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Librano lawn sign generator LOL

Librano Sign generator

This is fun give it a try. Unfortunately there is no such thing as bad publicity oh well.

US researchers to do study on east coast tsunami.


An American perspective on our election.


Operation Davy Jones Locker.

"The Canadian government believes the United States may have jettisoned chemical weapons roughly 100 miles off the coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, north of Washington state. The US Army says it has no record that was done, but won't rule it out.
I won't say there's nothing there that belongs to us,'' said William Brankowitz, a deputy project manager in the US Army Chemical Materials Agency and a leading authority on the Army's chemical weapons dumping.
The United States had an 18-ton stockpile of chemical weapons in Alaska after World War II, National Archives records reveal. The Army doesn't know where it all went.
The two other chemical weapons dump sites in Canadian waters are off the coast of Sable Island and Nova Scotia, near the Grand Banks, one of the world's best fisheries, with one site spread out over at least 30 nautical miles. It is presumed to have been created by the Canadian government after World War II.
Fisheries are dying. The sea bottom is going bare. It's terrible,'' Kehoe said. ''We are finding crab mutations that no one can explain. Cod are dying at their larval stage. Most of that stuff is starting to leach now'' from their steel containers into the sea.
Kehoe's campaign for information and action has spanned 13 years and is becoming increasingly frantic.
A few years ago, the US-based Hunt Oil Co. was granted a license by the Canadian government to conduct seismic testing for potential petroleum products off the coast of Nova Scotia.
There is absolutely no scientific documentation on what effect oil exploration has on these dump sites,'' Kehoe noted. ''There is absolutely no research on it. The National Defense Department went public, on air, saying we don't know the impact of seismic testing on these sites.
This nightmare is going to be happening to you over there. It's horrifying."

We need wooden cars.

Ontario car plants closing and within hours the Ottawa cronies pledge money.

Stephenville pulp and paper mill closing and not a peep?

Those cars they used to make in the former East Germany were partially made from black cote. When we visited Eastern Germany after the fall the closer we got the more of these cars we saw abandoned along the side of the road. They had a 2 cylinder two stroke engine. Great for winter.
Trabant was the name.

Canadian Satellite radio launched

Canadians now have a satellite radio service of their own. XM Canada officially went on-the-air today, bringing Canadians more than 80 channels of commercial free, digital quality music programming, along with news, talk, and information, and more than 1000 NHL hockey games.

“Canadians have been waiting for XM, and we’re going to give them what they want -- superior choice, sound and signal quality,” says Stephen Tapp, president and COO of XM Canada.

Satellite radio has been available in the U.S. for several years, but because of the requirement for regulatory approval by the Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission, the service was not offered to Canadian subscribers. Still, Canadians subscribed in numbers too large to ignore. Estimates of the current "gray market" --foreign subscribers not officially eligible for the service -- run from 5,000 to 10,000.

Licences were granted to two providers -- XM Canada and Sirius Canada) by the CRTC in June 2005. XM Canada was the first to bring the service to market with its November 25 launch.

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CPC Tax break for Family Fishing Businesses

Harper Plans Tax Break for Family Fishing Businesses
06 September 2005

OTTAWA - Conservative leader and Leader of the Opposition, Stephen Harper said today a new Conservative government will provide help to family fishing businesses by providing a capital gains exemption for the first $500,000 of qualifying fishing property that is transferred within a family.

“There is just something wrong with charging capital gains tax when a fishing family wants to transfer assets from one generation to another,” said Harper. “Current taxation involves extremely prohibitive taxes that make it financially difficult to make this transition easily and without a large loss in assets.”

Under the Conservative plan, a family fishing business would qualify for the exemption when transferring items such as fishing licenses and property to a family member. The capital gains exemption would affect approximately 60,000 full and part-time fish harvesters in Canada.

“Small and moderate sized businesses remain the work-horse of the Canadian economy,” said Harper. “We think this will help preserve family fishing businesses.”

Currently, a family farm or managed woodlot can be transferred from one generation to another without attracting capital gains tax if the value of the transfers is less than $500,000

My comments
Now if our fishermen each had a woodlot or Moose Farm they could work their wood lot in the off season and wouldn't require EI!

The Parties and their policies from Wikipedia

The New Democratic Party

is a left-of-Centre political party in Canada that advocates varying forms of social democracy and democratic socialism. It contests elections at the federal and provincial levels. In the Canadian House of Commons, it represents the left wing of the Canadian political spectrum while the Liberal and Conservative parties represent the centre and right wings, respectively. The NDP is a member of the Socialist International organization of Democratic socialist and Social democratic parties.

The NDP is noted for its populist, agrarian and democratic socialist roots, its close affiliation with organized labour, and, while the party is secular and pluralistic, it has a longstanding relationship with the Christian left and the Social Gospel movement, particularly the United Church of Canada. The federal leader of the NDP is Jack Layton.

The NDP has never formed the federal government, but has wielded considerable influence during federal minority governments, such as in the current 38th Parliament. In addition former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau was a supporter of the NDP and CCF, but entered politics as a Liberal because he did not believe the NDP had a chance of ever forming a government.

Provincial New Democratic Parties, technically sections of the federal party, have governed several provinces and a territory. They currently govern the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, form the Official Opposition in British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Yukon, and have sitting members in every provincial legislature except those of Quebec and Prince Edward Island. In previous terms, they have formed governments in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia, and in Yukon territory.

New Democrats are also active municipally, and have been elected mayors, councillors, and school and service board members — Toronto mayor David Miller is a leading example. Like most municipal office-holders in Canada, they are usually elected as independents or with autonomous municipal parties.


is a Left-of-center political party in Canada. It forms the federal government under Prime Minister Paul Martin, but was defeated on November 28, 2005, by a motion of no-confidence tabled by Opposition Leader Stephen Harper.

The Liberal Party is often called "Canada's natural governing party" because it has been in power in Canada for most of the past century. It is one of only two parties that have alternately governed Canada since Confederation, the other being the now-defunct Progressive Conservative Party of Canada (one of the two ancestors of the modern-day Conservative Party of Canada). Every Liberal leader in the 20th century and since has served as Prime Minister of Canada; in fact, in the entire history of the Liberal Party, there has only been one non-interim leader, Edward Blake, who was never Prime Minister. It is also worth noting that every successive Liberal Prime Minister has been a cabinet minister in the past Liberal leader's cabinet: Martin was in Jean Chrétien's cabinet, who was in John Turner's cabinet, who was in Pierre Trudeau's cabinet, etc. Conversely, the Progressive Conservatives often chose leaders without Cabinet experience.

The party is known colloquially as the "Grits" (originally "Clear Grits").

Conservative Party of Canada

is a right-of-centre political party in Canada, formed by the merger of the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada in December 2003. The party currently forms the official Opposition in the House of Commons. The Honourable Stephen Harper is the current leader of the party.

The Conservative Party will be guided in its constitutional framework and its policy basis by the following principles:

• A balance between fiscal accountability, progressive social policy and individual rights and responsibilities;

• Build a national coalition of people who share these beliefs and who reflect the regional, cultural and socio-economic diversity of Canada;

• Develop this coalition, embracing our differences and respecting our traditions, yet honoring a concept of Canada as the greater sum of strong parts;

• The Conservative Party will operate in a manner accountable and responsive to its members;

• A belief in loyalty to a sovereign and united Canada governed in accordance with the Constitution of Canada, the supremacy of democratic parliamentary institutions and the rule of law;

• A belief in the equality of all Canadians;

• A belief in the freedom of the individual, including freedom of speech, worship and assembly;

• A belief in our constitutional monarchy, the institutions of Parliament and the democratic process;

• A belief in the federal system of government as the best expression of the diversity of our country, and in the desirability of strong provincial and territorial governments;

• A belief that English and French have equality of status, and equal rights and privileges as to their use in all institutions of the Parliament and Government of Canada;

• A belief that the best guarantors of the prosperity and well-being of the people of Canada are:

• The freedom of individual Canadians to pursue their enlightened and legitimate self-interest within a competitive economy;

• The freedom of individual Canadians to enjoy the fruits of their labour to the greatest possible extent; and

• The right to own property;

• A belief that a responsible government must be fiscally prudent and should be limited to those responsibilities which cannot be discharged reasonably by the individual or others;

• A belief that it is the responsibility of individuals to provide for themselves, their families and their dependents, while recognizing that government must respond to those who require assistance and compassion;

• A belief that the purpose of Canada as a nation state and its government, guided by reflective and prudent leadership, is to create a climate wherein individual initiative is rewarded, excellence is pursued, security and privacy of the individual is provided and prosperity is guaranteed by a free competitive market economy;

• A belief that the quality of the environment is a vital part of our heritage to be protected by each generation for the next;

• A belief that Canada should accept its obligations among the nations of the world;

• A belief that good and responsible government is attentive to the people it represents and has representatives who at all times conduct themselves in an ethical manner and display integrity, honesty and concern for the best interest of all;

• A belief that all Canadians should have reasonable access to quality health care regardless of their ability to pay; and

• A belief that the greatest potential for achieving social and economic objectives is under a global trading regime that is free and fair.

Unbiased news from CPAC

Get the full story and speeches either live or pod cast from CPAC Canadian Public Affairs Channel.

You can download a free podcast software on the CPAC site under podcasts. You don't need an Ipod your computer can run podcasts.

Canadians Talking to ALIENS about aliens!


Moose Milk anyone?

Six o'clock on a June morning in western Russia, sunshine spills across a farm yard as a woman carrying a pail approaches a milking barn. This classic rural scene is still common in parts of Russia today, but inside the barn the scene changes from common to bizarre. For there, standing in a milking stall is not a cow, a goat, or even a sheep, but Nella, a six foot tall 500kg moose.

Five year old Nella is one of the 58 moose at the Sumarokova moose farm. Although moose have also been domesticated in Scandinavia and Alaska, primarily as tourist attractions, what makes the farm at Sumarokova so unique is that it is the only farm in the world where moose are reared exclusively for their milk. Although highly nutritious, the milk is produced not primarily as a food, but for its therapeutic properties in the treatment of patients suffering from stomach ulcers, leukemia and radiation sickness.

Update of some Moose farming links:,13673,501040524-638538,00.html

Quebec separates Newfoundland and Labrador gains!

Just think about it!
If Quebec separates Canada will no longer feel the need to unfairly back Quebec on the upper Churchill and every other issue affecting NL in Canada.
NL and specifically 5 Wing Goose bay should become the main East coast air Base not foreign training centre like it now. Troops will need to be realocated from Bagotville,and Valcartie.
All of the Coast guard will have to be relocated within the maritimes.
We will no longer have to pay the 5 billion annually equalization to Quebec as a cookie to stay in Canada. Adscam is merely a drop in the bucket in comparison. They call NL a welfare state when Quebec is getting more than 5 times as much equalization. Any province that can afford to pay 500$ 1500$, 2500$ for their first second and third child respectively can't be all that bad off.
Our political landscape will become mildly more proportional with the loss of Quebecs 74 seats out of 308.
The Supreme court will become more proportionally represented by the elimination of Quebecs guaranteed 3 positions.
Any and all resource exports out of Labrador will probably go to the world via Island.
By getting rid of Quebec the rest of the country might stay together.
We will no longer need to discriminate against english speaking only federal jobs because our school system doesn't provide french equivelance for everyone not just english for the french.

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Agricultural/political mismanagement Disgrace!

Dear elected officials.

After reading this article it is abundantly clear that the provincial and federal political representatives are doing very little if anything at all to take care of the basic needs of it's people by way of political pressure.

If there is anything I learned from the military and taking care of your troops is to take care of their Food and shelter needs first. An army can't march on an empty stomach or lacking is quality safe and secure sleep.

One day the non renewable oil resource will either be all gone or Obsolete and what will we be left with?

These issues are screaming for some attention politically! Especially the milk issue it is a time bomb waiting to go off and not in our favor either.

PS: It would seem to me that from looking at where the cod are near extinction is in the areas of the highest seal populations? Maybe people don't see this because we always refer to these areas as numbers and not geographically specific locations? IE: East coast of Labrador East 2G, 2H, 2J, off Northern peninsula 3K, West of Northern peninsula 4S, 4R?

PSS: Value added for both Potatoes and cod could be to make a fish Perogees, or Fish pogo sticks.

Agriculture could be cash cow for provincial economy

Secondary processing the key says Wiseman

The Packet

A major boost to this province’s economy may be right in our back yard.

When most people hear the word agriculture they think of vegetable farms. While horticultural agriculture plays a big role, the industry also includes egg production, chicken, beef and fur farms as well as a wide range of other operations.

According to Mervin Wiseman, president of the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Agriculture, the many forms of farming could be worth untold millions to the provincial economy.

The questions is where is the limit.

"I ask myself that question all the time. I certainly have a vision of where it could go. The part we have been missing, more than anything, is the part of the value chain where we start to get into the secondary processing."

Mr. Wiseman says while the province has, so far missed the boat on secondary processing in agriculture, things are turning around. He points to the dairy industry as an example.

"We produce milk and, yes, we have some domestic consumption . . . but this aspect of making things like yogurts, cheeses and other kinds of dairy type spreads is something that has eluded us.

"For some reason we were never given the leverage and latitude by the industrial milk quota agency — the marketing boards outside Newfoundland — to have an industrial milk production."

He says that changed about four years ago and the province is now well positioned to get into the higher value component of the industry with a 33 million litre industrial milk quota.

"We have 15 years to make good on that quota. If we do not utilize it in that time, it reverts back to the national quota. We are a little bit behind on utilizing it. I don’t believe we have utilized as much as 20 per cent up to this point. That means we have 80 percent of utilization left on 33 million litres of industrial milk quota," stresses Mr. Wiseman. "What are we going to do? We simply can’t let that go back to the national milk quota under any circumstances, not when there is opportunity.

"You can imagine the room for growth."

He says that’s one reason why the focus of the agriculture industry has to include secondary processing and value added products.

"Secondary processing; that’s an area where we usually create more jobs. It’s an area where the jobs are a little more lucrative."

Direct marketing

Some producers in the province have gone to the next level in the value chain, adding value to their own product.

"There is a perfect example of that in the Discovery Trail region with George Greening who has put a significant amount of money into his own direct marketing. The public will now be able to walk right into the front end of his store and he will be able to produce meats and cuts tailored to meet the needs of people at an economical price."

It’s things like that, says Mr. Wiseman, which will allow producers to be a little more economically viable within their own operation and spread that money around at the local level.

"That’s extremely important," he says.

"What is more exciting for me is not only the issue of producing our own product here in the province, and we can use the fur farming sector as an example, but we are seeing great potential in areas where we can bring in extra product for processing in Newfoundland."

He notes a pilot project now underway that will see 10,000 mink pelts brought into the province for secondary processing.

Product links

The majority of value added items from the dairy industry — cheeses, yogurts, spreads — consumed in this province are imported from other areas of the country.

According to the Agriculture Federation president those products could be produced here. What is more, he says, there are proven benefits when various local products link together in secondary processing.

"One of the big attractions of the Good Natured Yogurt (manufactured on the west coast of the province), for example, is the fact they are using local berries. It has been an absolute success beyond any level of expectation."

Their success has not only increased awareness of the potential of the dairy industry, but the potential for wild berry farming.

There is a potential for manufacturing such products in the Discovery Trail region, he says.

"We have a dairy product coming out of this region. Why not utilize it? We not only have the dairy product, we have the wherewithal, the allocation of the industrial milk quota, to get into the secondary processing. I am sure we have the brains to do it. We have the competitive labour, perhaps better than anywhere.

"We certainly have a competitive advantage . . . so why wouldn’t we set up a plant in this area."

The potential for growth in the vegetable industry is also huge, he says.

"This province produces a mere 10 to 12 per cent of the vegetables that are consumed here."

He says domestic vegetable consumption could amount to $75 million.

"We know there is tremendous potential just to satisfy the domestic market in potatoes."

He adds all vegetable production, particularly potato production, is down.

"We have issues to overcome and we are well on our way to getting them resolved," he says. "We need to implement the idea of minimum pricing to compete on a level playing field."

Local producers are having difficulty competing with the cheaper potatoes flooding the market from Prince Edward Island.

That province produces 100,000 acres of potatoes every year, he explains.

"They primarily ship by contract to McCain’s . . . and also into the United States and other parts of Canada.

"When they are finished with their first grades going out like that and they have second and third grades that are not much good for anything else, they dump it into Newfoundland at very low prices, creating a very unlevel playing field for us here in the province.

"In my mind, it is illegal to be (dumping) and I believe there are measures we can take to stop that. We are not against free enterprise and private industry but we have leveled the playing field in other commodities, like dairy for example which is a supply managed commodity.

"It could work just as well in the vegetable industry and we would fix this idea of dumping. Then if anyone is going to bring product into the province, they bring it in at the same level and the same price."

Food safety

Another major hurdle for the province’s agriculture industry is food safety.

"The Lethbridge area has gone a long way. They are ahead of the game on that. They have the storage facility (Lethbridge Agricultural Co-op) that will eventually allow them to do proper grading, quality assurance, proper packaging and marketing and satisfy the food safety issue," explains Mr. Wiseman.

But there is currently a major food safety issue out there in the marketplace.

"We are not getting into some of the supermarkets because they are saying ‘You haven’t addressed a fully constituted food safety system under the new rules we have here in Canada.’

"So the Lethbridge area co-op will have a full . . . food safety system implemented where the supermarkets will no longer be able to use that as an excuse to letting their product in."

Livestock producers face similar food safety issues.

Mr. Wiseman says this province is missing out on a huge piece of the meat industry.

"We have less than two per cent of the market share from domestic consumption . . .
that is well in excess of $100 million. We don’t even have $2 million of that.

"That is a shame. We have the potential and the knowledge to do it. I am sure we can produce the forages to be able to do it . . . but again we have this critical infrastructure issue where the retail chains and supermarkets are saying ‘If you are not federally inspected . . . we can’t take your product.’

"We haven’t got a leg to stand on, we can’t argue with it," says Mr. Wiseman.

He says as a minimum the province should have mandatory meat inspection.

"That would allow us to get into the supermarkets in the province. It won’t allow us to export but we can cross that bridge when we come to it.

"In order for meat to be exported out of Newfoundland into other countries or other parts of Canada it must receive federal inspection. It’s going to be a while," admits Mr. Wiseman.

"It is not right that Newfoundland is the only province . . . that has a voluntary meat inspection system.

"We have to change that . . . because we can enter a revenue stream in excess of $100 million. That will allow our farmers to be able to produce and market right here in the province, particularly here in Lethbridge where we are equipped with a good agricultural land base to do it."

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Strategy for rebuilding the Atlantic Cod stocks? Recommended Approach
4. It is recommended that the moratorium which has been in place on the 2GH cod
stock since 1996 be maintained.
5. It is recommended that the moratorium which has been in place on the offshore
component of the 2J3KL cod stock since 1992 be maintained.
6. It is recommended that the moratorium which has been in place on the inshore
component of the 2J3KL cod stock since 2003 be continued subject to:
- the development of a formal process by which government and industry can
evaluate the issues, considerations and risks associated with the re-opening of a
small-scale fishery on this stock; and
- this process being developed and implemented on a priority basis.
In determining if a small scale fishery can or should occur on the inshore component of the
2J3KL cod stock, several key scientific issues will have to be further evaluated including the
potential impact such a fishery might have on the recovery of the offshore component and
the impact such a fishery could have on the growth, distribution and sustainability of the
inshore component.
There is a strong possibility that cod currently in offshore 2J3KL undergo spring/summer
feeding migrations to the inshore. At current offshore population levels, any offshore fish
exploited in an inshore fishery may further impede recovery in the offshore. Furthermore,
many of the fish historically caught in the inshore were immature, so inshore removals may
capture some offshore fish before they have a chance to spawn.
The potential for cod currently in the inshore to repopulate the offshore of 2J3KL also
remains uncertain. Genetic studies using microsatellites have demonstrated a population
substructure between most inshore and offshore areas. It has been suggested that the
presence of this substructure indicates that inshore-spawning cod have existed for a
considerable time, have distinct inshore migration and behavioral patterns and are not
likely to change these patterns and move into the offshore area. Nevertheless, it is known
that fish can expand their ranges, especially when their density is high. Allowing the
inshore biomass to grow may increase the likelihood that some inshore-spawning cod
will move to the offshore, start spawning there and thereby contribute to offshore
The risk of an inshore fishery affecting rebuilding of the offshore component of 2J3KL is
currently the subject of much debate. Many fish harvesters believe that such a fishery will
have little impact on the offshore component of this stock. Other harvesters have concerns
that any inshore harvest will have a negative impact on the offshore component. However,
an inshore fishery will have an impact on the rate of growth and perhaps the geographic
distribution of the inshore component. A fishery in the southern portion of 2J3KL (southern
3L) may also have an impact on the adjacent cod stock in 3Ps. The trade-offs and
associated risks that a small scale fishery will have on the recovery, growth and
sustainability of the inshore component of 2J3KL cod stock require further consideration
and evaluation.
Several fisheries management issues also require further evaluation prior to deciding
whether to re-open an index fishery on the inshore component of the 2J3KL cod stock. The
more important of these include whether such a fishery would be re-opened over the entire
geographic area or managed on a smaller sub-component basis, if the fishery should include
both commercial and recreational participants, what by-catch levels may be allowable in
fisheries directed at other species and how all sources of fishing mortality can be effectively
monitored and controlled.

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Newfoundland and Labrador Isolated Diesel electricity rates

Monday, November 21, 2005


80% butted out the door 20% light up.

Doesn't this seem like a sad statistic? That 20% of the stores tested were willing to sell cigarettes to minors? Now keep in mind that these are minors that the clerks didn't know.

Imagine what the statistic would be like if a teenage clerk who smoked were asked to sell to his or her friends? Maybe if they reiewed video tapes they might get a more realistic stat.

You have to remember that they only took this poll after running that youth stop smoking campaign months prior to their poll? Suspicious at best down right underhanded in reality.

This is why I say cigarettes should only be allowed to be sold by licences establishments. They have the infrastructure to check ID's. They could use the extra revenue from cigarette sales due to the loss caused by the smoking ban. The sales person also has to be over age unlike the corner stores.

This would also be an added incentive to butt out IMHO.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Newfoundland and Labradors most UNWANTED posters


luke_westhead-United Kingdom


kalifi_ferretti_gallon-Toronto Canada



willie_houtman-New Zealand






cracker jack box uniform


charles_hutchings-United Kingdom



darren_collis-United Kingdom


Wednesday, November 16, 2005


One more reason to Shop Wal-Mart Zellers closing in Marys Town

Upwards to 40 employees in Marystown will find themselves without jobs in early February. The local Zellers store in the Peninsula Mall notified its ‘associates’ Wednesday the store will close Feb. 4, 2006.

Ah but there is a silver lining. Now would be a great time to open a Co-op for the people by the people. Combined with a NL Credit Union.
We don't need no stinking Foreigners we have friends and neighbors!

Moose War suggestions

Dear elected officials

Why not allow moose hunting along the side of the TCH with Bows? Bow hunting could be conducted along the side of the TCH safely.

Or capture the moose from along the side of the TCH and start moose farms for a commercial moose product indusrty?

Combined with animal fences in targeted high incident and population areas would save lives injures and property damage.

Caribou crossing areas like the one between Deer Lake and Howley turn of route 401 would need either a culvert or overpass in conjunction with fences to channel the wild life.

Stuart Pearce who is championing a class action law suit to make our highways safer can be reached


Good Moose information here.

Monday, November 14, 2005


Thank-You Alexa McDonough

For addressing this issue which if isn't addressed will make our efforts at peace in Eritrea Ethiopia in vain.

"NDP Foreign Affairs and International Development Critic Alexa McDonough (Halifax) wrote to Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew today urging him to take immediate action to help avert another war between Eritrea and Ethiopia."

I served in war torn Eritrea Ethiopia. I would not like to see my efforts and the efforts of my fellow Soldiers from Canada and the rest of the United Nations who served in Eritre wasted by letting what we accomplished in Eritre and Ethiopia go to waste.

It's funny but when I left after serving three months and holding the fort in the south for our African counterparts to take over in the south you could see the writing on the wall.

Why you might ask, well our original mandate wasn't the southern sector to begin with but the country who was supposed to occupy the southern sector were late getting there, so we Canadians were asked to filled in until such a time as they arrived.
To our dismay when they arrived they had no weapons, vehicles,and very few uniforms not to mention were missing many other of the other infrastructure necessary to support troops in the field let alone in the field in a war torn country to try and keep the peace.
Thankfully the UN either bought, leased, or borrowed some Russian carriers for them to have. But the problem still remained for them to be trained and the necessary infrastructure to maintain vehicles was missing.
I believe they were given some war stock pile FNC1's as weapons?

Those people were ready and willing for peace all they needed was someone to help them keep it!

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Newfoundland Labrador Energy discussion paper.

Here are a few of the issues and questions from the NL energy discussion paper.
Issues and Questions for Discussion

Security of Supply

⇒How can government energy policy contribute to meeting the province’s energy needs
over the medium to long terms?
⇒What impact does our relatively small domestic demand have on the development of new
energy supplies?
⇒How can our province cooperate with other provinces and the federal government to ensure
our energy security?
⇒What steps can the provincial and federal governments take to encourage the necessary
investments to maintain the security of supply, for example an East-West transmission
⇒Can, and if so should, the Government take additional measures to ensure competitively
priced energy in Newfoundland and Labrador?

Fossil Fuels Supply and Demand

⇒How can the petroleum industry best provide reliable and competitively priced petroleum
products and services?
⇒What impact do federal policies in areas such as climate change, inter-provincial trade
and international trade have on fossil fuel supply and demand in Newfoundland and Labrador?
How can the provincial government influence federal policies?
⇒What, if any, contribution should we expect from our own oil and gas production to meet
energy needs in this province over the medium and long terms?
⇒Can, and if so should, the provincial government do anything to reduce dependency on
petroleum products?

Electricity Supply and Demand

⇒How can the electrical industry best provide reliable and competitively priced electricity?
⇒Given the existing limitations of electricity generation options, will adequate electricity
supplies be available in sufficient time and quantity to meet new demand over the medium
and long terms?
⇒What contribution can be expected from undeveloped hydro resources in Labrador and
on the Island to meet energy needs in the province?
⇒Should the Government continue the moratorium on small hydroelectricity projects on
the Island?
⇒Can, and if so should, the Province rely on oil generated (thermal) electricity to meet future
⇒Can natural gas provide a competitively priced thermal source of electricity, and on what

Alternative Energy and Energy Conservation

⇒What types of alternative energy sources could be developed in this province?
⇒What contribution can we expect from alternative energy sources (e.g. wind, solar and
biomass) to meet the province’s energy needs over the medium and long terms?
⇒What criteria should the Government use to judge the potential and value of investment in
alternative energy sources?
⇒What can the federal and provincial governments do to encourage the adoption of alternative
energy technologies?
⇒What efficiency or conservation measures will or can be implemented by energy consumers,
and what impact would they have on energy demands?
⇒What actions can the federal and provincial governments take to improve the effectiveness
of existing energy sector programs, as well as to assist consumers to use energy more efficiently?

Environment and Sustainable Development

⇒How should Government incorporate sustainable development and environmental objectives
into energy planning, and on what timescale?
⇒How should Government ensure that the environmental impacts of energy development
and use are adequately addressed in energy policy?
⇒How can we apply technology and the efficient use of energy resources to achieve sustainable
development objectives and protect our environment?

Economic and Regional Development

⇒How can we use energy resources and energy policy to attract investment and create a
more diverse business and industrial sector?
⇒What can the Government do to ensure that we achieve the appropriate levels of employment
and industrial benefits from our energy industry?
⇒How can we increase and capitalize on existing research and development opportunities
and knowledge of our energy sector to encourage additional investment and new investors?
⇒What can Government policy do to increase employment and business opportunities for
women and other groups in the energy sector?
⇒What are the options for value-added, secondary processing and other activities in the
provincial energy sector?

Oil and Gas Exploration and Development

⇒What are some additional ways the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador can promote
greater interest among existing and new operators in exploring the province’s oil and
gas potential?
⇒What can Government do to ensure more timely petroleum developments?
⇒What are the options for developing our natural gas resources? How do we encourage
investment in commercializing known reserves?
⇒What are the options for petrochemicals, refining and other processing / value-added opportunities
in the province?
⇒How can we facilitate cooperative industry - labour relations?

Energy Exports

⇒In developing energy policy, how important is it to consider the impact of energy resource
exports on the provincial economy and the financing of public services?
⇒What are the benefits and limitations of exporting the energy created by renewable resources,
and are they different for non-renewable energy resource exports such as oil and
⇒What role should energy exports play in the development of NL energy resources in the

Energy Sector Organization

⇒In light of the issues raised, does anything need to be changed or strengthened in the current
structure, organization, and resourcing of government agencies responsible for developing
energy policy and delivering energy services?

If you have a response or idea relating to any of these questions you can oice your concern or idea on the Energy discusion paper site.

Moose War

This is copied from the Marine Mountain Zone Corporation forum. I figured it was worthy of a repost.

Fed Up With Moose
November 13, 2005

A resident of Port Aux Basques says the Provincial Government is responsible for every moose accident that happens on our highways. Stuart Pearce says he's compiled a list of a dozen moose accident victims with the intent of getting compensation from government. He says the moose are the responsibility of the government, and like farmers, they are responsible for any accidents caused by their animals.

Pearce says he's also issued a warning to all moose on November 26th when he travels across the island. Stay off the roads because he's willing to use self defense to prevent any accidents that may lead to a death. Pearce says he plans on not just taking it down, but taking it out. He says in doing son, it just might save a life.

Pearce says anyone that's been involved in a moose accident and wish to have their name added to the list of names to be forwarded to a lawyer, can do so by calling, faxing or emailing him at 709-695-3149 or

visit my blog

Weather Petition Presentation date Nov 29 Update!

The Newfoundland & Labrador weather petition 125,000 names is now scheduled to presented in Ottawa to on Nov 29 not No 15 as originally scheduled.
Here is an online link to sign the petition.
Here is a downloadable printable version.
The printable version can be dropped of at any NL municipal office.

Press releases.
Eniorment Candaa Weather Winners and Losers study.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Tread softly here!

Tread softly here-
Go reverently and slow,
Yea, let your soul go down upon its knees,
And with bowed head and heart abased
Strive hard to grasp the future gain in this sore loss.
For not one foot of this dank sod
But drank its surfeit of the blood of gallant men
Who for their Faith, their Hope, for Life and Liberty
Here made the sacrifice.
Here gave their lives, and right willingly for you and me.

Save your Poppies for July 1! Use one of those tiny NL flags to pin it on.

Friday, November 11, 2005


Boycott Paul Watsons SS supporters

Here is a partial list of contributors and supporters to Paul Watsons SS Society.

Martin Sheen
Susan Bloom
Pierce Brosnan
Rutger Hauer
Sierra Trading Post
ServiceMaster, Terminix, ChemLawn
Susan Bloom

Kritzberg & Associates
Cam Smith

Ann Johnston
Northern Development Associates
Sea Trek 2000 Foundation

Bruce Foerster of Victoria, B.C. Jaguar Reef Lodge

Why should you boycott the SS contributors?
Because this is the only thing these people understand. They don't care about seals or the enviorment but are only using it to make Billions with no intention or desire to better the practices which they so vehemently protest against, it is a cash cow for them and they don't want to see it die!
As well meaning as these contributors are they should realize they are backing a terrorist group who feel they outside the law and act as Judge Jury and executioner.

If you know of any other contributors and supporters to this cash grab society please let me know in comments I'll add them to the list of misguided sheep supporting the SS.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Govt Newfoundland and Labrador needs your help.

Click on the title to go to discussion on NL energy plan.

Ontario Chamber of Commerce wants freeze on equalization rate among provinces

Article in Macleans

Newfoundland and Labrador biggest winners with Kyoto plan!

Why you ask?
Well think about it everything that goes into the air west of us eventually comes down in the East in the form of precipitation. Because all weather wind wind travels from east to west due to the rotation of the globe and the jet stream. NL's only saving grace is the Gulf of Saint Lawrence filters out some of the pollution before land fall.
(Labrador is the exception)

So not only is central Canada taking our raw resources from us but they are giving us back the pollution from the processing of our own raw materials.

Here are some links to lime doser projects to revitalize salmon rivers.

Just as an after thought, upon looking at the contour maps from the Gov NL's Enviorment site the alkalinity around the out fall of NL's hydro projects seems to have the highest concentrations? CornerBrook bay from Grand Lake and Hinds lake and the area in and around the Upper Churchill reservoir. Maybe this is nothing but it begs for furture investigation, what with the Lower churchill in the planning stages.

All is not lost though with technology like these lime dosers and a good reservoir flood site preparation plan the effects of alkalinity could be lessened IMHO.

The more I read about Kyoto and the effects of fossil fuel upon our enviorment the less I'm convinced it is such a threat? I'm not totally convinced yet, and seeing as it is the only positive step in the works I won't be the one to protest against it until something better can be proven as a solution.

Newfoundland and Labradors plan to take over Canada

Article from HalifaxLive
Actual title My Love Affair With Premier Danny Williams!
Written by D.L. McCracken

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


how to compete in a global market place?

Local markets
Maximum use of machinery 24 hour work days
Credit unions Banks
Work sharing/Job sharing
Tie salaries to share holders returns
Tie salaries to dollar value global market
Lower taxes
Become competitive in a global market taxes. Flat tax.
Diversification local and global markets
Solidarity Buy Walmart
People and tourism isn't a global market place item as such.
Goods are a global market item

Custodial management petition 1 3000+ signatores

Dear Elected officials

What do you plan on doing about this very very contentious issue?

To: Canada's Minister of Fisheries and Oceans.



Whereas uncontrolled overfishing by many foreign nations continues unabated in waters adjacent to the arbitrary boundary of Canada's 200-mile limit.

Whereas said overfishing has resulted in an alarming decline in Grand Banks fish stocks and the threatened extinction of some species, including the once abundant cod.

Whereas the Grand Banks of Newfoundland is one of the world's major sources of fish protein.

Whereas , NAFO, ( North Atlantic Fisheries Organization) under which jurisdiction the fisheries on the Nose and Tail of the Grand Banks and Flemish Cap is presently managed , has demonstrated over its 24 years of existence that it has little ability and apparently little willingness to control the predation of said fish stocks by non complying nations.

Whereas Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans appears to be subservient to the Departments of Trade and External Affairs in matters pertaining to the management of its fisheries resources, and thus is impotent in exerting any influence it might otherwise have in confronting the offending nations; as was demonstrated most recently by the Minister's refusal to even acknowledge recommendations proposed by a committee of his own government.

Whereas the overall mismanagement of the fisheries has resulted in the near population depletion of many Newfoundland and Labrador outports with consequent economic disaster and the tragic loss of a once viable way of life that sustained the inhabitants for centuries.

Whereas, unless there is immediate enforcement of conservation measures, little time remains before there is a major ecological catastrophe in the Grand Banks fisheries with repercussions of chilling proportions, especially to rural Newfoundland and Labrador and to other parts of Atlantic Canada.

We the undersigned respectfully request that the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans declare, unequivocally, at the upcoming NAFO meetings ( Galicia, Spain, Sept. 11 - 20) Canada's intention to begin the process of implementing custodial management of all those fisheries on the Grand Banks, including the Nose and Tail of the Banks and the Flemish Cap, for the purpose of rebuilding all fisheries to 1965/1970 levels for the benefit of Canadian coastal communities and others who wish to participate in a well-managed fishery in future. .

PS. Those signing this petition, please indicate location (town, province or state & country) in one of the available "Field" spaces.
The Undersigned

3285.Danielle M. Moore ����
3284.cathy simms ����
3283.ROSS FRANCIS LaPoile ����
3282.Rev. George Critchell ����
3281.Lisa Hollett ����
3280.Andre Hollett ����
3279.Kevin Price We should exercise our international rights and request from Section 76 of the International Law of the Sea a 350 mile total control.���
3278.line voided
3277.Riad Mahaiuddin Enought with Short-Term Economic Benefits!!More on Saving Local Ecosystems and The Future!!��
3276.Martin Burton ����
3275.Lloyd Taylor
3274 Todd Byrne Need to combine with this petition Or this one
3273.sid burgess ����
3272.Angie ����
3271.Angela Dorey ����
3270.Ira Dorey ����
3269.jacqueline matte ����
3268.Theresa Byrne HowleyNL
3267.Ryan Lane Words cannot explain how strongly I feel on this issue!!���
3266.Darren Fancey ����
3265.Frank Hollahan ����
3264.Richard Phillips
3263.debbie roche Fisheries the most important resorce to the province, we need to protect !!!!!!!!1
3262.Madeline Higgins Its time to do something before the last cod is gone.���
3261.Myles Higgins Mis-management of NL fisheries and the political games played by successive government after successive government have all but destroyed a way of life in this province. It is time that control was taken back and a real effort was made to protect these fish stocks.���
3260.Greg Byrne S*** or get of the pot Canada
3259.Patricia Chapman ����
3258.Eirean Chapman Save the Grand Banks���
3257.Anna leave the fishies alone!!!!���
3256.John Griffin East Coast���
3255.Jerry Lambe Newfoundland's resources shoulded be ceded back to the province unconditionally, just as was done with other provinces in the early part of the 20th century. Newfoundland's resources include the offshore, both above and below the seabed.���
3254.Jillian Rees-Brown Living in Toronto and Bell Island How unusual and special it is to have a place in the world where the people who live here will struggle as long as possible to remain, and most of those who have left still hold such a strong tie to their homeland. I now have a home again in Newfoundland and want to see the light and joy of the Newfoundland and Labrador people shine. It is sad to see children growing in a place that they feel they MUST leave sometime in order to follow their dreams. I also congratulate Danny Williams on his stand. With all of the natural resources that have been ripped from this part of the country, we need to stand firm on what is left! What were the reasons for joining Canada? Do they still exist? We need to keep our resources (including human resources) at home.��
3253.calvin.h.simms gaultois nl ����
3252.Shawn Paul Beach ����
3251.Keith Walsh ����
3250.Melanie Bujold ����
3249.trevor taylor ����
3248.Leo Dilllon ����
3247.Karen Jesso Corner Brook, Nfld. Living in Alberta��
3246.jamie churchill ����
3245.Vicki Hedderson Port Hope Simpson, LabradorCanada needs to be as considerate to its own people as it is to other countries, then we will see a difference in our rural communities.��
3244.Mary Malerby ����
3243.Erin Keough ����
3242.Lloyd C. Rees Although this petition, containing the 3163 signatures submitted before midnight, Sunday, June 20, has been printed to hard copy and formally presented to the three leadership candidates, this forum will remain, at least for the time being, at for the convenience of those wishing to express their views here. Thanks for the tremendous support. Let's all hope it will have some positive influence.���
3241.William MacGillivray The arrogant dismissal of the four hundred year old culture and wisdom of Newfoundland fishers must stop. Listen, with respect, to what they have to say. ���
3240.Nelsa Best ����
3239.Gerry Samms ����
3238.Bruce Peckford ����
3237.Thelma Careen ����
3236.Alex Gale Stop foreign fishing completely . If they want fish, let them buy it.���
3235.Mike Delurey ����
3234.Peter M. Godfrey Clarenville, NL.It's time to stop tying our fisheries policies to the whims of those in the Foreign Affairs department. ��
3233.Bill R. Kavanagh Bell Island, NL, CanadaIt is time to get Canada's and the World's attention on this matter of Newfoundland's great resource. Not only is cod a resource, it is our heritage.��
3232.Christiane Dawe ����
3231.Greg Byrne Newbrunswick, Formerly from Howley NL after serving this country. Only to have the country I served turns it back on my birth place.
3230.lisa&glenn ivany ����
3229.Nancy Loveless Mount Pearl���
3228.Anne Mackey ����
3227.Justin Dollimont ����
3226.Elizabeth Adams ����
3225.jim lush do what you were elected to do...listen to the people���
3224.Mildred Dohey ����
3223.Theresa Ryan ����
3222.Charles H.Henley ����
3221.Amanda McGrath ����
3220.henry churchill ����
3219.Paul Pafford ����
3218.Scott G. Linge ����
3217.Shawn Green ����
3216.Donald Withers ����
3215.Brian LeShane ����
3214.Brian Mcevoy ����
3213.Glenys Pelkey ����
3212.John L. Joy, Q.C. The Newfoundland and Labrador fishing fleet had historic annual catches of cod ranging between 100,000 metric tonnes and 300,000 metric tonnes throughout most of the 19th and 20th century. After World War II and particularly in the 1960s and early 1970s the foreign fishing fleets destroyed the stock from a commercial point of view. When Canada declared its jurisdiction over its 200 nautical mile exclusive fishing zone in 1977, it began a policy initiative to increase the Canadian catch to its historic levels, but without regard to the devastation of the cod biomass that occurred in the 1960s and the 1970s. The foreign fleets, however, continued their ravaging of the Grand Banks. The result was a further weakening of the stock resulting in its effective commercial extinction by 1992. Conservation measures consistent with fostering and enhancing the recovery of the pre-1960s biomass must be the ultimate goal of any cod stock recovery plan. ���
3211.mary foote I am a fish plant worker and fed up with workink only four or five months a year while those in power are not standing up for us and allowing foreigners to scrape the bottoms of our coast while we are stuggling to make twenty thousand a year with EI.If it takes sending and keeping the Navy out there ,do it ,If it takes sending the coastguard out there twenty -four seven than do it ,Whatever it takes we need someone to give back what belongs to nl .We need our leaders to listen to someone that cares eg:Gus Etchigary,Earl Mccurdy etc��
3210.Brian Chaulk Its a worthy cause, a necessary action,a bit dated, perhaps I'm late.��
3209.Fr. Edward Brophy ����
3208.Bernetta Delaney ����
3207.Eric McGrath ����
3206.Ray Penton Jr. Please do the right thing for the species!���
3205.Peggy Noel ����
3204.George Blackwood Hopefully my name can be added and the deadline is not past; I just received this today, monday 21 June.���
3203.Carl Knight ����
3202.Sandy Todd ����
3201.Dave Johnson Gasp�, Qc���
3200.Lori Morgan ����
3199.Mark Sullivan ����
3198.Jacqueline McDonald ����
3197.Janet Morgan Spain, Portugal and the European communities have no interest in protecting these stocks. Our Canadian federal government has put trade interests ahead of Newfoundland interests. This must be corrected.���
3196.Ben Dunne This management policy must be applied for the protection of our fishery resource and the protection of the lifestyles and heritage of Atlantic Canada.���
3195.Ron Butt Stand up and be counted���
3194.Terrence Edwards ����
3193.Neil Knight I hope to see the cod fishery recover to the way it was for centuries past.���
3192.John Coaker ����
3191.Kevin Walsh I sign this petition as a very proud NEWF who has travelled far and wide to support my wife and 4 kids here in Calvert, Newfoundland. we have so much here in this province, yet we have nothing! A very way of life, the fishery has been rimracked into oblivium by not only the foreigners, but by ourselves also, and this is something we have to come to terms with before we can move forward! I applaud you people who are bringing the Custodial Management issue to the forefront now. It has been a long time in coming, maybe too late but necessary just the same. Since 1949 when we joined the Canadian federation we and our very own resources have and continue to be given away by those in authority and its time it was stopped once and for all.Its a long road ahead but if we don't start the walk now we will never get where we want to be? Its high time that Canada stood its ground and put an end to foreign overfishing and letting foreign countries take us for a bunch of fools. We have to be the masters of our own destinyas it is fading quickly into the sunset of our lives! If for nothing else we should have control over the Grand Banks, it may be too late to benefit us in our lifetime, but it just might make a difference to our kids and their kids? I have come home and not to work in the fishery but to try and seek work in the industry that has taken me to many places on this planet, places I otherwise probably would not have seen. I work in the construction industry and that industry has suffered greatly because of the collapse of our fishery. Everything suffers when such an industry is wiped industry that was the backbone of this place we call home here on the edge of the world where our ancestors came and built their homes near the sea and made their living from the sea. Getting full control of the Grand Banks would be a legacy for the fisher folk long gone from here, proud and hard working fisherfolk!I also sign this petition as my late fisherman father would have wanted me to! I just hope its not to late and I sincerely hope that its comes full circle this time...God knows its about time we took some sort of control and stop giving it all away to foreigners!�
3190.Paul O'Driscoll � Save OUR Cod ��
3189.Robert McLellan ����
3188.Kevin Antle This is some thing that has to be done if we are to ever have a fishery again.���
3187.Barry Chard ����
3186.H. E. A. Dunne I would like each of the Leadership Candidates declare, unequivocally, his support of Canada's declaring custodial management of all those fisheries on the Grand Banks, including the Nose and Tail of the Banks and the Flemish Can, and commit, whoever becomes Prime Minister, to the implementation of this process for the purpose of rebuilding all fisheries to 1965-1970 levels for the benefit of Canadian coastal communities and of others who wish to participate in a well-managed fishery in the future. ���
3185.Hilda E. A. Dunne It is ours. We must protect it.���
3184.Blaine Halliday ����
3183.Brent Northcott ����
3182.Janet Simmons Protect our resources for the future of our children and our country���
3181.Derrick Petten I am a 4th or 5th generation fisherman whose son will probably never know what it is to fish cod. He doesn't even know what it is to be able to take a boat out on the water on the spur of the moment to catch a meal. Let's stop the foreigners from raping our rightful fishing grounds.���
3180.Elizabeth Perry Boland I commend Gus Etchegary for putting forward this petition on behalf of the people in this province!!���
3179.George Murley Burin, NL���
3178.Ben Callahan If we do not protect the stocks, who will?���
3177.Deon Boland I support this wholeheartedly!!!���
3176.Ron Goulding ����
3175.Wayne Forsey ����
3174.Teresa O'Flaherty ����
3173.Malachy O'Flaherty This is "Long Overdue".���
3172.Ernest Simms It's about time something was done. We cannot go on like this. Our future depends on it.���
3171.Jessica Hooper ����
3170.GerryShortall It's about time someone is going to do somthing about the over fishing just hopeisn't to late ;�
3169.Robert Janes Hear our plea���
3168.Wayne Lynch ����
3167.Brad Reid ����
3166.Phyllis Pennell ����
3165.Reg Walters ����
3164.angela janes ����
3163.Sean Jefferies,Summerford,NL Very important to protect the last hope of the northern cod stocks. I spent almost 12 years on the M.V. Gadus Atlantica which was used as research vessel for fisheries and oceans. I know the problem from seeing with my own eyes the devastation which can occurr on the nose and tail as well as the Flemish Cap. Please protect what we may have left. Do not use this resourse as a political trading tool.���
3162.Jordan Patey It is about time that we the fishers of NL took control of our own destiny.���
3161.Matthew Johnson ����
3160.Liz Meade ����
3159.Phil Hefford, New Harbour .good luck���
3158.Jim Tuff ����
3157.Holly Patey If EU countries (ie. Luxembourg) can assist campaigns against the NL Seal Hunt, why shouldn't Canada take a more forceful role in the protection of our Cod Stocks. It is about time our Government stood up for our Fishery and stop bartering it away for foreign goods.��
3156.Ed Woodrow ����
3155.Vanessa Chant We have been letting people off with too much in this province. It's time that we take a stand and keep what is ours.���
3154.Anna Geehan ����
3153.A. Larry Hickey As a Tour Guide I am happy to enlighten my fellowCanadians about the Newfoundland and Labrador Fishery.I find it amazing how illinformed they our regarding the cause of the demise of our fishery.�
3152.R. Cranford New Harbour,NL���
3151.Barbara Crosbie ����
3150.Kenneth Meade Let's protect our waters, our fish���
3149.Glen Kelly Hawkes Bay ����
3148.Harold Crosbie ����
3147.Joan Barron Whitbourne, NL���
3146.Pam Hefford This issue must be dealt with ,put the pressure on now.���
3145.Irene Kelly ����
3144.Danita Crosbie ����
3143.Gordon Kelly Port au Choix ����
3142.Tony Martin ����
3141.Chris Crosbie ����
3140.Arnold Edwards we could not possibly do worse at managing our rich fisheries than Ottawa has done Good Luck Mr. Etchegary !!!!!!!!��
3139.Jim & Diane Corrigan ����
3138.Bernard Cook In the past 20 years, Conservatives & Liberals alike have shown nothing but arrogance for the eastern fisheries. Until the electorate votes for a federal change there is not likely to be any change.���
3137.Fraser Moss I am in full agreement of the above���
3136.Paul Herridge ����
3135.Harold Steele The fishery was the reason we settled Newfoundland and it should be the reason we can stay here.���
3134.George Senior It's Time for real action!���
3133.hayward reid ����
3132.Scott Tulk Fish stocks are renewable. If managed properly,they can help sustain Nfld for the next 500years. We must control our resources and our destiny.���
3131.clara vautier margaree,nl���
3130.Frank & Christine Power - outer cove Our province has been involved in the fishery for hundreds of years. Its time for Newfoundland & Labrador to have greater control over the fishery. The federal government has decimated our stocks by forming trade agreements with foreign countries and bartering our fisheries resources on a regular basis. Its time to enforce our regulations at sea and take a tougher stand on any vessels that are stealing our resources.���
3129.Joan Butler ����
3127.Albert C. Noel It's about time this was done���
3126.Gerald Blanchard ����
3125.JOYCE TUCKER ����
3124.Jaime Brazil ����
3123.Wayne Coffey I fish during the summer months���
3122.Fred Wilcox NL provided a wonderful bounty of natural resources to Canada in 1949 and we will no longer be treated as its colony. Please read the royal commission of 2003 on Renewing and Strengthening our Place in Canada. Of 4 main recommendations, 2 were i. a plan for rebuilding our cod stocks and ii. joint fishery management. Redeem yourself, Canada. ���
3121.Bill Power We need to change the current situation regarding how our fishery reources are currently managed. Our province has been involved in the fishery well before Canada became a nation and its time to let Newfoundland & Labrador have a fair say in how the fishery will evolve into the future.���
3120.Elizabeth Coffey I'm a fish plant worker and my lively hood depends on it ���
3119.Bill Power We need to change the current situation regarding how our fishery reources are currently managed. Our province has been involved in the fishery well before Canada became a nation and its time to let Newfoundland & Labrador have a fair say in how the fishery will evolve into the future.���
3118.OSWAN TUCKER ����
3117.Rita King ����
3116.Brian Coffey Don't let our rural communities Die���
3115.Jeanette Cumby ����
3114.G. Frank Power I think its time we were treated fairly by the rest of Canada and the Federal Government when it comes to resources here in Newfoundland & Labrador. We deserve better and things have to change now instead of later. If the Federal Government doesnt listen then send a message and vote them out now!���
3113.Judith Fraser in total agreement���
3112.maxwell vautier ����
3111.Raelene Earle ����
3110.robert pearce ����
3109.W McLean I sign this petition on one condition: Newfoundlanders do unto Labrador and Labrador's fisheries resources what Newfoundlanders want others to do unto them. If you want others to stop raping Newfoundland's resources for the benefit of non-Newfoundlanders, you have to stop raping Labrador resources for Newfoundland's benefit. That includes Labrador shrimp, turbot, sports salmon, and crab fisheries.���
3108.shilo legrow ����
3107. Jean Hanlon ����
3106.Beverley Dunphy ����
3105.Bruce Holwell ����
3104.Kristina Hodder ����
3103.David Hodder jr ����
3102.David Hodder ����
3101.douglas dallyn ����
3100.don wells ����
3099.Craig Pike ����
3098.Trevor Hedderson Quirpon,NL���
3097.Rodger P. ����
3096.Jerry Collins ����
3095.Linda Pike ����
3094.Pat Mackey North River , NL.���
3093.Warren Pye Trout River, NL���
3092.Geoffrey Pye Corner Brook, NL���
3091.Wayne Pye Trout River, NL���
3090.Glenis Pye Trout River, NL���
3089.Bennie King ����
3088.John Mallay ����
3087.Janice Bungay ����
3086.Dion Loder ����
3085.Seth Marshall ����
3084.Dean Chaulk Joint management of our fishery is long overdue. Cod is on the endangered species list...obviously federal management has not worked.���
3083.Wendy Chaulk Our fishery should be ours to manage. It has been a political issue for far too long!���
3082.Chris Squire ����
3081.Terry Clarke ����
3080.Mary Martin ����
3079.Max Vere-Holloway The Federal Government has been responsible for management of our Fisheries resource since we joined Confederation and frankly what they have allowed to happen to our Fishery, could in no way be perceived as responsible Management. Dispite the recent history of the almost total depletion of the resource, they have shown themselves to be no more responsible guardians. The Feds have viewed our Fisheries as a barganing chip to advantage the more politically powerfull provinces such as Ontario and frankly, we have been very poorly served. Their abrogation of responsibility borders on Criminal, and they should now make the right decision and seize control. Trying to work through NAFO is a waste of time, if decisive action is not taken now our resource will be gone.���
3078.bruce loder ����
3077.Hugh Atkinson ����
3076.Dan Power Make it happen���
3073.Lionel House ����
3072.Bertram Tulk ����
3071.Daniel Jeddore I apologize if this is getting posted twice: Canada�s Leadership Contenders and Canadians in General, my name is Dan Jeddore and I am a Mi�kmaq with the Miawpukek First Nations in Conner River. A few years back our First Nations government entered into an agreement with DFO, thus allowing our people to participate in the fishing industry with methods similar to what most fisher persons, of today, take for grant . By this I mean the use of more modern fishing vessels and equipment, which allows us to stay on the water for weeks at a time. This allows our government to provide a new economic base for our people. We are becoming skilled in a way that �Chief Dan George� foretold. Now that we have arrived at this stage in development we can only pray that the industry survives at a sustainable level for our people and for the people of Nfld and Labrador and generations yet un-born to grow and prosper. However, this will not happen under NAFO. It will not see a reality while DFO submits to the whims of Trade and External Affairs! We will continue seeing the out-migration of good hard working Newfound and Labrador people. All because of the secretion of spineless bureaucracy from Ottawa for the past 20 plus years. Without custodial management by Nfld and Labrador of our 200 mile limit, the Flemish Cap and the Nose and Tail of the Grand Banks, some fish and mammal species of the cold Atlantic Ocean will slip into extinction, gone forever, followed by the culture of the Nfld and Labrador people. My people will survive as this is a new industry to us and we have proven adaptability, but for the people of this province, the grim-reaper of a dying culture hovers in anticipation. Take care Nfld and Labrador, speak out and be heard, protect your culture. Taho! �
3070.Barry Downer ����
3069.ferdie strang ����
3068.Pat McGrath ����
3067.Barry Hodder please get some backbone for once,do somethingfor NFLD instead of shafting NFLD��
3066.Nadine Templeman ����
3065.Michael Byrne Jr. ����
3064.John Byrne ����
3063.Genevieve Byrne ����
3062.Michael Byrne ����
3061.Jayson Byrne ����
3060.NelsonWheaton ����
3059.Melanie Framp Clarenville, N.L, now living in Ft. McMurray, A.B���
3057.Dave Fifield ����
3056.John Jerrett St. John's, Newfoundland.���
3055.Wayne Hearn ����
3054.Dominic Fleet ����
3053.gary douglas ����
3052.NaDeana Norris Truro, Nova Scotia. Formerly of Paradise, Newfoundland���
3051.Tina Breaker ����
3050.Jim Tobin ����
3049.Dan Jeddore Canada�s Leadership Contenders and Canadians in General, my name is Dan Jeddore and I am a Mi�kmaq with the Miawpukek First Nations in Conner River. A few years back our First Nations government entered into an agreement with DFO, thus allowing our people to participate in the fishing industry with methods similar to what most fisher persons, of today, take for grant . By this I mean the use of more modern fishing vessels and equipment, which allows us to stay on the water for weeks at a time. This allows our government to provide a new economic base for our people. We are becoming skilled in a way that �Chief Dan George� foretold. Now that we have arrived at this stage in development we can only pray that the industry survives at a sustainable level for our people and for the people of Nfld and Labrador and generations yet un-born to grow and prosper. However, this will not happen under NAFO. It will not see a reality while DFO submits to the whims of Trade and External Affairs! We will continue seeing the out-migration of good hard working Newfound and Labrador people. All because of the secretion of spineless bureaucracy from Ottawa for the past 20 plus years. Without custodial management by Nfld and Labrador of our 200 mile limit, the Flemish Cap and the Nose and Tail of the Grand Banks, some fish and mammal species of the cold Atlantic Ocean will slip into extinction, gone forever, followed by the culture of the Nfld and Labrador people. My people will survive as this is a new industry to us and we have proven adaptability, but for the people of this province, the grim-reaper of a dying culture hovers in anticipation. Take care Nfld and Labrador, speak out and be heard, protect your culture. Taho! ��
3048.E Bridger ����
3047.Ed Smith ����
3046.Michael Budden ����
3045.Mike Cumben ����
3044.Brian Mcgrath should have taken action long time ago,later is still better then never���
3043.Janice Lockyer ����
3042.Kim Todd ����
3041.Dennis Hopkins ����
3040.Carmel Doyle ����
3039.Tamara Whtie ����
3038.D. Downey ����
3037.Ed Sharpe ����
3036.Dave Fisher ����
3035.Stefan C. Hanrahan ����
3034.Linda Babstock It may already be too late ... but, at the very least, we can try to manage it properly. Let's stand up, and be proud to stand up, for what we believe in.���
3033.John Wicks ����
3032.Dennis R. Jacobs This has to be ratified and it has to be done now!���
3031.kurt williams ����
3030.Jordan R Young ����
3029.scott murphy ����
3028.WENDY NEIL ����
3027.Tom Jackman Save what is left of our valuable fishery resource. If we continue to allow the foreigners to take our stocks, it will never get a chance to rebuild.���
3026.Kelly Simpso ����
3025.adrian macdonald ����
3024.madonna molloy ����
3023.James F. Casale ����
3022.Tracy Martin Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland���
3021.Wesley Green ����
3020.Dr. Mark Allan Kingston, N.S.���
3019.Don Jardine Do the right thing!���
3018.Donna Allan Kingston, N.S.This fisheries management petition requires the full support of the Canadian Government before it's too late!��
3017.Steve Chard ����
3016.Gerald Ryan ����
3015.Lindsay Cooper ����
3014.Colin Barker ����
3013.Walter Mills ����
3012.J Howlett St. John's Nfld���
3011.Dawson Pynn It's time for us to speak up and be heard. For to many years our resources have been plundered by many. Lets take control of our future has Iceland did. Maybe we can make a difference before it's to late.���
3010.Maureen Pinsent It's about time someone stood up and give us back what has and always should have been ours in the first place. If the indians can keep claims to their past heritage and be able to fish were ever and when ever... so should we. Good luck to us all!!���
3009.Dean Ingram ����
3008.Elsie Crocker ����
3007.Doug Marks ����
3006.Derrick Barrett ����
3005.Lisa Power ����
3004.Geoff Baker Mount Pearl���
3003.Everett Pitts ����
3002.Len Simms ����
3001.Sean Walsh ����
3000.Allan Loder ����
2999.Debby Waye ����
2998.Harry Tucker This step is long overdue. If other countries cannot be counted upon for self-policing, someone needs to do this. ���
2997.Jack Waye ����
2996.Fraser Butler ����
2995.Brenda Butler ����
2994.Tiffany Noseworthy Newfoundland and Labrador has proven to be a BAG OF GOLD for Canada. On our entry Canada gained UP TO 70% more territorial waters than it had before our entry. Those waters contain one of the greatest proven Continental Shelves in the Ocean - The GRAND BANKS OF NEWFOUNDLAND. Not only does this Grand Bank have many species of Fish, which ENABLES Canada,to be engaged in a lucrative International Trade and Foreign Affairs Movement,, but these Banks have proven very lucrative for its large reserve of Oil. In the Past 54 years much business has been conducted on the Fish and Oil contained in those waters, plus it has enabled International Trade and Foreign Affairs for Canada to be conducted with much ease. Without this area Canada would never have gained the status it has, a status which propelled Canada into the realm of being named the NUMBER ONE NATION in the World by the United Nations seven (7) consecutive years in a row. No doubt because Canada gave NAFO the leeway to do what it wanted in Nfld and Labrador's Fishing waters. I JOIN IN THIS PETITION'S AIM IN ASKING CANADA TO ASSERT CUSTODIAL MANAGEMENT OF ALL FISHERIES ON ITS EASTERN CONTINENTAL SHELF, INCLUDING THE NOSE AND TAIL OF THE GRAND BANKS AND THE FLEMISH CAP. �
2993.Mary Murphy ����
2992.gordon bradbury long over due���
2991.Gary Smith ����
2990.DAVID PENNEY ITshould have ben done years a go���
2989.kevin browne ����
2988.Jody Boyd ����
2987.R Price ����
2986. Joe walsh ���
2985.Meghan Carew ����
2984.Billy Curtis ����
2983.kevin Bennett ����
2982.Stan J bennett ����
2981.colin peddle ����
2980.Corey sutton ����
2979.Irene Hewitt ����
2978.Debbie Hudson ����
2977.Stan Bennett ����
2976.Elery Hudson We should hang our heads if we allow this resource to continue to be managed by outside authorities. Control of this resource should be with those adjacent to it, Newfoundlanders & Canadians.���
2975.Derwin Bennett ����
2974.Kerry Thorne ����
2973.Chad Bennett ����
2972.chris kelly they raped our cod stocks far to long���
2971.Brian Hudson ����
2970.newman j. tulk ����
2969.Brian Martin ����
2968.Catherine Perry ����
2967.Eileen Dallyn As I see it, something has to be done now; not next year or the years after. Please listen to our plea's and do it now���
2966.N. Ford ����
2965.Kevin Power It has been very evident for many years that major infractions of fishing protocol and the inability to enforce practices that represent the best interest of the fishery is a serious problem. The time has now arrived for someone to take the iniative to set forth an effective program that has the necessary teeth to patrol, control and enforce stiff penalties.���
2964.Craig Wells Strongly agree and long to see good leadership on this issue.���
2963.Susan Cunningham ����
2962.Harold Goobie It's a matter of survival for the rural economy of Newfoundland and Labrador��
2961.winston stanford ����
2960.Carl Morgan ����
2959.Christopher Lewis ����
2958.Warren Martin Guelph, ON���
2957.ARTHUR STURGE we need this done yesterday not a min later���
2956.James Carpenter ����
2955.Douglas Crummey ����
2954.Bill Martin ����
2953.Trudy Earle ����
2952.Reginald J. Garland ����
2951.Scott Thorne ����
2950.David Westcott Protect our next generation of fishermen���
2949.Robin Rodway ����
2948.Michael Pye ����2947.G. L. Hiscock ����
2946.Onslow Vardy ����
2945.Ernest Manuel ����
2944.John Manuel ����
2943.Gerald Newhook It is time this should be resolved , We should thake the same action Iceland did a few years ago���
2942.Sherry Petten long time overdue���
2941.RCSeward Control Now, before it is TOO LATE !!!!!!!!!! ���
2940.Edwin Ball I.m from a Ramea a will none fishing community and have been working in PEI the past five years we need something done to bring us newfoundlanders back home to work���
2939.Bert Nash Bay Roberts, NLIt's time Canada took a much firmer stand to preserve our resources on the nose and tail of the Grand Banks, otherwise, there will be nothing for our future generations to pursue.��
2938.John Vallis ����
2937.Everett Elliott We must do whatever it takes!���
2936.Dennis Crane ����
2935.Tony Reid ����
2934.Christine Careen ����
2933.Margaret Careen ����
2932.Wilfred Bartlett ����
2931.Sean Connors We have an obligation under UNCLOS to custodial management. Some people say we cannot extend our mangement area beyond the 200 mile limit because it won't be recognized. The same thing was said in the 70s when the first country (Chili or Argentina - I'm not certain which one) unilaterally imposed a 200 mile limit as opposed to everyone's 12 mile limit.���
2930.Herb Brett ����
2929.Iris Brett ����
2928.Shirley Brinston ����
2927.Allister Brinston ����
2926.Pierce Rumbolt Newfies are not allowed to catch a cod to eat, foreigners load their boats and sail away laughing at us because we are not doing anything to stop them���
2925.Maxcwell Whalen ����
2924.ron green ����
2923.Christopher Hammond ����
2922.Linda Gotman ����
2921.Garry Bishop ����
2920.Peter White ����
2919.Steven Green ����
2918.Darryl Pearcey This problem should have been fixed decades ago. If it is not rectified, then the province should consider becoming a republican state���
2917.Diane Whitten ����
2916.Alvin Pittman Long overdue should have been done before this���
2915.Derrick Lodge ����
2914.Sandra Power ����
2913.Conrad Tulk ����
2912.Isaac W. Gullage ����
2911.Carolyn Nurse ����
2910.Leslie Nurse ����
2909.stewart king ����
2908.Steve Dawe ����
2907.charles fitzpatrick we need members with some backbone to make our case in ottawa.���
2906.Martin Hurley ����
2904.Eli S. Parsons ����
2903.David Norman ����
2902.Scott Porter ����
2901.Earl Hussey Long Overdue���
2900.Dennis Smart ����
2899.Gerri Princeton Bonavista bay nl���
2898.Gerri Prince ����
2897.Fred Gosse If our dutifully elected government cannot protect the interests of our economic mainstay then how can we expect the same government to protect any of our interests in this province.The fishery should be protected and invested in with the same eagerness as the auto industry in Ontario. Both are of the same relative importance to each province.��
2896.Donald Parsons It is in our best interest, it is our duty, as a Province and as a Nation to manage the fishery. We need to do it for the suvival of the cod stocks and other species, but also most importantly the future of the fishery in this great Province and Country we live in. Mr Prime Minister, take pride in been the leader of this nation and set a presedance for other nations to follow.���
2895.Brengle Parsons ����
2894.Goldie Parsons I think it is about time somebody took interst in Newfoundland. It has been neglected way too long. We as a province need to stand up and be counted. Those of us who have had to move away from our beautiful province to find work know how hard it has been.���
2893.Mark Riggs ����
2891.jessie butler ����
2890.Stephen Mulrooney ����
2889.Robert J. Scott ����
2888.Alexander Williams It's long past the time for something like this.���
2887.ken bulger ����
2886.Hayley McGrath ����
2885.DAVE BEAZLEY ����
2884.Bruce Nowe ����
2883.Colin Doody ����
2882.Marion cheeks ����
2881.Margaret Smith ����
2880.Mary Jo Gillard Little Bay, P. Bay���
2879.Elmo Gillard Sr. Little Bay, P. BayUrgently request governing party to take control of all of our fisheries' inside and outside of the 200 mile limit immediately. Also I ask all N.L. M.Ps. to cease supporting any party that fails to put in place the necessary legistation or support such legistation during this mandate and run Independant in the next Federal election.��
2878.Claudine & Thierry BEAUPERTUIS ����
2877.Louie TURPIN ����
2876.Leslie TURPIN ����
2875.Melanie TURPIN ����
2874.Anne-Marie &Ernest TURPIN ����
2873.Perry Ryan It's Newfoundlands and lets keep it that way...���
2872.rick p finn I wholeheartedly agree with drastic measures to be taken, as of yesterday, because a viable resource is being depleted to the point of extinction of several species of fish and other ecological plant life, with raking of the ocean floors, to sustain the ocean life. If drastic measures are not put in place now we can always have underwater nuclear testing to annihilate all ocean life as the French government has chosen to do of their coast. Kill or live and let live. The decision is yours for tomorrow's generation and our (Your Children.) ���
2871.Reg Skinner ����
2870.Roger Hart ����
2869.garry trowbridge its time to do something before everything is gone ���
2868.Robert McNamara It is time that we hold our elected officials (all parties) accountable. I am tired of Newfoundlanders who are in public office claiming that they will do their best to ensure that the interests of Nfld and Lab are foremost in their agenda. It is time for us to take a stand, time to take the gloves off. ���
2867.Glenn Rowsell ����
2866.Juan Burton ����
2865.Dale Fraser ����
2864.Winston Poole ����
2863.Lloyd Piercey ����
2862.juanita bromley ����
2861.Kevin O'Leary ����
2860.jerome power we have had enough of our elected officials in ottawa letting us down time after time i guess they dont have the backbone to stand up for us���
2859.Christopher B. Gash If this were the United States, this petition wouldn't even be necessary. They'd have already done it. Only in Canada do we let the world use us and abuse us.���
2858.Ruth Ellsworth We are there with you. Protect what is left of the fish or others will keep taking it until it is gone.���
2857.Corey Warford ����
2856.michael worthman hearts delight, nfld���
2855.Norm Worthman hearts delight, nfld���
2854.Sharlene Worthman Hearts delight , nfld���
2853.Cyril Loder St. Anthony���
2852.william j finn & Barbara E Finn newfoundland has a history of do nothing political self serving newfoundlanders who have been feeding at the public trof to long it is time newfoundlanders showed those people they can no longer take us for granted john effort and all our federal members are prime examples of people who accept the status quo and are are going along for the ride���
2851.Derek Pritchett ����
2850.Brian Sexton ����
2849.Gary Norman ����
2848.George Crocker ����
2847.Fred Quinton ����
2846.Mrs. Pauline Quinton ����
2845.Robert Curtis ����
2844.Steve Drover ����
2843.PAUL MERCER ����
2842.Rose Brushett ����
2841.Wayne Dohey ����
2840.Dr. Kevin Hogan ����
2839.Frank Green Owner,operator fishing enterprise keep up the good work,Gus ......I am with you 100%���
2838.Alice Green fisherperson i fear for the future of this great province if we do not get control of our own destiny,i fish in 3ps and its starting to look very dismal here.���
2837.Sue Ann Bungay ����
2836.Lenus Bungay When Diplomatic efforts fail or so slow that by the time action is taken the resource is completly wiped out drastic action is required. I see no onus on foreign fishers to protect resources belonging to others. I believe that is Canada's reponsiblity. It's time for everyone to stop blaming, admit diplomatic actions are ineffective or too slow and get on with what needs to be done which is custodial Management of the nose and tail of the Grand Banks.���
2835.Marc Cullen ����
2834.Kevin Pilgrim Yellowknife���
2833.Sandra Martland We have given NAFO ample opportunity to act effectively. Its failure leaves no option but to assume custodial management.���
2832.Dwayne This action is long overdue���
2831.Stephen O'Brien ����
2830.John Dwyer ����
2829.William Pafford ����
2828.Gilbert Walsh ����
2827.Eugene J. Caines It is about time ! Long over due.���
2826.Maureen Kent ����
2825.Harry Harding (MHA Bonavista North) The groundfish fishery has been the main generator of employment if the province. While Crab has filled the void since the Cod moratorium in 1992, its downturn has already started and it will become extremely prevelant in the next one or two years unless reduced effort is imposed immediately. It's obvious that NAFO has not worked in the best interest of the Canadian fishery, therefore it is imperative that the Government of Canada take immediate steps to take control of its continental shelf and resources through custodial management.���
2824.Greg Sherman ����
2823.Curtis Porter ����
2822.Terry Wilkinson ����
2821.Grenfell Adams ����
2820.Dr. Jamie Karagianis ����
2819.Roger Green, Logy Bay ����
2818.Mary Carroll It is time for a stand to be taken on the fishing by international fisherment and it should be in line with the regulations that Newfoundland fishermen have to obey.���
2817.Luanne Agriesti-Cleary Our fishery and OUR FISH are integral to the Newfoundland economy. We need to sustain our natural resources for self-sufficiency and economic growth.���
2816.Christa McGrath ����
2815.C Perkins ����
2814.Lucinda Bradbury ����
2813.Judy Blundon ����
2812.Andrea Kavanagh ����
2811.Sharon Gray ����
2810.Celia Sheppard ����
2809.Valerie A.Sullivan ����
2808.Heather E Morgan very important for the future of our Province���
2807.Jacquelyn Holden ����
2806.John wall ����
2805.Laurence Lavers Its time we take back control of our fisheriesThe polications that we have been sendingto ottawa has FAILED MISERABLY�
2804.Charlotte Tilley ����
2803.Thomas Osbourne ����
2802.Roy Strain ����
2801.Mabel Strain ����
2800.Eugene Coles ����
2799.Betty Coles ����
2798.j wellman ����
2797.Anna Thistle If it takes the pressure of a close Federal Election to wake up all political parties, well it is high time that this province have access to what is rightfully ours, and that time is right now ! ���
2796.Karl Keough ����
2795.Oscar Colbourne ����
2794.Thomas Cooper Twillingate Newfoundland ����
2793.sean mandville ����
2792.Lester Antle It is time that the feds realize the importance of the fishery to Newfoundlanders and all Canadians. We often hear fish called a "Brain Food". Maybe the politicians should try eating more fish..���
2791.Wayne Allingham ����
2790.Julia Allingham We have put far too much faith in the powers that be to protect and preserve all that is valuable to us. I feel very much encouraged by the assertive action that many of my fellow Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are taking. ���
2789.Al J. Donahue ����
2788.Patrick Davis Cartwright���
2787.Linda Farrell Grand Bruit,NL ����
2786.Gordon Farrell (Fisherperson) Grand Bruit,NL PLEASE HELP US!!!���
2785.Tammy Billard Grand Bruit,NL ����
2784.Ches Billard (Fisherperson) Grand Bruit, NL Stop trading fish for upper Canada���
2783.Paul Hiscock ����
2782.Richard Harding ����
2781.Maxine Rumbolt ����
2780.G. Cahill ����
2779.BRIAN FAGAN ����
2778.Joanne Dunne Glassman St. John'sNewfoundland��
2777.Elaine Rumbolt ����
2776.David Gatehouse ����
2775.Ryan Lane ����
2774.A. Noseworthy A Column that appeared in a St. John's, NL Magazine asked the question "Why would Canada make it a criminal offence for Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans to catch even one fish for food or recreation this summer, while at the same time allow fishermen from 15 foreign nations to catch thousands of tons of that same fish around this province? Why would Canada punish the most productive people in Canada. These are people who live on an island surrounded by water and who contribute 3 times more per capita to the Canadian economy than any other Canadian - because we export 3 times more than any other Canadian province. Meanwhile, Canada allows 40 to 50 foreign draggers to drag the living daylights out of the spawning grounds of our Continental Shelf that we broguht into Confederation, at the same time laying criminal charges against any Newfoundlader who dares put a line in the water. Why would the federal government, regardless of which political party is in power - they all have the same policies on this question - risk such public embarrassment and condemnation in the very province that contributes the most per capita to the Canadian economy? The column stated that Canada was one of only three coastal states in the world who had thumbed their noses at the Law of the Sea and publicly refused to recognize the legality of Article 76, which allows coastal states to extend jurisdiction beyond 200 miles. According to the article Canada, USA, and Denmark agreed it was unnecessary for 3 friends to spend the hundreds of millions of dollars required to map the ocean floor to delineate boundaries outside 200 miles, as required by the United Nations Commission on the Outer Limits of the Continental Shelf. Canada, a leading nation in underwater mapping, announced 5 years ago that our federal employees would be assigned as foreign aid to developing coastal nations to enable them to extend their jurisdiction beyond 200 miles - not just for ownership of the minerals under the ocean floor but to stop or regulate the dragging of the ocean floor by foreign fishing fleets outside 200 miles. The article states that 4 years ago the Canadian Hydrographic Service, which was supposed to be mapping our coastline was assigned by Foreign Affairs to Uruguay. Apparently according to the article Canada's underwater mapping federal employees are still in Uruguay , as foreign aid to help that country extend its jurisdiction beyond 200 miles. They're still there because they're having trouble finding a Continental Shelf to map. MY QUESTON - What Do You Think Of That, Here We Are In Newfoundland And Labrador with a Very Prominent Continental Shelf And Canada Instead of Mapping Our Own Shelf and Securing It, Instead they Send Their Expertise To A Country Which Is Not Sure It Even Has A Continental Shelf And Aready 4 Years of Expensive Work By Canada And Searching Has Been Wasted? It a Befuddles Me. What Good Money is Wasted. Wouldn't It Have Been Better To Give Uruguay Money For Food Instead? I Would Think So!�
2773.Corey Burke ����
2772.Heather Finn ����
2771.Yvonne Lear ����
2770.Ivan Lear ����
2769.Rebecca Cochrane ����
2768.Dave Lear ����
2767.Bronson Lear ����
2766.Karen Thistle I support this action!���
2765.Mairi Chadwick ����
2764.Laura Jackson Protecting the Nose & Tail is common sense. How about protecting the S-E Shoal, and other crucial spawning and juvenile areas too? The spillover effects for a sustainable future fishery will be impressive.���
2763.Mary Beth ����
2762.Carol Best Resident of Goose Bay, LabradorFriend and colleague of many people affiliated with and affected by the fishery off our coast��
2760.Joy Buckle If we do not fight for our own, then no one will do it for us. It is time to take control of our resources and I support this petition 110%.���
2759.john michael lannon indepedant candidate bonavista-exploitscbc and vocm have cut me off a couple of talk shows so I haven been able to surpport the petition publicthanks for this oppurtunity speak and keep up the good work�
2758.Gert Vukas (Hawco) Born in Newfoundland, and love it, I visit every year. I will be there this July. ���
2757.Margaret Pye ����
2756.Lorne Sooley ����
2755.Robert Cox ����
2754.Joe Farrell I have reservations about any political body managing a natural resource and feel there should be an independent board set up and based in the Atlantic provinces.���
2753.Jamie Pye Forteau, Labrador���
2752.Kinza Trimm ����
2751.Michael Burke ����
2750.Bill McGrath ����
2749.Yvonne Jones Canada has always prided itself on being a self reliant nation, taking control of its own affairs and standing up as a nation for what people want. In Newfoundland and Labrador we share those sediments. A nation can only be strong when the provinces are strong. In Newfoundland and Labrador we feel that we have lost control over our fisheries management and jurisdiction. We are tired of watching the resource being plundered by foreigners while our fisherpeople have their boats tied to the dock. Give Newfoundland and Labrador back the same pride that our mother nation trives on. Let us have some control, let us be a leader in this fine Country. ���
2748.Fred Humber ����
2747.Bev Alcock ����
2746.A. Noseworthy An article I read in a St. John's, NL Magazine stated that along the entire east coast of Newfoundland, from St. John's to Cape Freels, 15 foreign countries now set the quotas for shrimp, turbot, redfish, American plaice, yellowtail and witch flounder. The zone is called 3L. From the shore to the continental shelf, foreigners manage our fish. No other coastal community in the world lives under such a multitude of foreign control. Not a shot was fired in the takeover by 15 foreign nations of the management and quota setting for several species of fish inside and outside the 200 mile zone on the very continental shelf that Nfld and Labrador brought into Canada. In the Terms of Union Contract we signed with Canada we were not told foreign nations would manage our fishery all along the east coast of the island of Newfoundland. In law the article states that is called "NON-DISCLOSURE." In that contract, IT DID NOT SAY citizens of Nfld and Labrador would not be allowed to catch a fish to eat while the citizens of 15 foreign nations will be able to catch that same fish. In law that is called "misrepresentation." Nfld and Labrador signed that contract partly because we were in an unfair bargaining position at the time and we were offered pensions and other income support. In law, one could argue that it was signed under "ECONOMIC DURESS." In that contract, Ottawa promised to manage our fishery and set quotas for the good of the people of this province and Canada. Instead, it used our fishing grounds as a BARGANING TOOL with foreign nations and allows them, and still allows them today, to destroy the fishing resource and the ocean floor using giant factory ships. In law that is called "UNCONSCIONABILITY." UNCONSCIONABILITY, ECONOMIC DURESS, MISREPRESENTATION AND NON-DISCLOSURE, all under one contract...that's enough the article says to void any contract. ANOTHER ARTICLE in the same Magazine states that if we wanted to speak to the Chairman of the Committee of Fisheries Science for the fishing zonesaround this province, you would have to call Spain. If you wanted to speak to the Chair of the Committe on Research for the fishing zones around this province, you would also have to call SPAIN, If you wanted to speak to the Vice-chair of the Scientific Council and their so called expert on Newfoundland turbot, you would have to call SPAIN. The writer interjects with the question - Is there any doubt about who won the Turbot War?�
2745.Rebecca Mulcahy ����
2744.Wynanne Downer As the Conservative Party of Canada candidate for Humber-St. Barbe-Baie Verte, I support the Grand Banks fisheries management petition. The devastation caused by the mismanagement of the fishery to the people in this riding causes me to voice strong support for the efforts of all those who support custodial management of the Nose and Tail of the Grand Banks. Women, men and children are suffering because of the loss of their ability to make a living in one of the most traditional forms of livlihood which has engaged the people in the riding of Humber-St. Barbe- Baie Verte. The abuse must stop. The federal governement must defend our fishing grounds. The rights of fishers can no longer be ignored. ���
2743.Bobbie Brennan ����
2742.Fred Hollingshurst ����
2741.Scott Vokey, Green Party Candidate for St. John's North The Green Party is the only party that will address this issue by insisting that two of our core values, sustainability and decentralization be applied to not only the fishery but to all of our natural resources. We have all witnessed what happens when Newfoundlanders do not have control over their own resources.���
2740.Rick Gruchy long overdue!���
2739.Amanda Clements ����
2738.Keith Brinston ����
2737.Brendan J. Condon ����
2736.Robert C.H. Sweeny ����
2735.Michael H. Parsons ����
2734.Sean Murray ����
2733.Keith O'Driscoll ����
2732.Gary A. Bishop The Government of Canada must move to protect this resource. No one else is goint to!���
2731.C.A. Coffey ����
2730.Tom Hawco ����
2729.James Hiller ����
2728.Bobbi Gushue ����
2727.Leslie J. Dean ����
2726.Stephen F. Mills It's about time that Ottawa show us they have the ability to stop the abuses on the Grand Banks. The ocean and its fishery has always been our life blood and it is being drained by those that are only interested in profits.���
2725.Ed Woodland Canada shall have juristican over all aspects of the Grand Banks Fishery including the Nose and Tail. This has long been over due, by the Federal Government, to enforce to the other Nations of the World. We as Canadians have to show some intestional fortitude and stand up to the rest of the world. It is our resourse to control and preserve for our children, grand children to have access to. Not only as a food resourse to peoples, but to the other species in these waters.���
2724.Kevin Donahue ����
2723.Tim Summers ����
2722.Debbie McGee �St. John's NF��
2721.Enid Pevie For too long we have been content to recieve "crumbs" fromOttawa. Let's rise above that. It's time we stand up as a people and not"ask for" but "demand" what is rightfully ours.We would be remiss in our obligation to our forefathers if we did not fight to regain and retain this resource. The fishery has sustained our outports(the heart and soul of Nfld) for centuries and would continue to do so under capable management. In achieving this, it would put us on the first rung of the ladder in restoring the pride and dignity that belongs to our people and which has been drained from us. Good luck with this petition!���
2720.Justin Poirier ����
2719.Gerard M. Hayes ����
2718.Michael Fleming ����
2717.Chesley Cribb ����
2716.Dr. Branislav Cirovic ����
2715.Liska Burt ����
2714.Brenda Parsons ����
2713.Peter Mulcahy ����
2712.john michael lannon indepedant candidate bonavista-exploitscbc and vocm {ann,bill} have cut me offthanks�
2711.Anita Best ����
2710.michelle whelan ����
2709.Karen Canning ����
2708.Everett Fancey Something has to be done very soon, or it will be too late.���
2707.Allan Jerrett ����
2706.J.P. Hoskins ����
2705.Daniel Lodge ����2704.terry goldie ����
2703.Perry A. Osborne Long overdue!���
2702.Stephanie Lundrigan ����
2701.Reginald Collins ����
2700.Kevin Lundrigan ����
2699.Mary Lundrigan ����
2698.Simone Kendall ����
2697.Neal Ernest Rowe ����
2696.Ang Noseworthy How Many More Times Are We Going To Allow Ourselves To Be Fooled By Ottawa. I Just Read An Article In The Express Alleging That Last Month's Press Conference By Three Federal Ministers To Announce The Boarding Of A Portuguese Vessel On The Grand Banks Was No More Than Pre-election Politicking. The Article Suggest That Geoff Regan (DFO) Minister, The External Affairs Minister Bill Graham and John Efford Got In Front Of The Cameras And Told Us "They're Going To Nail 'Em (Portuguese). They're Going To Send Vessels To The Grand Banks. So The Article Says They (The Federal Government) Found A Few Gallons Of Fuel To Put Into A Coast Guard Ship...Because Most Of Them Are Tied On In The Harbour In St. John's Without Any Place To Go, With No Fuel. According To The Article This Whole Thing was Staged A Month Before The Election Was Called, And These Three Ministers Went Into Gear To...Delude The Fishing Communities Of This Province." THE ARTICLE SAYS "PEOPLE SHOULD NOT FALL FOR IT". A Gentleman Who Is Quoted InThe Article - Mr. Gus Etchegary Says "Premier Williams Has To Take The Same Position He Took With Regard To Oil Revenues, And Say To The Prime Minister Of Canada That Fishing Has To Stop On The Grand Banks." Mr, Etchegary Says The Next Prime Minister Of Canada Should Be Willing To Lead A Delegation, Which Includes Our Premier, To the Next NAFO Meeting, To Present Canada's Case For Custodial Management And To Explain Why Things Have To Change. And They Shouldn't Stop At NAFO, He Adds. That's Only Step One. The Second Step For The Same Group is New York, At The United Nations, To Present The Case Under The Law Of The Sea. The Third Organization They Have To Talk To Is The Food And Agrticultural Organization In Rome.Mr. Etchegary Says "These Three Organizations Have To Be Confronted By The Prime Minister Of This Country, With A Well-Developed Set Of Plans On Why They Have To Take This Seriously." Mr. Etchegary Says That To Ensure The Survival Of The Fishery Resource, Fishing On The Grand Banks And The Flemish Cap Has To Stop, For Two To Five Years, Or More. He Adds "The Resource In Those Areas Is So Weak, So Low, That Any Fishing, Even If It's Only A Small Effort, Is Preventing Any Possibility Of Recovery. The Danger is Commercial Extinction, And That's Almost Around The Corner. After Reading This Article Which I Just Quoted Above I Can't Help But Repeat To Myself "'HOW MANY MORE TIMES ARE WE, AS NEWFOUNDLANDERS AND LABRADOREANS, GOING TO ALLOW OURSELVES TO HAVE THE WOOL PULLED OVER OUR EYES.'"
2695.Kenneth G. Proudfoot ����
2694.Colin Waterman It is about time that someone would step up to the plate and actually take responsibility for the resources of this nation.How is it that our so called leaders have the guile to deal with such a critical issue in such a nonchalant manner. You are either naive and incompetent or corrupt and have no conscience. As the famous quote goes "we do not inherit the earth from our parents. We borrow it from our children." Someday you will be held accountable.Do not continue to turn a blind eye to the rape of our ocean.We cannot change the past but we can impact the future!���
2693.Gordon Inglis ����
2692.Kevin Aucoin Best of luck with the terrific initiative���
2691.Wendy Wilde Foreign fishers have proven to be irresponsible too often in the past - NL and Canada must have more control over such a vital and sensitive resource.���
2690.Elizabeth-Anne Malischewski ����
2689.Suzanne Drodge ����
2688.ROBYN BURSEY ����
2687.Honna Janes-Hodder The development and exploitation of natural resources has always been a mainstay of the Newfoundland and Labrador economy. Humanity has made a tremendous and deleterious footprint on our environment and this is most evident in the decimation of our province�s ground fisheries. The Northern cod crisis, in particular, has seriously impacted upon community sustainability, especially in rural regions. It is impossible to consider the future prosperity of Newfoundland and Labrador without first recognizing the fundamental relationship between ecology, economy and politics. Our economy is but one component of the much larger natural environment. We cannot succeed without careful attention to the environmental foundations upon which the province is built.The vibrancy of our province�s economy and the sustainability of its communities depend upon a committed federal government which understands the linkages between the environment and all other facets of life in this province. A refusal to address the crisis in Newfoundland and Labrador�s ground fisheries is unacceptable. Moreover, it seriously risks the economic, social and environmental well-being of future generations. At base, it is inexcusable for a society to allow any species to teeter on the brink of extinction, even if a species has no economic importance.��
2686.William G Smith (Bill) If we can't make progress on this issue let's quit and form an economic unionwith Iceland.�

2685.Eric Jerrett Action long over due. Don't tarry any longer.��� nl.has to take control of the nose.tail of the grand banks alsothe flemish cap ���
2683.Georgina Queller While this is long overdue and we as Canadians and in particular Newfoundlanders require this, to manage the fishery we need to bring together representatives of all the traditional countries fishing the area and reach agrreement on renewal and conservation or it will never open again. We may already be closing the jurisdiction after the 'sea horse' has gone.���
2682.Michael Jordan Jones Vitally important issue that federal party leaders ignore at their peril!���
2681.Mary Bishop ����
2680.John M. Earle Lets not waste more time. The time is NOW���
2679.Mark Porter ����
2678.John Carlo Slaney ����
2677.Chloe Thorne ����
2676.Steve Thorne This issue speaks to many of the injusticies and neglects of the Federal Gov't. We have less than one half of a million people in the province and despite the wealth of our resources, we are consistently unwealthy. There are scores of municipalities across the country with higher populations that have much better standards of living and yet they do not have oil, hydro, fish, forests, & minerals. I ask that the politicians show some leadership and back bone and do what is right. Mainly, stop selling us out because we are politically insignificant.���
2675.James Halley, Q. C. ����
2674.Gregory Hardy ����
2673.Melissa Angel ����
2672.Ed Breen St. John's, Newfoundland���
2671.Dave Gillespie Winsor, Nova SCOTIA���
2670.corinne gillespie halifax���
2669.eileen gillespie nova scotia���
2668.mona gillespie ����
2667.Jim Miller ����
2666.Jennifer Hounsell ����
2665.Gerard Hounsell ����
2664.Brad Coles ����
2663.Elizabeth Oliver ����
2662.Dwayne Hounsell ����
2661.Travis Coles ����
2660.Carla Denise PLEASE, PLEASE tell me what it takes for the Federal Government in Ottawa to listen to the pleas of Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans. So many years have passed since we started pleading with Ottawa to stop THE FOREIGN OVERFISHING and pillaging of this once great protein resource. We have also pleaded for Ottawa to grant us joint custodial management of this most important resource being held under the stewardship of Ottawa, namely the Fish Resource brought to the Canadian Table by this province. If Ottawa had stuck to its original promise that it would conserve and maintain this resource , there would not have been any need for this plea at all. But Ottawa has added so many nations to dine on this resource there is no other alternative but to STRONGLY DEMAND that it be brought back to Joint Control by the province of N and L. My personal plea to Ottawa is: OTTAWA if you have any desire to preserve rural Newfoundland and Labrador - PLEASE, PLEASE do what is right and immediately cede joint Custodial Management to Newfoundland and Labrador so that the Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Government can start breathing life back into the rual areas which is habitated by the kindest and gentlest people on this planet. THANK YOU OTTAWA FOR LISTENING.��
2659.Geneva Coles ����
2658.Abe Coles ����
2657.John L. Whelan ����
2656.Peter Soucy ����
2655.Steve Tilley ����
2654.Dennis Minty ����
2653.Maura Hanrahan, Ph.D. (Author--The Doryman, and cultural anthropologist) The emotional, cultural, social, and economic impacts of the mechanization, privatization, and destruction of the fisheries resource to our communities cannot be overstated. The effect is still being felt long after the moratoria, as it was before the moratoria. We in Newfoundland and Labrador must take responsibility for our role in all this and we are certainly bearing the brunt of it, but it is time now that Canada stepped up to the plate and did the right thing. The resource and the people who depend(ed) upon it demand and deserve it. ���
2652.Helen Moyles, Gander, NL STOP OVERFISHING NOW!���
2651.William Gilbert, Blaketown, Newfoundland ����
2650.Cluny Moyles, Gander, NL Uncle Otto (Ottawa), the time has come to STOP overfishing.���
2649.Colin White ����
2648.Rebecca King ����
2647.Michelle Morais ����
2646.Terence Sanford As a resident of Newfoundland for almost fifty years I have witnessed ineffective and weak policies and mis-managemanagement of an important renewable resource; the East Coast Fisheries. Also the decimation of our communities and way of life that, prior to confederation in 1949 with Canada, provided economic benefit to several Atlantic Provinces particularly Newfoundland, for five hundred years.If asked which of a number of things about Canada of which I am ashamed the subject of this petition would probably top the list.It seems that Federal governments of all political stripes have had no intestinal fortitude to protect one of our major resources; a renewable one at that!What is wrong with us Canadians?
2645.James Price ����
2644.Willeen Keough ����
2643.Ken Hann ����
2642.Charmaine Flynn ����
2641.Jerry Dick It is high time that Canada act on this crucial matter���
2640.Angela Hyde ����
2639.Councillor Frank Galgay ����
2638.Kathleen Parewick ����
2637.Frederick Hann, CSLA ����
2636.Wilson Fudge ����
2635.Barbara Neis ����
2634.Jennifer Letourneau ����
2633.Luke Gauthier ����
2632.Vera Griffin This is long overdue. If NL is to survive as a rural province to any extent this has to happen. ���
2631.susan galgay ����
2630.Stratford Canning Extension of jurisdiction by Canada is fundamental to the survival and protection of our fisheries resources.���
2629.Carol Harding It is time for each and every Newfoundlander to demand that this crucial natural resource be managed properly...nobody else will!���
2628.H. Douglas Butt The people of this province should give Gus Etchegary an award for the effort he continues to exert to preserve and reatore the fishery around our coast.. The government of Canada must begin to realise that it does matter internationally. A country of about 30 million people matters little to countries 2 or 3 or more times its size and organisations like the European Union which has a population larger than that of the United States of America. The Canadian government is looked on as a Wimp. ��
2627.Daphne Rideout ����
2626.Peter Miller I fully support this petition however I feel it will eventually end up in someones" circular file". It's time for another follow - up referendum to 1949(and not on April Fools Day)now that this generation has the benefit of hindsight.���
2625.Brian Williams Shame shame shame on all who allowed this cataclysmic situation to develope.���
2624.Dr. Don Downer As a former DFO (then the Dept. of Fisheries) fish biologist - responsible for aspects salmon and inland species and habitat, I would like to say I worked with the federal government at that time for just under two years and quit in utter disgust to go principal of a school. That was during 1967 - 69. They were (the politicians in charge) gutless wonders then and they are now - in all things Eastern Canadian. I was a young marine biologist full of lots of ideology and ready to do something good! The federal government let us (the scientists involved) down repeatedly then with recommendations re Baie de Espoir power development and water diversion, Grand Falls and the Expolits and the mill, Stephenville mill and water use from Harrys River and the South Coast and the North Harbour phosphorus plant. Nothing has changed in the almost forty years since. I feel, however, we must continue to put forward positions such as this one - but, I am not optimistic - Prime Minister Stephen Harper may be our last chance. ���
2623.June Harris St. John'sI fully support your efforts��
2622.Carl Robert Slaney Politicians, please support us in our attempts to stand on our feet in this province of NL. The resource is ours; stop using it as a pawn in your International Chess Games!!���
2621.Austin Lane, Stephenville, NL ����
2620.HC penney
2619.Frank Huxter, P. Eng. ����
2618.Ian Brodie ����
2617.Linda Bennett ����
2616.Nelson Adams ����
2615.Brianna Gosse ����
2614.Cynthia O'Toole ����
2613.Harvey Farewell ����
2612.henry blagdon ����
2611.Randy George ����
2610.Tania George ����
2609.Donald Payne ����
2608.Lillian Picott Custodial Management is the only way to go. Without Newfoundland and Labrador's right to jointly oversee this God Given Fishery Resource, we will be doomed as fishers forever. Someone in authority has to set up some sort of Task Force to oversee this issue. Once the Task Force is set up, all Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans will have to fall in line and ask Ottawa to do what is right.���
2607.Rosie Frey ����
2606.V. Noseworthy Nowhere else in the G8 World. BUT NFLD AND LABRADOR would such control, as Ottawa has over our fishery be allowed. Ottawa, a Centralist Government, treats this once HUGE Fishery Resource with such blatant contempt. This Fish Resource is doled out to the World by Ottawa for the benefit of Free Trade, because when Ottawa restructured the fishery over the past 30 years, it was restructured with Ottawa's best interest in mind. The Fish Resource brought into Canada was and is Ottawa's best Asset. Ottawa recognized it had a VIRTUAL BANK and it made sure that when restructuring took place, it be carried out in such a way that they would hold Newfoundland and Labrador's fishers in a CAPTIVE situation. Ottawa tied Newfoundland and Labrador's Inshore Fishery to an Employment Insurance Program. That Program took away a bit of the GUILT on Ottawa but it took away the initiative and pride of a once proud people, and now it has almost taken away the fishery completly and created a rural population of migrant/nomadic fishers. Fishers who have to leave their rural communities to go to places like PEI for work; and of course some people were booted out of the industry altogether and have gone to Beef Packing Plants in Alberta. This is a sordid dirty little story that our Mother Government Ottawa caused. Who will be left in this province to run our institutions with the out-migration caused by Ottawa's restructuring. There is no reason why Newfoudlanders's and Labradoreans should have to leave their BEAUTIFUL Province, with all the resources their province was endowed with. WHY? WHY? Ottawa's Foreign Affairs Dept. and International Trade, for the sake of doing FREE TRADE with the Global World caused an Economic Genocide in Nfld and Labrador. THE BAD ECONOMIC CONDITIONS CAUSED BY NOT HAVING A VIBRANT FISHERY AND THE INDIRECT JOBS THAT COME AS A RESULT OF A VIBRANT ECONOMIC SITUATION, IS THE REASON WHY SO MANY OF MY FAMILY AND COLLEAGUES ARE WORKING ELSEWHERE, IT CERTAINLY WASN'T BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO SPREADTHEIR WINGS. IT WAS BECAUSE OF LACK OF JOB OPPORTUNITIES. THIS MUST STOP AND THE ONLY WAY IT IS GOING TO IS IF WE PUT UNSURMOUNTABL;E PRESSURE ON OUR POLITICIANS AND OTTAWA. NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOREANS PLEASE RAISE YOUR VOICES IN UTTER DEFIANCE. WE HAVE TO STOP THE BLEEDING.�
2605.Barry Coleman Every town and community should be allocated a groundfish license quota. Here in Isle Aux morts we have one lobster license, and 3 or 4 licenses to fish Cod. (and thats closed)���
2604.D.Ruth Elliott Lewisporte, NL. ����
2603.Rev. A.G. Elliott, Lewisporte NL ����
2602.Olive Sheppard ����
2601.Roland Sheppard ����
2600.Nicholas Gosse ����
2599.Barbara Gosse ����
2598.Maureen Parsons ����
2597.Keith Gosse ����
2596.Janice Grandy ����
2595.Herbert F. Spurrell ����
2594.Linda Sue Chambers What has this country come to that we have to beg our federal government to do its job?���
2593.barbara vincent,larkharbour,nl it is a disgrace how newfoundland is being treated.....BY POLITICIONS IN"OTTAWA"and to think that the fish was put in the water for all man kind to have and now it is up to ottawa to to do something........���
2592.harvey bellows something diffently needs to be done about the over fishing on the grand banks.we have lost controll of the fisherie since confederation,it is time to get some controll back over our fishery.HATS OF TO GUS ETCHEGARY.�
2591.A. Noseworthy Unless and until Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans say "Enough is Enough, we are not putting up with politicians whose only purpose in politics is to "TOE THE PARTY LINE" for Ottawa, NOTHING will change in Newfoundland and Labrador. We have waited 55 years for MARKET economies to be created out of our resources, yet it hasn't happened AND we will wait another 55 years, if, indeed, we have that amount of time to spare before all functions shut down in this province because of a lack of a sustainable population. NEWFOUNDLANDERS AND LABRADOREANS have been FAR TOO complacent. They have put blind faith in politicians and have taken politicans words as The Gospel. Do we have to wait another 55 years before we realize that politicians say WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY to get elected and reelected. I just heard a once well loved and prominent Newfoundland and Labrador Politician say on National Radio that if Politicians tell the truth they won't get elected. NOW THAT IS A SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS, ISN'T IT?That type of behaviour wouldn't be tolerated in other sectors of society. Personally I don't understand the mentality of the people of this province. Why in the name of creation do we not band together and say enough is enough and form some sort of boycott against what is happening in this province. In this EMAIL I am challenging the organizers of this Petiton to call the Open Line Shows and try and call together a few thousand Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans to assemble in a peaceful setting and tell Ottawa that we are not putting up with THE TREATMENT we have been doled out - NOT one more second. We, who are also Canadians, in this Province need Respect and More Important we Need Jobs Created From Our Own Resources. And we will gladly REMIT the Equalization Payments to Ottawa to be distributed to the provinces who don't have resources. The same provinces who, today have Market Economies because they have the use of Newfoundland and Labrador's Natural and Human Resources. I WILL ADD HERE THAT THE FISH RESOURCE WE BROUGHT INTO CANADA IS, NO DOUBT, THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL OUR NATURAL RESOURCES BECAUSE IT IS A RENEWABLE RESOURCE, A RESOURCE THAT CAN KEEP REGENERATING FOR ETERNITY - IF INDEED - THE BIOMASS OF THAT RESOURCE HAS NOT ALREADY BEEN TAKEN BELOW THE CRITICAL LEVEL. THAT IS NEEDED TO REGENERATE IT. NEWFOUNDLANDERS AND LABRADOREANS LET US ALL UNITE AND JOIN HANDS AND PROTEST LOUDLY WITH OUR VOICES FOR JOINT MANAGEMENT OF OUR FISH RESOURCE WITH OTTAWA.. �
2590.Carl Priddle ����
2589.Verna LeDrew ����
2588.Aaron LeDrew ����
2587.Randy LeDrew ����
2586.M. Hooper I think it is time for them to do something in O ttawa about this overfishing.���
2585.Phyllis Rideout ����
2584.Dawson Rideout ����
2583.Sharron Dodge It's about time we tried to make a difference���
2582.Howard Dodge Ithink that it certainly is time for someone to take the iniative to do something if it isn't already to late . i certainly support you whole heartdly and hope that we are finally successtul in doing a small part in trying to save the largest protein source just of our shores���
2581.Edmund Anstey ����
2580.Francis Kerrivan ����
2579.Kearney Kerrivan ����
2578.larry tremblett ����
2577.ann maidment ����
2576.H.W. Hillier Goulds NL A1S1G1Canada's Politicians are seldom Fair and never wrong when choosing what is best for Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.��
2575.Ernest Warren ����
2574.Jane Pretty ����
2573.Elvis Loveless Inorder for this injustice to discontinue, something drastically has to be done and the petition is at least a start in the right direction. Let us pull together and demand from our politicians their stand on such an important issue that is of crucial importance to the survival of this great province of ours.���
2572.Stephen Kent ����
2571.Peter Dunderdale ����
2570.Johanna Davis ����
2569.Kathy Dunderdale ����
2568.Justin Beach ����
2567.Jonny Payne ����
2566.Marian Glavine ����
2565.Frank Mag ����
2564.Roger Grimes this effort has been long overdue. the all party committee of the nfld and lab legislature fully endorsed this position over a year ago and presented it to the then minister, mr thibeault.���
2563.Peter Whittle I think I may have signed this once before. I keep checking into this site but the post are old and I had assumed the forum was no longer functioning, I am glad to see I was wrong. Cheers.���
2562.Ward Pike For once, do the right thing. Canada has always treated the Third World better than Newfoundland and Labrador. It is time for it to stop treating us as a mining outpost or an open pit mine and actually treat us as an equal partner in Canada. Or we could leave...we'd be better off.���
2561.Danielle King Free Newfoundland!!!���
2560.Frances Farewell ����
2559.Lori-Ann Martino Thank you for letting the public know about this through vocm open line.....this is too important for us to ignore. We have sat in silence for too long, we need to act now to save our most precious resource, the fish that attracted us all here in the first place.���
2558.Liam O'Brien Custodial management at a minimum. Why Can't Canada show the courage that Iceland showed in protecting its fisheries resources. We also need entrenched provincial control over resources WITHIN NAFO 2, 3, and 4r.���
2557.Ray Hyde I have been fishing since a small boy growing up in a little fishing village. With the closure of the cod fishery we have lost our youth, our culture and our communities. A way of life that lasted for hundreds of years now lost forever. please have the courage to stop the destruction of our most important resource.. ���
2556.Garland Heffern ����
2555.Marion Heffern ����
2554.Ralph Fifield ����
2553.Jamie Fifield ����
2552.Ralph Tapper Stop trading our fisheries resources for the benefit of central Canada.���
2551.Helen Antle This is long overdue.���
2550.Rhoda Sampson I think this petition is but a mere percentage of the real number of people in Newfoundland that support it.Every newfoundlander supports this initiative, so the real numbers that Ottawa need consider would equal the total population of Newfoundland and Labrador.�If Canada wonders if they should do this, why not send a few of our trawlers over to where these foreign ships come from and see if they allow unencumbered fishing in their waters.�

2549.Dave Callahan-Mayor of St.George's It's amazing that we need to do this, obviously the politicians upalong do not realize that this affects them too.We are speaking of a world resource now and it's depletion affects the bloody planet, not just Newfoundlanders. Another example of how insignificant we are on the National Priority totem pole. And I am fed up, sick and tired, of the foolish lip service that has been uttered by Ottawa and mimicked by the drones we have sent there to represent us. We need to send more capable people than we have, that are allowed to speak their minds because they are part of a united Newfoundland first front, and although I do not have a better example that comes to mind right now, sort of like the BLOC initiative from Quebec. Hold the people being elected now to maintaining the points of view of the people they represent, or get rid of them. ���
2548.Lenita Brockerville ����
2547.Roger Fitzgerald ����
2546.Loyola Hearn As most of you know this has been an issue high on my agenda during my last four years in the House of Commons. My motion concerning custodial management was passed in the House of Commons and you can be assured that I will continue to speak out on this issue. ���

2545.Clyde Jackman For centuries the fisheries have maintained rural Newfoundland and Labrador. If the fisheries on the Grand Banks is permitted to continue as is and foreign fleets are allowed to harvest undersized fish, the stocks will never survive. This will certainly spell the end for many communities in this province.���
2544.Bill Sears ����
2543.Eugene Toope ����
2542.Eric Stringer The fathers of this petition are to be highly commended for their undying efforts to reestablish our fish stocks as they had been a generation or so ago. I honor them! But I fear that in the grand scheme of things Newfoundlanders are so vastly outnumbered, not just in Canada but in the great beyond as well that we are mere minnows in a large pond. ���
2541.Edward Downey We need to take similar action with regard to the Atlantic Accord, Churchill Falls and all of our other resources, which the politicians have given away.���
2540.Eugene Bowen ����
2539.Lorraine Bowen ����
2538.Richard King ����
2537.Lloyd C. Rees It is imperative that all three leadership candidates commit to custodial management before elections day, otherwise we can kiss good-bye to any action being taken in the near future, especially if Martin wins. ���
2536.Linda Denise Fraser ����
2535.K. Whalen I support all efforts to get our fishery back in ourcontrol. put a call out to all nfld to donate cash &take the feds to court on of luck in your quest for justice. KW.
2534.Niutting S. Fraser where once they stoodWE WILL REMAIN��
2533.W Strong ����
2532.Cecilia Dodge Grand Bank NL Sometime ago Mr. Brian Peckford made a comment "They sold the shop...boys". Are they planning to sell us out again Hook, Line and Sinker. God Helps Us If They Do. ���
2531.Justin Dodge Grand Bank NL ����
2530.Ronald Dodge Grand Bank NL ����
2529.marvin ingram my father(george ingram) fished the grand banks for years, and always said "we have to stop the forigeners. (he would have been 84 today)���
2528.Lloyd Horlick ����
2527.Evelyn Hulan ����
2526.Arthur Compton Twillingate, NL���
2525.Robynn Saucier limit how much fishing can be done...remember "the perfect storm"���
2524.Ern Warren ����
2523.chris anderson ����
2522.Gary Warren Keep up the good work. Don't let them have one illegal fish. We need a high fine to scare away the rest. Lets make it not worth their time. A slap on the wrist will not do.....���
2521.Marjie Middleton ����
2520.Daniel MacLellan keep it local, not loco!���
2519.Andrew Rankin stop the exploitation���
2518.Ken Frayn Calgary Alberta Canada���
2517.jason pye ����
2516.Chuck Pugh ����
2515.Heather Stevenson ����
2514.Ronnie Birmingham ����
2513.Kenny King I'm annoyed that this is the first I've seen or heard of this petition (April 2004) - I think I'm a couple years late. Canada is the nation in closest proximity to this resource, and so SHOULD be the custodian of it. Canada should unilaterally take over custody, and implement immediate changes. Of course, we probably need a little more Navy and Coast Guard to be able to implement this. Personally, I think alternatives to bottom dragging need to be found as well - if you want to pick apples from the orchard, you don't do it by leveling the entire orchard with a D8 Cat.���
2512.Shane Mason As Canadians, we have a right to protect our future. Canadian politicians have an obligation to protect that future for all of us, and do whatever it takes, even if it means pissing off a few of our friends from time to time. They certainly don't seem to mind taking advantage of us.���
2511.Cohen Liota I fully support this petition and would like to see our Government take action to stop and correct the issues listed above.���
2510.Roland C Andrews ����
2509.Gabriela Mallo ����
2508.Bingo Ennis Even though the flamish bank nd part of the grand banks are outside of our territorial waters I am sure the undersigned will agree to station a large part of our warships in this area and police all non-canadian fishing trawlers out of these waters. If the said trawlers do not cease all fishing at this time there harvest will be confiscated, the crew will be jailed by the navy, and the trawler will be nationalized by the government and sold at auction. any attempt by any nations to interfere with the Canadian Navy will be considered an act of war. ���
2507.Fred Taylor ����
2506.Colin Rowe ����
2505.Stanley J. Valverde ����
2504.Andre Branson Go Grand Banks!���
2503.Gerald R. Gloade Millbrook First Nation, Nova Scotia���
2502.Paul Torraville We need something done and done now!We also need something done with the crab before it goes the same way as the cod.��
2501.Andrew Jones Know who your enemy is, and who is responsible. Please take the time to read comments on this petition site. We all have a common enemy.���
2500.krista i like crabs���
2499.Herbert White Bonavista NL We need to control the over fishing out side 200 mile���
2498.Glenn Etchegary When are the industry's leaders going to show leadership and publicly support those who are fighting their fight? This requires real fortitude by those who are actively engaged in the fishery, and who understand the business. There is a coastal population who is depending on you for your knowledge, influence and desire to impact a Federal Government that has used every tactic to deflect this issue from receiving its proper consideration.���
2497.Wayne Bartlett Thank You���
2496.Robyn Pike ����
2495.Bret ����
2494.Dave Callahan- Mayor St.George's If you can't understand why, come down here so we can show youHard to believe that we need to go through this processIt ain't only foreign fishing that gets our goat, we can't fish in Quebec, but they can fish here ?Excuse MeWe have no food fishery here, but 7 days a week is perfect in the maritimes, can someone explain this
2493.Carl Herridge ����
2492.Matthew Fierstein Stop these foreign vessels keep the moritoria in place��
2491.Steve Sciannamea Stop these indiscriminate foreign trawlers!���
2490.See this site, it will open your eyes: ����
2489.Pete Sullivan Do we have to row our dorys' out with our moose rifles and shoot at the damned devil trawlers ourselves? C'mon ye darnd politicans get whatever we have as a navy out there and keep the foriginers out, and keep your darned fingers out of the forigners pockets yerselves.���
2488.Michaela Rideout Help the cod!���
2487.Sue Arntson Have you had enough? As we understand your concerns and hardships you are facing, we in British Columbia are also alienated from economic concerns in our Federal Government. We wish you the best in your endeavors, and you are certainly not alone. ���
2486.Martin Pollard ����
2485.Susan O'Quinn ����
2484.Randi O'Brien ����
2483.George Whalen We have to snd Ottawa A message,one they will listen too.If this petition can accomplish this it would be a great acheivment.���
2481.Bruce Andrews ����
2480.Stephen Coles (note: instead of multiple text boxes you might want to use a single text area, would make it a lot easier on the eyes :] )���
2479.Susan good 4 u !!!!���
2478.Margaret Bienert Hamilton, Ontario, Canada���
2477.jamie brant ����
2476.Noura Natalie Khourdaji Keep our fish for future generations!���
2475.Karen Akalu Niagara Falls, Ont���
2474.James Hibbs ����
2473.Dan Burke It's time for the canadian government to do what ever it takes to show the world that it means business���
2472.Who else does care? The more I wreck my brain on "WHY COUNTRIES REFLAG VESSELS' under other countries' flags, such as what Iceland is alleged to have done, the more I ponder! Is this a Ruse by countries, and in the particular case on which I am reflecting here, is Iceland trying to pull wool over Newfoundlanders' and Labradoreans' eyes? Since these alleged Icelandic vessels come into certain ports in this Province REFLAGGED UNDER AN ESTONIAN FLAG, is Iceland trying to make us believe that these vessels are 100 per cent Estonian owned and operated solely for Estonian business? After all Estonia is a MUCH POORER country than Iceland, and maybe, just maybe, Iceland's way of thinking is that, we, in this province, would have a higher tolerance level for a poorer country, with regard to it catching our fish and much less tolerance towards a country which 30 years ago banned all foreign fishing in its waters . After all Iceland did ban all fishing by other countries in its waters 30 years ago. I am wondering now, where does Iceland get the BRAVADO to be two faced and to DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT IT WISHES OTHERS NOT TO DO UNTO IT?��
2471.icare Today I heard Mr. Gus Etchegary recounting to an Open Line Host what is going on in the offshore fishery. I am not very happy with what he had to say. Mr. Etchegary just told us that Icelandic Companies are fishing off our coast in Icelandic Ships that are reflagged in Estonia. The main workers , the Pilot, Engineer and chief Mate are Icelandic, while the lowly crew, or in other words the fisher people are Estonian. Of course the reason for the the bulk of the crew being Estonian is they work for HALF the wages that the ship would have to pay an Icelandic crew. This is aided and abetted by the politicians in Ottawa and apparently by certain politicians from this province. I am now wondering, Do we have any BRAINS? Mr. Etchegary also said that Russia is now allowed to enter ports in this province with their Red Fish quotas, caught in our waters, to be transshipped to China, where it is processed for wages that are next to nothing. This Red Fish is then shipped back into the United States,from China, where it is then marketed in competition with our fish. The question I have to put to you my fellow Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans is ARE WE STUPID OR WHAT? Iceland got rid of its fishing competition in ITS OFFSHORE WATERS 30 years ago, when they went to war with the English who were fishing their waters. When are we going to do the same thing?It does not have to be war with guns, like Iceland used, it can be war with words or dialogue. I have to say that the people of this province are far too quiet on this issue. My plea to you my fellow Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans is when are we going to get off our asses collectively and ty to do something about this pressing and very serious problem that is causing cultural genocide in this province. So far despite the efforts of some people in this province you have been much too quiet. Please advise all your relatives who have internet service to sign this site and also get on the Open Line Shows and demand of our politicians that the rules regarding the fishery in this Province be changed so that we can grow economies here. All of Europe and parts of Asia have vibrant economies grown on the fish that came out of Newfoundland and Labrador's offshore fishery.Please do your part and join the voices that have been present for a long time in demanding that Ottawa do something about this unfairness. I feel collectively we can do something about this injustice, but it must be done soon or it will be too late.
2470.Ian Beacock ����
2468.tobias parker ����
2467.Lewis Cooper ����
2466.Gladys Phillips ����
2465.Lloyd Phillips ����
2464.Ken Priddle ����
2463.Ed Mercer ����
2462.Linda Slade total agreement���
2461.Mike Butler NL should have TOTAL CONTROL OF THE FISH STOCKS���
2460.Elizabeth Dyke ����
2459.Mary Pendergast ����
2458.Fred Barrett ����
2457.Margaret Barrett ����
2456.Irene Greene ����
2455.Jeffery Greene ����
2454.Tom Hodder Get it done...Get it right.���
2453.Capt. Shawn Noel nice to see somebody is trying to do something.���
2452.Robin George ����
2451.Dorcas Offrey ����
2450.Madge Offrey ����
2449.David Hatcher ����
2448.Jason Bailey.... Canada vs. Newfoundland? Fox vs. Hare! Let me introduce myself. My name is Jason Bailey, a PhD student about to defend my thesis (fisheries and aquaculture) in Sweden. I'm hoping to return home after I'm finished here provided there's something left there. I've been in Sweden about 5 years now and I guess one gets more and more "nationalistic" when living away from home. That said, I must say, my nationalistic pride does not stem out of Canada. We've been taught to say that we are proud Canadians but are we really? Ask yourself and others the same question. Is the strong bond, the one by which you would be willing to give anything to your country... is this bond to Canada or toNewfoundland? I've learned a lot about fisheries and aquaculture and fish biology in general while studying these past 5 years but the biggest lesson I've learned is that I'm a Newfoundlander... NOT a Canadian. I feel just as at home here in Sweden as many Newfoundlanders feel in Alberta. I like it, it's a great place, people are nice, nice to see a hockey win... but when it really comes down to the nitty gritty, when something like defending the extension of the 200 mile limit comes along, or the seal hunt, or what have you... then we are Newfoundlanders. Nothing else!! Home is Newfoundland and always will be. I listened to the discussion forum on CBC's webpage. Interesting...but not much came of that. The most interesting part of the entire discussion was comparing the attitudes of the Newfoundland members of the panel to the ones from "away". The "away" saying.. "we can't"... "it's impossible"...while the Newfoundlanders saying, "we have to"... "we have no choice"... and "we will anyway... legal or not". Therein lies the reason that Canada will not extend the 200 mile limit. It will not take control of the nose and tail of the Grand Banks along with the Flemish Cap simply because it's not a "do or die" situation for them. For Newfoundlanders it is this situation and therefore only Newfoundlanders will fight to extend and defend it against all odds. This is huge... I don't think I need to say that but I will anyway... it is HUGE. The money involved here is phenomenal and so resistance will also be at least as phenonemal. But the resistance was just as hard against Iceland when they fought to extend their limits and was just as hard against Newfoundlanders when they settled in Newfoundland in the first place. Imagine if they had said "we can't" at that time!? Make me a member. But promise to consider what might HAVE to be done....oooo oooo oooo Jason Bailey, New Perlican, Trinity Bay For now in: Ume�, Sweden. ooo oooo oooo oooo oooo ooooo PS. If you're wondering about my reference to the fox and the hare in the subject line... the average fox will always be slightly slower than the average hare because for the hare, losing means death (an evolutionary dead end). For the fox losing means getting it's food from a slower hare or something else... the loss is not as critical. I think you can draw your own conclusions �
2447.RaymondCranford ����
2446. Clifford Penney ����
2445.Tony Martin This is a no brainer, for God's sake, we have no choice!. We have to protect these waters. ��
2444.Joan Squires ����
2443.Levi Squires ����
2442.Lester Holley ����
2441.Hughie Moulton ����
2440.Steve Corbett ����2439.Andrew Osmond I am 17 years old. I m interested fully in politics- especially this topic. I hope to be able to get involved with such events in the future. I may be young, but I am just as upset about this as any other Newfoundlander, seeing how my generation is the future of our province. I open myself to any opportunities to express my views on this topic. Thank you. Signed- concerned young person of Newfoundlnad and Labrador.���
2438.Wayne Osmond I am a 47 year old proud Nwefoundlander and I too am disgusted with the way foreigners are consuming OUR precious resources. I open myself to any discussion you wish to allow me to participate in.���
2437.Ron Steele ����
2436.Marina Butt ����
2435.Keith Butt ����
2434.Larry Drover If we are not prepared as a country to take over custodial management of these areas then it is time to label the deptartment of fisheries and oceans as ineffective and irresponsible. So far their record has been dismal, what is needed is a total management plan that does includes the caplin, as it is no point to protect the remaining fish species if they have no means of substinance. In addition the seal population is an item which must be addressed in order to present a complete management plan. This fisheries plan must be whole and complete and not piecemeal species by species as crisis presents itself!���
2433.Adam Canning Melrose���
2432.Brian Canning ����
2431.Paulette Canning ����
2430.Paul Murphy ����
2429.Bride Murphy ����
2428.John Ryan ����
2427.Jessica ����
2426.Peter Blackwood Ottawa���
2425.Mary Fleming Canada should have custodial management.���
2424.Randy Gibbons ����
2423.Ralph Morris Its time for the uneducated beurocrats in Ottawa to get the hell out of fisheries management and give it to the people who know how to do it. Its also time for the politicians in Ottawa to stop trading prairie wheat for the right of foreign trawlers to rape our east coast fisheries���
2422.james dalton ����
2421.gertie dalton ����
2420.Terry Use Gunship(s) if necessaryto protect what is rightfully ours.��
2419.Paul R.Thornhill The protection and conservation of one the greatest protein food resources in the world should be in the forefront of every elected person in this nation. We have but one chance to protect these stocks, we are perilously close to losing them forever. Once gone, they will never return in our lifetime nor the lifetime of our children.Imagine, the day when the nation(Canada) stands up to the world and says enough is enough and declares to the world that the Grand Banks will be protected once and for all the peoples of the world.All of us are stewards of this great resource, to do anything other than protect the Grand Banks and its great bounty would destroy and dimish the history of our province. We must act now. Ottawa must listen and act. Anything less would be an act of treason against our nation and peoples.
2418.bobby Hancott Its time that the people of nfld and labrador started making their voices heard.���
2417.N. Aylward ����
2416.Fred Quinton, Mount Pearl, NL This should be done immediately before our fish stocks are depleted .���
2415.Pauline Quinton, Mount Pearl, Nf. & Lab. This should have been done long ago, before our fishery is completely destroyed.���
2414.Chris White ����
2413.Neil Tremblett ����
2412.Paul Forward ����
2411.Norman Kelly St.Lawrence ����
2410.Andrew King Originally from Lamaline.���
2409.sarah tucker ����
2408.Derek Payne ����
2407.lloyd tucker ����
2406.Bryan Smith Gooseberry Cove, Trinity Bay���
2405.Chris ����
2404.Jack Waye,Gander It's about time we made ourselves heard loud and clear. For too long our fishery has been used for the benefit of others. Too long it has been used as a tool to attract business elsewhere. It is time that we became the prime beneficiaries of what is left. This will not be handed to us. We will have to fight!���
2403.Thomas Brown ����
2402.Beverly mercer ����
2401.Gordon E Downer ����
2400.Bob Woodman Conception Bay South, NL���
2399.Bill Dennis ����
2398.Patricia Collier, 42 Bowater Dr., Appleton, NF A0G 2K0 We, the people of Newfoundland and Labrador, need your Help and we need it Now. Please help us to save our culture and our life style and live once again with pride and dignity surrounded by the Cod Fish.���
2397.Ron LeGrow ��St.john'sNewfoundland
2396.Melinda Hooper ����
2395.carlson norman it should have been done a long time ago���
2394.Tom Kierans ����
2393.Rob Wells ����
2392.Eric Frampton Formally from Port Elizabeth now living Shelburne N.S.���
2391.Tina Jesso ����
2390.This is a message for Mr. Updater Dear Mr. Updater : I am quite aware this Petition is through with the counting process, but it stands to serve another pupose, that is to tell the World what is happening here with our fish resources. I would say that everyone who knows about this Petition has already signed. The time has now come for one of the people assigned to this project to get on the Open Line Shows in Newfoundland and Labrador and the rest of Canada, plus get access to all the other news media and bring this petition to peoples' attention once more. Request of them that they ask all their relatives and friends to read the outline of this Petition and if they are in agreement, please ask them to sign it. There must be a million or more people living outside this province who have some direct relationship to this province still. Many of these people, I am sure, if they knew this Petition existed would dearly love to sign it. Thnak YouRemember the old adage" If you have something to sell, it is no good to shout it down a Well." We sure have something good to sell to the World. It is the knowledge that this Petition contains. Then let us hope that the message conveyed gets accepted and enforced by Canada and the World.��
2389.UPDATE.. Being that this date is now past, the petition reference to "..the upcoming NAFO meetings, Galacia Spain, Sept. 11-20th", probably needs some clarification. To explain: the petition, which went on line Sept.1st, was intended only for circulation before those meetings were held. However, because of the inherent inability and/or unwillingness of NAFO to take measures that will in any way be effective in curtailing the ongoing plundering by foreign NAFO fishing vessels on the nose and tail of the Grand Banks and on the Flemish Cap, it was decided by those involved in this petition effort to keep it going. A web page has been prepared and posted at, that will explain this sequence more fully. It is important that the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans be reminded in no uncertain terms that there are a great many Canadians, particularly Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, who have no intention of being put off by his assurance that under the aegis of NAFO and the good governance ofhis department, all is well with the north west Atlantic fisheries. All is far from being well; in fact the impotent position of DFO in NAFO makes a farce of the legislation passed by the House of Commons, 1999, ratifying the United Nations Agreement on Straddling Fish Stocks and Highly Migratory Fish Stocks (UNFA) . One of the primary clauses of this agreement is intended to ensure that scientific reference points are not exceeded, and that harvesting does not exceed maximum sustainable yield. Despite Canada's protests and scientific advice warning that quotas for Greenland halibut (turbot) ought not to exceed 36,000 metric tonnes, NAFO allocated a quota of 44,000 metric tonnes in January of this year , and reduced it only slightly for 2003. Plainly,without Canada's taking over the custodial management of all fisheries on its entire continental shelf, several species of ground fish, the basis of the traditional Newfoundland and Labrador fishery and the most essential element of its real economy, are destined to become commercially extinct in the very near future. Many, many mainland Canadians are not aware of the shameful mismanagement and destruction of this vast and priceless resource, nor of the tragic consequences to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador for whom its preservation is so vital for any viable future for their province. The indifference of the federal government, relative to the magnitude of this tragedy, is truly astounding.�
2388.Terence Purchase kitchener,ON���
2387.Thomas Newell It's about time something was done to stop unwanted fishing around the coast of Newfoundland, especially when Newfoundlanders cannot fish themselves.I live in British Columbia, originally from Summerville Bonavista Bay My address is 14508 91B Avenue Surrey B.C. V3R 7L1 i am in the position to help all Newfoundlanders earn $40,000 a year that is US dollars without spending one cent contact me at your earliest convenience.��
2386.Loretta Jenkins . Twillingate,NL ����
2385.Roy Jenkins ����
2384.Kevin R. Foley ����
2383.Cyril Miller ����
2382.Andrew Sutherland ����
2381.Jason G. Hatcher ����
2380.Rex Barnes M.P. Gander-Grand Falls���
2379.Karl Reid ����
2378.Roland Reid ����
2377.Shirley Reid, Adeytown Newfoundland ����
2376.Kurt Reid ����
2375.cod fish ����
2374.Toni Withers Long overdueSt. John'sNewfoundland�
2373.Bob Withers It's about time the Federal Govt. showed some courage and took action.St. John'sNewfoundland�
2372.Peggy Bennett ����
2371.Katarina Oltusova-Shave ����
2370.Philip Pack ����
2369.Judith Park formerly of Corner Brook Newfoundland���
2368.June Lemieux, Chilliwack, B.C Let's put Canada FIRST for a change!!!!���
2367.Ted H. Doucette ����
2366.Vanessa M. Doucette It's time Newfoundlanders took a stand in what's happening in their Province.���
2365.Joan Stillman ����
2364.Trish Bingham I believe that it is absolutely horrendous that the Canadian Government has allowed other countries to "take the livelyhood out of Newfoundlanders" and not back them up.How can they allow this to keep happening.What about worrying about what happens in Canada and not worry about what "OTHERS" might think..�
2363.Dale Kekewich Toronto, Ontario���
2362.Gloria Bruce St. John's Newfoundland Canada ��
2361.Robert S. Elliott ����
2360.Robert Whittome ����
2359.Mira Spivak ����
2358.Francis Downey ����
2357.Phyllis Bolton Control offshore fishing and preserve the species for posterity.���
2356.Joanne Martell ����
2355.Sharon Andrews ����
2354.Paul Bailey ����
2353.Ron Blackie ����
2352.denis almon ����
2351.Gord Kehler ����
2350.Al Sjolie ����
2349.James Kelleher ����
2348.Claude Thibault ����
2347.Ziggy Eckardt Burnaby, BC, Canada���
2346.Ariane Eckardt ����
2345.Sandy Melo ����
2344.Anna Curtis-Steele ����
2343.Isabelle Turcotte ����
2342.Clark Stratton ����
2341.Frederic Maurette Ottawa, ON���
2340.Mark Alan Whittle Hamilton, Ontario���
2339.Chantal Bernier ����
2338.Terrance Oakey ����
2337.Gil Boye ����
2336.Jason Plotz ����
2335.N Power ����
2334.Susan Elliott ����
2333.Ralf Darbyshire ����
2332.Glenda Garrison ����
2331.Inky Mark, M.P. ����
2330.Kimberly Roper ����
2329.Bill Casey, MP ����
2328.The Hon. Roch Bolduc, Senator Golf - Qu�bec���
2327.Tracy Bellefontaine ����
2326.Marjory LeBreton ����
2325.laura nolan ����
2324.SHERRY YOUNG ����
2323.Terry Sharpe ����
2322.luke hanlon ����
2321.Ross Hinks Miawpukek First NationConne River ReserveNf, Canada�
2320.Rod Jeddore ����
2319.Geraldine Caul ����
2318.William A Todhunter ����
2317.a. noseworthy - not for counting What a Gal # 2311 - (N)ot(F)ound(L)ying(D)own. We will never ever get out of the mess that the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is in, unless we take a stand and sign on for justice. Justice will only be had if we stand up to the Federal Government and tell them what Newfoundland and Labrador has contributed to make Canada such a great nation, yet this province has not received one word of thanks. All we have gotten is a slap in the face. Canada continues to take more of our resources and then grumble about having to give us the crumbs in return. We don't want the crumbs of our resources or in other words WELFARE, we want our resources to work for us, which, of coures in turn work for Canada. Matter of fact we don't even mind sharing what is left over from our resources with the rest of Canada. They are welcome to eat at our table, but first we want to employ Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans and grow economies here. There is no reason why Rural Newfoundland and Labrador can'tbe as prosperous as Rural Ontario. After all we have the resources here to do something about it. It makes me so sad to know our former politicians had such an overflowing basket of resources in their midst,. They had all that was required to build a strong, economic province and all they did was bend to pressures from the Federal Government and pull the Federal party line, The Federal government was smart enough to appoint politicians with a oratorical tongue and acting skills to camolflague what really was going on. All the time we we were engulfed under false hopes and were serenaded into false pretenses thinking we were being looked after by the brightest and the best politicians. In the meantime, while we were living under these warm fuzzy feeling, our resources were going out the back door. We, the electorate were not stupid we were so trustworthy, we never imagined this could have happened, after all we were supposed to be married to the best country in the world !CANADA!NEWFOUNDLANDERS AND LABRADOREANS PLASE STAND UP IMMEDIATELY AND BE COUNTED!!!!!!�
2316.6th Generation Newfoundlander Originally from Corner Brook, WHY? Why have we been so naive for the past 53 years.Imagine our wonderful province and the boundless happiness we productive members of Newfoundland and Labrador society would currently be enjoying. Our people have immense respect for our ANCESTORS knowing full well they have been thrift all their lives to accumulate wealth and enjoy financial independence and prosperity. The OTTAWA PARASITE has essentially burdened our people with tremendous debt and have effectively MORTGAGED our INHERITANCE created from hard work, sweat and sacrifice for love of future generations to enjoy and respectfully manage.OTTAWA and ASSOCIATED PARASITES have effectively written off Newfoundland and Labrador and sourced its PRODUCTIVE WORKFORCE from this province. If we are not keen to act now in light of all which has happened we can submit to defeat and only look forward to a STATE of DEPENDENCY in this wonderful Province of Newfoundland and Labardor. OUR IMMENSE POTENTIAL IS SELF EVIDENT AND COLLECTIVELY WE NEED A CHANGE OF THE GUARD.
2315.Lori Phillips ����
2314.Martha Collier Corner Brook, N(ot) F(ound) L(ying) D(own) Get it????There's nothing more important than standing up to be counted so I'LL STAND UP AGAIN and be counted TWICE which is a hell of alot more than what I can say for some of the supposed caretakers of our province, people, culture, and last but not least our children. �
2313.Neil Robbins ����
2312.Rick C. West ����
2311.Alex Hickey ����
2310.A. Noseworthy - not for counting. This article is just to register my unhappiness with the way the Federal Government is treating this valuable North Atlantic Fish Resource. I just read a news release from MP Loyola Hearn's office. The release talks about the fact an international report recommends that the TEMPLEMAN, one of Canada's Research Vessels will be taken out of service. The News Release says that every minister of fishery associated with the North Atlantic states that the main problem facing our fish today is a complete lack of scientific infomation. Mr. Robert Thibault, the present Minister seems to be the odd man out. No other part of Canada would put up with such lack of respect for one of its natural resources, the way this province has had to. The softwood lumber dispute has been a constant in the Canadian News for the past number of years and the Canadian Federal Government has spent much time and money on trying to rectify this problem with the U.S Why in the name of Creation do they not put the same emphasis on the fish in the North Atlantic, a renewable resource that should be an economic generator for the rest of Creation, if the resource is maintained properly. One of the methods of maintaining and preserving is using all the scientific power we have in our arsenal. I sincerely think that Canada will not do anything about this - it is now past due that the Newfoundland and Labrador government has to take prcedent here and take this valuable resource back from Ottawa and do what needs to be done to protect it. Newfoundland and Labrador should take a page out of Iceland's History Book.It won't happen, though, unless more of us Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans demand that it happen just like what the people of Iceland did and our British Columbian brothers and sisters are doing by demanding that the Federal Government put the pressure on the U.S. with its Softwood Lumber dilemma. After all the squeaky wheel gets the grease.��
2309.Carolyn Westin ����
2308.John Walsh ����
2307.Carolyn Morgan ����
2306.Patrick Wells I hope we can set regulations that will protect fish stocks, we need somthing for future generations to eat! Sustainable fishery needs rules and honourable fishers. We still have time to save the stocks, we ALL need to change our ways.���
2305.James Moore ����
2304.Avalon Tuck ����
2303.Mary ����
2302.Jason Reid ����
2301.Letitia Peckford ����
2300.Jarrod Peckford ����
2299.Linda peckford ����2298.John Peckford(Principal) ����
2297.Benjamin Gale It is about time that we stand for our fishery and , if need be, take action via our nation's navy to warn these ships to move on. Further patrolling of our 200 mile limit is needed!���
2296.Sherry Jones ����
2295.Honna Janes-Hodder ����
2294.Bev McIsaac ����
2293.Enid Pevie Corner Brook, Newfoundland���
2292.Jim Wilson ��Vancouver, BC�
2291.Manager Test���
2290.Hayward M. Spurrell ����
2289.Teresa Harding ����
2288.sonja Kendell ����
2287.Lisa Walsh ����
2286.Lisa Whitt ����
2285.Wallace Tobin ����
2284.Andrina Whiteway It's time the fishery was viewed for it's full economic and social extent rather than just used as a political ploy.���
2283.margaretwhyte south east bight placentia bay nl ����
2282.Wade w. Loveless I had to move because of the fishery crisis in N.F.L.D. Because of the Newfoundland government and Ottawa's interfering with the fishery was the reason i had to move .Now they want to do the worst thing posible .Instead they are going to make things worst than they are now,which I didn't think couldn't get any worst .Instead of the politians runing our country let the people run the country it can't get worst off.The politians are stuffing there pockets with money to get paid off by these people who want to fish in the N.F.L.D waters .Get the hell out of my waters and off of the Grand Banks .let the people of Newfoundland decide about this situation and not the politians and Ottawa .P.S. Leave my province alone and the people fish the waters with their own individual Quotas.Get rid off the trailers and Russians ,Spannish, and the rest of the foreign fleet ,and N.F.L.D. will prosper once these problems are resolved . Thank you ,Wade Loveless�
2281.Valda Hurley I remember my Grandfather telling stories about fishing of the coast of Labrador. How plentiful and rich were our oceans then. My father fished for pleasure and the seas were generous. We ate the best the ocean could offer. No one was hungry for fish during those times. Even I had the pleasure of a caplin roll and jigging cod. Our children will only hear the stories and it may be a bit hard to relate as the only fish they are used to comes from Capt. Highliner. Their fishing is catch & release. We treasue our vivits to the Island and the children (us included) can't wait to drop a line in the water. But these days it gets reeled in empty.Save our oceans - save our heritage. I want to tell my grandchildren the wonderful tales of fishing the Newfoundland waters. Can it happen?????�
2280.darlene rice ����
2279.Kitchener Skinner if management is proven to be incompentant than the stakeholders should be able to fire them. ���
2278.andy burt ����
2277.Deron Robert Andrew Peach Regina, SK���
2276.john martin ����
2275.peter brushett ����
2274.Annie Joyce ����
2273.Ramona Reid ����
2272.Tracy Munden ����
2271.Jeff Smith ����
2270.Ed Ryan Yes bye keep the fish in Canada fer Geez Sake���
2269.allan ag kendall keep the fish for CANADIANS���
2268.Carol Tilley Lincoln ����
2267.Jason Bailey Canada has never, nor will it ever, appreciate the needs of Newfoundland.Grand Banks fisheries management should not be in the hands of the Canadian government, but more appropriately in the hands of the Newfoundland Government. Only a government driven by strong self-interest can succeed in this endeavor. Look to Iceland for inspiration and seek not only to negotiate the terms of fisheries management but the terms of confederation with Canada.Come brave Newfoundlanders. Rant and Roar for a brighter future... a future in your own hands.
2266.Kevin J Ryan ����
2265.Kerrilynn Parsons ����
2264.Lori Storms Lawn, NF--living in Victoria, BCNewfoundlanders have been suffering the effects of mismanagement for years. Action needs to be taken before the impact is irreversible.�� ����
2262.Margaret Barrett The problem og overfishing has affected all Newfoundlanders in one way or another. When we visit NFLD it seems that many of our friends and family have moved away. It is sad to see the consequences of such a serious problem. I totally support your efforts to better manage this most valuable resource.���
2261.Don Jardine It's time for Canada to LISTEN to us!���
2260.Sue Lyon, Victoria, BC Canada has been too passive for too long!It is time to protect our assets.��
2259.Tracey Rompain ����
2258.Bonnie House-Ryan ����
2257.Lynn Greenwood Born and Raised in St. John's but had to go elsewhere for employment. STOP DESTROYING NEWFOUNDLAND!! �Soon there will be NOTHING left!!�
2256.David J. White Seek first His Kingdom. . .Who makes you fishers of men (and women and children).���
2255.Margaret R. Horton As I was born and raised in Nfld., I totally agree with this petition and hope this problem will be eventually solved.���
2254.sandy sieradzan ����
2253.Mike Peter ����
2252.Nicole Blanchard ����
2251.Lynn West Victoria, British Columbia��� power ����
2249.Eddie Cox ����
2248.Janet Balfour, London, On. Canada Please do not waste time taking action.���
2247.Rosette Power This is something that should have been done sooner. ���
2246.Dino Colbourne ����
2245.Julie Wheeler ����
2244.Dawn Butler ����
2243.tony lawrence Wabush Labrador ����
2242.Brenda Rumbolt ����
2241.corey grandy ����
2240.John & Esther Bain ����
2239.Peggy House Hawkes Bay N.F.L.D.This should have been done a long timeago. We should not have to remind gov'tto protect our fishery.
2238.Freeman Pope ����
2237.Dave Magrel I wish to leave some of our resources to my grandchildren!���
2236.Dorothea Kerr Shoup Washington State, USA���
2235.catherine power st.john'snewfoundlandcanada�
2234.Della McIsaac Enough is Enough, we can elect someone who chooses to do something about this crisis���
2233.John Shea I took part in the recreational fishery, the Cod fish were so small, I could not believe it, NOBODY should be catching these fish, PERIOD!!���
2232.Chris Dawe ����
2231.James Stuart Salt ����
2230.Trudy Willis ����
2229.Dean Stairs ����
2228.Ken & Lou Ann Clarke ����
2227.Shelly Willis ����
2226.Tracy Watson ����
2225.w adams of albertaoverfishing and distruction of habitat and fish stocks have to be stoppedEveryone taking a little, adds up to alot. Every single signature adds up to alotsign and tell our government we are tired of their mismanagement of the resources of Canada
2224.Brian Keeping ����
2223.David Loder ����
2222.Sharon Loder ����
2221.doug hill ����
2220.Bill Todhunter ����
2219.John Oliver ����
2218.HOW-I-SEE-HISTORY Sir Wilfred Laurier predicted as the 19th Century belonged to the United States, the 20th Century would belong to Canada. Well for the first 50 years of the 20th century Canada COASTED along as it did before in its History, but AAHH! the last 50 years of the 20th Century, Canada acquired Newfoundland and Labrador and then Canada SAILED into the 20th Century. Newfoundland and Labrador entered Canada LADEN with Resources - Fish-Minerals- Ores-Hydro-Electric potential - Human Resource and much more, No doubt with a little bit of ingenuity,the province of Newfoundland and Labrador was on the CUSP of becoming one on the wealthiest nations on the Globe, but it was not to be, Canada got its hands on us before we could put our ingenuity to work. You see Canada had been eyeing us at that juncture for many, many years. In the 1890s the province had signed a Free Trade Agreement with Washington to expand Trade - this got Canada's ire up and OTTAWA went to England and had this FreeTrade deal scuttled. If Canada could not have Newfoundland and Labrador, it was reluctant for any other country to get it. When Canada did get the Province, instead of using its Resources, firstly to grow economies in Newfoundland and Labrador, instead it used our Resources to grow the economies in theHEARTLAND OF CANADA and to nurture International Trade and Foreign Affairs. This allowed Canada to become the # ONE Nation in the World by UNITED NATIONS STANDARDS. It endeared most countries of the World to Canada. Even though Canada had full control over the vast fish Resources we brought into Canada, it turned a blind eye to many nations pillaging and over-fishing the Resource and it allowed more nations to claim historical status to the detriment of the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. In my opinion Canada now owes it to us to make sure before any more industries are created in Central Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador's Economy has to be taken care of.PLEASE NEWFOUNDLANDERS AND LABRADOREANS - EXPRESS YOUR OPINION ON THIS ISSUE, IF YOU DO NOT, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. ALWAYS REMEMBER - THE SQUEAKY WHEEL GETS THE GREASE. THERE IS NO BETTER PLATFORM THAN THIS FISHERIES FORUM. DO IT NOW. ALSO INFORM YOUR FRIENDS AND RELATIVES ABOUT THIS SITE.�
2217.Tina Tuff Living in Ottawa for 2 years, originally from NF, Born and raised there.This needs immediate adressing and is way too overdue. Are you going to wait until all the fish is gone Mr. Minister.Not only are you killing our fish, but you are taking all that Newfie's know in their traditional way of life. Please don't slowly Kill the NF spirit that lies beneth the surface of all of this.2216.Earl Muise This has been going on for far to long, when will Canada finally say enough ! When all the fish is gone? We are the laughing stock of the world, all we do is bend over and let the rest of the world have their way ! For God sake, show the rest of the world why we're Canadian !���
2215.Isabel Mullen ����
2214.Anne Hinks ����
2213.Vera Muise ����
2212.Alvin Watkins ����
2211.David Noonan ����
2210.John Shapter lets get movement going o n controlling our own resources and soon..���
2209.Kelly Lee ����
2208.James Gidge ����
2207.Ramona Tobin ����
2206.Gary Pike ����
2205.Catherine Fitzgerald I will second Wayne Hardy's "God Save the Rock". I'm sorry to be late signing this petition���
2204.Cherie Russell ����
2203.Ambrose Duval Time for the government to do something with the fisheries.���
2202.W. Trent MacDonald ����
2201.Veronica Grover ����
2200.Ian Hutchings Full support from St. John's, NF���
2199.Viola (Perrier) Young �I am living in Fort McMurray, AB. I am Originally from Flat Bay, NFLD��
2198.Margot I. Duley Too many of us already have had to seek a livelihood elsewhere (in my case the USA) because of the disasterous management of the Newfoundland economy and especially the fisheries by the federal government. Newfoundland is Canada's largest colony. ���
2197.Valerie House ����
2196.Donley Jenkins Stop the destruction of Newfoundland & Labradors way of life by STOPPING the foreign fishing just off the coast.���
2195.Peter Green ����
2194.Len Power ����
2193.Madonna Whelan ����
2192.Elsie Carr Sorry I'm too late for the conference, but I certainly agree with the petition.���
2191.Rosemary Edgell (Murphy) I am a proud Newfoundlander, born and raised in St. John,s, presently residing in Trail, B.C.I believe this is long overdue and we must preserve the future of the Atlantic Fishery for the younger generation. Our Federal Govt. needs to be held a lot more responsible for the carnage they have caused with our fishery. We the people gave them the power to govern, maybe it's past the time that we take the power back.��
2190.DORIS WAGNER I live in Tacoma, WA. USA I was born and raised in Newfoundland and I think that this is long overdue.���
2189.julian russell ����
2188.Tomas Siwash west coast of B.C. supports you!���
2187.Karen Todhunter St. John's, NF���
2186.Owen Todhunter St. John's, NF���
2185.Christine Salt Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada���
2184.Dean Turner Calgary, Canada���
2183.amanda hiscock go for it���
2182.James Salt ELGIN, ON.Long overdue.��
2181.Margaret Power ����
2180.Richard White United we stand. A change in government might help. The LIBERALS are not listening to anyone.���
2179.Janet Martin, Ottawa, Ont. ����
2178.Kevin Collins Placentia, NLI look forward to the day when Newfoundland will get it's fair share! I am very proud to live and work in Newfoundland, (the only one left in my family of four brothers and one sister). I believe if our resources were managed correctly, a greater number of our population would not have to seek work away from family and friends. The family unit in Newfoundland is breaking down day by day and grandparents grow old never being able to share in the lives of their grandchildren. The fishery was one thing that Newfoundland was always known for, because of mismanagement, whole communities of fisher people move away in droves.��
2177.Roseanne Pomeroy (Collins) Newfoundland is full of hard-working wonderful people who should have been able to stay on the island and live prosperous lives. Due to mismanagement our population has rapidly declined, we wonder where it will all end.Placentia, NL��
2176.Donna (Hansford) Shipway These should be concerns of ALL Canadians.Our country is rich in natural resources which each and every Canadian should treasure and protect.United , as CANADIANS, we must make our elected representatives act in our best interest.In the best interest of our great Nation. A nation unique from all others, and proudly so!
2175.Joanne Power Chicago, Illinois���
2174.Martina White ����
2173.Sheila Brown ����
2172.GENE WHITE why doesn't Canada start seizing these pirate ships; no boats/ no fish !!!���
2171.Ruth-Anne Jones-Kerr ����
2170.Jane Daly we need every bit of help we can get on this���
2169.Audrey (Mingo) Grantham. Bedford,NS I support the people of Newfoundland in their constant fight with Ottawa to protect their fisheries���
2168.Vanessa Muise ����
2167.Thomas Rendell Curran Ottawa, Ontario(Born, St. John's, NFLD)��
2166.wendell ��what has happened to the east coast fisheries is a shame and i sincerily hope that some day it can be a viable resorce again�
2165.Wade Hardy God save the rock..!!!!!!Killthesealssavethewales��
2164.Claude Shears This has been going on for centuries. If Tobin hadn't gotten greedy and gone for premier and stayed with Fisheries he would now be in a positionto make ALL his dreams come true(and ours)2163.Jacinta Cormier ����
2162.Cyril White ����
2161.Nicole Hunt �Fort McMurrayAlbertaCanada
2160.Mr & Mrs. Martin l. Altini We must stop this overfishing,especially with trawlersThe people of Nf and Lab are burdened with no jobs from the fishery��
2159.Darryl Barnes I am very upset with the over fishing on the tail of the Grand Banks. This is our boundary and we should enforce this to the extent of the law. This point must be made to all countries over fishing in our boundaries. Someone needs to make an example of in order for this to get across to the other countries. Let's enforce this law to the full extent now!!!!���
2158.Everett Adams It's about time we stood up to be counted.���
2157.Greg Hardy Something no one is clearly responsible for or owns most generally gets abused / mistreated.���
2156.Richard Fagan ����
2155.Arlene Fagan ����
2154.bill thomas keep up the good workwhy give it all away too other countries��
2153.Wendy Chrysler ����
2152.Jeff Tucker Newfoundlanders have to stop voting Liberal. Tobin was the biggest gangster going. He acted tough with the Spanirds only to call and apologize to them....���
2151.Trent Bryan ����
2150.Tracey Nicholle ����
2149.Leslie Scott ����
2148.Wendell Benoit ����
2147.Thomas Albrecht ����
2146.Gerald Timm ����
2145.barb blake this must be stopped pronto...���
2144.Roland Hedderson ����
2143.keith lane ����
2142.Mervin Coombs Live in Calgary; Originally from Bay d'Espoir, NF���
2141.Henley Parsons ����
2140.Durwin Hancock ����
2139.Godfrey Harris ����
2138.Bruce L Wells ����
2137.William Hiscock ����
2136.wendy/winston billard I agree.....something should have been done about this a long time ago!!���
2135.Vaughn Munden Maybe its time to re-negotiate the terms of the union.���
2134.Henry Hillier ����
2133.James Pretty ����
2132.Susan Hynes ( Norris Arm, NF) ����
2131.Susan Hynes ( Norris Arm, NF) ����
2130.Susan Hynes ( Norris Arm, NF) ���� This PETITIONS ON LINE site provides the people of Newfoundland and Labrador with a wonderful opportunity to express themselves. Tell the WORLD about the fact we have a fish nursery on our doorstep, but the rest of the world is benefiting more than we are. Ask WHY? Tell the WORLD that Nations, like SPAIN, PORTUGAL and RUSSIA are fishing in those waters, and according to news releases, they are fishing with UNDERSIZE NETS with liners in them so that UNDERSIZE fish that should not be in the nets cannot escape. Tell the WORLD these same Nations are fishing fish under moratorium, fish that Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans have not been able to fish themselves since 1992 Tell the WORLD that some countries, for example the Faroe Islands and others are UNDER REPORTING their catches. NEWFOUNDLANDERS AND LABRADOREANS PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS OPPORTUNITY SLIP AWAY. EXPRSS YOURSELVES!!! YOU NOW HAVE A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY! ALSO TELL OTHERS ABOUT THE SITE AND ENCOURAGE THEM TO SIGN THIS PETITION ON LINE. ���
2128.Heidi Coombs ����
2127.Brad Collins I agree with that fine lad Darrell Reid. That's some boy���
2126.Todd Smith Dido Darrell Reid���
2125.Darrell Reid Having fished for 4 years in the 70's I strongly believe that we should have a 500 mile limit. This would provide a great buffer zone and secure fishing grounds for all east coast fisher people. ���
2124.Kenneth Murphy ����
2123.Curtis Chafe ����
2122.Scott Russell St. John's, NF���
2121.Sarah Brushett ����
2120.Nick Fawbert ����
2119.David Chandler ����
2118.David Whitt ����
2117.Sheldon Perrier ����
2116.Steve Pauls ����
2115.Angela Pauls ����
2114.Rose Brushett ����
2113.Joanne Meilleur ����
2112.Crystal Sheppard ����
2111.Kimberly J. Carter I think it's time the newfoundland government looked out to it's own people and it's own way of life. If the fisheriers was looked after years ago the population of Nfld would not be so depleted and people could continue to live and work where they were born. A culture and a way of life would not be dying, and nfld itself could provide for it's own without being robbed of all it's natural resources. I was born and raised in Port aux Basques.���
2110.Harold D. Oram Parents from NFLD ; Grew up there. Had to leave like everyone else....... no work...Although I live in the States , I 'm still concerned... Does Canada ever want to stand up for something , or just let every other country think ... Oh, It's just a bunch of Canadians....Who cares...Most Canadians don't know how most of the rest of the world sees them or maybe the would stand up for something.. Probably not ... since we're just a bunch of Frenchmen......GO NEWFIES!!!!!!!
2109.Glenn Blackwood ����
2108.Karen Tulk ����
2107.Irene Carr Originally from PlacentiaNFLDCanada�
2106.Ashley Dalton parents from Newfoundland���
2105.Rick Dalton ����
2104.Michelle Brushett - Dalton Yet another Newfie that had to leave home to make a living!!���
2103.Alphonsus Gillis originally from Norris ArmI agree 101%��
2102.Diana Higgins originally from Norris ArmGive us back what is rightfully ours.��
2101.Ted Kavanagh ����
2100.B. Freeman ����
2099.Vida Keppol ����
2098.Darren Freeman ����
2097.garry trowbridge ����
2096.Brad W ����
2095.Vianne Chidley ����
2094.Glenn Chidley ����
2093.Mary Haley Originally from NLFD, currently living in Toronto���
2092.Lindsay Bowers I grew up in a small coastal town in Central Newfoundland. Both of my grandfathers were fishermen all their lives.I agree 100% that something more has to be done about the management, or lack of, of what used to be a vibrant cod stock. It's so bad that a person has to pay in order to go out and catch a cod to put on the table to eat! What as this world come to???��
2091.Dwayne Mercer ����
2090.Lisa Pearcey ����
2089.Gordon Pitcher Get rid of Foreign overfishing and give Newfoundland and Labrador back its rights.���
2088.Guy Strickland ����
2087.beverly yetman ����
2086.vanessa hewlett ����
2085.Dr. Thomas Belbin ����
2084.Dave Halliday ����
2083.Tony Young, Travel Consultant Its time Ottawa takes a stand on this issue, enough is enough !�Winnipeg MB...Orig. from Stephenville NL�
2082.Jamie Barry ����
2081.Chris Marsh ����
2080.Jamie Hulan Ottawa (formerly of Grand Falls, NF)Don't allow the province I love to be depleted of not only its natural resources, but more importantly, its cultural resources...the people of Newfoundland and Labrador.��
2079.Derrick Turner ����
2078.Wayne Rideout I am lucky enough to remember the 'good old days' when there was a fishery in Newfoundland and I hope to God that there will be some fish in the ocean for my grandchildren to see and catch. I am not going to hold my breath though. With the present policy of restricting Newfoundlanders to quotas and the rest of the world fishing to their hearts content, pretty soon there won't be any fish at all, except in the history books.���
2077.Frances Reardon Please protect our futures���
2076. George Hastings Go to... ...SIGN the petition there Visit... Read... ....message board...
2075.David Murrin ����
2074.Elaine Wells I agree with this petiton we have lost enough, do they want us to lose everything. The fishery was always a way of life for us in Newfoundland and now these days where are we? How many of us have left the Province because we could not fine work at home, we live away from home but our hearts remain in Newfoundland with our families.���
2073.April Mcallister ����
2072.Frederick A Mills ����
2071.LeeAnn Myrick ����
2070.Charlene Walsh ����
2069.Lavern Budgell ����
2068.reg. moores i think there,s no other choice .someone has to,takecontrol.��
2067.michelle williams ����
2066.David Kendell ����
2065.David Heffernan ����
2064.Karen Andrews ����
2063.Debbie Tanguay Porcupine, ON , Born and raised in JerseySide, Placentia BayStop robbing Newfoundland of all its resources ��
2062.Lee Osmond ����
2061.Darrell Baker ����
2060.greg evans ����
2059.Francis Penney An improvement in the economic health of NF will avoid excess emmigration and in fact, bring many of us back home. It's time to look at the long run and take action!���
2058.Jennifer O'Keefe Newfoundlander currently employed in ON. Concerned with the economic stability of NF.��
2057.Pam It's time to give Newfoundlanders a chance to stay home���
2056.Nicole Herman ����
2055.Dianne Osmond (Carter) ����
2052.Brian Sawyer Mickleton, NJ 08056Married to Nancy White of Placentia��
2051.Gregg Noble canadians are know globally as peace-makers; lets make peace with NATURE��
2050.perry musseau It's about Time!!!���
2049.Wanda Rossiter �HamiltonOnCan2048.Sylvia Ivins Protect Our WatersPrtect Our Prov.��
2047.Dave Jennings Stephenville Crossing, NL���
2046.John F Lake ����
2044.Nancy Sawyer Mickleton, NJ USA�Stop trying to force Newfoundlanders away!!!�
2043.Arlene Osmond Port Aux Basques���
2042.Ed Bennett Spanish have gone too far, lets ignoreall scientific data available and blindy rape the grand banks like no trawler has donebefore2041.Antonio Moncheira ����
2040.Catherine ����
2039.Dean LeRiche ����
2038.Fraser Pryde ����
2037.Dwayne Hopkins St. John's, NF���
2036.Cyril Bonnell ����
2035.Winnie Barry Placentia, NF CanadaThis effort is long overdue. Newfoundlander take too much in good stride. My Father was a fisherman all his life and spoke of this very often even in the 60's.��
2034.L.W. Bartlett ����
2033.Paul J. Hunt I agree with the actions suggested by this petition but unfortunately have little faith that the present federal government will act to avert such an inevitable ecological tragedy due mainly , I believe, to the fact that tragedy does not affect, nor occur in central CanadaIf Canada does not make a stand and hold firm to it's right to protect it's resources both onshore and offshore, our future generations will suffer for our weaknesses. I have seen and experienced first hand the direct results this tragedy has inflicted on many communities in Newfoundland & Labrador, and can assure the Prime Minister that if our country does not do all we can to protect our offshore fish stocks and the ecological systems and areas that have supported these stocks for the past centuries, then our futures as Canadians and indeed our pride and belief in our nation will be deminished and eventually erroded to such levels so as to render our country a laughing stock amogst the global brotherhood of so called advanced countries. It's time for Canada to stop straddling the global fence and flying the flag of friendship to all nations who would abuse that friendship and stop being afraid to make a stand for it's citizens and rightful heirs to it's future. It�s time Mr. Prime Minister, for Canada to make some waves and stand up and be heard and respected. It�s time for us as Canadians to fight for what is ours and let it be known to other nations that we will not lye down and be submissive, we will not exist in the shadow of the United States of America, we will not be intimidated by other countries threats of economic backlash, but we will stand up and be heard and we will fight for what is rightfully ours and our responsibility to protect, for our future generations.
2032.Antonio J. Simoes Re ����
2031.Brent Pottle ����
2030.Russell Brannon ����
2029.Christina Wagner I think its disgusting that our gov't doesn'tmake any effort to protect our naturalresources like this, our fishery is vital to oureconomy and should be protected!
2028.Melvin Douglas ����
2027.Deanne Condon ����
2026.Gordon Harris Lake Echo, Nova Scotia, Canada���
2025.A. Noseworthy (Already registered for counting purposes) Dear Prime Minister Chretien: Since 1994 the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador has presented 2 petitions to the Ottawa Government on our desire to gain control of the Nose and Tail of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland to be managed and protected by this country. As far as I know, we have not received a reply from you showing any concerns over this very urgent matter. If we cannot gain control over this very important fish nursery very soon there will not be any fish left there to worry about; and the World will have lost a very important ecological and natural food producing site. WHAT A DREADFUL LOSS THIS WILL BE TO MANKIND! The NAFO Meetings held in Santiago de Compostela, Spain last week told the whole story of how much this area is relied on for people to make a living from all over the World. Many countries were there, not for CONSERVATION purposes, but simply to gain more quotas of already gravely endangered species. The NAFO Meetings in itself served to tell the World that many World economies depend greatly on the Grand Banks. Nobody cares about losing the fish stocks for future generations. I would like to ask- why the petitions we presented did not register on the Federal Government's list of priorities? I think the Federal Government's Agenda might be similar to the Agenda of the Foreign Fishing Nations that attended the NAFO Meetings. Could it be Canadian International Trade and External Affairs Dept. is thinking of TODAY only; and that so much Canadian International Trade depends on the Grand Banks of Newfoundland Fishery, that if you intervened you might have many International Contracts collapsing, so you rather see the Fishery collapse for eternity than to upset any of these contracts, that are presently in place with International countries; and thus cause a BaY StreeT Crisis? Newfoundland and Labrador entered Canada with a bountiful supply of resources and sadly to date we have not prospered from them to the extent we should have, but the rest of Canada and the World have , while we in this Province have had to be satisfied with and accept Make Work Projects for our Resources, or in other words be satisfied with and accept the crumbs of the Canadian Table in return for our resources. My fervent wish Prime Minister Chretien is that you see the value of this major WORLD resource and do something about it immediately. You would not want to go down in History of having a historical natural resource, namely the Grand Banks of Newfoundland Fish Stocks go extinct under your Prime Ministership, or would you? If you do not do something quickly about it, you just might have that notorious label of distinction in your credentials forever.�
2024.Kimberlee Evans ����
2023.Ross Black ����
2022.Irene Black ����
2021.Tom Dodge ����
2020.Gordon David Harris I am a transplanted Newfoundlander. Our family was forced from an outport community to persue careers in other parts of canada.���
2019.John Freeman Monk ����
2018.Carl J. Harris, P.Eng something that no-one 'owns' will be abused by everybody - we should have taken custodial management (or something even stronger) years ago!���
2017.Angela Thompson ����
2016.Dolores Gough ����
2015.Kim Oake ����
2014.Darren Penney ����
2013.Paulette Poole Ramea, NF���
2012.Shelley Hibbs-Blackmore ����
2011.Martin Burke ����
2010.Ian O'Brien ����
2009.Greg Downey, Grand Bank ����
2008.John Legge ����
2007.Clyde Doody St. John'sWe really need to save our fishery. We've been letting others take advantage of our fish stocks for far too long.I don't think it's too late to take control, but it will take longer to rebuild the fishery now that the devastation has gone this far.�
2006.Don White We must awaken and DO something!!���
2005.Wallace Skeard ���Port Aux Basques
2004.George Legge Paradise, Newfoundland���
2003.Chris Keats St. John's, NF���
2002.Jayne M Holwell ����
2001.Christopher G. Gillingham ����
2000.EA Davidson ����
1999.Rick Stacey ����
1998.John Strowbridge ����
1997.gordon meighan ����
1996.Frank Farrell Long live Newfoundland.���
1995.Rodney F. Noseworthy ����
1994.Mary ����
1993.Morgan ����
1992.Elaine ����
1991.Trevor ����
1990.Deanne Demings wetaskiwin, Ab���
1989.Theo Coombs St. John's, Newfoundland���
1988.judy parsons ����
1987.Dwayne Keats ����
1986.Todd Templeman ����

1985.Murdock Hillier stop trying to satify other countries at the expense of newfoundlanad and labrador including all of Canada���
1984.Nancy Bourdeau The situation is critical. We demand justice be done to the families of Newfoundland!���
1983.Tony Neville ����
1982.A. L. Scheibelhofer ����
1981.susan anthony ����
1980.zoie christina osmond ����
1979.Gregory Slaney ����
1978.Kevin W Stagg No more over fishing on, near or adjacent the Grand Banks by other countries; control of these fishing ground should be governed by the people that are most fimiliar with fish and fishing practices. ���
1976.Maria Burkhart ����
1975.mark butler ����
1974.Trixie Williams Orginally from Greenspond Bonavista Bay���
1973.Lesley Givens ����
1972.Frances Healey ����
1971.Stan & Donna Taylor Hope it isn't too late���
1970.Leigh Janes ����
1969.craig king ����
1968.Paul Griffiths ����
1967.Ronald Crane The time to act is now.Failure to act threatens the very existence of rural Newfoundland and our cultural heritage.��
1966.Chris Swyers ����
1965.Rod French ����
1964.Phil Lomond ����
1963.Daniel Best ����
1962.Frank Flynn Ridiculous, this petition should not even be necessary.��
1961.Rebecca Tarkowski Since fishing was one of the main reason that people settled in NF then it should be their industry to work. The government should FULLY support this.���
1960.Simone Caines ����
1959.Joyce Gladney ����
1958.Jean-Marc Cassista Orig. from Labrador���
1957.Corey Saunders ����
1956.Kiki Brophy ����
1955.Marc Sooley ����
1954.Tyrone Coffey ����
1953.Francis Healey Jr. Fox Harbour, Nf���
1952.Shirley Shave St. John's���
1951.Stephanie Hannaford ����
1950.Andrew Cook ����
1949.Stephen Delaney ����
1948.Arnold Burry ����
1947.Ellen White ����
1946.Craig Park Yellowknife, NT���
1945.Ron Fahey ����
1944.Martina Morrissey ����
1943.Meghan Doubt ����
1942.Christine Foley St. John's, NL���
1941.Emmanuel Strang ����
1940.Sarah Wilkinson ����
1939.John Baggs Calgary, ABOriginally from Paradise, NF��
1938.David Taylor ����
1937.Scott Riggs ����
1936.Roy Douglas ����
1935.Donald Moore ����
1934.Robin Baggs Paradise, NF���
1933.Judy Hurley ����
1932.Michael Butler ����
1931.Kerry-Lynn Gauci It is time that this country make the hard decisions for the good of the Earth. Years from now our children should look back on this generation without resentment. We must understand fully the impacts of our short-term decision-making and rethink things from the long-term, world view.���
1930.Louise Merrett ����
1929.Connie Bragg ����
1928.William Rodden Paradise, NF���
1927.Barry Scott ����
1926.Neil Tremblett ����
1925.Thomas Skinner ����
1924.Julian Goosney ����
1923.Bridget Doyle ����
1922.Glen Whelan ����
1921.Don Cluett ����
1920.Kathryn Murphy St. John's , Nfld.We should act as soon as possible to preserve as much as possible for the future generations of Canada and especially Newfoundland.��
1919.Randy Purcell ����
1918.Sandra Slade ����
1917.Boyd Gibbons St. John'sNFLD��
1916.James Gosse I have only one word --- Iceland...learn from their experiences.���
1915.Carmel Fitzpatrick ����
1914.Nina Healey Fox HarbourNewfoundlandCanada�
1913.Annette Ghaney ����
1912.Tim Best Canadian and Global Action here is a must!���
1911.Jason MacDonald ����
1910.Steve Bown Paradise, NF���
1909.Connie Bragg ����
1908.Gus Richards ����
1907.Eugene Forsey NAFO is in-effective. Canada needs to takea tougher stand on foreign overfishing.��
1906.Ed Hannaford Canada cannot stand idly by like a frightened school boy while foreign nations vacuum the ocean clean.���
1905.Keith Ireland ����
1904.Geoff Greening St. John's, NL���
1903.Andre Lambert ����
1902.Steven Grandy ����
1901.Jacquie Stagg ����
1900.Dale Butler It is time for Candian Government to a stand on foregin overfishing.���
1899.Ken McKinnon ����
1898.Jim Bursey ����
1897.Glenda Bursey ����
1896.Rita Leamon ����
1895.Shirley Harvie ����
1894.Neil Boland ����
1893.Mike Stoyles ����
1892.William Earle ����
1891.Barry Weir ����
1890.Gil Lane ����
1889.Conrad Collier ����
1888.A. Noseworthy I just listened to the Hon. Gerry Reid in conversation with Radio Show Host Bill Rowe giving a Resume of the NAFO Meeting in Spain. It made me so sad to know that there is NOBODY in this WORLD looking after our Ecology and Environment. Mr. Reid recounted to Mr. Rowe that he was at the NAFO Meeting solely as an Observer. He was unable to speak. Apparently the whole meeting was on catching more of the endangered species instead of CONSERVATION. The Host of the Open Line Show said he read in some British publication that the EU fleet goes from 3rd world country to 3rd world country in pursuit of the fishery off these impoverished 3rd World countries' coasts, they deplete the resource and move on to another area. In my opinion these are people with genocidal mentalities and tendancies. It must be stopped and it will no doubt have to be done by Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans since nobody else has a desire to do so. Mr. Reid said that Canada's Representative at the meeting stated that Canada depends on EU bureaucrats to tell the truth about any over-fishing or breaking of any regulations, but it seems that the gentleman has seen the light from these particular meetings and the truth was never told. Now that Canada's Representative has his eyes opened to the infractions and abuses, now is the time to tell the Canadian Parliament and now is the time for CANADA to do something about it. Do Not wait until Doomsday. Mr. Reid said that he was told that the Spanish people consume 2 million tons of fish per year, that is 400 pounds per Spaniard. That is an incredible amount of the World's fish resource and I am wondering how the Oceans can support that type of abuse. Our past politicians ignored Canadian Scientists advice, please do not ignore the advice of our present day Scientists. Please act upon their advice or fire all the Scientists because you are spending money for Scientists to give advice for no reason other than to ignore them. THERE IS NO OTHER SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM OTHER THAN CANADA TAKING CONTROL OF THE NOSE AND TAIL OF THE GRAND BANKS OF NEWFOUNDLAND AND MAKING SURE THE RULES AND REGULATIONS ARE FOLLOWED.�
1887.Nancy Peckford & Shannon Budgell Leduc, AB. Canada���
1886.Guy Norman ����
1885.Thaddeus Holownia ����
1884.Brett Jarvis ����
1883.Christina Simms It's about time......Formerly from Gaultois, NL��
1882.Paul Martin ����
1881.Earl Simms I think it's about time we started to take a serious look at managing our primary resource before it disappears all together!!!!!!I am formerly from Gaultois, NL��
1880.Stella Hodder Hoping you guys get what you are seeking���
1879.Billy Hearn ����
1878.Janet Hearn ����
1877.Cynthia Surles ����
1876.Denise Parr Another case where the Fishery Scientists are being ignored. It was recommended to NAFO that the Greenland Turbot quota remain set at 36 thousand tons, but the Spanish fishermen insisted and cried out for an increase in the quota and now it is set at the unsustainable rate of 42 thousand tons. Why is it that those Spaniards and Europeans have so much say in a Fishery a World away in the North Atlantic next to Newfoundland and Labrador. By the way, I thought we elected politicians both Provincially and Federally to look after matters such as these. What good is a Provincial Fisheries Minister or a Federal Fisheries Minister if he/she has no say in stopping the RAPE and ABUSE of the Fish Stock. There is absolutely nothing I can do as an individual other than sign this petition and give a comment on your page about my utter disgust. No politician listens to the ordinary citizen. It is about time Canada's Navy took a trip out to where these boats are fishing and tried the same TACTICS as small Iceland did with the British a few years ago. We can no longer tolerate this abuse to the Fish Stocks - the Fish Stocks sure can't do anything about their demise and eradication, they are too low on the evolutionary chain, so the Humans have to do it for them. The Scandanavians seem to think a lot about Human Abuse and rightfully so - I admire them for that. Why do they not come on side with us in this case and REBEL about the overfishing and other abuses the Newfoundland and Labrador offshore waters.Some organization needs to speak out forcefully about the Power of those European Nations that control the Fishery of this coast. I doubt very much if Canadians could go the the Coastal waters of SPAIN and carry out the same atrocities, and neither would I want them to.��
1875.madeline fudge housewife���
1874.Alison Baker I strongly agree with the following petition, because with every boat that is taken out of our waters we loss another bit of or heritage.���
1873.Dana Nolander ����
1872.gerard Mcgrath ����
1871.Gordon Downton ����
1870.Louise Downton ����
1869.Doris Matthews ����
1868.michael schwartz ����
1867.Gary Framp ����
1866.Ginny Jordan I hope this worksFerryland , NF living in Yellowknife��
1865.robert anthony ����
1864.Karen Coles ����
1863.Kim Thorne ����
1862.Marlene Ryan,Fermeuse NF. ����
1861.Sean Connors ����
1860.Angie Benoit originally from Fermeuse NFcurrently living in Yellowknife NT��
1859.harry and daphne bowers ����
1858.Brian Hennebury ����
1857.Tracy Hennebury ����
1856.Don Maher Also, include Canadians, as they shouldn't overfish either!!!���
1855.Jamie Nicholle appauled at the way our goverment has contiuned to do nothing about the situation off the grand banks.what ever happened to government by the people for the people ,or,am I way to old fashion???!!!!!!Dear sirs it is high-time that you do somthing about the situationI must say, I doubt that our Primeminister will ever do anything to benifit anybody but his own people in quebec!!!�
1854.Leonard Morgan ����
1853.angela brown It is long overdue that canada enforce its fishing boundaries���
1852.James Walters ����
1851.Gerald Piercey ����
1850.Audrey Piercey ����
1848.lee eddy Hillview , T. bay���
1847.Michelle Saunders ����
1846.Kelly Corcoran ����
1845.Carolyn Baker ����
1844.Ralph Gillingham It's about time someone is trying to straighten this mess out.���
1843.Maureen Hearn ����
1842.Winnie Moores ����
1841.John Eldon Green The petition says it all. I can think of no good reason why this proposal should not be accepted, short of our inability to enforce it.���
1840.Robert Hiscock Not only is it time for Canada to have the proverbial guts to stand up for its rights, but also it is time for Newfoundland & Labrador as a province to serously consider re-negotiating the Terms of Union with Canada. I firmly believe that unless our province is given unilateral, custodial management of our fishery, we are sacrificing our fishery and our heritage to Canada and the rest of the world. Shame on those federal politicians whose sole mandate is to get re-elected any any costs, including the proud heritage of a proud people!!!���
1839.Stacey Fagan ����
1838.Jackie Knight ����
1837.Brian Clancey It's about time Canada stood up to NAFA. We have been taking it on the chin from foreign countries too long. Let's take the bull by the horns and make a stand. No more foreign overfishing. ���
1836.Gus Gosse It's about time we try and take a stronger stand because the countries doing the overfishing think the NAFO regulations and fines are only a St. John's, Nfld.��
1835.Wallace Hounsell ����
1834.Bern Whelan ����
1833.Elaine Feltham I support the Nfld. Fishery���
1832.Clifford Feltham I support atlantic control of the atlantic fishery.���
1831.wade coombs stop the over fishing of our waters.���
1830.Jeanne Penney ����
1829.Elvis Oake It's about time that Newfoundland took care of their own fishing rights.���
1828.Rona Reid It's about time for this overfishing by foreign countries to be stopped.���
1827.Charles Reid ����
1826.Warrick Allen over fishing has to stop���
1825.Joy C. Miller ����
1824.Brian Pollard ����
1823.christina osmond ����
1822.karen warren ����
1821.Eli Bowen Kingston NS���
1820.Marty Noseworthy I just finished listening to the CBC Fishermen's Broadcast and I am sick to my stomach after hearing those WAILING Spanish Fishermen protesting at the end of the NAFO Meetings at Santiago de Compostela, Spain. I hope CBC will take this News Tape and play it to the rest of Canada and the World. Canadians and the World will then have some insight into the pressure on the fish stocks in the Canadian 200 mile limits. I am sure SAUCY Spain would never allow this in their offshore 200 mile limits and neither would any other country. It is only Canada that would allow it. Of course, I think the only reason Canada allows it is because it is scared it will have a backlash on its International Trade. If Canada does not tackle this problem immediately, like Iceland did, then there will be no fishery for anyone to partake in because the seemingly uncivilized people I heard on the CBC's tape today in Santiago sure won't. PLEASE NEWFOUNDLANDERS AND LABRADOREANS and people everywhere in the world please log on to the Canadian Broadcast Corporation Fishermen's Broadcast, St. John's Newfoundland and Labrador Sight and listen to this sickening tape. IF AFTER LISTENING TO IT YOU ARE AS NAUSEATED AND DISCUSTED AS I AM, PLEASE SIGN THE FISHERIES FORUM PETITION AND DON'T FORGET TO EXPRESS YOURSELF IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. IT IS A GREAT TOOL FOR EXPRESSING YOUR OPINIONS. I would like to thank the people who put this petition together, it is the best thing that ever happened in support of the offshore overfishing.PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO SIGN THIS PETITION. IT IS THE ONLY AVENUE WE HAVE TO BE HEARD AT ALL. THIS IS NOT A POPULAR SUBJECT FOR CANADIAN POLITICIANS TO DEAL WITH, EVEN THOUGH I AM HAPPY WITH THE HON. GERRY REID'S COMMENTS ON TODAY'S FISHERMENS BROADCAST.LET US KEEP THIS BALL ROLLING. THANK YOU ALL AND ALSO PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO CALL YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND ASK THEM TO ALSO SIGN THE PETITION.��
1819.Boyd Sooley Kitchener,ON Orig: Hearts's Delight, which used to be a fishing village��
1818.Wade Perry formerly from Heart's Content, NewfoundlandVancouver, British Columbia��
1817.Catherine Obacz (Gosse) Government receives its power from the people. The PEOPLE are speaking!��From : Colliers, Newfoundland
1816.Christine Noseworthy Campbell's Creek���
1815.Allen Croucher Robert's Arm, Nf���
1814.Lisa Croucher Robert's Arm, Nf���
1813.Donna Vey ����
1812.Jeannie Thygesen ����
1811.Wyman Mitchelmore It's about time that we start deciding our own fate!!!Keep the heat on guys!!��
1810.Donald and Daisy Langdon ����
1809.Anne Marie Paine Courtice, Ontariooriginally Holyrood, Nfld.��
1808.Curtis Brown Heatherton, NFLDLiving in Mississauga, Ontario��
1807.Cathy O'Grady currently living in OntarioBorn in Western Bay, Nfld��
1806.patricia barrett ����
1805.yvonne neville ����
1804.Wanda Haas originally from Hr.Round, NFnow living in Ft. McMurray, AB��
1803.John Haas originally from Hr.Round, NFnow living in Ft. McMurray, AB��
1802.Jackie Johnston , Orignally from Harbour Breton. Now living in Lacombe, AB ����
1800.Della Squire Labrador City, NF���
1799.Reg George Labrador City, NF���
1798.Frank Coates ����
1796.Christopher Knight ����
1795.Roberta Collier St. Alban's���
1794.Wayne Collins I am a fellow newfoundlander from Hare Bay B.Bay and I agree with the grand Bank Fisheries Management.��� winters 50 years of International regulation of our transboundary marine resources have left those resources impoverished and severely depleted.Enough said.���
1792.Rob Colbourne Let us make a living like we use to!���
1791.Spencer Allen A step that must be taken for the good of us all.���
1790.Brian Johnston ����1789.Ken Sherren I strongly agree with all the points noted in the petition. We have to exert more, not less, control over our fishing areas.���
1788.Coway Dyke (fr. Centreville,NF) Whitby,Ont Who knows if this will work or not but at least no one can blame us (Newfoundlanders) for trying. We haven't got much left but we must keep our pride,and work together to try and keep our resources for the future.���
1787.Alec Woodford from Harbour Main, NF, currently living in Toronto, ON���
1786.Sherri Haire from Harbour Grace, NF, currently living in Toronto, ON���

1785.Rosalind Duncan No matter were I live I will Always be a newfie. I feel we are too laid back and need to stick up for our livelihood and our heritage���
1784.mary comeau nil���
1783.paul comeau nil���
1782.Cassie Bade ����
1781.Allison Edwards stop foreign fishing in canadian waters!!���
1780.James H Pyke Bowmanville, Ontario���
1779.Abel Pelley Cambridge, ON.Origionally from Harcourt, Trinity Bay, NF��
1778.Vanessa O`Leary ����
1777.Vanessa O`Leary ����
1776.neil oreilly why confederation?���
1775.Garry Luffman ����
1774.M. Beales ����
1773.Marven Ings too little too late do the government really care?Windsor ,Ontario��
1772.Chris Drover ����
1771.Paul Stewart Currently living in Ottawaoriginally from Newfoundland��
1770.Danielle Moore Harbour Breton (Fortune Bay), NF. Presently residing in Vancouver.���
1769.Rick Winter Ajax, Ontario, Canada���
1768.alfred winters goose bay,labrador���
1767.Dean Decker, Airdrie Alberta ����
1766.Emily Langer ����
1765.Cheryl Winters ����
1764.Stephanie E. Parsons ����
1763.Andrew Walters People from Eastern Newfoundland should be allowed 15 fish as well!There are lots of fish in Smith's Sound(Area where I live by the way!)We have a right to that many too!!�
1762.Patrick Stamp Formerly from The Goulds,Nfld.���
1761.r ireland wake up before its to late�martensville sk�
1760.Vicky Woodworth Fort Nelson B.C.I lived in Newfoundland for my child hood and fishing was one of the best past time i can remember. I come from a long family of fishermen and women.Taking away our heritage is not right�
1759.Terrance H. Coles I can forgive Mr. Etchegary for the errors of his past in light of the effort he is now putting on solving this problem, however he would be much more effective - a STATESMAN in fact - if he would admit his errors and let them (his errors) guide us in deciding our future. Thank You.���
1758.Gail Johnson ����
1757.Ann Marie Kelloway ����
1755.Patricia A. Hutton I support "The Grand Banks Managament" paper as presented in the House of COmmons by Mr. L. Hearn, MP���
1754.Matthew A. Angel Please listen to Mr. L. . Hearn,MP���
1753.krista bailey ����
1752.Angela Farrell One of the world's greatest renewable resources, the ground fish food supply simply has to be preserved to provide future generations with this essential nutritional resource.���
1751.David J. McDonald Wadsworth, Ohio 44281 USA���
1750.Dana Mccarthy ����
1749.Michelle Mchugh From Corner Brook,living in Jasper,Alberta���
1748.Ralph Dyke Its time we as Newfoundlanders and Canadians stop sending our livelihoods across the Atlantic.You have the power to help nflders help themselves.Don't pass up the opportunity���
1747.Lisa Miller orig. from St. John'sliving in Edmonton, AB��
1746.Dave Herder Although I am not directly affected by the policy decisions that dictate fisheries management in Newfoundland I recognize the need for local control in order to fully develop this industry for those adjacent to the resource; as a residnent of this province I am adding my voice in the hope that policy decisions can be enacted on behalf of those who have a stake, namely all residents of Newfoundland and Labrador.���
1745.Nick Careen ����
1744.Charles Major, Parson's Pond , NL ����
1743.Justine Major, Parson's Pond, NL ����
1742.Garry Shears I fear that if we only knew what was really happening out there we would be terrified about the future for our children and grandchildren.I hope the powers that be are compassionate realists who care for our province and country. ���
1741.Frazer Goulding It's about time we as Canadians stand up and say enough is enough, we'er not taking over fishing by other countries anymore. ���
1740.W.H. YAYLOR Good Idea���
1739.libby shears ����
1738.Juan Jamie Burton NewfoundlandParadiseSomething needs to be done.. Maybe Newfoundland should take over itself.
1737.Bradley EVANS ���Toronto, ON
1736.Michael Barbour ����
1735.Sharon Mc Hugh Corner Brook Nfld. Time to make some changes��
1734.Scott Fitzgerald ����
1733.Roxanne Rowe ����
1732.Paul Rowe ����
1731.Gail Mullins orig. from Newfoundlandnow living in Burnaby, B.C.��
1730.Rick Mullins orig. from Newfoundlandnow living in Burnaby, B.C.��
1729.Eric Gale From Stephenville, NF - currently living in Fredericton, NB���
1728.Diane Sheppard ����
1727.Alvin House, Fisherman,Daniel's Harbour.,NL���
1726.Christine A King ����
1725.Bill Armstrong New Brunswick���
1724.Juan Burton It's about time something is done and this petition is the start..���
1723.Chris Breen ����
1722.tony poulsen british columbia���
1721.tracey poulsen ����
1720.Jeff Wells ��Why is it that, ever since Tobin, the Federal Fisheries Minister is always an ignorant buffoon? What's left of this resource isn't something to be thrown away in a game of International bureaucracy
1719.Chris White ����
1718.Stephen Laird NFLD has been a victim of bad politics for years, lets and try to change that.���
1717.Terry Sheppard Calgary, Alberta���
1716.Barry Snow ����
1715.Derek Power ����
1714.Scott Martin ����
1713.leo roche I hope to god they do something about this.���
1712.Connie Green from St. John's, now living in NB���
1711.Shawn Walters ����
1710.Keith Howse ����
1709.Steven Drover ����
1708.Dwayne Turner St. John,s, NF���
1707.Edith Clarke ����
1706.Stephanie Power ����
1705.Harold Davis ����
1704.Joanne Power Gander, NL���
1703.Warren Martin ����
1702.terry denty ����
1701.JohnHanrahan ����
1700.Tom McGrath ����
1699.Danny Ridgeley ����
1698.Gordon E Downer ����
1697.Marilyn Snow ����
1695.Terry Sullivan Mount Pearl, NF���
1694.Patricia Collier Thank God for your petition and site, keep up the good works. All Newfoundland and Labrador need you.���
1693.William J. Styles �Mount Pearl, NF��
1692.Brian Cook ����
1691.Stephen Barrett ����
1690.Keith Noseworthy ����
1689.Ira Gould ORGANIZE - DEMONSTRATE�We have been moderate far to long. The senior most participants of our fishing industry have been crying foul for the past 25 - 30 years. It saddens me to think that the voice of those individuals who have had their pulse on the fishery had not been recognized by the authorities. The authority have to accept they are in positions to serve and this means taking responsibility not enjoying certain priviledge. It is time that tallied up their obvious mismanagement and set the appropriate agenda to revitalize this renewable resource. If signs of this is not prevelent in short order we may find this "Fisheries In Crisis" is beyond point of recovery.�
1688.Dwight Sacrey ����
1687.Paul Murphy ����
1686.Denise payne ����
1685.Mike Henley ����
1684.G. Deon Boland keep up the fight. Save our outports.���
1683.Paul Deering ����
1682.Denis J. Penton Wouldn't we be better off on our own. This parasitic relationship Ottawa has with Nfld is not working for us���
1681.Sheila Pike ����
1680.William Dennis ����
1679.Barry Murphy St. John's, NF, Canada���
1678.Don Peddle ����
1677.James W Hudson
1676.Brendon Reardon Now countries are trying to get the number of observers on board reduced... when are we going to stand up and fight for what is ours?���
1675.Duane McGrath Deal with overfishing by foreign nations.Deal with other species depleting cod stocksDeal with abuse by local fisher peopleTake custody of the nose & tail of the Grand Banks
1674.Adrian Heffernan ����
1673.don pardy ����
1672.Maxwell Jones Go for it, we need it.���
1671.Bernard Mackey ����
1670.Bill Briggs This has to be done, and done effectively. The fish are nearly gone.We rape the planet at our own peril. This may be the last chance to help the stocks revive.��
1669.Shawn Barker ����
1668.Ralph Morris ����
1667.jeff williams Why do we keep making the same mistakes���
1666.Sandy Hull ����
1665.Richard Butterworth ����
1664.Karen Israel Edmonton, Alberta, Canada���
1663.gerard ryan ����
1662.Almeta Ward I am from Creston South, now residing in Calgary���
1661.Sheila (May) Moulton ����
1660.Mark LeMessurier It would be nice to see our country stand up for something which is important to our own country, lets focus on us for a while!���
1659.lorne andrews ����
1658.Derek Parsons ����
1657.Burnette Diamond ����
1656.Bramwell N Coish ����
1655.Danny Kane North Bay On. ����
1654.Don Ash It's time that Canada stood up for Canadians and stop playing politics with the livelyhood of so many hard working people.���
1653.Amy B. Price ����
1652.Chesley M. Price If we the people of this great province don't stand up to the powers that be in the far away land of "Ottawa", then who will? Let's do it while there's something left to stand up for.���
1651.Debbie Stamp ����
1650.Sheila House,fisher,Daniel's Harbour,NL. ����
1649.Matt Cleary ����
1648.Karen George Edmonton, Alberta���
1647.Donna Randell ����
1646.Bill Norman ����
1645.Tony Hawco Pouch CoveNewfoundland��
1644.Richard Ivany it is time to get our act together. We as a fisheries based province abide by the rules while others decimate the fishery.Conservation needs to apply to all.�
1643.marilyn thornhill ����
1642.Blair Hynes like many newfoundlanders i now live away from my home mostly because past mismanagement of our fishery has left me no other resort. by doing something to help resolve this problem, hopefully future generations will at least be given the choice to stay, work, and live at home.���
1641.susan higgins ����
1640.Joy Janes ����
1639.nitin mendiratta ����
1638.Shawn Douglas Tremblett ����
1637.Ira Norman ����
1636.Tracey Deanne Price ����
1635.Sherwin Flight ����
1634.Paul Barron ����
1633.Wanda Canning ����
1632.Sandra Granter ����
1631.Aiden Brazil St. John's, NFCanada��
1630.Colette Patey ����
1629.Glen McCarthy ����
1628.Tracey Hulan ����
1627.Brian Caravan ����
1626.Fred Searle ����
1624.Kris Hill ����
1623.Dale Dines ����
1622.Veronica House ����
1621.Bob Hull Its a shame to the Newfoundland people and Canada as a whole to allow the mismanagement of the fishery as it is. Its a disgrace when the people of Newfoundland cannot jump in there boat and freely catch a fish to eat. My Mother eighty years of age is not aloud to have someone catch a fish for her. This is a disgace and the people of Newfoundland need to stand together and see this kind of disgrace brought to an end ���
1620.Stephen Brazil ����
1619.RJ cull ����
1617.David Hatcher ����
1616.Trina Keough ����
1615.Cathy E. Roberts ����
1614.Ginny-Lee Mouland ����
1613.Bill Murphy This should have been done years ago!���
1612.Brad Martin ����
1611.Kay LeMessurier ����
1610.R.F.Coombs ����
1609.Rod White ����
1608.Sharon Sweeney ����
1607.Tor Conklin Canadian control of these waters are critical to manage a sustainable fishery���
1606.Heather Murray ����
1605.Dianne Hartson-Lalonde ����
1604.Christopher Shears from Cow Head, NFLD���
1603.Doreen Pardy Mount Pearl, NF���
1602.Davida Smith ����
1601.Cyril J.Hookey ����
1600.Janice Kehoe ����
1599.Perry Tizzard Pilley's Island���
1598.Derrick West Grand Bank, NFLD���
1597.Suzanne Tizzard orig. fr Twillingate���
1596.Derek Careen ����
1595.Elaine Hull ����
1594.Damien Gillis ����
1593.Karen Noftall ����
1592.Anne Marie Hynes ����
1591.Loyola Hearn, MP ����
1590.Wayne Dawe ����
1589.Julie Smith Stephenville���
1588.Sharon Penney ����
1587.Bob Stockley ����
1586.Eli Parsons, Jr The Nose and Tail of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland DEFINITELY should be under the JOINT CONTROL and JOINT CUSTODY of Newfoundland and Labrador and CANADA. It is a Crime that a province who came into Canada with so many Natural Resources could not have prospered anymore than it has over the past half century. The Royal Commission that is ongoing should look into why this has NOT happened and why Newfoundland and Labrador is not a bustling and thriving Metropolis. How could the Governing of Nfld and Labrador have gone so off track so that the best economy in the whole of Canada could not have been sculptured out of such a Bountiful place.If the ROYAL COMMISSION does its job efficiently and properly, then it will be uncovered. All avenues of our past have to be explored to make sure nothing is missed. (I am very aprehensive this will not happen, if it doesn't, it is another injustice perpetrated on Newfoundland and Labrador.) FOR THE SAKE OF NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR MR. ROYAL COMMISSION, PLEASE DO A THOROUGH JOB AND PLEASE DO IT RIGHT FOR NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR'S SAKE. If you do not do it right now, I am afraid another chance will not come along before it is too late. Newfoundlaners and Labradorians and all Canadians, have a given right to know how thel AFFAIRS were conducted by its politicians on behalf of Newfoundland and Labrador for it to have been so deprived of REAL economies in just about every rural district of Newfoundland and Labrador. After all the Resources were there for it to have happened.��
1585.Barbara Perry ����
1584.Jolene From Spaniard's Bay, NfLiving in Stony Plain, Alberta��
1583.molly lynch ����
1582.Marlynn MacDonald �Living in Fort McMurray,ABCorner Brook,NF�
1581.Tina Johnson ����
1580.James Manuel ����
1579.Barbara Froude Port Moody, BC, Canada���
1578.Jerry Winsor Triton, NL���
1577.Janice Winsor Triton,NL���
1576.Rhoda Noble It's about time to get this petition on the go.. Good Luck!���
1575.maisie baker pool's cove, nf���
1574.Jennifer Bowers ����
1573.C R Miller ����
1572.Ken Hull Twillingate���
1571.Mark O'Brien ����
1570.Patrick Gilbert ����
1569.Ronald Stone The above stated action requested is long over due.���
1568.sandra shiner ����
1567.bob hull ����
1566.Michelle Puddister Gander���
1565.Dwayne Puddister ����
1564.tyrone wheeler ����
1563.Tina Baker ����
1562.Jack Baker ����
1561.Dino Winsor ����
1560.Colleen Mavin ����
1559.Paul Evans ����
1558.Shelly Hogan Small Point, NF���
1557.Bill Stewart ����
1556.Carl Goudie, Deer Lake NF ����
1555.Ralph Mitchell ����
1554.Winnie Henderson ����
1553.Ann Suurland ����
1552.Maurice Moyles Lewisporte NF ����
1551.Donna Fleming ����
1550.William J Hanlon ����
1549.ELIZABETH COCHRANE--KELLIGREWS For God's sake lets get our act together and unite in this effort. We are being stifled to oblivion by polititions and bureaucrats who have nothing at all in common with us.���
1548.Mike Keough ����
1547.angela stokes When are Newfoundland and Labrador's Politicians going to pick up the Gauntlet and hold it until somebody in Ottawa listens.If nothing is done immediately, it will be too late for the fishes of our Ocean which depend on us for PROTECTION. If we cannot protect our very important fish food source for future generations, then there will be no future generations, because we will not only have anniliated the Fishery, we will probably annliate the human race as well. The rich protein of the sea is very pertitent to mankind's survival.If our politicians choose not to do anything about this impending disaster, then the people of CANADA, no doubt will have to hold all levels of Government responsible for the Genocide of the East Coast Fishery.���
1546.Larry Thornhill It's time for the Federal Gov. to protect the fisheries identified in this petition,by what ever means is necessary,the over fishing by foreigners need to be stopped or the fisheries will be gone forever.Formally from Grand Bank.��
1545.Chris Bridger ����
1544.Susan Izzard ����
1543.Jade Rudic It is about time we start using some common sense���
1542.Steve Banfield Ottawa, ON, Canada���
1541.Vaughan Woodford ���Mt.Pearl1540.Phyllis Young ����
1539.John Young ����
1538.Peter J. Robinson ����
1537.Raymond Dooley Jr. we are a people,we are a province,and more should be done for the present and the future of newfoundland and labrador.���
1536.Ash Pugh ����

1535.Raymond Pine ����
1534.Frank Hoddinott Embree, Newfoundland���
1533.Doug Simms It's time you recognize the east coast and ourculture.��
1532.clyde cumben ����
1531.Donna Evans Someone has to take responsibility to halt the total destruction of one of the world's most important resouces. What is Canada waiting for?���
1530.Paul White NF would have been far better off as an independent nation.....all the resources and nicest people in the world, yet we always end up with the short end of the stick....we are taken for granted and treated like slaves in a great province that our fore-fathers worked so damn hard to create.I for one do not trust these idiot politicians and bureaucrats; very few have any backbone and the ones with any decency end up 'towing the line', saying "yes man"........we never know what goes on behind closed doors but one can bet that our heritage has been sold by the feds to foreign countries for $$$ for high paying political salaries. enough is enough; great petition and I hope those in charge can see to it that action is taken NO MATTER WHAT!�
1529.Rudy Slaney ����
1528.Cory Parsons ����
1527.Lester Ward It's about time that we stand up. We have let it go for too long.���
1526.tracey winsor its time to take back whats ours���
1525.Lorraine Mcquarrie ����
1524.Jerry Hickey ����
1523.stephen mullins ����
1522.DAVID LONG ����
1521.LORI LONG ����
1520.Winnie Matthews I agree���
1519.ceasar pilgrim ����
1518.David Hutton ����
1517.Elvis Stuckey It's ironic how that the Grand Banks aren't so 'grand' for fishing anymore,that fishing on the Flemish Cap has been 'capped'(for Nfld fishermen),and that fishing on the Eastern Continental Shelf has been 'put on the shelf'(again for Nfld fishermen).I believe that it's due time for the Canadian Government to take a stand and stricten the rules and regulations with regards to over-fishing by foreign nations,as well as extend the laughable 200-mile boundary which is continuously being disregarded. It is recorded that when the Vikings came to fish the shores of Newfoundland,the Cod were so plentiful that they could be caught with dip nets and that they're shadows would blacken the waters.Surely Eastern Canadian fishermen can claim a portion of blame for the depletion of Cod stocks,however,I am convinced that the Canadian Government has neglected the foreign overfishing problemin the name of Political Correctness.1516.g peterson its about time somebody spoke about's been going on for to long and something has to done about it.white bay area��
1515.norman yetman ����
1514.scott dawe ����
1513.Paul Roberts ����
1512.Todd Winsor. Triton nfld. ����
1511.Paul Buckingham ����
1510.Cynthia Fraughton I live in a tiny village in central Newfoundland named Brown's Arm.���
1509.Isabel Bouzane From one coast to the other people from other nations are trying to take advantage of our natural resources. I am living in B.C. and we are currently fighting the softwood lumber tariffs which are illegally implemented by the U.S. It is time we had a leader who says no to nations who feel they can take advantage of us and take what they damn well want. You betcha they will be after our hydro, water and other resources if we let them prevail. For our children's sake it is time to say stand up to them.���
1508.Gerard Nash ����
1507.Jenny Lyver ����
1506.William J. Lahey ����
1505.Dave Rudofsky We need action NOW!���
1504.Virginia Cook The Grand Banks should be only used as a Fish Nursery, not as a Commercial Fishing area. Let us all sing out in harmony for this to happen. Thank You.���
1503.Virginia Cook The Grand Banks should be only used as a Fish Nursery, not as a Commercial Fishing area. Let us all sing out in harmony for this to happen. Thank You.���
1502.Maude Cook It is about time we take control of the Nose and Tail of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland Fish Resources. Maybe it is time to make the Nose and Tail of the Grand Bank a Conservation area, where the Fishery is completely banned. Nobody should be allowed to fish there at all, neither Canadians nor Foreigners. ���
1501.Sam Parsons Passiness is a Crime in my Books and that is one of the Greatest Attributes of Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans. We allow everyone to walk all over us when it comes to our Resources. Passivity causes us to have our Resources Stolen, passivity causes us to lose Self-esteem and the biggest detriment of passivity is it causes a Whole province to have A NON-REGISTERING ECONOMY. It also is the reason Canadians have said many demeaning things about us - Please remember a very prominent Canadian Journalist who said that we should have been taken out to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and sank, since we were only a sinkhole.These were the words of a man who did not know what the contributions of Newfoundland and Labrador were to Canada and the World, despite the fact he was a prominent Journalist, because he wasn't told. We were TOOO PASSIVE FOR FAR TOOO LONG. Believe me if the rest of Canada had the resources we had, you can bet your bottom dollar they would not have given them up as freely as we did to Canada and the World without even a word of THANKS. Here in this Province very few Good Politicians have evolved, who cared about the general Welfare of Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans, but instead, in a lot of cases, they cared more about their own personal bottom line. Our Politicians have always, in the past, towed the party line for Ottawa, and Not for this Province. How can a Province like us ever get ahead, if the few Politicians we do have tow the party line solely for Ottawa. It has to stop and it has to stop now. Come on politicians Work your Asses off for this Province from now on and try to repair some of the damages caused over the past 53 years of poor leadership.�
1500.bill dicks ����
1499.Michael Mavin It is time for Canada to stop being a passive country and letting everyone walk over them. It is time for the Goverment to be aggressive and do what is in the best interest of its citizens ( that means managing the fish stocks not giving away giving a province's lively hood for a bit of trade)..�currently living in North Carolina but from Fortune, NF
1498.Darrell ransom I am a fisherman, who's livelyhood depended on the cod. It's about time something was done to save the cod.I come from a small community of about 320, and the cod was the mainstay. Now, the crab is sustaining the fishplant and the population.���
1497.Lorena Loveys ����
1495.Julie Taylor Richmond Hill, ON���
1494.william gale stop the over fishing by foreign countries now.we as newfoundlanders are not permitted to fish.why should other countries be allowed to fish our waterswe will remember come election time .1493.Kevin G. Martin ����
1492.Bennett Gale this should have been done years in kitchener ont but from Hampden W B ��
1491.Hubert J hall ����
1490.Theresa Blanchard ����
1489.dougmarshall ����
1488.rosemarymarshall ����
1487.rosemary marshall ����
1486.Corey Greeley ����
1485.Ryan Way Green Island Cove,Nf���
1484.Monty Way Green Island Cove,Nf���
1483.Brenda Way Green Island Cove,Nf���
1482.Loomis Way Green Island Cove, Nf���
1481.Greg Pajak ����
1480.Angela Train ����
1479.John Cochrane It's time for Newfoundlanders to stop pussy footing and leting wishy washy polititions control our destiny.���
1478.Bob Ridgley ����
1477.Andy Ropson After what our province did for the country during the world wars , and after what our province did during the sept. 11 ordeal, I think that our province deserves a lot more respect then what it gets, and it should be heard that people are being fed up with the under-minding of our province for the benefit of larger provinces.���
1476.Gillian Channer I think we should do everything we can to support the fine people of Newfoundland in their efforts to create a descent life for themselves and their families. ���
1475.Leanne Barnes- Chippett ����
1474.Neddie & Rhonda(Layman) Noonan Portugal Cove, NF���
1473.Kevin O'Connell ����
1472.Robert O'Brien Our leaders must become more aware of t seriousness of the state of the ocean resources. They need to act more responsibly towards the devestation of the fish stocks.The ocean enviroment is in critical danger of being destroyed forever due to the lack of a regulatory regime, and to the lack of enforement of existing laws.���
1471.Michael J Nichols We are always worried in this country, about trying to maintain this nice, we won't offend you attitude. Nice guys finish last!���
1470.Ida Connors ����
1469.Gary Peddle Please stop the rape of our fishery.���
1468.Dr. Angela Baker This matter is urgent and important to protect a major world food source and Newfoundland's traditional way of life.Ottawa has taken the place of the fish merchants. Federal mismanagement of the fisheries has contributed to the Rape of The Rock.It is time to stop pandering to European countries for fear of a trade backlash.NAFO is ineffective & irresponsible. Canada must act.
1467.Alastair Leslie Collis ����
1466.Kevin William Mclennon ����
1465.Frank Kennedy ����
1464.Tony & Nicole Bursey ����
1463.Raymond Johnson St. John's, NF���
1462.Marilyn Wiklund, Etobicoke, ON Full support���
1461.Elaine Slaney ����1460.Ada Hadley ����
1459.josephine pinsent PERSERVE.......... THE WAY OF LIVE IN NEWFOUNDLANDnow living in sault-ste-marie. ont��
1458.Joe Bouzane ����
1457.Keith Decker ����
1456.Stuart Harkness I fully support our eastern CANADIAN fishermen.���
1455.Lisa Vautier ����
1454.Philip J Power ����
1453.Michael J. Collins I really believe Canada cares more for Upper Volta than it does for Newfoundland !!!!���
1452.Wayne P. Bennett Buchans, NF Canada���
1451.Carol Payne ����
1450.Gyles Gillis ����
1449.Keith Churchill ����
1448.Shannon Power ����
1447.Michelle Churchill ����
1446.Bill Noftall ����
1445.James Lambe ����
1444.Thomas O'Brien ����
1443.Patricia O'Brien ����
1442.Herman Boutcher ����
1441.paul ledrew ����
1440.Kristy Yetman ����
1439.Brian LeShane ����
1438.albert cull about time. orginally from st anthony���
1437.Jerry Bishop I firmly believe that the attitude of the federal government to the Newfoundland fishery has been one of the most disgraceful and dispicable situations in the modern history of North America ! It is a total and unforgivable disgrace that the Canadian government, through their short-sighted focus on central canadian manufacturing concerns and control of seats in the House of Commons, have completely sacrificed the industrious people of outport Newfoundland.It is unbelievable, in this day and age,that the totally ignorant mandarins and politicians in Ottawa, should be allowed to destroy a vibrant , tax-paying, industry and to cause the virtual disintegation of one of this nation's founding populations.If there was ever a case for separation of an area of a country from the the central government , this attitude by Ottawa has made it.Why the Federal government continues to appoint totally ignorant, incompetent, and uncaring people in such an important cabinet position is beyond belief or comprehension.���
1436.jacki torraville ����
1434.vera bishop ����
1433.glen adams ����
1432.Sandy Keeping ����
1431.Philip J Power ����
1430.Gail Oliver Conception Bay Newfoundland���
1429.Joey Oliver Conception Bay Newfoundland���
1428.MARY ADAMS ����
1427.susanna Giles ����
1426.Kelsey Gould ����
1424.Wilson Hopkins it's about fuc..... time���
1423.Tom & Marie Gillis ����
1422.Vicki & Jasmine Gillis ����
1421.tanya allen ����
1420.Cliff Yetman It is a national disgrace the way Canada has squandered a world class fishery. ���
1419.Susan Yetman ����
1418.John Neary ����
1417.Jeannette MacKAY ����
1416.Neil H. MacKAY ����
1415.Bob Power ����
1414.A. Paddock ����
1413.Tina Downer Greenspond, NF���
1412.David Small ����
1411.Brad Penney ����
1410.Carol King ����
1409.John King ����
1408.Dean and Sarah Babstock Happy Adventure, Bonavista BayCome on people, stand up for what is ours.��
1407.E Jean Billard Grand Bruit, NL���
1406.Dak Conklin; Cornwall, PEI ����
1405.Jim Bragg Who would have ever thought that "cod" would be become an endangered species !!! It just goes to show that man has teh ability to destroy anything!!���
1404.Cavell Rideout Hampton ����
1403.Candace Tobin I hope you get what you want!���
1402.Stan Hampton ����
1401.Steve Hayter California, USA���
1400.Jon Seary ����
1399.Darryl Gerwing ����
1398.Larry Hannam ����
1397.Brandon Good Conservation is VITAL!���
1396.Sterling Keays ���Fredericton NB
1395.John Doe ����
1394.M.R. Cook About time someone has the backbone to do something FOR the people of Nfld and the rest of the country���
1393.Nick Woolridge ����
1392.Roger Powell ����
1391.Pauline Kato From St. John's, NF. Living in Houston, TX.If the Canadian (and Newfoundland) governments had protected our fishery, along with many of our other natural resources, then more people like myself would not have to move thousands of miles away from their friends and family to find decent jobs. It is very disappointing to look back over the years and see how the fishery has been neglected and abused by so many people without the government stepping in to help in a suitable fashion. It is about time this is taken seriously before there are no natural resources left for Newfoundlanders to depend on at all.��
1390.Marilyn Verrico ����
1389.Lawrence Pilgrim ����
1388.Peter Bjerkelund Mactaquac, NBIts something that should have been done long ago.��
1387.Roy Farrell We need more control over this resource before we loose it all.���
1386.Claire Piercey From Corner Brook, NFCurrently Living in Shearstown, NF��
1385.Edward Browne I was born in St. Johns It is a shame that this is lasting this longThis should be delt as soon a possibleNo time for delays.
1384.sheldon critch ����
1383.Lyndon Quinton ����
1382.Darrell Hutchings This has been a major concern for many years and should not be left any longer.���
1381.Susan Bellows ����
1380.Eric John Small Born and raised inSummerford, Newfoundland��
1379.Noella Hynes We need to manage our own resourses for a changeYellowknife, NWT��
1378.nancy benson ����
1377.Carolyn Walters St. John's, NF���
1376.Greg Ivany Halifax, NS���
1375.Phyllis ����
1373.Brian Forristall ����
1372.Tracey Keough born:Hr.Grace, NFcurrent: Ottawa��
1371.Sean adams ����
1370.Robert W Myers ����
1369.Millie Avery ����
1368.Carolyn Furlong St. John's, NF���
1367.Robert Bradbury Flatrock,Nfld. ����
1366.Andrea Furlong ����
1365.Celia Boone It's about time Canada started taking care of its own.���
1364.terry torraville ����
1363.J. Penney ����
1362.JAMES FORD ����
1361.Gordon Gander Nf/LAB���
1360.Margot White ����
1359.Dottie Simms ����
1358.Karen Quinton ����
1357.Cindy Thorne St. John's, NF Canada���
1356.Andrea Bell California, USACanadian citizen��
1355.Philip J. Andrews 33 Firgreen Ave Mt. Pearl, NfA1N 1T6�
1354.barry white ����
1353.trevor morris ����
1352.Robert Upshall ����
1351.Lynne Wilson ����
1350.Dan Dalton ����
1349.Arthur Snook ����
1348.Gary Hayter Montreal, Qc.���
1347.Kathleen Browne ����
1346.Florence Hayter ����
1345.patricia crowe ����
1344.Linda Bennett ����
1343.Dr Mridul Misra ����
1342.Dianne Porter ����
1341.Ellen Kendall ����
1340.Gladys Battren ����
1339.Bill Bridger ����
1338.Rhonda Bridger ����
1337.Dave Edwards St. John's, Newfoundland���
1336.Vi Smith Fully endorse petition���
1335.Janis Byrne ����
1334.William Patrick Power St. John's; Newfoundland���
1333.Craig Bugden ����
1332.Doug Parsons Grande Prairie, Alberta���
1331.Susanne Tilley ����
1330.Karen Parsons Grande Prairie, Alberta���
1329.Leah Dalton ����
1328.Elaine Watton Please heed the urgent message in this petition.���
1327.Andrew Bell ����
1326.Jill Tucker, Shoal Harbour, NL ����
1325.Dan Crummell ����
1324.Jerome M. Kirkland We must take controls of our resourses.���
1323.Stanley Hillier Grand Bank, Nf.Ca���
1322.Stephen J. Wedgwood ����
1321.Crystal Critch ����
1320.Tom Lawlor ����
1319.Rose Ann Horwood ����
1318.Kim Burns CalgaryAlberta��
1317.G Philip Smith ����
1316.Christine Greene ����
1315.Don Lane It may actually closing the barn door after the horse has gone, but Canada must act... for us... for our food... and for the world. People refuse to share and conserve... it takes one nation or one person to set the example. It is the right thing to do.���
1314.Sandra Simms ����
1313.George White Lower Sackville, NsOriginally from Point Leamington, Nfld��
1312.Natasha Churchill ����
1311.Danica Butler Town - ParadiseProvince - NewfoundlandCountry - Canada�
1310.Colleen Sheehan ����
1309.Michele McCue-Wells Corner Brook, Newfoundland���
1308.Doentte Morris Long overdue. Carbonear, Newfoundland, Canada��
1307.Nancy Edwards If Canada wants to demonstrate leadership on the world stage, show some balls by starting with the fishery. While we blame foreign fleets for the decimation of some species, cod in particular, it is the federal government's mismanagement and apathy over the years that is really to blame. If we are renowned by the rest of the world for being "so damned nice", then why are we so lackadaisical about taking care of our own?���
1306.Rob Pallard ����
1305.Shawn Patrick Lynch ����
1304.Jennifer Hoddinott 33 North StreetCorner Brook, NL A2H 2K9��
1303.Trevor Bridger ����
1302.Marionanne Squires-Lynch ����
1301.Perry Giles ����
1300.Sean Simmonds ����
1299.Brian Power ����
1298.Frederick Burt I left for a job, fishing wasn't the reason to leave, but population drop is definitely responsibleI go home each year, to see my closest ones��
1297.Darlene Dunne ����
1296.Keith Watton Strongly agree to enforce���
1295.Susan Elliott ����
1294.Sue Rideout
1293.Leslie Martin ����
1292.Jim And Diane Butt ����
1291.Heather Hutton Burlington, Ontario���
1290.T. Laurentius ����
1289.Pat Bruce ����
1288.Sherry McEvoy It's long past time for Canada to show its teeth on this issue. We're a political doormat because we've decided to lay down.���
1287.Anita Buckingham ����
1286.Charlie Pope ����
1285.Lisa Power ����
1284.Tyler Vincent ����
1283.Gregory Forward Grand Falls-WindsorNewfoundland, Canada��
1282.karen Ropson Having to leave my home of Newfoundland back ion 86, I hope to return one day to live.���
1281.Kimberly Ferrie ����
1280.Astrid Perrot ����
1279.Carole-Anne Ford ����
1278.Richard S. Lane ����
1277.Rich McEvoy On behalf of the genrations of my relatives in the fishing industry in St. Mary's Bay, NFwho have been gravely affected by thedepleted stocks.
1276.John Mutford ����
1275.Edwin Doyle you give other nations a chance why not your own people,or are we Newfoundlanders considered your people���
1274.clyde simmons we as newfoundlanders have to take control of our own future and steer it in the direction that bennefits all of our people.���
1273.Aubrey Drover ����
1272.Katherine Sansome ����
1271.marilyn pincock ����
1270.Eric Sansome Talk is cheap - time for action���
1269.Vicky Martin ����
1268.Shelly ����
1267.Eddie Rideout It's about time���
1266.Peggy Halleran ����
1265.Marceline Fitzpatrick As a Newfoundland born on the Burin Pen. in Lord's Cove Lamaline I am delighted to participate is any way which will assist Newfoundland fisherman as my family is still involved in the industry and I truly believe that the Grand Banks of Nfld really belong to Nfld and I hope that their right will be restored.Thank you for giving me this opportunity.���
1264.Meghan Drover ����
1263.Tammy Drover ����
1262.Essie Mercer ����
1260.Geraldine Loder St. Lawrence, NL���
1259.Judy Maloney ����
1258. Trudy Langford ����
1257.Mae Ivany ����
1256.Rachelle Coish ����
1254.DEREK C MERCER ����
1253.Des Whelan ����
1252.Maxine Taylor ����
1251.Patrick Clarke ����
1250.Cindy Burton ����
1249.todd moore living in dartmouth,ns but originally from harbour breton newfoundlandplease help the fishery��
1248.Mike Finlay ����
1247.Tom Nemec ����
1246.heather moore living in dartmouth,nsbut originally from seal cove fortune bayplease help newfoundland��
1245.wayne howlett ����
1244.Garry F. Kelly ����
1243.Debbie Robertson ����
1242.Don Sweetapple ����
1241.Sean Tulk ����
1240.Karl Inder ����
1239.john thistle ����
1238.Scott LeShane - Lower Island Cove ����
1237.Craig Adams ����
1236.John Hussey ����
1235.Bernie Halloran We need action not words. Canada is being challanged and we are backing down. ���
1234.Mel Penney Mt. Pearl, Nfld.���
1233.Cindy Hooper ����
1232.Cynthia Hennessey-Lewis ����
1231.Holly Dwyer ����
1230.Dermot Snook Something must be done to save the fishery - I fear it may already be to late.���
1229.Darin King ����
1228.Steve Marshall it's about time and hopefully not too late���
1227.Lisa Tait ����
1226.Chad Rowsell ����
1225.E M Drover We must impliment controll for the sake of our children and our future.���
1224.Perry Eddy Sunnyside NF.Refinery WorkerWhat mental capacity do we as a people lack to allow the continual repeated rape of our natural resources (Fish, minerals, water, power).We are the richest nation in the world in many ways yet we still spend our time blowing out candles while the house burns down. Why do we let ourselves play the fool.
1223.Bruce Hann ����
1222.alice ����
1221.Bill Wall ����
1220.Gordon Noseworthy ����
1219.Mabel Noseworthy ����
1218.Dianna Blackmore �Vancouver, BC��1217.Dan Farrell St. Lawrence, NF���
1216.Scott Eddy ����
1215.Robert Russell It's about time the government stood up and showed some backbone for the east coast fisheries.���
1214.Andrea Pilgrim Formerly of Grand Bruit now living in Alberta���
1213.Susan Murphy Fort McMurray, Alberta���
1212.Shannon Warren ����
1211.Cecil and Donna Goss,309-3185 Via Centrale, Kelowna, B.C.V1V 2A7 ����
1210.Christopher Dedde ����
1209.Renata Dean Dedde ����
1208.Joseph C. Dedde ����
1207.Cynthia Dedde ����
1206.judy white ��gander nf.�
1205.shawn white gander nf.���
1203.Lowell Keats Salmon Bay, Canada (Quebec - Geographically), (Newfoundland - Culturely)Currently living in Ottawa, Ontario since 1992.��
1202.Jim Warren Fully agree with the information in the Petition���
1201. Kevin Harrison � GO TO:..... SIGN the petition there.....1200.Kevin J Gunn Gander���
1199.Tanya Ferrie Riddick I hope this helps!���
1198.David Barry Canada has failed miserably to protect our fishery, and foreigners are having a field day destroying what is left, while newfoundlanders still have a cod moritorium.���
1197.Marion Turner formerly of grandfalls-windsorgood luck with your petition it's time they didsomething about the fisheries in nfld hopefully this will make a difference�
1196.Michael Marks ����
1195.Lisa Bailey ����
1194.Joyce ����
1193.Barry Stacey ����
1192.ray turpin when is our federal govermment going to start ,looking after our own fisherman.��
1191.Al Spencer ����
1190.Cynthia Lynch ����
1189.Vince Brake Calgary���
1188.James Oxford ����
1187.Sherry Adams ����
1186.Kay Folkes Formerly from Grand Falls���
1185.Richard Burnell It's time we take back what's ours, and show those idiots in ottawa how to take care of business.���
1184.Marc J Coady �Marystown, NF��
1183.Randell Cook ����
1182.Jamey Jennings We need to preserve our fishery. It's time foreigners were stopped from raping what stocks are left of a once vibrant fishery!���
1181.vida connors if we cant have the fish nobody should have it���
1180.Shayne Harvey St. John's, NF���
1179.mike goodyear ����
1178.Lori Morton originally from Grand Falls Newfoundland���
1177.Tammy Billard Grand Bruit,Nf���
1176.Eleanor Follett Creston South, NL���
1175.Lisa Fry ����
1174.Chris C. Herridge Grand Bank, NFNow living in St. Thomas, Ontario��
1173.Lisa Tarrant ����
1172.Lu-Anne Lake ����
1171.Sharon Puddester ����
1170.Paula Sheppard ����
1169.Michelle i love newfoundland���
1168.Win Higgins ����
1167.jason keough ����
1166.Dwaine Lake Houston,BC���
1165.Joan Cleary ����
1164.Judy E. Follett Marystown, NF���
1163.Graham Milley ����
1162.Nelson Jenkins ����
1161.Kevin O' Brien ����
1160.Paul Yeou ����
1159.Karl Griffiths ����
1158.Cyril Follett ����
1157.Blair Piercey ����
1156.walt piercey ����
1155.Jeff Piercey ����
1154.Brad Suter ��Conception Bay SouthNewfoundland
1153.Adrian Tobin i think its about time som one looked into what the fisheries dept is doin ���
1152.Deana Angell originally from St.John's, NF���
1151.Gerry Gagnon ����
1150.Vera I. Nickel ����
1149.Catherine Keill ����
1148.Terrence Brett ����
1147.Bob Griffin currently living outside, but from Long Hr, Placentia Bay ���
1146.Robin Dhir ����
1145.Peggy Bartlett ����
1144.Craig Slade ����
1143.barry bartlett ����
1142.Andrew Baird ����
1141.Richard Kosnaskie ����
1140.len clarke ����
1139.Gerald Gillingham ����
1138.Jeremy Depow ����
1137.Chad Schella ����
1136.Owen Beck ����
1135.Lois Johnson ����
1134.Dave Sparkes from Glovertown NF���
1133.Russ Carrigan Ottawa, Ontario, Canada���
1132.Alvina Brushett ����
1131.judy lyle ����
1130.l simms ����
1129.Adam Silverthorn ����
1128.R. F. Gosine ����
1127.Mike McCarthy ����
1126.Lisa Loder ����
1125.Kay Simms ����
1124.Ray Simms ����
1123.Janet Simms ����
1122.Tony Hiscock ����
1121.George Neary ����
1120.Su Alai ����
1119.John Chalker ����
1118.Craig Johnston ����
1117.Barbara Chalker ����
1116.Liam O'Brien It's time for Canada to do something meaningful for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. So far it has not done enough as steward of our fisheries resource.���
1115.Sheldon Smith Originally from Gooseberry Cove, Trinity Bay, NfldNow living in Regina, Sask��
1114.Cynthia Chalker ����
1113.Chris Chalker ����
1112.karen rogers ����
1111.Lisa Morris ����
1110.Kenneth H. Slaney The Fishery is our heritage and our life���
1109.Ted Spicer Professor, Environmental ScienceKitchener-Waterloo, ON��
1108.Austin/Juanita Langdon 60 Donnamora, Thornhill Canada���
1107.Vaughn Maye ����
1106.Max Bungay ����
1105.Julie Cluett ����
1104.Darrell Lake Living in Calgary, AB���
1103.Peggy Halleran ����
1102.Roger Slaney ����
1101.Sharon Kirby Living in AB formerly from NF���
1100.Janeth Strang Living in Tumbler Ridge, BCOriginally from Lawn, NF��
1099.Shirley & Dennis gaslard Enough is enough !!!!!from Port Au Choix,Nf��
1098.Kerry Murray ����
1097.Scott Evans Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.���
1096.Regina Fitzpatrick I agree, something needs to be done.���
1095.Millicent Saunders ����
1094.Edmund Tucker ����
1093.Lynn Tucker ����
1092.Dan Hamon Buffalo, NY, USACanadian Citizen��
1091.Garland Bailey One must ask the question, why was the wind taken out of George Bakers sails when he had all parties from Ottawa on side. If he had been allowed to proceed some of our problems might have been solved before���
1090.Deborah A Dumais Take care to perserve the way of life in unique Nfld.Dunville, Newfoundland (from a family of fishermen)��
1089.william tapper prince rupert, bc���
1088.Anita Hynes ����
1087.Richard Moores ����
1086.Paul Slaney 28 Center St. Brockville, Ont. K6v-5s5 ����
1085.Candace Griffin Freshwater, Newfoundland���
1084.Eric A. Tobin you are the managers do something to stop this onsloth of over fishing.YOU CAN BE REPLACED !!!!!!��
1083.William and Nadine Vardy Clarenville, Nfld.���
1081.Laura Hamou 115 Meikle AveTumbler Ridge BCV0C 2W0�
1080.David Baker The fishery needs a global governing body with buy-in from all nations affected. We need to save this depleting resource.Formerly from Newfundland, currently residing in Brampton, ON��
1078.Brian Whitehorne ����
1077.Peg Norman ����
1076.gerry rogers ����
1075.Mervin Hillier ����
1074.Kathy Knox St. John's, Newfoundland���
1072.Perpetua Gosse ����
1071.Lana Tarrant Toronto, ON(Origianlly from Lawn NF)��
1070.H. Cassidy Gillis ����
1069.Richard C. Slaney My bread & butter depends on the fishery.���
1068.Howard Wellman ����
1067.Valerie Forward ����
1066.Faye Gear This is long over due......something has to be done..I'm appalled that so many people have to leave their own province to fine work, because of this.���
1065.Jim Brockerville Scarborough, Ontariooriginally from Lawn, NF��
1064.Maude Brockerville Scarborough, Ontario originally from Lawn, NF��
1063.Michelle Wilkins ����
1062.George Prosper Halifax, NS - Originally from Newfoundland���
1061.Mitch Flannigan ����
1060.Jessie Strickland Still A Proud Newfoundlander���
1059.r-wadden wake up ottawa-do or die for the cod and others that fish there i was there in the late seven, ts and wee had a hard time to catch 100000, lbs compared to ten years before that 300000,lbs before was done in 8 days or so. ���
1058.Kjetil Nerland Oslo, Norway, formerly Clarenville NF���
1057.MARY RIOUX Formally fr. Corner Brook.I feel soooooo sorry for Nflders.They give so much, n receive soooo little. good luck with this .���
1056.Robert Lee Don't expect anything to change untill the government changes.���
1055.christine st. jean from garden cove,placentia bay���
1053.Lee Howse From Glovertown, NFNow Living in Lafayette, Louisiana��
1052.Esrom Joseph Keeping Formerly of:Garnish, Fortune BayNewfoundland, CanadaHad to move because there were no jobs
1051.Craig Murphy ����
1050.tina ����
1049.Stephen Vineham ����
1048.sandra thornhill[snook]Grand Bank now living in Nova Scotiaabout time to do something for the newfs��
1047.sandra Thornhill{SNOOK} ����
1046.Richard P. Neumann ����
1045.keith Flynn Shame on you Mr. Prime MinisterGet of your ASS!!!!!!and do something��
1044.Paula Hender Originally from St. John's, NewfoundlandNow living in New Orleans, Louisiana��
1043.Justin Dodge ����
1042.Lawrence Manning ����
1041.Bill Dodge Brooks Alberta(Newfoundland)���
1040.Ronald G. & Cecilia Dodge ����
1039.Gerald and June Edwards from Lawn Nfld. Now living in Toronto, Ontario���
1038.Job Taite something needs to be done soon.���
1037.Leonard Goobie ����
1036.Liz Poirier Born In St Johns, NewfoundlandResiding in Montreal, Quebec��
1035.Robert Wicks ����
1034.Gord Barnes ����
1033.Gerald Allan Asivak ����
1032.Maureen Grandy Originally from St. Bernards, and Garnish, Fortune Bay.���
1031.Elroy Grandy It's about time this came to pass!We have stood on the sidelinesfar too long and watched the devastation of our deep sea fishery.
1030.John R Sheppard , Stephenville ����
1029.bertha sacrey living in lark harbour���
1028.Jeffrey Pyefinch Windsor, On���
1027.Jamie Thornhill living in halifax nova scotiaformally from fortune newfoundland��
1026.Bernice Vokey, Trinity, Nl A0C 2S0 I agree totally���
1025.Susan Ashbourne ���� 1024.Tom Cheeks ����
1023.Wilson Hopkins, Trinity, NL A0C 2S0 ����
1022.Leah Warren ����
1021.Maurice Tarrant ����
1020.Rodney Piercey From Gaultois,NF I am a Fishplant worker��
1019.George Collier ����
1018.tina fisher another case where we've been robbed.��� mccarthy it is about time some body opens up there eyes���
1016.Ronald Murphy ����
1015.William G`. Earle ����
1014.Lincoln Elson Spotted Island Labrador���
1013.chris power st.johns ,nfld do you think they would get away with this in the u.s.���
1012.Catherine Earle ����
1011.Lou Smith ����
1010.Audrey McDougall originally from Cavendish, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland���
1009.cyril stone ����
1008.gerald ducey ����
1007.Garry Hillier Plant workerGood !!! It's about time!!!��
1006.Shane Patey St. Anthony, NL���
1004.Ralph Webber Jr. St. John's, NFConserve our Industries.��
1003.Phyllis Cove Goose Bay Labrador���
1002.Darren Cove Goose Bay Labrador���
1001.D. Nosewoethy Over fishing has to be stopped���

1000.Edna Asivak Goose Bay ,Labrador���
999.Jimmy Asivak Goose Bay Labrador���
998.Renee Webber Goose Bay Labrador���
997.Allison Martin ����996.Geoff Bailey Clarenville,NF���
995.Duncan Mosher Grand Falls-Windsor, NF���
994.Ina Mosher Grand Falls-Windsor (MP Rex Barnes(PC)) (MHA Anna Thistle(L))���
993.bruce pardy ����
992.Ronald Mosher I am a resident of Grand Falls-Windsor in the central Newfoundland federal riding of MP Rex Barnes(PC) and the provincial riding of MHA Anna Thistle(L)���
991.Bernice Dewland �Labrador City, NFLD & Lab.��
990.Carl Garland ����
989.Roberta Noonan victoria, NFL���
988.D. Parsons There are so many Nations now feasting of the Fishery of Newfoundland and Labrador's coast, I am wondering if we will find allies out there to help us with our cause to stop the over-fishing. The European fishing waters are under conservation measures, and now the pressure is on the Fishery off our coast at a more voracious rate in appetite than ever before. Every year it seems another Nation claims Historical status in our waters. In the beginning there were only England, France, Spain and Portugal. Now there are many, many other countries claiming historical status, both in Europe and Asia . I don't understand WHY Canada allows this to happen. But, of course, the reason is Canadian Internationl Trade and External Affairs have the say into this, The Fishery of Newfoundland and Labrador supports a great deal of Canadian Trade. Do you think Canada will want to give up the Candy jar now? I don't think so. As we should all know this would cause havoc in Canada's Trade with the rest of the World.���
987.Angela Noonan ����
986.Arch Webber ����
985.Florence Webber ����
984.Adrian Noonan ����
982.Andrew Oake FOGO ISLAND���
981.Carol Rice It is about time.���
980.Harold Goobie ����
979.Ross Wiseman ����
978.Bruce Bullen ����
977.Paul Maher Great Idea.���
976.james a lamb i follow your efforts, via media, especially mr etchegarrys efforts, keep working���
975.Dexter Gilbert ����
974.Baxter Goulding ����
973.Bridget Ford ����
972.Sharon Faria ����
971.stephanie clarke-liptak �living in ontarioraised in gander.�
970.Donald R. Piercey ����
969.Randy O. LeDrew ����
968.Cindy Gillingham ����
967.Jeff Winsor ����
966.Robert Rowsell ����
965.Larry Goulding ����
964.Barb Bolger Time for the gouvernment to startthinking about Newfoundlanders for a change.�
963.Paul Andrews Originally from Carbonear, NFLD���
962.Keith Baker ����
961.Francis R. Reardon Jr. ����
960.Lorne ����
959.Brian Kean Gander,NF���
958.Marcella Hines. This is a very important issue.���
957.Debbie Haley ����
956.Robert Brown ����
955.Dianne Hunt Conche, Nfld.Some people are still waiting for the fish��
954.Rob Dyer Save the fishery for NewfoundlandersBaie Vert, Newfoundland��
953.John Engram ����
952.Roy Critch Cavendish���
951.Judy Critch Cavendish���
950.Dona Torraville Fort McMurray, Albertaoriginally from Fogo, NF��
949.Cairine Woodman New Harbour���
948.Nicole Woodman New Harbour���
947.Sharon Woodman New Harbour���
946.Fred Woodman Sr. New Harbour���
945.Fred Woodman Good Luck���
944.Geoff Woodman Good Luck���
943.Leonard Fewer ����
942.Clement Walsh Who do the Federal Fishery Minister think He is to just dismiss the fishery committee report. It is people like him who has caused this disaster.���
941.Garett Reid Iqaluit, NunavutHometown - Labrador City��
940.Denise and Don Lemire ����
939.Jason Hillier Toronto, ON���
938.M.E. Carroll / Conseption Bay South ����
937.Tom Mitchell ����
936.Stephenie Crane ����
935.Harold Hawco ����
934.Pam Brown Mount Pearl, NF���
933.Harold Kelly ����
932.LeRoy Gillingham ����
931.Terrye Hunt Mt. Pearl, NFL���
930.Kathryn Ayers Originally from Fortune, Nfld.���
929.Shawn Skinner ����
928.sherry turnbull ����
927.Kevin Brewer ����
926.Jocelyn Costello ����
925.Joe Roberts ����
924.Shirley Roberts L.B.I.���923.sharon vokey ����
922.Bruce&Susan Squires Bruce had to leave his province to seek workin ONT. we feel it is not FAIR to the NFLD.people to leave their province to look for workelse where.HELP the NFLD. PEOPLE TODAY/921.I MULLETT ����
920.Pamela Peckford Please review this. It is so important to the peoples of Newfoundland and Labrador���
919.H..W. (Bill) Hillier Newfoundlanders are Canadians too and deserve support in our fight against overfishing of the Grand Banks���
918.Raymond O'Toole ����
917.Anne White ����
916.Boyd Collins CarmanvilleNF��
915.Gertie LeShane ����
914. Shelly Scott ����
913.Jerry Marshall ����
912.Tina Marshall ����
910.Desmond Kelly ����
909.R S Cantwell about time what about the future of the fish stocks ��
908.Heather ����
907.Gladys Rideout ����
906.Les Rideout ����
905.Roy E. Moore I have had to leave my beloved province for work due to the demise of the fishing industry as a whole. Something needs to be done.���
904.Tammy Smith SUPPORTINGMary's HarbourLabrador�
903.Fred Roberts ����
902.Gary Locke ����
901.Michael Nolan ����
900.Todd Keuleman It's a nice idea however if it is not important to Quebec or Ontario it won't happen. ���
899.Paul Traverse ����
898. Steve Redding Go to ...SIGN the petition there� Visit... Read... .... Message board....
897.eric herridge ����
896.Cheryl Westcott, Moncton, NB (Formerly from St. John's NF) ����
895.Clara Byrne ����
894.Jason Gaudet ����
893.Lillian Fitzpatrick ����
892.rockey mitchell ����
891.Victoria Hendry Please help protect our provinces natural resources from the foreign fishery. It is just unfair that we are struggling as it is without the foreign fisherman destroying what little fishery we have left. Something must be done to stop the foreign fishing, and it must be stopped now before the NFLD's fishery is completely destroyed. ���
890.Donna E Spurrell Please consider the rights of NF and let us all work together to sustain the natural source of food and therefore our means of sustaining this province.���
889.phyllis wall get rid of foreign fishing and extend to 500 miles���
888.Connie Larson Madison, WI���
887.Lorna D. Vokey SUPPORTING ���
886.Mark Alan Whittle Fire one across their bow for Compliance.Hamilton Mountain - ward seven��
885.Michael MacNeil ����
884.Glen E. Crocker SUPPORTING Mount PearlNewfoundland�
883.Paul Foote Again, we feel ignored and neglected by mainland Canada.���
882.Jason S.L. Saunders ����
881.Harold Lambert Lets finally do something right for Newfoundland and Labrador; not for everybody else but ourselves.���
880.Beverley Radford ����
879.William Radford ����
878.jean vokey ����
877.douglas vokey its about time nl stood and fight for what is ours���
876.Steve Specker ����
875.Leonard Wickens ����
874.Calvin F Noble Canadian custodial management of the fisherieson the Grand Banks,including the nose & tail of thebanks is essential to the economic and social survivalof coastal communities on Canada's east coast.
873.Jackie Butler ����
872.donald hearn ����
871.Robert Wheeler ����
870.Wayne Murphy ����
869.Boyce Hallett The time has come the Walruss said," s.... or get off the pot" I hope and pray that it is not too late. We must have custodial management if Outport Newfoundland has any chance at survival, and while you are at it you must do something about the process of mechanization in the way fish are caught. If we could but only flashback to the methods used in catching fish using cod trap, hook and line , and trawl of the type used in the Grand Bank Fishery we would have fish for ever, not only for ourselves but foreigners as well. We should get back and rethink our technology, a technology based on hook and line and eliminate the greed that has caused us to be in the present state we find ourselves.Ps. ignor my earlier signature. It got submitted before I was ready��
868.Gaylia Reid ����
867.Lew Hefford ����
866.D. Hiscock ����
865.cliff hynes labrador cityalthough i am not a fisherman, i would like tothink that those people that had the courageto remain in rural nfld could continue to do so.864.chris king ����
863.Paul Foley A wonderful idea���
862.Charlie Rice Ottawa please do what is right.���
861.L:isa Rice When we passed over custody of our Fish resources to Ottawa in 1948 Ottawa pledged that it would conserve and protect the fishery , they have reneged on their pledge.���
860.maxine peyton its time for the raping to stop, and all newfoundlanders to come back to newfoundland���
859.perry peyton fully agree with the petition, it may already be to late for the cod, canada should get a backbone and protect our resources.newfoundland resources seem to have been used only for the betterment of mainland canada.��
858.Colleen Kearley ����
857.David M. Halton ����
856.Edwin Brown ����
855.EARL HARRIS ����
854.Cynthia Downey The Best of Luck -- Make this a great day for Newfoundland & Labrador���
853.Anthony Kellett ����
852.BRIAN BARRY Patrick's Cove, Cape ShoreStop this overfishing by foreigners on the grand banks its gone on long enough��
851.Ray.Newman ����
850.rick careen ����
849.lorna harris ����
848.Cecilia McGrath Patrick's CoveStop this overfishing and rapeing our fishing grounds, its gone on long enough��
847.HEATHER BARRY Patricks' CoveThe foreigners are going to destroy the Grand Bank fishery of Newfoundland if they are not stopped from overfishing��
846.Warren Kelly ����
845.HOLLY BARRY Patrick's Cove Stop this devestation of our fishing ground��
844.Paul Harris ����
843.Eric Sinclair ����
842.Nikki Barry Patrick's CoveStop this rapeing of our fishing ground��
841.Regina Barry Patrick's CoveWe have a moritorium in Newfoundland now for 10 years, and Newfoundlanders have stopped fishing while the foreigners are still fishing��
840.Florence B. Cowan ����
839.Alexander P. Cowan ����
838.Harold Laing About time for Newfoundlanders to take some action.���
837.bill hynes save the fishery���
836.Patricia Walsh-Connolly ����
835.BRAIN BARRY Stop the foreigners from rapeing our fishing grounds���
834.gerard hynes save the fishery���
833.Marie Simms St.Anthony���
832.William Simms Retired EngineerSt. Anthony��
831.Verna Baggs ����
830.Randolph J. Dawe
829.Sylvia Rowe St. John's, NF���
828.Edward A. Connolly ����
827.Rick Dalton ����
826.Colleen Bird Newfoundland has to take a stand and try to save out heritage and for many more their only source of income.The government has already made so many of the people of newfoundland move from their families and thus ruining our lives forever, our children deserve to have the right to a wonderful life on the island but the government has taken that away from so many.��
825.Judy Ricketts ����
823.LISA MOSSEY ����
822.linda clendenny mccarthy linmark@optonline.netOuter Cove Newfoundland��
821.Roger Scaplen ����
820.Gordon Benoit ����
819.Cameron Kelly Acton, Ontario���
818.W. Trent MacDonald ����
817.David G. Smith ����
816.Christina Gardiner, Conche, NL. Do it now, so the fishery can rebuild its stocks for future use.���
815.Jerome Gardiner Conche,NL. It,s time something s been done.���
814.John T. Milley It is time for Ottawa to open its eyes and ears and listen to the people most effected by the fishery . take advice from educated people in the resource and fix the mismanagement that has occured for the past fifty or more years. the large draggers should not be able to throw away any fish that is taken in aboard ,this is only one of the many problems.���
813.Ira Gould Initiative is the key.���
812.Gordon Evely ����
811.bev burton ����
810.Kelsey Barry ����
809.Mindy Barry ����
808.Marguerite Barry ����
807.Webster Burke ����
806.Dale Burke ����
805.Stephen Buffett ����
804.Bernice Francis ����
803.Ann Marie Francis ����
802.John Francis ����
801.Louis Francis ����
800.Steven Buffett ����
799.Nadine Wells ����
798.Aimee Burke ����
797.Cynthia LaQuant ����
796.Jared Ross The Fishing stock must be managed better,this is a good first step���
795.Coleen Dingwell Corbin ����
794.Richard Harris ����
793.Rebecca gingrich I respect the intent of this petition, but there is no way the Liberals are going to implement anything that is good for Canadians. They would rather be seen as the providers to the world, at the expense of Canadians.���
792.Calvin Penney Take control before there is nothing left to controlGrimsby Ontario (Churchill Falls Lab.)��
791.Michael Watkins I personally endorse this petition without reservation.Chair, National Technology Committee, PC Party of Canada��
790.Gerry Desorcy ����
789.JOAN NELSON ����
788.Allan Kellar ����
787.Jessica Austria ����
786.Daphne Pike ����
785.Joanne Connors My ancestors fished these waters whether Irish,Basque,English or French let this petition protect these waters from overfishing and entrust this charge to Canada.���
784.Kevin J. Flynn Bishop's Falls now in East River NS���
783. Mac Oldford & Verna Oldford long overdue���
782.Joan Cameron ����
781.Brenda Sears ����
780.Fred Highmore ����
779.Anne Menchinton Mount Pearl..............don't take no for an answer.���
778.Mike Menchinton 'bout time!���
777.Joanne Leamon ����
776.Myles Fitzgerald ����
775.Robert Dennis ����
774.Joan Fitzgerald ����
773.Fred Clairmont
772.Scott Lechky CalgaryAlbertaCanada�
771.Jeffrey McLeod Do not let another ecological disaster happen... The fisherie's must be protected... The future of a culture and a huge economic driver is at stake. ���
770.rebecca parsons I hope Ottawa listens.���
769.Ken Crocker Inuvik NT���
768.eli parsons, sr I'm glad we are doing something about it.���
767.carla noseworthy There must not be anybody in Ottawa listening to the pleas of Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans, or else the overfishing problem would have been solved by now. If Nefoundland and Labrador is to survive, something has to be done and it has to be done immediately. The Fishery Resource is one that is renewable and one that could sustain Newfoundland and Labrador for eternity. If we act as good stewards, from this moment on, and see that the fish are conserved properly, maybe, just maybe, Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans will be able to create vibrant economies and stay in their beautiful province forever.By the way the people of this province have been too passive for too long. No other Canadian would have put up with the abuse to their resources the way the people of this province have done so. I would like to see the tables turned and see people from other provinces and the world coming to our doorstep and living with us and in turn helping us to create a vibrant economy.���
766.Patricia Curlew ����
765.Denny Rodgers Why not give this issue the same urgency as Kyoto?Is our sea not the responsibility of the world as well?��
764.clifford samson ����
763.Nathalie Rees Better defence of all Canada's interests is long overdue���
762.Blair Morris ����
761.Bryan Legrow ����
760.Scott Reid ����
759.Angela Wicks ����
758.Elizabeth Ann Westcott Thank you for your dedication!���
757.William G. Westcott Congratulations to you and good luck!���
756.kevin walsh A Newfoundlander working and living in the Caribbean���
755.Tracey O'Reilly St. John's, Newfoundland���
754.Jason Ralph OttawaON��
753.eric noseworthy Neglect of the Fish Resources has been going on far too long. If we are to stop it before it is too late, if indeed, it isn't already too late, NOW is the time to do so. It is critical that we do so at this moment. I am glad that this initiative has been started. We should not lose sight of it now.KEEP IT IN MOTION!!���
751.Judy Kennedy ����
750.Florence Burden ����
749.Jeff Ivany ����
748.JIM WALSH, MHA Conception Bay East- Bell Island ����
747.George Crocker ����
746.Lucille T. Gambin ����
745.John Fitzgerald When are politicians going to realize that they are elected to represent the views of the the people that elected them.The outcry against this is deafening but the political response is abysmal!���
744.Mary Barter ����
743.Brent Quilty fully support this petition���
742.Jon Drover ����
741.Linda Parsons St. John's, Newfoundland���
740.Vera Mooney Mt.Pearl���
739.Richard Rogers ����
738.Donna Haynes ����
737.Jill Parsons Save our fisheries.���
736.Agnes Noseworthy When the Terms of Union were drawn up, the Newfoundland Government of the day should have ensured that the right clauses were added to the Terms of Union to have secured NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADORS RESOURCESS AND THE FUTURE of thisPROVINCE for this province's use. If we had drawn up a ROCK SOLID contract at the time, we would not be suffering the way we are today because of the fact we have not being able to build economies in the different areas of this province. THE VERY WEAK TERMS OF UNION MADE IN 1949 SEEMED TO HAVE BEEN DRAWN UP BY PEOPLE WHO OBVIOUSLY WERE NOT VERY W ELL VERSED IN CONTRACT MAKING, AND AS A RESULT THE TERMS OF UNION MADE US WARDS OF OTTAWA'S COURT AND GAVE OTTAWA COMPLETE CONTROL OF OUR MAIN RESOURCES SUCH AS OUR FISH AND OFFSHORE OIL AND GAS. HOW CAN WE PROSPER IF WE HAVE NO CONTROL OF OUR DESTINY? NOW WE NEED STRONG LEADERS TO GO TO OTTAWA AND STAND UP TO THE INJUSTICES DONE BY OTHERS. IF WE ARE TO SURVIVE IN THIS PROVINCE WE HAVE TO GET SOME CONTROL BACK FROM OTTAWA.. ���
735.Ryan Parsons ����
734.Michelle Powell Carbonear, NF���
733.Max Powell ����
732.James Cook ����
731.jocelyn chatman i agree it has to be stopped we are not allowed to fish why should foreigners do so the fish know no boundries���
730.Brian Mallard Ban the foreigners���
729.Wayne Dawe St. John's, NF���
728.Wade Morris Do the honorable���
727.Joe Young When I remember the size of the codfish my grandfather caught fifty years ago and see the size they are today, it's obvious to me that something has to be done to save the fishery.���
726.Roger Hart ����
725.Kylie Gould Would be some help at least...���
724.Harold Barry If the people of nfld don't do this our politicians sure as hell never will���
723.Melissa Barry All the way for Nfld.���
722.Reg Farrell The addressing of this issue is critical to the survival of rural Newfoundland. The depletion of our cod stocks is without a doubt the echological disaster of the century. It simply cannot be permitted to continue.���
721.Rebecca Barry go for it.���
720.Jackie Walsh Torbay, NF���
719.Dolna Garbary ����
718.Kevin McPhee Montreal, QC���
717.Michael Walsh ����
716.bob lahey ����
715.Greg Hennebury Something has to be done...If it's not too late.���
714.Jean Goodyear It's about time someone paid attention to us Newfoundlanders, we are sick and tired of having so many resources and someone there to either take it away or gov. reps giving it away. We have so many riches, and yet we are so poor, all through the means of greed and politicians too happy to please Ottawa and other foreign nations, and so many of our people having to leave our province to go out across Canada in search of work is utterly redicilious. We are so rich, but yet so poor. I congratulate all you fine people who have taken up this cause and lets hope it won't fall on deaf ears, after all, I will bet anyone that the sons and daughters of these Nfld politicians do not have to go outside the province to search for employment. Thank you for your time and attention and I wish all of you the best of luck in your worthwhile cause for our people and out Province of Nfld & Labrador.���
713.Damian Penny���
712.Fran Williams Nain, NL.Surprise us,do the right thing and correct the past wrongs.��
711.Charles Godwin Ottawa, ON���
710.Daniel Stead ����
709.Rick M It is ours. It has been ours for a very long time. Save it!���
708.Marcella Barrington ����
707.Blake Robert ����
706.angela rose lloydminsteralberta��
705.Laurence Putnam ���� ����
703.David Hart CalgaryAlberta��
702.Jonathan Ralph ����
701.Robert McKenney OrleansOntario��
700.David Miksha We need a more ballsy approach to saving our own fisheries. What's wrong with the Captain Canada model? I bet the Spaniards weren't eager to take our fish after that! Aha!���
699.James Murphy ����
698.Lorna Pike Calgary AB originally from Corner Brook NF���
697.Greg Penny ����
696.Joe Hueglin ����
695.Dwain Sheldrake ����
694.Patrick Jackson Godrich ON���
693.David Jackson Ottawa, ON���
692.Chris Fewer ����
691.Allan R Somers ����
690.archie crane ����
689.Patrick Hanlon St.John's Newfoundland���
688.Brian & Donna (Hollett) Gale ����
687.mike mac rae step up to the challenge members of parliment���
686.Amanda Biezenski Where have all the fish gone...duh!���
685.norm m kennedy ����
684.zita burke ����
683.Lillian Pretty ����
682.Francis Andrews ����
681.leah sheppard ����
680.Rick Lockyer ����
679.adam sheppard ����
678.sheila sheppard ����
677.ray sheppard ����
676.Albert Senior ����
675.Kerry Thorne Someone's got to take control for conservation purposes if nothing else. The world will thank us in the end! ���
674.Judy Murphy ����
673.Harold Cunning ����
672.gerry angel The Federal Gov't should protect all things Canadian���
671.Frances Hurley Hi i work in a fish plant i,am from n d bay .. ���
670.Paul Bartlett This is long overdue!���
669.Ross L. Sacrey Action is long overdue!���
668.Dean MacDonald ����
667.Betty Coles ����
666.Brian Coles ����
665.Kevin Power strong Program is long overdue and should now be strongly enforced. How much longer will it take to destroy the rest of the fishery?���664.Donald Coles ����663.Trevor Smith Inuvik,N.W.T���662.Nancy Coles ����661.Eugene Coles ����660.R. Ward Pike Give Newfoundland and Labrador back control over our fishery, at the very least, or give us unimpeded access to independence. NF+LB has had 53 years of Canada's boot shoved down our throat and it is time for it to end! ���659.Edward McGrath Croque,Nfld/Lab. ����658.Sandra McGrath Croque,Nfld/Lab. ����657.Jim Dwyer ����656.Harvey Jarvis FISH, is why our ancestors came here and our rural communities need FISH to survive. It's about time FISH were used for more than the "SURVIVAL" of politicians.���655.Calvin Sacrey The Grand Banks fishery has been over fished by other countries far to long and it is time to put a stop to it.���654.Wayne Gamberg ���Conception Bay South, Newfoundland653.Eileen Gamberg ���Conception Bay South, Newfoundland652.Jamie Osmond from Hampden, White Bay, Nfld Missing the once, plentiful cod fish from my childhood��651.Aiden Wadman Arnold'c Cove���650.MIKE DAVIS ����649.Elaine Worth Guysborough N.S.���648.Herb Ebsary ����647.Mike Noticell I am a newfie and I want to fish down by the lake der bise. But dem foren vessels keep fishin my dog gone fishI's A Bise A Build da Boat ��646.Deanna Pike ����645.Paul Dwyer Hometown Conception Bay South��� francis ����643.Marina Blake ����642.Jeanie Hancock ����641.Matt Smith ����640.Tracy Doran ����639.Bradley Anderson Its about time every Newfoundlanderstood up and signed this Petition.Please join with us and show Canada andthe rest of World what we are truly made of.638.Peter L. Saunders ����637.Gloria Bobbitt Chevery, Quebec, Canada���636.Quentin Baldwin ����
635.Deena Renouf ����
634.Andrew D Clarke ����
633.Doreen, Ron, Christopher and Andrew Chisholm ����
631.Terry Case ����
630.Melissa Tugnum Calgary, AB���
629.Keith Gavin �HamiltonOntarioCanada628.Hilda Clark ����
627.Patrick Edwin Cooley I am a Citizen of Canada.���
626.Holly Parsons ����
625.Jessica Parsons ����
624.Jennifer Parsons ����
623.Dale Haynes It's time to take a united stand for Newfoundland and Labrador.���
622.janis osmond Hampden, NF���
621.Kiera Galway ����
620.Barb Jeddore 32 High StreetDeer Lake, NFA8A 1N5�
619.TODD CROFT Seals are the other big problem. The seal population is out of control and destroying the cod stocks. No matter how 'cute' they appear, we need a major seal hunt. ���
618.Dick Cook ����
617.Trudy Hutchings ����
616.Una (warren) Mitchell fromBurgeo, Nf- living in Guelph,On���
615.Lisa Benson ����
614.Rodger Benson ����
613.Carl Kippenhuck Charlottetown, Labrador���
612.rod hancock formerly St. John'sNow living in Lloydminster Alberta��
611.Marilyn Kippenhuck Charlottetown, Labrador���
610.Dorothy Minnett-Hancock formly of St. John's Now living in Lloydminster Alberta��
609.Lorraine Williams Schapansky ����
608.Jocelyn Chaytor ����
607.Susan Evoy ����
606.Randy Miller ����
605.William Poole ����
604.Tina Aasman (Foote) formerly of Burin, Newfoundland���
603.Melv Warford ����
602.Harvey Dawe ����
601.Fraser Delouche ����
600.Gerard Noseworthy From: Campbelles Creek, NewfoundlandLiving in: Brampton, Ontario��
599.Terry Maddox ����
598.Tracy Martin ����
597.Bernice Murphy/ Delta, BC ����
595.Catherine (Peckford) Tinsey Parents (Ginn & Peckford) from Change Islands. I was born in St. Anthony���
594.Kim Spearns ����
593.Rex I Coish I`am happy to have the opportunity to sign this pettion,it`s about time we(the people)tried to get something done about " our " offshore fishery��
592.Moe Geddis ����
591.Jim Fidler ����
590.Brian Pope ����
589.Lillian Fidler ����
588.Mary Bartlett ����
587.Yvonne Power ����
586.Kevin Quinlan This is a very complex national and international trade issue, but do it we must if we are to build sustainable livelihoods for Newfoundlanders, Labradorians, and other Atlantic Canadians..... We should have moved forward on this issue when we had the national, and a fair bit of international, momentum 10 years ago. ���
585.K. C. Mueller Please see the UNESCO Manifesto 2000 - Code of Ethics, Illinois USA��
584.Boyd Cranford ����
583.Heather Smith St. John's, NF���
582.Andy Tucker St. Anthony���
581.Martin Hiscock Will the Federal Government ever listen?���
580.Robin Rodway Clarenville NL���
579.Thomas J McCarthy ����
578.Pat Johnson Guelph, Ontario, CanadaAs a proud Newfoundlander I am extremely upset at the lack of vision of the Canadian government. We need to protect our resources for the future of our country.��
577.Shannon Cleary TIME to FIGHT���
576.Martha Hunter ����
575.Doug Johnson Guelph, Ontario, CanadaI truly believe that it is about time that the Canadian Government took a strong stand against the overfishing that is occurring in the waters adjacent to the 200 mile limit.��
574.Lorne G. Buick St. John's, NF ���
573.Blair Boyle ����
572.Maureen Graham Originally from Buchans, NFnow living in Gananoque, ON��
571.Wellman Parsons ����
570.John C. Perlin ����569.Donna O'Driscoll Topsail���
568.Alvin Pilgrim For too long we have watched while foreign fishing continues to threaten the future of our once strong and vibrant resource. It's time our politicians start listening to the NFLD fisherman and take action. ���
567.Warrick Gillingham LISTEN TO USBRAMPTONONTARIOCANADA566.Sheldon Byrne Conche, NF���
565.Jim Duff ����
564.Ross LeShane ����
563.Sonya Higgins ����
562.Bridget Ghaney ����
561.Darlene Kearney Originally from conche,NfGreat Job guys��
560.John R. Forward ����
559.Gerry Byrne ����
558.ROGER SQUIRES sould have been done in the seventies.���
557.Marguerite Hall Port au PortNewfoundland��
556.Walter Bouzane I fully support this petition���
555.Gerald and Mollie Saunders ����
554.BRUCE COISH ����
553.Tracy Oates Past Federal Fishery Ministers have been incompetent in conserving and rebuilding cod stockes. Since Thibault has no inclination nor interest in stopping foreign overfishing, put more control back into the hands of Newfoundland and Labrador who owned that resource prior to confederation with Canada . Canada has used our fishing grounds and a pawn in international trade and it took them less that 50 years to all but destroy a renewable resource. Even now Thibault refuses to make waves in the international arena by extending Canada's control beyond the 200 miles limit. I say, fire him !!!���
552.Paul Casey Conche, NFLong Overdue !! ��
551.Harold De Louche This may be our last chance to save the stocks off the coast of Newfoundland. ���
550.nancy wheeler ����
549.Dan Goodyear ����
548.Wade Parsons This just cannot continue���
547.Sonya Pinsent Quispamsis, NB���
546.George Rees. ����
545.JDH ����
544.Charlotte Halleran ����
543.Trina Pilgrim-Spicer Originally from Hampden,NewfoundlandNow living in North Sydney, Nova Scotia��
542.Raymond W. Simms ����541.Len Rowe ����
540.Richard Rossiter ����
539.Mike Stoyles Very worthwhile cause���
538.Thomas A. Poynter ����
537.Delight Byrne ����
536.Joy Etchegary ����

535.Elizabeth Pike/Boyles Originally from the west coast of Nfld.Planning on relocating to home this year on theWest coast from Ont. I wish to share with my family, my heritage and culture. This in fact seems to be dwindling away. It's time to come home before it's all gone, and they never have the ability to appreciate it.
534.Jeff Wells This should have been implemented many years ago.It's about time we make a stand!��
533.Gary E. Jefferies ����
532.Sean Collins ����
531.Terry Tapper ����
530.Yolanda Lambe-Tapper ����
529.jamie ryan ����
528.Blair Jefferies Calgary, AB���
527.Patrick Boyle ����
526.Jason Oake ����
525.Garry Bambrick St. John'sNewfoundland��
524.Shirley Moores ����
523.Nicole Gale Origin: Lark Harbour, Bay of Islands���
522.Shirley Evely I was put out of work because of over fishinggo for it protect what we have leftDo everything you can to save our fish
521.Boyd Durdle ����
520.Sandy Janes Went fishing in Newfoundland when i was a little girl. With my dad while on vacation.Hope to be able to fish again in June 2003 for good.��
519.Gerry Mullins Originally from Nfld. Now living in Ottawa.This should have been done 30 years ago.���
518.Bill Janes ����
516.James Rees I offer my full support to this petition.���
514.Alexander Williams The Canadian government should be charged with ethnic cleansing. They will soon wipe out a 500 year old culture. Most of my generation live on the mainland. Our children know nothing of Newfoundland culture and heritage, only what we have told them.���
513.william Hooper Its about time���
512.Bruce edwards as a former fishery officer I urge the federal gov't to take control of OUR resources. Too Long we have allowed foreigners (and Locals) to rape our fish stocks. Just ask Gus etchegary how much small fish his Company discarded while he was at the helm, and then imagine what the foreigners discarded.The best discision is or Newfoundland to leave Canada and control our ouw resources.���
511.Tracey Elson Black TickleHow long does overfishing by foreigners have to continue :(Something has to be done.�
510.Grant Etchegary ����
509.Todd Lane ����
508.Andrea Lane ����
507.Eric Stringer I do this more in support of Mr. Etchegarry's on-going mission to salvage what's left of our fishery and to get it back on a more stable footing than I do to realistically expect those in power positions to care about what's happening here; they have other angles.���
506.C. Bruce Keep up the good work���
505.George Withers ����
504.William Withers ����
503.tina gill ����
502.josephine sheppard i fully support this petition���
500.john sheppard ����
499.Gerald W. F.McCarthy----------------Humber East District Corner Brook Give Newfoundland and Labrador its rights. andCanada too.���
498.Eric Lear The fishing industry is the back bone of this province. We must have complete control over the Nose & Tale of the Banks. Our Crab, Turbot fishery is on the line here also. Lets rebuild our fishery our future.���
497.C J Squires ����
496.Debbie Cross ����
495.Danielle Cross ����
494.Anthony J. Smith ����
493.Hayward Cross ����
492.Donald LeShane �Lower Island Cove, NL., A0A 2W0��
491.Leo Antle Fox Cove, Newfoundland���
490.leo Buckley, St. John's, Nfld/Labrador ����
489.Florence Coffey ����
488.Anthony Peters ����
487.Pat Green ����
486.Claude Morrison Originally from NF now living in NB���
485.Sandra Evans St. John's, NewfoundlandIt's about time we're doing something for our future.. ��
484.calvin hepditch ����
483.Ryan Pitts ����
482.Grace Pitts Canning's Cove, Nfld.���
481.Glenys Evans St. John's, Newfoundland���
480.Juanita simms Nfld,Mount Pearl���
479.J.G.Wilson All cod fishing should be totally stoped to give recovery a fighting chance���
478.Brian Wareham CFB Trenton Ontario���
477.lomond simms Nfld,Mount PearlDisplaced fish plant engineer��
476.Bill Evans St. John's, Newfoundland���
475.Sharon D. Warren-Loduca From Burgeo, Newfoundlandnow living in Barrie, Ontario��
474.Marvin Pitts ����
473.SD Loduca ����
472.Stacey Evans St. John's, NewfoundlandMarine Environmental Student MI��
471.Jeremy Rose ����
470.Trevor C. Bungay ����
469.Theresa O'Brien Gander, NL���
468.Renita I. Dominaux ����
467.Max Winsor Goose Bay���
465.Gregory R. Dominaux ����
464.Clarence Tulk ����
463.Gerard O'Brien Gander, NL���
462.LeeAnn M. Dominaux ����
461.lloyd Earle Canada should take control of the Grand Banks���
460.Lucy V. Dominaux ����
459.Paul Ennis it is time for "the peoples" government to listen to the people and deal with this problem once and for all. The future of Newfoundland and Labrador depends on it.���
458.Glynn A. Dominaux ����
457.Jerry Hicks ����
456.Faustina Cummings ����
455.Gail Chaulk ����
454.Dave Sparkes ����
453.Linda Chapeskie We must take care of the oceans, including the fisheries!���
452.Peggy Ryan ����
451.Howard Skinner ����
450.Anne Marie White ����
449.Violet Snow ����
448.Lee Hebert I agree���
447.Linda M Roche I support the Petition to support the Standing Committees recommendation.���
446.Cyril Dalton ����
445.Pleman Wheaton ����
444.I.M. Paddock ����
443.Ruth Rees Kingston, Ontario���
442.A.M. Paddock ����
441.Bruce Peckford ����
440.M.Pol ����
439.R.N. Abbott ����
438.David Peddle Bristols Hope NFLD���
436.Roland D. Penney Stop the pillage and save a way of life���
435.Hedley Sacrey ����
434.Wilson Butt ����433.Linda (House) Waynick I am originally from Corner Brook living in the USA. I would hate to see the decline of the fisheries by over fishing . The fisheries have been a way of life for Newfoundlanders as long as there has been a Newfoundland. Please save the fisheries for our future generation of Newfoundlanders!!���
432.Sheila Cooke ����
431.Ella Philpott ����
430.Ed Smith ����
429.john walsh lets protect this inportent resource���
428.Colleen English-Lillos Tottenham, ON���
427.Petrina Power Originally from Labrador, living in Iqaluit, Nunavut���
426.Michelle Gillingham Originally from Corner Brook���
425.Stephen McAllister Formerly of Nfld and now in AlbertaSomthing definitely has to be done to ensure the future of the Atlantic fishery and the preservation of the way of life enjoyed by so many Newfoundlanders in the small and big outports on the coast's of Nfld. ��
424.Esther A. Brennan ����
423.George Senior Former Mayor of Burin(1977-80)Retired School SuperintendentLet's keep our people at home-we need the numbers for productivity and economic growth�
422.Diane Henley ����
421.alvin fudge ����
420.Jill Caines ����
419.Arlene Rossiter Ramea, NF is my home...and it will always be home. I just don't want to see it turn into another outport community that died because of the fishery.���
418.Steve LeDrew Cambridge,Ont.���
417.Judy Gaudon please act on this very important petition as expeditiously as possible. This is a crime that has been allowed to continue for too long now. Just think...someday we will have to buy our cod from Iceland!���
416.Rodney R Bickford ����
415.Walter Hillier New Harbour.T.Bay���
414.Graham Clarke ����
413.Albert Etheridge ����
412.Cluny Randell Rattling Brook, Green Bay, Newfoundland���
411.Ian Hutchinson ����
410.Lorna Beatty ����
409.Arthur Griffin It,s kind of late to hope we can correct the mistake of53 years ago.....but it,s a start.��
408.Julian Walsh ����
407.Karen deForest ����
406.derek skinner fortune baynfld��
405.kirk hilts Were all paying for bad management and its got to stop���
404.Dale L Saunders just returned to my home province onlyto read about the Grand Bank fisheriesmanagement petition to minister of fisheriesand oceans federally and i feel that in order to lend my support to this cause, otherwise fisheries will be lost to foreigners and we have to do with out. I am very pleased to be able to sign my name to this petition. I left this province almost 4 years ago to find work in the NWT, but am well aware of what is happening to fisheries in this province and it is high time Federal Government to take notice and act in our favor not against us and it is time province took a firmer stand or do they really care what happens to our fishery.
403.Rodney Torraville ����
402.Douglas K. Saunders I am a former resident of Nf. and nowliving in the NWT, but I do keep up onthings in my birth province, and it istime that the Feds. listened to the fisher persons of this province.
401.Melvin L. Saunders & Olive C. Saunders ����
400.Kelly Mollins ����
399.gail rideout ����
398.Helen Hefford ����
397.Shawn Muise ����
396.Paulette Nash ����
395.Krysta Petrie ����
394.Ian M. Petrie It is time for Canada to live up to its commitments to Newfoundland under the terms of Confederation. Welfare just doesn't cut it. Canada should live up to its commitments as a sovereign nation on the planet Earth, and look to preserving and perpetuating our resources; STOP selling out to Big Business! ���
393.Paul Sharpe Its about time some-one said something Canada should worry more about helping its own people first��
392.lewis saunders ����
391.Edwin Ball I'm at the present time working in PEI not by choice but because of the mismanaged fishery. I come from a small fishing town with a big heart but i could not see myself living on welfare because both levels of goverment could not see fit to help a town to get its people who have worked hard all there lives back to work . thats why i'm here but i would be home in a heart beat if the work was there so make the move and save whatever bit of the fishing grounds that are still worth saving and help me come back home...... and home is Ramea NfLd . ���
390.Adam Lundrigan ����
389.Trevor Davis Bishop's FallsLets stand together and hope that its not too late.... NFLD forever��388.Randy Yetman ����
387.Sandra McEldon ����
386.sara ����
385.Ivy Robertson ����
384.Paul Mitchell ����
383.Nancy Lush ����
382.Greta A. lush ����
381.Norman J. Lush M.D. I agree it is time we made it clear to Ottawa that something has to be done���
380.Wayne V Osmond 52 years to late but i am signing and i hope it can make a difference.(a plug for my photosite)go to,the id is wvo,password is cape.��
379.Deborah Squires ����
378.Tom Schroer ����
377.Karen Lee Benoit - Wong ����
376.Junior Philpott ����
375.Katherine Philpott ����
374.Harrison Thomas �As a former Newfoundlander, I can easily identify what you guys must be dealing with. I spent many a days and nights fighting with the government on various issues on various committes in the port aux basques area. A petition may be fine but the only thing that our so called leaders understands is confrontation, They seem to have one thing in mind, that's to be re elected enough times to collect a pension. So as Newfoundlanders lets show these blood sucking tax grabing loafers that we mean business. ��
373.Leone Hall ����
372.Terry Butt ����
371.James D. Saunders It's time for Newfoundlanders to stand up for their self's...We've alway's been treated as second-class citizen's by the Federal Government. ��
370.Janet Breen ����
369.Rose Clarke ����
368.Brenda Black Something needs to be done now........Newfoundlanders have been treated unfairly since Confederation, it's about time that we get our fair share or we take what is rightfully ours and LEAVE!���
367.Andy Callahan ����
366.dwkelloway ����
365.Gerry Gardner ����
364.Keith Pike ����
363.Edward Reddy ����
362.George Murley Before it is too late, act Mr. Chretien.���
361.Cynthia Alcock ����
360.Brian Sheppard Born in Corner Brook Lived in St.John's till June 2002��
359.Mary Anne Pender ����
358.Sonya Mayer 73 Carolyn stSutton, On��
357.Joyce Lundrigan ����
356.D. Purchase ����
355.Curtis Mouland ����
354.Steven Purchase Gander, NF.���
353.Linda Anstey ����
352.Gord Canning Sherwood Park, Alta���
351.Keith Noble ����
350.Shirley Close ����
349.Colleen J Gillingham ����
348.Joan Butler ����
347.barbara ann boggan fort mcmurray ab���
346.Bill Greene Agree 100% with petitionIt is long overdue the Canadian gov should thy and fix some of the wrongs they have inflected on the Newfoundland people especially those involved in the fishery��
345.Fred Carroll ����
344.barry taylor mount pearlits about time some action should be done to preserve the cod stocks.��
343.tina vessair from bellisland- living in massachusettsits about time something like this was put in place. goodluck��
342.Linda Purcell ����
341.Dale Myers originally from Bartlett's Harbour,NF now living in Brampton, Ont.��
340.Frederick Dalley Having read numerous books and articles pertaining to the use and abuse of our marine resources (including Sea of Slaughter by Farley Mowat and Lament for an Ocean by Michael Harris) I believe that we have passed the crisis stage with respect to the need for drastic measures to ensure a future for our children and grandchildren that includes a vibrant and sustaining ocean environment. I have spoken to many fisherpersons in this province (some of whom class themselves as "highliners") who have been claiming for decades that our ocean resources and environment have been treated with greedy disdain. If we don't initiate drastic conservation measures immediately we will have done the unforgivable and destroyed the rightful heritage of the next generation !���
339.Gerry Skanes ����
338.Dwayne Pike ��Amherst, Nova Scotia�
337.Edmund Kennedy This is a long overdue proposition.���
336.Kathy Goudie Deer lake���
335.Jim Goudie ����
334.Martha Collier �If someone disagrees with a petition such as this why would they bother to leave their name? The whole point of a petition is to ask for signatures for OR against, but not both. Maybe Mr. Gatherall would like to set up his own petition to submit to government in support of foreign overfishing on the Grand banks and for NOT conserving our fishery resource. It doesn�t take a genius to tell us what we already know but it takes one to move ahead with a sound solution for the good of everyone, something Mr. Gatherall neglected to mention in his comments. �With this petition, I like many others here am looking to the government, those we ALL elect and put in power, unless Mr. Gatherall chooses to give up that right, that solution is contained here in this petition, and one which has already been made crystal clear. �Furthermore, �Do we neglect to feed the poor in our world when it seems helpless just because there�s no Santa Claus? I would think not. This petition and its organizer/s receive/s my full, �unwavering support. It would take more than some 30 odd years to break it. Thank you.
333.Steven ����
332.ned kennedy good luck���
331.Gail Rowe Kelligrews Conception BayNewfoundland�
330.Ron Gardiner I agree totally, and include the Pacific coast , as mismanagement by incompetent and / or indifferent bureucrats has resuted in the samedegree of crises
.329.Jason Smigiel ����
328.ron smith ����
327.Marilyn Davis ����
326.Catherine Fanjoy ����
325.E W Barbour ����
324.Anthony J. Gatherall I have to say reading articles and petitions like the one I recieved in my e-mail, unsolicited I may add, makes me chuckle to myself at the gullibility of Canadians and Newfoundlanders in particular. This amounts to reading war time German propaganda, or hearing about the Anti U.S. sentiments in the Middle East. I was born and raised in a fishing community on the Avalon with all we had or didn't have being derived from the now defunct cod fishery. I find it amusing that as whole, we seem to be able to point the finger at the rest of the ocean going world as to the demise of our economy. Canada played no part in the overfishing of the cod stocks?? We had no fleets of factory freezers?? Was there a limit or quota as to what could be landed over any fishermans wharf ?? So let the good times roll, licenses abound, off shore and mid distance fleets spring up over night. Every name on the dotted line, be it man, woman or child was holding a license of every description. No need to cast any fingers, shout any blame, there was enough to go around, enough for everyone. Anyone care to recall the White Fleet of Portugal who on the latter end of their stay in Newfoundland found it easier to sit in port and have Newfoundlanders catch their fish and sell over the side?? Who do we point the finger at in that case? But once the cookie jar is running on empty, it's an all out verbal assault on anything that floats and carries a net or a hook from another country. I do recall a saying about people who live in glass houses, which would be quite appropriate in this case. Maybe instead of jumping on the band wagon and crying our tale of woe is me, we should take a look at our own role in our fisheries demise. How many people who read this can honestly say that if there was still a bountiful harvest of cod in every skiff, punt, longliner, dragger and freezer vessel this year, we would care less as to who was taking it. As long as we got our fill thats all that would matter. Kudo's to all the Newfoundlanders that found out over the last ten years that there is a world and life out there other than 14 weeks of hook and line. No Virginia there really is no Santa Clause, but yes Skipper Bill there is a life after cod fish.�
323.Michael T Dwyer get the navy to patrol the exciting 200 mile limit, so that others know we are there to protect it not gobble it up.���
322.Melissa Howes ����
321.Marlene McCarty ����
320.Susan Gale ����
319.Jo-Anne Smeaton Brucculeri Wabush, Labrador and Bay Bulls, NFLD.���
318.Jerry Duggan ����
317.Bill Hayes ����
316.Monty Mitchell ����
315.Reg Ryan ����
314.Gerry McCarthy ����
313.Charles Deveau We're now allowing the foreign over-fishers to take the food right out of our mouths!���
312.G. Jackman ����
311.Janet Hiscock ����
310.Edward Burke ����
309.Selma Pike great idea and long overdue.���
308.Genevieve Kenny Port Kirwan���
307.Ed Andrews ����
306.Ron Shelley ����
305.bill moore ����
304.Gary Mullaly ����
303.Ray Dunphy It's about time we,as Newfoundlanders,stood and be counted .Back each other as Newfoundlanders;not as fisherman,farmer ,or government worker or any other type of employee. If leaving this Unbalanced setup and taking our fish,oil and ore is the only option for equal rigthts then lets break camp and go forge a new alliance with whom ever is willing to share all resourses equal.Good luck and here's to sticking together.
302.Rich Wheeler ����
301.Tony Huxter ����
300.Tony Huxter ����
299.Patti McGrath Let us STOP the Raping of the Atlantic.These are Newfoundland and Canadian Waters.We need to Rebuild Newfoundland and we can only do this by replishing the COD.Do we really have to go to war with Spain??????298.sarah gill ����297.Genevieve Quilty Port Kirwan���
296.Marilyn Quilty ����
295.Perry Hillier ����
294.Baptiste Neis ����
293.Gary Gillingham ����
292.James Cotter Action desperately needed.���
291.Vicki C. Stuckless Badger, NF���
290.patrick gill ����
289.Mike Gillingham �I'm tired of getting raked over the coals by outsiders. You want to play in our yard, you play by our rules. ��
288.Doyle Lewis ����
287.Dwane Lewis �Pouch Cove, NF��
286.Craig Stacey ����
285.Robert Bragg ����
284.Jeff S. Jackson �about time.��
283.gerald fowlow brampton, ontatio���
282.Katrina Etchegary �Homemaker, St. John's, Newfoundland.��
280.Loyola Hearn ����
279.Amanda Bennett Stop overfishing the Grand Banks!!!!���
278.Matt Gillingham Originally from Corner Brook, now living in Brampton, ON���
277.Marie Russell Action is necessary now���
276.Bradford A. White ����
275.Marina White West Bay Center, Newfoundland,The time is now to push hard for custodial managment of the Fisheries. For too long we have complained and not seen any progress for our efforts.Our complaints have fallen on deaf ears. Custodail managment will allow rebuilding of the fish stocks for the benefit of so many who are dependant on the fishery.�
274.karl spracklin Newfoundlanders are paying a huge sacrificewhile others are benefitting.��
273.Lucille O'Brien Fort McMurray, Alberta���
272.Debbie Bradbury ����
271.Gordon Bradbury ����
270.Shawn M. Pennell ��corner brook�
269.Donna Corner Brook���
268.Wanda McGrath Living in Slave Lake, AlbertaOriginally from St. Bride's, NF��
267.Josep M Jeddore A while back in time a great man voiced a sentiment somewhat similar to the following - only after the earth, every river and ocean is polluted, all sub-terra and ocean resource depleted, will man discover..............he cannot eat money.���
266.Reg Harris from Burin They should also put a quota on caplin they take���
265.Robbie-Lynn Payne ����
263.Vanessa Pike St. John's, Newfoundland���
262.STephanie Seaward Live in TorontoFrom Corner Brook, NF��
261.Scott Payne Pasadena, Newfoundlandformerly of Parson's Pond, Nfld.��
260.Richard Callahan ����
259.Lisa Callahan ����
258.Corenlia Fuerstenau ����
257.Jeanie Skeard from - Corner Brook living in OntarioStand up for what is ours, we gave away enough rights.��
256.Lori Bartlett Previously from Corner Brook, NF���
255.Cyril Lundrigan Corner Brook, Newfoundland���
254.Corey Purchase Port aux Basques, NF���
253.Nicole Purchase ����
252.Craig Fiander Orginally from Coomb's Cove, Fortune Bay. Now living in Kingston Nova Scotia. I thought they the Goverment were very shortsighted & stupid not to have included the areas mentioned in the petition when they first went to the current 200 mile limit.���
251.Shawnna Murphy Corner Brook���
250.Shannon Binns BCCanada��
249.Robert Stanley Drake Formerly of Corner Brook, NFCurrently of Los Angeles, CA ��
248.Karen Jesso Presently living in Alberta but plan on retiring in Corner Brook. Would love to have something left there when we go back, especially fishery and forestry. Also have something left for the next generations. Newfoundland is always giving away something. It's about time to start hanging on to our natural resources. ���
246.Max Gill �Fishery in NF being held ransom to protect jobs in Ontario and Quebec.��
245.Judith Nolander �Port Kirwan��
244.Marguerite Emberley ����
243.Patrick Nolander Port Kirwan���
242.Eldon Emberley ����
241.bev cotter ����
240.chris cotter ����
239.Augustus Humber �This is the only way to secure the fishery for the future.��
238.Derm Browne ����
237.maureen nolander ����
236.Bernard M Gallant Residence, Spruce Grove ABFormerly from Corner Brook NF��
235.elroy bobbett we have to keep the fisher people working���
234.Wilbert Legge Twillingate.���
233.annie Legge Twillingate���
232.William Prosper Formally from Corner Brook Nfld.���
231.Nancy L Earle ����
230.Paula Prosper ����
229.Tammy Kelly ����
228.Linda Sue Chambers Personally I Dare the Federal government to act like a government oOF the people of Newfoundland and Labrador, andFOR the people of Newfoundland and Labrador, because I don't know what it takes to goad them into action as a government instead of a crowd of limp, dithering, seat-warmers and little else!!!!!My hometown is Corner Brook NewfoundlandI am now looking for gainful employment in Ontario, Canada�
227.Felix Ricketts I agree with this 100 percent and I also think that our juresticyion should be extended beyond 200 miles.���
226.Vera Young ����
225.Robert Young ����
224.G. Douglas Green ����
223.Daniel R. Simmonds ����
222.A. Holley Simmonds ����
221.Lisa Raymond ����
220.Georgina Raymond ����
219.Bert Raymond ����
217.Wallace Hollett Very tragic that this strategy has to be adopted.Why won't the big boys listen? What are they afraid of?���
216.Anne Kirby ����
215.Thomas Kirby ����
214.maureen nolander ����
213.Ron Moores ����
212.Denise Hayward ����
211.aloysius downey ����
210.Stephanie Brake ����
209.Tim Brierley Victoria, British Columbia���
208.Robert W. Finlay Something needs to be done.���
207.Joe Wyatt ����
206.Wayne Parsons Having completely devastated local fisheries in European waters, these fishing nations will not stop their overfishing until either the resource has been reduced to a point that would make a commercial fishery no longer viable, or until Canada employs physical means to curb the wanton rape of our natural resource. These countries view the Grand Banks fishery with a colonial mentality, I seriously doubt they are here because or a desire to be near Canada and Canadians, as wonderful as we are. I believe the time has come for our wishy - washy politions to begin the work which the taxpayers voted them into office to do. If nothing is done, another environmental disaster of biblical proportion will surely overtake the people of this fair province. Politicians, WAKE UP. A little extra sleep, a little more slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest--- and poverty will pounce on you like a bandit ; scarcity will attack you like an armed robber. Proverbs, Ch. 6: 10. Redeem yourselves while there is still time���
205.Rochelle Price ����
204.Jonathan Price ����
203.Olive Price ����
202.Randolph Price ����
201.karen etty about time someone open their mouth for someting of great importants to nf and hopefully we don't back down���
200.Wayne Butt ����
199.Austin Redlack St. John's, Nfld���
198.Deanna Tanner ����
197.Carolyn Pennell ����
196.Robert Rovelli What are you waiting for? Total destruction of a once proud people. How many young people have to leave to find jobs in other Provinces or Countries? Now is the time to act to save your own Province and people.New Jersey is listening to the people, why isn't the NFLD Government?��
195.Colleen Rovelli ����
194.Kevin Hehir �St. John's, NF��
193.Christian Singer �Toronto, Canada��
192.Tracy Morrison ����
191.Carolyn Janes ����
190.Ford Cooke ����
189.Brian Bartlett 2 Collingwood CrescentMount Pearl,NFA1N 5C4�188.Lisa Alexander ����
187.seward caines ����
186. Rick bouzan Changes need to be made in the overall management of fisheries inCanada���
185.Dorothy Francis isle-aux-morte, Nfldcurrently living in burlington,ontbring the fishery back up for nflder's�
184.Steve Boldrick ����
183.Deanna Boldrick ����
182.Dale Pearcey �I am extremely angry that the Canadian government seems to be very uninterested in protecting our fishery. They have mismanaged many other resources in the past and just seem to have the attitude that it doesn't matter because it is only the newfoundlanders complaining. It is time for this attitude to change. Save our fishery and get the overfishing stopped now!!!��
181.David Goudie Port aux Basques���
180.Carolyn Cooke ����
179.Michael Vonn ����
178.derek tomlinson �i lived in newfoundland in the 1970's and worked in the fisheries in the summer when at seems almost impossible to me that a government should take so little interest in one of it's major resources that it has allowed it to become a non-resource. the departments responsible have ensured an empty ocean. quite an utter shambles and unless someone in the federal government accepts some form of responsibility - now there's a thought - and is prepared to implement restrictions and take steps to enforce them - not much chance of that because what canadian department in government would want to upset anyone let alone other countries, acquiesence being the federal governments most notable trait....completely lost the thread now as interrupted by a telephone call...see if you could interrupt the continuing decline in the can't?... it's too difficult?... no surprises there then. there never are.. ��
177.Adrian Jordaan �Canada should lead the world in conservation of its natural resources simply if only because of the quantity that are contained within our borders compared to other countries around the world. Too often this same reasoning (we have so much) results in reckless misuse of these resources. This is the case of the Grand Banks where a combination of the old belief in the never-ending supply of fish and the advent of new technology proved too much for the stocks of fish inhabiting the area. Only through strong control over rates and timing of the exploitation of these stocks can we realistically expect any return to "normal." I urge Canada to do whatever it can as a sovereign nation to protect the natural world that is largely responsible for the high standards of living we enjoy as Canadians. ��
176.Tanya Doyle ����
175.Michael B. Hickey ����
174.Chris Darlington �PLEASE DO.��
173.Carrie Boldrick ����
172.Michelle Barney ����
171.Blair Neufeld ����
170.Marlene Cahill ����
169.Martin King �Portions of the Grand Banks should be closed to all fishing until stocks recover.��
168.Anita Sing ����
167.Debbie McGee �Please do it now.��
166.Joe Lake ����
165.Tara Bryan ����
164.Jeanette Reinhardt ����
163.Duncan Low ����
162.Bev Green ����
161.Bruce Musson 61 Liam DriveAncaster, OntarioL9G 4Y1�
160.R .F . Gosine ����
159.David Anderson Corner Brook, NF, Canada���
158.Michelle Anderson Corner Brook, NF, Canada���
157.Edwina FitzGerald Good Idea, It's about time!���
156.Cory Pye ����
155.Sheila Hodder ����
154.Ray Rossiter ����
153.Fred Flinstone ����
152.Wayne Spencer ����
151.Franklyn O.M. Barrett winnipeg Man.���
150.Dixie Smith ����
149.Jennifer Peckham ����
148.julie poskitt ����
147.Sheilagh O'Leary ��this is a very important issue!!�
146.Andrea Cooper ����
145.Anastasia Drudge ����
144.Kier Knudsen ����
143.m penney ����
142.Louise Moyes ����
141.P.C. Puszkar ����
140.Judy Osmond ����
139.Rebekah Halley St.John's NF���
138.Rick Osmond Please, Lets put Canadas children on your priority list���
137.Bill Halley 20 Stirling CresSt.John's NF��
136.William G Balsom ����
135.Annette Clarke ����
135.Annette Clarke ����
134.Joe Tilley ��It is embarrasing as Newfoundlanders and Canadians to see the government turn a blind eye year after year to the two main causes of the demise of the fishery (foreign overfishing, and seals) while harassing Canadians with ludicrious restrictions on vital parts of our culture such as the food fishery.�
133.Ruby Whiffen-Tilley ����
132.Maureen Bode-Harrison ����
131.barry alley ����
130.james grace ����
129.Rick West ��NAFO had its chance and blew it. Canada should now show some leadership!�
128.verna alley i agree with you fellows���
127.Barbara White ��Fisherman's daughter/sister now living in Edmonton, AB�
126.Anne Troake ����
125.patti bragg ���� 124.Max Thornhill ����
123.Philip Janes ����
122.robert benson St. John's NFWhat better way to endorse P.M. Chretien's desire for a green legacy than undo 53 years of fisheries mismanagment and social injustice.
121.Andrea Sayfy ����
120.Martin Willison ��Canada should extend its jurisdiction to the edges of all relevant continental shelves.�
119.Emma Speagell ����
118.Angela Boudreau ����
117.Rev. George Critchell ��Port Aux Basques�
116.Donald Leamon ����
115.Barbara Mallard ��Canada should protect what is rightfully ours.�
114.Curtis Baggs ��How much plundering of our east coast resources does it take to make the cowardly government of this country take a stand against the intrusive actions of foreigners. Take a risk for once and protect what is rightfully ours to begin with.�
113.Geoff Coughlan ����
112.Chris Murphy ����
111.Jodie Hutchings ����
110.Darren Hunt ����
109.Trevor Dyke ����
108.Betty Perlin ����
107.Neil O'Reilly ����
106.Linda Russell ����
105.Dave Penny ��St. John's, NF�
104.Greg Walsh ��Bay de Verde, NF�
103.Fergus O'Byrne ����
102.Sheri Neill ����
101.Ford Elms ����
100.Bridget Noonan ����
99.Krista Moyles ����
98.Barry Buckle ����
97.Paul Brett ����
96.Barbara Tracy ����
95.Angela Record ��This course of action is vital if ever we are to even begin to preserve current fish stocks. If we do not take control of the Nose and Tail of the Grand Banks we cannot even do this, let alone begin to re-build our fish stocks once more. The fishery has been mis-managed for too long, to the detriment of the environment and the people who rely on the fishery for their existance. Canada must take this opportunity to do something positive and pro-active in beginning to change this disasterous situation. Thank you.�
94.gordon holloway ����
93.Roxanne Notley ����
92.Alex Pickett ����91.Helen Griffiths ����
90.George Russell ��Good Luck�
89.Jason Simms ����
88.Gail M Simms ����
87.Sherry McHugh ����
86.Debbie Gilbert ��St. Anthony, NF�
85.Nancy Anderson ����
85.Nancy Anderson ����84.Thomas Brown ����
83.Annette Power ����
82.Kirk Regular ����
81.Nadine Wells ��Assistant Oceans Programs Coordinator, DFO, Newfoundland/Lab. region�
80.Arch Barron ��Harbour Main Conception Bay NOW in Calgary�
79.John Harries ����
78.Dean LeRiche ����
77.Kim Sutton Upper Gullies, CBS, Newfoundland���
76.Vashti Campbell The lack of support given to what once were fishing communities of Newfoundland is appaling.Not only is it imperative that commercial fishing face stronger regulations off the coast of Newfoundland, but those who once fished as their way of life and business (individuals and coastal communities) are in need of subsidies, training and oppertunities for local business development.A part of our national identity is being lost. Relocation will not save our heritage, nor will big business such as water export.I ask both the federal and provicial governments to evaluate your priorities and honour your responsibilities.
75.Bernie Leonard We will not accept anything less���
74.Ross Klein ����
73.Scott Winters ����
72.dave power ����
71.Paul Pitts Victoria, B.C.���
70.bette bragg it is time that our representatives in the federal and provincial govt start controlling our resourses. maybe it is time for a change in govt to see if another party can do what our liberal party cant.���
69.Robert Diamond ����
68.Dr. Clar Matchim For the fedeal Liberal party to do nothing about our current fishery debacle is to fuel seeds towards public discontent and the outcry here of disenfranhisement and this shall be particulary poignant for GEN Xers who are very likely to revolt against political reasoning as to why our "home and native land" has become part of a misguided federal government policy toward our confederation with Canada given that these GEN Xers would likely view recent history of fedeal policy as a series of unforgivable attempts by main-street Canada to unwittingly control our destiny through their displays of insensitivity and/or complacency to what defines our "distinct" Newfoundland and Labrador culture. For main-street Canada and its current federal political surrogates to do otherwise is to have GEN-Xers say to to main-stream Canada, "...let them eat cake".���
67.James J Halley QC ����
66.Carol Lomond Hirtle Bridgewater, Nova Scotia���
65.Trevor Johnson ����64.Edward Duggan ����
63.Eric R. Lusk ����
62.Bob Bowe Sauble Beach,Ontario���
61.Diane Bowe ����
60.Myles Spencer � the goverment managing the fisheries, what a joke. These PENSION SEEKERS could not manage a 2 man rush to a 6 stall outhouse. ��
59.Teresa Thompson Caledonia, OntarioMy descendants were from NFLD and the government needs to gain custodial management of the Grand Banks fisheries, in order that those who remain dependant on the fisheries, can maintain their proud independance in the future ��
58.Lloyd C. Rees Manuels, C.B., NfldThe time for determined action is now. After Sept 11-20, it may be too late. Too much is at stake to be left solely in the hands of a seemingly arrogant, inept and ill informed Minister of Fisheries and Oceans. ��
57.Allan Smith ����
56.Gerard F. Power ����
55.Holly E. Patey ����
54.Louanne Spencer It is about time that someone has the interest of Newfoundlanders at heart, instead of trying to keep the peace with foreign countries that walk all over Canada and Newfoundland.���
53.Ross Cooper Im a proud Newfoundlander living in Ontario and I think you should control the fishing around Newfoundland. Please stop the fishing around Newfoundland so the population of fish can grow high once again. Thank You��
52.Mercedes Molloy ��Port aux Basques�
51.John Molloy ��Port aux Basques�
50.Elaine Mauger ����
49.Louis Lillington ����
48.Trevor Mauger ����
47.Craig Fiander ����
46.Marilyn Foote ��Conception Bay South�
45.Theresa Thompson �My descendants were from NFLD and the government needs to gain custodial management of the Grand Banks fisheries, in order that those who remain dependant on the fisheries, can maintain their proud independance in the futureCaledonia, Ontario�
44.Sandra (Collier) Osborne ����
43.Christine St. George ��from Corner Brook, Newfoundlandnow living in Louisianna42.Randy Harnett ����
41.Roger Boyd ��Corner Brook, Newfoundland�
40.Donna Boyd ��Corner Brook, Newfoundland�
39.Tammy Collier ��Corner Brook, Newfoundland�
38.John Collier ��Corner Brook, Newfoundland�
37.Andrea Collier ��Corner Brook, Newfoundland�36.Marie Collier ��Corner Brook, Newfoundland�
35.Thomas Collier ��Corner Brook, Newfoundland�
35.Thomas Collier ��Corner Brook, Newfoundland�
34.Margaret Caines ��General LaborerPort-Aux-Choix, Newfoundland
33.Lemore Caines �Mason, Port-Aux-Choix, Newfoundland��
32.Marilyn Dicks The people have elected you to represent them, please do so by ensuring the fishery is protected from foreign overfishing. ���
31.Trevor Caines Naval Weapons Technician, Canadian Armed Forces���
30.Martha Collier Corner Brook, Newfoundland���
29.Reginald Walters Please respect the wishes of the people who have charged you with the responsibility of representing their interests.���
28.Guy Courage ����
27.Perry Moore ����
26.Gerald Hynes ����
25.Robin Dey ����
24.shenstone ellsworth ����
23.John Clare ����
22.Annette Hynes ����
21.Glenn Legge Save it now before it's too late.���
20.Susan Legge ����
19.Phylisse H. Stickel ����
18.Lorne Penney Canada should stick to her guns on control of the nose & tail of the G Banks.���
17.Brian Williams just do it for christ sake���
16.Jim Wellman ����
15.Leo Dillon The failure to take a stand for proper resource management is the equivalent to standing against it. You cannot possibly do nothing in the context.���
14.Janice Sears Mount PearlNewfoundlandA1N 5E4�
13.William Sears Mount PearlNewfoundlandA1N 5E4�
12.Denise Thorne ����11.Anne Sheldon ����
10.Kay Etchegary, housewife, St.Philips, Nfld and Labrador ����
9.Art Thornhill ����8.Arthur Elkins ����
7.Dan Jeddore Listen to the fisherpersons and their representatives.���
6.Joan Sears ����
5.Bill Sears Seal Cove C.B., Newfoundland���
4.Robert Seward ����
3.Tanya Drake ����
2.Nova Hoddinott ����
1.Gus Etchegary Retired Fishery Executive, St.Philips, Newfoundland and LabradorWithin the next ten days we have to change the attitude of the Federal Minister of Fisheries, Mr Thibault, and have him support the Recommendation of the House of Commons Fisheries Committee to implement Canadian Custodial Management and rebuild the fisheries of the Grand Banks. We need support from every man and woman in Canada to make this happen before the Minister leaves for Spain the end of this week. Unless Canada takes a firm stand at this NAFO meeting in Spain, the future of fishing communities in our Province is in jeopardy. Please contact your friends and request them sign this important petition.

Disillusioned Voter

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