Saturday, October 28, 2017


Seabed ownership

Seabed mining is coming. How to do it environmentally? -no murking up the waters. either politically or underwater.

Picture of modern segregation

Gated communities. Municipal building regs single-family homes segregation. Segregation by income levels Nimbyism Not in my backyard Segregation. Property value segregation Dehumanization of homeless segregation assuage consciences.

The power of the people can be much stronger than the people in power.

Examples Orange wave Russia

wave energy ownership?

So we know the feds own the minerals on the continental shelf? But who owns the surface energy? Who owns the seabed minerals?


So would the fact that Ottawa owns and controls the continental shelves amount to colonialism? At the very least it has shown itself to be a Tragedy of the commons

Thursday, October 05, 2017


Do what's wright for the WRIGHT whales

It see.s to me if all of these remaining 400 whales were satellite tagged and that data was fed I to all marine satellite systems everymammal could be happy?


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