Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Body has mind of it's own

If you miss meals your body will start stock piling food reserves. IE; fat.

Eat regular meals if you want to maintain a healthy body weight.

Y ou can't fight your own body when it's mind was developed millenium ago as a survival mechanism.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Ethnic cleansing?

Would Israel have come about as a result of ethnic cleansing? Palestinian?

If so why do we support Israel then?

Are we not complicit in Ethnic Cleansing by way of supporting Israel?

Just curious in an uninformed kind of way.

Monday, December 13, 2010



There is nothing to fear but failure itself?

Where did all the top soil go?

Bottom of the harbour conrtinetal shelf
Glaciers tillt

HOC tribalisim moved indoors


When North Goes South: The Nature of Things with David Suzuki : CBC-TV

When North Goes South: The Nature of Things with David Suzuki : CBC-TV
All stationary uses of energy sdhould be either mandated to come from renewaable resources or encouraged to

messin with ya

Do or can you deny climate change is happening?

No off course no polar caps glacoiers melting ocen tempurate rise

So do you think ghg dry ice is causing it or adding to it?? adding? We

Well if we can take away wojuld it not behoove us to at least try ?

Climate change/global warming + -

What woudl be the effect of the magnetic poles becoming unstable ond or shifting slplitting?

Would this desstabilize the crust?
Would the ball we call earth wobble on it's axxis?
Would the axist shift ?
Would our orbit shift withing this soup nbbowl?

Would the toilet fush clockwise or counterclockwise?

Is this the cause of global warnming? c/ climate change?

poles melting even though they are stitting in water and as such can't sdisplace much if any more wate onto what is 75% covered surface and 190% heat sink of planet. ccascaade extremes carry ofver.

Fox hole UAV

IED no legs
wanna fly a UAV and still contiinue to protect your fox hole mate?

Port of Lake Melville

If Lake Melville could or would be dredged would it make afr a ?
Tourist destination?
Cargo port?
Northern acess [point?
Northern port?

Home Heating BTU's

A medium sized dog puts out home many BTU's per day?
How much do those BTU's cost per KW, Gal, Joul when the dog food is converted to cost per btu?

Smart appliances tell you it will cost 1$ to run the dishwasher at 7 AM vs 7PM LCD screen synced with power cost. Wireless router. Automatic software updates and power sync.

Unconditional love from dog/pet is free!

Maintenance of pet/dog s not.

Hypothesis Cheaper to feed a dog to heat your home than pay for electric heat.


100$ yr Vet
600$ year grooming
treats included with food btu/kw

trial guess

75 lb lab 1200 BTU's per year
food/treats 1200$ YEAR
1200.00$ 120000.00cents
120000cents/1200btu = cents/btu
electricity 10cents per kw/hr
100 kw/hr makes 1200 btu's

100kw/hr x 10cents = 1000cents

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