Sunday, November 02, 2008


Rumble strips

OMG; I actually heard people talk about the new rumble strips on the NL highways and the complaint was they took away from the bike lane. I couldn't see or understand what the complaint was all about when I first heard it and my first inclination was to dismiss it as unfounded.

But when I was home I see what the complaint is all about it is founded and I can't believe the rumble strips were done the way they were?

The rumble strips were put outside of the existing defined roadway inside of the white strip and yellow strips.

If anything the rumble strips would have been cut where the white paint strip was. It would save money from having to replace the paint every other year. It would keep the traffic within the defined roadway. It wouldn't take away from the bike path.

just another thing I noticed with rumble strips used elsewhere. They are put in the center where there is two solid yellow lines to indicate no passing. Only thing different is these rumble strips in the middle have a spacing to indicate they are the center line as opposed to the side of the road are solid with no breaks. That is to say there is a space of 1 foot every 4-5 feet. Don't quote me on the exact numbers for spacing.


I guess that's why they don't bother paving highways in Labrador. Then they don't have to bother with rumble strips.
If by they you mean no national party having a vision for the nation over getting elected in Ontario and Quebec where 66& of the population and 181 seats out of 308 HOC reside then yes I agree with you.
1) Highways in Labrador are under provincial jurisdiction. What does the national government have to do with it? You will note, of course, that the TLH is in the condition it's in DESPITE the federal government having paid about 85% of the costs over the years. If it were up to Newfoundland, Labrador would have even LESS of a highway.

2) Doesn't your math mean that Ontario and Quebec, which have between them 62% of the population (not 66%) and 59% of the seats... are under-represented?

What do you propose is the solution? Depopulate those provinces? Break them up into smaller ones? What, exactly is the problem here?
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