Wednesday, January 30, 2013

When will smart phones be able to be used as debit machines or card readers?

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Muskrat falls fall out

Convert your oil fired furnace with an Electric furnace.

Morning battles with teens

Get them to listen to morning radio contests. Win Win here, they get up on their own they wake up looking forward to their day and they develop phone skills calling in to win prizes they develop confidence with public speaking. Their friends have something to talk about.

Doing the dishes at 4 AM

So you say you can't get your children to help not do ( they are not slaves or maids they are your yes your children)the dishes. This goes for cleaning your room etc etc. You ask every hour on the hour all I mean All night long. We know how much kids like their sleep just imagine how much they like their sleep at 4 am. The beauty of this consistency methodology is you it might be a little hard for you the first time but there won't be a next time. Now it will take a little discipline on your part to not just throw up your hands and do it FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, but it will be worth it both for you and your relationship with your children.

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