Monday, February 15, 2010


Two achievable parliamentary democracy solutions

Really good article here with some actual achievable solutions. Disregard the title and read on Proroguation is like most things just one more symptom of an ongoing crisis so in that respect the title is correct.

"How to get serious and fix democracy

There are two obvious solutions to this dilemma -- one of which is hard, and the other easy.

The hard solution is proportional representation, which gives minority parties the ability to elect MPs -- virtually assuring a minority government where parties must convince a majority of MPs of the wisdom of their policies.

The easy one is to give MPs the great protection that electors have -- a secret ballot. Now, that would put the cat amongst the pigeons. The rule would remain that the government would only be obliged to resign on a budget matter or one accepted as a "confidence" motion. And what's the argument against this again?

It has been pointed out that under this option, we won't know how our MPs voted. But we only know that under our present system because the MP must always vote as he is told.

If we, as a society, consider that regular people ought to be able to cast their votes free from outside pressure, promises of rewards, and penalties, why would we deny that same protection to those we elect to speak for us?"




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