Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Rueters says Mid East Photographer doctored photos

I commend Reuters for taking the right stand on this and taking the high road instead of resorting to Tabloid media.

But IMHO this is just the blatant tip of the ice berg. What about all of the staged photos? It seems evertime I watch the MSM I see evidence of staged photos.

Some blatent examples of late would be the Cana incident, The Lebanese Hezballa supporter fainting on demand with people waiting to break her fall, two clean stuffed animals placed conspicuiously amongst building debris, Photographers taking photos from in the line of fire, Or from out in the open while the soldiers are taking cover.

Now alot off these photos and video clips are provided by local photographers or in the case of the Mid East guided by Hezballa minders.

It's getting to be that the MSM has cried wolf one to many times and their credibility is not much better than the Enquirer if not worse because we all know the enquirer and such are hoaxes and they don't try and pawn it of as anything but. But the MSM contends that their coverage is unbiased and true. Nothing could be further from the truth more often than not they are staged photo ops or out right misrepresentations of what the photo actually portrays all in the name of sensationalism and the almighty scoop ratings and ultimately buck.

The next time you see soldiers firing from cover consider where the photographer is standing and taking his shot from.

At least radio doesn't have to rely on sensational photo ops to get their point across and must tell the story as it is. Albeit their stories are supplied by the photo op tabloids.
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