Saturday, July 29, 2006


World MSM fueling world tension and conflicts

I'm always amazed at the amount of spin and sometimes outright lies being put forth by the different sides of conflicts through the Main Stream Media (MSM) on different sides.

Now you might say well it is up to the individuals to check and cross check for different view points of each and every story. But what you forget is not every media source is available to everyone, and people take what is in print and on media outlets as gospel for the most part unless they have experience with the world outside their own little world.

When you read news coming out of the middle east from the Arab side it is easy to understand why they think and feel the way they do because there it is in print or on MSM outlets telling you their reasoning.

You may look at the Lebanese being evacuated out of Lebanon and wonder why they aren't being more gratefull. Well when it is affecting you personally it is hard to see the other side of the story all you know is you are being displaced and your loved ones are either in danger or dead. But it runs deeper than that these feelings and emotions are further cemented because of the spin the local MSM puts on the stories.

Sure you might say well check other MSM news outlets for yourself and draw your own conclusions. Unfortunately not everyone has the time or the inclination to bother checking several MSM news outlets from the different sides involved. If they even have the ways and means to do it.

Then there is the language issue. The masses in general speak only their native language and in these countries where there are ongoing conflicts alot of the time they can't read or write so the radio and prerecorded tapes are the only means the news is available to them.

Even if well educated Arabs have the ways and means to search out the other side of the story unless they can read english the universal Internet language they aren't able to read the other side of the story. Unlike us English speaking infidels who have at our disposal translation services from every language into english if there isn't already sites available in english.

What the world needs is an impartial MSM service available world wide. Something to debunk the different view points and try and tell it like it is.

World media service, Radio, Prerecorded tapes, Short Wave radio, Newsprint local languages, United nations news media service. Just the facts board of editors from each of the differing view points.

When I do a review of the differing view points I am totally amazed at just how slewed and different the same story can have depending upon who and where it is.

Here is a listing of some of the different world news services. All in english so arabs will only bombarded with their view of world events.

Then there is the generic News wires which everyone receives and regurgetates without so much as reviewing the content.
I don't think I know of one case whereby the news media has been taken to task for distributing false or skewed news in an effort to promote their countries own agenda. Look at CBC it is pro Canadian all the time, Aljezeera is pro Muslim anti American all the time and so on and so on.

It truely is reallity that people are sheep and can be led around by the media and it's propaganda it spews forth brainwashing it's local inhabitants to think the way the powers that be want them to.

Then there are the countries who don't have freedom of the press I use that term loosely, but these countries are even more blatent in controling the message to suit their own agendas.

It is a sad sad world we live in when so few can control so much the message to suit their own agendas.

Don't think the internet is going to be the savior either because the internet has to be one of the easiest modes of communication to censor. Don't believe me remember Google capitulating to China to censor internet content going into China. While there is a glimmer of hope with the internet for debunking the different viewpoints. It pales in comparison to the audience of the MSM news outlets around the world.

The only hope would be internet through satellite this doesn't get relayed through local servers and broadbrand access. Now it is just the satellites that need to be uncensored in order to maintain at least a modicum of free communication.
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