Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Esso-n/Mobile has a shelf life of 6-12 months

SO Esso-n/Mobile thinks they can just wait out Newfoundland and Labrador on developing the Hebron Ben-Never project.

Funny thing is most people thing they can't fight back against these giant multi nationals. They couldn't be further from the truth. These Oil companies are publicly traded and if their profits start to fall of they will be called to task faster than you can say Power to the People.

The thing is we have choice and as long as we stick together over the long haul which only has to be 6-12 months the time it takes for gas to go bad. We can cause corporate shares to fall thus profits thus willingness by the share holders to support a certain CEO's policies.

The beauty of this is the oil industry really doesn't have much of a choice their product doesn't store well and the space required for storage is finite. It works two ways this supply and demand thing. If we don't demand product from a certain company they have no need to supply but unfortunately for them they have an infrastructure that is dependant on the need of demand to keep running.

Gas will only keep for 6-12 months
Stop demanding and the price will fall
We have choice, we just need to unite to utilize our buying power to force supply and demand in our favor.

What will unite us well a bad guy and from what I've been reading and hearing it would seem to me Esso-n/Mobile is a clear choice for starters.

Now there are going to be the weak of mind and wallet out there so we need to set some objectives so people don't fall of the band waagon before we meet our objectives.

I propose 10 Cents drop before moving onto the next company until we get to a realistic price like 50 cents a litre.

Lets make this as unbiased as possible by going alphabetically

Esso-n/Mobile first until gas drops 10 cents below average 100.00

Irving- 00.90

Petro-Canada- 00.80

Shell- 00.70

That should get us to 00.70 cents a litre
I was thinking about last year around the time of Katrina when they said that the price of oil finally dropped because consumers where using noticably less gas.

There have been attempts at making the oil companies take notice with a one day boycott, or a one company boycott. These haven't been two effective.

Here's what I've been mulling about in my head. If oil companies do indeed notice when we burn less gas then we should make that effort. My thoughts are that we could choose a month and commit to using 20% less gas and oil. If you think about that we could do it by commiting to walking to work 1 day a week in the four weeks of that month. Car pooling for a day a week. Reducing travel for entertainment and shopping etc. 20% from each person that signs on. That's do-able, and I think it would be noticable.
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