Sunday, January 25, 2009


First aid kit for our planet and your pocket book

A $201.18 kit for a three-bedroom home, for example, results in annual energy bill savings of $931.35

Plant shade trees to the East And West and wind blocking winter trees to the north.

Compact florescent bulbs
Cold water detergent
Hot Water blanket
Hot water pipe insulation

Programmable thermostat

Exterior wall insulation draft blockers
Clothes dryer efficiency balls
Low flow shower heads Sharing

Faucet repair seals brand specific

Low flow tap adapters

Energy audit. Here is an infrared image of a house.
Inline energy meter
clothes dryer backdraft prevention
Weather stripping

Expanding foam/Caulking
Magnetic heating duct closures

The Newfoundland Labrador version of this can be found at the TakeChargeNL site.


What or where is "Newfoundland Labrador"?
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