Wednesday, October 04, 2006


HMM what way is the wind blowing

If there is anything I dispise it is inconsistancy. As I'm sure does the business sector. Go forward ok but retroactive or two different sets of rules doesn't make for a good business environment.

Hebron aside because that would purportedly be on a go forward basis if Fallow field Use it or lose legislation could be implimented.

In the military inconsistancy equates to
Indecision kills.

Now I've thought about the recent approval by the Williams govt of a wind project in St LAwrence as inconsistant on several levels.

First they wouldn't let the Labrador ventus Height of Land project go ahead because they wanted to complete their energy plan. Ok I bought that even though I suspected there were alterior motives what with the transmission line capacities and the effect it would have on the feasibility of the Lower Churchill project. even these alterior motives would have been to the benefit of All NL'ians in the long run I suspected.

Then there is the ownership stake of which we would have none in this proposed project. Ok inconsistant again but not the end of the world it is only a small project kinda like a feeler to build up some expertise without having to buy in. Also there is the issue of bird kills and noise pollution which will surely raise their ugly heads. So an arms length approach on this small project may not be such a bad idea. Votes being a concern with these issues.

But why the inconsistancy in wanting an ownership stake in the offshore oil and gas and go it alone on the lower churchill?

As for the arguement that we don't have the expertise well we could always bring in the necessary expertise. Who knows they experts might even decide to live here after the project is completed in hopes of the bigger and better Height of lands project in the future.

Is it because we don't have the money? Of course we don't have the money we are 12 billion in the hole and having a helluva time climbing out.

Then again we do have some expertise already in our province so why not utilize them and let them subcontract or hire the required experts.

I'm left doubting Danny's true intentions to benefit the people and province with these inconsistancies. Either he has done a very bad job of explaining himself or there is something afoot yet another give away albeit a small one but one all the same. Is this a foreshadowing of things to come like exporting all of the power from the Lower churchill to Ontario and Quebec? While the Voisey's bay nickle refinery will have to be put on hold due to a lack of cheap clean energy?

Short term gain for long term pain once again.

It seems we are forever doing things for the future. Short term pain for long term gain. If and when all of our ships do come in we will be sitting pretty but the future is a hard thing to predict as can be seen with the Upper Churchill, Voisey's Bay both contracts with the premise Short term Pain for long term Gain in mind.

Mind you Both terms are in and around the 50 year marks.

Ventus project.

Prov govt energy plan.

St Lawrence wind project.

My other posts along these lines.
I wonder what it might be like if we replace the dirty energy in Holyrood with clean renewable energy from small wind projects - oh wait but the catch is somebody else owns the wind projects - then when we pay our bill we pay the government of Italy - all of a sudden electricity prices through the roof - and we we lose 20 - 40 million dollars a year either used by government for health and education or by hydro to keep our system running. Oh wait then the private company has to pay federal and provincial tax as well as get a 2% higher return and all of that goes to us the consumers.
I hear you Sue. But isn't the big picture the wind potential in Labrador?
Which won't get maximum benefit for our people unless it is made available to the icefree ports on the Island and the population base available for increased manufacturing capacity.
The real prize is a national Power corridor and an infeed into the island or utilization of the Kitimat business model for development and increased value from our energy potential.
To hark back to the Royal commission we are to tied up with jobs and not concerned enough about building up capital. Jobs are a given with any development in our own province but capital has to be our chief concern.
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