Monday, December 22, 2008


Cooking the books Abitibi Bowater

We've seen this before and we'll probably see it again. It would appear that Abitibi Bowater attempted to cook the books to justify shutting down the pulp and paper mill in GrandFalls Windsor.

We've seen this before with the shutting down of the NL railroad, Closing of the Stephenville PnP mill, and the selling off of FPI.

There is no better way to get someone to cut of their own hand than to convince them that it is in their own best interest. That way they have no one to blame but themselves. IE asking the workers to make impossible concessions and then turning around and using their overwhelming power in the media to try and barter negotiate sway public opinion. This is especially true when you consider the majority of the public lives in two other provinces and there is nothing to counteract this unfair and lopsided situation where the Tyranny of the Majority rules.

Just take the Hockey ville competition as a prime example of how the canadian confederation works.

In 2008 the hockey ville competition was down to Port Aux Basques and some town in Quebec. Now numbers are very important in this analogy and specifically per capita numbers because Quebec has something like 7-8 million people and NL has just above 500,000 people.

NL's voted something like 5 million while Quebec voted something like 6 million times so without any form of pro rating, per capita, or percentage of the population of that provinces population being factored in no matter how involved and hard a minority province like NL tries to win in this system they will forever be subject to the will and whim of the majority provinces.

It is also necessary to keep in mind human nature.
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