Friday, December 18, 2009


The Telegram - St. John's, NL: Editorial | It's time

The Telegram - St. John's, NL: Editorial | It's time

Senator Lowell Murray, a Conservative pick for Canada's Upper House and a longtime Tory strategist, just gave the federal government an opportunity to do a little nation-building.

Problem is, in the modern parliamentary world, nation-building comes second to bare-knuckle seat-grabbing politics.

Murray's argument is simple: the federal government has a role to play in the proposed sale of NB Power to Hydro-Quebec. Murray points out the deal is unprecedented, and involves both the sale of a Crown corporation to a Crown corporation in another province, and a commitment that New Brunswick will bring its electrical regulatory system into line with Quebec's.

As Murray points out, it's an extra-provincial situation that should interest a federal government.

It's a marvelous "in" for a much larger issue: basically, the extra-provincial transmission of electricity, and whether one province should be able to hold control of the transmission to the detriment of others.

It's not a New Brunswick issue, or a Quebec issue, or even a Newfoundland and Labrador issue. It is a national issue, espec

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