Sunday, December 28, 2008


NAFTA Express

Seeing as corporate canada is going to try and circumvent the constitution once again by handing over the provinces resources to anyone other than the province which owns them.

I think it is about time we in NL had a ways and means to access those tariff free goods and services made in Mexico and the US without having to use the economic embargo called Marine Atlantic or padding the pockets of the leaches in the maritimes via transit fees.

It is time we had a direct commercial link to these luckrative markets and supplies in the US.

Why is it the constitution is only adhered to when it benefits the majority in this phony federation of inequality but when it benefits or protects the minority provinces in this farce of a democracy it is thrown out the window. Such hypocracy such systemic abuse of minorities by all of the national proxy parties of ON/QU it makes me sick.


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