Monday, January 10, 2011


Political chicken and Egg

most informed political analysis will agree that our parliamentary democracy is flawed if and or outdated.

Problem is how do you change it when it works for the majority of the population and not the majority of the nation/provinces.

Hence not all Canadians are equal depending upon which province you are from.

Now people will try and argue that because some prov have more that 1 vote for 1 rep per 100k that the minority pop prov actually have more influence.

But what they forget is the relationship of 1 per per 1# acre or land or 1 resource so in fact the minority pop prov with large land masses and resources are in fact more contributors to the whole.

But since our pol sys is all based on numbers all of the national parties pander and cater to the masses. Since 66% pop lives in two provinces the rest of us hardly count only for the false promises during an election but when it comes to governing we the minority pop prov fall to the way side.

So how to change? What to change?

Equal prov non partisan provincial representation via an Equal Senate?

Never happen because our per capita pol sys works for the majority of the pop hence the majority of the pop will never elect a party that advocates equal prov rep.

Even if the CPC happened to get elected on some other platform if they tried to implement an equal prov senate it would be enough to unite the opposition to make the govt fall.

Since we still have the old First Past the post electoral sys FPTP it is winner take all and there is no way the minority pop prov could unite to change the unequal senate.

Now if we were to have a Proportional representation electoral sys the minority pop provinces could get elected and advocate a change to better represent the provinces to counter the rep by population conundrum and self fulfilling prophecy.
Does this mean Labrador will get 72% of the seats in the House of Assembly?
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