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canada UN like other responsible nations

This is a map of known deep sea coral formations. My guess is that the reason there isn't a marker on the grand banks is because it has been destroyed already. Ask any deep Sea Bottom Dragger fisherman and he will tell yopu about the coral he has hauled out of his nets and throw overboard to die on the Grand Banks.

It is just amazing how ignorant, lazy, in govt's back pocket, or just plain stupid the MSM can be.
Take for example this quote in all of the MSM outlets. (Regurgetated propaganda) Now this is all about context. If you read the articles you will notice how they don't list the so called (IR) responsible nations? But rather they list the Responsible Nations who are calling for a ban on the destructive practice of bottom trawling. So unless you pay attention you would think that Canada/Ontario (Party Line) is apart of the list of countries that have signed onto the ban instead, Canada is actually one of the irresponsible countries who don't support the ban on Bottom Dragging who don't get listed.
You don't here the so called responsible naions shouting about their stance other than Canada who wants to continue with the status Quo and ensure their ace in the hole doesn't get revealed for what it is Colonialism.

"Canada, like many other respon-sible fishing nations, does not see (a moratorium) as the way forward," Hearn said in a two-page statement. "Real solutions must be practical, enforceable and fair."

The Quote should read

"Canada, (UN) like many other respon-sible fishing nations, does not see (a moratorium) as the way forward," Hearn said in a two-page statement. "Real solutions must be practical, enforceable and fair."
Why won't canada sign onto this call for a ban on Deap sea Bottom Dragging? You would think that the nation that has 40% of it's continental shelf outside the Arbitrary 200 mile EEZ, Where 60% of the WORLDS bottom dragging takes place would be the first to sign onto this ban.

Now why you might ask, well it comes down to trade and trade tarrif concessions.

A prime example would be the Tubot wars when Canada confiscated a spanish dragger for using to small net mesh and other infractions. But once Spain threatened to cancel any and all contracts with Bombardier the Turbot war died faster than it started.

Toe the Party line which is drawn by the Majority of MP's from Ontario. (Hearn's Toes must be glued to that party line of Ontario, and he is too stupid to see it, and deathly afraid of stepping over it) Even the opposition know that their party line and by sheer numbers Ontario's Line is to continue to prosecute the 40% of our continental shelf which lies outside the 200 mile limit as their personal bargaining chip.

The system is flawed and needs to be exposed for what it is a colonialist/federation with Ontario as the centre of the empire and the rest of us are just being used for it's benefit because of our flawed centrist political system with the only equality amongst the partners of this federation being to get out.

Draw up our new terms of union and demand they be met or we will leave that simple. canada isn't a country as such it is a partnership of individual countries who have the option of leaving at any time they want.

Call for a renegotiation of the terms of union that meet our demands or a referendum to go and become masters of our own destiny.

New terms should include
Triple e senate,
One bilingual Supreme Court of Canada judge from every province and territory to represent the provinces morals and ethics and not just Toronto's and Montreals,
Ownership of the entire continental shelf, Where by any fish or benefit from the continental shelf within our area is given directly to NL kinda along the lines of stumpage fees,
School systems must meet the minimum requirements of all federal jobs when it comes to bilingualism.
Remove non-Renewable resource revenues from the claw back of D-Equalization
100% ownership of the continental shelf and the oil and gas there
tax points should be included in the claw back of the D-Equalization formula, Why should Ontario get a free pass.
Federal Presence/ Decision making and top management positions.
Manned military base or bases
National East West Power corridor

Hold a reverse referendum if the parties won't call for one, by not supporting the systemically flawed political system we have through NOT Voting..

As a start
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