Wednesday, October 04, 2006


The LOGO a beginning

I like a suggestion made by someone on VOCM tonight to make the color of the wording Newfoundland Labrador in the color of the northern lights.

Personally I don't think much of the stylized Picture plant. Looks more like something out of the war of the worlds movie, aliens than a picture plant and that is assuming you even know what a picture plant looks like. I think this can be corrected by making the petals look more like petals.

Now on the other hand establishing one LOGO to represent the province does have merrits 40 is just way to much and too confusing as well as cost prohibitive for any real advertising campaign so something needed to be done.

I must say I agree with omitting the and.

As for the commercial I think it may be a good start for selling the new logo to the people of NL but it doesn't do much for promoting NL as a place to do business. it is moe like a tourism commercial than a business commercial which would highlight why you should come here to do business.

More targeted campaigns utilizing the logo need to be developed to target that audience.

Now if we were to piggy back onto some other advertizeing campaigns like the Bonavista newfie accent campaign to take advantage of their 100 million dollar campaign then we would be getting some real bang for our buck. 1 million dollar logo campaign piggy backed onto their 100 million dollar campaign would go along way in promoting ourselves as a place to do business on the world stage.

(The recent approval of the St Lawrence wind project isn't very consistant with what was said to the Ventus group in Labrador. If there's anything business needs to do business it is consistancy. More on this later)

We can't be ashamed of our accent we ned to embrace our culture and differences to promote ourselves. We need to sell ourselves to the world.

Some of the things we could promote to the world and develop an image is our secure nature what with most of us being on an island. In this increasing world of insecurity and terrorism that would be an easy sell.
Peace and tranquility, Clean climate, Clean energy, Seclusion, People, Fishery, Oil gas, Family, Resources, Access to world through world class ports, Even Margarette Wente's comments Most scenic Ghetto in Canada could and should be spun to our benefit.

Even the Seal Hunt could be utilized to promote ourselves to the world as a place to do business. In fact there isn't much of the world who doesn't know where we are because of the seal hunt so why not take advantage of their publicity even if it is bad we can turn it into good or at the very least exposure.

I also like someones suggestion to have Danny be the front man kinda like Frank McKenna did for NB, in promoting NL as a place to invest and do business.
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