Monday, December 13, 2010


Home Heating BTU's

A medium sized dog puts out home many BTU's per day?
How much do those BTU's cost per KW, Gal, Joul when the dog food is converted to cost per btu?

Smart appliances tell you it will cost 1$ to run the dishwasher at 7 AM vs 7PM LCD screen synced with power cost. Wireless router. Automatic software updates and power sync.

Unconditional love from dog/pet is free!

Maintenance of pet/dog s not.

Hypothesis Cheaper to feed a dog to heat your home than pay for electric heat.


100$ yr Vet
600$ year grooming
treats included with food btu/kw

trial guess

75 lb lab 1200 BTU's per year
food/treats 1200$ YEAR
1200.00$ 120000.00cents
120000cents/1200btu = cents/btu
electricity 10cents per kw/hr
100 kw/hr makes 1200 btu's

100kw/hr x 10cents = 1000cents
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