Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Short term Pain for Long term Gain seems to be our Modus Operandi

Short term gain/Pain versus Long term Gain/Pain.

Confederation STG for LTP, Baby bonus STG loss of control and say in the running of our own affairs LTP.

High taxes STG for LTP, Hard to attract industry and people when we have the highest taxes in the country.

Borrowing to build and develop our own resources, STP for LTG. Side effect doesn't develop our economy fast because outside investors and capital are put off. Out side investments have to be tempered to benefit either our economy and or our people.

Jobs versus ownership, Increased revenue stake and capital, STG for LTP.
Hibernia we opted for the jobs versus the capital STG for LTP.

Moratorium on fishery STG For LTP, with nothing being done to address the root causes of the problems in the fishery like Bottom Dragging on the 40% of our continental shelf which lies outside the 200 mile EEZ. Indescriminant fishing practices which are allowed to continue to catch fish under moratorium through bycatch allowances.

RailRoad shut down STG for LTP,

Taking over the NL ferry system STG for LTP, 800 million against perpetuity.

Investing in Aquaculture with seed money, STP for LTG.

Investing seed money in Silvaculture STP for LTG.

Investing seed money in fur breeding industry, STP for LTG.

Allowing outside intersts to develop our wind resource, STG for LTP. No investment, no return but increased energy capacity.

Paying for EI as stamps I would have to classify as Short term gain for long term pain STG for LTP.
Alberta bought one way tickets for their Social assistance people to get them of their roles. They cut their services to the bone in order to get their debt under control. STP for LTG.
BC was so inundated with social assistance cases that they made formal complaints to Alberta about their strategy of dumping their social assistance cases onto them.

Upper Churchill was STP for LTG. 60 years pain
Voisey's Bay would be STP for LTG. 15 years pain

Lower churchill as a go it alone would be a STP for LTG. 9 billion to pay of not counting an infeed of 2.2 billion.

How would you rather live or die? From a single blow or from death by a thousand cuts? I say take the tough love stance now and ensure a better future instead of this death by a thousand cuts and prolong the inevitable.
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