Wednesday, August 23, 2023


Ancient History News ~ Alaska Sites 30,000 Y.O., Underground City, FL.Mo...

Monday, February 20, 2023


Nanaimo Diefenbunker

Monday, July 11, 2022


The Silent Scream (w/ Dr. Bernard Nathanson)

And JESUS weep before entering the city of the self proclaimed chosen people. Jesus warned us about the Anti-Goylumites & these the climate change END TIMES with the book of REVELATIONs & the cause with the 7 north stars of the PRECESSION of the Alpha/Omega equinoxes he held in his hand. "He who has ears (Prerequisite knowledge) will hear (Understand). Mohammed also warned us with 72 virgins because there are 72 human years in one year of the Great Year and prey to the east because eclipsing the galaxies electromagnetic/gravitational plain is going to pull the the oceans around the planet east to west 800 mph at the equator because the planet rotates west to east 1,000 mph at the equator. TicTok these are just the birthing pains of the END TIMES climate change Mother Earth's WATER won't break until the conjunction of the planets coming in 2033 and every 40 years thereafter for the millennia it takes to cross the milky way centre of he Galaxies Double Torus magnet. "Slave=Master" Jew=Gentile, Muslim=Infidel, Black=White=Brown, Rich=Poor, Aboriginal=Colonialist, Queen=Queer. WE all came from our mothers as EQUAL humans. "Parable of the seed" We are all the SUM of our life's experiences, teachings & circumstances. You won't see heaven on earth until all see humanity as a child does without race, creed, cast or religion. Jesus loved all races because there is only one race the HUMAN race with only one minority the individual human. "I came so that humanity might have life & life more abundantly." "All shall seek shelter under rocks or in caves." From the EMP pillars of fire/lightning, Oort cloud comets, 100 lb Talen sized Hail. "The meek hunter gatherers & homesteaders shall inherit the earth." after the Eclipsing the galactic plane RESETS it.

Friday, April 29, 2022


END TIMES climate change due crossing the galaxies magnetic plane for the next millennia.

The climate changes due to the GALACTIC Milankovitch not you & not CO2. Eccentricity 235,000 year rotation of galactic bulge outside force, Obliquity climate trends & Precession climate cataclysms every 12,000 years NOW when our solar system eclipses our galaxies double torus electromagnetic/gravitational plane for a 1,000 years. Antikythera device, Gobekli tepe. "All shall seek shelter under rocks or in caves." The climate disasters your witnessing now are just the birthing pains Mother Earth's east to west WATER will break with the conjunction of the planets in 2033 & every 40 years thereafter for the millennia it takes to cross the galaxies magnetic plane. Jesus he warned us about the self proclaimed Chosen people = Yatzi Master Race & these the END of DAYS with the book of REVEALTIONS & the cause with the 7 north stars of the PRECESSION of the Alpha/Omega Equinoxes cycle he held in his hand. Covid is Baby Boomer Bust due to usual suspects of seasonal FLu which leads to pneumonia & old age. Ezekiel Musk is a self proclaimed chosen person and is LYING to humanity about the cause of climate change being you & Co2 as well as his satellites falling from the sky. Comets from the Oort cloud are being pushed into our atmosphere not Musk's satellites. "The Families who control the timelines of the past control the future. Descendants of Abraham who control the present Media & Money control the past." Orwell Hess

Thursday, February 03, 2022


#Freedomconvoy2022 Grab A Freedom Granola Bar And Lets Rock!

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