Monday, July 31, 2006


Bubble wrap blimp

I've been kinda kicking around the idea of how do you make a UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehichle that has more air time steady platform for optics and is cheap and easy to use and deploy.

Personally I figured some sort of blimp would be the best option but the draw back with a blimp is it's succeptibility to ground fire and fire itself. As well as the majority of blimps utilize only one main compartment so one hole would render the blimp useless.

What if Bubble wrap were used to make a blimp and instead of using air to fill the bubbles use something lighter than air like helium. Now the problem with lighter than air once again is it's flammability but if the packaging material is flame retardent and the volume of the helium is contained in small separate compartments like what bubble wrap uses the threat from ground fire would be minimal and the threat of fire would also be minimal.

Oh I can see it now the boys will be using the helium filled bubble wrap for matresses. Talk about a good nights sleep LOL.

Skylark Remote/Control Mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Model airplane to be used by Canadian Troops in Afghanistan.
Skylark manufacturers site.
Review by defence site.

Thought on Blimp. Delta wing from PVC corrugated plastic Correx Corro plast SPAD Simple Plastic Airplane Design with channels filled with helium and top of wing covered with solar panels to power high efficiency electric engines. Could fly all day would be relatively impervious to ground fire. Helium would allow for heavier pay loads and night time observation with little or no power.
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