Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Coast guard sealer towing tragedy

I must say I'm not aware of all of the facts concerning this issue like whether it was at night whether the watch went to the bathroom etc etc.

I would like to recommend that all vehicles expected to tow vehicles should be required to have close circuit cameras positioned so as that the vehicle in tow could be monitored at all times. As well an automatic release break away be incorporated into the tow line.

Tension monitors with a warning system could also be incorporated into the tow set up to alert CG ship of danger. This would be especially poignant in low visibility conditions.

The close circuit could also be equipped with ultra resolution to better enable monitoring like IR or high rez etc. This would be much better than just an observed on the back deck. Plus it would remove people from the elements and remove part of human error and frailties.

Helicopters have this sort of quick release for payloads they sling underneath so as that if there arises a problem the payload can be jettisoned so as not to endanger the helicopter and it's crew.

The thing to remember here is that an ice breaker towing a fishing boat is like a loaded cement truck towing a childs wagon.

First of the ice breaker has alot more momentum than the fishing boat. This momentum means the ice breaker takes alot longer to stop not even considering that it is operating in water.

You also have to remember that this case was actually in mild conditions except for the ice which is a different sort of danger in itself, but there will alot of situations where the seas will be rough the visibility will be low due to fog or weather.

Since the boat being towed was rudderless something like a sea anchor should be considered for this frequent situation also IMHO.

Even large Motor homes have this type of set up for safety and security reasons not unlike this sort or situation.

My heart goes out to the loved ones. RIP.

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