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New NL blogger Rant and Rave

Just visited this blog and found it to be very enlightening with well researched blogs. This Rant and Rave will become a regular of mine. I highly recommend taking a swing over and reading some of the rants and raves.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Letter to Canadian sea food boycotters


This is a letter I will be sending out to restaurants and businesses whose names appear on the Humane Society of the United Stes webpage listing participants in their boycott of Canadian Seafood.

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing to express my dismay that your company has chosen to participate in the Humane Society of the United States’ boycott of Canadian Seafood in an effort to protest the Canadian Seal Hunt.

While I appreciate your desire to protect the environment and endangered species I am dismayed that your company has chosen this manner in which to express these ideas. The Canadian seal herd is regularly observed to determine its size and growth. The hunt itself is monitored and sealers killing underage seals are charged and taken to court by the government. There are many things you can say about Canada’s seal hunt but "unregulated" and "unchecked" are not on that list.

I am not going to apologize for what happens on the ice flows off my province. It is not pretty by any interpretation, but the work helps good people from small communities to feed their families. In contrast the support you are giving to the Humane Society of the United States is taking money out of the pockets of these same families. While it can be demonstrated that the seal population around Newfoundland is growing the same cannot be said of the human population which, faced with economic crisis has been declining for almost 15 years.

If you are sincerely concerned about the killing of animals I suggest you visit a local animal shelter or perhaps an abattoir or an industrial chicken farm. Seals killed in the Gulf of St Lawrence suffer far less than the animals in the above institutions.

Instead of trying to shut down all the fisheries around Canada to save the lives of seals, it would be more constructive if you attempted to support community and economic development opportunities in the region. The best way to stop the seal hunt is to offer seal hunters more money doing something else. You would find the majority of them would be quite happy to stay on land in a safe environment rather than risking their lives on the ice if they had a viable choice.

Unfortunately, there is no economic advantage to the HSUS in Newfoundland’s development as they are making too much money selling the "Seal Hunt Protest" idea. The truth is that the only reason this "protest" can be conducted is that the Canadian government is the only government in the world which will permit protesters to come out to the seal hunt. It seems ironic that Canadian’s commitment to freedom of speech is being used against fishermen while similar hunts in other parts of the world go unchallenged.

By siding unconditionally with the HSUS you are supporting a deliberate operation to take money out of the pockets of fisher families in Newfoundland and put it in the pockets of the HSUS. This is selfish and short-sighted. Impoverishing the people living on the coasts of Newfoundland will not save the environment or the seals, it will only endanger them further. A desperate person has not respect for the environment and will happily harvest, kill or steal whatever is available in order to survive.

I respect your concern for the environment and the preservation of species but I ask you to respect the men and women of Newfoundland and Labrador who are working to build their communities under what are already very difficult circumstances.



Costco boycotting Seal oil omega 3 capsules

Hello Sir or Madame

I would like to know if it is true that you have removed Omega 3 seal oil capsules from your store or not as per this press release on the Sea Shepard Society web site.

I fail to see why you would do this seeing as the seal fishery is a legal government sanctioned and monitored fishery.

With quotas set at 0.04% of the total harp and Hood seal herds I fail to see the problem with this fishery.

Here are some links to help inform you if you are undecided on this subject.


Canadian veteranarian study

Seal killing 8 foot sturgeon

Video of dead fish on bay from seals

Real reason

Endangered fish

If you confirm my suspicions that you are in fact boycotting omega 3 seal oil capsules then I feel it is my duty to cut up my Costco card and never shop there again as much as I enjoy shopping at your store, and tell all my friends to do the same as well as lobby my government members to follow my lead.

I'll update when I receive a response.

A Canadian Civil War Soldier Remembered

For 142 years, a misspelled surname kept a Canadian who died in the Civil War from getting a proper headstone. That changed on Sat. March 25, 2006, with the unveiling of a new headstone for Pvt Dennis Buckley, who died on July 20, 1864 at the Battle of Peachtree Creek while fighting for Union forces in the Confederate South.

The new headstone notes that he was a recipient of the Medal of Honor for bravery, awarded posthumously on April 7, 1865. Pvt Buckley was one of only an estimated 65 Canadians to be awarded that honour. A representative from Canadian Consulate General in Atlanta attended the ceremony and layed a wreath at the grave of Pvt Buckley.
Read more about the Canadian Consulate in Atlanta

H/T Connect2Canada

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Catwalk sealskin

Averill Baker
The Advertiser

They are the rage in Europe, but the question is where do they get them?

We see them on television – white and blue sealskin coats – on the catwalks of Europe and the runways of New York.

They are on the news every night now – those fancy fashion models – wearing white and blue sealskin coats, slinking down the runways, one leg directly in front of the other, like a fox tracking a rabbit.

While they strut their time upon the stage, the news announcer in the background quotes the most recent aged celebrity who claims we Newfoundlanders are barbarians.

As we all know in this province, we are not allowed to sell the skin of a whitecoat or blueback seal. It is a criminal offence for our sealers to do that.

The rest of the story

Norways policy on sealing.

FFAW demands ban on protestors.


Animal Rights Act Violations Overwhelming Courts

The court system has been overwhelmed with cases of animal-on-animal violence since passage of the Animal Rights Act.

Read the rest of the story here.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


FFAW calls for Feds cease issuing permits / Change quota allocation


Good stuff.

I've been thinking lately that the regulations concerning the hunt could do with some revamping also. Specifically the first come first serve for the quotas. IMHO this isn't conducive towards a humane seal fishery. We all know that man no matter who or where he is from has a little greed within him and the way the quota is set up it only promotes killing as many seals in as short a time to try and get as many as possible before the season is closed. This first come first serve regulation also doesn't promote taking the seal carcasses back to shore for secondary processing into food or fish and animal food because time is of the essence and the top dollar is in the pelts while the remainder goes to waste. Where as if each sealer has an individual quota or each boat then time wouldn't be such a mitigating factor and the fishermen could make several trips to fulfill their quota while utilizing the entire seal as a source of income.

There was also a man on VOCM the other day from NS who was expressing his dismay at the lack of a quota for NS landsmen due to past landing history due exactly to this regulation. It would also be much easier to monitor the overall TAC with this type of quota allocation because each man or boat would know exactly how many he is allowed to take and could do it over time instead of the mad rush as is the present practice. By extending the season in this fashion it would also be more prohibitive for the protestors because as we all know they are only out for the quick buck and don't have the intestinal fortitude to do any amount of extended time out on the ice floes. Also since this is a commercial hunt by legislating that all of the seal be utilized in some manner even if it is to make fish and animal food the skulls of all of the seals could be checked for humane killing at the landing place as opposed to out on the ice floes.


Emailed to

>Subject: FFAW/CAW News Advisory
>Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 11:52:52 -0500
><<<<<<<<<< FFAW ENEWS Update >>>>>>>>>>
>FFAW/CAW Calls on Federal Government to Cease Issuing Permits to Animal Rights Groups. To read the full news release click on the associated link below or visit our website at
>Please visit the following associated links:

Monday, March 27, 2006


Animal Rights Activists on the defensive

The Hypocritical Society of the Unholy Scabs HSUS has felt it necessary to refute the Myths web site put up by DFO. with their own spin of half truths and outright lies.

I'm not going to go into detail about their so called truths because I haven't been feeling well and just don't have the fortitude too.

Seal meat isn't used. Who's fault is that the ARA's everytime a new market or use was found for seal these ARA's would lobby and protest to have it shut down so noone is to blame here but the ARA's them selves.

The list of restaurants that the HSUS says are boycotting Canadian sea food is misleading at best and more probably an outright falsehood.

Seals eat cods predators. Yes seals eat everything shrimp, crab, lobster, halibut you name it a seal will kill and maybe maybe eat some if any of it. Seals are the coyote Wolf of the deep. A seal eats 8% of it's body weight each and every day. Most seals weigh in between 2 and 400 pounds. Seals are migrating further and further south each year in search of food. They are even migrating up into inland water ways and eating trout and salmon. A moritorium has been in effect since 1992 on the east coast and the fish still haven't recovered. Seals are starving by the eidence that they normally become reproductive at the age of 4 but in recent years it is taking up to 6 years for them to become reproductive because of the shortage in food as seen in the fishery.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Reinventing the (Mono) wheel

You gotta follow the link and watch the video.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Warning to Canadian sealers From Table mountains LOL

Monday, March 20, 2006


Protecting rights of cute animals hypocritical

This is an article written by Randy Wood on the Echo Online a paper from Eastern Michigan University community. Be sure to read past the first paragraph because he tricks the ARA's into thinking he is on their side.

Those damn Canadians. I am absolutely outraged! Right now, as you're reading this article, an absolutely despicable thing is going on. Canada's seal hunt is underway. Hunters are going to kill hundreds of thousands of seals mainly for their pelts. Why am I so disgusted by this practice? Because I can't find a way to get a license!

He makes some really good arguements and points out the Hypocracy of these protestors while showing a crack into their real long term agenda.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


George Bush teaches english on Iranian Radio LOL

Click on the sat 10:30 link and scroll oer to around the 42 minute mark where george bush teaches english. It's funny even though the intent is to discredit G W Bush LOL.

Man when you listen to the opther side of the story it's no wonder these countries hate the USA and want to erradicate Zionists from the earth. Hmmm.

Here is one of the better Internet Radio station sources At least most of their links work. Check out Australia news/talk to get first hand reports on the cat 5 hurricane.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Newfoundland and Labrador Hillbillies

It would seem NL has their own site for Sled Porn the LewisHillBillies.

They even have put out a video which you can buy or watch a trailer of at their web site.

H/T: The Georgian News Paper for the link and write up.

Friday, March 17, 2006


Thank-You Senator Hervieux-Payette, Céline

Dear Senator Hervieux-Payette

I would just like to express my sincerest thanks to you for standing up for the people on the East coast of Canada involved in the annual commercial seal fishery. As described in this CBC article.


PS: While I may have some qualms with the annual seal fishery the humane way in which the seals are killed isn't one of them. Killing an animal of any kind isn't a pretty picture even more so when it takes place out in the open on white ice for all to see. I would like to see all of the seal utilized even if it is to make fish and animal food since these same ARA have closed any markets for the food which have been found.


Emailed to.

I also include all of the Pro-seal fishery links and Anti protestor links I have. I won't put them here because there are to many.


He might not post much or often but when he does, BNB from over at Newfoundland in Canada
sure makes a good points.

Thunder Flash Warning Afghanistan

Dear elected officials

I was thinking what with the recent killing of a local civilian in Afghanistan by our peace makers that maybe if we used Thunder flashes instead of warning shots it might be more effective and less dangerous to the local population in warning them that they are too close.

Seeing as these warning shots have to be done in a crowded urban enviorment the sound could be lost amongst the mufflerless loud two stroke engines and hustle and bustle of traffic but a Thunder flash would be louder and safer to deploy.

Just in case you don't know what a Thunder Flash is. It is a stick similar to a flare that is used in training to simulate a grenade. I think the timer is similar in timing to a standard grenade somewhere in the region of 5-6 seconds. While there is no immediate danger from a T flash is can cause damage if used in a confined space or held onto when it goes off.


PS: this image isn't of a canadian T flash but is very similar except for the color.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Support our troops Help Afghanistan

Some of the items that would go along way towards winning hearts and minds for our troops in Afghanistan would be.

For the kids

Crayons and coloring books
pens pencils and paper
Soccer balls
Hackey sacks
little red wagons
candy with tooth brushes
sidewalk chaulk
bubble blowers
skipping ropes
educational books


farming books/magazines
wheel barrows
garden hoses
seeds plant
hand held radios
pots and pans
tupper ware containers
solar lights
Newspapers and magazines
construction books


Updates and schedule

Live TV as well as pre-recorded. Well worth a watch. Lord knows I wouldn't go down one of those ski hills full tilt with two legs let alone one or blind. Truely epitomizes the human spirit and willingness to overcome all odds with a little help and compassion.

We are currently in 6th standing for the medal count.

Monday, March 13, 2006


Koran Indicted in Germany for Violating Constitution, Laws

Here is an excerpt but visit the link and supporting links to get the full story.

Violence against the Infidels
The indictment is against the 200 verses of 114 suras (ED:chapters) of the Quran that are not compatible with the constitution, including demagoguery, incitement to murder, murder and mutilation, war, acceptance of thievery against infidels, meaning all non-Moslems. Verses are also pointed out where the equal rights of men and women are not upheld and where people of different faiths are oppressed.

Example: “The unbelievers among the People of the Book (Jews and Christians): They are the vilest of all creatures.” (Sura 98:6)

H/T Canadian Sentinel

Classic case of the right leg doesn't know what the left leg is doing.


Another thoughtful trained seal McCartney post

Sunday, March 12, 2006


High Seas Task Force final report released

Closing the net

International task force lays out plan to combat overfishing

The Packet

It was his first major announcement since stepping into the Fisheries and Oceans ministerial portfolio three weeks ago.

On Friday, DFO minister Loyola Hearn officially released the High Seas Task Force final report, and announced Canada’s next steps to combat global overfishing.

Working in co-operation with the United Kingdom, Canada will oversee the development of a model regional fisheries management organization (RFMO) within a year.
Closing the Net

The High Seas Task Force includes the fisheries ministers of Australia, Canada, Chile, Namibia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, as well as the directors-general of the Worldwide Fund for Nature, the World Conservation Union and the Earth Institute at Columbia University.
He is hopeful things will start to change.

"We’re starting to see action and support on this," he says, noting the support of six other nations — including the UK, Australia and New Zealand — on the task force report and recommendations.
Change in the wind

Yet Hearn speaks with optimism, following the release of this report, that change is coming to the high seas.

Noting that illegal and unreported catches are costing the fishing industry, worldwide, about $9 billion a year, Hearn says, "It’s time to wake up. We’ve received the wake-up call and the countries that are concerned, led by Canada, are making it quite clear to the other nations that we are not willing to put up with it anymore.

"The message I gave to the EU today is either you help us do this, or we do it ourselves."
The final report of the High Seas Task Force, including a summary of the proposals, are posted at
I haven't had a chance to read the report yet so this is a precursory blog.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Secret Nation Another good Newfoundland and Labraodor film

Does anyone know where this film can be rented or bought?

"Home in St. John's, after too many years in Montreal, history student Frieda Vokey involuntarily slips deep into the maze of mystery and intrigue that surrounds the joining of Newfoundland to Canada in 1949. Her father, Lester, part of the Great Debate then, is strangely uncommunicative with Frieda. Finding the truth becomes a quest which involves a daring late-night archival break-in which is perhaps itself a metaphor for Frieda's entrance into the labyrinth of her own psyche. Scary stuff, but Frieda's mother, Oona, is always there helping to ensure that the truth will out."

Hebron two out of three will seal the deal

Two out of three will seal the deal

Moira Baird
The Packet

Premier Danny Williams has three conditions for reaching a deal to develop the Hebron oilfield — and he’ll settle for two of them.

Those conditions are: a provincial equity stake in the oilfield, a better royalty regime and a petrochemical processing plant in the province.

That’s on top of the usual benefits, such as local employment and engineering work, that flow from offshore oil developments.

"I’m basically saying to the oil companies two out of three of those particular components would help make the deal providing the terms are right," says Williams.

"We set those as conditions and we’re firm on them."

Friday, March 10, 2006


All will be revealed Tuesday 14 March on RMR

If you've never watched the Rick Mercer Report or are a part time viewer this tuesdays show is a must watch.
He is going to reveal the winner of the Liberal Leadership kit. Bids to date are at 16,000,000$ yep thats right 16 million for a liberal leadership kit.

He will also be going to the Para Olympics and play a game of Sledge hockey. Now you've gotta know Rick Mercer they way he describes this game makes Murder Ball (Wheel Chair Rugby) look like a sissy sport

My ancestors were rogues and murderers: now available on DVD

My Ancestors Were Rogues and Murderers follow link to purchase.

The Troakes of Twillingate, first settled in Newfoundland over three hundred years ago and have long been known as a sealing family. The seal hunt has now become one of the world's most volatile and violent debates in animal politics and the people who earn their livelihood from it are reviled and ridiculed. The Troake family has been known as "the voice of reason" within this debate. In this documentary, filmmaker and multi-disciplinary artist Anne Troake--a descendent of the formidable family--embarks on a personal exploration of her clan and her place of birth.

Closed caption available VHS available

Price: $19.95

ID NO. 143C9105085
Director: Anne Troake

Producer: Kent Martin

Production Year: 2005
Running Time: 55:12

H/T: Our place in Canada: The Newfoundland and Labrador experiment for the heads up.

Stand up for kids

Here is the write up from the site. If you visit the site you can add your name to the petition as well you can email friends and family from there.

Dear Friend,

Opposition MP and Senators have threatened to vote down the new Government's Choice in Childcare proposal. During the election parents across Canada voted for change and part of that change was for a government that respected all parents and the choices they make for their kids. Canadians voted against an eleven billion dollar bureaucratic scheme that would only provide limited help to less than 30% of Canadian families that choose institutional care for their kids. Canadians voted for the $1200 per year per child benefit promised during the election. Parents want the freedom to invest that money in the childcare that best suits their children. Perhaps it's classes for their stay-at-home kids or money to pay for extra help for a special needs child. Some parents will use the benefit to offset the costs of a nanny, a relative or the fees at a day care center. But in the end, it will be their choice not the governments. That is why Canadian parents need to stand up and tell the opposition politicians to pass the Choice in Childcare benefit. What you can do: 1. E-mail the Senators and demand they pass the Choice in Childcare Benefit. To e-mail all 100 Senators send your message to You must include your name and mailing address to receive a reply. 2. Call E-mail or write your MP and tell them that you support the Choice In Childcare Benefit. Visit The House of Commons website to look up your MP. (Remember you do not need a stamp to send a letter to your MP) 3. Visit for a list of websites with information about childcare and more information about how to contact your MP. 4. Call your local radio phone-in show and send a letter to the editor of your community newspaper. 5. Pass this e-mail on to your friends and family and tell them to do the same. Make sure to include school/daycare parents, "moms 'n tots" groups and any other parents you know. Together we can make our voices heard.

H/T to Liam from responsible government league for including me in this email campaign.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


I can stop my Boycott against Tim Horton's now

Thank-God I was starting to go into withdrawal and was missing out on the RRRRRRRRolllll up the RRRRRRim contest.

Why was I boycotting Tim Horton's you might ask. Well having served in the military and drank military coffee if I was lucky any little piece of home goes along way when you are along way from home. So I decided to boycott Tim's as a personal solidarity move for my fellow comrades in arms serving abroad.

<<<-- Winner of a new truck from Tim Horton's.

Thank-You! Tim Horton's on behalf of our troops and myself as well.

Newfoundland and Labrador Canada's Provincial colony

How else would you describe NL.
We ship our Nickle to Central canada for processing.
We ship our Iron ore to Central Canada for processing.
We ship our electricity to central Canada to allow them to process our Iron ore and Nickel.
We ship our people to Central Canada to help process our raw materials in Central Canada.
We ship part our raw fish to China for processing.

And now they want to ship all of our fish to China for processing.

Not one spoonfull of Iron ore will leave this province on my watch.

What about not one fish will leave this province on my watch.

No sir personally I've had enough of being used and abused by father Ottawa and central Canada. It's time we stood our ground it's not like were going to starve we have lots of fish and wildlife for our population. We don't get diddly from Ottawa by way of jobs or support anyway so lets shut down the ferries and go it alone. There are more government jobs on one 1 base in Upper canada than there are federal jobs in Newfoundland and Labrador alone.

It's getting to the point where people are going to take matters into their own hands because of the abuse and mismanagement of our resources by Father Ottawa.

Glorified reserve is what NL is to Canada and it's time it stopped or we stopped putting up with it and go it alone.

Ice roads in Labrador

I'm curious are there any ice roads being built in Labrador each year?

Atlantic Canadian Amalgamation: One United Province?

This is a post and question that was posed over at
Please visit and leave your comments.

Blood Sport for entertainment VS Commercial and sustenance

That's one dead bunny in this sport for entertainment and blood.

This from the same country the HSUS and other self rightious ARA's are based from. The same ones who are opposed to a seal hunt that is done humanely for profit and sustinance as well as to keep the balance of nature. If it wasn't for the ARA's boycotts even more of the products from the seal hunt would become utilized in products like clothing, Omega3, Fat, food etc.

What with man taking other species it is inherent upon us to ensure we take equally from all species to ensure a balance in nature.

Search blood sport.

IFAW letter to Premier Williams through the press

I find it strange how the IFAW didn't send the letter directly to Premier Williams. They continue with their agenda to raise money at NL's expense by raising their profile in the press. These groups couldn't care less about animals. The fact is they do little if anything with their money to help animals they use their money to pay themselves like the 1000000$ million retirement bonus the HSUS president got upon retiring. The HSUS doesn't contribute any of it's funds to animal shelters neither do they run any animal shelters. They use all their money to pay themselves and advertise to raise more money. It is a never ending cycle of money raising the last thing they would like to see is an end to the seal hunt it's their number one fund raiser they raise 60% of their annual funds from this one cute cuddly over populated illegal to hunt white coat who has crying eyes so they won't freeze in the cold.

"Dear Premier Williams,

Important issues surrounding Canada's annual commercial seal hunt merit your urgent attention. They also deserve a commitment to honesty and respect for the facts that were not in evidence during your appearance on "Larry King Live", Friday evening, March 3, 2006. I write to reject and correct several of the many false assertions you made during that broadcast.

It is difficult to know where to begin, but I must take issue in particular with your statements concerning the organization it is my privilege to lead, IFAW -- the International Fund for Animal Welfare ( Founded in Fredericton, New Brunswick in 1969, IFAW was the first international animal welfare and conservation organization to draw Canadian and international public attention to Canada's commercial seal hunt and IFAW has staunchly opposed the commercial hunt-now the largest slaughter of marine mammals in the world-ever since.

In the course of your interview with Mr. King, you alleged several times that IFAW representatives, veterinarians and other experts have said the seal hunt is humane. Nothing could be further from the truth and you will find no record anywhere to this effect. Despite tireless efforts by your government and the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans, there is not a single reputable "expert" or "veterinary group" that has observed the hunt and called it humane. Almost four decades of observing and documenting the commercial seal hunt have led IFAW experts to conclude it is an inherently cruel and abhorrent slaughter, one that gravely compromises not only the welfare of seals but also the safety and well being of the hunters.

So many groups across Canada and worldwide oppose Canada's seal hunt it can be difficult to keep track of them all. But in defending the slaughter Friday evening you said "veterinarians that were hired by the World Wildlife Fund said the {hunt} is conducted in a humane way." WWF and any veterinarians it may have hired can speak for themselves. But the report they produced does not call the hunt humane. It actually puts forward no fewer than 11 recommendations to make the hunt humane (see, page 5). IFAW's supporters and others around the world would nonetheless welcome your response to these recommendations.

I am utterly at a loss as to how to respond to your suggestions that the seal hunt is actually an intervention to save seals from starvation, or that products from this commercial slaughter are used for shelter and fuel, except to say that I would welcome any evidence you have to back up these ludicrous assertions.

Finally, you sought, on this internationally broadcast CNN program to link IFAW to FBI terrorist watch lists. Like most of your statements that evening, this one is utterly at odds with the facts. It is also slanderous, and millions of people heard you say it. IFAW is not without its critics, but no one has ever put forward such an allegation.

In fact, IFAW and specifically our efforts to end the Canadian seal hunt are supported across the political spectrum in the United States. Given your interest in the U.S. government's perspective on IFAW you may be interested to learn that IFAW last year leveraged some $1.2 million dollars, including $600,000 in direct U.S. government funding, to assist New England fishermen with their animal welfare practices and provide them with state-of-the-art fishing gear. Last time we checked, the U.S. government wasn't funding terrorist organizations. You will be hearing more from us on this matter.

Reasonable people can disagree, and I would be pleased to meet with you at any time - in public or in private - to review and discuss these issues in good faith. But it is regrettable that the truth has become the first victim of this year's commercial seal hunt and that the blow was struck by the Premier of Newfoundland. This important issue, IFAW and our supporters around the world, and the good people of Canada and Newfoundland deserve better. And IFAW deserves an apology.


Fred O'Regan
President, International Fund for Animal Welfare"

About IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) - Founded in 1969, IFAW works around the globe to protect animals and their habitats and to create a better world for animals and people. To learn how to help, please visit

Contact Info: Contact:

Chris Cutter (IFAW)
Tel : 1 (508) 744-2066
E-mail :

I will add a link to the
Canadian Veteranarians study
and some links to terrorism articles.

Premier Danny Williams response to IFAW demand for an apology

March 9, 2006
(Executive Council)

Premier Danny Williams today released the following letter, in response to a public letter from the IFAW to the Premier. The letter was sent directly to the IFAW March 8, 2006:

March 8, 2006
Mr. Fred O�Regan, President
International Fund for Animal Welfare
Dear Mr. O�Regan:

Though you chose to send a letter to me publicly rather than actually sending it directly to me personally or to my office, I feel compelled to respond to some of the issues raised in your letter. There are many, many inaccuracies in the public domain on the seal harvest that I have and will continue to refute, however, for the purposes of this letter I will address the specific items raised in your public letter.

You state: "�not a single reputable "expert" or "veterinary group" that has observed the hunt and called it humane."

First of all, the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association found that 98 percent of seals are killed in an acceptably humane manner (Sept. 2002 report).

Also, a report, funded by the World Wildlife Fund, by an independent veterinarians working group August 2005 made the following statement: "� the Canadian harp seal hunt is professional and highly regulated by comparison with seal hunts in Greenland and the North Atlantic. It has the potential to serve as a model to improve humane practice and reduce seal suffering within the other hunts."

I would also like to point out that this report makes the following commentary, which logically directly links to the spread of inaccurate and misleading information by organizations like the IFAW. This includes the incessant misuse of photo opportunities with white coats which are illegal to hunt. The report states that: "the perception of the seal hunt seems to be based largely on emotion and on visual images that are often difficult for even experienced observers to interpret with certainty. Campaigns and rhetoric that play to the emotion at the expense of understanding and communication of factual information will neither increase the use of humane efforts nor reduce animal suffering."

Perhaps your organization would care to explain why to this very day you have photos of white coats on your web site and you continue to promote photo opportunities involving these seals, when in fact it has been illegal to hunt these since 1987. I find it ironic that you would lecture anyone on facts, when your entire money-making campaign is based on blatantly false information. Surely with the $77 million USD raised by your organization in 2004, you can afford to update your web site.

You state: "�seal hunt is actually an intervention to save seals from starvation�I would welcome any evidence."

First of all, from a sustainability perspective let me state again that the seal herd is extremely healthy and despite increased allowable catch the population has tripled to 5.8 million since the 1970's. We have taken our annual allowable catch every year while the herd continues to grow substantially. Over-populated seal, like other animal populations, can result in the death of seals as a result of starvation. The seal population is at an all-time high therefore their food source is being stressed as well. This would likely result in many seals dying a very slow and painful death as a result of not being able to find food. In fact, we have experienced in this province seals coming into shallow water bays and rivers � where they have never been seen before � in desperate search of food. This is perhaps why the United Nations and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature have recognized that Sustainable Use of the world�s living resources is not only legal and appropriate, but that such practices contribute to conservation of biodiversity by developing protocols which guide that harvest and "constituencies of interest."

You state: "�.products from this commercial slaughter are used to shelter and fuel�.I would welcome any evidence you have to back up these ludicrous assertions."

Historically, seal skins have been used by people in northern regions for shelter and the oil used in the same manner as fuel today. I must reiterate that seal oil is developed for industrial use and is used for medicinal purposes in the form of omega-3 oils which are used for heart problems, arthritis problems, menstrual problems and liver problems. The purpose of my statement was to refute the very inaccurate statements made by Ms. McCarthy that the seal harvest only takes place to get fur for the fashion industry. This is an absolutely false statement.

You state: "�you sought�.to link IFAW to FBI terrorist watch lists�."

My statement on Larry King Live was very clear on this issue. My direct quote was: "And let me tell you the FBI right now have a file opened in their terrorism division investigating organizations like this, including the PETA organization, from a terrorism perspective." This information is public knowledge and there was, in fact, an article written on this very issue by the Washington Post on December 20, 2005. I did not reference the IFAW in this statement.

A few other points I would add. The hunt is heavily regulated, and closely monitored each and every year. The methods used in today's professional seal harvest kill seals quickly and humanely. Licensing policy requires a commercial sealer to work under an experienced sealer for two years in order to obtain a professional license. Personal use sealers must undergo training and have a license. As I have stated many times, our goal is to have a regulated and monitored harvest. This includes prosecuting offenders, which I support. What I do not support is misrepresentation of the facts for monetary gain by organizations.

Thank you for the opportunity to hear more of the facts surrounding the seal harvest in Canada.


Premier � Province of Newfoundland & Labrador

Media contact: Elizabeth Matthews, Office of the Premier, (709) 729-3960, 690-5500,

NL has got your back Mr Williams. The truth needs to come out and shall prevail.

ARA's terrorist links

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


from-beatles-to-seals-or-thats-no-lady by Myles higgins web talk Newfoundland and Labrador

This is a comment Patriot left on his Blog from-beatles-to-seals-or-thats-no-lady. Patrot is a great debater and even better columnist. His Blogs are normally published on The Canada Free Press.
I felt this comment in particular deserved it's own post and not just the back pages of the comments section. Hope you don't mind Patriot. You put into words my own sentiments much more eloquently than I ever could. As you yourself expressed there are things You would like to see changed with the seal hunt but an all out ban isn't one of them.
As for the meat isn't used arguement by the ARA's that is a direct result of the protestors. Markets were being developed for all of the seal but each time one was developed the ARA's would lobby aggressively to shut it down. IMHO the real culprets for the lack of markets for seal meat are the ARA's and they don't have a leg to stand on with this arguement.

Personally I would like to see the federal government fund converting all of the seal meat into food aid for starving countries. Seal meat is the only food which can sustain life solely all by itself with out additives and supplements. This is a huge resource that is going unutilized and could go along way towards stopping world hunger and starvation. At this very moment parts of Africa are on the verge of another famine.

Patriot said...

To Anon who asked me if I feel the hunt is humane and if I had ever actually witnessed it. Unlike all of the name calling and emotion running through some of the comments here you have asked two very good questions. Thank-you for the opportunity to set the record straight.

Let me start by saying that I have been accused of making money from the hunt, of working for the fur lobby and a bunch of other things by activist groups and their followers. None of this is true and one of the reasons that lead me to believe that they are quite capable of bending or ignoring the facts to suit thier own agenda.

I do not make any money from the hunt and neither does anyone in my family. I have nothing to gain financially or in any other way by defending the seal hunt.

To answer your question. No, I have never witnessed the hunt directly but I have seen the same film clips and heard the same infomation from both sides that many of the people on both sides of the arguement have seen. I have also seen video footage and documentaries that show the pro-hunt side. (I'm willing to bet many who oppose the hunt either haven't seen those or simply refused to watch them with an open mind).

Unlike those opposed to the hunt who listen only to activist groups that stand to make millions in donations I prefer to listen to the people who regulate the hunt and more importantly those who take part in it. You may see this as stupid but I would prefer to believe these people for a number of reasons.

The primary one being that they are the same people I see every day and who go to church on Sunday, donate to various charities, help their neighbours and so on in communities around the area. These are people who I recognize as good, honest and hard working individuals, not barbarians, and who I would prefer to believe over those who seek publicity and donations.

To your next question, whether or not I beleive the hunt is humane. The answer to that is as I've said before, not black and white but varied shades of grey.

I believe it is not as humane as some animal huntiing/harvesting practices but more humane than others. I believe that it is much more humane now than it was a few decades ago and every year it is becoming more so. Is it perfect? Of course not, but that is not a reason to ban it, simply a reason to improve the practices where possible.

I know I will be accused of "going off on a tangent" as everyone who says what I am about to say is accused but I don't believe it is a tangent.

The fact is that hunters kill millions of deer, bear, moose, elk, etc. for food and sport. Every year billions of chickens, pigs, cows and sheep are slaughtered for food and other products. To me the use of these animals is no differnent than the use of seals with one exception.

Unlike deer or mooose hunting, when seals are killed it is not hidden away in the woods where only one or two hunters can see it.

When seals are killed it is not hidden away in a slaughter house where only the employees working there can see the blood. Yes, red blood on white snow is not pretty but neither is gutting a deer or lopping the head off of a live chicken or killing a cow by ramming it in the skull but by and large these are the practices and they do not raise the ire of people who continue to eat the meat of those animals and to wear leather.

I for one would not want to go to the ice and kill a seal. Neither would I want to kill a deer or moose. I would also not want to work in a slaughter house where throats are cut and animals are quartered. I never have and never will but that is my choice and it is because those things are not somthing I would be comfortable doing. Does that give me the right to force the same sensibilities on someone else and to try to force them to bend to my will? I don't believe it does.

The major problem I have with protest groups and their followers should be pretty clear from my previous statements but let me clarify just a little.

I defend the hunt not because I have a vested interest or because it matters directly to me whether it goes ahead or not.

I defend the hunt because I do not believe that simply because someone finds the hunt emotionally taxing it gives them the right to coerce and blackmail an industry into submission.

Generally the individuals and organizations who do this are far removed from the actual activity and have no direct connection to the process. They have nothing to lose when an industry or practice is stopped but, in the case of the organizations protesting, everything to gain by opposing it.

When the practices or industries I've already mentioned are stopped from doing what they do (whether it be hunting animals for food and sport or industries such as sealing or beef production) peoples lives are directly impacted even if this is of little concern to those who try to force the closure.

The incomes of employees and their families are impacted whether they are the harvesters or those working in the secondary processing industryies or periferal business such as furriers, food distributors, medical suppliers, tanners, etc., or in the case of sport hunting the tourist, hotel and restaurant industries). Peoples lives are affected, millions of dollars are removed from an economy and products leave the market place. These are only the obvious impacts but they are never the less important ones.

I always like to ask protestors of the hunt if they wear leather belts, shoes or a coats. If they eat meat. If they wear wool or drink milk. If they take suppliments such as Omega 3. If they eat pate or for that matter even if they have ever used white glue.

I also wonder how many of those people have ever benefited from medications or medical procedures that were developed through animal testing. All of these things and many, many more are based on animal usage. It's not necessarily pretty but the world is not a pretty place and that's the straight story.

Once again thanks for asking two very good and hopefully honestly asked questions. Perhaps another good question would be do I think the way all animal industries are conducted can be improved, and the answer to that is yes.

Like any industry there is always room for improvement. I support the hunt because I am a realist.

I know my packaged meat didn't just appear at the local supermarket magically and I know my belt used to be the hide of a cow. My personal sense of reality lets me know that there are things many of us don't want to witness personally but that doesn't make them any less valid.

My belief is that as long as other animals are used for products around the world by the billions everyday there are many areas where improvements can be made and there is no reason to single out or stop the seal hunt while that is happening.

In light of what I just said, the only reason to stop the seal hunt would be if it were causing an extinction of the species. This is not the case. Yes I have a problem with the black market hunting of white rhinos for example but the seal herd is growing every year and only about 2 or 3 percent are being utilized.

I would also say my believe is that activists would be much better served to work toward improving practices rather than screaming for an end to the hunt.

While I concede there is room for improvement in any industry, there are other industries that I would try to improve long before targeting the hunt. The practice wrapping geese in wire and force feeding them for pate is one example. Another example are the practices used in the veal industry and the list goes on.

To close I just want to say that I have nothing to gain from an active seal hunt but then again activist groups have nothing to lose by trying to shut them down.

My fear is that destroying a sustainable industry simply because it upsets someones sensibilities may become more and more prevelent if it is allowed to gain a foot hold. In a scenario like that we all stand to lose a lot since most of the world's population would prefer not to be vegans. Then again I doubt that will happen since the groups usually go after easy targets rather than attacking major industries that have the funds and connections to fight back in any real way.

Thanks again for the questions and I'm sure my answer will be picked apart, taken out of context and perhaps specific parts published in other places where it will be made to look like I agree with the activist groups. I don't really care but I am glad to give my personal pespective and hopefully you were glad to get it.


PS. Excuse any typos as I just rattled this off without worrying too much about grammar or spelling. I wanted to ensure that I wrote exactly what I felt rather than self censoring myself and perhaps altering the content in some way.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


For all you conspiracy theorists

This is a real gem of a SW/DX radio station Radioliberty. You can also listen live via the internet or pod cast if your not a DX'er.

Some of the conspiracies they tackle are 911, Katrina, Global warming, Weather warfare, Osama Bin Laden, Iraq, Iran, Isreal, World government, JFK, Floride in water, MSM just to name a few.

If your a conspiracy theorist this is a must visit web site.

O/T kinda:
Remember the Russian Space Mirror/spot light Znamya 2. I actually thought I heard somewhere that it was operational but according to the few hard to find articles I found it was supposedly destroyed during it's deployment. Video of Znamya 2 working.

H/T for the tin foil hat pic.

Ginseng to replace Opium farming in Afganistan

I've been thinking lately what crop could possibly be grown in Afganistan and make the same amount of money as their prime crop which is Opium?

I'm no farmer but from what I've seen and heard about the cash value of ginseng grown out in BC it would seem to me that this is one crop that could be of equal of greater economic value. If it is possible to grow Ginseng in Afganistan it would take quite a committment because as far as I know it takes several years for the first crop to become mature enough to harvest. From what I've seen there is also quite a bit of infrastucture required by way of shading irrigation suspension wires for it to climb etc.

There is also the possibility of genetic engineering of the opium plants, seeds to render either the plant or by product useless.

Ginseng is used in many medical products and health products. the one that comes to mind that is made and produced in Canada is Cold FX. With the threat of Avian Influenza looming large products like Cold FX made from Ginseng could become in great demand.

Another crop that is know to grow well in low fertility soils is peanuts but the cash value wouldn't come close to opium.

Support our troops!
Drop of care packages for Afganistan at your local Military or government establishment. Legions, Cadets, Military bases, RCMP stations.
Some of the items I can htink of that would be in great demand in Afganistan are clothing blankets, Candy and ballons for the kids. Hand held radios preferable solar or crank. Beautification seeds plants for our troops base.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Contrary to popular belief this is a seal

Great Post here by Wayne from over at Table mountains.

Latest surveys put the seal populations at
6000000 Harp seals
2000000 Hood seals
1000000 Other species of seals of which there are some 30 plus.

Don't ask me to provide corroborating links because I can't remember where I saw these numbers but i did see them in many places.

The only species under threat of extinction are the prey of the overabundant seals like but not solely restricted to cod because Seals will anything and everything most times just enough of a bite to kill the affected prey while leaving the rest to die and rot on the bottom.

Ugly seals beatles parody.

Paul McCartney Swindled by Activist Group

Paul McCartney Swindled by Activist Group

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