Friday, March 03, 2017


Aquarium Aquaponics free food

I set up my very own NFT Nutrient film technique Aquaponics system on my 50 gal fresh water fish tank. Hence why it is called Aquaponics and not hydroponics which uses chemicals instead of fish poop :)

I decided to go with the NFT system because I didn't want the fluctuations in my water level that a flood drain system would cause.

I researched high and low for a good example of an aquarium aquaponics system. While there were lots of examples of Commercial and backyard aquaponics using Google goldfish or Koi  I found nothing for an indoor aquarium with cichlids as the fish.

So here is what I came up with after alot of research.

10' 4" pipe
4 x 4" end caps
1 x t
2x 90* elbows
Pump I used my fluval 402
Hose applicable
3/4 Risers recommended to drain safety measure to keep cat from knocking pipes off.
I also cut scrap pipe into 2" wide cuts split in half screwed onto a 1" x 2" x aquarium size as saddles to anchor the pipes on top of my aquarium. I think the rise should be around 1" per 10 feet. Mine is a bit steep but I have a lot of flow.
Dollar store cake tray for rockwool seedlings.

Solo drink cups melt holes for roots
Medium to hold plant in place. I used rockwool clay balls only came in 50lb bag way too much for nft system.
Lettuces seem to be the recommended plant and herbs and spices.

I've had my nft aquaponics system up and running for two weeks now. The nitrates have stayed down and stable around 7.5ph perfect for cichlids. Several of my plants which I had rooting in a glass with water in the window now have roots 7" long and look great. The onions grow an inch a day at least :)

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