Monday, February 26, 2007


Newfoundland Labrador's version of mad cow (Caribou)

A friend of mine emailed me these pics of a Caribou in on Goggle pond. That's in behind Western Bay line, Conception Bay, Newfoundland Labrador, Canada.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


So you think you can RANT? (Like Rick Mercer contest)

For all you bloggers, Tabloid Talk show (VOCM) addicts, and budding photo journalists/movie stars out there who think you can rant. Well put your money where your keyboard is and enter this contest.

The prize is FREE tuition for a year at MUN and bragging rights of course.

Ad from the independant without permission.

Friday, February 23, 2007


Corporate Colonialism alive and well in Canada, with Ottawa's blessing, direction or utter ambivalance.

2000 jobs mandated by Ottawa to stay in Toronto from the sale of INCO to CVRD.

Clause in the Atlantic Accord that no refinery could be built in NL until all existing refining capacity is maxed out in the rest of Canada.

Voisey's Bay ore shipped out to Thompson Manitoba and Sudbury Ontario.

The Nose tail and Flemish Cap being used as a bargaining chip for the Auto industry and Bombardier international trade.

Seal Quotas set on a first come first serve basis which promotes poor harvesting methods and little to no utilization of the entire seal.

Quebec Labrador vein to be processed in Shefferville Quebec.

Lab West and Wabush iron ore minimally processed in NL.

Non-Renewable resource revenues being clawed back through the D-Equalization formula designed to keep us under the false impression that we are dependant upon the D-Equalization.

Quebec's 75 MP's out of 308 demand that 60% of the new military aircraft contracts be issued to Quebec.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Infeed tax

Since he cost of supplying coastal Labrador and the Island with power from the Upper and Lower churchill at 2 bilion is supposedly cost prohibitive to the development of the Lower Churchill. Maybe if we were to tax all of NL's electricity including what gets exported out through Quebec it would become more economically feasible and as a bonus we would be getting more for the conflict of interest Upper Churchill contract in the offing.

This is well within our rights to do, it's just that the people of NL would need to absorb the tax as well as Hydro Quebec. Maybe the Prov Govt could either give a rebate or cut some prov taxes as a compensation. Kinda like the fuel rebate that is now in place only now we will be paying ourselves for a change instead of Big oil and Big Ass.

Kinda like a LIT Land Improvement tax older subdivisions have to pay for side walks and upgrading. Just until 2041 should do it I figure.

With an infeed or even wheeling cascading through Newfoundland Labrador of the Lower Churchill power we would have the option of using the power in our province. The 33 communities who are on diesel electric generation would get hooked up. The Holyrood fossil fuel generating plant could be shut down until such a time as natural as can be brought ashore and the extra energy could either be exported or utilized at home.

All of our wind energy potential could be integrated into the grid or used to augment the reservoir levels by either reversing the turbines to fill during of times or install designated pumps that will run of off the wind energy to pump water back into the reservoirs as a means of storing the wind energy.

An infeed could be incorporated into an energy bridge across the Straite jacket of belle isle.

This would also negate our requirement to go through Quebec. Since there is only 1000mw's of excess capacity on those lines anyway either new lines would need to be built or the existing lines upgraded in some way. We all know that dealing with Quebec and or Ottawa in trying to get a fair deal for cascading power through Quebec will cost us so why even bother why not tax all energy in NL and take the windfall from the Upper Churchill to put an infeed into the island and beyond. Coastal Labrador wins the province wins and we now have energy to build a sustainable economy.

If this had been done along time ago maybe Stephenville wouldn't have closed due to a lack of cheap clean energy. Corner Brook PnP would be able to get it's 20% power it now buys from the grid at a lower rate.

The pending Long Harbour processing/smelter would have the necessary energy available.

No body in Canada wants us to reap any benefits from our own resources for a multitude of reasons. Corporations want ot build on or maintain what they already have in central canada. Quebec wants the lions share for being the dog in the manger. Ottawa won't back us on an energy power corridor unlike what they dis in the west for a ppe line because it would stir up separation sentiment in Quebec. It is up to us to do it on our own and get away from outside interests who don't have our best interests at heart by going it alone and benefiting from our own resources for a change.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


No Floating absorbant oil spill booms around Hibernia or White Rose

Something that has always mystified me when I see pictures of the Hibernia platform or the White Rose FPSO is the absence of floating absorbant oil spill booms.

These things are a marvel of modern technology they float and don't absorb water yet they will absorb petroleum products.

To my knowledge this is the standard for ships at dock they must have a boom surrounding them while they are at dock but since these oil rigs are on the open ocean there seems to be no requirement in the very place you would think it is required and most essential. In and around oil drilling and production operations.

Hybrid Snow blower, Dump truck, ice melter, urea/brine spreader

Since snow when melted (water) only occupies one tenth of the space that snow does, the actual capacity in relation to the snow fall should be feasible especially if a ice preventer spreader is incorporated into the design.

This doesn't actually exist to my knowledge, but what if you were to combine a snow blower which collects the snow into a holding tank where it is melted and mixed either with Urea or Salt and then spread onto the roads to prevent further freezing.

This would work especially well in tih spaces like in and around cities and municipalities.

If brine is to be used NL's proximity to the ocean would be a plus.

The Salt or urea would help in melting the snow along with heating elements as well as the practice of routing a dump trucks exhaust through the dump body.

The spreading of the Brine/Urea mixture would prevent future freezing of the road surface.

Not unlike what a Zamboni does only on a larger scale and with the Urea/Brine component.

This wouldn't be unlike the hot road surface recycling reclaiming.

A Canadians view of Newfoundland Labrador

Attention Canadians. Two jerk-offs are after your money. No, they are not thieves, although you might think so at first glance.

They are Danny Williams, the Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, and Lorne Calvert, the Premier of Saskatchewan. They love to operate on the basis that there’s “free” money - yours and mine - available to eternally support their provinces under the so-called equalization principle. Except there’s no “equality” in this scheme at all — just a blood-sucking scheme to have the rest of Canada pay money to their coffers.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Shane Bernier's Cancer victims birthday wish


Seven year old Shane Bernier of Lancaster, Ontario is a patient receiving treatment for Leukemia at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

On May 30th, Shane will be turning 8 years old.

HE HAS A DREAM.... to receive the largest amount of birthday cards so that he can be entered into the Guinness Book of Records.

Let's help make his dream come true.


P.O. BOX 484
K0C 1N0

Pay it forward.

He needs 350 million birthday cards to get into the Guiness book of world records.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Afghanistan walled cities

It would seem Afghanistan would be well advised to establish walled cities or neighborhoods like they have in canada with their Own security people.

From the pictures I've seen this doesn't seem to be too far a leap or committmeent seeing as most small towns are already walled or partially walled.

Whats going to happen if and when things do get sorted out over there they are going to have a massive military. More emphasis should be put onto militia and local action groups so as to plan for an eventual reduction. Now apparently this was tried when a local commuity wanted to take care of their own security but they became over run and or terrorized into supporting and harbouring the Taliban. So the concept needs some work for sure.

Selective Ocean Tracking network

There will never be a OTN on the Nose Tail and Flemish Cap as long as the destructive, indescriminant, Anti Bio Diversity practice of Bottom dragging is allowed to continue.

I highly doubt Ottawa/Ontario even wants to know what fish are being caught on the NT&FC by foreign fleets as long as they can use it as a trading ace in the hole to pop up On/QC's manufacturing industry. (Spain will cancell all Bombardier contracts if the Estaie affair turbot war didn't go away.)

Not to mention these sensors would be scooped up in a bottom dragging trawl in less time than it took to kill off the cod fishery and complete Ottawa's plan to resettle NL'ians to the mainland.

It's almost laughable if it wasn't such a serious issue in NL. Just look at the priorities for this sensor network. Coast of NS, northern peninsula of NL. Nothing along the East coast or out on the Grand Banks. More lip service and pandering.

Why not put a line of these sensors along the arbitrary 200 mile limit. No that would prove that fish don't recognise arbitrary lines in the water and Ottawa should have claimed ownership and control of the continental shelf through the UNCLOS long ago instead of doing side deals like UNFA and coining phrases like straddling stocks etc.

As for Custodial management we already have that by way of adjacent state and have a responsibility to ensure the resource and the entire continental shelf is managed properly.

Ottawa should never of had control or say in our main raison d'etre from the get go. It says so right in the founding principles of the federation resources are to be the sole responsibility and beneficiary of the province which relies and ownes it. Because Ottawa would be in a conflict of interest in that Ottawa has to do whats in the best interest of the Majority of canadians by default ON/QC where over 60% of the canadian population lives on 2% of the land mass.

Even our MP's who we send to Ottawa to represent us have to defer to the party line which is drawn by the majority once again coming from ON/QC 106 out of 308 MP's to present a united front in our political system. With no other equal representation for the provinces anywhere in the system. Not in the Upper house Senate nor in the Supreme court of Canada.

Aurora forecast

Something like this would be a nice tourist attractor for NL.

H/T: Up Here magazine.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Submersible Mussel aquaculture

Just a thought on the R&D into developing submersible Mussel aquaculture.

Heat sensitive buoyancy buoys.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Cod Quality Assessment

After reading this recent PR from the Prov govt

Government Supporting Cod Quality Assessment

To ensure maximum quality for all Newfoundland and Labrador seafood products, the Provincial Government is supporting aquaculture research to determine how the quality of fish products is affected by the various methods through which fish is grown and processed.

This project is being conducted in partnership with the Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation (CCFI) as well as other industry representatives, and is part of a $140,313 contribution that government has provided to CCFI for various fisheries and aquaculture development projects.

I remembered an article I had read a while back along these lines that might be of interest.

Better fish quality
Published: 22 November, 2006

Use of superchilling gives better quality compared with fillets that are chilled using the regular method.

In the test carried out by Fiskeriforskning, the cod was filleted, superchilled and packed at Aker Seafood's plant in Hammerfest, and then transported to Denmark.

The results show that the shelf life can be extended by 1-2 days and still has better quality.

But the test also shows that the fillets that were superchilled released more water after portioning and tray packing than fish that was chilled the regular way.

It is also my understanding that our inshore fleet 65 feet and under are not allowed to have ice makers on board? If there is any truth to this that should be the first thing to change.

There is also some new technology comiung out of Norway that measures fish freshness in three seconds that is inexpensive and highly mobile.

Norway: New technology measures fish freshness
Published: 24 November, 2006

NORWEGIAN scientists have developed new technology that can measure how fresh fish is - in just three seconds.

According to scientists at Fiskeriforskning, today's methods of measuring freshness aren't good enough because they only measure one indicator of whether the fish is fresh, such as texture, smell or colour.

The scientists have developed new technology - and a finished prototype - for a measuring device that can tell how fresh the fish is in just three seconds.

Not only is the new method considerably faster - to put it mildly - than traditional analyses, which can take anywhere from a few hours to several days, the new device is also inexpensive to make and is sized so that it can be used in seafood shops.

"The actual device is only 25cm long, and can be manufactured for a fraction of the costs of the larger analyser", says Senior Scientist Heidi Nilsen.

But when push comes to shove there is no fresher fish than live fish, Live wells.

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