Monday, April 24, 2006


Newfoundland and Labrador Telegram complacent in spreading ARA's lies and disinformation SHAME

I received this in my inbox today as apart of the Telegrams newsletter.

I can't express how disappointed I am with a N&L Newspaper for printing this garbage. By doing so they are as guilty if not more so that the ARA's themselves especially when you consider they live here and should know better.

Maybe it is just laziness and taking AP at face value and not proof reading their press releases.

The fact is the Seal Fishery is a legal endeavor. Sanctioned by all levels of government. Monitored and supervised by DFO. The quotas are set at sustainable levels 4% of a total combined herd of Harp 6 million Hood 2 million. The other 20 or so species of seals are off limits for the seal fishery.

To repeat that these ARA's want to stop the Harvesting of Young seals is an out and out lie. These ARA's want to ban the seal Harvest completely or at least thats waht they say and by being so beligerant in their agenda know it will never happen so they can continue to fund raise inperpetuity at the expense of Atlantic Canadians. Yep those same defeatist attitude Atlantic Canadians.

Seal hunt stalemate

Fisheries officials consider tightening the rules for observers; protesters say they won’t back down. Canadian Fisheries officials are reviewing rules governing the annual East Coast seal hunt after one of the most turbulent seasons in decades. Clashes between sealers and hunt protesters in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador highlighted growing tensions between the people who want to stop the slaughter of young seals and those who rely on it as a much-needed source of income. Canadian Press story.

Caveat: While I support the seal hunt I would like to see the Whole seal harvested and utilized. Even if it is to make fish and animal food. Waste not want not.

I believe this waste has come about in part due to the first come first serve quota system implimented by DFO. Making it prohibitive for the sealers to land the whole seal without losing out on the quota.

I emailed to express my disappointment in a fellow NL'ian.

The Halifax herald published a similar story recently also. Just shaking My head at these minions.
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