Friday, April 07, 2006


Stumpage fees for the fishery

Ok with the ongoing fiasco of shipping round unprocessed fish to CHINA for processing from Newfoundland and Labrador Eastern Canada.
I would like to know is this fish harvested with the quotas free to harvest or is it like the forestry where by you have to pay stumpage fees for each tree you cut down?

While I don't think it's right for our fish to be bartered of for trade deals or shipped of unprocessed so corporations and share holders can make bigger profits. If it must happen the least we should do is insist that a stumpage fee be paid on the resource being harvested of our shores.

Sad but true I guess reality is a bitch.

This is why I keep advocating Co-OPs because Co-ops don't need to be ever increasing their profits to appease share holders all a co-op needs to do is stay in business and save enough to pay for maintenance and maybe pay out a few dividends. Because the share holders gain through the co-op because of employment.

Another good thing about Co-ops is the vested interest of it's members makes them more motivated and less likely to utilize the underground economy which is so prevelant in the fishery woith sales of fish from the back of trucks.

It's like those commercials West Jets has why do our employees care so much because they are West jet owners too!

Global economy can be combated with niche markets and quality quality. Like the commercial I heard recently where by they were talking about competing in a global market where apples were the commodity. Now granny smiths were abundant beyond belief but there are other types of apples that can be grown which are less popular thus enabling you to produce them and still sell at a profit keeping in mind our wages and life style.
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