Sunday, November 02, 2008


Support the troops

I support he troops there's just not enough of them!

I support the troops more than than anyone having been one myself I have an insight into what they go through.

General Lewis Mackenzie says almost the same thing.

The far to few we have in Afghan now are even further fewer because of the caveats other NATO countries have on their troop deployment.

Afghan is a country of 30 million and NATO has somewhere in the range of 50,000.00 if I'm not mistaken. On top of that there is a sympathetic nation of 1 billion next door with a porous border.

I say bring in the UN and close that border with a neutral zone thus cutting of one of the major irritants and unknowns in the battle to stabilize their government.

I would never support imposing our systemically flawed political system upon another nation because our own political system is nothing less than Per Capita Colonialism.


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