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Economies of scale, Organic, specialty, niche, sustainable province

Sorry if this is all over the map but it just got to be to all encompassing with little or no reference to critic. For what it's worth her are my thoughts on economies of scale in NL.

Water Quality map PH levels

Wind Atlas
Small wind project estimator

NL geological map for all you rock hounds

More questions than answers here. In fact that is why I originally looked up economies of scale to see what the terminology actually stood for.

I must say it wasn't what I thought it was. Here are a few different definitions but all in all they all say the same thing.

Economies of scale characterizes a production process in which an increase in the number of units produced causes a decrease in the average cost of each unit.

For example, imagine a production line producing widgets whereby the machinery of production costs 100 currency units a week to run and the incremental cost of each widget is one currency unit. If the machine makes 50 widgets a week then the average fixed cost of each widget is (100+50)/50 = 3 currency units. However, if the machine can make 100 widgets a week then the average fixed cost of each widget is (100+100)/100 = 2 currency units. In this example, the more widgets that are produced per week, the cheaper they are to produce and hence the process exhibits economies of scale.

Reduction in cost per unit resulting from increased production, realized through operational efficiencies. Economies of scale can be accomplished because as production increases, the cost of producing each additional unit falls.

The decrease in unit cost of a product or service resulting from large-scale operations, as in mass production.

Economies of scale are most likely to be found in industries with large fixed costs in production. Fixed costs are those costs that must be incurred even if production were to drop to zero. For example fixed costs arise when large amounts of capital equipment must be put into place even if only one unit is to be produced and if the costs of this equipment must still be paid even with zero output. In this case the larger the output, the more the costs of this equipment can be spread out among more units of the good. Large fixed costs and hence economies of scale are prevalent in highly capital intensive industries such as chemicals, petroleum, steel, automobiles etc.

small local markets
Would need some sort of Co-op or marketing board to unite all of the few and far between rural enterprises to access provincial, national, or international markets.

Hub for rural areas in region. Collector to forward larger shipments to provincial transhipment area. Secondary processing and value added processing for rural products. IE Planer mill, kiln wood dryer. Marketing packaging centre.
Quality and control center as well as meeting and training centre. Cyber also a big component to make few and far between economies of scale work. Time is money so if time needs to be taken away from production to accomplish this it is doomed to failure.

Transhipment to national or international markets.

Marketing arm

Marketing arm

I actually thought that when someone mentioned economies of scale they meant creating or promoting businesses enterprises that were of a size scale in proportion to the area in which it was being promoted or set up. Boy was I wrong according to these definitions economy of scale refers to mainly manufacturing and industrial businesses of which we don't have much and our province isn't really conducive to developing any either. What with our small populations and abundance of rural communities spread over such a wide area.

All is not lost IMO. Even though we are far and wide the terminology of economies of scale could still apply in that we combine share partner plan our economies of scale from a marketing, promotion, harvesting, Processing, Packaging.

Some endeavours are better suited for an economy of scale, targeted centre of excellence than others.

Now ideally we would still be better of doing centralization and regionalization of those enterprises which can avail themselves to such targeted areas such as Berry farming, Aquaculture, so that all of the enterprises in a common area can benefit from becoming an economy of scale and having access to a common pool of resources.
Like what fast food joints do gravitate to one area to benefit from an economy of scale type of coagulation.

Now there are some endeavours which will never be able to comply to a normal definition of economy of scale but even these enterprises can benefit from certain parts of an economy of scale definition like Marketing.

A prime example of this would be creating a marketing board or Co-op for all of the small and medium sized saw mills in the province so as that their combined output could be used to access the larger more lucrative markets. Now these small saw mills might need to have a central higher processing area for planning and kiln drying their product to meet industrial standards. Standards also becomes an issue with such a diverse economy of scale but education and monitoring should suffice to correct any deficiencies in this department. If not market forces will eventually rule and poor quality will result in poor returns.

So how do we in rural NL develop economies of scale?

There is the targeted market development approach. Encourage and develop all of the Mussel farm aquaculture along the north east coast of the island sort of kinda deal. So that all of the different mussel farming enterporises in the one area can benefit from combined expertise, harvesting tools and marketing. Or Salmon Aquaculture along the South coast.

What might be some more targeted economies of scale wild or cultivated Berry farming,

Centres of excellence
combined efforts, Knowledge sharing, marketing, Secondary processing value added,

Cultivated organic berry farms
Wild berry production marketing board
Goat/Sheep farms (free range)
Mink,Fox, farms
Farmers markets local
Lumber marketing board
Arts and crafts
Mussel Aquaculture
Salmon Aquaculture
Wind Farms
Flea Market
Organized annual garage sales per town
Call Centres
Craft Market
Marketing boards
Oil and Gas
Fish wild farmed fresh salt
Sustainable non destructive inshore fishing practices

Benefits of economies of scale partnering, Sharing, eliminate duplication, Mechanization, R&D,

Race for the bottom price or race for the top price/quality your choice depending upon which sector you are talking about.

We are a small market and would be hard pressed to compete against the larger markets which is what economies of scale is all about according to the definitions.

Instead we should be utilizing our small product and production to target niche and specialty markets like. Eco friendly farming, High quality products, specialty products like what has been done in the apple industry.

Even this approach needs a certian amount of economies of scale applied to them to reap the maximum benefits and remain competitive. Promote apple growing with apples and aquaculture with aquaculture etc.

Some of the specialty and niche market I can see us targeting are.
target specific niche markets, such as health, gourmet and organic foods. ...

Fresh or live fish. Fish caught using sustainable and non destructive practices in the inshore utilizing the
as a vessel for marketing.

We are perfectly situated with our small and medium sized agriculture industry to target the organic food industry. That and our low pest levels makes it easier to accomplish organic production. Or utilization of all natural fertilizers from the land and sea.

Canadian Organic growers

There is a bit of a conundrum with pursuing this type of market with the recent raised awareness of transportation impacts on the enviroment in that our markets are mainly non local so emphasis needs to be put onto the sustainable or organic side of things. It isn't like Nebraska has a local fish economy.

Most of our business being situated on the island should make it much easier to get organic accreditation. Less chance of cross contamination as well as our far and wide dispersion will help in isolating organic farming from industrialized farming practices.

Genetically Modified Free zone Province.
Non industrialized food production.
Humane food production. No Fois Gras with this type of campaign. Would just serve to highlight the humaneness of the seal fishery.

Some links for your benefit on Organic economies of scale.!Open

Great small wind project calculator.

You will need your energy bill, and postal code.

Newfoundland Labrador Defence League general meeting

The Newfoundland and Labrador Defense League ( is pleased to
announce that it will be conducting a general meeting and a public
information session on Sunday February 4th.

Refreshments will be served.

February 4, 2007 at 1:30pm

Best Western Traveller’s Inn
199 Kenmount Road, St. John's


Myles Higgins – NLDL Leadership Team;
Steve Penney – NLDL Leadership Team
Darren Fancey – NLDL Leadership Team

Guest Speakers:

Ray Johnson – NLDL Member, Chairman of Community Concept Linkages
Committee (CLCC) and Acting Chair of the Flambro Head Heritage Society. To speak on Out-Migration.

Dave Rudofsky – NLDL Member and leading proponent of the Atlantic
Commercial Gateway


1:30 to 3:15 – Slide presentation and general meeting - Members only
(Sign-in will be required)

NLDL activities to date;
Promotion and growth;
Priorities / plans for 2007 and beyond;
Financial update
General discussion / Q&A

3:15 – Doors open to general public

3:30 to 4:30 – Slide presentation, public forum and discussion

Presentation identifying:

Who we are
What we stand for
What we have done / plan to do
How to get involved
Q and A session

4:30 to 5:30 – Presentation of Atlantic Commercial Gateway Concept.

On screen presentation by special guest Mr. Dave Rudofsky
Q and A session to follow

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St-Pierre-Miquelon European Union tariff-free portal

St-Pierre looks for closer relationship: islands could be used as tariff-free portal to Europe
By Ivan Morgan
The Independent
St-Pierre-Miquelon senator Denis
Detcheverry is looking to develop
better economic ties with the
Atlantic provinces — particularly Newfoundland
and Labrador. In December
2006, French President Jacques Chirac
asked Detcheverry to explore sustainable
economic co-operation between the
French islands and the provinces, with a
focus on oil and gas, aquaculture and
Detcheverry says using the French territory
as a portal for access to European
markets for products like fish and software
should be explored further by
Canadian businesses. He says products
shipped from St-Pierre to the European
Union can be tariff-free
, provided they
meet French value-added processing
In an exclusive interview with The
Independent prior to flying into St.
John’s this week, the senator says his
visit is not “a flash in the pan.” He wants
to foster good long-term partnerships
with business and government
— but
these new partnerships must be win-win
for both countries.
Detcheverry says Newfoundland is an
obvious starting place for his tour, as it
has close ties with the province.
Historical ties are the ones that bind,”
he says.
He plans to meet with Intergovernmental
Affairs Minister John Ottenheimer
and Business Minister Kevin
O’Brien and with business leaders in the
aquaculture, oil and gas, and manufacturing
The senator says St-Pierre-Miquelon
was hit as hard as Newfoundland and
Labrador by the collapse of the fishery,

and the potential to exploit possible oil
and gas reserves is a real hope for them.
He says at a meeting several weeks
ago between oil company Conoco-
Phillips and authorities in St-Pierre, the
company indicated they had discovered
hydrocarbons. Whether the oil is within
French territory is yet to be determined,
and the company’s well analysis will
take another 18 months.
St-Pierre-Miquelon was awarded a
thin band of ocean — mockingly known
as the “baguette” by residents — by an
international tribunal after a dispute with
Canada over territorial rights on the
Grand Banks. Offshore oil rights remain
a bone of contention with Canada for
many St-Pierrais.
The senator says exploration for oil
and gas in their zone has been going on
for a long time and hasn’t materialized.
With the economy of the islands in hard
shape, it can be an anguishing wait.
“It is between hope and despair. If
there is oil then people are happy,” says
the senator. “On the despair side — 18
months? … or more? Will it happen
sooner or later? Will it be too small? Are
we insignificant in the big picture of
world oil and gas? Can they drill around
us? Or under us? The baguette is not
very wide.”
He says St-Pierre-Miquelon realizes
development would certainly be accelerated
if it were integrated into the Atlantic
Canadian oil and gas industry.
“Within a larger context, how can St-
Pierre-Miquelon work within the framework
of Atlantic Canada in partnership?”
The senator also believes there is an
opportunity for partnership between the
two countries on aquaculture science.
He says he’s looking for ways to
include St-Pierre-Miquelon and Canada
in a regional approach to research, technology
transfer, best practices, and new
approaches to marketing.
“How can we use St. Pierre as a
‘pivot’ through value-added (processing)
to reduce tariffs and have a better exposure
of the European market?”
The senator says he is interested in
expanding St-Pierre’s already strong
tourism links
with the province.
“Perhaps better marketing,” says
Detcheverry. “Such as regional packages
— six days in Newfoundland or another
Atlantic province, and two in St. Pierre
to buy some wine and a bit of fois gras.”

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Point of sale energy assessment

With the Conservatives recycled enviromental plan ecoEnergy of back to the future forget the old plans name LOL.

Include energy efficiency evaluations as apart of home sales like is done for insurance companies Water quality testing, Septic tank cleaning home inspection.

The beauty of going this route as opposed to the current and past policies is that it becomes a selling factor as well as a bargaining factor in real estate negotiations.

Then there is also the benefit of including any required upgrades as apart of the mortgage because face it most people don't actually own their homes they are just renting from the bank and any large purchases or upgrades would require either a wind fall, a large bank account or a second mortgage and a second morgage comes at a higher rate of interest which most people don't and can't see the benefit of. So if you know up front thast repairs or upgrades are required then those expenses could be included in the sale or extra funding for the mortgage to accomodate the repairs renovations.

Mortgages in Europe are commonly made for 100 years and paid off over three generations with their Mercedes Benz included in the mortgage. I've even seen houses with a new car included in the mortgage in Edmonton because it is a consolidation of bills. While you may be able to afford a new house you can't afford a new house and a new car but if the two are lumped together it is do able.

Now this plan is still going to leave out a portion of the population in that it will only apply to housing sales to actually get the assessment done. But in the long haul the majority of the houses in canada should get covered. Kinda like the 2050 deadline.

One of the big problems as I see it is that there are no standards. IE 100 KW's per 100 square feet average charge by electric companies or oil companies. There also needs to be some standard comparitive measurement for energy IE: Joules. 1 gallon of home heating fuel so many joules. So an average home has a low rate of change by the energy companies up to 1000 joules per home and anything above that will be charged a higher rate per joule. Market driven forces is by far the best way to increase awareness and encourage people to get on board the enviromentally friendy band wagon. That combined with a long term policy to encourage assessments at point of sale.

Dead End tourism or Round Trip Scenic Coastal Drives tourism

When you look at this map take note of the number of roads that are dead end roads. In fact the province itself is a dead end destination.

If there is one thing tourists don't like it is to travel the same route twice.

As it stands right now for all intensive purposes our province is at the end of the line and situated on a dead end street, but it doesn't need to be that way. Things are underway to rectify this limiting factor to our tourism industry and economy as a whole with the TLH scheduled to be completed in 2009. Which will make NL a round trip tourist destination as opposed to a dead end tourist destination as it currently exists.

Now as good as the completion of the TLH is going to be in developing a round trip type of tourism industry. There are still lots of dead ends within our province that could very easily be connected to promote round trip tourism. Maybe even improve intermunicipal relations that might even result in amalgamation of smaller communities for efficiency and greater access to funding through a Round Trip Scenic Coastal Drives Initiative.

I read on one of the Regional Economic Development Boards that what tourists look for first in a tourist destination is Round Trip Scenic Coastal Drives Initiative. While we may have quite a few we still have alot of potential for developing more of these Round Trip Scenic Coastal Drives to further promote our province as a tourist destination.

Nova Scotia has an ongoing initiative like this funded by ACOA.

I've proposed a couple of round trip routes that I could see greatly enhancing the potential for tourism and opening up lands and sea for development like the South Shore Wind Energy highway Public Private partnership or the Northern Peninsula Eastern shore Wind Energy highway public private partnership. The one factor I would recommend to any of these projects is that the Province retain 51% ownership either through NLhydro or the province itself with clauses like are in the two ongoing wind energy projects on the Avalon which has clauses for buy back.

But there are so many more smaller connections that could be looked into, to better promote round trip tourism and provide shorter transportation links for our people like.

Fox Island River to Lark harbour wind energy Public Private partnership highway. This area also looks to have some great wind energy potential what with the Blow Me Downs in that area.

The Beaches to Purdans cove in White bay.

While these two links wouldn't be coastal the possibility of wild life spotting and enhancment of provincial transportation is great.

Bucans to Howley there is only a 5 km stretch of road missing between the two.

Bucans to route 480 along the Red Indian Lake. The road is already there it may just need little upgrading and better signed and represented on our provincial road maps.

All of these roads need not be year round routes they could just be developed and maintained in the summer months for round trip tourism.

Where are all the nay sayers on this one

No new mines for 2 more years: Labrador Inuit
Last Updated: Monday, January 15, 2007 | 9:07 AM NT
CBC News

A moratorium on mining on Inuit-owned land will continue for at least two more years.

The Nunatsiavut self-government, established in late 2005, says any new mine cannot be started until a consultation process is completed.

"Until we have a land use plan in place and approved, there will be no development other than exploration," said William Barbour, Nunatsiavut's lands and resources minister.

Or this federal funding for the Labrador Metis Association.

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Autonomy, Meddling, Sponsorship, overwhelming,

For all you conspiracy theorists.

Ottawa, Ontario, Federalists, Conservative, Liberal, NDP, want Danny and by extension Newfoundland Labrador to fail.

Danny Lowered the flags, don't think this has gone by the wayside it is still firmly implanted in the federalist psyche. If it wasn't Danny has confirmed it by his Dire Consequences statement.

Then there was Scott Reid martins campaign advisor and still a prominant member in the halls of Ottawa and the Federal Liberal party NL will pay for their insolence in lowering the flags.

No it isn't about Danny it could just as easily be Gerry Reid if he were protecting the interests of NL. This is about Ontario federalists protecting their empire and the status Quo by dividing and conquering through manipulation and meddling within the internal affairs of an autonomous province within this federation.

Seal Quota reduction.
How old are the seals when they mature to reproduction age? Is it 3, 4 or 5 years. This would be the real indicator of the health of the heard not the numbers. If the seals that are out there now aren't maturing until 5 years that indicates an overabundance and lack of food. All of this speculation about ice and quotas is just spin the real indicator is the age at which the seals mature. This is the indicator which should set the sustainable quotas and seal herd numbers. If the age at which the present seal herd population is maturing at is 5 years then that is a clear indicator that the present herd numbers is not sustainable in nature and therfore quotas could actually be increased not decreased to achieve a more sustainable herd population.

Harp seals have been showing up in places they should never be but the herd is in danger of over utilization? Places like Spain Eastern Sea board of the US up rivers and streams to inland lakes. No the seals aren't in danger of over utilization they are eating themselves and us out of house and home. I'll lay 20$ that the age of maturation for the seals is 3 years indicating they are going hungry and are over populated.

Federalists refused to grant indemnity for the Voiseys bay processing plant at Argentia. To add insult to injury they never even ponied up the funds to clean up a site they accepted back from the Americans so we still have a contaminated site.

Gander Airport promise to pay Payment In Lieu of Taxes for military landing fees.

Closure Gander Weather Office. Return of only the land forecasting with Sea forecasting to return at some later date and Air forcasting never to return.

Equalization Trial ballons to include non renewable resource revenues a clear promise made promise broken.

Deer Lake Customs officer. Refusal to put another customs officer at Deer Lake when there is an obvious and clear requirement for one.

Fallow Field Legislation. Alberta implemented one, England implemented one.

No food fishery in NL to protect the stocks so the trade deals and tarrif concessions made with foreign nations in exchange for quotas on the Nose Tail and Flemish Cap. While NS, NB, and PEI had 11 months of a food fishery.

Regionalization of Atlantic Canada. Halifax getting all of the federal presence.

Sullivan given the Nod either by some Federalist Ontario based company or Harpers CPC that he will get a nomination in the next general election.

Ottawa's capitulation on funding for the TLH when the prov has offered up 50%.

Lower Churchill Loan guarantees waffling.

Happy Valley Goose Bay ice breaker soverignity patrol cancelled.

HVGB Threat emmitters cancelled.

HVGB Closure ballons and promise broken on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron.

HVGB 650 man rapid reaction force broken promise.

250 troops promised for St John's yet to materialize.

Cancelled high frequency radar in NL.

over 200 towns in NL on a boil order with no action or plan to fix it from the feds. The highest percentage of boil order's for any province.

Clause in the Atlantic Accord disallowing Nl to build a refinery untill all capacity has been filled in canada. Where is our autonomy.

Wabush Passenger rail service cancelled.

Community Access Program Cancelled. Can't let those dumb Newfs get connected and realize what we are doing to them. NL's best chance of getting ahead is through access to the information highway. It is by far the cheapest and most efficient way for our wide spread small communities to get ahead in the global market and should be encouraged and promoted at every opportunity.

Adult education funding cancelled. NL has highest adult illiteracy in the country we are the biggest losers to this program cancellation. Reinstated for PEI.

Province asked for funding to get he colonial building up and running as a provincial historical archive. No response to date. NL history isn't canadian history.

Lab Metis recognized by the feds when the province has yet to do so. Another monkey wrench into the Lower Churchill because the Lab Metis have claims to the lands involved.

Stephenville mill closes with not a peep from the feds. But a mill closes in Ontario and the feds are falling all over themselves handing out money.

TLH Deem a part of the National Highway System disconnected from the rest of canada in that the Quebec route 389 isn't included. A highway to nowhere.

Labrador landing fees double what they are in the rest of the country.

Air Canada stops all international flights to and from NL. All apart of Ottawa's regionalization resettlement program and to break the NL spirit or get rid of Danny with a Ontario Proxy like Gerry Reid.

Voisey's bay strike Ontario's Federalist Status Quo keepers had no reason not to give thoise workers equal pay for equal work other than to try and break Danny Williams and the NL rising nationalist spirit.

Wabush Mines demand of an extension to their twin falls cheapo energy contract. More feed for the Federalist mill.

Ottawa's condition that the INCO CVRD deal was conditional on 1000 jobs staying in Toronto.

Wabush Mines proposed sale gone awry another black mark for the Williams govt. When the reality he had nothing to do with it and the Empirical federalists of Ontario are just toying with us.

Nose Tail and Flemish Cap promise to take ownership and control of the NT&FC within mandate 5 years. Now NAFO is the way to go.

DFO didn't reallocate FPI's quotas even though FPI essentially locked out the Mary's town FPI workers by not harvesting their quotas. Ottawa Federalists and the car manufacturing industry would like nothing better than to break FPI up and divide our people hence making us weaker and easier pickings for the canadian wolf. All the while protecting their foreign trade deals by lowering the quotas to NL and allowing the foreigners to carry on as per contract agreement.

Marine Atlantic increase in fees when they should be decreased.

Buying that Leif Ericson had to be apart of a plan to Regionalize and resettle NL to the mainland. Who in their right mind would go back in time and buy a vomit comet. The Max Mose Cat was better than that rust bucket.

Signage at he cross roads in Cape Breton which would indicate the way to NL and the Marine Atlantic is very misleading and designed to sway people to take the Cabot trail.

Bottom Dragging

Federal Liberals paying for the Provincial Liberals office space when they can barely afford to pay for their own and are in debt to their ears.

Marine Atlantic not recognised as an essential service? See how long you would last if you closed the 401.

Payments In Lieu of Taxes less to this province than any other. Two airports in Quebec get PILT's Gander is told to go it alone.

Submarine refit goes to BC which has federal ship building docks and services.

Federal presence
Harris centre report
Threatened to close Cool Climate Crop Research Centre.
Closed PSC Public Service Centre. Ottawa's Regionalization Resettlement program moved to Halifax.
Closed DFO toxic research centre.

CNLOPB Feds backed Ruolokke and we saw with his first action what that means a blank check for the oil companies to siphon out as much oil as possible from the cheapest contract parcel with little or no consideration of the people of NL.

White Rose unexpectedly goes down and needs to go for refit. Lost revenues looks bad on Williams govt.

Hibernia has lowered it's output. All efforts to discredit the separatist Danny Williams and insolent NL in their eyes.

Height of lands Wind proposal would negate the Lower Churchill project.

Lower Churchill no different than the Upper Churchill still no National Power corridor.

Quebec Labrador Border

If any premier of province says the S word Ottawa's federalist propaganda spin machine goes into action to try and discredit either the province or the leaders of that province in favor of a more federalist leader. It's nothing new it's been going on for years in Quebec and will contiue unabated until all of the provinces have some form of equality in this federation.

It is a self perpetuating policy in Ottawa/Ontario protect the status Quo and in turn your legacy by breaking the province and in turn either discouraging the Premier or quelling any self confidence that province may have that it can go it alone or demand equality and fair treatment from Ontario. Because make no mistake Ontario is who stands to lose the most if canada were to break up or if the colonies were to get equality with Ontario.

Supreme court of Canada ON 3/QU 3/colonies 3. Circumvented the founding principle of the federation in that the provinces have sole responsibility and control over their own resources. If Ottawa were to have control Ottawa would be in a conflict of interest in that Ottawa has to do whats in the best interest of the majority oif canadians. The 60% which live in the 2% of canada's land mass along the Saint Lawrence.

Need autonomy like Quebec went after. I can now see why Quebec was so adamant about having autonomy because Ottawa was meddling in their internal affairs to try and either get rid the soverigntists or make them feel beholding to Ottawa and not have enough confidence in themselves to go it alone.

Hand of GOT Tawa

The real conspiracy is the canadian political system. Our political system is systemically flawed against all of the colonies of the empire of Ontario.

We need autonomy over our own resources and in turn destiny if we are to make ago of it in this federation or else we are forever doomed to Ottawa and Ontario's meddling in our affairs and eventual demise under their regionalization, centralization resttlement agenda.

UPDATE: Forgot
CSIS 2 agents assigned in CornerBrook to catch organized potato garden crime. More likely to spy on Williams and spread propaganda to disrupt our economy to make Williams look bad. False Ferry video.

Royal Commission ignored by Ottawa

pellet plant to be built in scheferville even though the mineral is situated in Labrador. The Royal Commmission clearly stated we are focusing to much on individua ljobs when we should be concentrating on combined wealth creation through revenues and royalties . Jobs really are a given wether they be filled by native NL'ians or come from aways.

This story has potential

Oddball the maremma and Allan "Swampy" Marsh at Middle Island in Warrnambool. The chicken-loving dog spent last month guarding the island's penguin colony, with great success.
Photo: Robin Sharrock

I say we train seals to heard fish.

Not sure how dogs could be used to protect aquaculture sites but it's a thought.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Conservative enviromental policies of the weak

For all of the conservatives efforts to appease the environmentalists concerns with Eco friendly initiatives they still are only doing it piece meal and have no real vision for the country.

If the conservatives really wanted to incorporate eco friendly energy generation the best thing they could possibly do iMO would be to implement a national East West power energy corridor.

Because Wind and solar energy is intermittent at best it is poorly positioned to address the national energy concerns. In order to address national energy concerns a national east west power/energy corridor needs to be implemented. So that eco energy can be transmitted to the areas that need it when it is being generated elsewhere. Wind energy in particular is at it's peak after sunrise and at sunset due to the differences in the earths temperature creates the wind.

Then there is the problem with raw sewage being dumped into the oceans creating algea blooms and polluting the oceans. Nothing.

I highly doubt the Conservative govt will address the greatest environmental disaster of this millenium. The destruction of the worlds greatest source of protein the Grand Banks of Newfoundland Labrador. In particular the Nose Tail and Flemish cap, which we are the custodians of and have a responsibility to not only protect it for our own people but for the entire planet. Nothing.

I guess the Conservatives are no different than the Liberals in that they lean with the wind and throw money around only to get votes.

As for paying short sighted people to retrofit their homes. I won't be getting any of that money because I had enough sense to buy a R2000 house. So once again the people with vision and a concern for the enviroment will be punished in favor of the ignorant and short sighted through tax rebates. We truely are a mail in rebate country.

Now if the energy companies were allowed to raise their rates so that they could administer the program or if rates were set so that thresh holds of energy usage per house hold were allowed to be implemented kinda like water metering then maybe people would be more inclined to upgrade on their own with programs from the energy companies.

I still think that if we were to do like Europe did and abolish regular grade gasoline in favor of the already accessible supreme grade gasoline it would do more to curb green house gases and global warming than all of the small cars and ethenol and biofuels combined. The savings from requiring less infrastructure to supply low mid and high grade gas would more than offset the cost of supplying just high grade gas.

As for the money for Stanley park. Trees get old and become susceptible to wind falls forest fires. Hence the need to cut forests or or expect to have forest fires.

Someone is going to be laughing all the way to the bank with those giant red wood logs that can be salvaged from Stanley park. There probably was enough logs that will come out of that park to cover the money the Federallies put into it.

I almost gagged when I heard the word biodiversity being used for one of the announcements. How Harpocritical can you get protecting biodiversity. All the while doing nothing to curb the indescriminant destructive practices on the 40% of our continental shelf Grand Banks which lies outside the arbitrary 200 mile line in the water where 60% of the WORLDS indescriminant, destructive bottom dragging takes place on the 40% of our continental shelf.

Ahh but Ottawa has to do whats in the best interest of the majority of canadians by default Ontario and Quebec. So don't expect Ottawa to do anything to protect that environment anytime soon because that would impact the majority even though the minority who live off and depend on that resource are being decimated.

You gotta love how Ottawa uses the Supreme court of canada to circumvent the founding principles of this federation in that resources Non-Renewable and renewable were to be the sole property and to the benefit of the province which lived from and owned them because Ottawa would be in a conflict of interest in that it would have to do what's in the best interest of the majority even if the province which owned and relied on that resource were to suffer. Colonialism at it's best in the Empire of Ontario.

If it doesn't have to do with a national policy stay out of it Ottawa. Know your place.

Super conductivity Critical breakthrough

It's all greek to me, but maybe somebody can investigate further to see if this new breakthrough could be somehow be instrimental in utilizing the Anglo Saxon route. Seeing as Ottawa still isn't willing to expropriate a national power corridor through Quebec unlike what was done for the Western provinces.

Yep asymetrical federalism is alive and well.

Critical breakthrough

25 August 2005

Strong magnetic fields normally destroy the superconducting properties of materials. However, physicists in France have now discovered a metal that becomes a superconductor in the presence of an extremely strong field (Science 309 1343). The new work is the latest breakthrough in the growing field of quantum criticality.

This could also be of interest albeit on a much smaller scale in this application.

Physics promises wireless power
By Jonathan Fildes
Science and technology reporter, BBC News

Plugs and wires could soon become a thing of the past
The tangle of cables and plugs needed to recharge today's electronic gadgets could soon be a thing of the past.

Here is a prime example of how this could work.

Business of war in Afghanistan

I've read quite a few stories about the abundance of scrap destroyed tanks around Afghanistan.

I find this very plausible when you consider I saw tanks from the second world war left laying around in Africa when I was there.

It just seeems to me that with China right next door and China scouring the world for metal to fuel their industries. Afghanistan is well positioned to collect al of these scrap tanks which weigh in at 30 tonnes a piece and sell them as scrap to the Chinese.

By removing the scrap tanks you would also be removing a source of parts for the tanks the Taliban have and help develop a scrap metal industry in Afstan.

T 34 Specs

Friday, January 19, 2007


Re-inventing the appliance

Instead of asking people to throw out a perfectly good appliance in favor of a newer energy efficient one. Why not use a system already in place where by the electric companies rent hot water tanks and will replace them every 15 years or so at no extra charge.

So rent all of your appliances from the electric company and have it replaced every 15 years at no extra charge.

The old appliances could either be reconditioned with new energy efficient parts and resold as reconditioned with the new energy standards parts or scraped. They could even be shipped to third world countries.

Dryers have to be one of the most energy wastefull appliances there is. At least the ones that don't have a moisture sensor. Now that is something that should be mandated all dryers must have a moisture sensor. Even if there was someway of developing an add on moisture sensor so older dryers could be upgraded to include a moisture sensor.

Wind Energy used to increase hydro output and maintain reservoir levels

Why not use the Wind generated electricity to do like they do at the Niagara falls power plants in Ontario. Pump water into the reservoirs when the wind is blowing so that the inconstistancy factor from wind generation is removed by using the wind electricity to pump water back into the consistant hydro generation reservoirs.
At night, when electricity demand is low, the Lewiston units operate as pumps, transporting water from the forebay up to the plant's reservoir.

During the daytime, when electricity use peaks, the Lewiston pumps are reversed and become generators, similar to those at the Moses plant. In this way, the water can be used to produce electricity twice, increasing production and efficiency.
By utilizing wind energy to run the pumps that would replenish the hydro reservoirs you wouldn't even need to alter your output from day to night, like is done with the Niagara project.

Our Hydro generating plants are perfectly located to the prime wind generation sites to accomplish this.

Height of lands wind electricity used to pump into the smallwood reservoir.

Bucans Plateau wind electricity used to pump water back into the Hinds lake reservoir.

Deer lakeHydro Power plant from my interpretation of the wind atlas maps I would have to say the wind farms would have to go on the North West side of Glovers island South East of Corner Brook and pump the water back up from the Humber River into the Grand Lake reservoir. other wise pumping water from Grand Lake back up into Hinds lake will make the grand Lake reservoir less effective. If the water were to be pumped up to Grand Lake from Deer Lake it would effect the humber river salmon runs so by putting the pumping station at the lower end of the humber the salmon aren't affected and it could be situated where the best wind characteristics are on the North West side of Glovers island between Corner Brook and Pasadena. The area is already accessible with woods roads. It is where the Glovers Island gold mine is accessed from.

Northern peninsula East coast wind energy highway used to pump water back into the Jacksons Arm power reservoir.

South coast wind energy highway project used to pump water back into the Bay D'espoir reservoir.

By going this route not only does the wind energy become more consistant and usefull but the potential of output from wind energy can be increased by using the hydro projects as a storage vessel for the wind energy through pumping water into the reservoir's.

It would also keep the water levels in the reservoir's more consistant while capitalizing upon the existing hydro infrastructure as a storage vessel for potential wind energy.

Electricity is more about peaks than actual output. we have lots of electric generating capacity it is just the peaks that have us in a bind. take the Niagara falls power option as a prime example of how to overcome this problem by incorporating wind and Hydro to complement one another.

This strategy would be much more enviromentlly friendy in that the water flow would remain much more consistant than shutting down the hydro generation in favor of wind energy which would affect the fish habitat in that the water flow would be interupted.

All past present and future hydro projects should have to have a fish ladder whether fish could access that area before or not to increase spawning grounds and offset the lost spawning grounds and interrupted water flow due to damming.

Wind and Hydro perfectly offset one another. Wind is the strongest during the winter when demand is the lowest. Hydro is east able to keep up with demand in the summer when water levels are at their lowest. You would think it would be the reverse but what we in NL forget or don't realize is the demand airconditioners put on the electric grid during hot spells. it is only going to get worse with global warming. At least until global warming turns into global ice age. Not in my or your life time though.

UPDATE: After reviewing the Wind Atlas's it would seem that the TLH would make a great Wind Energy private Public partnership as well.

Especially with people like Todd Russell calling for a cost benefit analysis for the completion and hard top of the TLH.

Also found this great small wind energy project calculator.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


What's your drink of choice? Federalist cool aid or Pink White and Green Freshie?


It's been quite obvious to me for quite some time that the drink of choice of our esteemed Mr Crosbie has been the Federalist cool aid. I first started to see it after reading his book but my suspicions have been confirmed ever since. Like with his stance on the Independants panel and in the articles he writes.

If you read between the lines you can even read his reasoning or should I say the reasoning of the federalists. Newfoundland Labrador is expected to suck it up and continue to suffer for the benefit of the majority of canadians by default ON/QU in this systemically flawed centrist federation.

This from the man who all but removed the last spike from the NL railway. Only to benefit his friends and family who owned shipping companies in NL and save the federallies a few dollars at our expense. The RR shouldn't have been shut down it should have been upgraded to be in line with the mainland wide guage track.

Then there was the TAGS a system designed to give us a hand outmigration not a hand up with training designed for working in upalong.

Why weren't we afforded the same hand up assistance PEI was when their military base was closed. They were given the military base, a reprieve on taxation for 10-20 years funding, advice and leadership to set up a IT industry and aerospace indusrty for their loss of the military base.

This is the man who's family invented bottom dragging which has all but destroyed our reason D'etre. He even says so with pride in his book. Even though now that he is outside the political picture he is lobbying to have the indescriminant and inherantly destructive practice of bottom dragging stopped. Oh the freedom of speach when you are no longer in control and didn't do anything when you were in control.
Political will power
When they are in power they don't have the will
When they aren't in power thay have the will.

Or is it that our politicians we send to Ottawa are just caught up in the big picture of whats in the best interest of the country by default ON/QU even if the people they were elected to represent must suffer. Which has been the case for our 58 years in this phony federation.

Certainly sounds like Mr Crosbie has drank the Federalist cool aid and continues to toe the party line drawn by Ontario due to their majority of 106 seats out of 308 in the HOC.

Back Page
The State We're In
By John Crosbie

The most important constitutional issue facing Canada today is not whether Quebec should be recognized as a nation within a united Canada but whether we can exist as a viable federation through our current system of federal-provincial negotiations. The greatest threat to this complex system at present is the state of the relationship between the Government of Canada and the tenth province, led by Premier Williams.

The essence of a federal system is that all of the governments must be prepared to confer and negotiate with one another with a view to compromise so the system will function properly and effectively, thus enabling a strong country to emerge to face the other sovereign countries of the world. Our politicians must negotiate, not deliver ultimatums, so we end up with harmonious relations and decisions all parties can live with without looking humiliated. At the end of the process all have to continue to deal with one another.

Speaking of ultimatums, the feds have made their fair share of them.
Take it or leave it from Efford on the atlantic Accord.
4 million for Payments in Lieu of taxes for the Gander airport over 5 years, take it or leave it.
just to name a few so I wouldn't be so fast to jump onto the federalist sacrosanct bandwagon in claiming they are holier than thou when it comes to ultimatums. We only have 1.5% say in the running of this country and unless we draw a line in the sand and stand our ground we will be continued to be pushed into the sea in favor of the majority.

I say Stay the course Mr Williams, barring that Equality or Exit.

Crawl back into your federalist hole John you've done enough damage. Your not doing NL'ians any favors by handing out the federalist cool aid. We've had enough of the fish merchants to last us a life time and I'd be careful if I were you if you want to enjoy your retirement in peace.

Caveate: I haven't read the entire article as it requires a subscription. I have no intention of ever getting a subscription from any publication where the editors will openly and blatently publish articles which disparage efforts to further the cause of my home province.



Members of The Society for the Preservation of the Most Scenic Ghetto in all of Canada speak out.

I think my title says it all.

Opposition to fish farm proposal


SPRINGDALE – Opposition is growing in the Springdale area about a proposal to build a fish rearing facility near West Pond and Barney’s Brook.

Cyril Pelley Jr. (Cog) spearheaded a meeting to discuss the proposal in town on Jan 4, and drew over two dozen concerned residents, mainly cabin owners in the proposed area, said Mr. Pelley.

To add insult to injury in the same issue.
Needing their hours

Four CEP workers won’t qualify for EI


MIDDLE ARM – Four residents of Middle Arm on the Baie Verte Peninsula say they were promised enough hours to qualify for Employment Insurance (EI) on a Community Enhancement Program (CEP), but the hours ran short and now they don’t qualify.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


What did Chretien send our troops into?

There isn't even an agreement on The border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Make no wonder Pakistan may very well be turning a blind eye towards insurgants based out of Pakistan and fueling the conflict in Afghanistan they are defending Pakistans claim on a border dispute. WTG Chretien and you claim you never supported Bush's war in Iraq.

If there was ever a reason to bring our troops home this would be it. The guy who trys to break up a fight is always the one who gets hurt.
He writes that it is also apparent that the US is quietly supporting Pakistan’s efforts to make the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan permanent and this explains much of the hostility of the Kabul government towards the measures. The Afghans still dispute the Durand Line which was invented by the British in 1893 to divide Afghanistan from British India. Afghans consider the agreement illegal and regard Peshawar and Quetta part of Afghanistan.

Submersible Mussel farming

Ever since I saw this PR I have been thinking of how exactly they are going to accomplish this.
Government Supporting New Technology for Mussel Aquaculture Industry

The provincial government is supporting Norlantic Processors Limited in the development of a mussel farm submerging system designed to assist mussel growing during the winter months on the northeast coast of the province. Funding for this initiative is being made available under the Aquaculture Innovation Program.

My first thought was to design a buoy that was longer and was part way submerged. Hence the part that was underwater would transfer the heat from the water up through the buoy so as that the water around the buoy wouldn't freeze. Unlike the current buoy's used which are the standard tear drop type buoy which floats mostly above water and hence would freeze into the ice.

Then I thought of incorporating a wind mill connected to a propeller coming out of the bottom of the buoy to keep the water circulation in and around the buoy so as to hinder the water from freezing around the buoy. But this may be to expensive. The people involved would be more in the know on this one than me. It would simply be a typical wind monitoring cup type of set up on top connected to a shaft which would transfer down through the elongated buoy connected to a propeller coming out of the bottom.

The problem with this concept of keeping the buoy above water but designing it in such a way that the buoy doesn't actually freeze into the ice still might not accomplist it's intended task because of the ice movement.

Then there is the option of anchoring the mussel lines to a bottom with an anchor. Some sort of squirrel deterent type of cone to prevent the bottom feeders from climbing up the line and eating the mussels. Then you would have the problem of lifting the anchor and mussel line from the bottom to harvest and the added infrastructure. But the problems with optics in the bay would be removed and depending upon the depth at which the buoy is tendered it might not even interfer with small boat traffic. So the Society for the Preservation of the Most Scenic Ghetto in canada will have nothing to complain about in regards to ruining the view from their cabins, while their sons and daughters are forced to move to Alberta and environs.

Then I did a little research into submersible buoy's and found very little. The only ones I found were for diving and marine marker that were time release so as to float after a designated time.

I was thinking for an elongated buoy the old 100 lb expired propane tanks might make for a good experiment. Fill them with expanding foam and weld a lifting eye onto the top or bottom portion and you may very well have a cheap supply of buoy's. You could even coat them with a plastic or rubber coating to improve their longevity seeing as they will be sitting in salt water year after year.

Anyway if someone else has any experience with this or an idea that might work please let the powers that be know. Who knows you might even get some sort of compensation for your efforts.

In the mean time I'll keep this one in the back of my mind for a while and see if anything comes to me.

There is a hugh opportunity to increase our mussel farming in this province if a break through on this front can be found. We might not have the most agricultural land in canada but we do have the most aquaculture sea available to us.

Aquaculture Association of canada

Invasive species get a shock.

Logging industry needs secondary processing protection

I must say unless there is some sort of program or government policy that I am unaware of there is a terrible injustice being perpetrated in this province towards the saw mill industry in our province.

That is to say there is no law or policy that forbids the turning of saw logs into pulp and paper in favor of the more value added and lucrative construction material industry.

Now we all know that the Pulp and Paper industry cuts and delivers it's own raw material. Well at least they used to nowwa days Ithink they actually contract out alot of their woods work to try and cut down on expences and benefits from what is generally known as a injury prone industry. So I'm thinking there is a great opportunity to legislate a more value added use of saw logs than turning them into pulp and paper.

I can see any independant contractors separating saw logs form pulp wood to get more value for their product but if the land is owned or controlled by the PnP industry they may not be allowed to separate and go for the higher value market of Saw logs. If that is the case then regulation would be required to protect our people and get as much value from our forests as feasibly possible.

Kinda like what was done for the capelin where no unused capelin was allowed to be dumped untill all efforts were exausted to find a use for it.

Or the legislation that no seal pelt would leave the province in it's raw state and that all secondary processing would be done here in the province.

Why I suspect this is in fact the case is because Corner Brook and Grand fFalls two of the PnP capitals of our province don't have a vibrant and prosperous saw mill industry due to the fact that their interests aren't being protected in favor of the PnP industry.

NL wood is highly sought after due to it's toughness from having to grow in such a harsh climate and is a favorite for the construction industry in hurricane and tornado prone areas for exactly that reason.

Abitibi has taken advantage of this demand in Quebec by turning their lumber into floor joists and roofing trusts. They even tout in their quarterly report the advantages of NL lumber for such endeavours.$file/Abitibi_Consolidated_AR04.pdf

Unfortunately our lumber industry is all abunch of independants with no combined marketing effort so they are unable to go after the larger more lucrative markets due to their isolation. In NB they have a woods industry marketing board that enables them to go after the larger markets nad ensures harvestors get the best value for their product.
Another mill stone is the lack of energy in over thirty communities. I heard of a town in Labrtador that hasd a saw mill that when the saw mill starts up the whole town gets blacked out. This is absolutely unacceptable when we have such an abundance of untapped cheap clean wind energy in our province to enable this type of enterprise to prosper and fuel rural enterprises.

Either NLH and NLP provide the required energy needs or the prov govt should deregulate to allow our communities to prosper, but to have a community held back due to a lack of power is unforgivable IMO.

Then there are the as of yet unexplored opportunities of the Enviromentally friendly Long Strand Lumber industry where we could easily hit well above our belt in the lumber industry. In fact we could compete with the giant red woods of BC with LSL.

No log over 8 inches in the butt should be allowed to be turned into Pulp and Paper.

Northern Peninsula companies building panelized houses for GreenLand Market.

canada's resettlement program

The more I investigate into the macinations of canada towards Newfoundland Labrador the more it is starting to look like canada like Joey who was canada's proxy at the time has it's own resettlement program/agenda.

It would seem Ottawa is in the process of amalgamating the provinces into regions namely. Atlantic region combining NS, NB, PEI, and NL. With Halifax as it's capital.
Quebec Lower canada region.
Ontario Upper canada region.
Prarie region MB, SK.
Pacific region AB, BC.
One of the main reasons as I can see it is to justify ON/QC enormous size within canada and representation in our political institutions like HOC, SCC, Senate.

Why else would canada not have any operationally manned military bases located on it's strategic eastern flank?

Why would Ottawa refuse to put an additional customs officer in Deer Lake to accomodate the overseas flights that warrants it?

Why are the landing fees in Labrador twice those of the rest of canada?

Why does two Airports in QU get PILT and Gander doesn't when Gander accommodates upwards of 1500 military flights a year at no cost?

Why has canada consistantly reduced it's federal presence in NL?

Why would canada lump NL in with the maritimes and consider it a region when in fact the two areas are at odds.

Just toa name a few of canada's resettlement programs designed to empty NL in favor of their view of a larger more centralized region of Atlantic canada with Halifax as it's capital.

NL didn't join canada as a region it joined as a province and should be considered a province not the lesser part of the maritimes. When NL gets lumped in with the maritimes for senate representation and Supreme Court canada judge selection we are in essence being resettled not unlike what Joey did at the behest of canada at the time.

It would seem canada has it's own regionalization rationalization program in the works and it is designed to cripple NL for the benefit of the maritimes.

canada with this regionalization rationalization program designed towards creating larger provinces through classifying them as regions is counter productive not only for NL but for the whole country.

It's almost as if Ottawa/ontario is trying to justify Ontario and Quebec's size by almagamating the smaller provinces into regions.

Is Ontario to big for it's own good and the good of the country. Shouldn't Ontario and Quebec be broken up to what they were before Upper and Lower canada were created into Ruperts land and Ungava instead of increasing Ontario's MPP's an exorbidant pay rase somewhere in the range of 75% increase in wages. Instead of ON/QC having a strangle hold on the federation with 181 seats out of 308 no province should be allowed to have more than specified amount of seats before it has to be subdivided and another province created instead of this upsizing strategy Trudea brought in and was perpetuated by cretien then carried on by Martin.

You have 4 options as I see it to change the cycle of false hope we have within canada.
1, vote independant
2, Vote for a NL Bloc type party NLfirst.
3, Spoil you ballot by writing Equality or Exit on it
4, Don't vote

I don't recomment the don't vote because it could be seen as voter apathy.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


More canadian inequities towards Newfoundland Labrador in this phony federation exposed

Gander Expressing Concerning Over Federal Government Document
January 11, 2007

A document from Public Works and Government Services Canada has drawn the attention of Gander's finance committee. Summarizing the Payment in Lieu of Taxes paid across the country by Ottawa,the report says Newfoundland and Labrador receives three-and-a-half million dollars or less than one per cent of the total Canada-wide payouts. As well, there are approximately twenty six hundred eligible properties owned by the Department of National Defence in the country with payment averages of just over forty eight thousand dollars each. The town of Gander has close to one hundred and sixty properties averaging slightly more than twenty three hundred dollars each. Finance committee chair Zane Tucker says the report paints a clear picture of the inequities this province faces within the Canadian confederation.

Outside the box wind turballon

I can see the benefits from a bird kill perspective and being able to harness higher winds or offshore coastal winds and hard to get at locations


I have some issues with
-entanglement when deployed on a large commercial scale.
-Requirement for maintenance and continual monitoring.
-Air space restrictions and interference.

But definately one to watch.
Distributor announced.

Dynamic Air shelters of Grand Bank should look into partnering with these guys. Match made in heaven Pun intended.

Newfoundland Labrador Regional Economic Development Association Fail's to Plan, Plan's to Fail

The Newfoundland and Labrador Regional Economic Development Association or NLREDA is the collective voice for the 20 Regional Economic Development Boards (REDBs) across Newfoundland and Labrador. NLREDA was incorporated in February 2003, with an executive director and a board of directors. Representatives from the Avalon, Central, Western and Labrador caucuses were elected, as well as a Chairperson. The directors of the association are made up of REDB executive directors and board volunteers.

From what I've had an opportunity to review of the work plans from the 20 NLREDA Newfoundland Labrador Regional Economic Development Associations with the exception of a few shining lights it would appear we are Failing to plan.

No consistancy.
No general template
SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats) only mentioned in a few an applied to even fewer.
Alot of duplication with very little sharing of common interests and like sectors.
Overly graphic intensive sites for a province with such a reliance on dial up.

Another question I have is what does the NLFM and the NLREDA have in common and or how do they work together? More duplication is all I can see.

So this Association has been in existance since 2003 and some regions don't have a web site others look like a tourist web page while others don't have any sort of plan. Then there are some who do a wonderfull job of pointing out the obvious but little in way of substance or a plan for the future. What direction and initiatives are to be concentrated on and developed.

One of the biggest disappointments for me was the Humber REDA. It would be one of the ones that has a firm grasp of the obvious with little to no substance or forward thinking in their work plan. It also seems to be centered around Cornerbrook development when the real focus for this region should be Deer Lake IMO it is the cross roads and has the airport. It's not all about corner Brook.
The Humber REDA doesn't even have an email contact. That's how disorganized they are.

Corner Brook should concentrate on the commercial operations for it's port and leave the tourist port activities to Stephenville. Commercial and Tourist port activities don't mesh well and if at all possible try and be separated. Even if the north side of the Corner Brook port were to be developed as the tourist side or vice versa.

But Stephenville would seem to be the natural tourist port facility with it's airport right there and the recent closing of the mill there should be ample opportunity to develop Stephenville as a tourist port and leave the commercial port activities to Corner Brook with it's deep water and ice free with limited ice breaking activities.

The two shining lights amongst these 20 REDA's IMO would be the Avalon Gateway, and the Discovery Region's work plans. They seem to be very comprehensive and are designed to capitalize on their strengths while addressing their weaknesses. They also seem to be geared towards getting their l;ocal communities and populations inviolved by identifying opportunites and developing fledgling enterprises in their region.

Another REDA of note just for their forum is the Marine and Mountain REDA. They have a very active forum. While it might not have much direction within the board or monitors who guide and gather comments from their members at least it is active and could be used to involve it's people.

I'm not sure how much each of these regions are getting in funding but there doesn't seem to be any form of accountability of direction from the Association as a whole.

If this is what we are depending upon to turn around our province it isn't looking good from what I've seen in reviewing these 20 Regional Development Boards.

Capital coast is the flashiest site but once again not overly encouraging. More like they are moving ahead more by accident than actual planning. Oh Townies not everyone has high speed internet.

I would have include a graphic of the 20 different regions but I couldn't find one.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


2006 year in review List to end all lists

I stumbled across this at EYE Weeekly and had to repost the whole thing.

The 2006 List to end all lists

Liberal ads are crazy. In our cities. In Canada. We did not make this up. | Jane Creba memorial on Yonge Street. | Broken Social Scene album tops our cross-Canada music critics poll. | Sarah Slean voted best musician. | MP Sarmite Bulte raises funds, copyright questions. | Lou Rawls RIP. | The Strokes put out an album with one good song. | Angels of Light/Akron Family ****. | Stephen Harper wins minority. | Paul Martin resigns. | Olivia Chow goes to Ottawa. | Ignatieff elected to Parliament | Steve Banks RIP. | Neko Case plays the Rivoli. | Metric open for the Stones in NYC. | Wilson Pickett RIP. | Grandaddy split. | International year of deserts. | Live With Culture. | Canada wins the World Juniors. | Ariel Sharon goes down to a stroke. | Kobe Bryant: 81 points over Raptors. | William Shatner sells kidney stone for $25,000. | Manchuca ****. | Hamas wins in Palestine. | James Frey is a liar. | Oprah says she's cool with that. | Oprah decides she's not so cool with it. | Oprah reams out James Frey on her show. | Grandma's Boy H. | Commercial jingle of the year: Jim Guthrie's "Hands in My Pocket." | 250th anniversary of Mozart's birth. | CN Tower turns 30. | Irving Layton RIP. | Planet Hollywood closes. | Anthony Hamilton Ain't Nobody Worrying ****. | Sidney Crosby, rookie hype machine. | Free City of Leslieville website launched. | High-Parkdalians still say "Riverdale East." | Bon Jovi's jet gets slippery when wet in Hamilton. | Ruby slippers stolen from Bata Museum. | Nett­werk defends 15-year-old file sharer vs RIAA. | Cyclists vs motorists street fight in Kensington. | Anagram After Dark ****. | Raptors GM Rob Babcock fired. | Loudly protesting heterosexual Tom Cruise sues South Park. | Under the Mink ****. | TV reality shows turn into dance parties. | Underworld: Evolution H. | Newcomer Q'Orianka Kilcher turns heads in Terrence Malick's The New World. | Icky, lame Karla movie does not help Laura Prepon's career… | …neither does the final season of That '70s Show. | Clearlake Amber ****. | Match Point: Woody Allen's first non-lousy film since Sweet & Lowdown. | Hostel takes xenophobia abroad and impales it on sharp objects. | Michael Haneke's Caché (****) tops critics' lists early. | 40 Shades of Blue ****. | Jason Anderson: Sleeping Dogs Lie Sundance's "most heartfelt film about bestiality." | Shelley Winters RIP. | The Ghost is Dancing ****. | Chris Penn RIP. | Pete Doherty arrested twice in one day. | Lori Cullen, Calling for Rain ****. | Pete Doherty pleads guilty to drug possession. | Broken Social Scene do two nights at Kool Haus. | Cat Power, Greatest ****. | Canada: No. 1 in illegal downloading! | Katrina Onstad skewers Toronto media types in How Happy to Be. | Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins, Rabbit Fur Coat ****. | Maggie MacDonald's indie opera Rat King rocks. | Robert Pollard, From a Compound Eye ****. | Prison Break breaks out. | American Jerry Zucker buys The Bay. | Bombay Black ****. | Stephen Harper shows Jean Charest some love. | Stephen Harper shows Dalton McGuinty the back of his hand. | Coretta Scott King RIP | The Sword, The Age of Winter ****. | Canadian kicker Mike Vanderjagt misses field goal, starts looking for work. | Yacht Rock loses the smooth. | Crazy about Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy."


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Addenum to tlh-rock-cuts-cable-guard-rails-wreck house

Addenum to TLH-rock-cuts-cable-guard-rails-wreck

I did a blog on the TLH and some of the probems with tackling winter conditions on the TLH a while back and today I see a PR by the Prov govt on just that. I'm glad to see someone is listening.

It just goes to show govt is only a tool to be used by the people and the people are the real driving force in getting ideas, solutions, and development of our economy moving. The more people who get involved and speak up the better our lot in life will be. It's either that or give up and outmigrate. The possibilities are in your hands take them and make a future for yourself and future generations.

Don't think I'm blowing my own horn because I really couldn't care less if I ever get any recognition for what I try and do on here. Whether it was this blog or whether it was someone who read this blog or if this is just coincidence matters not to me. Just that in the end my homeland moves forward and in doing so hopefully my bretheren will have the opportunity to stay a home with their relatives or move back home to their relatives.

Stay the course!

New Transportation Depot for Trans Labrador Highway

The new transportation depot at Chateau Pond - located along the Trans Labrador Highway between Red Bay and Lodge Bay - is now officially open. Staff were deployed at the $1.4 million depot just before Christmas.

“I’m proud that government has followed through on its commitment to build this much-needed depot,” said the Honourable John Hickey, Minister of Transportation and Works, and Minister Responsible for Labrador Affairs.

“The new facility will allow snow-clearing crews to work from the centre of the road outward, resulting in a more effective snow-clearing effort.”

The new depot will house personnel and snow-clearing equipment for winter maintenance along that section of the Trans Labrador Highway.

“Since the road between Red Bay and Lodge Bay opened in the fall of 2000, severe weather conditions in this area have made it impossible to keep this portion of the highway open for the duration of the winter season,” said Minister Hickey. “This new depot will provide an ideal location to store the appropriate snow-clearing equipment and will result in a more timely service, since equipment will not have to travel long distances to access problematic areas.”

Government has also allocated an additional $750,000 to increase personnel and snow-clearing equipment in the area. “Government has taken a proactive approach to address snow-clearing problems in the area over the long-term,” said Minister Hickey.

“As our experience with winter maintenance on this road evolves, we will consider other options, such as widening rock cuts and raising road grades to tackle snow accumulation in this area.”

I believe it was around this time last year that contracts for road work and construction were issued to try and ensure work was completed during the prime construction season.

Never really heard how that worked out?

I would like to say that it is time start putting more emphasis and pressure on the feds to come through with their committment for the completion of the TLH as apart of the NHS. Or we will be once again stuck behind the snowball and have missed out on another construction season in our efforts to get the TLH completed.

Monday, January 08, 2007


Tidal power Energy bridge fixed link

Found this brochure after and thought it did a much better job of explaning the concept proposes.



Just a couple of fish related stories of note. No comments pretty much self explanitory.

Averill Baker also has a new article.

Here is an interesting study or overview into developing the tidal power in the Strait Jacket of Belle Isle in conjunction with a fixed link bridge. There is even a power Point Presentation if you have the right add on.

A typical caisson with 20 paddlewheels will create about 10 MW of power from a current of 1 m/s. The average flow rate in the Minas Channel in the Bay of Fundy is about 6 m/s. In the Strait of Belle Isle, it's about 2.5 m/s but it is 20 km wide. I estimate that 5 plus Giga-Watts of power can be extracted from the Minas Channel. I estimate 50 Giga-Watts of green power energy to be extracted from various locations throughout the Bay of Fundy. In the Strait of Belle Isle, which separates the island of Newfoundland from mainland Canada, I estimate 10 Giga-Watts plus can be generated from the tidal current.

An additional feature of these tidal power caissons is that they can be aligned to form the foundations for a bridge. In the Strait of Belle Isle, this would provide a fixed link between the island of Newfoundland and the Labrador coast; similar to PEI's Confederation bridge, except that this bridge would create green power energy forever.


Wind energy power potential everywhere in Newfoundland Labrador

I was doing a little perusing the internet and came across this site which has charted out the potential for developing wind into electricity.

I must say I was surprised to see that the West coast of the Northern peninsula actually has the best potential for wind energy development. Not really actually if you have ever been up there. Those Tuckamore trees say it all.

It is a little deceiving when you look at the segmented maps because it cuts right across the northern peninsula and almost gets lost due to this.

I'm actually a little confused why there is such a rush to develop Labrador and the height of lands project ( curious name considering the 1927 decision by the privy council delineating the Labrador border specifically references height of land). While the potential from these maps is obvious there would seem to be even more potential on the Northern peninsula. Even more so than the south shore from an onshore perspective probably due to the cliffs causing the wind to sheer upwards upon reaching the shoreline.

I guess as usual it comes down to the low hanging fruit, and wanting to develop the resource which is closest to the market and existing infrastructure.

I can see being close to existing power lines but if there are power lines of any type anywhere near the potential wind energy it is only a matter of utilizing the cascading properties of electricity normally called wheeling power.

In essence to my knowledge wheeling power doesn't actually mean the power we generate in NL gets used in the US or Ontario. In effect the power we generate in NL that goes to Quebec gets used in Quebec and the power than Quebec generates and would normally use gets sold to the US and Ontario. So it isn't really wheeling power so much so as cascading power. Maybe there is a better term but for now I'm going to call it cascading because that is how electrons move.

There is a thing called power loss or something like that which refers to the amount of power which is lost due to conversion stepping up and stepping down along with loss through heat in transportation.

Anyway I am really starting to see the amazing potential NL has as an energy warehouse. What with the Upper churchill already putting out some 5000 MW's and the Lower potential of another 2000+MW's along with the as of yet unharnessed wind potential in both Labrador and Newfoundland which is a perfect match for Hydro supplementation with it's quick start up and shut down capability. Keeping in mind that frequent start up and shut down of hydro generation needs to have the harmfull effects it has on the fish habitate needs to be mitigated with a fish ladder. As does the increase in minerals due to flooding with lime dosers, clear cutting and burning the area prior.

Then there is the potential for Tidal generation in and around NL. One of the most promising being the Straite Jacket of Belle Isle with a 5 knot continuous current running down through there. Or if you really want to get creative put a channel across the narrowest part of the Avalon peninsula to take advantage of the difference in tide heights on either side. Then there is the potential of bringing the abundance of natural gas of our coast ashore and either converting it into electricity, Gas to Liquid, or shipping it out through a pipeline across a fixed link.

I think we would get alot further with our campaign to get a fixed link with canada via a proposal to have a fixed link built in conjunction with an outfeed as opposed to an infeed. Lord knows we have more than enough energy potential in NL and don't need to have an infeed at least not yet. If and when we do need an infeed the infrastructure will be there all we will need to do is reverse the flow or add another line.

I actually came across these wind maps while looking into the labrador coastal Equipment LTD site.
Power Point presentation on past present and future developments.
I see they have done some work on Wind generation and diesel generation for the remote communities. Now this is where the test sites should have been established to garner experience IMO.

Another location of note would be the Buchans plains. Easy access nowwa days what with all of the new woods roads and it could very easily be tied into the existing Hinds Lake power lines.

Very encouraging indeed these maps of wind potential in our province especially when you look at the rest of the country and how low their potential is as opposed to ours.

Well worth your while to visit both of these links lots of other more indepth info.

UPDATE: I came across this map of the generating locations in the province. I was amazed to see there are some 33 diesel generating sites in this province. Talk about your third world infrastructure.

But all is not lost these diesel generators could very easily be the key to developing alot more wind elect generation than a normal connected system would permit normally.

This type of Wind/diesel co generation for our 33 isolated diesel generation sites has already been trialed at Ramea and it's time to expand the Wind/Diesel co generation initiative.

Another option for some of these isolated diesel generating sites could be micro hydro.
Ramea Wind Diesel Project

The Wind Energy Institute (WEICan) has been an active participant in the Ramea Wind-Diesel Project. Ramea, an island of the coast of Newfoundland, is the location of this collaborative project between WEICan, Natural Resources Canada and Frontier Power Systems, a wind energy systems integrator. This is Canada’s first medium penetration wind-diesel system.

The project has 6 - 65 kW wind turbines for a total generating capacity of 390 kW which is connected to a utility grid with a daily peak load that varies from 300 kW to 1200 kW. This project is the culmination of three years of development work, at WEICan, in the development of an integrated control system that enables wind turbines to be fully integrated with diesel generating systems. The Ramea project uses the ‘Wind-Diesel Integrated Control System’ or ‘WDICS’, which has been developed at WEICan, in this medium penetration wind-diesel application. WDICS ensures that the wind power supplied to the utility is less than the specified minimum load for the diesel generators.

The Ramea project has been in operation since 2004 and development work is continuing to refine the technology for commercial deployment.

Great little animation of how a wind turbine works here.

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