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Monday, December 29, 2008


WOW home plan


I was doing a little browsing into passive solar space heating and I stumbled across what has to be one of the most comprehensive and all encompassing information sources on the subject ever.

Now while it is orientated towards and designed specifically for Australia the concepts are still usable the world over especially considering it is broken into all regions of the continent of Australia.

This is truly a stunning example of planning to succeed on behalf of your people by the peoples govt. Their govt must not be owner operators of their utility companies?


Sunday, December 28, 2008


NAFTA Express

Seeing as corporate canada is going to try and circumvent the constitution once again by handing over the provinces resources to anyone other than the province which owns them.

I think it is about time we in NL had a ways and means to access those tariff free goods and services made in Mexico and the US without having to use the economic embargo called Marine Atlantic or padding the pockets of the leaches in the maritimes via transit fees.

It is time we had a direct commercial link to these luckrative markets and supplies in the US.

Why is it the constitution is only adhered to when it benefits the majority in this phony federation of inequality but when it benefits or protects the minority provinces in this farce of a democracy it is thrown out the window. Such hypocracy such systemic abuse of minorities by all of the national proxy parties of ON/QU it makes me sick.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008



With all of the talk of handing out bilions of dollarsby the national proxy parties of Ontario and Quebec lately I thought it might be interesting to try and put some perspective on how much a billion dollars really is because I know I have trouble even visualizing one million dollars let alone ONE BILLION or 14 BILLION or 30 BILLION dollars.


I tried to find a good chart to highlight the actually monetary expenditures of the Government of Canada like there used to be there before Harper took over but for the life of me I couldn't find one? I think it is somewhere in the range of 180 Billion per year?


Monday, December 22, 2008


Small Homemade DIY personal wind turbines

modified permanent magnet alternator mount with furling yaw tail
view of PM alternator geared 1:1 could easily be made a 2:1 for unmodified regular GM 10SI alternator.
Chevy 1 wire alternator needs to be geared up to work in original condition.

Allstar | 80500 | GM Alternator 63 Amp 1 Wire

Found that pulley mounted blade wind turbine. No pictures just a youtube vid. I like this set up for high RPM PMDC motors and AC alternators minus the lack of a auto furl.

Stereo typical direct drive PMDC set up. No furling on the tail here.
Geared Alternator setup.
African windturbine made from bike parts not sure of the generator?
Interesting design using motorcycle magneto and bike frame.
car disc axial Flux design
Vibration isolating house mount.
Rear blade commercial design furling integral to generator.
Parts for Axial Flux head
Exploded view of Axial Flux generator.
Direct mount PMDC alternator
Another view of magneto bicycle turbine.
My favorite DIY blade design.Looks like Bakelite but 4" PVC pipe should work as well with IR protection.
House mount not recommended due to turbulace and vibration. Only good for micro and small.
Tail Furl schematic.
Armature blade mount example.
Axial Flux Head.
Immersed heating coil load dump. Looks like water heater elements?
Pole tilt furl design.
Diode required for PMDC so batteries don't start driving motor.
Heating coils load dump.
Recommended PMDC motors tha thave low RPM's very hard t ofind. These wouldn't require gearing and the bearings and sturdy mounted both ends.
Roof Mounting schematic.

Break down of comparative alternatives. Determination that the Hugh Piggott Axial Flux design is by far the most cost efficient, durable, and cost effective.

There was another example of a geared turbine where the blades were mounted to a 10" large pulley that was connected to a drive shaft that was anchored to two pillow blocks.
The PMDC or alternator was slung in the front below the pulley. Not sure about blade flex hitting generator but the blades were only 2 feet in length 1 foot of which was attached to the large pulley so I should have been ok. I'll try and find that pic again because the generator would have worked as the weight for the pole furl design.

I've been doing some research on building my own small micro wind turbine lately and I thought I would put some of it on here.

First of all I have yet to build one.

It would seem from all of my research that the revolutions of a direct drive turbine would be somewhere in the range of 500 rpm to 1000 rpm. 60 seconds in a minute 10 revolutions per second 600 revolutions.

The smaller the blades the higher the RPM. 4 foot diam 1000 rpm, 6 foot diam 600 rpm as an example in no way indicative of real or actual results too many factors to account for like torque wind bearings etc etc.

On bearings they would seem to be one of the big factors for longevity for the Permanent Magnet Direct Current motors and Alternators or Alternators conversions.

The beauty of using the Chevy 1 wire alternator either stock and geared up or modified to PMDC direct is the ease of accessing spare parts like bearings because it would seem that 5 years is the time frame for maintenance.

Then again the strength of building your own Axial Flux turbine along the lines of the Hugh Piggott design is the strength and durability of the bearings used as well as the ease and availability of the parts required to build it as well as service it.

Another thing to keep in mind for your design so to include some form of furling mechanism preferably automatic to protect your investment from self destructing or burnout.

From all of my research I have only found two low cost methods tail furl and post furl. See diagrams.

Anyway I'm not going to get too in depth here as I really don't know what I'm talking about having never built one so I will put many links and images as possible up here for you to decide and investigate further.

NL Hydro should really consider allowing people to use grid tie ins. Because if they don't people could easily go off grid and then they would lose out on all of their customer base. Wher as if they incorporate grid tie in people will augment their grid system if done correctly by reducing peak demand which is the real achillies heel of the grid. Anyway there are a lot more reasons to allow grid tie in than there are to not. The only one that I can think of to not allow grid tie in if done properly is to hold onto your monopoly and freeze out any and all competition.

Small wind turbines would be a perfect fit for rural economies of scale. It would allow the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit to thrive in rural NL. It would provide energy for the more populace urban areas. reduce GHG mitigate peak demand convert our economy from non renewable to renewable etc etc.

Insulation can only take you so far before the law of diminishing returns kicks in.

These would be great for rural communities on diesel generated electric, cost effective wise.

The entire population who live in and around the Holyrood diesel fired electric generating plant who complain about the pollution, allergies, and particulate should have one of these to do their part in causing the holyrood plant to burn less.

It comes down to personal foot print, and pro rating like is done in some jurisdictions more to offset peak demand than anything to do with economics or going green.

Same could be said for a carbon tax it should only be as much or as little as will make alternative energy sources competitive.

Any funding from a carbon tax should never be long term because if it actually works it should be lost right. What do you do then where does the taxation come from then?

Some links
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Building a homemade wind turbine using my homemade cnc router.
Permanent Magnet Motors for Small Wind Turbines DC Wind Turbine Motors on eBay - BEWARE

H/T; for exploded view image http://windpower.org



Cooking the books Abitibi Bowater

We've seen this before and we'll probably see it again. It would appear that Abitibi Bowater attempted to cook the books to justify shutting down the pulp and paper mill in GrandFalls Windsor.

We've seen this before with the shutting down of the NL railroad, Closing of the Stephenville PnP mill, and the selling off of FPI.

There is no better way to get someone to cut of their own hand than to convince them that it is in their own best interest. That way they have no one to blame but themselves. IE asking the workers to make impossible concessions and then turning around and using their overwhelming power in the media to try and barter negotiate sway public opinion. This is especially true when you consider the majority of the public lives in two other provinces and there is nothing to counteract this unfair and lopsided situation where the Tyranny of the Majority rules.

Just take the Hockey ville competition as a prime example of how the canadian confederation works.

In 2008 the hockey ville competition was down to Port Aux Basques and some town in Quebec. Now numbers are very important in this analogy and specifically per capita numbers because Quebec has something like 7-8 million people and NL has just above 500,000 people.

NL's voted something like 5 million while Quebec voted something like 6 million times so without any form of pro rating, per capita, or percentage of the population of that provinces population being factored in no matter how involved and hard a minority province like NL tries to win in this system they will forever be subject to the will and whim of the majority provinces.

It is also necessary to keep in mind human nature.

Cause and effect

Global warming climate change etc etc.

So if the biggest heat sink on the planet the oceans are getting warmer and causing the jet stream to stay in the higher latitudes is the jet stream effected to dip lower over the continents where the heat sink and global warming is less pronounced as a carry over effect?

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