Monday, September 18, 2006


Open letter drafted by the Canadian Unregistered Firearms Owners Association

Monday, 18 September 2006

Member of Parliament
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6

Dear Sir &/or Madam,

Re: Withdraw Bill C-21

I want to express my EXTREME DISAPPOINTMENT with Bill C-21. While Minister Day’s proposal may alleviate some of the odious aspects of firearms registration, I note with extreme alarm that his bill keeps firearms licensing which is my primary concern. I can never submit to licensing because licensing destroys my basic human Right of self-protection.

I have enclosed a proposal for a Firearms Prohibition Registry. While random acts of unspeakable violence will always be difficult to prevent totally in a society that honors basic human rights, I believe that the Firearms Prohibition Registry would address the desire of all Canadian for logical, effective firearms legislation.

I would greatly appreciate your delivering my message to Mr. Harper and Mr. Day.
Now that Montréal has suffered another senseless tragedy this is certainly not the time to debate a poorly conceived, half-measure which only makes the situation worse for everyone.

We want the Conservatives to keep the promises which they made to us while in Opposition. We want the repeal of the entire Firearms Act and replacement with efficient, just legislation.


Signed XXXX
Full address or they won't respond or forward your letter.

The Firearms Prohibition Registry,FPR.

The Proposal:

A replacement of the function of the Canadian Firearms Center, by
A federal registry of persons prohibited by court order from possessing

The Objective:

A safer more secure society by reducing criminal access to firearms.

The Benefits:

Focuses the attention squarely on the problem: criminals.

Means the courts, not a federal employee, would determine who is
prohibited from owning and acquiring firearms.

Allows the police to have ready access to all information on all
persons prohibited from possessing firearms.

Requires that an individual wishing to purchase firearms must not be
listed in the FPR.

Assures vendors that purchasers of firearms would be legitimate by
providing an 800 number to insure the recipient of the firearm is not
listed in the FPR.

Respects the Rights and Freedoms of responsible citizens to acquire and
possess firearms.

Ensures judicial review so that no person is erroneously included in
the FPR.

Maintains effective measures to ensure swift correction of faulty data.

Provides a public service for which no fees would be attached.

Rationale for the Firearms Prohibition Registry:

The courts, by convictions, restraining orders, and bail conditions
would decide who is prohibited from possessing firearms.

The government should only keep track of irresponsible persons, leaving
responsible citizens alone.

The amount of data which would be provided by the courts would be more

The police have the communication equipment in their offices and patrol
cars to access this type of system.

Garry Breitkreuz, MP has been saying for years,

"Any sane person can only conclude that federal gun control laws should
be focused on keeping the guns out of the hands of people who should
not have them.

"Register criminals, NOT duck hunters"

The time for responsible change has arrived:

Stand up for Canada.

Canadian Unregistered Firearms Owners Association.

Please feel free to copy this letter and send it along to your elected representative.
If you don't know who your elected representative is you can find out here.
Or Here is a listing of all of the MP's email addresses.
Remember all correspondence to Ottawa is free, and doesn't require a stamp.
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