Friday, September 30, 2005




NL'ians and seal harvest Protestors on common ice!

This is a comment I made to Sharon in PEI over on in which she reposted Mr Watsons reply to Mr Higgins blog “What motivates seal hunt protest groups?”

I think we can all agree on one thing. According to Mr Watson's comments Canada DFO has dropped the ball and left NL and the seals out to hang at the expense of trade concessions to the foreign draggers.

I commend the SeasShepard society and its members for trying to stop the Foreign Trawler Dragger clear cutting of the ocean bottom, by experimenting with net rippers. But I seriously doubt this had any effect out in the vast ocean of Newfoundland and Labrador. What with the technology availably to these draggers. We can only hope though!

I think you would find NL'ians very receptive to stopping the foreign over fishing and destructive fishing of our coast. I'm willing to bet they would even put the seal Harvest on hold until the cod stocks could be better managed or a better way of harvesting a sustainable seal harvest could be found.Could you imagine the media coverage, fund raising possibilities if NL'ians and the SeaShepard foundation united to stop foreign over fishing and the destruction of ocean bottom!Now this would take alot of eating humble pie and putting the interests of the ecology of the Grand Banks and the planet first and Foremost IMHO.

More humane harvest?
I'm thinking Electric stun guns then lifted aboard a factory Slaughter house ship for processing and proper killing practices according to accepted industry standards already practiced in slaughter houses. No wastage and easier to monitor. Hilti guns shoot nail directly into brain of seals.

Please don't correct my comments Mr Watson like you found so necessary to do to Mr Higgins because you couldn't find any better argument. It just detracts from the issue and makes you look juvenile.

School teacher or animal activist, make up your mind?

How about some form of fork to pin the head of the seal with a third pin that shoots out directly into the brain?

This would remove the very gross swinging of the halapik to kill the animals? Protestor friendly killing practice.

It's all about disconnecting the act of killing from the actual killing.

I also suggested using chokers like used in logging to haul the either dead or unconscious seals onto a factory slaughter house/ship for humane slaughter house killing practices.

I received an email from a sealer saying that he didn't think this was feasible because the seals flippers were to small and pulling the seal against the grain of its fur would be to hard. I think he had a mind set though and wasn't willing to entertain new ideas and practices. I didn't mean a man would pull the seal but rather a winch set up should be used because adult seals weigh a couple of hundred pounds and pulling that on the ice by hand wouldn't be feasible anyway. Which is why I imagine they only take the skins and leave the carcass to rot.

I had another thought on the against the fur grain problem. Use a hook set up similar to a fishing hook and hook it into the seals mouth, this would eliminate the against the grain problem but the weight issue is still there for a manual labour set up.

A winch for a ATV only costs 100-200$ and could be used to pull several seal carcasses at a time with a off shoot of several leads set up.

This would also be an easier way of harvesting for the sealer and safer because each sealer would always have a life line.

Sealers could and should use crampons ice pik boots to harvest the entire seal. These crampons would allow the sealers to pull the larger seals and eliminate the need to leave the carcass because of weight and traction problems.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Vote Independent for independence!

It is the only way within the system we have right now, to make your voice and concerns be heard above the party line.

Divided as independents the people stand, United as partisan politics the people fall!

Start a group, organization, coalition, or party if you will to support independents. Similar to a co-op unsure about the co-op fees issue partisan and sponsorship issues? (Sponsorship pun intended)

Statement of intent!
-Municipal politics principles and format.
-Everybody votes independently in the House of Commons.
-Leader is chosen voted on from among the elected independents by the elected independents.
-Could even go one further and have municipal electees voted amongst them selves to represent province or federal?
-If possible a common set of base goals and policies. This may not be appropriate detract from the independent spirit?

Shared objectives and campaigning practices
-Centralized Fund raising
-Centralized list of candidates, emails, Ph numbers, Web pages
-Help Enlist candidates
-Enlist volunteers to help independents
-Sharing of thoughts and ideas discussion to hone campaign platforms
-Internet fund raising centralized and accountable with all books open and published online.
-Dissemination of funds according to number of constituents or possibility of election?
-Bulk advertising cheaper.
-Centralized head quarters for all candidates.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Margarine and Oil Refineries in NL?


Now you might ask what do margarine and oil refineries have in common?

Well when NL joined with the already Existing Canada in 1949 under dubious circumstances I might add. One of the terms of Union was that NL wasn’t allowed to sell its margarine to Canada! This was to set the tone for protectionism from an early start between Canada nad NL, protecting the dairy and butter industry of Upper Canada from the very beginning. Treating NL who they whole heartedly accepted into confederation, as a foreign nation even after we became apart of Canada. IMHO this simple but very near and dear product of NL Ever Sweet margarine set the tone for Canada’s continued protectionism practices against NL.

Just look at the farce that is portrayed at our ferry terminals with reference to exporting anything with NL soil involved. The one in a million vehicles that is washed by hand I might add? I’ve seen better tank washes that were automatic. They would blow the doors of any normal car. Then there are the tractor trailers how many of these behemoths get washed and how well are they being washed?

Why don't vehichles going to NFLD get washed? Canada has alot of crap NFLD never wants to cross the strait.

When CFB Lahr closed and we had to ship all of our equipment back, we washed these vehicles 10 times and they still failed inspection finally we ended up painting each and every vehicle from top to bottom in order to get them to pass. Now while the vehicles were clean by our standards they still didn’t pass European export inspections so by painting them in their entirety we were able to make them pass inspection. Even my own vehicle was washed and they stripped all of the bees wax from inside the engine compartment costing 250$ dollars to replace. This just confirms in my mind the farce that is being portrayed under the cover of protectionism against NL.

I’m pretty sure that if coyotes can come across the Strait Jacket of belle island a little bit of dirt is going to find it’s way across!

As for the connection between Margarine and Oil Refineries, I read this article today and found out that once again NL is being treated as if we were a foreign country and are being treated like a foreign country, having protectionist practices being perpetrated against us NL’ians?

Now I haven’t had a chance to read the entire Atlantic Accord as of yet, but this article Without the dressing or gravy in The Advertiser written by Averill Baker who seems very well informed, points out that once again NL is being treated as if it were its own country and protectionism is being perpetrated against it us NL to protect Upper Canada’s oil and gas industry this time?

“And the big kicker was that in order to get that federal involvement we had to sign an Atlantic Accord that in effect forbids us to build in our province anything that uses our own offshore oil or gas UNLESS the existing markets for that oil and the existing industrial capacity in the Maritimes has been met – in other words, NEVER.”

I just don’t know, I’m at a loss for words as to how I feel at how Canadians are treating their poorest province mainly because of how they misuse and abuse NL. It makes me think back to how I spent my youth serving Canada in its army all the while Canada has been abusing my native land and fellow NL’ians?

Another example of the abuse NL’ians have to put up with is when you’re in the military and your single you get one trip home a year paid for by the military to your next of kin. It’s called LTA Leave travel Allowance.

Now I was fine when I was posted in BC because my trip was all by air so it was covered. But once I moved to Nova Scotia imagine my dismay at not being able to claim the TCH Marine Atlantic as apart of the costs incurred for my LTA?

Sure 240$ return (that’s no berth or cabin just the cost of person and car) might not seem like much to most people, but when your only making 900$ a month serving your country and they expect you to cover the cost of the Marine Atlantic Ferry which is supposed to be apart of the TCH as per the terms of union that’s a big chunk to go home two weeks for Xmas! God bless my mother for augmenting my beer drinking money! Thank-You Mom :) I love you!



Ebay Ebay and more Ebay!

Access to either small or major markets of the world can be gain by using Ebay.

-Dehydrated berries.
-Moose antlers
-Moose hunting trips
-Fishing trips
-Smoked fish (use old kitchen stoves cut a hole from the main oven part into the bottom drawer put a heating element in the bottom drawer and use either alder apple tree chips )etc. Package like smoked salmon from BC.
-Purity products There are lots of NL all over the world who would like to have access to these products.
-Soap stone carvings
-Blue berry wine
-Bake apple wine Bake apples
-Partridge berries
-Abitibi pulp and paper mill on ebay
-Boats on ebay
-Salt cod ebay
-Lobster pots ebay
-Memorabilia ebay
-Caribou antlers
-Knives with antler handles Knives can be made from industrial hack saw blades
-Car wreck ebay
-Whale bones ebay
-Caribou antlers ebay
-Cod liver oil ebay
-Plants ebay need permission to export plants rom NL This needs to be looked at in more detail. Use sterilized soil UV lights cheap and simple method of sterilization. Better still just sell bare root save our soil!
-Patents on NL inventions and products Patents collect money forever
Sell hobby products on Ebay.

no fish? No Fishermen! by Paul Herridge Southern Gazette


Sour future by Kirk Squires at The Packet

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Telepathic politicians and sustainable forestry.

Is the math involved in sustainable forestry so difficult?

Let me see, you have so much forest, it takes so long for the forest to regrow once cut.

Ok here goes all figmental numbers

300 hectares of Forest in NL

30 years to regrow

Divide number of hectares by number of years it takes to grow and you get a sustainable forestry program number.

Voila! Cut 10 hectares a year to have a sustainable forestry industry!

Now while this is a simplistic view of managable forestry industry it points out the simplicity at which forestry management could and should be.

Now inorder for this simplistic model to be properly incorporated the forest needs to be divided into regions supported by the forestry industry.

Now there are alot of people who are paid big big bucks to figure this stuff out. I don't know for sure but with the advent of harvesters it seems like we are over cutting our 10 hectares a year thus not using sustainable forestry practices?

As for clear cutting would it kill the corporate Cyril Sneers(Abitibi, Corner Brook Pulp and Paper) to leave a band of trees 10 meters wide every 100 or 500 metres to help shelter the animals, reseed the clear cut areas, stop the flash flooding, and the precious soil errosion due to clear cutting practices. This is especially necessary for sloped terrain and may need to have special regulations to suit different terrains and soil types.

The fact is they will never do this because if your familiar with the Cyril Sneer cartoon they only care about the bottom line share holders profits and their jobs. Not to mention most of these Cyril Sneers have no interest in the future of NL. It is up to the governments voted for and representing the people to protect the peoples resources present and futures. It is up to the people to make their views and concerns known to their Government representatives, they arent telepathic you know!

Shes come undone by Averill Baker

Missed this one. While not one of her best the mention of article 76 law of the sea is worthy of mention.

Without the dressing or gravy by Averill Baker

Cross-examination BY Averill Baker "Without the dressing or gravy"
The Advertiser

Newfoundland and Labrador now produces one third of this nation’s conventional crude oil. Scotiabank Group, in their publication Global Economic Research, claims that we reached that level in 2004 and in 2006 we will climb higher with White Rose coming on stream.

The rest of the story!

Lest we forget! "July 1", 1916 Battle of the Somme!">href="">">href="">

Je me Souvien!

If you have a beef with England and your loss at their hands take it up with them! Stop throwing history in our faces as if Canadians had anything to do with your disgrace at the hands of Britain on the Plains of Abraham.

I find it similar in context to a conversation I had with a 90 year old Serbian spreading hate towards Croatians by rehashing their loss to Croatians during WWI and WWII. See previous blog here somewhere, probably in archives.

Why should Canadians be made pay for Quebec’s perceived disgrace at losing a battle to Britain? Just goes to show another reason why Canada needs to sever its ties with the British monarchy and abolish the Governor General and Lieutenant Governor Generals positions. Grow up Canada and get on with your own sovereignty.

Seal harvest put into perspective

Be fore warned those of you who think your meat comes from Styro foam trays this is graphic. Seal hunt protestors should be required to watch this.

Meat your meat

Monday, September 26, 2005


Political reform or Political Secession?

Labrador Newfoundland needs more political representation! Not just because of people but because of the sheer vastness, remoteness and inaccessibility of the region.

It’s a credit to those MHA’s and MLA’s who have served this area in the past. As well as those to come in the future, if we chose to remain apart of Canada?

Newfoundland and Labrador is 6 times larger than the other Maritime Provinces combined but we only have 7 members of parliament. One of which is in Labrador which is twice as large as the island portion.

Don’t get me wrong here I don’t want to further divide our already divided province geographically anyway, but rather I wish to highlight the need for reform within Canada.

Our Confederation is in dire need of an overhaul. Maybe a factor of Geographical and population could be used to determine a fair and equal representation. This would also ease the burden on those MHA’s and MLA’s who have large geographical constituencies.

If Canada isn’t willing to recognize and change this injustice then the least our province could do is give up one of the island portions of the provinces representatives to better enable Labrador MP’s to cope.

The money could be recouped from abolishing the Lieutenant Governor General which serves no purpose other than to remind us of our colonial roots. Cut the roots and grow a new tree I say starting with a sprig for Labrador in the form of another MHA. The Governor Generals House would make a fitting Premiers residence IMHO Money well spent also. (Presidents residence of the Republic of NL)

Since the additional 7-8 seats were added to Ontario our representation has become even less effective and if this precedent is to continue we will be losing even more power representation in the years to come due to out migration.

I propose splitting Labrador into two separate ridings one in the West and one in the East the coastal communities.

We could go even one better and add representatives or token none voting representatives for each of our Native communities/Cultures so as they have a real voice in the House of Commons/ Assembly.

Welcome To Labrador Metis
Micmac Federation of Newfoundland Indians
Welcome to Nunatsiavut
Innu nation

The ball is in your court Canada! You wanted us to join so badly in 1949. What are you willing to do to keep us now that our eyes have been opened to exactly what Confederation is, at least for NL?

I wouldn’t expect government/big business to go along with this change but the people of Canada with a sense of fair play and justice will. I don’t think any of these proposals are unreasonable or of the wall but rather something that a lot of the other provinces will probably agree with and want apart of.

5 Wing UnHappy Valley Goose Bay

The federal government has proposed a name change for Happy Valley Goose Bay to Unhappy. This name change goes along with their lack of action at trying to either keep our allies allied with us and at 5 Wing Goose Bay or proposing a new use for the infrastructure at 5 Wing Goose Bay.

Maybe there was nothing they could do? It may have just been a sign of the changing times with the end of the cold war? If that is the case they could have at least looked for other options and uses for the infrastructure or 5 Wing Goose Bay.

I'm thinking:
cold weather climate training area base.
American training base if they want it?
Voisey Bay nickel refining complex.
Wildlife and tourism hostel.
Steel mill.
Government retreat.
Global Conference centre.
Leadership college.
United Nations democracy, Government, police training centre.
Cold weather testing site for cars planes etc.
Canadian space training base.
Ski doo, cross country skiing warefare school.
Move the Stephenville Pulp and Paper mill to where the wood is Happy Valley Goose Bay.
Put it up for auction on Ebay to any interested parties.
Canadian government Call center.
Little late now Gun registry. Should be abolished anyway. Forget I mention this one.
Army training base for allieds.
College for native heritage and lifestyles.
Winter warefare training base.
Infrastructure base camp for building roads in Labrador by military engineers.
Refugee camp for United nations and countries with conflicts or disasters similar to what they did in Gagetown at the cadet camp in 2000 for Bosnian refugees.
Combined forces training area.
Combined countries training.
United nations training base.
Artic tourist retreat.
Global warming college study group.
Think Tank.
Rehabilitation centre drugs, gambling, abuse etc
War surplus stock pile. Canadian or United Nations.
Base camp for United Nations quick reaction force.
Rent base.
Garbage recycling centre.
Used tire recycling centre.

Just of the top of my head never having been to Happy Valley Goose Bay. I'm only guessing that the infrastructure is there to accomplish any of these suggestions.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


Percentage Tax rates VS Sum returns?

Why is it that we the people or provinces have to pay taxes by a percentage rate but our return from our taxes is in the form of monetary? Whats the term? Monetary isn't it.

Sure if the federal government says you going to get 1 million dollars for such n such a project. While a million dollars might sound like alot to the individual. I'd be more appreciative of what percent I'm getting back or my province is getting back from our percentage tax rates?

Saturday, September 24, 2005


Price Gouging irrefutable evidence found!

Its laughable when politicians and in particular the Petroleum Pricing Office say they are looking for and monitoring the oil and gas industry for evidence of price gouging but as of yet haven't found any evidence?

They need look no further than their, our own back yard. Oil and gas in many of our remote communities is only brought in once or twice a year. In communities like Rigolet NL, gas is stockpiled in tanks during the summer to allow for the inaccessibility throughout the winter months due to ice conditions. When Gas was 1.30 on the Island and 1.20$ in mainland Canada Rigolet who had stockpiled their gas when it was .90$ was paying 1.74$ a litre. Now if this isn't irrefutable evidence I don't know what is? Other than maybe a smoking hole in the ground where a gas station used to be!

Now you would think that they would be semi impervious to the fluctuations in price like the rest of us, who rely on the local pump for our gas which is filled on a monthly basis depending on the volume of sales. So why then are the prices in these communities following the global market trend when their world only exists as a global market once or twice during the summer months?

The problem as I see it is there is no one to blame? You can bet that if OPEC was still dictating global market prices like in the 70's we would have someone to blame! But as it stands we have no one to blame but ourselves for allowing ourselves to become so dependant on world market pricing with our lack of refining capabilities.

This is especially apparent in these remote communities who are being priced gouged by our own people, businesses, and government for allowing this to happen, and continue to pay the salaries of the PPO out of the peoples coffers, for looking the other way?

Due to this “I don’t care attitude, until it impacts my little life” Rigolet is going to lose its one and only gas station because of these illusive price gouging practices? From there we are going to lose another native culture because of the unfair economic burden these our native people have to bear. Who will be forced to move to the metropolises where they will be ASSIMILATED and lost forever!


Pippy sticks?

Does anybody remember playing Pippy sticks as a kid?

I barely remember it.

Something along the lines of cricket I'm guessing. Two sticks standing straight up over a hole with another one spanning them. A bat or stick and a ball. The ball was throw to try and knock of the spanning stick but someone was infront with the bat and tried to hit the ball, If you hit the ball you had to run around the other persons sticks as many times as possible and get back on your own side to stop them from throwing the ball to knock of your spanning stick.

There was also something to do with math or adding the number of times you ran around their sticks?

Sure does sound like cricket as I know it. Was alot of fun along with hide and go seek.

I've searched the internet for this name pippy stick with no luck?

Federal Playgound politics

Does Prime Minister Paul Martin’s above the national average cutting/moving of NL’s federal jobs, departments, and agencies at an unprecedented rate in comparison to the national average, have anything to do with NL’s Premier Williams lowering of the Canadian flag? Premier Williams lowered the flag only as a last resort to show his our dismay at Canada’s continued policy/treatment of NL as a colony to be raped and pillaged for the benefit of the motherland Ontario and Quebec, either directly or indirectly by supporting other interest groups at the expense of NL.

It would have never come to this if the Prime Minister had lived up to his promise to begin with? So why is NL being punished for something the Prime Minister initiated by failing to live up to his promise to begin with.

Gander Weather office downsizing

Agrologists of Canada press release on planed closing of Atlantic Cool Climate Crop Research Centre.

NL gov press release Closing ACCCRC, PSC, and DFO's toxic research

NL governments press release disturbing trend federal government representation in NL.

I thought we had a program to abolish bullying on our play grounds? Maybe we need a monitor to correct this injustice?

Friday, September 23, 2005


Let the games begin!

Hello everyone.

Here is a list of all the Federal Government Parliamentarians, ready for copy and paste into your email message address window: To, Carbon Copy, or Back Carbon Copy.

The best way to go about adding these addresses into your email program is to send a message and then it will ask you if you want to add the addresses once the message has been sent? Create a new group IE: Fed Govt and voila you have all of the Federal Government Parliamentarians email addresses.

The separating titles IE: NDP, Conservative, Independent and Liberal cannot be included.

I didn’t include the Bloc Quebecois because IMHO they have no right being on the federal stage.

The titles of each group cannot be included. IE: NDP, Conservative, Independant, Liberal





Newfoundland and Labrador Senators,,,,

Make your voice be heard if you want to save Canada!

I would also recommend sending CC to a news outlet to ensure accountability and gain publicity.

Remember these people while they deserve your respect and recognition for their hard work and dedication, are still your employees. They represent you on a local, Provincial, National and International level. And you as their employers have a reponsibility to ensure they are representing your views, ethics, and morals of this great country of ours.


The view from central Canada?

Edited until I can better make my point. Or find better maps to highlight this misrepresentation. Having trouble finding maps with longs and lats and north pole.

Artic circle is centered on this one. Just can't see the north pole.

Artic circle is left of center here this is the normal map seen everywhere. News Weather.



Can I consider this my volunteering community service?

Baby steps to a bigger and better road!!!!

Great news!

The provincial roads that have been added to the national highway system are as follows:

* Pitts Memorial Drive, Route 2, from the Trans Canada Highway to the Port of St. John's;
* A portion of Portugal Cove Road from the Outer Ring Road to St. John’s International Airport;
* Route 340 from the Trans Canada Highway to the marine terminal in Lewisporte;
* Route 350 from the Trans Canada Highway to the Port of Botwood;
* Lewin Parkway in Corner Brook from the Trans Canada Highway to the Port of Corner Brook;
* Route 430 from the Trans Canada Highway at Deer Lake to the St. Barbe ferry terminal;
* The Trans Labrador Highway from the Labrador west boundary to the southern Labrador boundary.

This is the removal of a major stumbling block to the realization of a fixed link with our bretheren. It just needs to be followed up and acted upon now. Words are cheap pavement saves money and lives. Lets make sure the new TLH gets a top coat quickly before water leaches down through the subgrade and deteriorates the back bone of the road the subgrade.

I should point out that the misplacement of the north pole on this map makes NL look much further North than it really is. The North pole should be placed at the middle top and not 3/8 from the left top?

Conquering and holding ground

Conquering and holding ground

It is a long time tradition that in order to conquer and hold ground you have to have men or women on the ground.

I’m getting frustrated at the lack of response from government with email and phone campaigns.

It it becoming painfully apparent that a tangible presence on the ground is required.

Now how do we go about making a visible presence on the ground? Something that can’t be ignored with the delete or block button.

We could have picketers with placards in front of government buildings.

People could put signs in their windows.

People could put bumper stickers on their cars.

People could put signs on their lawns with web addresses and or political phone numbers.

People could wear base ball caps with slogans.

People could wear t-shirts with slogans

People could fly flags with slogans.
Stop the Fishing

People could put signs up on the side of the road.

People could paint signs on rock out croppings.

People could have their children support or defend them.

People could organize Rally’s. All you need to do is do some preliminary prep work name a date advertise. Plan it they will come. Name a date.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Build it they will come


Hydro Planing and a widower's sorrow!

The only solution I can think of to the road ruts and hydro planing dillema other than digging up the entire road bed or fixing drainage is to use concrete as a top coat running surface. Especially since global warming is going to make roadsurfaces even more susceptible to surface pressures and indentations. IMHO this may be more economically feasible than thickening the road surface pavement. Hydro planing may be corrected in the short term by putting cutting in drainage trenches to allow for road surface run off where feasible.

In some of the southern US coastal states they have grooves either built into or cut into the road surface on an angle to traffic flow to allow for run off. This can be very dangerous for motorcycle enthusiasts but does get the water of the running surface of the road.

Unsure here but I know concretes strength can be improved by adding fiber glass strands to the mix, maybe something similar can be done for pavement?

I'm baffled that a place fondly known as "The Rock" would have a problem with subgrade? Which is why grooves are forming on the road surface IMHO.

The TCH is a federal responsibility if i'm not mistaken? If this were the states and people's lives were being endangered and lost because of poor design, quality control, or maintenace you can bet you a@@ that someone would have filed a civil law suit or sued the responsible parties by now. Big brother can be a formidable opponent. But a widower's sorrow and avengance can be even more powerfull when you consider their just cause, especially if it is a combined effort.

Smarten up Ottawa or your going to have some law suits coming your way.

While I'm on the topic of TCH safety. I'm astounded that NL doesn't have animal fences along the TCH like they do here in central Canada?
Someone needs to challenge Ottawa on this lack of safety due to all of the moose accidents and deaths due to a lack or nonexistance of these valuable human and animal life saving fences.

Stephenville Rocks on the Rock!

Yes Premier Williams and Staff!

Don't give away NL to these corporate flunkies. In the same breath I would also like to ask all NL'ians to offer their support, ideas and solidarity to the people of Stephenville and the Port aux Port peninsula.

I've made several suggestions with referenace to NL job wealth and creation. I'm going to reiterate some of these now with reference to Stephenville and the Port Aux Port peninsula area.

Some uses for the Pulp mill value added wood products IE: chip board, Veneer plant. Veneer plant there is probably enough wood on the bottom ther to keep them going for a year or two not to mention logs on the bottom in Deer Lake and Grand Lake.

Bog farming. Whether that is drying out of bogs and packaging and selling of peat moss products. Value added campfire fire bricks, Plant pots etc.
Blue berry bog farms, Partridge berry bog farms, Cranberry Bog farms etc.

Close all of the VLT's and put a Casino either in Port Aux Basques or Stephenille. IMHO best bet would be to move the ferry to Stephenville and put the Casino in Port aux Basques. Reason I say move ferry is because Stephenville has more dock yard space and is an ice free port.
Port Aux Basques being at the end of the road needs a draw ticket and a casino would work well in this respect. Closing VLT's and opening Casinos, makes it a more controled enviroment for gambling addiction control. Plus has more of a draw ticket for attracting tourists especiallyand the end of the road.

Grand Falls Windsor could and should think about job sharing or work sharing to help the Stephenville workers? Stephenville could even take along their newer pulp machine as an incentive to replace the number seven machines closing. Better it go to Grand Falls Windsor than China.

Open a MUN french university satellite campus. If nothing else it could be filed with foreign students. It could even be an extention to the college that is already there.

Moose farms. Just because we as NL'ians have access to moose a year, doesn't mean there isn't a market for Moose meat and Moose by products in a world market through farming Moose. This isn't a new idea there are Elk farms Buffalo farms Lamma farms etc. Once again we are destined to become Salt water Moose Cowboy's. As with my post about Cod farming Salt water cowboys. If nothing else we will become self sufficient in food production. Take care of food and shelter and your taking care of the people essentials.

Same thing could be saidand done for caribou farms.
Goat farms would also work goats don't need grass they will eat anything including laundry of the line.

Prefab housing factories. Palletized homes, garages and sheds from NL lumber the most hurricane resistant lumber there is! With Stephenvilles abundance of cleared and paved space from the American base alot of the ground work has already been done. Plus most NL'ians have experience in construction.

Pet farms this could be either through a combination of many small ones or one several larger ones. Not Puppy mills as they are doing in some places. The Newfoundland and Labrador dog would make a great start here. With a pure bred pet running from 1000$ to 100,000$ thousand this could be a great capital builder. Organize dog shows and expose's to attract interested parties and build awareness. Fly ball, rodeo etc LOL once again Salt water pet cowboys. reminds me of a commercial I once saw cat herders.

The Ski mountain in Stephenville could and should be twined with Marble and Goose bays Ski Mountains. One pass gets you a access to three ski mountains.

Fish farms Salmon, trout and cod. Salt water Cowboys once again. I know I can't wait to get my ten gallon hat and rubber cowboy boots!

Encourage people to turn their hobbies into a business. Combined selling power through larger market access with co-ops or guilds will help these small businesses alot here.

Have a commercial Moose hunt?

Introduce Deer into NL Mule deer and white tail.

Encourage more outfitters to set up shop mail order would be an intrigal part.

Pet tourism or pet friendly tourism. IE: Pet play areas parks etc

Seniors complexes all amenities taken care of security. Like they have in Kelowna.

Now is the time to upgrade the connection between Stephenville route 480 and bucans route 370. This would also be a great improvement to our one route access across the island for disaster planning, alternative routes, plus lower fuel costs. While your at it you may as well complete the missing 5 km between Bucans 370 and Howley 401.

Ebay as a means to break out of monopolies and find greater markets. You could even put the mill on Ebay tongue in check of course.

Anyway this is all rehashing of what I've mentioned in more detail in previous posts. So for more details and links check archives.

Seal farms

Use factory slaughter ships to humanely kill and process seals like every other food source animal.
NL Stock exchange either brick and motor or virtual online.

Recycled tire mulch fire wood/pellets

Canada cuts of NL Nose and chases Foreigners Tail

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Emergency preparedness in NL a one lane street!

With only one remaining link (Railroad disbanded) across the island portion of Newfoundland and no roads across the entire portion of Labrador our emergency preparedness is a one lane street. (100 car ferry)

If a bridge gets washed out on the island portion of the province it will be divided. Badger bridge, Bishops Falls bridge, Pynns brook etc.

Put stock piles of now defunct Bailey(Acro) bridges in strategic locations if not already done. Bridges will be useless in the event of a flooding river some sort of cable car or expropriate ski lifts could be used.

Train local militia in emergency preparedness. Bailey (Acro) bridge construction.
Plan for transport of military to island portion of NL boats, planes, ferries etc
Connect the remaining 5km of road between Bucans and Howley as an alternate route to get across Island if bridges get washed out.
Connect and upgrade the dirt road from Red Indian lake Bucans to route 480.
Plan for mass exodus of remote locations in Labrador and Newfoundland, only accessible by ferry.
List of Additional ferries on standby with times and locations on hand in file.
Make high ground safe havens rally points IE: Bucans plateau, Goose Bay?
Stockpile military tents and refugee supplies on Island portion of province.Water, shelter, food, medical etc.
Plan to use now defunct rail bed as secondary route. Recces and upgrades required for bridge classification and road bed.
Some of the threats I perceive would be aTidal wave need to evacuate to high ground. Tsunami evacuate to high ground, Toxic spill, Volcanoes, Fire, Disease, Terrorist attacks, Polluted or contaminated water, Hurricane, evacuate to try and get out of its path and into sheltered locations. Floods dividing cutting of access to close medical centers with one link across province. Hydro dams breaking due to earth quakes Main Dam Junction Brook bridge etc.
Rallying points.
List of Buses available for mass evacuation.
List of Boats available for mass evacuation.
List of Heavy equipment available.


Return the full Weather office to either Gander or somewhere else in NL where we can get real forecasting not word of mouth forecasting.
Make a record of Ham radio net works and users to be used in the event of a communications breakdown. Cuba has a set up like this and it works quite well.
Oil spill readiness?!! Stock pill Bags of Bog to be used as oil absorbant.
Emergency broadcasting system.


Mare TV

Here is a translated link to a documentary done by Mare TV about the Island portion of NL.
I originally read about this on The Gander Beacon.
Hope this works.

Cod WASH? I can't see a difference can you see a difference?

Cod, Atlantic | Gadus morhua | Newfoundland and Labrador population

Status: Endangered
Last Examination and Change: May 2003 (Reassigned)
Canadian Occurrence: Atlantic Ocean
Status Criteria: A2b
(image placeholder)
Reason for Designation: Cod in the inshore and offshore waters of Labrador and northeastern Newfoundland, including Grand Bank, having declined 97% since the early 1970s and more than 99% since the early 1960s, are now at historically low levels. There has been virtually no recovery of either the abundance or age structure of cod in offshore waters since the moratoria imposed in 1992 and 1993. Threats to persistence include fishing (now halted), predation by fish and seals, and natural and fishing-induced changes to the ecosystem.
Status History: The species was considered a single unit and designated Special Concern in April 1998. When the species was split into separate populations in May 2003, the Newfoundland and Labrador population was designated Endangered. Last assessment based on an update status report.

Cod, Atlantic | Gadus morhua | Laurentian North population

Status: Threatened
Last Examination and Change: May 2003 (Reassigned)
Canadian Occurrence: Atlantic Ocean
Status Criteria: Met criterion for Endangered, A2b, but designated Threatened because stocks within this unit have displayed an ability to recover from overfishing and conservation measures have been instituted.
(image placeholder)
Reason for Designation: Cod in the Northern Gulf of St. Lawrence and along the south coast of Newfoundland comprise an assemblage of stocks within which there is considerable mixing. They are currently at low levels as a group and overall have declined by about 80% over the past thirty years. However, there is evidence that current levels of abundance are not unprecedented for cod along the south coast of Newfoundland, and the population there has been stable since 1974. Threats to persistence include fishing (now halted in the Northern Gulf), predation by fish and seals, and natural and fishing-induced changes to the ecosystem.
Status History: The species was considered a single unit and designated Special Concern in April 1998. When the species was split into separate populations in May 2003, the Laurentian North population was designated Threatened. Last assessment based on an update status report.

Cod, Atlantic | Gadus morhua | Arctic population

Status: Special Concern
Last Examination and Change: May 2003 (Reassigned)
Canadian Occurrence: Arctic Ocean
Status Criteria: Not applicable
(image placeholder)
Reason for Designation: Cod in Arctic waters occur mostly in a few coastal salt lakes, and numbers of adults may be no more than a few thousand. Uncertainty with respect to the actual number of locales and populations makes it difficult to assign any higher status, but the known populations are sensitive to human activities. Poorly regulated fishing is a potential threat.
Status History: The species was considered a single unit and designated Special Concern in April 1998. When the species was split into separate populations in May 2003, the Arctic population was designated Special Concern. Last assessment based on an update status report.

Cod, Atlantic | Gadus morhua | Maritimes population

Status: Special Concern
Last Examination and Change: May 2003 (Reassigned)
Canadian Occurrence: Atlantic Ocean
Status Criteria: Not applicable
(image placeholder)
Reason for Designation: Cod in the Southern Gulf of the St. Lawrence, across the Scotian Shelf and into the Gulf of Maine comprise a heterogeneous assemblage of stocks that are at low levels of abundance as a group. These levels are not unprecedented for the cod in the Southern Gulf, Southwest Scotian shelf, Bay of Fundy and George’s Bank, but those on the Eastern Scotian Shelf, are at historic lows and have continued to decline in the absence of directed fishing. Overall, cod in the entire region have declined 14% in the past 30 years, and have demonstrated a sensitivity to human activities. Threats to persistence include directed fishing, bycatch in other fisheries, natural predation, and natural and fishing-induced changes to the ecosystem.
Status History: The species was considered a single unit and designated Special Concern in April 1998. When the species was split into separate populations in May 2003, the Maritimes population was designated Special Concern. Last assessment based on an update status report.

Why should NL be the only ones who have to suffer at the expence of foreign overfishing, due to the lack of control by Canada and creative geneology assignments?

Was going to call this Cod Geneology.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


NL monkey in the middle!

With Foreign Draggers, Dredging the Nose, Tail and edges of the Grand Banks.

PEI, NS, NB and Quebec catching on the other side NFLD truly is a monkey in the middle, dancing to the music box of Canada.

World Wildlife Federation Attacks Canadian Federations MisManagement of Grand Banks fisheries.

Fisheries laying waste to endangered fish stocks: WWF-Canada Report

ST. JOHN'S, Sept. 20 /CNW/ - A groundbreaking report released today by
World Wildlife Fund Canada, (WWF-Canada), says many foreign and some Canadian
fishing trawlers on the Grand Banks off Canada's east coast are deliberately
catching species at risk, including cod, and are throwing tens of thousands of
tonnes of other species caught in their nets overboard, dead. These practices
are threatening the future of the offshore fishery and putting at risk even
more species of marine life according to WWF-Canada.

The rest of the story.

Monday, September 19, 2005


Cut out the Middle man (Federal Government)

Why ask for rebate checks as a stop gap measure that only relieves fiscal stress long enough to get conditioned to the higher prices.

They are just putting off your poverty until you no longer feel like fighting. Its the same as Make work projects. If you can put money on the table for one year maybe next year they will either be Out migrated or won't have the intestinal fortitude to complain again.

If your going to ask for anything back from your yes YOUR resource revenue taxes and income taxes back, ask for a hand UP not out (migration)! In the long term.

New College opening Native in Goose Bay and French in Stephenville

Goose Bay could have a native content College. Carving, Language, Outdoors life, Culture, history etc. Doesn't have to be just native students either. Would be really cool if it were on of those Geodesic domes. It could be made to look like an igloo!

Stephenville Could have a french College. An addition to the Bay St Georges community college.

How hard is it to open a school? Find some professors write or borrow some lesson plans, Power point, enlist some students voila!
A french college in NL would probably require a fair amount of foreign students to begin with.
Oh I'm guessing but accreditation would also be an issue. Respected Professors would help here, they would and could even bring along their lesson plans.

Outmigration and Student loans?

Maybe NL needs a little better system to give NL graduates more time to either find a job or start a new business and get established in a new business?
I'm not saying write their loans of, but just give them more time to find or create work in NL.

Allow them to just pay of the interest or something like that?

We helped pay in part for their education why shouldn't we go one step further and help them get, make, or create work for themselves in NL! They are the future and educated future at that.

Friday, September 16, 2005


Wind mill Farms outside the box?

Wind mill Farms outside the box

Instead of building great big unsightly farms of wind mills on the landscape why not subsidize personal wind mills that individuals erect on their property and homes?

They would already be tied into the grid or have access to the grid.

They would make people less dependant on the one grid system.

In the event of a power outage people would still have a limited supply of power.

The incentive could be in the form of giving feeding back into the grid a certain percentage of their power production.

Maintenance would be performed by individuals.

If anyone has ever seen these wind mill farms littering the landscape they would think twice about supporting them.

The issue of environmental damage due to changed wind patterns wouldn’t be an issue.

Canadian Tire Wind mill

Alien invasion?

Alien invasion

What this world of divided interests and back grounds needs is a good alien invasion to unite us!

Even the admittance of aliens would go along way in uniting our divided peoples on this our world.

Software universal translators have come along way in uniting and helping us understand each other and the different interest’s religions and back grounds. The internet is probably the most innovative uniting tool of all.

Closed Captioning also has helped a lot but hasn’t been used to its full potential IMHO.
Read my Eradicate illiteracy in the world blog.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Moose lights

Moose lights!

Mercedes Benz has lights that shine into the ditches. It is an extra light switch that when turned on shines lights into the ditches on either side of the road. It might even be connected to the high beam light switch but I’m pretty sure it was a separate switch. It’s been a while since I’ve driven a Mercedes.

I imagine that fog lights could be adjusted to accomplish the same thing on any car?

A moose from back on at night looks like a man bent over!

Ontario Govt brochure how to avoid wildlife accidents.

- Brake firmly if an animal is standing on the road, or about to cross.
Never assume the animal will move out of the way.
- Never swerve suddenly. This could cause your vehicle to go out of
- Scan the road ahead from shoulder to shoulder. When you see wildlife
beside the road, slow down and pass carefully as they could suddenly
bolt onto the road.

Yankee politics

Political business analogy

One bad encounter for a customer that customer will tell ten or more about it.

One good encounter for a customer and that customer will tell one if any because its expected.

This is the reason negative ad campaigning politics has become the norm the of the day IMHO.

Some call it Yankee politics.

Accept responsibilty and take ownership of

If your kid does something wrong, you expect him take responsibility for his actions. Whether that be an apology, reparations, monetary reimbursement, punishment Grounded, or jail, Community service. But the underlying message is take control and reponsibilty for your own actions.

They didn’t do it to us we let them do it! Face up to the fact and accept responsibility for your own lot in life. If you don’t stand up for, and defend your own interests NLFirst no one else will.

It’s time to grow up and do something completely on our own.
-Take control of our own lives and accept responsibility for any mistakes we might make.
-Get our taxes back and do it on our own with our revenue taxes and income taxes.
-Sure were going to make mistakes everybody does, nothing wrong with making mistakes, it’s not learning from your mistakes that is wrong.

Stop asking for hand outs and demand what is rightfully yours!

You can start by electing Federal Independent representatives NLFirst to take ownership of our interests.

Stop depending on the charity of federal parties to represent NLFirst elect our own party to represent NLFirst

Until you take control of your own life your own interests you will always be blaming anything that’s goes wrong on somebody else and never take ownership of your own actions. While if anything goes right the people in charge of your life will take the credit.

It’s all well and good to say elect Independants to represent NLFirst, but we also need people to run as independents. There should be at least one NLFirst independent for each riding. If you don’t feel comfortable with being in the lime light as a candidate . You could at least recommend or lobby to have the candidate of your choice run. Support goes along way in helping good people who are on the fence to run.

With a federal election imminently looming on the horizon, now is the time to get organized and recommend, lobby for and offer your support for the candidate of your choice, before we are caught with our pants down once again!


Teachers EI We augment their 8 month work year (9-3 Mon to Fri, Sept to Nov, Nov to June with breaks in between) through our EI payments. (Nov-June to compensate for Xmas Easter and other breaks)
Should we have faith that their extra curricular activities are enough to warrant their pay? We as EI contributors are paying for this faith based work week.
Teachers have an agreement with EI to cover their summer Xmas and Easter breaks.

The last teachers strike in NB the teachers held us and our kids ransom with these extracurricular activities work stoppages. So what is it apart of the job or not or is it volunteer work? Make up your mind and stop holding EI contributors and our kid’s hostage.
Granted there are some very dedicated teachers but work is exactly that work and should have some very clear and concise guidelines. Not depend on volunteer work as apart of the work week.

The Military contributes EI their whole carrier but upon successful completion of their contract 3 years 6 years or 20 years you are not entitled to draw EI? Why is this? Is it designed to keep our young people from leaving the military after honourably completing a contract, whether that be 3, 6, or 20+ years? Supposedly it is a claw back for severance payments?

Is this a form of negative incentive draft retention?

While I’m on the military topic, did you know that the cost of the Marine Atlantic ferry isn’t considered apart of the Trans Canada Highway when it comes to claiming your one trip home a year from wherever in Canada or the world, in the military you are?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005



In a broad definition a republic is a state or country that is led by people who do not base their political power on any principle beyond the control of the people living in that state or country.
This definition covers most of the specific definitions that are (or were) used to characterize republics, but leaves much of the striking differences between states/countries that can in some way be called republics unexplained: the first section of this article gives an overview of these distinctions that characterise different types of non-fictional republics.
The second section of the article gives a short profile of some of the most influential republics, by way of illustration to the more comprehensive (but less detailed) List of republics.
Is Rex Goudie going to be the spark that ignites the powder keg?

See previous post, Whats going to be the spark that ignites the keg?

If we could only unite to get a fair deal like we united to support one of young men.

Congratulations Rex you'll always be a winner in our eyes!

Labrador doesn't feel comfortable speaking out?

Labrador can’t speak out?

A lot of our elderly native people don’t feel comfortable speaking in English?

I’m just speculating here so please feel free to correct me.

I know from personal experience with having learned French and lived in Quebec, that speaking in a foreign language can be very intimidating let alone speaking out in public in a foreign language.

Money begets money!

Money begets money

Federal provincial funding projects.

Since NL has little or no money we can’t afford to co-fund projects therefore we don’t get back our fair share of resource and income tax dollars.

But our resource and income tax dollars aren’t collected in a co funding relationship. We pay through the nose on those.

The Rich get richer, and the poor get poorer!

Great Democracy we have.
More like a banana republic.
If were going to be in a republic, it may as well be our own The Republic of NL! Charts

Bog farming!

This is a picture of a Cranberry Bog farm on the lower Mainland BC.

Blue Berry Bog farm!

Bog Peat moss vacuum.

Bog farm for Cranberries or Blue berries sold $625,000

Thank-You Honorable Senator Ethel Cochrane!

Dear Honorable Senator Ethel Cochrane.

I would like to Thank-You for putting to the forefront NL interests in the Senate.

I've read many of your speeches and questions in the senate and feel well represented by your efforts. I just find it sad at the lack of accomplishment. Through no fault of your own, obvious by your actions in the senate.

Your efforts are not going unnoticed!

I too am trying to put more into the public light, NL's on going 50 year pleight in confederation through my efforts on my Blog site.

There is a growing number of NL'eans voicing their discontent with our treatment in the Canadian Federation.

My intent with providing these web addresses is not personal gain but rather provide you and others with links to the people.

PS: If you need any help with any topic or subject please feel free to contact me.

Doggie DoDo?

If Quebec is the tail that wags the dog! (Ontario)

What does that make the rest of us doggie dodo?
Traffic circles save gas!

They are very adaptable for more than just 4 way intersections.

They allow for maximum traffic flow.

They can be very aesteticly pleasing and can be used to put monuments in public places and build community pride.

They eliminate the negative stop and start fuel burning practices created by stop signs.
If properly done make snow clearing easier.
They are cheaper and eliminate the need for expensive signal lights.
Still work well during power outages.
If properly done don't impede tractor trailer movement.
If sunken
speed bumps are included eliminates speeding. Or rumble strips.
Sunken speed bumps don't impede snow clearing.
Allow for space to put snow banks at intersections.
Allows for one light pole with maximum lighting from the middle. Shouldn't impede line of sight.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Working Quads


Quality of life and Out Migration?

Quality of life and out migration?

Is there a correlation between these two topics?

Is the reason NL has so much out migration, because?
-The quality of life in NL isn’t on par with let alone above national standards?
-The highest taxation
-The lowest income
-The highest goods and services prices
-The highest unemployment rate for all of Canada.
Just check the graphs on the spoon feeding Royal commission if you don’t believe me.
It isn’t surprising people are out migrating!

Our only hope is to attract people who have an even lower life style than our own. (Immigrants) Even then once they see the light they will be off to Canada.

Another option is to build on our remoteness and attract people who have an appreciation and desire for remoteness. Expand access to remote areas. I could never figure out why NL population lives on the north coast IE A dirt road along the South South Shore, so what if it’s bog. The lower main land in BC is built on a delta similar to New Orleans with dykes etc. Just ditch the bogs they will drain.

I was standing on a road in the lower mainland BC and along comes this dump truck and I notice the ground under moves? So I wait and watch the road as another dump truck comes along, Lo and behold the road is moving like a wave under the weight of the passing dump truck? I inquired about this and was informed that yep I was right in my observations the road actually moves on average 1-2 feet depending on the load. So Now my interest was peaked and I began paying more attention to other construction practices.
We all know about pilings for wharves etc but they use pilings on the lower mainland BC to stabilize the ground because it is so impregnated with water. Another practice is preloading; they put a mound of sand 20-30 feet high on top of a proposed building site to squeeze out the water. This is time consuming apparently, it has to be left there for 4-5 years or more before construction can begin.

off on a tangent here kinda. Mainly referring to the south shore and its undevelopment because of a lack of road and the boggy terrain.

Seniors home would make a fitting replacement or upgrade!


I bet Veterans Affairs has the money and would be willing to renovate or build a Seniors veterans complex.

Picket and boycott Loblaws dominion. Threaten to picket and Boycott the new Loblaws Dominion. The media coverage alone will get yopur point out onto the public airways. They are a publicly owned and traded company.

Wasn't the funding for the Memorial from donations? So shouldn't the profits from its sale begiven back to the people?

CROSS EXAMINATION Here comes the Judge?

Here comes the Judge

Averill BakerThe Compass

Surely now this national embarrassment of outright discrimination against this province will be addressed.- If the judge does not come from this province, it's downright discrimination.

The rest of the Story!

Go here to propose your choice for the Appointment of the next supreme court justice. Remember justice is supposed to be blind!
GC Department of Justice.

Clyde Wells biography

Cable Car Fixed link option

These Photos are from the Doppelmayr web site. I tried to find a Canadian Cable Car manufacturer but couldn't find any. Bombardier doesn't have anything like this? I'm sure they could develop something. It might help if they had a contact email address?

For that matter A dock should be included at the base of the Labrador side for Transport Trucks. This would put into place a safety network under the suspended cable car. As well eliminate the interprovincial politics now underway with Blanc Sablanc In Quebec being used as the Labrador terminal while Quebec pays nothing towards a transport link to its closest neighbor NL for its lower north shore inhabitants.
The lower North shore inhabitants are to Quebec what Labrador is to Newfoundland if not worse.

Winter time a hover craft could be used as a safety net for the cable car. A inflatible device could be attached under each cable pallet? Weight restrictions here?

Why should NL pay for Quebec workers and infrastructure at Blanc Sablanc when Quebec contributes nothing?
Move the Ferry terminal to the proposed new Fixed link crossing location the dock or jetty could be used to place the first Cable crossing tower further out into the Strait Jacket of Belle Isle.

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