Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Poverty reduction Rant

The province has implemented a Poverty Reduction strategy and plan.

What is poverty?
Is it a lack of money?
Lower standard of living? In comparison to who?
No power or say into your own life and affairs?
Inequality with your peers?

Inequality is the very cousin of Poverty in Nature and scope.

Not Poverty elimination or erradication but reduction.
I guess we can't be accused of aiming to high.
Kinda reminds me of an old saying
Set low standards and fail to maintain them.

Now Poverty reduction in and off itself has to open a few eyes and hearts just by it's very nature POVERTY.

Then again aren't we living in Canada where poverty is a myth?

SO are we whining or crying foul as usual by trying to bring our people out from under the burden of poverty. Read some stats from some of the NL communities here.

Or if you have lots of time you could read the 2003 Royal commission on NL's place in Canada. It covers poverty quite well an enlighteningly.
Or my synopsis of Conclusions graphs and charts.

Could poverty be the cause of the increase in crime. The rise in NL Nationalism, The increase in singular civil disobedience and as precursor to mass civil disobedience.

As usual in Canada the symptoms are being ignored or measures are being taken to quieten the dissenting voices rather than dealing with the root cause of the problem.
Sponsorship ring any bells.

Yet Canada wants to include all of the revenues from our Non-Renewable Natural resources into the D-Equalization formula for the benefit of the rest of Canada and to the detriment of it's poorest province.
NL is compared to PEI for revenues etc when PEI is no bigger than the Avalon Peninsula by itself. In fact NL is 300% larger than all of the other three maritime provinces combined. If anything we should be compared with the territories due to our vastness, sparse population and difficulties with thransport and the delivery of essential services.
That doesn't even count in the continental shelf which surrounds us being the size of the three prairie proivinces combined.
Why isn't Ontario's tax point advantage being clawed back to keep them in line with the rest of the Canadian provinces through the D-equalization formula?
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