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National East to West power grid

A national East to West Power grid has to be one of the most logical initiaties our country will ever undertake IMHO.

Think about it the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. SO if we had a real National East to West power grid the peaks and lows of each area depending on the locals draw could be shared cascaded across the country.

OK so just to put it into perspective lets say the peak hours for power are from 9pm local time. So when Ontario is at it's peak 9pm local EST Newfoundland will be at a low in it's consumption rate with the time being 10:30pm and BC will also be at a low in it's consumption with the local time being 6 pm. The same scenario would be true for any peak power times morning noon and night.

An added bonus to a National power corridor would be the input into the national power grid from solar and wind generation being able to be shared in parts of the country that may be in darkness from parts of the country that are still under the sun as well as wind generation because the wind doesn't blow all the time in all places unlike NL. In fact wind is also closely tied into the day night cycle because of the earths heating and cooling affects on wind patterns.

Our Premier is petitioning the other Premiers to have this initiate move forward.
Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams says he will push the idea of an east-to-west national energy grid with other premiers over the next year.

Williams, the new chair of the Council of the Federation's energy committee, said premiers plan to develop an energy strategy over the next 12 months.

The document is expected to address high energy prices, climate change and energy demands.

Williams said an east-to-west national grid will also be high on the agenda.

Currently, hydroelectricity can only be sold on a north-to-south grid through available transmission lines.

"Energy is probably one of the single most important issues in the country," Williams said Friday.

"One of the items is the east-west grid … from our perspective as an energy producer that is extremely important to us."

One of the energy committee's first tasks will be developing an energy map, showing an inventory of energy assets in Canada.

Actually an east west grid is good for all that alternative power we will produce. wind tide wave etc...we need to use our hydro here or we will lose our cometitive advantage....
I agree alternative renewable energy sources aren't going to fill the gap or replace hydro anytime soon. I only mention Solar and Wind in conjunction with a National Power corridor because it makes it that much more feasible and arguable for the masses especially the greenies who are at best on developing the Lower Churchill at worse out right against it.

There is also the possibility of developing tidal power. Of which we have an abundance. The Strait Jacket of Belle Isle isn't even dependant on tidal it is a steady current somewhere in the range of 10 knots.

One of the biggest probems to date isn't the lack of power but rather the lack of power at peak times which is why I figured the National Power corridor would help aleviate these deficiencies through the cascade/wheeling principle at least until the Lower churchill can be developed along with other power projects being talked about like the 5 rivers in Quebec along the Lower North Shore.
The only problem is where will our power come from for ourselves over next 25 years and if we don't need any we are dead in the water....
Either I'm misunderstanding you or your misunderstanding me.

When I say National power corridor I mean National which would include a connection with the island portion of the province.

I would assume that is what the premier means as well otherwise he shouldn't be calling it national but rather mainland Canada Power corridor instead. Which I would be in total disagreement with. Not only because of the power requirements the Island needs but coastal Labrador and the province as a whole.

If this is the case I can't see allowing the damming of the Lower churchill which would negatively impact our Labrador residents by removing traditional hunting trapping and fishing areas with little or no gain for those NL'ians.

As a bare minimum it would have to go to the coast of Labrador to service those residents on diesel generation now and down along the Lower North shore of Quebec hopefully in conjunction with the completion of the Lower North Shore highway.

Ideally it should take the Anglo Saxon route and benefit not only NL'ians but our Atlantic Canadian neighbours as well in NS, NB, and PEI.
No we are on the same wave....No he does not mean national including line to the island...you will note that missing in the comments. Yes we can be an energy warehouse for all our energy potentials. To include hydro however is to remove our comepetitive advantage for industry, especially in Labrador. It is only 2800 MW's and if we can't growth that over 25 years we are essentially dead. If we commit all or most of the hydro for export we have to use something renewable or otherwise and none of the other potentials are as advantageous as hydro. The jurisdictions looking to grab ours would not be and do not sell theirs.
Ok I see where your coming from and if what your alledging then the Premier is being ery very disingenuos if not out right lying because East West still includes all of Newfoundland and Labrador. The last time I checked the Island poretion of the province was include in the East West description of Canada even if he doesn't say National or Mainland Canada the inference is there that it will include the island.

HMM thank god the LIA will have a 5% stake and won't allow another injustice to be perpetrated against our people once again.

I just don't get it why aren't NS ,NB and PEI petitioning along with NL to take the Anglo Saxon route Even the East coast of the US could become involved with financing for guarantees of access to power. The remaining capacity for the existing power lines could be filled with the wind project and the Lower sent the Anglo Saxon route.

It would seem we are being sold down the river once again because of shortsightedness and the centralist view of Canada.
It's all for Ontario and Quebec....Tell me why are Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, and half the American eastern seaboard trying to get our hydro yet we can't find a use for it here. Would it not be prudent to file a RFP on industry willing to set up in Labrador to take advantage of lower churchill power? Instead the industry won't come here they will sit back and wait for us to deliver them the power.
There is also another option. Follow the Kitimat route whereby industry becomes a key player in the development in exchange for access to the power.


Since Inco is already on the hook it shouldn't be too hard to reel them in for a join partnership in developing the Lower churchill as a cheap supply of energy for the nickel processing be it in Labrador with Sept Isles as the year round port or Argentia with a line to the Island.
be it in Labrador with Sept Isles as the year round port

When I stated the obvious truth that Sept-Iles is a year-round port for Labrador, you said, and I quote, that it "makes no sence [sic]"

So... when you suggest it, it makes sence? Or was I right all along?
You forget to mention I also asked in that post if there was an Ice free port in Labrador. I admit I didn't know if there was.
Either way unless a road or railway line is put into Voiseys's bay the ore would still have to be shipped out so why not ship it a NL ice free port and processing plant.
Unless Happy Valley Goose Bay can be dredged and maintained as an ice free port or bettr still Nain or Voiseys bay itself. Nain is about on the same parallel as Thompson and in fact would have a more moderated climate due to the oceans effects. Hel if they figure they can use the north west passage year round I'm pretty sure a harbour in Voisey's bay could be kept open year round also to allow for the shipping in and out of raw and processed material fdrom VB with a processing plant being built there.

The reason I say ship raw materials in and out is due to the contract which is now allowing raw materials to be shipped to Thompson and Sudbury is supposed to be returned later from where I wonder.

This route would also ensure Coastal Labrador gets access to power from eiher the Lower or Upper Churchill as well as I'm sure road access.

Personally I don't think Sept isles should be used for anything because the Gukf of Saint Lawrence is such an ecologically sensitive area that doesn't cleanse easily due to the nature of it's sheltered position. There is also a large population of whales in the gulf that would become victim to any increase in shipping traffic in the gulf.
This route would also ensure Coastal Labrador gets access to power from eiher the Lower or Upper Churchill as well as I'm sure road access.

Power access is not dependent on an ice-free port or a highway. The Lower North Shore of Quebec gets its power from Robertson Lake via a transmission line, but only Tabatcher and Mutton Bay, and Old Fort to Blanc Sablon, are connected by highway.

Personally I don't think Sept isles should be used for anything because the Gukf of Saint Lawrence is such an ecologically sensitive area that doesn't cleanse easily due to the nature of it's sheltered position.

Well, there go Corner Brook, Stephenville, St. Barbe, and Port aux Basques, then. They are all ports on the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
NL Expatriate:

My name is Deirdre Greene; I am Simon Lono's wife. Some weeks ago you left a rude message on my husband's personal blog, since you could not leave one on his public affairs blog.

I have tried to contact you by other means, since I do not want to embarrass you in public. However, if I am to get this message to you at all, I must use this venue since you have not revealed your name or provided an email address.

I wish to advise you that "Here and There" is our FAMILY site. We use it to communicate when Simon is out-of-province for work and to let our friends and family know what is going on in our lives. Our children, siblings and other relatives read regularly. It is intended primarily for them.

Please refrain from bringing your political differences to my doorstep, and most particularly, please refrain from using crude language.

I trust that you understand my position and will comply with my wishes, since "Family" is the first area of interest listed on *your* principal website.

Deirdre Greene
BTW, if you wish to respond to me, you may do so at drgreene63@hotmail.com
My sincerest apologies Mrs Greene!

I didn't realize "Here and Now" was your family Blog. I thought it was just another of your husbands blogs. Since he doesn't allow comments on his other blogs I was making comment the only way I could see at the time.

I deleted the offensive comment as it didn't belong on your family blog and was out of context with no reference to the original blog.

I hope this is satisfactory to you and your family.

If not I can be contacted at
Mr. Byrne:

Simon advised me that you had emailed him. Thank you for your swift and very satisfactory response. I would be pleased to delete my post to you, if I only knew how. Perhaps Simon will be able to instruct me.

Two bits of information - First, I'm Mrs. Lono; my maiden name is Greene. I understand the confusion, since I go by my maiden name.

Second, your posts on military matters and both interesting and heartbreaking. My father was one of the first 400 naval volunteers for the British Royal Navy in 1939 and saw out the whole 6 years of the war in every ocean theatre. The experience shaped his life thereafter, for good and ill, so I have a great deal of natural sympathy with people who elect to serve in the armed forces.
HMM thank god the LIA will have a 5% stake and won't allow another injustice to be perpetrated against our people once again.

The LIA will have a 5% stake in what?
Enjoyed a lot! » »
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