Tuesday, October 12, 2021


Inconvenient truths

The Galactic Milankovitch cycles cause our climate cycles. Eccentricity; 240,000 year rotation of the galactic bulge, Obliquity 60,000 years between Aphelion Ice age and Perihelion tropical age Precession 26,000 cycle every 12,000 years our solar system crosses over our galaxies electromagnetic gravitational plane for a 1,000 years causing EMP plasma bursts (pillars of Fire), Oort cloud comets, and global east to west cataclysmic Mud Flood Tsunami deluges. Covid like CO2 is a comfortable LIE built upon an inconvenient truth. The Baby Boomers who were born en mass 76 years ago are starting to die en mass from the usual suspects of seasonal Flu which leads to pneumonia and old age. The Covid MASK of the BEAST to BUY or SELL is a pretext for the Heavy metal vaccine of the BEAST combined with 5G microwave oven towers depopulation FINAL SOLUTION before the Great Year Resets to planet with E-W Tidal waves. China's "One Child policy" in western christian democracies is Abortion, LGBTQ, Euthanasia, Sterilization, Sex changes and anti children propaganda etc. BLM/ALM is a divide and conquer humanity by race creed and religion. Jesus loved all races because there is only one race, the HUMAN race with only one minority the INDIVIDUAL human. Slave is equal to master. Love your neighbor like your brother, because he is your brother in the human race. Jesus had FAITH in HUMANITY, it is time for HUMANITY to have faith in themselves and JESUS or be condemned to the BIT-HU-MAN pits of hell only to be released by fire. We all came from our mothers as equals. We are all the sum of our life's experiences and teachings. Grade 5 science could debunk CO2 caused climate cycles. Cause and effect and closed loop. Temperature is rising first and CO2 follows as the Arctic thaws due to Obliquity and Precession. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. On this planet. All EM energy comes from and or returns to the electromagnetic double torus we call the galactic Nucleus/Bulge. Earth is a closed CO2 loop
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