Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Per Capita colonialism by the numbers

Current party standings in House of Commons.

Cons 143/308

Libs 77/308

BQ 49/308

NDP 37/308

Independant 2/308

155/308 required for a majority

Cons need
143 Con + 12 =155/308

Cons 143
Indep 2
NL MP's 7

Lib 77
NDP 37
Indep 2
BQ 49

Coalition 165/308
- NL -7 MP's
- 2 Indep -2

Just an exercise in futility IMHO because I don't think any national proxy parties would be any different when it comes t oa minority province like Newfoundland and Labrador because it is the system of Per Capita colonialism by all of the national proxy parties that needs to change and not the flase god parties of left and right when the yall have to work within the same faulty political system where Tyranny of the majority rules the day.

You elected them to a national party knowing that they were going to toe the national party line of doing what was in the best interest of the majority and the majority live in Ontario and Quebec 66%. You get what you deserve.

What we need is a confederation party that doesn't do what's in the best interest of the majority of the people but rather does what's in the best interest of the majority of the members in confederation.


Labrador only has four seats in the House of Assembly to Newfoundland's 44.

Does this offend your democratic sensibilities? Why or why not?
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