Thursday, June 26, 2008


Yarns from Pigeon Inlet project

Yarns from Pigeon Inlet was always one of my favorite NL sketches. It was respectfull but at the same time managed to capture the essence of our culture and way of life.

I am so glad to hear that Bay Roberts is going to promote and build upon this truly iconic institution that is uniquely NL.

By the sounds of it they want to promote it along the lines of Anne of Green Gables in PEI. A very sound proposal to utilize a model that has worked elsewhere.


Saturday, June 21, 2008


Green Bay goes green

The town district of Green Bay in Newfoundland Labrador is going green.

They are putting up wind mills. Eliminating fossil fuel usage for all stationary uses like home heating. To be replaced with hydro electric wind power and sustainable wood burning with high efficency wood stoves, furnace upgrades and pellet stoves.

They hope to capitalize on their name being Green GREEN Bay and an abundance of wind in the area. To develop an economy of green collar workers while at the same time helping the environment and their pocket books.

They will also investigate using Geo thermal and heat pumps utilizing the heat differential of the ocean and the surrounding air.



Be a tourist at home in Labrador

While I think the be a tourist at home is an innovative way to combat high travel expenses this year. I think we should go one step further and actually promote Labrador the land that Cain forgot supposedly.

Lets not make the same mistake. There is so much to see and do in Labrador. The fishing in Labrador makes the fishing on the island pale in comparison as one example.

The aboriginal communities and culture in Labrador is another area that Labrador excels over the Island.

Who ever said NL doesn't have any mountains has never seen the Mealy mountains or Torngats. Considering this is only what was left after the tops were ground of by glaciers makes one wonder just how big they actually were. Maybe some entrepreneurial artist could do a rendition of said mountains before the great saw off. I would really like to see that and then look upon what is left.

Porcupine Strand is a sight to behold and a pleasure to lounge on.

There is nowhere better to take in the wonder of the Northern Lights Aurora Borealis.

Historic Battle Harbour is but a hop skip and a jump across the Straight Jacket of Belle Isle.

One of the worlds largest Hydro generating plants at the Upper Churchill.

Moravian Missions, Bake apple cloud berries, wide open spaces, back to nature,
It might be a little too late this year seeing as most of the literature and campaign ads have already been made and distributed. But definitely the year that the TLH opens this should be a top priority and every year really we have our own great outdoors and it should be promoted as such the Big land!

So this year be a tourist in Labrador!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm always amazed at just how stupid canadians are especially our elected officials.

If your looking for a way to combat global warming and green house gases I would think one of the first things to do would be to do something about our duplication of railway tracks.

There are places where there are two sets of tracks they are bi directional. This is like having two separate sets of two lane highway's as opposed to one 4 lane divided highway.

One set of bi directional tracks is owned by CNR and the other set of bi directional tracks right beside the first set is owned by CPR.

Now if something could be done so that each set of tracks is used unidirectionally it would improve efficiency and capacity.

In alot of country the tracks are like phone lines they are owned by a third party and the users pay a user fee.

Just one of the more obvious and glaring things that could and should be done to make our transportation system more efficient and combat green house gas emissions.

Another would be a national energy corridor. Maybe an energy corridor could be incorporated into the right of way of the track system.

These are nation building visions and unfortunately due to our systemically flawed political system of per capita colonialism by the national parties masquerading as democracy it will probably never come to pass because any and all national political parties in our political system of per capita colonialism have to pander to the voters if they want to get into power. Because 66% of the canadian population lives in ON/QU any and all national party policies are tailored towards benefiting those two majority provinces and the minority provinces are relegated to colonial status.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008


No more Free loading dogs

Just search dog powered scooter on youtube to see it in action, Pretty impressive!

This one is even cooler!



Newfoundland Labrador's B train system

While we may no longer have a train system in NL and all of the communities that were established grew and prospered in part because of the train. It would seem that we do have the option of running B train Tractor trailer in the province according to the codes.

I must say I'm surprised I don't see more B trains on our highways. It would seem our province is a perfect fit for such set ups. What with our long hauls and wide open spaces.

I have driven these set ups and they aren't as difficult to handle as you would expect and even backing them up can be accomplished with a bit of experience.

The only B trains that seem to be running the province are the dump trucks wit ha pup trailer in tow. Which isn't really a B train due to the lack of a dolly system on the trailing trailer but it isn't much of a stretch to learn a B train.

Newfoundland Labrador's version of tribalism

The fact that NL doesn't have a county, Parish or any other sort of unified district system lends itself to NL's version of tribalism/TOWNISM in that each and every town is competing with each and every other town.

It's time United we stood because Divided we have fallen for long enough.

Some examples of this are the ongoing dispute between Stephenville and Deer Lake airport.

The need for a new penitentiary and all of the different parties vying for it all the while we don't put forward a united front and get it done.

Also with out a unified service district all of the provinces crown land is centrally controlled from St John's and as such any new land usage proposals never get of the ground due to distance and red tape with investigating opportunities and availability. Some of this could be alleviated with better online sources but ideally decentralizing would be more conducive for increased land usage.

You can't reason with a starving towns people.


Monday, June 16, 2008


car / DOG wash

Just one more of those good idea business worth noting.

There is nothing worse than washing a large dog in your bathtub. It's dirty and hard on the back staying bent over.

You might say do it in the back yard with the water hose but that con only be done during the summer and most garden hoses don't have hot and cold so the cold only can be very uncomfortable for the dog.

Now here is a pic of a very fancy dog wash but most just have a raised wash tub with all of the necessary utensils and accouterments necessary.


Sunday, June 15, 2008


Fast lane drive thru

Just another green observation.

I like my Tims but I won't go to the drive thru if there is an extraordinary amount of cars in it.

Why not make drive thru's like express lanes at the super market 10 items or less.

Now I think most people have the sense to not go thru the drive thru if they are ordering lunch for 4 or coffee for the entire office but you know and you've probably seen it.

So in the interest of faster drive thru times and less green house gases I propose all drive thru's adopt a policy of 4 items or less for their drive thru's.



Road rut shuffle

Can't remember if I posted this before so if so please forgive.

Road rutting isn't a new phenomenon there are ruts in some of the roads even her in Kelowna nothing as pronounced as those on the section from Deer Lake to Corner Brook those are more like grooves and something is up there either the road bed wasn't constructed properly, water run survey wasn't proper, or the ditching wasn't maintained to keep the water out of the road bed. Then again maybe it is a simple as a over loaded truck which is what it appeared like to me.

Anyway what's done is done how do we fix it or at the very lease prevent it from happening again.

Move the lines around so that the traffic wears out a different section of the road each year or couple of years.

Do concrete roads in places with high traffic.

Ensure that geotextile is used to separate the layers of the road bed so water impregnation doesn't have such a great influence on material migration.

Just rambling food for thought I might be way of base there are people paid big money to investigate and design these things.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Road legal ATV, Quad, 4 wheeler

Quadzilla STG 300E XLC Road Legal Quad Bike.

12 June 2007
FunBikes now have available the Quadzilla STG 300E XLC - Road Legal Quad Bike.

Wider, Longer, more power than the 250, and a 2-seater!

The new STG 300E XLC is the latest road legal quad to hit the street, with a power output of 15KW the STG 300E XLC has the maximum allowed power out put for maximum performance on or off road.

Now something like this would definitely be a good option for a lot of people looking for a way to save on gas and help the environment at the same time or at least as a side benefit.

It just looks like they lengthened it and put smaller tires on the front and lower profile tires on the rear. Probably a harder compound tire as well because those balloon grippy tires would be a pain on pavement and last no time anyway.

I might even suggest loading the tires with calcium for added weight and balance when cornering. But for some people it doesn't matter what you do they will over drive it and get into trouble.

That along with the usual indicators and safety features for legal road use.

There could be a real market for something like this all over the world not just here at home. And considering the national parties have funded Bombardier long enough in their never ending vote buying bid for power or appeasement it's about time it started paying of for all of us and not just those with the majority say in this phony federation.

Think of those three wheel taxi's in Tailand or the new BMW three wheel motorcycle. Would it be any different. Well the three well taxi's would never pass safety here.

These things could easily be driven all year round. Considering that most of them are four wheel drive. Add to that studded tires heated hand gripes and a windshield you can bet there would be people who would use these year round.

There would also be alot of money to be made by govts in licensing registration and insurance. While not as good as mass transit not everyone has the option or the availability to public transit and this could be a very good short term measure to appease those without.

I also believe that ATV's have a posi track rear end and that is part of the problem with instability in cornering. But that shouldn't be hard to fix either with a selector switch. We had this option on most of our military vehicles.


Friday, June 06, 2008


Poormans divided highway

Since Newfoundland Labrador will probably never have a full divided highway my suggestion would be to use Jersey Barriers either modular or poured in situ in places where the threat of oncoming traffic accidents is greatest put in place.

Places like Pynn's Brook in Deer Lake where white outs are frequent during winter storms due to the onshore breeze of off Deer Lake case hazardous driving conditions.

Now these Jersey Barriers are normally made using a steel mold but I think a faster and more economical method would be to use pre fabed plastic molds that could be filled. The plastic would serve a protector for the concrete as well as allowing for an unlimited supply because the mold method only allows for so many to be made at a time due to mold cost and shortage limitations.

Basically anywhere where there is a double solid line would be the place to make this poormans divided highway.

Ideally a true divided highway would be the better route but in the absence of money or land restrictions this could be a very viable safe and cheap alternative.

This divided highway would also be a deterrent for animal crossings and actually could cause migratory animals to create new less dangerous migratory patters which while not ideal would save lives. Ideally animal crossings and game fences would be the way to go but the almighty buck dictates.

Newfoundland labrador's Bill 101

Newfoundland and or Labrador is not the name of our province. It pisses me of to no end to hear the media or anyone else for that matter to refer to my province by it parts as oppsed to it's whole and true and proper name Newfoundland Labrador.

Now some might say I to am miss spelling the proper name by excluding the and but ever since I found out about the name change I have had a problem with the and. I stopped using the and long before Danny Williams did so no I am not following his foot steps.

While I appreciate Labrador and it's inclusion in the name of our province I fear that it is just the writing on the wall for what is to follow. I curse the day Brian Peckford did it, and I have to wonder why he did it. I'm sure the feds and by extension Quebec had something to do with it because for as long as history has been recorded canada and Quebec has wanted Labrador.

So since it is pretty hard to reverse what has already been done I propose NL start it's own Bill 101 and enshrine it into law that anytime our province is named whether it be in an official capacity or by the private sector in advertising the full and proper name of the province be used Newfoundland Labrador!

This letter to the editor in the Independant just just shows that I am not alone in my disgust with the misuse of the name or our province.

The people of Labrador
have been left out long enough

Dear editor,
I have always read The Independent with much enjoyment and have recommended
it to many people. But when I read the caption underneath the picture
on the front cover of the May 23rd edition I became very upset. Our province
has been named Newfoundland and Labrador for quite some years and when one of the best newspapers in the province gets it wrong, it is very disappointing.
The caption read there’s a chance that Danny Cleary may soon be the first Newfoundlander or Labradorian
to have his name engraved on the Stanley Cup.
We are not either or, we are the people
of Newfoundland and Labrador. I have lived in Happy Valley-Goose Bay for 36 years and the people of Labrador have been left out long enough by the island part of this province. So please let your staff know the correct name of our great province.
Eleanor Burrage,
Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Newfoundland Labrador Forteau Bay Web cam

This is awesome. It is a live web Cam of the bay in Forteau Newfoundland Labrador. To get the full effect you've got to watch the time lapse of a whole day. The coming and going of the tides and clouds moving across the screen really are spectacular. Of all the things I miss from Home it has to be the sky's and continual changing of the water.


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