Tuesday, February 16, 2010


North South Ferry partners

Let the numbers and seasons do the talking.

In the Northern hemisphere the winter time is a slow period for ferry traffic, and vice verse for southern hemisphere countries with ferry systems their summer is our winter and is their peak season reverse to ours.

So why not partner with one of these southern hemisphere countries and share off season ferry capacity with the opposite hemisphere countries peak season.

Update: Add Capsule hotels to all ferrries.



Bell island SPR Strategic Petroleum Reserve

I realize that Canada doesn't have a SPR Strategic petroleum Reserve but the principle and technology is there for petroleum storage.

Bell Island
is ideally located and has the existing storage capacity for such a facility IMO.


Monday, February 15, 2010


Salmon leather anyone?



Two achievable parliamentary democracy solutions

Really good article here with some actual achievable solutions. Disregard the title and read on Proroguation is like most things just one more symptom of an ongoing crisis so in that respect the title is correct.


"How to get serious and fix democracy

There are two obvious solutions to this dilemma -- one of which is hard, and the other easy.

The hard solution is proportional representation, which gives minority parties the ability to elect MPs -- virtually assuring a minority government where parties must convince a majority of MPs of the wisdom of their policies.

The easy one is to give MPs the great protection that electors have -- a secret ballot. Now, that would put the cat amongst the pigeons. The rule would remain that the government would only be obliged to resign on a budget matter or one accepted as a "confidence" motion. And what's the argument against this again?

It has been pointed out that under this option, we won't know how our MPs voted. But we only know that under our present system because the MP must always vote as he is told.

If we, as a society, consider that regular people ought to be able to cast their votes free from outside pressure, promises of rewards, and penalties, why would we deny that same protection to those we elect to speak for us?"




Friday, February 12, 2010


Sea Container, Homeless, Disaster, Capsule hotels

Ever see those capsule hotels they have in japan?

It occurred to me what with all of the ruckess here in BC about the homeless in the Lower mainlands Vancouver downtown east side that something like those capsule hotels would work.

Temporarily or immediate fix would be a small C can 20 foot with 9 capsules in one end. 3 high 3 wide should fit nicely.

Or you could go with a bigger C can with a side opening and have 18 capsules 9 on either end with a common area and entrance through the middle.

These could easily be dropped down anywhere and could either be wired fro electricity and a common ablution area or just basic bunks with heat..

It would be important for them to be modular as they would need to be changed out and or meticulously cleaned occasionally. Maybe just Ozonating might be enough?

Being in the market for accommodation out here n BC Bring Cash I'm not surprised at the amount of homelessness because for all intensive purposes I too am homeless.

Which isn't surprising when you consider that this province charges TAX on your primary residence? I think this is the only province in all of canada that does so?

So essentially the 1% on the first 200K and 2% on anything over 200K artificially inflates housing prices. Especially when you consider that mortgages truth be told and nothing more than paying rent to the banks. Add real-tors 5% fees on top of that and the fact that houses get bought and sold every 5-10 years I'm not surprised housing prices have climbed beyond the reach of normal families and is becoming the pervue of big banks and developers.

paying tax on primary residences has to be unjust if not downright criminal when you consider that is a basic human need.


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