Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Three loops to a revolution in Newfoundland & Labrador

I'm just going to throw together some comments and links I have made around the net on this one.

This little tid bit is compliments of WJM from over at the http://forums.ourlabrador.ca/viewtopic.php?id=376

"the TLH and 138 would be a revolution in Labrador transportation. It would also be a revolution for the Straits/Blanc Sablon area, which would be at the crossroad of THREE tourist routes: The "Labrador loop" (Baie-Comeau around to Baie-Comeau); the (Maritimes-Newfoundland-North Shore); and the "Gulf loop""Big Jeezuz Loop" (Maritimes-Newfoundland-Labrador-Baie-Comeau).

A bigger ferry will be required!!!"


Concerns Raised After Fatal Accident on the Labrador Highway - Sep 19, 2006

More concern being raised today over the state of the Trans Labrador Highway following a fatal accident Sunday night. A 72 year old man died when his car left the Trans Labrador Highway, flipped over, and landed in a ditch. Darrell, a truck driver, told VOCM Backtalk with Bill Rowe he came across the accident Sunday night and called for help. Darrell says the operator was somewhere in Ontario and there should be a way to reach someone in Labrador in case of an emergency on the highway. Labrador City Mayor Graham Letto says they have been advocating for a better communications system for the Trans Labrador Highway.

Lets make this mans death mean something and lobby for
-cell phone access along the entire TLH in conjunction with a province wide 911.
-A complete ban on all road work on the island until the TLH is completed and completely with hard top as well. How can anyone on the Island complain about pot holes in their pavement when thgeir bretheren in Labrador don't have a completed highway let alone a paved highway.
Keeping in mind our 12,000,000,000.00 Billion dollar debt.

Things are really looking up what with Quebec commiting 100 million to complete the remaining 425 km of route 138 LNS over the next 10 years. Leaving only the bridge across the Natashquan river and the completion of Phase III of the TLH by 2009 to make what WJM describes a reality.


As for the ferry discussion things are already in the works on that front too.
A tender was put out for the design of two new small ice breaking capable ferries. This is the best route to take IMHO because with two ferries the wait time between crossings can be cut in half. As well the more traffic across the Straite the more the ice gets broken up and hence better the possibility of a year round link.

There is also the benefit of having two ferries in case one goes down the crossing can still remain open in a limited capacity.

Now is the time lets get vocal. Start phoning open lines, emailing elected representatives, write letters to the editor etc. compliments are in order as well as a renewed advocacy effort to improve communications along the TLH as well pressure the feds to pony up the 50% they promised.

No federal funds this year for TLH.
Labrador mayor pushes for TLH commitments.
Canadian Strategic highway research program
TLH added to national Highway System NHS
Province commits 50% of TLH completion costs
Ministerial statement on TLH
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