Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Triple E senate, Equal, Equal, Equal

The only real E in the triple E senate conundrum is the EQUAL E.

The Effective E is really a red hearing.
The only way a triple E senate would be effective is if it equal.

The Elected E is really a moot point. In fact it may well be self defeating because the House Of Commons and the Upper/Lower canada majority will never allow another elected body to challenge their supremacy.

Since our current TYRANNY OF THE MAJORITY political system works for those two principals they don't want it to change.

Further to that an Elected senate along partisan lines which seems to be the status Quo would also be self defeating and accomplish nothing because the senate would still be whipped into voting along partisan lines.

Then there is the reality that currently the provinces or more to the point the premiers like the fact that they get to deal directly with Ottawa and an elected senate would remove them from that loop.

It all comes down to our TYRANNY OF THE MAJORITY political system is broken. So how do we change it? There are lots of models to look too for influence and guidance.

But ultimately the goal is to give the provincial members of this federation a way to have an EQUAL say and represent their issues, concerns, values, morals, ethics and people on a truly national stage. Seeing as nowhere in our systemically flawed federation does this currently exist not in the Senate, Not in the Supreme Kangaroo Court of canada which has 3 judges from each Ontario and Quebec with the remaining 3 coming from the other 7 provinces, Now nobody would expect that the House of Commons would be equal so it is still a body of representation by population or TYRANNY OF THE MAJORITY if you will.

Now the parties that need to be placated here are the majority provinces, the french, the minority provinces, the Premiers, and The House Of commons.

So here is what I propose

6-10 bilingual senators from each province.
Appointed by each province.

This is basically a melange of the American equal senate, the Australian hybrid equal elected senate and the German Equal effective senate.

The provincial appointed senators wouldn't challenge the elected HOC the same as if it were elected.

By allowing the Provinces to appoint their own senators it would placate teh premiers fears of losing their sway with Ottawa.

Appointed senators wouldn't be beholding to the partisan politics which favors the majority provinces but rather would represent the provinces whom appoint them assuming their appointments aren't patronage appointments from the provincial party extensions of the federal parties.

Provincially appointed senators would be effective at representing their provinces while not being elected wouldn't have the same sway as the elected HOC.

By enlisting the support of the Provinces in allowing them to appoint senators would remove their fears of losing sway in ottawa.

By making bilingualism a criteria for the senate appointment would appease Quebec and french speaking canada while enticing the spread of bilingualism across the federation.


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