Monday, October 31, 2005


Trick or Eat! Food bank drive by Teenagers and University students too old to regular Trick or Treat.

Now IMHO this is a good idea. I personally won't let my teenagers go out trick or treating because they are to old. But if they were to go Trick or Eating (collect food donations for food banks)I would gladly drive them around because groceries can get quite heavy.

Exerpt from MUN Gazette.
"Frightening facts
Residents of St. John’s may notice some older trick or treaters this Halloween as students from Memorial University plan to participate in a national food drive. The annual Trick or Eat event is organized by the student-run charity Meal Exchange. The local chapter of Meal Exchange estimates there are more than 5,500 youth between the ages of 15 and 24 that go hungry here in the St. John’s area.

On Oct. 31, Memorial students will join post-secondary students from more than 45 campuses across Canada and go door-to-door in search of non-perishable food items for local food banks. In previous years, the average donation from a participating campus was approximately 2,295 kg of food. For more information regarding Meal Exchange or the Trick or Eat event visit or e-mail "

Bravest man in Canada! Macleans story.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


Federal Election day a national holiday?

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Does diesel generated electric heat in coastal communities of Labrador qualify for the heating rebate?

Contact info
Printable application

Applications must be sent to:
Home Heating Fuel Rebate
Department of Finance
Tax Administration Division
P.O. Box 8740, St. John’s, NL A1B 4K3

For further information, please contact the Department of Finance at 729-1695 or toll-free at 1-877-729-1695.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


What is the Deficit/Debt reduction plan?

Dear elected officials

I was wondering what the plan to lower our $12,000,000,000 Billion Debt with a $492,000,000 million deficit is?

Maybe you need one of those clocks like they had for Canada highlighting the debt/deficit and how we are being dragged down by it. It could just be on the government web site to get publicity about it. Also an analogy so that people can better understand in relation to their own lives would help gain understanding IMHO. Not many people have an understanding as to how much money $492 million really is and how much it accumulates interest.

Even if the deficit/debt could be put into check would be a start.

I definately wouldn't agree to putting all of the money from the Atlantic accord towards the debt unless it can be shown to be in the best interest in the long term. IE: 492 million now could be recouped in interest in 30-300 years? There are much more value added ways to use that money at this point in time.

By showing and putting more in the media what our deficit/debt is, the support of the people to help make ends meet could be ellicited.

Maybe putting all of the equalization payments towards the deficit/debt could be an option?

But I definately think the issue has to brought to the forefront and addressed. With a long term solution put into place.


Mid term budget update.

Newfoundland Power results on third Quarter


Addenum to Canadian Navy Hospital ships Da vinci Robotic Surgeon

Dear elected officials

Here are a few links to robotic surgery as they exist today.

Some of the benefits I see from reading these articles and sites are

Faster recovery times
less invasive surgery
Better use of trained surgeons
Less fatigue for surgeons
Better access to remote locations from trained surgeons
More immediate access to surgery on the battlefield without the inherant risk to trained surgeons

Training with these robotic surgical tools could and should be started in post mortum medical schools.
Surgery on quarantine cases with less risk

I remember seeing a black box type of robotic surgeon for the US military but can't seem to find any reference maybe it was first generation?

This would make a great addition to a Canadian navy hospital ship IMHO.


Monday, October 24, 2005


Flat line the underground economy with a flat tax!

Dear elected officials

I think this could be a way to generate more tax revenue while promoting a better business enviroment.

Very disappointed in your lack of long term solutions to the high heating costs solution. Sounds more llike conditioning and vote buying than a real long term solution.
In essence all you are doing is rewarding the oil companies for their gouging practices?
What happens next year and every year there after?

PEI at least has a bit of vision by promoting long term savings by subsidizing programmable thermostats 35$. Used for all heating sources I might add. That and compact floresant light bulbs (2$ each 13 watts gives 60 watts of light. I've had these bulbs for 10 years now still going strong) to save energy vis a vi costs and promote Kyoto.

A great test site for a program like this would be all of the communities using diesel generators. You could also save face from your initial blunder by going this route for the diesel generated electric communities.

Coniferous trees on the north and deciduous trees on the south. Like the program Manitoba has for tree shelter.

An added bonus to programmable thermostats is it will free up more energy for business's during working hours. Like the program Cape breton has where by energy works like the phone bills lower rate for off peak hours.


Sunday, October 23, 2005


Iceberg threat solutions

Use a heated cable to cut in half. Similar to what we've all used to cut styrofoam. Would be even more effective if it was one of those round hack saw blade type cables you see advertized on TV.

Use Bee hives to puch holes into centre of ice berg and place a charge in the centre of the ice berg to explode it from the interior.

Use ear muff charges to destroy it.

Use water bombers to drop black heat absorbing material onto the iceberg to cause it to melt faster. Could even be a combination of salt and ash.

Like I mentioned in an earlier blog use the ice bergs as target practice for the navy.

I know I know it is siting in salt water. And no ice bergs aren't salt water maybe a bit on the outside from osmosis but they come from glaciers which are fresh water made from snow accumilation.

This could be done by the military similar to how Avalance prevention is done in BC by the military. The bee hives could be placed from a helicopter either pre made or in place with a man on the chopper winch in case the berg rolls and the man needs to be pulled off.

Speaking of Avalanche prevention I'll mention this again because I think it could work. Us F18 fighter's flying at the speed of sound creating a sonic boom to trigger avalanches. If anyone has ever heard a sonic boom they know that it will trigger an avalanche I'm betting.

None of these solutions should cause any undue stress to wild life because they will be contained within the berg. No worse than the casing perforation being done right now.

I hope this isn't giving away military secrets, or else I could be in big trouble!

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Let the Newfoundland and Labrador games begin!

NL specific politician emails.

NL Members of the House of Assembly, first 16 are cabinet.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Federal Members of Parliament,,,,,,

NL Federal senators,,,,

No emails available
Kelvin Parsons
Forsey Clayton
Paul Oram

Once again like the “Let the games begin” post. If you wish to have all of these emails in your contact list, copy and paste into an email and send, your email program should either automatically add the addresses or ask you if you want to add them.
The email titles cannot be included IE: Federal Members of Parliament, NL Senators, MHA’s.

Natural gas uses value added.

Butane cartridges for curling irons, camp stoves, etc
Not even sure butane is derived from Natural gas?

Government Email addresses, Continuity and Egos?

Dear elected officials

Continuity in government departments email addresses is a 4 year term and should be rectified IMHO!

Continuity with email addresses for departments in both the Provincial and Federal government doesn’t exist? The different departments and offices aren’t listed by department but rather by the minister occupying the office at the time?

Now these ministers and by default department email addresses change with each change of government approximately every 4 years and sometimes even more often with cabinet shuffles or other issues necessitating a change of the minister in charge.

Sometimes ministers will even occupy more than one department at one time?

The only reason for this as I see it is to inflate the egos of the ministers occupying that office at the time, since more often than not the minister doesn’t even read most emails being sent to his address but rather his secretaries and junior ministers or bureaucrats will and understandably so.

I doubt the majority of citizens will have the time or inclination to search department email addresses let alone who’s in charge of what department at that particular time considering it changes so often.

Now a better way IMHO would be to have fixed email addresses for each department with the name of the department in the email address and have those emails forwarded to the minister in charge at the time!

On the same subject of email, you might want to look into automatically generated message received messages being sent out to email senders so People will know their message was received and that their comments and interest in the running of their country matters and was received. This is a very simple option available in Outlook express if that is the email program you are using. You can even write a simple message to be automatically sent as apart of the message received email.

IE: Thank-You for you email and a reply will be sent if the minister deems it’s warranted.


PS: Contact addresses period, for government departments Mailing, phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Bags talk dirty on recycling

IMHO this is the only way to go with recycling. Assuming the infrastructure is there to accomodate recycling your garbage.

Cashing in on the half an hour later on an Island in the sea!

Since Newfoundland is the only location in the world to be a half hour off from everyone else. we are in a great position to capitalize on this by producing national news to be broadcast all over the world on the half hour.

Just a thought.

Kyoto's Hampster Outside the Planet!

This one is way off the wall, even by my standards LOL.

OK Global warming yea? Nea?

Whats causing it?
Green house gases? Styrofoam, UFC's compressed containers.
Hydro carbon usage Oil gas?
Lack of trees to absorb the increasing scourge on the earth People?

Green house effect basically more crap in the atmoshphere more light gets reflected back. IE: global warming.

How do we stop it?
Stop using Oil and Gas?
Stop CFC's
Stop refrigerant already done.


Speed up the rotation of the planet to expell these particulate and bad things ;)

How do we as individuals speed up the rotation of the planet?
6,500,000,000 billion individuals to be exact.

Get as many people as possible as close as possible to the equator and have them all do fast starts from East to West and slow gradual stops. Now ideally it should be done in something with some mass IE cars and trucks. The vehicles being used would also have to be intouch with the earth, Planes would be no good unless they are strapped down.

Rockets could be used as a contant pressure but would probably have more effect in combination with the masses.

Start every hour on the hour all over the world all at the same time!

Kinda like a giant reversed hamster treadmill.

Now if we are able to increase the earth rotation all of these extra particles were putting into the atmosphere will be spun out through the holes in the north and south poles. Also the increased rate of rotation should close these holes in the North and south poles?

Better be carefull this might work to well and we'll all be thrown out into space LOL!

Some links to help explain this
The lower sea leels at the poles could be explained by the slowed rotation thus less precipitation is forced north and southward. Hence less precipitation and lower sea levels in the North and south. Or it could be because of the changing shape of the Earth from a sphere to a ball thus raising the land surfaces in the north and south while lowering the equatorial landmasses.

Transmission line from Lower Churchill Muskrat falls to Greenland Russia Europe Etc

Dear Elected Officials.
Just a thought!
A transmission line from Lower Churchill Muskrat falls to Greenland, Nunavut, NWT, Yukon, Alaska, Russia, Europe Etc

What better place to set up freezing type industries. IE: used tires frozen then shattered to create mulch to be used in any number of applications. Recycled ashphalt pavement, Pellet fire heating energy uses, Mulch etc. Geothermal heating cooling Via Heat pumps would be the way to go IMHO.

Just a thought! Is it feasible?

Since Ottawa won't expropriate a power corridor through the Country of Quebec our NEIGHBOR for it's poorest johnny come lately Province, for the benefit of NL not Quebec like the last fiasco which Ottawa had a hand in at NL's expense!

Greg Byrne

PS: I would really like a response on the email I sent concerning my proposed idea of using a cable car set up as a fixed link between the island portion of Newfoundland and mainland Labrador. Thank-You!

Fighting Back Film: My Ancestors Were Rogues and Murderers.

My Ancestors Were Rogues and Murderers, rights that wrong by telling the stories of her ancestors. The film is set to close the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival Oct. 22.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Pre-Bubget Consultations

If you want to have your voice heard directly BE THERE.

Be sure to put your suggestions and questions on paper and submit them so as that they can't be ignored. Plus it will help you formulate your ideas and suggestions prior to the meetings.

No excuse now! They want and need your input on how to spend YOUR money to best benefit NL as a whole.

October 19, 2005

Pre-budget consultations set to begin next month

Visiting 10 locations throughout Newfoundland and Labrador, Minister of Finance and President of Treasury Board Loyola Sullivan will conduct pre-budget consultations in November and December as part of preparations for Budget 2006. The meetings are open to individuals, groups, and organizations who want to provide input to government on budget priorities.

"As Finance Minister, it is important for me to hear directly from people in the province about the public finances. Preparing the provincial budget involves a balancing act – providing an appropriate level of programs and services while remaining vigilant about the province’s finances. By hearing directly from Newfoundlanders and Labradorians I have the opportunity to learn about the priorities across all sectors in all regions of our province," said Minister Sullivan.

Roundtable discussions are scheduled for Labrador City, Happy Valley-Goose Bay, St. Anthony, Corner Brook, Stephenville, Grand Falls-Windsor, Gander, Marystown, Carbonear, and St. John’s. Those who would like to participate in a pre-budget consultation meeting in their area are requested to register at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting by telephoning (709) 729-2944.

As part of pre-budget consultations, Minister Sullivan, in conjunction with the responsible minister, will also meet directly with representatives from the health and education boards. "Given that the health and education sectors receive the largest share of the provincial budget, I feel it is important to meet directly with the boards to discuss budget pressures and priorities," explained the minister.

Individuals and groups who would like to provide their comments and ideas, but who are unable to attend a community roundtable discussion, can submit their views in writing to the Minister of Finance, Department of Finance, P.O. Box 8700, St. John’s, NL, A1B 4J6. Comments may also be faxed to (709) 729-2070 or emailed to

Schedule of Pre-budget Consultations
Date Location Venue Time
Monday, November 7 Labrador City-Wabush Wabush Hotel 1:30 - 4:00 p.m.
Tuesday, November 8 Happy Valley-Goose Bay Labrador Inn 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon
Tuesday, November 8 St. Anthony Vinland Motel 7:00 - 9:30 p.m.
Wednesday, November 9 Corner Brook Holiday Inn 2:00 - 4:30 p.m.
Wednesday, November 9 Stephenville Holiday Inn 7:30 - 10:00 p.m.
Friday, November 18 Grand Falls-Windsor Mount Peyton Hotel 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Friday, November 18 Gander Hotel Gander 2:30 - 5:00 p.m.
Friday, November 25 Marystown Hotel Marystown 1:30 - 4:00 p.m.
Friday, December 2 Carbonear Fong’s Motel 1:30 - 4:00 p.m.
Friday, December 9 St. John’s Holiday Inn 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
2:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Media contact: Diane Keough, Communications, (709) 729-6830, 685-4401

2005 10 19 2:00 p.m.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


TLH Rock cuts, Cable Guard rails, Wreck House Tree wind break

Dear Elected Officials

Why do you do your road work in the fall? This has to be the worst time of the year to complete road work IMHO. The only thing you are doing is trapping the moisture in the sub grade. This must be a bureaucratic decision because any self respecting road contractor will tell you the best time to do road work is in June or July. Worst case scenario, do it in the winter at least the moisture is in the form of snow and can easily be removed. Maybe I'm way of base on this but any earth work I ever did was when the materials were dry. Work was stopped if conditions got to wet.

While I'm at it I fail to understand why you’re putting a depot between Red Bay and Lodge Bay. More machines or closer snow clearing machines won't stop the drifting. You’re just going to be throwing money at this section of road till the end of time with this strategy. You would be much better of doing what a gentle man from Labrador suggested blasting the rock cuts completely out of there so the drifting is at a minimum. Too late now but tunnels or a roof would have been a better solution. Even a tree forest wind break could be investigated as an option as opposed to just brute force of snow clearing. Raise the road bed, use cable guard rails to stop the drifting. Heated road beds using solar or wind generated power? Wind breaks made from rock piles or peat moss berms.

Your setting NL up for another let down by not working with nature but against her. Similar to what happened to the NFLD Railroad with the Gaff Topsails!

This peat moss bog berm would also be a good idea for the west coast Wreck House phenomena. Plus a planted forest tree wind break.


Not sure if the winds in the wreck house area are sustainedor steady enough for wind mill electric generation? But a wind mill farm in the wreck house area would have three benefits IMHO.
1, Generate much needed electricity for the west coast of the Island. Abitibi in Stephenville.
2, Probably lower the wind speeds coming across the wreck house area.
3, Put in place, very important wind speed indicator to warn of dangerous high winds.

Portrait of Seal Protestor

I just hope this doesn't stop the open discussion between a devoute seal protestor because of mental images burned into a 7 year old kids memory and the other side of the coin.

My heart feels for the little 7 year old! I just hope she gets help and doesn't have to relive the images created by the $CAPITALIST$ seal protestors (for profit).

DFO Dept Fish Ocean Internal audit travel expenses

$42,000,000.00 Robbed 42$ million of your money stolen.
I do find it even more disturbing that a NL'ian was singled out as one of the culprets though?

Sunday, October 16, 2005



Bla Bla Bla

I hope the weather was nice because personnally from reading this summary I can't see anything concrete coming out of it anytime in the near future, unless of course everyone agrees to let the fisheries be managed on a local level.

When I say local you would have to take into consideration the movements of fish and fish like species from a local perspective involving all affected LOCAL parties. Because if one party in a local migratory boundry doesn't agree to limit or conserve its catches to sustainable levels all of the other parties withing that local migratory boundary will suffer because of that one rogue entity. Percentages dependant on population I'm guessing would be the only way of allocating. Out of 100% allowable catch each local interest would get it's percentage depending upon its needs to feed its people and not over seas sales and corporate greed!

IE: Conceptual. Cod migrate from Greenland to Canada. Greenland takes massive amounts of cod there is nothing or very little left for Canada, or vice versa or even worse both try and get as much as they can. Similar to what is going on Nose, Tail, and Flemish cap.

A definite lack of leadership would be the one thing very identifiable.

There seems to be alot of talk about other peoples back yards? I guess they have destroyed their own back yards and want to help others in destroying theirs instead of rebuilding their own.

I hate to be all negative without any ideas but I believe they are looking at the forest and can't see the trees. What does Australias fishery have to do with the Grand banks? It isn't even in the same ocean!
The one glimmer of hope and light would seem to be coming from the Small Island Developing States SIDS and their willingness to protect their local fisheries from the pirates.

Military morale

I've never seen the moral of my fellow soldiers serving in Canada's armed forses as high as when they did an exercise in Newfoundland and Labrador! Unfortunately I didn't get to participate, but the stories and exploits were talked about for months following the MAR Ex I believe it was called.

An easy way of addressing moral issues in the military IMHO would be to either have more exercises in NL or increase the military presence of the military in NL by establishing more bases.

Since NL joined Canada after the last big military build up IE WWII no real military presence was ever established in NL because it wasn't apart of Canada at the time when the military for Canada was being established. The presnce that was here was in the form of American bases and they have since left, leaving a giant void where ther used to be a military presence in one of the most strategic locations for all of north america. There is more military presence in the far north with the DEW line than there is in NL.

There are at present four bases in NL which are either all but abandoned or on the road to abandonment with Argentia, Stephenville, Gander, and 5 wing Unhappy Valley Goose Bay.

Since NL supplies 10% of the military's personnel it's understandable why moral would be low with never having the possibility of ever being posted to a base in their native province. At least it has to be one of the factors, another would be the lack of military exercises that take place in NL.

If we can't get the federal Government to station regular forces in NL.
Why not do an
end around and build up our Militia and cadet forces. Expand Northern rangers, Northern Rangers cadets/militia, Navy auxilary, Utilize the militia we already have more. Air cadets in Stephenville and Argentia to utilize the runways.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


51 State Newfoundland and Labrador ?

Some people have as of late have been saying we shoulda joined the USA in 1949 instead of Canada. Some would even propose we join them now if we were to leave Canada?

In hind sight
It wasn't on the ballot?

We would have been involved in the Vietnam war.
We would be apart of a country that condones the death penalty.
We would have been subjected to the draft.
We would this very moment be being Presided over by George W Bush.
We would be involved in Iraq right now, for unsubstantiated reasons.
We would more than likely have nuclear weapons on our soil?
We wouldn't have medicare?
Weapons would be everywhere?
Crime would be higher?
Wouldn't have the Toll Canada Highway Marine Atlantic. Just ask any military member if he can claim the Ferry? What other parts of the TCH are tolled?
I highly doubt Labrador would still be apart of this province. Mind you with the representation we have now they won't be with us for long anyway. Who could blame them? I'm pretty sure Ottawa will back quebec if they get involved!

Unemployment rates would be lower?
Custodial management of the Nose, Tail and Flemish cap would be there?
Seal protestors wouldn't be there?
We wouldn't be being raped from afar on the nose tail and flemish cap by foreigners?
We would have a military presence in our province.
We would be receiving our fair share of government jobs unlike now 18% vs 36% national average?
We wouldn't be having gay and lesbian marriages shoved down our throats because were to dumb to vote according to the LIE berals.
Gun registry wouldn't have happened.

Just a few subjective observations as to what could have been or could be?
I say if NL does ever decide to secede it should go all the way and go it alone.
Just my Humble Opinion.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Someone in public office has some balls!

Andy Wells has lent his support to a campaign to reinstate the regional weather office in Gander.

A big Bouquet to Mr Wells and the over 105,000 signatores.

A bundle of bricks to the rest who didn't feel the need to support their fellow NL'ians, because they are either to comfortable in their little lives or they don't give a dam about their fellow NL'ians!

Printable version of petition.
Drop off at any municipal office or
Contact: 1-800-663-7744 or 1-888-904-4357

I wouldn't expect anyone from Nova Scotia (Quebec airport forecasters) to support this petition especially anyone from Halifax seeing as they are gaining from NL's loss (of life).

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Cod fishers facing prosecution By Dave Cooper click to read

18 cod? What about the 12 million pounds being pirated away under the watchfull eye of DFO on the Nose Tail and Flemish cap of our Grand Banks?
Read Averill Bakers Oh to Be a foreigner

Where’s everyone else? BY Kirk Squires

Maybe the Federal government is siding with the seal hunt protestors and getting a jump on the Ban Canadian Sea food protest?

A new threat to our coast By Kirk Squires

HMM. A couple of bottles of Hawaian Javex (10 times stronger than normal javex) oughta kill anything, it will also evaporate if left open to the air? Ultraviolet lights?

More mixed messages 5 Wing Unhappy Valley GooseBay By ANDREW WAUGH

See my previous 5 Wing Unhappy Valley Goose bay post for some of the suggestions I made to the PM and Premier.

No Tags this time By NATALIE MUSSEAU


Fish scientist sees merit in small food fishery By Craig Westcott


Tariff Tribulation by Averill Baker


Canada's Navy Hospital ships!

Instead of building more battle ships or mine sweepers why not build hospital ships for our navy? This would be more along the lines of our United Nations commitment and Canadian values IMHO.

-Used in peace times and times of disaster or war.
-Help alleviate wait times and provincial medical services to remote locations.
-Boost our military presence on a global scale.
-Encourage retention of doctors in the military.
-Provide support to the United Nations when needed.
-Perfect vessel for housing mobile MRI’s and other expensive and diagnostic equipment.
-Manned by mainly military doctors and personnel used in conjunction with civilian land based services augment both.
-Used to service remote civilian locations. Would provide valuable experience to our military doctors in dealing with all walks of life ailments, and illnesses, unlike now where our military doctors are more like sports doctors.
-Used in a limited capacity as a university or as a full blown military medical university, or even a combined civilian military university.
-House decompression chambers for navy divers use and civilians alike.
-Relieve single doctor communities.
-Do tours of remote communities in summer and do training in home port in winter.
-Emergency disaster relief medical help stock pill of supplies.
-Help in the Navy’s doctor recruitment and retention.
-Majority of the world is situated on the coast in coastal communities.
-Would make an ideal location for Quarantine.

Now I would recommend from my limited knowledge of ships and ship building that the Swath hull design be used for smoothness of ride and working deck space. See previous post Swath Hull.
I would also recommend these hospital ships be located on either coast and NOT in the great lakes and no Canada’s coast doesn’t end at Halifax!

Red-Go, Yellow-Caution/turn, Bright Red-Stop?

I’ve never understood why running lights and stop lights on vehicles are the same color as the stop/brake lights?

You would think it would be the same as traffic lights.

Green=Go/running lights

Now the high mounted brake light in the middle of vehicles has somewhat helped in this confusion in that it only comes on when braking. But it will still be the same color and intensity as the regular brake lights so if you look away for a second and look back you may not notice the difference in intensity from running light to brake light.

I’ve emailed car manufacturing companies and government officials awhile ago about this but nothing seems to have happened in one year?

Just another outside the box suggestion.

Friday, October 07, 2005



Myth #1: The Canadian government allows sealers to kill adorable little white seals.

Reality: The image of the whitecoat harp seal is used prominently by seal hunt opponents. This image gives the false impression that vulnerable seal pups are targeted by sealers during the commercial hunt.

The hunting of harp seal pups (whitecoats) and hooded seal pups (bluebacks) is illegal - and has been since 1987. Marine Mammal Regulations prohibit the trade, sale or barter of the fur of these pups. Furthermore, seals cannot be harvested when they are in breeding or birthing grounds.
Myth #2: Seals are being skinned alive.

Reality: The most recent Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) Report and numerous reports mentioned by the Malouf Commission (1987) indicate that this is not true.

Sometimes a seal may appear to be moving after it has been killed; however seals have a swimming reflex that is active - even after death. This reflex falsely appears as though the animal is still alive when it is clearly dead - similar to the reflex in chickens.
Myth #3: Seals are not independent animals when they are killed - they still rely on their mothers and can't even swim or fend for themselves.

Reality: Only weaned, self-reliant seals are hunted after they have been left by their mothers to fend for themselves.

The vast majority of harp seals are taken after more than 25 days of age, after their white coat has moulted. Harp seals have the ability to swim at this stage of development. They are also opportunistic feeders and prey on whatever food source in readily available to them.
Myth #4: Countless seals that slip off the ice after being clubbed or shot are lost and never accounted for.

Reality: "Struck and lost" data from at-sea observers as well as the CVMA indicate that this is not true. In fact, the record of struck and loss for the Canadian commercial seal hunt stands at less than five per cent.

For one thing, most of the harp seals taken in Canada are hunted on the ice rather than in the water and this makes losses much lower than in places like Greenland. Second, harp seals that are hunted have very high levels of body fat, making them quite buoyant. That, coupled with the buoyant qualities of salt water, make it quite easy for sealers to retrieve a seal should they slip into the water after being shot.
Myth #5: The Canadian government is allowing sealers to kill nearly one million seals to help with the recovery of cod stocks.

Reality: Several factors have contributed to the lack of recovery of Atlantic cod stocks, such as fishing effort, poor growth and physical condition of the fish, and environmental changes. Seals eat cod, but seals also eat other fish that prey on cod, therefore it is difficult to hold any one factor responsible for the decline in cod stocks.

In addition, there are many uncertainties in the estimates of the amount of fish consumed by seals. The commercial quota is established on sound conservation principles, not an attempt to assist in the recovery of groundfish stocks.
Myth #6: The club - or hakapik - is a barbaric tool that has no place in today's world.

Reality: Clubs have been used by sealers since the onset of the hunt hundreds of years ago. Hakapiks originated with Norwegian sealers who found it very effective. Over the years, studies conducted by the various veterinary experts, and American studies carried out between 1969 and 1972 on the Pribilof Islands hunt (Alaska) have consistently proven that the club or hakapik is an efficient tool designed to kill the animal quickly and humanely. A recent report in September, 2002, by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, had results that parallel these findings.
Myth #7: The methods used to kill seals are far less humane than those used to hunt or slaughter any other domestic or wild animal.

Reality: Hunting methods were studied by the Royal Commission on Sealing in Canada and they found that the clubbing of seals, when properly performed, is at least as humane as, and often more humane than, the killing methods used in commercial slaughterhouses, which are accepted by the majority of the public.
Myth #8: The hunt is unsustainable.

Reality: Since the 1960's, environmental groups have been saying the seal hunt is unsustainable. In fact, the harp seal population is healthy and abundant. In excess of five million animals, the Northwest Atlantic seal herd is nearly triple what it was in the 1970s. DFO sets quotas at levels that ensure the health and abundance of seal herds. In no way are seals - and harp seals in particular - an "endangered species".
Myth #9: The "hunt" is simply a front for what is actually a cull aimed at reducing the population of harp seals.

Reality: The seal hunt is not a cull. It is a sustainable, commercially viable fishery based on sound conservation principles. In fact, the Department has adopted an Objective-Based Fisheries Management approach using control rules and reference points to establish management measures for the harp seal hunt. This process will facilitate a market-driven harvest that will enable sealers to maximize their benefits without compromising conservation. If the current three-year Total Allowable Catch (TAC) is fully taken, the population will still remain well above 70 per cent of its highest known abundance, found in the latest survey in 1999.

DFO takes a number of factors into consideration when establishing TAC levels for harp seals, including - ice conditions, pup mortality, natural mortality, incidental harvest or by-catch, the Greenland and Arctic hunts and commercial harvest levels.
Myth #10: The seal hunt provides such low economic return for sealers that it is not an economically viable industry.

Reality: The landed value of seals was $16 million in 2004. Pelt prices as high as $70 have recently been recorded. Seals are a significant source of income for some individual sealers. The money is earned over a very short period. Sealing also creates employment opportunities for buying and processing plants.

While sealing income may seem negligible by some US or European standards, sealers themselves have stated that their income from sealing can represent from 25-35 per cent of their total annual income. Sealing also represents benefits to thousands of families in Eastern Canada at a time of year when other fishing options are unavailable or limited at best, in many remote, coastal communities.
Myth #11: The Canadian government provides subsidies for the seal hunt.

Reality: The Government of Canada does not subsidize the seal hunt. Sealing is an economically viable industry. All subsidies ceased in 2001. Even before that time, any subsidies provided were for market and product development, including a meat subsidy, to encourage full use of the seal. In fact, government has provided fewer subsidies to the sealing industry than recommended by the Royal Commission on Sealing.
Myth #12: The seal hunt is not worth it - seals are only taken for their fur and the rest of the animal is wasted.

Reality: Seals have been harvested for food, fuel and shelter and other products for hundreds of years. The subsistence hunt is a valuable link to Canadian cultural heritage. Canada exports seal products in three forms: pelts, oil and meat. Traditionally, the pelts have been the main commodity, but production of seal oil for human consumption has grown substantially in recent years. Seal oil markets remain positive, and a large percentage of seal oil is finding its way into areas other than traditional marine and industrial oils.

DFO encourages the fullest use of seals, with the emphasis on leather, oil, handicrafts, and in recent years, meat for human and animal consumption as well as seal oil capsules rich in Omega-3. Any seal parts that are left on the ice provide sustenance to a wide variety of marine scavengers such as crustaceans, seabirds and fish.
Myth #13: The seal hunt is loosely monitored and DFO doesn't punish illegal hunting activity or practices.

Reality: The seal hunt is closely monitored and tightly regulated. Canada's enforcement of sealing regulations is thorough and comprehensive. Regulations and licensing policies stipulate hunting seasons, quotas, vessel size and methods of dispatch. Fishery Officers monitor the seal hunt in numerous ways to ensure sealers comply with Canada's Marine Mammal Regulations. They conduct surveillance of the hunt by means of aerial patrols, surface (vessel) patrols, dockside inspections of vessels at landing sites and inspections at buying and processing facilities. In 2004, Fishery Officers spent approximately 8600 hours monitoring and enforcing the hunt. In the last five years, 94 charges were laid and convictions were upheld in 57 of those cases.

Sealers are well trained in humane hunting methods and are, as a group, responsible and law abiding. Assumptions that large numbers of sealers are violating the laws and regulations governing the hunt are unfounded.
Myth #14: If sealers take more than their allotted quota, DFO simply further raises the quota for them.

Reality: The Government of Canada has strict conservation measures in place, and is committed to the careful management of all seals to ensure strong, healthy populations in the years to come. 2005 is the last year of a three-year harp seal hunt management plan. The harp seal TAC was set at 975,000 for 2003-2005 and it has not been raised. This multi-year management plan was developed in consultation with more than 100 stakeholders, including conservation groups, at the 2002 Seal Forum in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.

There have been two instances when TACs were allowed to be exceeded to allow sealers disadvantaged by environmental conditions to have an opportunity to seal after good hunting in other areas had allowed the full TAC to be taken early.

These decisions were made only because the increased hunting would not jeopardize conservation and sustainability.
Myth #15: Anyone can get a licence - even those who have never hunted before, and there are no training requirements.

Reality: Before sealers can qualify for a professional licence they must obtain an assistant licence and work under the supervision of a professional sealer for two years. Individuals applying for a personal use licence must demonstrate they apply good sealing practices to ensure the seal is killed in a quick and humane fashion. Personal sealing licences will only be issued to individuals who had a licence, a valid hunter's capability certificate, or big game licence the previous year and who have attended a mandatory training session.
Myth #16: The majority of Canadians are opposed to the seal hunt.

Reality: Animal rights groups currently campaigning against the seal hunt cite a 2004 Ipsos-Reid poll stating that 71 per cent of Canadians are opposed to the hunt. In fact, Canadians support federal policies regarding the seal hunt. An Ipsos-Reid survey conducted in February 2005 concluded that 60 per cent of Canadians are in favour of a responsible hunt. The survey methodology and results of this poll are available on request.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Society: A Financial Expose


Money well spent!

In order to get the best bang for our buck I propose using NL's windfall towards an aggressive infrastructure program, in the form of roads and infrastructure programs and other Federal provincial co funded programs. Our 2,600,000,000$ plus Federal 2,600,000,000$ in a 50/50 partnership effectively doubles our money!

Some of the projects I have in mind are:

Not in any particular order But I would advocate TLH as a priority personally.
-Completion of the Trans Labrador Highway
-Fixed link across the Strait Jacket of Belle Island uniting Newfoundland and Labrador
-Causeways or bridges to ferry serviced islands
-Planning and completion of a south shore highway. Better tourism round trip, Open up south shore for development fish farming, Long term savings with removal of ferries, better emergency preparedness by having another route to cross the island.

By doing this sort of project whereby co funding is the norm we can effectively double our money!

If nothing else these projects should be studied and planned for future development.

The south shore could be done in stages
First connecting Connaigre Peninsula to the Burin Peninsula
Second Port Aux Basques to Burgeo
Finally Burgeo to Connaigre Peninsula

Could even be an ATV ski-doo trail to begin with.

Build the road and piers and ask the Military engineers to do a bridge gallop to bridge the gaps with paid for Acro bridges. The Military Engineers did a project like this out in Chilliwack, BC for a farm road. Acro bridges are one lane class 60-80 but a second bridge could be planned for the future two-way traffic once the need can be identified.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Friends of the U G L Y cod and lowly capelin speak up!

Every other animal or fish harvest allows for the protection of the female species to propagate the continued existence of the species.
Where as the Capelin fishery is reversed, they target the Baby capelin Roe for harvest. In fact they throw back the dead male capelin and only keep the roe from the female Capelin because that is all the market calls for in Japan?
This terrible travesty combined with the 5 million seal population and over fishing on the nose Tail and Flemish cap by foreign draggers clear cutting the bottom of all the feeding and breeding grounds has caused the collapse of  one of the worlds great food sources.

Lap tops/Desk notes VS Back packs/Bad Backs?

-Lap tops 500$
-Desk notes 300$ No battery, needs to be plugged in, Power adapter for automobile use.
-Books 50-100$ a piece
-DVD books 10$
-Chiropractic society
-One USA school just issued lap tops to all of its students along with DVD books.
-Back packs 50 lbs
-Life long use at least middle, high school probably University also.
-Home use, poorer families who can’t afford a computer.
-Paper saving
-Updates easier
-Typing skills
-Middle school and up. Elementary schools still need to learn writing skills
-Partial paid for by kids or families
-Damage Deposit option if out right ownership isn’t feasible.
-Wireless schools
-Lesson plans accessibility through power point
-Presentation by teachers and students more
-Teachers available on MSN study groups home work

Price Watch ® - Street Price Search Engine

Monday, October 03, 2005


Out Side The Bar

Trivia gaming like I saw in Alberta NL trivia even better
Heat lamp posts for patios and smokers on patios
Internet Cafe's
Condom machines in Bath rooms
Allow animals in Bars like in Europe
Wine tasting partnership with wineries
1$ beer like on mainland
Micro breweries in bars similar to England and Ireland
Quidi Vidi beer
Mummering festial
Patios as option for smokers
Only allow the sale of cigarettes in licenced establishments. They have the infrastructure to check ID's. Could be used to offset losses from smoking ban. Cornerstore workers who are under age won't be susceptible to peer pressure if they themselves smoke. Further discourage smoking by making it less accessable.

NL Karaoke contest NL Idol
Demographics would suggest the market is with the baby boomers seniors?

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Swath Hull Smooth Sailing for Oil and Gas of NL!

Swath Hull design for Gas recovery white rose!

Dear misguided Elected officials

I couldn't believe your contemplating burning tires as a source of energy when we have unheard of amounts of natural gas off our shores?

If you must burn tires at least only do it in the short term until our natural gas can be brought ashore and converted into electricity for easier transport.

In case you haven't already read these reports here they are.

Natural Gas utilization study 1998
Husky energy natural gas study
Simon Frazer University renewable energy report,%20nov%202.pdf

Suspended pipeline?
Suspended docking station helium ballons?

I would like to suggest using Swath hull design as a likely platform for oil and gas exploration and recovery especially for the Gas part. The Swath hull design has many benefits for this type of application. It is a canadian hull design, from 1938 when Frederick G Creed first designed the Swath Hull? We have a swath hull right now in our Canadian Coast Guard if you would like to hear testimonials or see one in action. Talk to the crew of the Frederick G Creed named in memorial of the hull designer.
Would also be an idea if you continue to insist on using ferries to cross the strait Jacket of Belle ISle, instead of going demanding the inevitable fixed link from Canada!

The American Navy is also experimenting with this hull design (Cats) for missile launching platforms.

I would also like to point out advancements in propulsion by highlighting the new propulsion of the new harbour tugs in Vancouver harbour. They are along the lines of twin jet propulsion controlled separately only they are the cork screw kind. This would also eliminate the need for cross thrusters. The learning curve for this new propulsion apparently is steep.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


White Rabbits 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 years!

Michaelle Jean

Canada's outgoing Governor-General, Adrienne Clarkson, broke protocol and showed up at the inauguration of the new... ... ah, who really freakin cares.

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