Friday, October 31, 2008


Minority govt double take

I must say I am always confused when i hear the supposedly people in the know pontificate that minority govts are good for the country?

Well I'm not sure what country these people are living in but if you come from a minority province in this confederation a minority national party govt is definitely not good for your province.

It goes back to the "It's the political system Stupid!" as long as a national party is in power either in a minority govt situation or a majority govt situation where a minority prov like NL doesn't have it's own representatives and the ones we do elect to the national party have to toe the national party line or get ostracized and banished to the nether regions of the HOC where democracy is nothing but a faint rumor and representing your riding and constituents is a battle of one against 307 or 70,000 against 32,000,000.00 million, or at the very least the 22 million who live in the two majority provinces and don't want the system to change because it works for them.

Now the only way a majority national party govt would work would be if the leader of the national party govt was a benevolent leader IE: we would still be expected to come with cap in hand and on our knees begging for anything more than the political system of per capita colonialism share of our own resource revenues back from the democratic discrimination perpetrated by all of the national parties against the minority provinces in favor of vote buying and winning power in the majority provinces with the over whelming share of resource revenues from the minority provinces.

The thing is people are a liability to govts and income tax collection and disbursement is nothing more than a zero sum gain the only real positive balance the national parties have to work with is resource revenues being more from a minority province on a per capita basis that they can use to benefit the majority at the expense of the minority.

nation parties under a minority govt can't even be benevolent because they are forever under threat of an election so they are forever keeping Paul happy while robbing peter. Paul will never complain and even spin it so as to look like minority govts are beneficial for the country well that might be so if you consider the country to only be Ontario and Quebec where 66% of the population lives.

The only way a minority govt is any good fro a minority prov like NL within this confederation is if we elect our own Nationalist party MP's from the NL-FIRST party then we can use our vote in a minority govt to horse trade and elicit what is good for NL-FIRST.


Sunday, October 12, 2008


Mary Walsh adds another segment to Sweater mania

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Splitting the vote/ voting strategically

You know it is funny I have actually done this. That is voted strategically. I did it mainly because I felt there was really no choice, no option so instead of spoiling my ballot or not voting at all I chose the lesser of three evils. I wasn't comfortable doing it nor did I really want to do it but faced with no real choice and no real option I did it in spite of my conscience and principles.

If you feel you have to vote for the lesser of two evils or vote negatively then there really is something wrong. The problem is if there really is no choice what do you do?

This is at the crux of why I am in this federal election. I wanted to offer the people of NL a real choice and in particular the people of St John's South Mount Pearl a real choice!

I've heard some people who are self serving and want to be the king maker infer not to split the vote. Well the NL-FIRST vote isn't splitting anything because we are a real option and a real choice we are not a national party unlike all of he other national parties we are the NL-FIRST party and our party line is to put NL-FIRST.

Your choice on the 14 Oct is between a national party and the NL-FIRST a nationalist party.

Now Nationalist might have a double meaning but just remember that no federal party can call a referendum only a provincial party can call a referendum.

Strategic voting is just another way of saying don't split the vote only with a penchant towards self interest and king maker for some, but when it comes right down to it all of the national parties will treat NL the same.

I even heard Walter Noel state in the MUN debate which I was excluded from say that all of the Liberal promises are contingent upon the availability of money and the state of the economy.

Who are the first to get cut of and cut back when times are tough?
The minority provinces, the disenfranchised the marginalized and those without a voice.

Don't think because we have someone at the cabinet table of the national party in power we will have a voice we've thought that for NY 60 years and look at what it has gotten us.

The only people who will benefit from Strategic voting are the Liberals or Conservatives because it relegates all others to secondary or inutile status. Nothing will ever change as long as we fall prey to this false mantra of not voting on principle and with your conscience.

Splitting the vote is just another way of saying strategic vote but where someone else is looking to be the king maker and have the king beholding to him or her.

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NL-FIRST H-SB-BV Wayne Bennett speech

A new federal party, NL-FIRST a real option, a real choice, a real change!

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Mary Walsh Marg Delahunty seater burning **

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