties if undeveloped, and we demand a fair deal for Newfoundlanders. It would be advisable for Exxon Mobile to reconsider its position.” But Stephen Harper said nothing like that. He backed ESSOn Mobile.

Stephen Harper lied, (as reported by the Globe and Mail) backing a foreign predator Private Corporation against Canadians. An oil company spokesperson praised the fact that Harper showed he works for foreign corporations.

Of Stephen Harper’s strong stand taken in favour of ESSOn Mobile’s position on the Hebron oil properties, what is the Globe and Mail’s headline? “Harper steers clear of Hebron fight.”

“Lies and indoctrination.” The correct headline would have been: “Harper backs ESSOn Mobile in fight against Newfoundland”.

In my mind this is strike ONE for Mr HArper.
While the Fortier and Emerson issues were ticks.
The Flag lowering disgrace is a foul.
The Media issue is starting to seem like another Tick.

All in all Mr HArper has a full count and he needs to hit one out of the park to start a new inning.

Moose on the loose

Here is one of the Moose pics posted over on Marine & Mountain Economic Zone forum. To see the rest just follow the link.

These are taken in Corner Brook and are of a Cow and two calves.

Response from Darden Restaurants, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Smokey Bones, Bahama Breeze

Subject: Red Lobster Case ID:473763

April 24, 2006

Dear Mr. Byrne,

Thank you for sharing your concerns about the seal hunt that takes place each
year in the waters off Newfoundland, Canada.

Red Lobster is committed to protecting the sustainability of marine resources so
our oceans can continue supporting a growing world population. For more
information, please visit www.dardenrestaurants.com/com_ff_preservation.asp.

Red Lobster has never bought or sold seal products and has never been involved
in the seal hunt. While we are not aware of any major seafood restaurant chain
or supermarket chain in the United States that is avoiding all Canadian seafood,
we are not presently buying anything from Newfoundland.

Last June, we traveled to Ottawa and met with Canada's Minister of Fisheries and
Oceans to express our concerns about the seal hunt, and we have already written
to the new Prime Minister urging the government to utilize science-based
policies that ensure the sustainability of the seal population. We believe this
is the most constructive way to achieve positive change.

I hope this clarifies our position. Thank you for caring and taking the time to
contact us.


Guest Relations Representative

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Read this and smoke it in your "Culture of defeat Pipe Mr Harper"

This Atlantica Proposal is so on the money it isn't even funny.

I've crossed the two border crossings in NB and they are both a joke.

The one at Calais is two lane and very prohibitive for maneuvering an 18 wheeler both before and after the Border.

The crossing at Houlton, (Woodstock turn off) while several lanes at the border the 50 km on the canadian side leading to the 4 lane divided highway on the US side isonly a back road two lane oncoming traffic narrow shoulder piece of crap. Not a national corridor for moving goods and services to the largest market within reach of Atlantic Canada.

Improving these border crossing access roads should be a number one priority for us culture of defeatist Atlanticans.

Well worth the read this Atlantica stuff.

Friday, April 21, 2006


Red Lobster Discriminates against Newfoundlanders and Labradorians

This is taken from the Frequently Asked Questions page on the Red Lobster site.
Expanded upon here at their Dardens HQ Site.

Questions About Canadian Seafood Boycott?

Thank you for your concern about the seal hunt that takes place each year in Newfoundland, Canada.

Red Lobster is not involved in the seal hunt in any way and does not buy or sell seal products. In fact, we don’t buy any products at all from Newfoundland.

Nevertheless, we’re concerned about this situation. For many years we have championed the sustainability of marine life and animal welfare by working with interested governments.

We met with the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans recently to express our concerns about the seal hunt. We believe this is the best way to advance environmental issues.

This is a prime example of ignorance is bliss. By saying they don't support or aren't involved in the seal hunt in Newfoundland, Canada when the truth is the seal hunt is a Legal Canadian sanctioned endeavor which has been studied and is observed by Canadian officials and takes place not only in Newfoundland and Labrador but in Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newbrunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Veteranarian Study
Royal Commission

My comments left on the Red Lobster site.

If your going to boycott Canadian sea food because of the Canadian Seal Harvest at least get your facts straight.
The Canadian Seal Hunt is a sustainable, humane harvest of a natural resource that takes place of the East coast of Canada in Nova Scotia, Newbrunswick, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and of course Newfoundland and Labrador not just Newfoundland.
So please stop discriminating against Newfoundland and Labrador in your FAQ page.
Here is a link to a study done by veterenarians on the humaneness of the hunt.
Here is a blog done on the 1985 Royal Commission into the seal Harvest.

There are approximately
6 000 000 000 Million Harp seals
2 000 000 000 Million Hood seals
1 000 000 000 Million other species of seals
of the east coast of Canada of which there is only a quota of 4%, 325 000< taken from 8 000 000 000 each year.


Musk Ox Pics from the source Nain Bay Blog

I won't steal his thunder by reposting his pics. Besides he is living right there and taking the pics so you can ask him questions and what not.

I saw these animals up close when I did a job on Ellesmere Island quite impressive. Especially when you get to within 25 metres. Not recommended for you or the animals sake.


Thursday, April 20, 2006


Pacific Gateway VS Atlantica

First of the term Atlantic Gateway doesn't exist in Ottawa unless of course you consider the Saint Lawrence SeaWay and the ports of Toronto and Montreal as the gateway.

is the term that comes to my mind when I think of Canada's economic interests in Atlantic Canada. The worse thing that ever happened to Atlantic Canada was that Saint Lawrence SeaWay SLSW, and we as Atlantic Canadians helped pay for our own demise. We helped the Kingdome of Ontario turn us into a colonies to be used and abused as Ontario saw fit.



The only bright hope on the horizon is the prospect that container ships are getting bigger and bigger and won't be able to bypass Atlantica in the SLSW as has been the practice of the past.

"1985 Royal Commission Report on Sealing Validates Seal Hunt: Limiting Access to Activists is the Best Protection for Sealers"

Welcome to another Newfindland and Labrador Blogger http://newfinland.blogspot.com/

If Kodaks blogs to date are any indication of what his blog os going to be like I look forward to visiting his blog often.

For starters he did a recent blog on the 1985 Royal Commission into the Humaneness and sustainability of the Seal Harvest. A report I myself have been trying to find a link to for quite some time now with no luck. I actually gave up my search thinking there was no link available on the web. He does an admirable job of summarizing the report well worth the read.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Esso-n/Mobile has a shelf life of 6-12 months

SO Esso-n/Mobile thinks they can just wait out Newfoundland and Labrador on developing the Hebron Ben-Never project.

Funny thing is most people thing they can't fight back against these giant multi nationals. They couldn't be further from the truth. These Oil companies are publicly traded and if their profits start to fall of they will be called to task faster than you can say Power to the People.

The thing is we have choice and as long as we stick together over the long haul which only has to be 6-12 months the time it takes for gas to go bad. We can cause corporate shares to fall thus profits thus willingness by the share holders to support a certain CEO's policies.

The beauty of this is the oil industry really doesn't have much of a choice their product doesn't store well and the space required for storage is finite. It works two ways this supply and demand thing. If we don't demand product from a certain company they have no need to supply but unfortunately for them they have an infrastructure that is dependant on the need of demand to keep running.

Gas will only keep for 6-12 months
Stop demanding and the price will fall
We have choice, we just need to unite to utilize our buying power to force supply and demand in our favor.

What will unite us well a bad guy and from what I've been reading and hearing it would seem to me Esso-n/Mobile is a clear choice for starters.

Now there are going to be the weak of mind and wallet out there so we need to set some objectives so people don't fall of the band waagon before we meet our objectives.

I propose 10 Cents drop before moving onto the next company until we get to a realistic price like 50 cents a litre.

Lets make this as unbiased as possible by going alphabetically

Esso-n/Mobile first until gas drops 10 cents below average 100.00

Irving- 00.90

Petro-Canada- 00.80

Shell- 00.70

That should get us to 00.70 cents a litre

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Seal hunt court case Here is one example where truth won out over emotion

Newfoundland heroes

The Advertiser

Another great piece by Averill Baker

It happened seven years ago in Newfoundland. I can remember it as if it were yesterday.

It was like a stage play and the first act was about to begin. The stage was set for the most important legal case in Newfoundland sealing history.

The largest anti-sealing organization had sent cameramen to the hunt for two years posing as friends from “American Sports Hunter” in the United States. On the stand they admitted they lied to DFO. They came to Newfoundland armed with a letter of introduction from Ottawa, and with the written approval of the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans. The sealers, before taking them out, confirmed with DFO on the telephone that the Minister had approved them and that their letters of introduction were authentic.

Dam two strings of the media gods are being pulled to smile on Newfoundland and Labrador's Hebron Ben-Never project

For Big Oil, it's a scary search
With the world in a state of unrest, Newfoundland's stability strengthens its hand as crude surges toward a record close
Apr. 18, 2006. 08:42 AM
DAVID OLIVE of the Star

By global standards of political instability and mounting violence that have made the oil and gas industry a dangerous neighbourhood, Newfoundland's latest confrontation with Big Oil reads like a chapter from Anne of Green Gables.

Just the same, in seeking an equity stake in the undeveloped Hebron Ben Nevis field in the Atlantic Ocean off the Newfoundland coast and rejecting a $500 million subsidy demanded by the U.S.-led consortium on the project, Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams has been made out to be, in the headline of one Toronto newspaper, "Canada's Hugo Chavez" — a reference to the populist Venezuelan president hoping to use petrodollars to spread his influence across Latin America.

Buy your gas, coffee and donuts from ESSO AKA EXXON/Mobile and support their efforts to stone wall little old NL into accepting big oils terms.

Exxon plays hardball -- and Hebron one example

Pretty good break down of ExxonMobile AKA ESSO and whats going on in the world of Oil. Analysis by Shawn Mccarty

NEW YORK -- Propelled by soaring world oil prices, ExxonMobil Corp. has become the world's largest corporation by revenue. But more important, says its chairman Rex Tillerson, is its industry-leading return on capital that he refuses to squander on the demands of politicians such as Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams.

From Atlantic Canada to Venezuela to Indonesia to eastern Russia, Exxon is used to playing hardball, refusing to proceed with developments where governments insist on conditions that would lower the corporation's return on capital below what it considers to be an acceptable level.

ExxonMobil is the world's most successful oil company. It boasted a 31-per-cent return on capital employed last year, a full 50 per cent higher than its nearest competitor. It did so, Mr. Tillerson says, by sticking to its long-term strategy of investing in only the most profitable developments and strictly controlling costs.

Follow link to read the rest of the analysis.

Monday, April 17, 2006


Hockey Boxing

I've never understood why we had to take our gloves of if we got into a fight during a hockey game.

Maybe in the old days when no one wore helmets and the gloves had very rough stitching it might have been a good idea, but in todays game where everyone wears helmets and visors taking your gloves of to punch a guy in the helmet would have to be the stupidest thing you could do.

I say design the hockey gloves more like boxing gloves and make it mandatory that if you get into a fight you must keep your gloves on.

RIP Vancouver Canucks 44444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444!

Photo from Owned.com

Survivor Labrador

Nah never happen LOL.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Some Newfoundland and Labrador Reading by Liam

Liam from over at Responsible Government League has compiled a list of the top 40 NL books to read.

Pulp and Rayon industry

Not sure If I ever did a blog on this and this isn't going to be much of one just some food for thought.

There was/is a pulp and Paper Mill (Pulp Rayon mill) here in Newbrunswick at Nakawick St. Anne-Nackawic Pulp Company Ltd. It was closed for a year or two but with some help from the Provincial not sure if the feds were involved they re-opened the Pulp and Paper mill as a Pulp Rayon mill. Some renovations and retooling were necessary but the market for Rayon is quite good I hear and the mill has a bright future ahead of it.

Here is a explanation of what Rayon is.

Speech about Fibre Market and VSF Excerpt below.
In the Viscose Staple Fibre business, our vision is to sustain and grow our
leadership position. To do so entails securing access to good quality pulp
which is vital for the fibre business. As a step in this direction, you
will recall that your Company had acquired the Atholville Pulp Mill,
located in New Brunswick in 1998, in joint venture with Tembec.

Given the need to further fortify our pulp operations, we have signed a
Framework Agreement with the Province of New Brunswick for the acquisition
of the St. Anne Nackawic Pulp Mill, in partnership again with Tembec. At
present, the St. Anne Nackawic Pulp Mill, is a paper grade pulp mill. Our
intent is to convert it to a product mix of paper, dissolving and specialty
pulps. The Mill's current capacity is 2.6 lacs tpa of paper grade pulp.
After conversion, it would be geared to produce 1.4 lacs tpa of dissolving
grade pulp.

To become self sufficient in pulp, we are exploring the setting up of green
field pulp plants globally.

This strategy is consistent with our strategy of reinforcing our
competitive edge in the cellulosic manmade fibre sector, through setting up
of fully integrated operations, virtually from the `Forest to the Fabric'

I would now like to give you a snapshot of our business sectors and the
roadmap for growth, going forward.

Viscose Staple Fibre (VSF):

The other option for our forest fibre could be LSF Long Strand Fibre/Lumber LSL.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


MSM needs to take a page from The Trailer Park Boys advertising book

Ever notice how the Trailer Park Boys always block out any brand names in their show that don't pay for the advertising.

It is my contention that the MSM should only refer to these Animal Rights Activists as ARA's in generality unless of course they are willing to pay to have their names mentioned and logos shown on the nightly news casts all in an effort to raise awareness to their organizations for fund raising purposes. As well as block any ARA LOGO's that may be in the film clips.

Then again maybe there is already an monetary agreement between certain ARA's and MSM outlets to publish their names and fund raising sites.

There should also be a media black out on the white coat because it is an out and out lie to show a white coat and then do a story about the seal hunt. When everyone knows white coats haven't been hunted since the 1970's.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Sounds like Posturing to me Esso/Exxon

When was the last time an oil company made a press releases stating it was breaking up a negotiating team. Or threaten that a project will take two years to start up again.

I'm pretty sure they phone and lobby MP's all the time. But this time is in a bit of a different capacity this time they are on the defensie and they state as much by threatening that they are consulting their legal teams.

You can't beat these people ESSO on a political scene or in the courts because they have to much money but at the pumps ESSO where it hurts them the most is how you apply pressure.

From what I've read and been following with this Hebron Ben-Nevis deal Newfoundland and Labrador doesn't seem to be asking anything off the wall just a stake in their own resources.

Why else would the other three companies involved be ok with the deal but Exxon/Esso be the only one who wants 500 million in tax concessions. Coming tfrom a company that made the highest profits in the history of man last year 10 000 000 BILLION. It isn't hard to see why with them making demands from NL on this Hebron deal.

Gander Weather forcasting reinstated

I hate to be a stick in the mud BUT while I am pleased to hear the Tories have seen fit to return the status quo for Newfoundland (Labrador) weather forcasting.
IE: 20 personel, Aircraft weather forcasting, Marine forcasting, and land forcasting.
The data these individuals will have to work with hasn't changed. With the exception of looking out the window and forcasting for their own back yard in and around Gander.

Personally I would have been just as pleased if not more so if they had saw the errors of their forcasting in that there are only two Doppler radars in all of Newfoundland (Labrador excluded because Labrador doesn't have any Doppler Radars)

When you look at the rest of Canada you will notice that the Doppler Radars are spaced some 200 kilometres distant in several cases and in some like Vancouver And Vancouver Island they are only 100 km distant completely overlapped.
If you look at the Maritimes their Doppler Radars are spaced some 200 km distant overlapped some 400 km in all.

Now what do doppler radars do exactly you might ask well I'm no expert but from what I've researched and read they detect particulate in the air and are also able to detect micro climates. If you look at the Doppler radars in the USA they are all just the 200 km distant because it would appear beyond the 200 km range their accuracy decreases dramatically especially if the terrain is rough.

Personally I say sure return the forcasters but we need more Doppler radars many more in my estimation. I would say we need one at Port Aux Basques, Gander/Grandfalls, St John's, St Anthony, Happy Valley Goose Bay, Labrador City and if money isn't an option Nain.

Give us Doppler radars in all of these locations and you can keep you 20 forecasters. There are three Doppler radars N/O Non/Operational across Canada for whatever reason One on the Island of Vancouver, Which IMHO is the only one that could be removed without any effect on the forcasting in that area.

Unlike the rest of Canada where all of the work is done by LandLubbers In NL alot of our work and business goes on on the sea and in a very hazardous enviroment. Remember the Ocean Ranger, hey maybe they could put a Doppler radar on the oil rigs.

Also of note this map from Enviroment Canada is so grossly tilted to the west to make Eastern Canada look like it is further North than it actually is it's no wonder they have been getting the forcasts wrong. Geez if I didn't have my tin foil hat on I'd say they did it on purpose because nobody in their right mind could so grossly represent a map of the earth unless of course the werer falling over drunk and looking at it from an inebriated stupor on the floor.

Monday, April 10, 2006


An Apology is requested from Heather Mills (McCartney)

So, her Ladyship Heather Mills-McCartney and Sir Paul McCartney
express a wish for an apology, through the guise of the IFAW, the
group that used these people to crusade for them, knowing full
well that they were encouraging them to break the Canadian Marine
Mammal Act.
Refer to: http://laws.justice.gc.ca/en/F-14/SOR-93-56/118970.html

I wrote Lady McCartney, woman to woman, telling her how sorry I
feel for her. The letter reads as follows:

Subject: 'An Apology is Requested? Really Now?’

Lady Heather-Mills McCartney:
I am a Newfoundlander and well informed on the happenings in my province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, so I have followed with insightful interest your recent actions regarding the seal hunt.

Yes, I do feel sorry for you.
I am sincerely sorry that you are being so ill-used by a group that has capitalized on your fame
and fortune,

I am sorry you were never taught the rules of common courtesy in a conversation,

I am sorry you have the title ‘Lady’, as you clearly do not conduct yourself as such,

I am sorry you do not know the geography of our diverse country with its plethora of cultures, and

I am sorry your husband looked so uncomfortable and worn on the Larry King Show.

The young boy from Liverpool, England, who was, and is, a brilliant songwriter and musician is not the cheerful, young man he once was, and is allowing his reputation of a phenomenal career, that took him to the heights of success, to be endangered more than any seal. Because of his recent activities, ‘Beatle’ albums, cassettes and CDs are being thrown in the trash in this part of the country. Your husband, if he had stuck to his field of expertise, would always be known as an idol of our youth, instead of a person who entered Canada, with his wife, broke our Federal Canadian Marine Mammal Act, and sat and watched his wife perform so terribly on a national television network. He looked uncomfortable and embarrassed. Now he will be remembered for these recent activities more than for anything else he has accomplished.

I feel sorry you are not the wife who could foresee the fallout of his involvement in such a controversial forum.

I am sorry you are riding on the fame of one of the idols of our youth,

I am sorry you were not educated enough to know that once you touched that baby white coat seal, (which are not hunted or killed) you left the 99% chance of leaving that baby seal abandoned by its mother, because you would have left the scent of a human on the animal.

I am sorry you are not aware that Omega-3 Seal Oil capsules are manufactured here in Newfoundland and Labrador and are used to treat heart disease and various other illnesses,

I am sorry you were used to the extent that you are left with the possibility of being charged for breaking our Canadian Marine Mammal Law.

I am sorry you did not realize you disturbed many marine mammals that day on the ice, which is illegal, a helicopter stressing the mature seals who could swim away, leaving the white coats to fend for themselves, possibly causing their demise,

I am sorry you were not informed by this group that exploited you that your actions would bring you massive negative press,

I am sorry you are not aware that you would face possible court charges, and the group you support will rake in millions of dollars on your name,

I am sorry you did not think things through before you yelled and interrupted Premier Williams of Newfoundland and Labrador when he tried to make his points on Larry King Live.

Most of all

I am VERY SORRY that you both were clearly misinformed and now so much damage has been done that will always be remembered, just as the Bridgette Bardot debacle is still remembered, (by the way the seal she was holding was a stuffed toy),

and last but not least,

I feel sorry that your husband had the poor judgement to wear a jacket with ‘CANADA’ written
across his chest. When you get a moment, would you please return that jacket? We like to keep our Canadian Emblems in SAFE HANDS! We would like to have that jacket returned to the Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, where it will be held in safekeeping.

I, too, am sorry that tabloids in your own country, who idolized your husband, now print headlines such as ‘EMBARRASSED TO BE BRITISH’. That surely must hurt if you have any heart whatsoever.

I am sorry this has been such a late in life learning experience for you both, and most of all,

I am sorry this whole thing ever happened, an event which will, in all probability, bring you
legal and personal angst in the months to come.

I will end by saying, I am sorry you both have been so ill-used by a group that obviously misled you. To be exploited to this degree is very sad.

I am sorry that I have to write and tell you that I am sorry.
Sorry about that!

Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe,
Newfoundland and Labrador.

I received this email recently and found it worthy of a post. Sorry if I bastardized the grammar but you know how emails get all muddled some times.

There is one very important I am Sorry I think Mrs Jarvis-Lowe ommited.

I am sorry the McCartneys thought that the seal populations of the east coast of Canada were endangered before the DFO officer informed them otherwise on the plane from NL to PEI.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Tick Tock SeaMap initiative to ratify the United Nations Convention on the Law Of the Sea UNCLOS 2007

From reading this SeaMap concept paper it would seem time is running out for Canada to lay claim to the Nose Tail and Flemish cap of our continental shelf in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Law Of the Sea adopted in 1997. It states countries have 10 years to prove their case and ratify their position in accordance with UNCLOS.

From reading this concept paper it would seem the time line is set for 25 years from 1999 which would put us to 2024 17 years too late to lay claim to the Nose Tail and flemish cap and stop the foreigners from raping and pillaging our continental shelf for their own gain with little or no regard to the cost to the enviroment.

Apparently we don't even have the required vesels to do the required deep sea mapping and charting and they are more interested in finding out what can be harvested from the colony of NL, As well as technology that can be developed to be sold world wide.

It's a pretty easy read and well worth the effort IMHO.


As the twentieth century draws to a close, Canada has the opportunity to start the new millennium in a bold new way on the marine front. The adoption of the Oceans Act in 1997 represents an important new direction in the management of Canada’s oceans. The Oceans Act asserts extends Canada’s jurisdiction by establishing an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) out to 200 nautical miles, claims the continental shelf "to the outer edge of the continental margin, determined in the manner under international law that results in the maximum extent of the continental shelf of Canada" [17(1) (a)], with a yet to be determined outer limit to the maximum extent allowed by international law using a yet to be determined outer limit, and commits the Government of Canada to developing an oceans strategy for the management of marine ecosystems. The strategy and programs under the Oceans Act are guided by the principles of precaution, integrated management and sustainability. It provides the framework within which Canada may exercise rights, responsibility and jurisdiction with respect to the exploration and exploitation of living and non-living resources in our EEZ and on or beneath the seabed to the outer edge of the continental margin.

Under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), Canada can submit confirm its claim to new territory on the continental shelf in Atlantic Canada and the Arctic beyond the existing 200 nautical mile EEZ, an area roughly the size of the three Prairie Provinces. Once Canada ratifies UNCLOS, we have ten years to prepare and argue the boundaries of our claim to the new offshore territory. To support this claim, Canada must precisely determine where the limits of extended jurisdiction are and be able to demonstrate to the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (CLCS) that those limits meet their Guidelines. The areas within which the Oceans Act applies conform to Article 76 of UNCLOS. Indeed, the Oceans Act specifically states that "the outer edge of the continental margin, (shall be) determined in the manner under international law that results in the maximum extent of the continental shelf of Canada".

Saturday, April 08, 2006


Bird Brain Wind mill

All the talk recently in Newfoundland and Labrador about alternative energy sources and energy in general specifically wind mills got me to thinking.

Some of the enviormentalists are slandering wind mills because they kill birds. Since we have a new wind mill here in the maritime prairies at Amherst NS I've had an opportunity to see one of these wind mills up close and observe it from time to time when driving by.

It occured to me after sitting in the hospital emergency room waiting for Mrs Expat and observing the pigeons circumvent the pointy things that they had put on top of out croppings to try and deter the very same pigeons I was watching standing in amongst these pointy things that the reason birds are probably getting killed by these wind mills is because birds do what birds like to do land on high objects and observe for prey or stay out of the range of prey. What a perfect spot birds must think upon seeing a windmill tower which is generally situated in the open where there would otherwise be no such post.

Now even wind mills have slack times when it wouldn't be dangerous for a bird to be in and around the killer blades so at such times birds get habituated with perching ontop of these very dangerous wind mills because they can.

So in conclusion it is my personal opinion that all wind mill towers should be made bird unfriendly as perches by
Either putting pointy things long enough so as that they can't stand in amongst them LOL
Place Owls ontop of these towers.
Paint the blades differing colors specifically Black and white so as that birds can see them since birds only see black and white. Keeping in mind that it needs to be visible when the blades are in motion either one blade black one white or half black half white to ensure that they don't blend in with the surrounding sky and terrain.
Make the top of the towers pointy so as to discourage perching.


Any way just a thought.

PS: Here is a live web cam of an eagles nest with young.


Update: Upon further thought it is my humble opinion that the best way to curb this terrible tragedy of bird kills by wind mills is to work with nature. Nature tells these birds of prey to perch on the highest location possible to observe for prey. So why not extend the wind mill poles so that they extend above the danger path of the blades and over top of the blades so that birds can approach and land on this platform in relative safety from the turning blades. They could even make their nests on top of these pole platforms now wouldn't that be ne nice man aiding nature instead of working without any consideration to his impact on nature.

Shouldn't high towers have lights on top of them for aviation warning? This light would also allow for a place to perce aboe and out of danger for birds of prey as well as a warning for low flying aviation and night owls.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Stumpage fees for the fishery

Ok with the ongoing fiasco of shipping round unprocessed fish to CHINA for processing from Newfoundland and Labrador Eastern Canada.
I would like to know is this fish harvested with the quotas free to harvest or is it like the forestry where by you have to pay stumpage fees for each tree you cut down?

While I don't think it's right for our fish to be bartered of for trade deals or shipped of unprocessed so corporations and share holders can make bigger profits. If it must happen the least we should do is insist that a stumpage fee be paid on the resource being harvested of our shores.

Sad but true I guess reality is a bitch.

This is why I keep advocating Co-OPs because Co-ops don't need to be ever increasing their profits to appease share holders all a co-op needs to do is stay in business and save enough to pay for maintenance and maybe pay out a few dividends. Because the share holders gain through the co-op because of employment.

Another good thing about Co-ops is the vested interest of it's members makes them more motivated and less likely to utilize the underground economy which is so prevelant in the fishery woith sales of fish from the back of trucks.

It's like those commercials West Jets has why do our employees care so much because they are West jet owners too!

Global economy can be combated with niche markets and quality quality. Like the commercial I heard recently where by they were talking about competing in a global market where apples were the commodity. Now granny smiths were abundant beyond belief but there are other types of apples that can be grown which are less popular thus enabling you to produce them and still sell at a profit keeping in mind our wages and life style.

Comments worthy of a post From WebtalkNL harper-supports-farmers-but-forgets

Anonymous said...


YES MR. CHILLS, isn't it amazing how differently the AGRICULTURE and AUTO industries are treated by Canadians and Ottawa, as compared to the FISHING industry. Despite the fact Ottawa holds in the palm of its hand A VIRTUAL BANK, NAMELY, THE FISHING Industry that was brought into Canada only because by hook or by crook Ottawa was successful in getting the province of NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR to join Canada in 1949; and, of course, which territory gives Canada its complete Eastern Flank. If they hadn't gotten Newfoundland and Labrador to join, there would be a foreign country off its Eastern Coast at this moment. That makes this province more important, in my opinion, than any other province in Canada. except for British Columbia which gives Canada its Western Flank. Ottawa uses the Fish that grows on the prolific Grand Banks of Newfoundland to bolster its International Trade and Foreign Affairs clout. And believe me that fish which they hold custody of, gives Canada immense clout in International Trade and Foreign Affairs circles.

In other words NO OTHER INDUSTRY IN CANADA pays its way like the Fishery does. What do the Auto Industry and Agriculture Industry give to Ottawa, NOTHING, as both of these industries need another resource to be the ENABLER for their products to be traded. And that resource is the FISH that this province brought into Canada. Without that fish, which Ottawa, holds in the palm of its hand, the Auto and Agriculture industries would be worth precious little.

I am sure Ottawa knew full well what it was getting in 1949 when by hook or by crook Ottawa got us on side.

How come at one time there were only 4 countries fishing off Newfoundland and Labrdors waters and now there are many, many countries from the Atlantic to the Pacific out there. You might ask WHY? It is because these foreign countries were given quotas of fish in order for these countries to buy wheat, auto parts from Canada, and everything else that is manufactured in Canada. The only ones benefiting from our fish is the other 9 provinces. They have market economies created on our fish, Ottawa created make work projects for Newfoundland and Labrador's rural economies and now they want everyone to pack up and move to Alberta, since Ottawa has all the quotas dispensed to other countries. Now Ottawa does not want to play the game of creating make work economies anymore. Ottawa now has everything structured the way it wanted it to be with the fish. A lack of transparency paid off very well for Ottawa/Canada didn't it? All the time, we, in Newfoundland and Labrador did not know what was happening. Corruption, through lack of transparency, sure pays off, doesn't it?

April 07, 2006 3:11 PM
Bayman said...

OK Anonomous you've identified the problem with no supporting links I might add just conjecture albeit very releant conjecture where is the proof that we as NL's can take to the bank like PEI did with their Supreme court challenge of the abuses perpetrated against NL and it's fisher people.


April 07, 2006 3:25 PM

Task force helping rebuild Bay St. George economy

Here is just one of the businesses and initiatives being promoted by the Bay St George task force.

East Coast trailer Worx

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Letter to HSUS from the past 2003-06-15

Letter to the Humane Society of the United States

I wrote this today. Copy it and send it to their offices at
The Humane Society of the United States
2100 L Street, NW
Washington DC 20037


I was very disappointed to see that yesterday your organization launched a fund raising campaign in the guise of a protest of the Seal Hunt in Newfoundland and Labrador.

I am not necessarily opposed to cutting quotas on seals however the HSUS campaign is a huge money grab using hackneed arguments and images trotted out time after time over the past thirty odd years. I am afraid the overall effect of this campaign will be to deepen the ongoing social crisis in rural parts of my province. To my mind this is far more cruel than the crimes which you are accusing the sealers of (the physical and emotional torture of people as opposed to the cubbing and skinning of seals).

In terms of the arguments presented on the hunt itself I am afraid that as long as there is a Cod Fishery there will be a Seal Hunt. Seals eat cod and fishermen need the fish to earn a living. Unfortunately, gov't programs don't cover contingencies like the seal hunt when the cod fishery collapses. But, to argue that seals don't eat cod and therefore the hunt is unnecessary is simply foolish and shows how little your organization knows about seals and the fishery. We CAN argue about the quantities of cod seals consume but Seals eat Cod!!! Understand that!!

In terms of the way it is conducted I have always understood that for the younger seals (the beaters or bluebacks) the kindest way to "dispatch" (retire/murder/brutalize?? - you make your choice) them is with a club. Shooting them can lead to wounding and a slow painful death for the creature. As to issues of the skinning of the seals and being flayed alive, if the Humane Society takes this issue seriously shouldn't it be working with the sealers association to improve the professionalism of the industry rather than trying to destroy the livings of thousands of seasonal workers who use the industry to provide for their families?

As to the overall ecological balance of the oceans and arguing that seals eat cod predators, I think this contradicts the society's earlier argument that seals don't eat cod. Additionally, part of the reason the cod have been such a successful species is that they have so few natural predators.

Right now the ecological situation on the Grand Banks is a mess. This in turn has created a social and economic mess in the adjacent inhabited areas as people try to find new ways to make a living and survive. One of those ways is through tourism!! Your campaign attacks these attempts at economic diversification just as they are beginning to achieve some success. Your campaign is shallow and mean. You should feel ashamed for conducting such a self centred, callous attack for your own gain.

Shame on the Humane Society of the United States!!!


2 million Smart Bay explained

When I first heard about this federal announcement of 2 million for the placentia bay area called Smart Bay I was fairly skeptical at the funding but not knowing exactly what it was all about I didn't feel comfortable commenting on it.
I still don't feel comfortable commenting on this initiative called Smart Bay mainly because it is in it's fledgling stages and all hypothetical at this point. All in all this article does a pretty good job of explaining what it is all about and on the surface it seems like an ounce of oil spill prevention is going to be worth a pound of oil spill cure cure when it becomes operational.

Well worth the read in fact the whole edition of the Packet this week is quite good alot on the budget etc.

Exxon AKA ESSO Hebron deal breaker

So consumers have been looking for a ways and means to make their displeasure heard towards the price gouging oil companies. I think we have it now we just need to get the word out and for people to stand together.

Williams, however, said the province believes ExxonMobil Properties – one of the project's four partners – does not want to develop the project.

"I'm saying to ExxonMobil right now that if you don't want to move on with this project, then we would be prepared to take you out," said Williams, who added his government is prepared to take on a greater equity stake with remaining partners.

Williams said provincial negotiators were close to reaching an equity stake of five per cent.

Williams said Monday that hopes for a negotiated deal by a March 31 deadline looked good late last week, until the companies asked for tax credits and exemption on fuel costs.
This from a company that has reported the highest profits in the history
On Friday Chevron (Research) became the latest big oil company to report a jump in profits for the third quarter, a day after Exxon Mobil (Research), the nation's biggest oil company, reported $9.9 billion in net earnings -- the biggest corporate profit on record.

IMHO this is a no brainer Oil and gas is a peoples resource and as such the peoples representative (GOVT) should have a stake in it's development and profits.

Offshore timeline
1979: Oil discovered at Hibernia, on the Grand Banks off Newfoundland.
Feb. 15, 1982: The Ocean Ranger drilling rig sinks in a storm; all 84 crew members killed.
March 8, 1984: Supreme Court of Canada rules Ottawa, not the Newfoundland government, has jurisdiction over offshore mineral resources.
Feb. 11, 1985: Atlantic Accord signed, providing for federal and provincial joint management of offshore resources.
Sept. 14, 1990: Government and four partners sign development agreement on Hibernia. The project is later stalled when a partner withdraws and a new one is sought.
Aug. 5, 1996: Agreement reached to develop Terra Nova oil field.
Nov. 17, 1997: Hibernia produces first oil.
April 2, 2002: An arbitrator rules in favour Newfoundland and Labrador over an offshore boundary dispute with Nova Scotia.
Jan. 20, 2002: Terra Nova produces first oil.
March 28, 2002: White Rose oil field receives regulatory approval.
Nov. 12, 2005: White Rose produces first oil.
Oh well I guess I'll be gasing up at a good Maritime company across the road Irving.

Just my little stone I'll be throwing at the goliath EXXON.


Send your displeasure and comments to

ESSO Customer service centre

Call our toll-free customer service centre at 1-800-567-3776.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


How to be a pro seal hunt supporter without seeming like a barbarian

No matter what way you cut it advocating animal killing is a hard sell.

That is why it is done behind closed doors in most cases where the public doesn't have to witness it.

Who in their right mind is going to parade around on the streets proclaiming kill all the seals or any other animal, mammal, insect, bird you name it.

The disconnect from the meat fish and poultry and the meal on your plate makes people think they are above the food chain and aren't dependant on animals for their survival.

So how do you go about supporting the seal fishery or any wild, factory farm or any other kind of meat industry?

Tell the truth
It is a sustainable harvest of a natural renewable resource. With the taking of 325,000 of the 8 000 000 million combined, 6 mill Harp and 2 mill hood seals equalling a very insignificant amount overall 4%.

Silent protest like wearing a tshirt club seals not club sandwiches. Be forewarned you will need to know the facts and be expected to defend you stand.

Club the seals Cuddle the Cod tshirts.

Eat a seal today, Flipper pie recipe on back.

Order some seal carcasses for your dogs.

Use the seal; Carcasses to make fish, animal food or fertilizer.

Change the regulations from first come first serve quota system to so many per boat or man and make it manditory that the carcasses be brought ashore and used.

Tshirts, signs, Bumber stickers, with www.Activistcash.com on them.

The Independant closing it's pages

Be sure to save some of their best articles before they are gone forever into the void called NL economy :(


12 mon 6 mon
Retail single copy $52.00 $26.00
Home Delivery*
Prepaid at office $45.00 $24.00
Carrier collect at door $52.00 $26.00

Mail Delivery
Newfoundland and Labrador $80.00 $42.00
Mainland Canada $96.00 $50.00
USA $200.00 $110.00

Overseas Rate provided upon request
Online Subscription
Click Here

Phone Ryan Cleary at 1-709-726-4639
Email: ryan.cleary@theindependent.ca

The Independent distributes 10 000 newspapers throughout the province every week.

I'm as guilty as the next But I hope to correct my all talk and no action by just making my subscription official.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


A letter sent to Larry King at CNN with copies to Honourable Danny Williams and Sir Paul and Heather Mills McCartney

A letter sent to Larry King at CNN with copies to Honourable Danny Williams and Sir Paul and Heather Mills McCartney

Re: Interview With Paul McCartney, Heather Mills McCartney

March 3, 2006 - 21:00 ET
http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANS.../03/ lkl.01.html

Dear Sirs and Lady McCartney;

While CNN and you, Larry, tried to display a balanced perspective on the Newfoundland Seal Hunt, there were significant elements of "not letting the truth get in the way of a good story". It is obvious that even the website mentioned by the McCartney's www.protectseals.org is a false revenue generation front for the US Humane Society automatically forwarding to the URL http://www.hsus.org/

This latest onslaught against the seal hunt is little more than a socio-economic terrorism campaign against the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. Who are the Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans you may ask? We are the Inuit and Innu who migrated east out of Africa eventually setting on t he northeast extremities of North America; with the final leg of the journey avoiding the warring of the central pre Columbian tribes to a place where they could be free. We are the Scots, Irish, Welsh, French, Basque, English, etc... Migrating west out of Africa were; the highland Scots escaping the great clearances. The Irish escaping poverty, rebellion, the English crown and famine. The French and Basque escaping wars and rebellions, and Acadians hiding from the English clearances of Acadia. The West Country fisher folk who were left behind on our rock shores to fend for ourselves through cruel winters after the fishing admirals' holds were too full of fish to ship those poor people back whence they came. Much of the inhumanity foisted on Newfoundlanders and Labrado reans was either directly or indirectly at the hands of pompous English Lords.

But on our rocky shores they were unfettered and free; the deer in the woods were not the king's deer, the trees not the king's trees, the fish and seals in the ocean not the king's fish. What we had was ours to subsist upon and grow. In the post ice age trans-Siberian migrations, the millennia since Norse settlement and half millennia since English and Portuguese rediscovery we have become a unique society with our own culture, music, customs and folk lore. Two of the most recognized and best loved dog breeds in the world, the Newfoundland Dog and the Labrador retriever hail from our s hores. We have thrived here by subsisting off nature's bounty as men and women of steel in frail wooden boats.

Every season had its purpose in our symbiotic relationship with this New Founde Lande. One of those seasonal bounties were the seal herds following the ice flows in the harsh winters when the root cellars were nearly empty of the previous years crop and the fish and caribou were out of reach in the thick sea ice and deep woods snows. Seal meat rich in omega 3 fatty acids sustained families through the lean winters, Seal oil lit lamps against winters darkness, seal skins became parkas and boots against winters cold fingers. It was then and still is subsistence hunting. Seal meat today in addition to being a p ure, growth hormone and antibiotic free beneficial food source, is as much a delicacy in Newfoundland and Labrador as Veal and Fois Gras is in Europe. Yet the seals live wild and free and that some of their number fall to the hunter's bullet on a hazardous winter ice floe has none of the inherent inhumanity associated with the production of Foie Gras, veal or any other intensive factory farming technique. By comparison Sealing is a small scale near cottage level enterprise in which the sealers get a significantly larger percentage of the profit and healthy meat from the endeavour than workers with the Agri-food Multinationals responsible for the mass production of hormone and antibiotic laden Chicken, Beef , Pork etc...

Sir Paul tries to differentiate between Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans pursuing their traditional Seal Hunt and aboriginals who do it for subsistence. The Inuit seal hunter who leaves Makkovik or Cartwright in his boat to hunt seals is pursuing the same basic human right as the sealer who leaves Twillingate, Bonavista or St. Anthony; Feeding, housing and clothing ones family. To say there is any difference smacks of racial discrimination and elitism, claiming that one class of human being has different inalienable rights than another. If you were to completely map the genome melting pot of Newfoundland and Labrador society after the past millennia, the boundary between those whose ancestors exclusively migrated from the East out of Africa are as rare as those who exclusively migrated west from Africa.

These are the same small boat, inshore and near shore fish harvesters whose 500 year history of sustainable fish harvesting has been destroyed by the foreign offshore draggers and factory freezer trawlers. Primarily from the European Union, these wealthy and powerful multinational corporations have vacuumed the fish stocks before they came ashore to feed these rural families. Despite decades of outcry by our rural communities, no high profile bleeding hearts like the McCartney's ever lead the banner march to stop the corporate pillage and return that world heritage resource of the Grand Banks to its former abundance.

I am an engineer in the Petrochemical Industry and my westward migrating ancestors have been on Newfoundland's shores since the mid 1500s. Despite my ancestors of the recent two centuries being Engineers, Lawyers, Doctors, Nurses, School teachers, Mercha nts and Artists, we all farmed, fished, hunted and ate what we hunted and fished. I have had a personal use sealing licence, for mature adult seals only, whenever I lived in Newfoundland and ate what I hunted. I am very conscious of what I eat and stick to organic, naturally raised or sustainable/wild caught animal and fish products.

Likewise I am conscious of the clothing and products I buy, gravitating towards cotton, hemp, silk, flannel, leather, fur, etc. all biodegradable. In fact when my seal skin boots of 18 years service were finally beyond repair, the boots and felt liners were put into my compost heap to ev entually be recycled into fresh vegetables. I wonder what could be said of Lady McCarthy's much touted synthetic boots, manufactured from non-renewable petrochemical resources in plants that use many carcinogenic compounds and are often cited for fugitive emissions polluting the air, soil and water. Such synthetic clothing items are exceedingly difficult to and rarely recycled usually ending up in the morass of land fills or burned to release their constituent toxins into the air, soil and water.

Rather than focus on the plethora of inaccuracies in most of Sir Paul's and Lady Heather's arguments, I would prefer to direct you to the governmental web site for Fisheries and Oceans responsible for the Seal hunt
http://www.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/seal-ph...oque/ myth_e.htm .

I think Lady Heather and Sir Paul would find it difficult to accuse the same Government of Canada of lying about a small rural cottage industry as the seal hunt, while being such a stalwart supporter of Lady Heather's ban on land mines and its 40 year history of international peace keeping activi ties.

Sir Paul your desire to completely stop the Seal hunt is not a one issue campaign, but a case of tunnel vision brought on by the propaganda of those who reap enormous financial benefit from using you and Lady Heather as the poster children for their cause alongside a newborn Whitecoat Pup. Speaking of which, I think is it time that Premier Williams launches a lawsuit against using the Whitecoat pup image associated with campaigns to ban the seal hunt as fraudulent misrepresentation, since the federally regulated hunt does not permit hunting and killing of these seals in the Whitecoat stage.

Furthermore, Premier Williams should request Congress and the FBI to do a forensic audit of the Humane Society of the US and any other agency that uses the seal hunt as a revenue generation mechanism to show what proportion of the seal hunt revenues go towards the seal hunt campaign, and what portion are diverted into general revenue, as none of these monies are ever directed towards the rural communities whose fabric has been ripped apart by the fishery collapse. If found guilty of such misappropriation of cause specific funds, then these agencies should be stripped of their taxable donation status.

Sir Paul, if you are looking for a just cause in your golden years, then put your weight and wealth behind stopping the EU based over fishing on the Grand Banks. Help restore a sustainable Cod Fishery of 500 years to its former abundance and the outport Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans reliance on the Seal hunt will taper off accordingly. Plus the seals won't have to scour for food on the Trans Canada Highway far from the sea.

Desmond McGrath
A Newfoundland Patriot
Living in Political and Socio-Economic Exile in the Bayous of Louisiana

H/T http://nancyburden.blogspot.com/

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Boycott Costco contact info

Got this from the comments section over at http://freenewfoundlandlabrador.blogspot.com/
it has all of the pertinant info and links to make yourself heard to Costco that we will not put up with any company that sides with these ARO's concerning the seal Fishery.

Anonymous said:

According to a recent news release (March 31, 2006 /World Wire/) by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Costco's senior management team has decided to remove seal oil capsules from their shelves.

As a society we should be outraged that two organizations, Costco, with a reported annual revenues of $51.9 billion and the SSC Society, with an annual carry over worth of $3 million would seek to ban the sale of a product which contributes to the annual income of Canadian fisherpersons who averages only $30,000 and a product (as well as other seal products) which contributes of over $16 million to a provincial economy which has a burdensome debt of $11.9 billion dollars.

So why should we care? Concessions like these to fanatical Animal Rights Organizations (ARO’s) are a step towards their professed goal of an animal free society. They seek the end to meat consumption, animals in medical research, zoological institutions and even the keeping of dogs and cats as pets.

Every time a company, such as Costco, refuses to carry a Canadian product which employs Canadians our economy slows.

As Newfoundland and Labrador’s Premier’s office stated recently: "The premier encourages shoppers to seriously consider whether they will support a company that does not support Newfoundland and Labrador"

Companies such as Costco concur to the whims of ARO’s because they fear the public embarrassment and lost revenues an ARO’s campaign could result in.

It is time to show these companies they have more to fear from the Canadian public then an ARO headquartered in Washington State.

Here’s was you can do:

1. Contact your local/regional/national Costco locations and express your disgust for their actions.

Remember correspondence need not be cordial to be effective. Contact information for your local Costco can be found here:


To reach the actual “senior management” who made the decision he can be contacted through:

James D. Sinegal (President, CEO, and Director Costco Wholesale Corporation)
999 Lake Dr., Issaquah, WA 98027.
Phone: 425-313-8100; Fax: 425-313-8103.

It might be timly to explain to a man who earned over $3.6 million USD in 2003 what it is like to do a provide for a family with only $30,000 CDN.

To e-mail Costco: https://www.costco.com/CustomerService/EmailUs.aspx?secure=1

Here is a toll free number to express your opinion at their expense:
General Member Service: Tel: 800-774-2678

2. Visit your local Costco location and demand a refund on your membership.

Costco has a general policy of refunding the fees for disenchanted members. If they refuse destroy your card and email us with the details. We will be compiling a list of stores which do not refund your membership fees for media release. If you destroy your card or close out your account prior to requesting a refund the membership fee will not be refunded.

3. Bring in all merchandise you have purchased at a Costco location and demand a refund.

Costco like any store has refund policies. These are not important as the protest action is more important then the actual refund. Bring in any product you remember purchasing at Costco. The products may be old, opened or even used. If a refund is refused leave the item at the location and contact us with the details.

4. Forward this entire message to as many people as you know.

Costco will only realize who has more power, the Canadian people or an American ARO, if everyone expresses their opinion on the issue.

Remember just because we shop at US stores does not mean they are not accountable to US--- Canadian consumers!

April 01, 2006 4:29 PM

Update: NL Govt press release Costco to reconsiders earlier decision to sell Seal oil capsules for St John's store only.
My question is why didn't Costco do something about the statement that SS Society made concerning costcos implication in the original removal?

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