Monday, August 14, 2006


Good little NEWFIE Boys and Girls now go away and let the big boys play in your back yard.

Once again Averill Baker tells it like it is and not how the powers that be would like you to see it.
Cross Examination by Averill Baker
The Charter

One hundred large foreign factory-freezer ships catch cod on our coast every day during the food fishery, and all the other days of the year as well.

Under the law, in our food fishery, each Newfoundland boat is allowed a maximum of 15 cod, and each person is allowed a maximum of five cod a day.

Under the law, each one of the 100 foreign ships is allowed to have onboard at any time 2,750 pounds (1,250 kg) of cod from one haul of their gigantic nets. They are allowed to have more cod than that onboard from one haul if the amount of cod over 2,750 pounds adds up to only five per cent of their total catch.

The law favors foreigners.

For them the law says: “may not exceed 1,250 kg, or five per cent, of the catch retained onboard, whichever is the greater.
Apart from the 100 ships fishing every day from NAFO countries with hundreds of tonnes of cod aboard, there are also ships from other non-NAFO countries fishing on our shelf. They are from Belize, Dominica, Cyprus, Principe, Panama, Sao Tome, Honduras, Sierra Leone, and the Dominican Republic. They are under no catch restrictions for cod because they don’t belong to NAFO.

In the larger scheme of things our food fishery amounts to a grain of sand on the vast Sahara desert.

These are only excerpts and don't convey the entire article. I would recommend reading the entire article.

It isn't the fish Canada are bartering away in exchange for good relations in the foreign affairs department but the fishing grounds with 40% of the continental shelf lying outside of the 200 Mile EEZ and Canada continuing to perpetuate the lie that is NAFO and UNFA.

Even if the entire continental shelf were to become solely within our jurisdiction which Canada has never even attempted to achieve. The amounts that would be allowed to be caught according to the sustainable catches prior to 1970 which were 150,000 tonnes 40 % of that being 60,000 not even counting the amount Canada would have of that because of OUR HISTORICAL rights of, for ease lets say 6 countries so Canada should get another 10,000 tonnes from the political straddling stocks LOL making a total of 100,000 tonnes for Canadian fishers on the entire continental shelf.

All of the Grand Banks or No Thanks!
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