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Boycott Costco contact info

Got this from the comments section over at
it has all of the pertinant info and links to make yourself heard to Costco that we will not put up with any company that sides with these ARO's concerning the seal Fishery.

Anonymous said:

According to a recent news release (March 31, 2006 /World Wire/) by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Costco's senior management team has decided to remove seal oil capsules from their shelves.

As a society we should be outraged that two organizations, Costco, with a reported annual revenues of $51.9 billion and the SSC Society, with an annual carry over worth of $3 million would seek to ban the sale of a product which contributes to the annual income of Canadian fisherpersons who averages only $30,000 and a product (as well as other seal products) which contributes of over $16 million to a provincial economy which has a burdensome debt of $11.9 billion dollars.

So why should we care? Concessions like these to fanatical Animal Rights Organizations (ARO’s) are a step towards their professed goal of an animal free society. They seek the end to meat consumption, animals in medical research, zoological institutions and even the keeping of dogs and cats as pets.

Every time a company, such as Costco, refuses to carry a Canadian product which employs Canadians our economy slows.

As Newfoundland and Labrador’s Premier’s office stated recently: "The premier encourages shoppers to seriously consider whether they will support a company that does not support Newfoundland and Labrador"

Companies such as Costco concur to the whims of ARO’s because they fear the public embarrassment and lost revenues an ARO’s campaign could result in.

It is time to show these companies they have more to fear from the Canadian public then an ARO headquartered in Washington State.

Here’s was you can do:

1. Contact your local/regional/national Costco locations and express your disgust for their actions.

Remember correspondence need not be cordial to be effective. Contact information for your local Costco can be found here:

To reach the actual “senior management” who made the decision he can be contacted through:

James D. Sinegal (President, CEO, and Director Costco Wholesale Corporation)
999 Lake Dr., Issaquah, WA 98027.
Phone: 425-313-8100; Fax: 425-313-8103.

It might be timly to explain to a man who earned over $3.6 million USD in 2003 what it is like to do a provide for a family with only $30,000 CDN.

To e-mail Costco:

Here is a toll free number to express your opinion at their expense:
General Member Service: Tel: 800-774-2678

2. Visit your local Costco location and demand a refund on your membership.

Costco has a general policy of refunding the fees for disenchanted members. If they refuse destroy your card and email us with the details. We will be compiling a list of stores which do not refund your membership fees for media release. If you destroy your card or close out your account prior to requesting a refund the membership fee will not be refunded.

3. Bring in all merchandise you have purchased at a Costco location and demand a refund.

Costco like any store has refund policies. These are not important as the protest action is more important then the actual refund. Bring in any product you remember purchasing at Costco. The products may be old, opened or even used. If a refund is refused leave the item at the location and contact us with the details.

4. Forward this entire message to as many people as you know.

Costco will only realize who has more power, the Canadian people or an American ARO, if everyone expresses their opinion on the issue.

Remember just because we shop at US stores does not mean they are not accountable to US--- Canadian consumers!

April 01, 2006 4:29 PM

Update: NL Govt press release Costco to reconsiders earlier decision to sell Seal oil capsules for St John's store only.
My question is why didn't Costco do something about the statement that SS Society made concerning costcos implication in the original removal?

Good stuff NL. I wish you were here I suspect you would enjoy this coming Saturday should plans go ahead.
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